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Restraining order terrorism: We have arrived

In recent weeks, A Voice for Men has published a number of articles by Suzanne McCarley, Dr. Tara J. Palmatier Psy.D and Mr. Paul Elam regarding the debacle of the Francis “Coyote” Shivers case who was recently convicted of violating a restraining order obtained or procured on behalf of his ex-wife, Ms. Pauley Perrette, an actress on the CBS television show, “NCIS.”

In each of the articles, these authors painstakingly went through a plethora of information that included a number of court documents as well as interviews of persons intimately familiar with the facts of this case and its participants. I too reviewed many of these documents as well as personally attending one of the court hearings to see firsthand what was going on in the courtroom.

It is explicitly clear that we have a scenario involving a very disturbed woman with intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the restraining order process, and who has manipulated and exploited that process in order to exact a catastrophic and unrelenting level of revenge on her ex-husband. It is also quite disturbing that our criminal justice system has either facilitated or allowed this to happen, or has also been manipulated in similar fashion.

The articles published at AVFM have generated a number comments, emails and phone calls that essentially have gone “viral.” There appears to be other entities that have either facilitated or contributed information in some form that makes one wonder what type and level of assistance Ms. Perrette has received in her quest for revenge. Some have suggested that certain segments of the criminal justice system have been willing participants in this debacle, and some of the facts uncovered thus far seem to support that.

There have been some serious questions as to the actions of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, specifically the actions of Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Biderman Gertz, State Bar # 93523. Information is still being developed, however it appears that Ms. Gertz’s conduct and attitude, some describe as an “angry misandrist” is complicit, with her relentless pursuit of Mr. Shivers, and, for lack of a better word, her “chummy relationship” with the Perrette camp.

What is also clear is that there is a developing trail of court documents, police reports, and electronic forensic evidence that is not subject to manipulation or alteration. As this develops that unbiased, untainted, and recoverable electronic evidence will continue to unveil the facts.

A number of comments mention the unusual connection between the LAPD Threat Management Unit, and a prominent “Hollywood” entertainment law firm. A number of comments mentioned the words, “collusion” and “corruption.” Whether or not this is the case has yet to be determined, but it would truly be disturbing if law enforcement officers have turned into the enforcement arm of a Hollywood law firm to satisfy the desires of a disturbed celebrity with a boatload of cash.

We have seen similar scenarios in other forms of government such as what was exposed by the advocacy group, CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, detailing the trail of former high ranking Homeland Security officials who mysteriously slid right into high paying jobs with defense contractors and defense lobbying firms after their government service retirements. These types of scenarios are quite common, evidenced by the daily news.

The information developed thus far clearly indicates that the Pauley Perrette case is an exceptional, but not uncommon example of the manipulation of the restraining order process, one in which a number of violations of First Amendment, federal and state criminal law and federal civil rights violations have been committed.

I am not speaking of the ones Mr. Shivers has been accused and convicted of.

By all accounts, Mr. Shivers was found guilty of violating a temporary, not permanent, restraining order, by employing a cell phone camera, a condition that may have been placed after the alleged violation. The question that readers must ask is why, would Mr. Shivers be denied the opportunity or the full legal right to employ any type of recording device, either audio or video in a public place?

It seems to me that the only reason for such a condition contained in Mr. Shiver’s temporary restraining order was to prevent him from documenting years of unfounded allegations of harassment and stalking. What attorney, law enforcement professional, or judge facilitated this, allowed this to happen, or entered or signed any order that included this condition?

Why would entities of the criminal justice system prohibit anyone, in a public place, who is not committing a crime, to jail, try, and convict a person, who instinctively employs a cell phone camera to record a possible imminent physical attack, which it did, but also to record the incident to once again prevent another in a miles long trail of false allegations?

Think of the logic of that.

To be clear, Mr. Shivers was convicted of violating a temporary restraining order (turning on his cell phone camera) before he was given due process in a court of law to offer a defense on the legality of the original order on whether it was valid in the first place. Essentially, he was convicted of a crime based on an unproven, unsubstantiated allegation, before he had an opportunity in a court of law to dispute that allegation.

The sheer lunacy of this case makes my jaw drop, and I continue to shake my head in wondrous and glorious amazement at just how desperate and manipulative this whole circus has become, and the time and expense that the City and County of Los Angeles has invested in it.

With a large portion of Los Angeles resembling a third world country; tens of thousands of armed gang members running amok, human trafficking so bad that the U.N. is getting involved, a crumbling infrastructure, garbage and graffiti strewn on unrepaired. pot hole ridden streets, we have the criminal justice system relentlessly pursuing Mr. Francis Shivers and his dangerous cell phone camera and his stupid comments on social media.

Wow, let’s call Sheriff Joe and America’s Most Wanted.

AVFM will continue to obtain various documents including public record court documents, but it will be interesting to see, once this article is published, if suddenly a court order appears to seal these records. What the readers must ask is: who and why would anyone, especially if this case has been handled properly, attempt to seal the records of this case?

If that does occur, then that action should speak for itself — some person or persons have something to hide. On a positive note, some of the documents from this case have already been obtained, so any attempt to conceal information at this point would be futile.

What is also interesting is that Mr. Shivers was also convicted of violating his probation for his use of social media in commenting about his ex-wife. The concern of the court was that some third party could be compelled to take some action that might be harmful to Ms. Perrette. What is odd is that there has been no mention, investigation or efforts by judicial system personnel to investigate, curb or prosecute any person for the use of social media by his ex-wife as a forum for derogatory and threatening comments towards her ex-husband, some which have resulted in death threats.

Does anyone see a problem with this?

There have also been a number of comments, many of which are readily available on the Internet, that the jury that convicted Mr. Shivers was “Star Struck” by the celebrity status of Ms. Perrette. Some disagree as I do. I believe that the criminal justice system itself has been “Star Struck” by the celebrity status of Ms. Perrette.

This case is so egregious and blatant that “A Voice for Men, along with the National Coalition for Men are sending a letter to the Los Angeles County Criminal Grand Jury asking that a panel be convened for a formal investigation. The letter will be posted to this website and available for download within 24 hours.

Even considering the hundreds of years of experience of the AVFM contributors, professionals, and staff it remains truly remarkable that such a blatant manipulation and exploitation of the restraining order system could occur.

However, it is also quite clear that these same types of scenarios occur daily in our family, civil and criminal courts. Virtually none however, have garnered the same type of media attention that this one has.

The Pauley Perrette case is just one in a system of family law run amok.

This case is just one of so many others that occur on a daily basis in our family and criminal courts, and it is hoped that it will be accepted by the L.A. County Criminal Grand Jury, to convene a panel and initiate an inquiry which will  hopefully lead to a full investigation.

If the Grand Jury does their job it will be in the interest of public safety, not just in the case of Shivers and Perrette, but in the bigger picture of just how out of control the restraining order process has been twisted, convoluted, and turned in to a “cluster-f*ck.”

What is also disturbing is how many men, women and children who are actual domestic violence and stalking victims, have been ignored, or did not have the services and resources available to them because of the pursuit of Francis Shivers and his deadly .44 caliber cell phone camera and his big mouth.

