Pauley Perette

Star Crazy: The dark side of Pauley Perrette

Actress Pauley Perrette has been embroiled in a decade long, post-divorce court battle with her former husband, Francis “Coyote” Shivers. There are a couple of possible versions of reality regarding this story. Let’s examine them, one at a time, starting with how this might be written if Perrette herself were choosing the script:

A starlet in distress, but justice prevails

Pauley Perrette, a talented and popular actress in the very popular television show, CBS’s NCIS, has all the standard trappings of show business success; fame, fortune; a bitter and very public divorce, the aftereffects of which have lasted for years.

A quick read through of the numerous Google returns on the story paints a horrific, ugly picture. Perrette’s marriage was destroyed by a highly abusive, obsessive ne’er-do-well of a husband, Francis Shivers, a musician who supplemented his income by spinning records in L.A. night clubs. At least that’s what he did when he wasn’t making his wife’s life a living hell. Part of that hell was cutting the letter “C” into Perrette’s back while she was tied to a chair, among assorted other abuses.

Shivers’ bizarre and controlling behavior literally sent Perrette scrambling out of the couple’s marital home with what she could carry in her hands. Unsatisfied with just her departure, Shivers followed that with a campaign of physical and psychological harassment that spanned for years.

Using a savvy manipulation of the family law system to inflict harm on his ex-wife, he was able to stalk and terrorize her while remaining legally protected. His plans failed, though, and resulted in his arrest in 2012 for violating a restraining order. He was convicted of that offense and awaits sentencing on March 27.

Finally, after years of heaping continued abuse, Perrette’s nightmare appears to be over. Coyote Shivers will face justice and may have time to think about his misdeeds behind bars.

End story.

Now, that would be very consistent with the picture of her life that Perrette has sold to the media, the courts and the police. A very sad story with a hopeful ending that promises the possibility of long overdue justice.

However, let’s try telling the story again, this time using the evidence available which is already a matter of public record. Let’s pretend for a moment to care about what is really happening more than we care about the quirky-cute TV star, the darling of everyone’s eye, like she is a damsel in distress needing our unquestioning help.

While it might be nice to end the story in a Perrette positive way, as though there were no holes in all her scripted details, as though the elements of her heartrending plot fit together for cause and effect with clarity and credibility, it would not be the truth according to many.

The fantasy begins to unravel

Hollywood is a place that thrives on make-believe. Not so dissimilar are our family courts, which are often tasked with sorting out wildly different accounts of the events that lead to a divorce, and what happens afterward. That is certainly true in the ongoing legal struggles between Perrette and Shivers.

Getting their story right depends on a thorough examination of the evidence and using that examination to make sound judgments.  And it appears in this case, the court got it wrong, at least as it applies to convicting Francis Shivers of a crime.

With all the evidence we have been able to gather, we were not able to construct a credible story starring a helpless Pauley Perrette caught in the machinations of an evil ex-husband.

In fact, the evidence we have seen, and bring to you here, paint an entirely different story; one that points to Pauley Perrette being a highly calculated liar and manipulator; one who made a series of false allegations, who charmed her way into public sympathies and police protection, and who routinely perjured herself in family courts in order to obtain restraining orders which she weaponized and used to ruin Francis Shivers’ life.

What we found was a wolf in victim’s clothing.

What’s more, it appears that her plan was scripted, and quite literally.

To begin, the arrest and conviction.

The March 27 sentencing of Francis Shivers is not where this story begins, and clearly won’t be where it ends, but it is a pivotal point in beginning to understand the history and possible future of this case.

Shivers was, without a doubt, convicted of violating a temporary restraining order placed on him by a court at the behest of Pauley Perrette. To be more specific, Shivers and his current wife walked into a sushi restaurant they were known to frequent regularly. They left the restaurant before being seated, after Shivers spotted Perrette’s boyfriend, Thomas Arklie, at a nearby table.

There are conflicting reports about what followed, which will be the focus of a future article, but Shivers was later arrested for violating the terms of the temporary order. It is for that incident, and that incident alone, that Shivers is now facing sentencing on the March 27.

