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Pauley Perrette, Francis Shivers and yellow media

I don’t pay much attention to celebrity gossip. Indeed, I take a perverse sort of pride in no longer recognizing most of the names on the magazine covers in checkout lines at grocery stores. I rarely even watch TV anymore, having lost all faith in the networks after ABC cancelled The Unusuals (don’t get me started.) However there is one show I have watched pretty faithfully until recently – CBS’s NCIS.

The plots range from tolerable to good, the chemistry between the characters is compelling, and the characters themselves are delightful.  Especially Abby Sciuto, the funky, brilliant Goth Girl in the lab.  I know people who call NCIS “The Abby Show.” Everybody loves Abby, and Pauley Perrette, the actress who portrays her with such likability, comes off as charming and fun.  In public at least.

It appears that Ms. Perrette has a darker side, one that has exposed itself in her failed marriage to musician Francis “Coyote” Shivers, which has become a protracted drama and media event of its own.

On March 24, the New York Post published an article strongly suggesting that Pauley Perrette is not all sweetness and light.

[Perrette’s] ex-husband says he broke up with the 43-year-old “NCIS” star after she slept with the pizza deliveryman, according to a court document.

Now, he claims, she’s living the plot of an unsold film script she wrote and framing him with cops. He faces possible jail time this week for violating a restraining order.

This article, by Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, stands in stark contrast to Pauley Perrette’s numerous dramatic accusations against her ex-husband.  Ms. Perrette publicized those accusations back in September 2006, with the assistance of then Fox News writer Roger Friedman, who also published a follow-up  article this past week, on the Showbiz 411 site.  He is apparently still sympathetic to Perrette’s “plight.”

Before I show you Friedman’s articles, allow me to provide a glimpse into his ethics.   I’m no fan of Fox News, but some days they get it right over there.  Back in 2009, Fox fired the gossip columnist, officially citing his review of a pirated copy of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”  There was also talk of homophobia on the part of Fox, and of Friedman’s laxity regarding “fact checking.”

Roger Friedman was fired from Fox for unethical journalism, and it appears that the absence of fact checking didn’t just affect the work for which Fox gave him the boot. His hit piece on Francis Shivers is another example.

So let us take a closer look at the brand of journalism Friedman practices.

Let me start by saying I’m not here to paint Francis “Coyote” Shivers as some kind of saint.  He’s not a hero.  He’s not a superstar.  He’s a second tier musician who has managed to remain in “the business” for many years, which indicates competence and talent.  He doesn’t just have a documented weakness for predatory, mentally unbalanced women; he marries them.  As I said, Shivers is hardly a hero, but to those who know him, Roger Friedman’s portrayal of him as a predator is ludicrous at best.

I’ll do a bit of “fact checking” for Friedman, since he won’t do it for himself; I have some sources. From his Fox News article:

Abby is known for her high level of intelligence and playful energy, but in real life, the actress who plays her has been going through hell.

Citation, Please?  Oh.  Here’s one from Blair Barnette, who served Pauley Perette divorce papers on behalf of Francis Shivers, and who knew both of them.

She asserted that Perrette was harassing him, by “ filing a restraining order against Mr. Shivers, despite her own story that the only time she had seen him in about six months was when she was entering his residence unannounced in the middle of the night.” This is from Blair Barnette’s Declaration in lieu of live testimony, executed February 4, 2007. *

Golly, who is “stalking” whom?  This and other court documents would suggest that perhaps Ms. Perrette, who herself has a very high level of intelligence, was not so much  “going through hell,” as in fact putting Mr. Shivers through hell.

More from Friedman’s article:

Shivers […] didn’t start his reign of terror with Perrette. His second-most recent ex-wife, Bebe Buell, who lives in Maine, has been inundated with a mountain of false police reports, invented complaints and restraining orders for years…

This paragraph is far more telling than Friedman lets on.  You see, one of Friedman’s primary sources for his story is Shivers’ ex-wife Bebe Buell, who is also an “ex” of Steven Tyler and mother of Liv Tyler, as well as a renowned drug addled groupie rock music fan. According to Pauley herself, as stated in court documents, Buell is the one who initiated and pursued much of the court harassment that went on for years.

Oh, and look, Mr. Friedman, I have a source! It is the  Declaration of Pauley Perrett 08-19-2001, written and signed by the star herself!

Here are some select quotes for anyone with a short attention span:

Since Mr. Shivers and I met, we have had to deal with the continued harassment by his ex, Bebe Buell.  Over the last three years, she has called repeatedly, followed us or had us followed, called and harassed our friends, has continuously and hatefully slandered us both in phone calls, letters, in public and in the press.  She has blatantly lied in her signed statement to the court.  We have hard proof of all of this…

And how is this?