I sometimes wonder whether or not I am writing a comedy script or reporting on yet another in a long list of injustices, governmental incompetence and indifference, and the army of folks in L.A. who will do anything and everything to get their 15 minutes of TV time. Let’s give those folks their 15 minutes, or maybe a little longer, while under oath in front of a Grand Jury investigative panel, and let’s make it simple; you lie, you go to jail, simple huh?

False restraining order terrorism: a plague on American justice

We have all heard the term, “false restraining order.” I have used that term as well. Due to the astronomical levels of exploitation and manipulation of the restraining order system, I believe that the better term would be:


We are long overdue in addressing these scenarios; when the facts constitute, as violations of criminal law, First Amendment and Civil Rights violations rather than merely arguing a he said – she said scenario in our family, civil, and criminal courts. We must demand that false accusers are held accountable, and that other professionals or any other persons who facilitate, encourage, commit any act, or provide any information in any form, that results in the issuance of a fraudulent and perjured temporary or permanent restraining order be held both civilly and criminal responsible. This MUST apply to lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers, child protection workers and prosecutors.

Pauley PerretteIf there were not such incontrovertible evidence of systemic abuses, these drastic measures would not be necessary. Sadly, the criminal justice system has  fallen to the depths of being “Star Struck.” The system has lost its impartiality and ethical foundation. Justice is supposed to be blind, but we have seen in “Hollywood” that justice sometimes depends on your net worth and celebrity status.

Mr. Shivers is scheduled to be sentenced on April 24th in Los Angeles Superior Court, Airport Branch in the court of Judge Kathryn Solorzano. What should occur is for Judge Solorzano to delay any sentencing and make a formal request on the record for the Los Angeles County Criminal Grand Jury to convene a panel to investigate not only this case, but the entire system and procedure of the restraining order process.

When we have failures in the system, and when individuals who are in decision making positions fail to exercise common sense, good judgment, ethics and integrity, they must be held accountable, just as we would hold accountable a plumber who fails to properly repair a leaky faucet, or a dentist who causes an injury due to incompetence, or an insurance company that fails to cover a paid auto policy. There should be no difference, but the severity here is magnified by the fact that the entire life of a man or woman can be so greatly and negatively affected by the exploitation of this powerful and unaccountable procedure.

I would ask that readers of A Voice for Men who have intimate knowledge of this case or who have been affected in similar ways write to those entities mentioned in the letter to the L.A. County Criminal Grand Jury and voice their concerns. Letters should be cordial and professional.

It is suggested that any individual who has had similar experiences; when faced with a false restraining order, to prepare a written sworn declaration and submit the declaration to the presiding court in which your case is assigned and include the facts of your case.

You can download forms at, the California Court Forms website, use Form MC-030 and MC-031. You do not need an attorney to do this, and your declaration can also be used and sent to any one of the agencies listed. You have the right to free speech; use it.

We have already reached the threshold of “RESTRAINING ORDER TERRORISM” and those who have been victimized are in fact crime victims and should be afforded the same rights as any other crime victim, as dictated by Proposition 9, the California Victims Bill of Rights Act of 2008, otherwise known as “Marsy’s Law”

For additional information regarding the agencies listed and their complaint procedures, please refer to their websites;

California State Bar

California Commission on Judicial Performance

LAPD Office of Inspector General

This watchdog group should be contacted in lieu of the Internal Affairs Unit as the reality of internal affairs units is that in a great many instances their primary concern is not with the determination of the truth, but rather the reduction to exposure from civil liability.

In smaller agencies, any law enforcement complaint should be directed to the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Civil Rights, as history has dictated that individual agencies simply cannot be trusted with policing their own, and that an impartial and fair investigation is virtually non-existent.

Additionally; provisions of the California Government Code give immunity to public officers for their acts, even if those acts are illegal, and the Peace Officer Procedural Bill of Rights makes it virtually impossible for the discovery of the results of any internal investigation. It is recommended that if you are the victim of a false restraining order and it involves a law enforcement agency with a correlating family law or criminal case, that you make the complaint in the form of a public court declaration and file it with the court as well as the agency if it so applies. This way, your complaint is a matter of public record, and can be used in other cases involving the same agency or officers.

United States Department of Justice, Office for Civil Rights

United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General

California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

Information can be obtained on domestic violence law enforcement training in the State of California.

U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Civil Rights, Office of Justice Programs

This office should be contacted when there is discrimination, First Amendment, or a criminal or civil rights violation involving any agency who operates any domestic violence or sexual assault program who has received federal grant assistance under the Violence Against Women Act. As an example; if your rights have been violated by a fraudulent and perjured restraining order and a particular agency is complicit, then you can file a complaint and request an audit of their federal grant status.

California State Auditor, Bureau of State Audits

This agency is to be contacted if there has been fraud or discrimination in any domestic violence or sexual assault program that is the recipient of state or federal grant funds that includes private organizations; example, if a private domestic violence shelter receives state or federal funding, and they exclude an individual based on gender, they are in violation of the provisions of their grant, and an audit can be requested.

California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board

This agency should be contacted when you are the victim of a crime to learn the requirements for victim compensation under the California Victim Compensation Program, (CalVCP). Additionally, your local office of the District Attorney should also be contacted to learn additional information on victim compensation. Each state has a version of these agencies and would have to be checked on a state by state basis.


It is universally agreed and it is the opinion of this author that the current restraining order system in the State of California as well as in all parts of the country are in a total state of chaos: the exploitation and manipulation of the system is the norm rather than the exception. This abuse hurts true victims of domestic violence and denies them the services that are truly needed. The devastation and trauma to our children caused by this is ongoing and unaddressed.

The case of Francis “Coyote” Shivers and Pauley Perrette is just one of thousands that happen in courtrooms across this country every day. This case is such an outlandish and egregious example of how this system is abused that it must be used as an example in order to give some hope to the tens of thousands who have been forever adversely affected. Thousands of children every year are separated from a parent because of malicious, vindictive campaigns and a system that encourages them to happen.

It is the opinion of this author that this egregious injustice is well beyond the point of any sense of civility and logic. Affected individuals should and must file the appropriate complaints as crime victims to insure the protection of their civil and constitutional rights and due process guarantees.

The abuse of the civil restraining order process is a crime. When information provided to authorities is false or when any person offers perjured testimony while under oath, either in person or in writing, it is the responsibility of the criminal justice system to prosecute them. This applies to any person who conspires with any other person when one of these orders is obtained.

The time has come for the thousands of those falsely accused to speak up, file the appropriate complaints and to make those complaints public. The case of Mr. Shivers and Ms. Perrette  has received an enormous amount of media attention and is an outrageous example of the abuses of the system. Those in positions of decision making and responsibility must be pressured to perform their duties free of influence from any special interest group.

Those decision makers are bound by an oath to carry out their duties in a fair and unbiased manner, employing the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and to maintain the public trust in those institutions. It is time for the foundational mindset of the myth of man – bad / woman – victim to be broken and that the entire paradigm, training program, policies, procedure and regime changed to reflect the reality of everyday occurrences in our family, civil and criminal courts.