That is one of the more perplexing elements of this protracted drama. Throughout the entire history of this case, which now spans almost a decade, there has been no other proof demonstrated that Francis Shivers ever did anything more wrong than become angry, perhaps even childish, during the process of a high conflict divorce. Well, that and he walked into the wrong restaurant at the wrong time.

The restraining order that Shivers was convicted of violating was one sought by Perrette after one she had issued on him previously from their divorce had expired.  That order had been in place for five years without incident.  She had been granted the new order temporarily and was awaiting a court hearing on it at the time of the incident in the sushi restaurant.

The two restraining orders, however, have something else in common.

Both were issued without a shred of evidence that Francis Shivers presented any kind of physical threat to Pauley Perrette.

The first order was issued based on allegations of abuse made by Perrette, after she was served with divorce papers. Shivers filed for a divorce months after discovering that Perrette was having an affair, according to court documents, with a pizza delivery boy.

It is clear that the marriage was rocky and the breakup conflicted, but even the judge presiding over the case, The Hon. Gretchen Taylor, determined that nothing that rose to the level of a physical threat from Francis Shivers ever happened. The original restraining order did not require Shivers to leave the family home, but rather granted him “exclusive use and possession” of it.

To quote Judge Taylor:

I see no family code section 6321 (A)(2) behavior that says that Mr. Shivers has engaged in an assault, threat of an assault or behavior that rises to the level of such severe emotional harm that he needs to be excluded from his home.[1]

Nonetheless the judge did issue a restraining order, apparently designed to facilitate peace between the mutually combative couple.

Stated Taylor:

I think there is sufficient, well-founded fear on the part of the respondent. [Perrette] And if I properly had a request from the petitioner [Shivers], I might even find well-founded fear on his part. But I don’t.

In other words, Shivers and Perrette fought a lot and were not very nice to each other; the typical American divorce. And let’s face it, a restraining order issued with those kind of exceptions from a judge does not exactly convey imminent threat.

Apparently, though, Perrette desired the continued protection of the court (or the potential for abuse a restraining order affords) and filed for an extension of that order in November of 2011. That request was granted temporarily, ex parte, and the estranged couple was due to appear in court for a ruling on making it permanent.

At this point one might assume that it would have been in Francis Shivers’ best interest to just sign off willingly on whatever kind of protection order that Perrette wanted. After all, the divorce was final. Property was settled. They had no children. Shivers had even moved on to fall in love again and remarry. All he would have to do is just avoid Pauley Perrette and he could move on without his life being complicated by all the drama.

As it turns out, things were not near that simple. According to records obtained by AVFM, Shivers actually had little chance of finding peace in a new life because it was not Pauley Perrette that needed protection. It was Francis Shivers.

As reported recently here by Suzanne McCarley, a media smear effort by Perrette, involving the cooperation of another ex of Shivers, Bebe Buell, and her “journalist” friend Roger Friedman, formerly of Fox Entertainment, was conducted as a part of a much larger campaign of lies designed to ruin Shivers in retaliation for their failed marriage.

Buell’s public support and alliance with Perrette is more than a little suspect, as Perrette is on record herself with the court, previously accusing Buell of stalking and harassing her and Shivers when they were married, and — you guessed it — seeking a restraining order to get her to stop.[2]

It is clear that after the divorce, Perrette was ironically more than willing to join forces with her former stalker in order to go after the reputation of Shivers (who Perrette contended was actually Buell’s victim).

It is a tangled web, indeed, but the idea that Perrette has been lying about Shivers, both to the media and in court, is a matter of unquestionable fact for many who were close to the couple during and after the breakup.

According to a statement by Lisa Lynch, a former friend and roommate of Perrette’s, who was close enough to her that they got matching tattoos, Perrette has told numerous lies to the court.

After reading some of the Declarations filed with this court, I can say confidently that not only does Ms. Perrette make numerous false statements in her Declarations, but that I am certain she has made these false statements knowingly and willfully.[3]

Another friend of the couple, attorney and former private investigator Jason Fishbein, submitted a statement to the court detailing several areas where he believes Perrette offered false testimony. One of his declarations is particularly interesting in light of the other facts of this case.