She has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and occasionally takes medication for this.  We are constantly afraid of the times when she does not control herself, and we and others become the victims of her obsessions and her compulsions.

Or this?

[…]because she tracks my whereabouts and has said that she has me followed, and with her history of attacking other women, I do not feel safe going (to New York) and would very much like to, without the threat of her confronting me.



Ms. Buell states in her book that her obsession with him ‘will never, ever be over – never.’”


And yet now, by all appearances Pauley and Bebe are BFFs.  Hmmm.

Mr. Friedman continues his masterpiece of sound, ethical journalism with this little gem, a quote from Bebe Buell:

“’Instead he found Pauley,’ Buell says, ‘His next meal ticket.’”

Really?   A thirty-one year old, underemployed actress/waitress (which she was at the time) with a resume full of bit parts and commercials is a “meal ticket?”  Mr. Friedman (Remember:  professional journalist) did not see fit to verify or even question that statement.  Oddly though, in the declaration I quoted above, Pauley Perrette emphasizes her and Shivers’ modest financial means, more than once. Perhaps Friedman, the little worm, didn’t read it.

It gets better.  (Like you didn’t know it would.)  More from the article:

According to both women, Shivers stalked them and inflicted upon each of them endless mental distress. They each claim he terrorized them sexually during their respective relationships. When they compared notes, Buell and Perrette found that their situations, in fact, were eerily the same.

Friedman reports this as if he believes it; as though he did not even question how Perrette and Buell went from victim and stalker, respectively, to teammates waging a coordinated attack on Shivers.

There are more people who have reason to question Perrette’s credibility. Here are excerpts from the Declaration of Lisa Lynch (September 17, 2006)*** a friend so close, she and Perrette have matching tattoos:

After reading some of the Declarations filed with this court, I can say confidently that not only does Ms. Perrette make numerous false statements in her Declarations, but that I am certain she has made these false statements knowingly and willfully.

[…]I have been present when Ms. Perrette has broke up with lovers in her past, and I can say that she has a history of vindictive behavior towards them…Ms. Perrette filled out the paperwork for a Restraining Order in retaliation.

[…]I lived with Ms. Perrette and Mr. Rivas at the time…There was absolutely NO fear of him on the part of Ms. Perrette, and the Restraining Order paperwork she filled out was for the sole expressed purpose of manipulating the court…

[…]Ms. Perrette also made a point of using the supposed Restraining Order to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Rivas…

[…]I was also around when Ms. Perrette broke up with (another man)…and noticed a similar pattern…I never understood why she felt the need to be so vindictive.

[…]I have read Ms. Perrette’s Declarations concerning Restraining Orders against Bebe Buell and I can confidently state that she has misrepresented the situation.  It was not Mr. Shivers who was instigating getting Restraining Orders against Ms. Buell, rather it was Ms. Perrette who was eager to file such paperwork.  I recall one time when Ms. Buell harassed me at my work, and Ms. Perrette’s response was to be excited about the incident because ‘now we have something on her.’

[Perrette’s] behavior can be very vindictive, manipulative, victimizing, destructive, untruthful, morally wrong, and in my opinion obsessive.

I suppose that Friedman forgot to interview Lynch for his hit piece on Shivers.

Then there is the Declaration of Jason Fishbein, an attorney and former private investigator, at one time another very close friend of Ms. Perrette, and now, oddly enough, not such a close friend any more. (February 5, 2007.)****  Mr. Fishbein stated:

I have witnessed Ms. Perrette’s representation of various facts as she told to me in the past, which do not match the way she has represented those same things to the court during her divorce proceedings.

Now, what was that line from Friedman’s article again?

“When they compared notes, Buell and Perrette found that their situations, in fact, were eerily the same.”

Imagine that; Pauley Perrette and Bebe Buell do have quite a bit in common, don’t they?  It appears that they are both highly skilled in the art of lying, using courts and slimy, supplicating little douchebag journalists to wage vendettas.

Friedman goes on at length from there, in a manner that would do William Randolph Hearst proud.  He (somehow) dredges up another of Shivers’ exes:

In July, one of Shivers’ former girlfriends, Angela Garber, filed a complaint against him in Los Angeles Superior Court for assault, battery, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Of course she didn’t file a complaint until two years after the alleged incidents (odd timing, that) and apparently the police didn’t take the case.  Friedman doesn’t mention that Ms. Garber continued her “relationship” (a fling maybe, then some emails?) with Shivers for months, even though the first “assault,” a brutal kidnap and rape no less, occurred within a week of their meeting.