The definitions of what constitutes domestic violence need to be brought back into the realm of logic and common sense.

Here’s a hint folks, turning on a cell phone camera and making dumb comments is not an act of violence. To the mainstream and entertainment media, pull your head out of Pauley Perrette’s ass and try accurate reporting for a change. To the members of the judiciary and the law enforcement community, just try doing your jobs, for the people, all of them, not just the celebrities that have you on a leash.

About Michael Conzachi

Michael Conzachi is a retired three decade law enforcement veteran in Southern California, and private investigator with approximately 35 years of law enforcement and private investigative experience. He serves on several child abuse and victim advocacy group boards, is a contributing writer for several similar advocacy organizations and has authored a restraining order legislative change proposal to the California State Senate.

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  • Roger O Thornhill (George Kaplan)

    Excellent article Michael!

    • Michael Conzachi

      Thank you Roger. I will post a couple of comments here since yours is the first one and will be the first to be read. I believe that it is now explicitly clear that the Shivers-Perrette case depicts everything and anything wrong with the current restraining order system, not only in California but the rest of the country, yet those in positions of decision making still go along, business as usual, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of voices who have been wronged by these orders. There are some serious ethical issues in this case regarding the entire legal profession, and when you combine celebrity with lots of money, ethics and integrity become irrelevant. The response has been staggering. There are so many people, men and women who have had similar experiences involving the same group of attorneys and law enforcement officers that a distinct pattern has emerged. When the various folks in the system operate with impunity for so long, with no oversight and no controls, they become emboldened. When they do this, they get sloppy since no one is looking at what they doing and they make mistakes. That is what has happened here, those sloppy mistakes have been discovered and revealed and it paints a very disturbing picture. What will happen in the Shivers case is anyone’s guess. What the Grand Jury should do is to respond to the vast amount of information that so many victimized individuals are sending them, convene an investigative panel and proceed with an official inquiry. Sadly we have a repeat of what we saw just a couple of years ago; the greasy-sleazy side of Hollywood and the lawyers and their goons doing the dirty work in the Anthony Pellicano case, the self-proclaimed “P.I. to the Stars.” Here’s a hint, whenever someone puts the term “to the stars” in their title that translates to collusion corruption and incompetence. Do the research and you will see the same names pop up in this case. Hello,,,,, FBI Public Corruption Unit,,,,, are you watching? I am not able to respond to the avalanche of comments, phone calls and emails as I would like to. I would ask that all of those who have information about this case; all of those who have had similar experiences with the same group of folks, or anyone else who has been victimized by this procedure, to write to the Grand Jury, the FBI, and the host of other agencies listed as well as the news media. Bringing this into the public light, criminally convicting those officials guilty of misconduct and corruption is an absolute must, and maybe then, when a few of those who have violated the public trust are peeking out of an 8 x10 cell, maybe the light bulb will go on. For Perrette, a padded 8 x 10 cell for her own protection.

    • Dean Esmay

      I see at least one feminist has come out in defense of Coyote:

      I wonder if she’s aware of just how many men besides Coyote have been abused this way, or cares, or even wonders how many just like him are actually in jail now because they had no one at all to speak for them.

  • Winstone

    Feminist corruption is destroying the credibility of the judiciary system

    • Ray

      “Feminist corruption is destroying the credibility of the judiciary system”

      I’m sorry, but I have no confidence (zero, zip, nadda) in any aspect of our gender feminist trained legal system and government to administer justice to males, and they’ve more than earned 100 percent of that no confidence.

    • JJ


      You said “destroying.” The correct word is “destroyed!”

  • Shrek6

    Great article Michael and thanks for all the investigatory work you have put into this.

    I have to tell you that if you remove all references to the US and California, you could copy and paste that whole article onto any case here in Australia and I guess anywhere else in the western world.

    Here in Aus we have no such things as ‘Amendments’ of any kind that mean anything. The general population of Aussies are not considered important enough to be given any of these rights and the said population don’t see themselves as important enough either. However, the men in Australia are considered the scum of the earth and are rarely given human status in law at any level.

    You made this statement, “This abuse hurts true victims of domestic violence and denies them the services that are truly needed.”

    Yeah, I’ve heard people in this country say the same thing too. I would like to take exception to it’s single most inaccuracy, which is that false allegations hurt ONLY 50% of true victims of DV. The other 50% of victims who are never ever considered, go on unnoticed as usual.
    Michael, I don’t take exception with you using this, because I know you are fully aware of the above truth, even if it isn’t substantiated as 100% fact. Yet!

    I guess I am overly tired of any reference to any harm done to women of any kind anywhere in the world, because we are flooded with it 24 hours a day every day of the year. All we ever hear about is harm done to women and girls. It is becoming such a problem that I am becoming desensitised to the importance of harm done to true female victims, which is sad and a bit worrying. It’s not that I don’t care. After all, there are females in my family whom I love and treasure.

    There is a whole lot more I could say here, but it is too long a story, which is no different to anyone else who has suffered this abuse of false allegations and restraining order abuse.

    Here in Aus, there is zero recourse for men, because all forms of remedy have been removed from the law books. And at any rate, you will never find a lawyer of any kind anywhere who will go into court with you, because they ALL KNOW that the day they do, their lucrative career has just come to an end.

    The system isn’t just broken, it is so corrupt it has a rotten stench of deliberate pure evil, that has infected all levels of law enforcement.

    • Dunamace

      Shrek, your sentiments are very well put, I find myself also becoming blasé about genuine female issues, because we are all being “fitted up” with rubbish.

      You are right, It’s worrying and reducing a sense of humanity hurts both genders…because (and I say this to feminists) we are all humans.

    • Ray

      “The system isn’t just broken, it is so corrupt it has a rotten stench of deliberate pure evil, that has infected all levels of law enforcement.”

      The last time I served on jury duty in Los Angeles, I told the judge that I served his corrupt, gender-feminist trained legal system only “under duress” and that it literally made me sick to my stomach just to be in his vile courtroom. The court reporter was typing on her little machine, while we were talking so it’s on the record.

      • justicehead

        I was called to jury duty at the downtown l.a courhouse, a few months after all the charges were dissmissed against me, in the same courthouse. I don’t know if this was some joke, cause I never was called to jury duty before. I got out immediately because I’d just been diagnosed with PTSD, due to what that court and its players had done to me. That same day, I went to the courtroom, where the trial had been, to get transcript of the last day, that I’d ordered in order to show a reporter. When I told the clerk and baillif that I was there to pick it up, and to get out of jury duty– they both literally roared with laughter at the jury duty part. They knew how filthy was my case, and how I’d never be qualified to serve on any jury for the rest of my life.

        • Ray

          And let’s not forget the long and sordid story of how L.A. County judges have been paid (in violation of the law) by the party (L.A. County) bringing cases in their court. Is it any wonder why Dad’s, trying to get a fair financial arrangement in L.A. County Child Support Services cases, have such losing records in these courts?

          In L.A. County, California, it appears that the law has a long, long track record of being above the laws that the rest of the citizenry must abide by. :-/ It appears California needs Nuremberg trials for its entire legal system.