Said Fishbein:

Ms. Perrette told me about her fondness for restraining orders, and that it was she who insisted that Mr. Shivers get one against Beverlie “Bebe” Buell. Those were Ms. Perrette’s words: that Mr. Shivers was “reluctant” and that eventually she “insisted.” I understand that Ms. Perrette has told an opposite version of events to the court and I state firmly that her story now is the exact opposite of what she told me. [4]

Jason Fishbein spoke with AVFM recently, offering us some more perspective on the case, and perhaps of Perrette’s affinity for restraining orders.

I’ve seen it from the perspective of a private investigator.” [the restraining order] but I’ve never seen last this long and be this effective, and the most insane part is that she wrote all this in her own hand in 2002.

2002? That was two full years before Perrette and Shivers broke up.

The further we dig into and deconstruct this story of a forlorn actress subjected to the abuse and psychological torture of a depraved and bitter ex-husband, we see that that the groundwork for Perrette’s current, malicious actions were laid out well in advance of her troubles with Francis Shivers.

It appears that Francis Shivers, while clearly a victim of his own bad judgment, is also caught up in Pauley Perrette’s personal psychodrama, one that was perhaps destined to be realized regardless of her life circumstances.

More of this becomes apparent when examining the declarations of Blaire Barnette, who was acquainted with both Perrette and Shivers, and who by coincidence is also the individual who served Perrette with Shivers’ divorce petition.

In November 2004 I visited Francis Shivers at his house on Whitley Terrace. There he told me about the extramarital affair his wife “Pauley” had with a boy she would only describe as the “pizza boy.” He said she was terrified of her sex scandal being exposed and made very frightening threats about what she would do if he ever told anybody. He then showed me a script Pauley wrote and explained that Pauley threatened she would do this to him.[5]

The script was entitled “Star Crazy” and a basic outline of the plot almost reads like a plagiarized version of precisely what has happened to Francis Shivers in the aftermath of his divorce from Perrette, with the sole caveat that it was written by Perrette two years before any of this started manifesting in real life.

The storyline of Star Crazy is simple. A young actress, one of “sinister” character who handles rejection with vindictiveness, meets a man, stalks him, then “schmoozes” police, makes herself look great by taking on a charity cause, and lies to get a restraining order on the man when it is actually her that is doing the stalking — then proceeds to ruin the man’s life by manipulating public opinion, the courts and police.[6].

It is an eerily close story to what appears to be actually going on in the life of Francis Shivers, who now faces sentencing because he walked into an establishment that Pauley Perrette knew he regularly patronized.

It is unrealistic to rule out the possibility of a setup in that scenario. And given an examination of the testimony of the people involved, and Perrette’s own hand scrawled vision of “Star Crazy” it is unrealistic not to think that this is the likeliest explanation.

From Barnette’s declaration:

The female TV star [in the script] goes so far as to scratch the guy’s initials into her own car just so she could call the police on him…

In the campaign waged by Perrette, she alleges that Shivers left hundreds of bizarre post-it notes everywhere for her, as a tool to taunt and control her. One of those notes allegedly appeared, like magic, during an interview she did with Roger Friedman, who also happens (quite magically) to be close friends with Perrette’s new friend and former stalker, Bebe Buell.

These are two superficially different events with the same possible underlying theme; create evidence and then make sure it gets “discovered.”

Let us remember the despite the outrageous claims of abuse, year after year of restraining orders and a coordinated plan of character assassination through the media and the courts, there are only three things ever definitively proven about Francis Shivers.

One, he walked into a sushi bar. Two, he has, or at least had, very bad taste in women. And three, he filed for a divorce against Pauley Perrette, a woman with a history of deceitful and retributive actions against those who reject her, after catching her in an affair with the pizza delivery boy.

Also from the declarations of Lisa Lynch:

I have been present when Ms. Perrette broke up with lovers in her past, and I can say she has a history of vindictive actions toward them, when none was warranted. In particular, I recall her stealing the cat of her ex-boyfriend Daniel Rivas, and then when he wanted to take her to court about this, Ms. Perrette filled out the paperwork for a restraining order in retaliation.

There is also more from Blaire Barnette, who recalls what happened in relation to the day that she served Pauley Perrette with the divorce papers, and Perrette’s ensuing allegations:

I later recall reading court papers where Pauley lied to the court and said I stalked her and assaulted her, and that I punched her in the chest and she suffered a sore chest from the attack. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pauley was served and that is all. It was photographed and witnessed. It was at this point I really saw the “Star Crazy” at work, completely lying to a court, falsely accusing me of assault, just to further her vindictive goals.