Friedman also doesn’t mention that Pauley Perrette is rumored to have paid all of Garber’s legal expenses, and has hired her as some sort of assistant. Nor does he mention that Garber’s allegations against Shivers were part of what Perrette used to obtain a restraining order on him, and that once that restraining order was obtained, Garber dropped her case against Shivers.

Okay, now take a look at this.  Here’s another of Shiver’s former girlfriends, one who didn’t jump on Pauley Perrette’s bandwagon, and isn’t on Pauley Perrette’s payroll. This is from the Declaration of Jamie Broyles, October 28, 2009, a former girlfriend of Shivers who Perrette alleged was abused by him.

[…]Francis Shivers, has never been violent with me, nor has he ever threatened violence.  I am not afraid of any physical harm from him…I was encouraged by other parties to file my request…I want to make it clear that the reference to his ex-wife Laura “Pauley” Perrette was in no way meant to lend credibility to Ms. Perrette or her claims (redacted) and want NO association with those claims or Ms. Perrette.

Then Friedman shares snippets of his sympathetic conversations with Pauley Perrette, in which she claims Shivers vandalized her home, apparently as a form of harassment.  She even “discovers” yet another bit of evidence of his evil machinations, right there during the interview at her home!  What an amazing coincidence!  So very dramatic and convincing.

She detailed an unending series of harassments… leaving thousands of notes on small pieces of yellow paper.

While we were talking, Perrette turned over a standing ashtray, and a yellow missive fell out.

“I thought I got the last of them,” she said, “but they are everywhere.”

And of course, according to Perrette, the police have been no help.  Friedman wonders why, but there is no indication that he ever asked, you know, the police.  He does, however, quote a Celebrity Hollywood Private Investigator, John Nazarian.

Nazarian says that after dealing with many celebrity stalkers, Shivers — who, we must add, denies it all — may be the worst. Perrette agrees.

Well.  Pauley Perrette probably knows a stalker when she sees one.

Oh, and one last little tidbit that Friedman forgot to report on in the midst of his reporting. He took a stab at self disclosure in the interview he did with Perrette:

Full disclosure: I knew Shivers slightly in the mid-1990s when he was married to Buell and living in New York, although I haven’t seen him in at least eight years. 

Full disclosure? Hardly. He didn’t know Shivers, unless “knowing” him meant that he saw him once. He knew Buell. They are good friends. Buell even mentions him in the same sentence with her mother in the appreciations she wrote for her book.

And that is how he got involved with this story, and why he continues to do her favors by going after Shivers. Friedman does the grunt work for Buell’s vendetta, which she now shares with Perrette, and Friedman gets the benefit of an inside track on some of the rock stars from Buell’s past, like Steven Tyler:

Sorry, Friedman, but full disclosure would have included the admission of what a scumbag you are.

Roger Friedman’s articles on Francis Shivers are nothing more than sleazy hit pieces, doubtless born of an avaricious desire to curry favor with celebrities who can bring him a payoff. That would be particularly helpful since he is “no longer with” media giant Fox.

On that note, I will close with a Tweet from Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411 site, dated Sunday, March 24, in response to the New York Post article.  You know, the one that cites legal documents:

Pauley Perrette

Funny thing, Mr. Friedman. Francis Shivers was indeed convicted, of walking in to the wrong restaurant at the wrong time. Much more on that will be coming out on this website within a matter of hours.

But if I were a journalist like you, I would not be so high and mighty about missing things.

Just saying.

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  • onca747

    I never liked Abby anyway.. I always thought she was annoying, and played up to the boys with her puppy-dog demeanor a little too much. I much prefer Ziva, who never expects a man to do any dirty work for her.. Now there’s a WOMAN.

    • Frimmel

      Abby always seems to have a “I can say this rather mean thing over a petty slight because I’m a girl and you won’t hit me or even disagree with me because I can also out obstinate you” attitude. Which I think seems charming or like ‘brass’ because it is always coupled with her high competence at her work and is always directed at the males. Ziva never seems to find her way into Abby’s doghouse.

      • MGTOW-man

        Ditto. …and may I add that these type women (that the media is trying to promote…to “change the world”…) will do a lot more to manipulate and control men. They will get away with it in real life too. All they have to do is find them a sucker who is laced with chivalry and other excuses, then presto, these women can do as they please—clearly exploiting the dynamics of men and women to manipulate their way through life. It is women out of control.