          “Since the late 1980s, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, on behalf of Los Angeles County proper, has illegally paid the Los Angeles Superior Court Judges bonus payments, now slightly over $57,000 per year, on top of their already generous salary and benefits, giving them a gross salary of more than a quarter of a million dollars each year, all in violation of the California Constitution. The highest ranking judge in the entire country, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, makes only $218,000, and Federal District Judges receive $157.000.

          As of 2009, Los Angeles County taxpayers have paid over $300 million dollars for these judges’ bonuses.

          Is there evidence that Los Angeles County got something in return?”

          “California’s Judicial Double Benefits Stir Controversy as Judges Judge Judges: Full Disclosure Network® Video Report”

          “Judges Bribed By County Officials?
          Judicial Watch public interest lawsuit (Sturgeon vs County of L.A.) held that the County payments to Judges were illegal, The payment of $350 million was a misappropriation of public funds that were never reported by the Judges who are all elected officials, to the Fair Political Practices Commission.”

          • justicehead

            And, lawyer,Richard Fine, was jailed for a year for revealing that. I can say without the slightest hesitation that Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Judge Dennis Landin, Judge Mary Lou Villar De Longoria(the l.a mayor’s sister) Judge Georgina Ricz, Judge Terry Bork, Judge John Martinez, Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Maria Stratton, Judge Mark Mooney, Judge Jaqueline Conner, and Judge Richard Fruin are lawless and corrupt. No due process is being afforded those who don’t have the right lawfirm. I have a horror story of a lawyer trying to get restraining orders on me, my mother, and my sister for my mother’s rip off report. A gag order was placed on us, under duress, by another dirty L. A judge. Then, I had to just get the hell out of dodge, because I had finally understood — The L.A legal system is beyond filthy, and it is dangerous as hell. You will be ruled against no matter the law. It is truly hopeless to try to get justice there, at this time.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            justicehead – when was it EVER time to get justice there?

            How’s ‘ol Lael Rubin been after her colossal debacle in the McMartin preschool trials?

            A: Very well, thank you, after the corruption and misconduct was on display for all the world to see she was promoted.

            This tid-bit was in the news as well.

            Even though it’s highly unpopular to suggest Michael Jackson was the victim of a witch hunt – he was.

            “Six years after he accused Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him during sleepovers at the King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch, Gavin Arvizo has reunited with the prosecutor who tried to nail the singer on child molestation charges.

            In a twist of fate, Gavin — a cancer survivor — was one of the guests at the Santa Barbara, Calif., wedding of Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen to Louise Palanker, a comedian who testified against Jackson in the notorious 2005 trial.”

  • Robert Sides

    “World unfair to men!”


    Who knew?

    Well, after 3400 words we all do: feminism is up to no good. Again.

    Why? Because men fail to act in unison.

    Nothing opposes NOW and its ilk so men get picked off one by one by one billion.

    Quick: how many real, certified members does NCFM have? After 30+ years, it should have about 100,000…right?

    Does it?

    I think not.

    The fact is, NO men’s group is big enough to have much clout. They all refuse to do what’s necessary to grow and create a united fighting force. Most were created by men content to stay mid-sized frogs in microscopic ponds.

    Media do not pay attention to small, unknown, apolitical, inactive groups.

    Given men’s groups’ small sizes and general inactivity, grousing online becomes attractive. Easier to tsk-tsk about misandric events than to notice men’s failure to organize.

    No bully ever stopped without being confronted. And the women’s movement IS a bully.

    So…what are we going to do about it, aside from talk?

    Another problem: an endless, ever-expanding supply of egregious grievances and outlandish examples of misandry. It becomes virtually impossible to pick ONE, focus on it, and garner enough media attention to have more impact on the next target. Instead, 5 guys charge this windmill, another 7 that one, and 14 more ‘tuther over yonder. The result: dissipated force.

    We need “someone” to pick a target we can all fire at.

    Meanwhile, feminists in the millions wait like hungry cats, licking their lips, awaiting the arrival of the few MRA “vermin.”

    • Max Cade

      Robert, I only discovered the MHRM a few months ago and admit that all I’ve done is post comments, had one article published here and tried to enlighten the people I am in contact with to the injustices.

      I get the impression that you took the red pill some considerable time before I did and know more about the problems and the possible solutions than I do.

      Since you are saying we need to do more than talk, what is it that you propose? What do you consider to be the most effective strategy/strategies?

      Obviously there are many possible forms of public activism.

      Since you are saying we need to agree to fire on one target, what target would you suggest?

      And the weapons?

    • justicehead

      I don’t know much about this. I am a woman but have no use for bad women using feminism as some weapon. I agree that something has got to give. Let’s all pick as a target the justice system, and how it fails both the poor and the middle class.Even the rich get screwed if they are not rich enough to compete with the resources of the state. There needs to be much more accountability for corrupt cops, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers of all kinds, and even witnesses who do nothing.There needs to be real penalties for perjurers and those who lie to the police. Instead, they round up pot smokers.
      I know this will sound kumbaya, but let’s realize sociopaths, and other human rats, come in all genders and races etc. I get that evil people posing as equal rights advocates have helped the system become a dangerous sewer, but it’s not an us againt them war when it comes to man vs. woman. A few bad eggs are women and a there are bad men too.Our outrage should be directed at anyone who causes and then allows this to happen.
      The media is finally reporting on the many false convictions that occur every day. But, they don’t seem to want to report that such false convictions are a result of dirty prosecutors, cops, and judges, a lot of the times.They need a nice narrative, and until they don’t see it as profitable– to report the truth– they won’t.

      • Shrek6

        @ Justicehead
        “A few bad eggs are women and a there are bad men too”

        Ah, no!
        Are you actually trying to talk down the number of women who perpetrate these crimes?

        Not just a few bad eggs are women. The overwhelming majority of bad eggs in this game are WOMEN, not men. There are a “few bad eggs who are men, yes.” But just a few!
        I say this with a great deal of confidence, because it is nigh on impossible for men in any western jurisdiction to get themselves into a position where they can do the same damage to a woman, as a woman can to a man.

        The only way a man can do that kind of damage, is if they have a huge amount of money and very supportive family and friends who are in the police force, the judiciary and govt. Outside of that, they have a snowballs chance in hell, because it is a ‘Woman’s World’ out in there in the reality of using laws to abuse another human being.

        Be honest. Stop trying to talk down the evil that is perpetrated by your own sex. Women are only ever affected in a very small way and it will be a long time before they get anywhere near equally affected as men are.

        • justicehead

          Not at all. I just am pretty clueless about this, to be honest. I don’t doubt you in the least, though. Two women did this to me. I am not that kind of a woman, and it’s hard for me to fathom such evil and vindictiveness, but I have no intention of trying minimize the pain and horror that men have endured, due to bad women and bad laws.Those bad laws caused catastophic damage to me, but, of course, I can’t profess that women have it as bad as men here.

          • Shrek6

            Great. Then do yourself, your family and friends, and all of us a big favour, educate yourself on this topic as much as you can, then go educate all those you come into contact with, MOST ESPECIALLY the women/girls in your life. Teach them that it is absolutely NOT right to use laws to harm another human being (men), especially using lies.