So what do we have here when all is said and done?

Pauley Perrette maintained a restraining order on her ex-husband for nearly a decade. She participated in seeking a restraining order against Bebe Buell, before joining forces with Buelle, using a media hack to spread disinformation about Shivers that she could use to justify her restraining order and further discredit Shivers. She makes allegations of assault and abuse against multiple individuals, none of it proven, none of it substantiated.

She has been quoted by reputable sources as being obsessed with the use of restraining orders as a weapon, has been accused herself of using them now on multiple occasions, and has written and entertained the idea of pitching a Hollywood script based on a character that is both evil, and stunningly autobiographical.

Seriously, is this “Star Crazy,” or is this star crazy?

The truth is that the answer to that one is as unimportant as it is obvious. The real question here, and the real issue, is Francis Shivers.

Regardless of his judgment in women, he does not deserve to be the one facing time in jail. Unfortunately, in a court system hardwired to overreact to women alleging abuse, that is exactly what is happening. Even worse, the truth won’t save him, or likely put the heat on Perrette, where it belongs.

Only the public can do that. And right now it appears the public loves celebrity more than it loves justice. Perhaps even more than it loves women.

Pauley Perrette is star crazy like a fox.

[1]Court Transcript 01-31-2005

[2]Declaration of Pauley Perrett 08-19-2001

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  • Dean Esmay

    It will be fascinating to see how her sycophants try to spin this.

    It’s not the worst case of restraining order abuse I’ve ever seen, but it’s one of the most blatantly ridiculous.

    I suppose she’d like to cast herself as the victim in all this, she the multimillionaire international star, he the broke guy with nothing but a beat up old car and she even managed to take that away from him–it’s in his YouTube videos here:

  • malcolm

    This is insane, she even stole the guy’s cat!! WTF! Do women like this still consider themselves human beings?

    Well, I’m never dating her.

  • DeclanLyons

    People’s obsession with fame will out this psychopath. The mob is an animal and the more you feed it the more it wants.

    We just need enough people to care about Shivers’ court date.

    • Suzanne McCarley

      “People’s obsession with fame will out this psychopath. The mob is an animal and the more you feed it the more it wants.”


      I hope her current boyfriend is paying attention, so he can prepare himself for his turn.

      • Raven01

        If he isn’t paying attention, I will have a hard job of mustering sympathy.

      • scatmaster

        The current boyfriend is intoxicated with the scent of her pussy. He is a lost cause until the legs start to close as they inevitably will.

        • feeriker

          The current boyfriend is intoxicated with the scent of her pussy.

          From the looks of her, I don’t think I’d want to catch a whiff of that. The bitch is pure skank.

  • justicehead

    Such a heartbreaking story. I wish you wrote about the corrupt LAPD unit that allowed this travesty to go forward for so long. I wish you could go into how the courts allow this type of abuse if the plaintiff has the right attorney. An unknown psychopath, Tig Notaro, did the same thing to me. Hiring the Lavely and Singer law firm made it easy for her for five years now.Trutanich was eager and happy to prosecute these phony cases.
    This story should go viral before the court date. Great writing. Roger Friedman is disgusting.
    The fact that Perrette and Freidman enjoy seeing innocent people jailed is scary.There are more stories out there that will break soon. What a diabolical way to harm people. Keep it up. You are doing great work.

    • Paul Elam

      ” the corrupt LAPD unit”

      We are not through with this story.

      • Ray

        Their motto is “to serve and protect,” but they’re too prejudiced to serve men and too criminally negligent to protect. But hey, it’s not their fault. They’re trained to unthinkingly be that way by gender feminist ideologues paid for by VAWA funded STOP grants. And if they (LAPD) don’t tow the gender feminist line, they’re out.

        That’s one huge way you wind up with a police department as corrupt and vile as the gender feminist trained LAPD.

        As was stated at the Nuremberg trials, “There is a law above the law.” Like “good German soldiers” (National Socialist soldiers in WWII), their conscience tells them they’re doing evil by following corrupt orders, but they enforce them anyway. They 100% know they’re doing evil. That moral compass (the conscience) inside them is “the law above the law” that tells them that.