      • donzaloog

        “Ziva never seems to find her way into Abby’s doghouse” Neither did Kate.

  • Dan Perrins

    Incredible work Sue.
    The amount of research on your part is far better than anything the lame stream media would do.
    A Woman’s word good for print. Screw journalistic integrity.
    Questionable evidence no problem.
    Suspicious coincidence hey its Hollywood we make stories up everyday.
    Evidence at first glance that looks to be planted no worries we believe you psycho erm I mean nice lady.
    I am as well left wondering if perhaps Friedman realizes he just might be a pawn for perrette’s obvious crazy cat lady behaviour.
    Bloody brilliant work Sue. Jeb gives it 2 paws up and double time happy wagging of the tail of death.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Thanks Dan! Believe me, I had a LOT of help.

      • farkennel

        I would not like Miss Suzanne to catch me pissing on her fish and chips……she`s harsh!

  • Kimski

    Slander and gossiping has be come institutionalized idiocy, but, seriously, what did you expect, when every woman in the western hemisphere carries at least one of these magazines with her, everytime she leaves a store?

    Two dog and two cat paws from here, Sue, along with one of my own.
    (The fish in the tank refuses to vote on anything, until their attorney is present.)

    • Aimee McGee

      Someone is buying mine. I will read ‘Practical Model Making’ in my Drs waiting room rather than reading a gossip mag!

      • Kimski

        Pygmalion, is that you??!!

        Do you take orders??


        • Aimee McGee

          I’ve been know to read ‘railway enthusiast’ as well.
          Seriously on the mental scale gossip mags are less nourishing than chewing gum.
          I am convinced that the first step to women developing conscious agency is to stop reading gossip mags and turn off soaps and rom coms.

  • AntZ

    I thought investigative journalism was a thing of the past. Amazing work!

    • Dean Esmay

      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’re just getting warmed up.

  • DeclanLyons

    I have to go out and I’m dying to see the next instalment.

  • Nightwing1029

    Starting to see a pattern…
    Hey Dr. T, maybe you should take Mr. Shivers on, as a client.
    Just sayin’.

  • hyjinx

    Actually, Angela Garber’s case was dropped something like 48 hours after I did a ridiculous deposition with Pauley Perrette’s attorney. She lived with me for over a year and disappeared in the middle of the night, I later found out Pauley whisked her away to an apartment and put her in “hiding” from the supposed abuse of coyote. she had also gone to the police and told them I was abusing her. Pauley’s attorney seemed to be surprised to find out there was a third person living in that apartment who could tell the truth.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Thank you for this.

  • Cumbria

    POW!!!!! OMG – what a story!! There’s something so satisfying about uncovering a truth (long overdue) and shining the light on the true villains.

    So well written and researched.

    Best of luck to Mr. Shivers. Sounds like it’s time things turned around for him.

  • Rog

    isnt there a law in Cal that if your convicted of spouse abuse(weither guilty or not) you dont get any spousal support? correct me if im wrong but i think this might be her securing her fortune before she gets divorced,, no judge will divide her assets with her convicted abuser and really all she would have to do is make the accusation these days she has gone thru alot of extra effort to make sure the public knows about it..

  • justicehead

    So great to see this story. It is long overdue. This kind of abuse is rampant in L.A. There is a phony unit, The threat management unit, that is behind this. The assistance of this unit, secured by having the “right” law firm, is why Mr. Shivers has been railroaded and so damaged. Then, the city attorney, under Carmen Trutanich, is bent on convictions at any cost. Then, he can point to his conviction rate to attain more power(failed DA attempt,.) Judges like Robert Vanderet, Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Samantha Jessner, Maria Stratton, Karla Kerlin et al are there to close the deal. There is no such thing as due process in reality, when it comes to these courts. I have a Paulley and her name is Tig Notaro. She now says she’s been cured of cancer in one month. She is a pathological liar and it was obvious from the start. Yet, when she attained Lavely and Singer, truth become of no consequence, as they then got this Threat Management to do what they could to please them. There is something very big and bad happening with law firms, and this unit, and how they are framing and destroying innocent people to secure high paying jobs in “celebrity security firms”. The press is useless. The L.A times is joke and is hostage to big money interests.
    This story should be huge, and thanks to this fine article — it may be. There is so much more that will blow so many minds. Thanks for this. Please, keep digging, liberty is at stake here.