            You say you were harmed by these laws. That is what I hear so much these days, but in reality it is nothing but utter bullshit. You were harmed by two vicious bitches who were allowed to be out of control and allowed to commit crimes legally.

            Laws are just words written on paper. These things harm no one, UNTIL, someone decides to use them and enact them.

            Once you push that big green start button on the man hating abusing govt machine, the machine then takes over and does even more damage, but it is done on behalf of the evil person who pushed the green button.

            Where it gets even more evil, is that there is also in most cases a big Red button that will stop the machine too, but well over 95% of women refuse like a spoilt hate filled bitch they are, to push that red button, because they don’t want the machine stopped. They want their desired end result achieved, which is the annihilation of their ex husband/partner. Many women pray for suicide too, because then they get it all.

            It amazes me the depth of depravity that exists among white Caucasian women throughout the whole western world. It is as if some form of evil has swept over them all and taken away their moral compass!

    • Paul Elam

      Robert, you know what is worse than all this “just talk” that you allege, but is not even what is happening at all?


      Time and again I see you in the comments, lecturing (which is just fucking talk, btw), shaming and belittling others for speaking up, but not doing whatever else it is that you think should be done.

      I have to ask you, for the second time, what it is you hope to accomplish with this, except get people who are both talking and acting to tune you the fuck out?

      If you want to lead, and motivate others to take action, then start acting like a fucking leader instead of an irate librarian with a chip on your shoulder.

      Enough already.

    • Astrokid

      We need “someone” to pick a target we can all fire at.

      Bob, Even if you pick a target and we all fire at it.. and not much comes out of it, then does one give up?

      I have come to the MRM from the Atheist “movement” about 1.5 years ago.. and I realize that the gender-delusion is immensely more difficult to overcome.
      The Atheist Movement is fronted by orgs Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and American Atheists (AA) since ~70s with minimal growth.. until the Sep11 attack followed by best selling books by Sam Harris et al ~2006.
      FFRF- started in 1976
      end of 2005- 6000 members
      end of 2012- 19,400 members
      American Atheists – End of 2012- 4000 members
      In March 2012, there was a Reason Rally in Washington DC.. where about ~20K people turned up. No coverage on mainstream TV.
      And Atheists have no Lace Curtain to deal with. No juggernaut like gynocentrism and male disposability to deal with.
      There’s a parallel ‘skeptics movement’, lot more active and organized since 1970s, headed by orgs JREF and Center For Skeptical Inquiry (CSI).. who are frustrated that they have had limited success in the 40 yrs of existence, and that their enemies are as big as before.

      I do my mite fighting feminists and manginas in the atheist community.. a community thats naturally soured on feminism.. and I see how immensely difficult it is get people to realize how gynocentrism has harmed men.

      To me its a miracle that old timers like Paul and you havent given up.. for which I am thankful.
      The cultural narrative in many online communities currently is that today’s feminism is “fucked up and all about victimhood and not about equality at all”. I think one challenge is to show them how its hurt men.

      At the same time, lots of men have naturally gone MGTOW and thats hurting them.. based on the ‘where have all the good men gone” articles over the last decade+.

      ‘Them’ vs an organized and pointed ‘us’, is still a David vs Goliath battle. FTSU, MGTOW along with cultural-narrative victory themselves may force media and law to negotiate with us.


      “The fact is, NO men’s group is big enough to have much clout. They all refuse to do what’s necessary to grow and create a united fighting force. Most were created by men content to stay mid-sized frogs in microscopic ponds.”

      So true! Plenty in the MRM that refuse to understand this.We certainly need a container ship load of Tom Leykis branded big brass balls to be delivered first class express mail.

      I said a few weeks back most males don’t give a fuck about other males, take war and sport (a form of war anyway).

      When do men band together just for the greater good? The greater good with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

      Until males really start to look in the mirror this movement will stall.

      Until we see this as a war (cold war) we will eventually hit a brick wall.

      First we have to be prepared to bring down the mainstream media.Yes that’s FTSU with bells on, I wasn’t to see the scum-sucking pigs of the media living out of a cardboard – literally – box! We must hurt these MF’s where it hurts the most, their hip pocket nerve.

      ****Men as a rule don’t trust each other***

      • navian

        Most men are to afraid of being told to man up, it is so much easier for them to let injustice occur to other men.

    • jerrytheother


      As an old time MRA, we thought dues paying membership was the way to win this fight, but that was then, this is now. I’m sure there aren’t that many “members” of NOW either. The money follows the idea, and right now our ideas are HOT! We have a true groundswell of activism through protests and lawsuits, and we’re spreading our message with blogs, groups, websites, youTubers, and true journalists. Here’s a couple of relevant videos:

      Thanks for all you guys and gals are doing!

  • JFinn

    Mr. Conzachi, your help is invaluable. Invaluable.

    • justicehead

      So invaluable that I am nearly crying. I’ve always believed that if only there was a group with some resources and that this group(or individual) investigated… Whoa… what a pandora’s box, and what a world of good that group can do for so many past and future victims of restraining order abuse and then the general diseases that have taken over the L.A legal system.
      I have basted in a very similar story for five years now. The only difference is that in my case they used division 95 as means to derail a trial, and the actions of 6 L.A judges leave no doubt that certain judges in L.A are on the take and willing to break all laws for Trutanich or the Threat Management Unit or these law firms. The exact details are not yet known. What is known is that jaw dropping insanity is taking place and Shiver’s is the rule and not the exception when certain lawyers, the tmu, and the city attorney are involved. I just found out that the lawyer who told me I had to drop the suit against the Lavely and singer client, to defend myself against the criminal charges, is the lawyer for Trutanich. His name is Steve Lowe and that discovery made the jaw drop once more, since his actions were always so bizarre and handwriting experts were called in. Looong story.
      Since I have live this story I just want to share what I can to save Coyote in time.
      I will send an affidavit, but Solarzano, judging by her senseless reasons for remanding him– is most likely too dirty to care.
      This is what I believe is happening now.
      1-it starts with the law firm, not the celebrity. Any client of such a law firm is assured carte blanche to do anything they desire.It is not based on women’s issues though dv and the laws play a part . It’s more about money and power and taking advantage of laws to promote purely cynical agendas.
      2- the law firm wants to please the clients and make lots of money if the perretts or the tig notaros spread the word about their services. Lots of big money to be made. Winning the civil claims or getting the client’s victims to shut up on the internet pleases the client and enriches the lawfirm. Marty Singer’s reputation as a ruthless pit bull is making him 500 bucks an hour etc.
      -3 Pellicano is in the pen. His services are missed by the Marty Singers et al. Enter Jeffrey Dunn and his band of mercenary thugs at the threat manufacturing unit. you want a threat? you want violence? We’ll make it up and present it as fact. You, in turn, have our backs when we apply to Gavin Debecker’s firm or the other firms that will make us millionaires. If the falsely accused gives us guff- we’ll railroad them into a conviction, or get them declared crazy-you’ll never hear from them again.They’ll wise up once they see we follow no law and the internal affairs or FBI won’t do a thing.
      4- Delgadillo or Trutanich are on board. marty singer is Shwartzenegger’s hero. Closed down all the grope victims and let him become Governor. Judge Solarzono, Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Robert Vanderet, Judge Mary Lou Villar, Judge Maria Stratton, Judge Samantha Jessner are all recent Shwartezenegger appointees– hard to believe– but they are board too. Many more but let’s just stick to those cause I know it sounds crazy as it is.
      5- We even had doctors on the payroll but we only use that when we see zero hope of a conviction. Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, will get them forcibly medicated and sent to Patton. That’s how well we have this scheme in place.
      6- Worst comes to worst and the falsely accused is not convicted there are judge’s on the take, who will dismiss whatever claims are brought by the devastated falsely accused who has very legitimate claims. Trutanich has greased the right palms. As have Marty and Jeffrey Dunn and others.

      So, everyone is happy but the falsely accused. Defense lawyers too have been affectively neutralized. They will take your money and they will then have you take the fall. The public defender’s office has also been corrupted and is nearly useless.

      There are tons of other facts and details and I get that there are tons of varying types of corrupted individuals involved. But, essentially this is what i saw in my case and now this case.Surely, it’s a surreal situation. I pray that reality is that this is unacceptable, and that reality returns to make it right. Thank you so much, Mr. Conzachi, and AVM.

      • Ray

        You mentioned L.A. City Attorney, Delgadillo. Whatever happened to his wife for all the times she broke the law? Is the law in L.A. above the law?
        “Shouldn’t the CIty Attorney and his familiy at least uphopld the laws we ask them to enforce?”
        “On Monday, Delgadillo apologized for keeping quiet about a 2004 accident in which his wife crashed his city-issued vehicle while driving on a suspended license. Delgadillo said he was reimbursing the city for the $1,222 repair.”
        “Michelle Delgadillo, wife of the city attorney, has an outstanding warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court nearly nine years ago on charges of driving without insurance, with a suspended license and in an unregistered car, the Times’ Matt Lait reports today.”

        • justicehead

          Delgadillo and Trutanich are thugs, and worse than Mafia. I predict a grand fall for Trutanich. He comitted so many crimes as a City Attorney.The L.A times is ominously silent in these matters.

    • Michael Conzachi

      JFinn, thanks for the compliment. I’ll post it here because there have been so many questions and comments about the role of various judges not only in this case but in similar ones. The avenue for redress is to file a complaint with the California Commission on Judicial Performance. You can refer to their website for additional information. A reality that people have to face is that this commission, made up mostly of other judges are the ones deciding the fate of other judges, so you see how this could be a problem and the question of impartiality is raised. There are a few online judicial rating sites such as “The Robing Room” and “Robe Probe” and you can Google those and find the sites. A couple of these judicial rating sites have been shut down such as “” and “” It is unclear, but by all published accounts, a group of judges initiated some type of legal action to force the shutdown of sites that were critical of their profession. One of the things that must be remembered is that the profession that is probably the most vindictive and intolerant of free speech and criticism is the judicial and legal professions. Like any profession, we have fantastic judges and we have some others who should be occupying a jail cell; some make great decisions and others wreak havoc on the populace. There is a general sense of invincibility among many in the judicial profession, and some believe that the black robe transforms them into god like / saint like entities. Just take a look at the dozens of YouTube videos; it’s embarrassing. That reminds me of that old joke; What’s the difference between a judge and God; God doesn’t think he is a judge! So to answer all of those questions out there and as to filing complaints regarding members of the judiciary, refer them to the commission, but also send a copy to the FBI and make a copy in the form of a court declaration if you have a criminal or family law case, and notify the media. You are dealing with an uphill battle in that the chances of your complaint being taken seriously by the commission or the commission actually doing a fair assessment is very slim. The other issue that you will have to face is potential reprisals. That is why these things need to be brought out in the public light. We will soon find out in this case, when Mr. Shivers is sentenced, what kind of punishment he will receive, for the most disturbing and dangerous of criminal acts of turning on his cell phone camera. Gee, that camera must be like “Gord” in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” circa 1953, the shiny Robot, when he turned on his one eye, turned people into ash with that laser ray.

      I am going to say here and now, as some initial information suggests that due to my efforts on this case, it has been already hinted that I can expect retaliation in some form. What and how and by whom is not yet known. There, my first example of making it public. Remember, people who tell the truth just need to tell the truth and liars need to remember all of their lies. Most can’t remember all of their lies unless they are extremely pathological which makes them dangerous.

      So to all of those who have raised questions about your options on judges, go to these sites, make the appropriate complaints, send them to different agencies, i.e. Grand Jury, FBI and make them public in some forum in order to protect yourself from reprisals. If there had not been a miles long history of this and we could actually trust oversight committees and commissions, the extreme would not be necessary, just like the Shivers-Perrette cluster-f*ck.

      JFinn, sorry about posting this information here on your comment, but I wanted to get some of this information out there as this thing has taken off like nothing I have ever seen. I think the proverbial avalanche has just been started.

  • Ray

    The gender feminist trained LAPD has a long history of corruption.
    “Declaring that the Los Angeles Police Department has reformed itself significantly after decades of corruption and brutality complaints, a U.S. judge on Friday ended a long-running period of federal oversight.”

    Also, L.A. Times:

    Why would anyone be surprised that gender feminist trained L.A. Courts are arguably even worse?

  • Ray

    “When we have failures in the system, and when individuals who are in decision making positions fail to exercise common sense, good judgment, ethics and integrity, they must be held accountable, just as we would hold accountable a plumber who fails to properly repair a leaky faucet, or a dentist who causes an injury due to incompetence, or an insurance company that fails to cover a paid auto policy. “

    Here is an interesting bit of information on that subject from “The Innocence Project,” where approximately 250 men have had their wrongful convictions exonerated by DNA evidence:
    “Q. What happens to prosecutors or police or lab analysts whose misconduct leads to wrongful convictions (do they lose their jobs or end up in prison)?

    A. Officials are rarely held accountable. Very few police, prosecutors and crime lab analysts have ever faced criminal prosecution for their role in wrongful convictions in the United States. There have been no more than a handful of criminal prosecutions over the last 20 years, resulting in no more than one or two convictions of police and crime lab analysts for misconduct that led to wrongful convictions. There have been no convictions of prosecutors for misconduct in these cases.

    Officials can be sued for damages in civil cases, but police and crime lab personnel are protected by qualified immunity, and prosecutors have absolute immunity for anything they do during the prosecution. Very few exonerees have successfully sued police and crime lab analysts for their misconduct. Finally, very few officials have ever lost their job as a result of misconduct leading to a wrongful conviction.”

    “Q. How many innocent people are there in prison?

    A. We will never know for sure, but the few studies that have been done estimate that between 2.3% and 5% of all prisoners in the U.S. are innocent (for context, if just 1% of all prisoners are innocent, that would mean that more than 20,000 innocent people are in prison).