  • hyjinx

    Rog, the divorce is already final and Coyote has been very happily remarried for years now. This is the case that will.not.die. This is nothing more than insanity. how convenient that Pauley went to dinner in a city the size of Los Angeles at the same restaurant that Coyote and his NEW wife go to all the time. It’s all ridiculous and the courts should be ashamed of themselves. But that’s nothing new in Los Angeles. I’ve got a site about a criminal in LA that they won’t do ANYTHING with, simply because nobody famous enough is attached to it, and only 4 people are dead now.

    • Brendan

      “But that’s nothing new in Los Angeles. I’ve got a site about a criminal in LA that they won’t do ANYTHING with, simply because nobody famous enough is attached to it, and only 4 people are dead now.”

      Just think of what might have been prevented if people actually cared about Gary Hinman back in 1969!

  • justicehead

    Nazarian worked(or works) for this threat management unit) and it’s all a huge evil farce. This unit’s sole role is to make celebs and their handlers, happy. They do no investigation. They simply write down lies and then pass it off as truth. In fact, they often know that the deranged celebrity is lying, and this means nothing to them. If it takes terrorizing holocaust survivors they don’t mind. Martha Defoe can back me up on that. Coyote might be interested to know that she appeared to feel badly about her role in another travesty.

    I’m anxious to know more about this harrassing lawyer charge and Coyote’s lawyer’s performance, at trial. What is the prediction on sentencing? Will such press harm or hurt his sentencing? Ms. McCarley can win a few Pulitzers if she fully recognizes what kind of story she has on her hands. Michael Musto wrote a shameful piece on this case, for the Village Voice, and he should be fired for it. The dirty on this Freidman clown was great. The Fishbein affidavit and other documents were very illuminating. Terrific.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      Thanks for your kind words, but my part in this story is relatively small. Don your HazMat gear and get ready for one epic storm.

  • hyjinx

    Nazarian showed up at my apartment at like 9 or 10 at night to serve me for the above mentioned deposition. He gave it to me and left. He then called me (same night) and basically threatened me and told me that Pauley was going to sue me for defamation. It was quite clear that he wanted nothing more than to intimidate me because I was going to have to defend myself in a lawsuit against her.

  • justicehead

    Ms McCarley, you can be a hero to many. And, though you say Coyote isn’t a hero…. I can only say that he is up against evil and he is fighting for his name. There is something heroic about it, once you learn about the kind of villains that have aligned.They counted on an easy plea and him running off in fear from fancy cops and fancy lawers. The fact that he fought so hard is something to be admired.

    Hyjinx: Can you please supply a link to the story you mention. Your blog?Nazarian and the TMU are mafia. Jeffrey Dunn, their supervisor, likely is the real bad guy. After Pellicanno was jailed, lawyers like Litz and Marty Singer and Jaffe, figured out new ways to win. Enter the TMU. Google Jaqueline Montalvo LAPD. She was a good cop who agreed to testify for the defense, three days before…

  • hyjinx

    Justicehead my site is at

  • justicehead

    Hyjinx: Yikes. I hate to now see that the FAA sucks too. I fear there is no one really there to do right in any of these organizations. Good for you for shining a light.

    This is such an exciting story, if the lovely Ms. McCarley keeps digging. OMG, there is some pandoras box to be opened here.

  • hyjinx

    The FAA often wants to do many organizations do. But they are limited. They have no criminal prosecution power. They did (finally) what they could. But the Los Angeles DA declined to go after him for the money he stole from investors (4.5 MILLION) stating that it wasn’t “enough” to warrant their time. But Coyote having dinner with his wife is. Go figure.

  • Greg Canning

    love NCIS one of the few tv shows I watch, watch it mainly to drool over / objectify Ziva, and Kate before her but never liked Abs’ and was not sure why, guess you get a gut feeling about these things sometimes.

  • Robert Sides

    Great read!

    Are AVFM “powers-that-be” sending links to any mass media outlets?

    This has the makings of a movie sequel: “LA Confidential II: The Feminist Era” with Pauley playing “Rollo” and Bebe “Tomasi.”

  • VAWAVictim

    Before it happened to me I would occasionally take note of the news stories of celebrities who were being dragged through the mud by a PDI. I would think to myself “those Hollywood types” and reason that they should expect those situtations because it is all about publicity and money.

    The thing is, this happens to hundreds of “regular guys” every single day. And even though these are regular guys it is often still about money. Money as in increased child support payments thwarting 50/50 custody arrangements, and the lesser touted but just as incentivizing VAWA payments to alleged domestic violence “victims”. Sure, the hollywood types have other motivations as well because they are not likely to see the 5 – 10K in benefits bestowed on them as a windfall, but to the average false accuser these funds can come in quite handy.