    More broadly, we know that innocent people are often identified as suspects by law enforcement and that DNA testing often clears them before they go to trial, but that DNA testing is impossible in the vast majority of criminal cases. In approximately 25% of cases where DNA testing was done by the FBI during the course of investigations, suspects were excluded by the testing. That doesn’t mean we believe 25% of convictions are in error, but when coupled with the fact that DNA testing is only possible in 5-10% of all criminal cases, it shows that science cannot always clear innocent suspects, which can result in wrongful convictions.”

    I strongly suspect the number of innocent men in jail in Los Misandry, er I mean Los Angeles, is much higher.

  • Ray

    “This watchdog group should be contacted in lieu of the Internal Affairs Unit as the reality of internal affairs units is that in a great many instances their primary concern is not with the determination of the truth, but rather the reduction to exposure from civil liability.”

    Internal Affairs has proven to be the fox watching the chicken coop, metaphorically speaking. :-/

    • justicehead

      I wish more people knew this. Most Americans can’t grasp that there really is no accountability for bad cops and bad prosecutors and bad judges. In L.A, it’s way past crisis proportions, and no press is there to expose it.

  • KeanoReeves


    You may call me a coward for saying this, but a male has to survive. A friend of mine told me a list of rules to follow in the Western World-

    i) Never break off with a girl. Ever. She will be vindictive. If she isn’t, the girls around her will make her vindictive. If you want to break off, let HER break off first. Dont do that by ignoring her – she will be vindictive. Do that by smothering her with love – that will not be vindictive. After being asked to go, crib about your unhappiness to common friends. It will get back to her.

    ii) Always, always have a snowman. He is a phantom which the girl can destroy easily. Its destruction will cause you some pain, but very little. Yet it will take her anger off.

    Remember – that Western women hate men. You know why? Because we hate people whom we have wronged. Simple.

    • Max Cade


      I will continue to break up a woman if I want to. I don’t plan on staying in any useless relationship for a second longer than I want to out of fear about a woman’s vindictiveness.

      I am not sure what you mean by a ‘snowman’ but I don’t like the idea of helping her with her anger by letting her destroy anything.

      Here’s my only rule. Do what feels right for me. That varies according to circumstances.

      Let’s live life for what we want, not in fear of what we don’t.

      • Max Cade

        That was meant to read ‘break up with’, oops!

        Don’t get all Freudian on me will you 😀

      • KeanoReeves


        I would like to answer you – but not right now. You post has instigated my insecurities. Yet, when I was in school, we had to study Congreve –

        “Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned,
        Nor hell hath any fury like a woman scorned.”

        • Max Cade


          I am sorry you are feeling insecure. My intention was to inspire.

          I know that a woman’s scorn can be scary, indeed. I have experienced enough of it.

          And I would like to add to my earlier remark about victim status which appears below, but which I wrote before reading that you were feeling insecure, that I know that we men can be victims too. If you read my article ‘No more slugs and snails’ recently on AVfM you will see that like many men I am very familiar with the effects of shaming, as a victim of shaming.

          I just am not sure if it will really help you or other men to try to get messages about your suffering out in such an indirect way as common friends to someone who was responsible for a lot of that suffering. That would be passive-aggressive behaviour rather than assertiveness, which I feel is always more effective.

          My wish is that you and all men stand up for themselves with women. Because this will help us be stronger.

          In brotherhood,


          • justicehead

            I have no doubt that men are being unfairly destroyed all over the country. I just want to say that unfair laws and liars have now begun to cause injustice for females too. I am a woman, and the false accuser was a “woman” named Mathilde Notaro.She was the friend of an ex friend .I did not know her much less have a domestic relationship with her. Yet, lavely and singer and the TMU would get a DV order placed in the file once a criminal charge was added. Judge Dennis Landin did not require notice or hearing. He just rubber stamped such a thing and the handwriting was Notaro’s on that order. At trial, the decent judge, expunged it but it was too late. So much damage and jailing and …
            Her lawfirm used bad laws and bad people to get her “awarded” a restraining order. When I sued for defamation and appealed the order– this lawfirm, lavely and singer, made it so I drop my lawsuit. The TMU detective, John Gregozek, said, ” What could I do . You sued her, didn’t you.” as the only reason I now was thrown into criminal court.He at another time said, “Just stay off the internet and your legal troubles will be over.” So… this case here is more to do with something beyond mere gender.I want women to feel equally vulnerable, so we have more support and activism from all corners.


        Same! We MRA’s do this on our own terms.

        @ KeanoReeves – grow a set you sisi!


      “i) Never break off with a girl. Ever.”

      Utter rubbish..

      You need the system.

    • Kimski

      “Never break off with a girl. Ever. She will be vindictive. If she isn’t, the girls around her will make her vindictive.”

      This plays right into the narrative of women being infantile insecure beings, that can’t handle rejections or dissent.

      If I reach my fill with that kind of woman, regardless of the reasons, and decides to break off with her, I don’t give a shit how vindictive she may decide on being, when I won’t participate in her little childish competetion of who breaks up the relationship first.

      The main reason being, that I usually don’t break up with women that I plan on having any contact with, whatsoever, and that includes her friends.

      I will instead choose to remove myself from her vicinity as soon as possible, because when I have finally reached that breaking point, I usually can’t fucking stand the mere sight of her, and often for very good reasons.

      When you completely remove her powers of vindictiveness, she, and her circlejerk of equally vindictive banshees, can be just as vindictive as they please, ’cause I won’t be there to experience it.

    • navian

      Basically good advice, it may be good strategy to use a little manipulation to let “her break it off” as a part of a self preservation exit strategy, in a system and culture as corrupt as this.
      I am amazed at the indignation some here feel about it in light of the consequences of vindictive women and a corrupt system that supports them, that is so well chronicled at AVFM.

  • Max Cade

    PS,’crib about your unhappiness to common friends’ ? Why bother to put energy into victim status? That is feminism’s job.

  • napocapo69

    On tumblr I’ve found an interesting page. If the editorial staff is not aware of it and should be interested I might provide the link. I’m not gonna post it here.

    Regarding the story it just makes me angry. This kind of restraining orders policy is not yet so widespread in Italy, but it will be. Other crap happens here, but this kind of stuff is sitll quite rare.

    The reason the story makes me anxious is that she is bringing him to the border or self defence violence, through legal violence …. and if he should trespass that line, than the media will immediately wear him with the clothes of the stalker and her with those of the innocent victim…

    By the way, I’ve browsed a bit the web to understand who is this actress, and in all the images I’ve looked at, I only see the eyes of an evil. I’ve learned that eyes are the mirror of the soul, and I never regret to have followed this rule while establishing a friendhsip or chosing a partner.

    I do not know if he deserves what is happening to him, but one thing is sure, the justice system in the USA is now a tool to commit crimes of behalf of criminal women, while preserving their innocence/vicimt satus.

    Last thing, before closing.

    A crime is a volountary act that violates the psychic and /or phisical integrity of a person (and/or his/her property). In other words, violating a law does not imply commiting a crime. I’m stating this since I’ve noticed that media are used to the phrase “he committed the crime of violating a restraining order”.
    My dear “bowing journalists” he did not committed any crime, he violated an order.
    Instead, to restrain personal freedom is a violent act, and it falls into the the crime category. If the restraining order was appropriate or not, I can’t say, but for sure violating it, it is illegal but not a criminal act.
    And if it should happen that the restraining order was not needed, we all know who are the criminals.

  • tamerlame

    *Sadly, the criminal justice system has fallen to the depths of being “Star Struck.” The system has lost its impartiality and ethical foundation*

    When did the American legal system ever have a ethical foundation? The system knows men are getting raped in jail,and nothing is done. That alone means the American justice system is pure evil.

    * It is time for the foundational mindset of the myth of man – bad / woman – victim to be broken and that the entire paradigm, training program, policies, procedure and regime changed to reflect the reality of everyday occurrences in our family, civil and criminal courts.*

    So you want to reform the system to make it fair? Not going to happen. The only thing that should be done is for the state to get out of peoples lives. The pretext of protecting people from domestic violence has unleashed state kidnap and violence on an unheard of level. If two people are fighting in the home, it is none of the states business, let toxic unstable people fight it out. The price that the rest of society has to pay to protect these people is not worth it, freedom is not worth giving up for safety.

    If a woman acts up and starts lashing out, the man should be free to smack her one. If the woman didn’t have access to police proxy violence, most unstable woman would be less willing to act up. If a woman is really being victimized let her either leave or pick up a weapon. I would offer weak skinny dudes getting picked on the same advice.

  • oldfart

    Do you mean to say-to write the powers that wrongfully persecuted me?

    They knew what they were doing when they did it,and they enjoyed the use of that injustice immensely.
    Not to mention it pays so well,what with $4 Billion/y in VOCA funding + matching Federal $$
    from Social Security Title IV Part D.

    This is why men are silent,the powers are arrayed against them for $Profit.
    How much does it take to buy a conscience?
    Apparently not very much.

  • oldfart

    “Because we hate people whom we have wronged.”

    This here.

  • justicehead

    I want the reader to ask themselves even more questions. These are my questions. Any insight would be great.
    1) Why not wait till the permanent hearing? Why base it on an ex parte order?My guess: Every judge is different and not all are as bad, so they didn’t want that hearing to take place.
    2)Are there any police reports? If so, what do they say?
    3)Why would the threat management unit be involved when they profess to only handle cases of aggravated stalking?
    4)What communications did Shivers have with the tmu? Did he present them the affidavits and tape of shintaro. If so, did they include it in Police reports?
    5) Do stalkers ever stalk with their wifes or family(in my case) in tow?
    6)What happened at trial? Did he get a viable defense from Brooklier? Why did the jury convict? Was the trial fair in any way?
    7)Why was shivers arrested if the allegation and charges are misdemeanors. As Mr. Conzachi knows, an arrest for a misdemeanor can only be made if the “crime” occurs in the policeman’s presence.
    8) Why was bail set at 100k for Coyote? Why did Trutanich manage to jail someone for a million dollar bail for a billboard? Why was I denied any bail by Judge Maria Stratton when no charges and no probable cause even existed?
    9) Why are judges signing their names to such orders and such bail prices.What is the norm in these situations?
    10)How did Shiver’s arrest go down? I read somewhere that Martha Defoe had to come to court to justify the arrest. What possible basis did she have for an arrest considering this was a misdemeanor? Who was the judge who signed the arrest warrant?
    11) What role did Jeffrey Dunn(the tmu’s supervisor)play? Did any member of the TMU testify at trial?
    12)Aside of the city attorney you mention, where other city attorneys involved over the period of his charging and conviction?
    13)What went down with Lisa Williamson? Why would anyone throw a firebomb at her or her family? What did she know and then what could such information cause the TMU or other involved entities?
    14) What was Coyote Shivers on probation for? I have read that he is on probation for being convicted of “an improper communication” with an attorney. I am so perplexed by this one. Did he have to plea to something? What was the plea offer pretrial for the two charges he would be convicted of?
    15) Who is approving such high costs for such low level prosecutions, as in my case, kelley lynche’s case, and shiver’s case as well as the occupy cases.

    I’ll stop here but I have many more.Again, I am very grateful for this series and hope that all my miserable knowledge can be of some help.Also, is it normal for the TMU to tell Shivers to “let it go and it will be better for all of us” on twitter? Is it normal for a TMU guy to call me after I was released from jail and say, “We just want you to leave us alone.” That detective, Cletus Carlton, has since left(or been moved) to a missing persons unit.And, why has the L.A times ,and so many other outlets, not saw fit to report on such a clearly interesting story? The fact that this has all happened, when we heard non-stop how broke L.A is — reason enough to cover this story.

  • Ray
    “I keep wondering what ever happened to the Silva v. Garcetti lawsuit — was the money distributed? Did this case help precipitate somehow the stipulation that only statewide agencies could distribute child support (versus the local D.A.’s office)?”


    “,,,what happens when an ADMINISTRATIVE agency (let alone one at the Federal Level) starts affecting Trial Court Cases.

    * District Attorneys are paid by the county.
    * Court Reporters (if court-provided) are paid by the county.
    * Child Support Enforcement Agencies are, of course, paid by the county.
    * Court-appointed GALs and Child Support ATTORNEYS (who may appear in custody-related hearings) are paid by the county.
    * Court-appointed mediators, to my understanding, are paid by the county.
    * County Supervisors/Commissioners are paid by the county.”
    “Suit Filed Against LA County District Attorney’s Office”

  • Ray

    You know, the more you dig, the more you just gotta start laughing. :-) I think the headline below pretty much sums up the insurmountable difficulty of an honest citizen in dealing with the corrupt, L.A. County, California legal system.
    “Richard I Fine: Seeking a “Clean Judge” In L. A. County To Hear His Motion”

    Where, oh where, is a “clean judge” in L.A. County?

    In some ways, justice in L.A. County is like a shell game, IMO. Can anyone guess which shell an L.A. County judge hides justice under? Nope? It looks like L.A. County legal system judges run a rigged game, where what’s in “their best interests” walks away the winner time after time.

    Here’s a video showing how “the shell game” works:

    Southern California is a gigantic place, by some estimates having a population around 22 million people. Even if a million men have peas that get lost under judicial walnut shells – – – who’s gonna notice or care in such a mind numbed, desensitized society, where most people have all they can do just to take care of their own problems? Ergo, justice is routinely irrelevant in such a routinely unaccountable system, nestled is such an apathetic society.

    I.e.,”Ethel can you turn down the sound on that police chase, I’m trying to get some sleep before work tomorrow. I hope they get that mess cleared up before I hit the freeway tomorrow, or traffic will be hell.”

  • http://none universe

    The case of Francis “Coyote” Shivers and Pauley Perrette .
    What? Who?
    Prior to the series of previous AVfM articles highlighting this case then later investigating the dispute between these two people I had never heard of either one.
    But no matter. I am very grateful to learn that rightful lawful and procedural attention is now being directed toward delving into the whole sordid works of this case. This is activism folks. And a potential wide open door that could benefit many.

    Who said conspiracies (a combining or working together) do not exist?

    Thank you (X3) AVfM, NCFM for the involvement.
    And to you Mr. Michael Conzachi, a man who appears to still think very highly of his profession and the infrastructure that supports it. Such heartening news.