        Yea, they know. When I was protesting at a local court house with the big truck sign that read, “Domestic Abuse Law Vilifies Innocent Men,” an LAPD black & white police car stopped in the street next to my truck. The uniformed officer driving honked the horn, and an LAPD officer (in uniform) in the front passenger street turned around and gave a big thumbs up, while another uniformed officer in the back right seat smiled. I nodded, gave a thumbs up, and they drove on. Yea, they know.

        That’s not the only time that happened. The same thing happened once when I had the truck sign that read, “Prison And Grave Are Not Men’s Shelters.” The only difference being, there were only two uniformed LAPD officers in their black & white that time.

        Welcome to Los Misandry, where LAPD tramples innocent men’s rights every day in the name of “just following orders.”

      • Ray

        For more than a decade most LAPD patrol cars have had a bumper sticker that says, “There’s no excuse for domestic violence,” but what a bunch of liars, considering how much of women’s domestic violence they “excuse,” using their “primary aggressor” policy, where they arrest the man just for being physically bigger. There’s no shortage of gross hypocrisy in the leadership and ranks of the LAPD.

        • feeriker

          for more than a decade most LAPD patrol cars have had a bumper sticker that says, “There’s no excuse for domestic violence”…

          Considering how much domestic violence these swine COMMIT, that’s hypocrisy of stomach-turning magnitude – and, sadly, typical.

      • justicehead

        Great. I am convinced though that this has little to do with the Threat Management’s bowing to feminist pressure. They have done this to two women too. The common theme is that it starts with a celebrity or celebrity wannabe wanting to preserve an image. Then, the celebrity or wannabe does something bad and wants to make sure no one finds out.So, they call a big entertainment firm such as Lavely and Singer or Litz etc. Then, this firm has an in with Jeff Dunn and his crew at the TMU. They used to count on Pellicano but since his jailing…. Before you know it the person who threatens the celebrities good name, since they might blog or twitter or whatever, is suddenly turned into a deranged stalker. The TMU has a SMART unit that they try to bring in if the supposed stalker insists on a trial. They have all the tools to discredit and destroy. Semi obscure comedianne, Tig Notaro, did this to a comedian who she wanted to harm. There are very ruthless and diabolical people out there and the TMU and the courts assist them for various reasons. Trutanich wants in with big celebrity law firms, and so a conviction is assured. Trutanich has certain judges that he knows will seal the deal. Judge Robert Vanderet is one in particular. But, there are many.I know this all sounds insane and it is… but it is all true.

  • Andy Bob

    These posts are examples of outstanding journalism from both Dr Elam and Ms McCarley. One hopes the lazy hacks who inhabit the mainstream will one day aspire to these high standards.

    I have never heard of NCIS or Pauley Paurette. It just goes to show that a true narcissist’s hunger for drama and attention can never be satiated – even by the fawning adulation resulting from playing a popular character on a much-loved TV show.

    Pauley Paurette may have Roger Friedman – the inevitable white knight – on-side doing his sycophantic worst to aide her campaign of destruction, but she has played her game too recklessly to secure universal damnation for the less-than-wiley “Coyote” Shivers – recalcitrance personified.

    Some of Mr Shivers’ ex-flames have completely contradicted Ms Paulette’s take on his relationship skills and refused to board the bitch bus she has commandeered.

    Such allegations coming from celebrities need to be water-tight. Hale Berry blew a big hole in her sweetie cred when she made glaringly suspicious comments about her ex in the middle of their custody battle. Feminists bitterly resent celebrity women who expose the ease and enthusiasm with which many women attempt to manipulate the system.

    • justicehead

      A completely corrupt cop, John Gregozek, is aiding and abetting Halle Berry with her vendetta. That is what John Gregozek is being paid for, by the tax payer. This TMU unit is shameless, and they must be stopped. In my case, John Gregozek(and his seemingly more reluctant partner, James Hoffman)terrorized me and my family and stole from us and ruined us just on orders from a law firm called Lavely and Singer. Then, the whole unit and others were used in an 18 man raid against three law abiding women when this TMU were called to task with an internal affairs complaint. This has nothing to do with truth or lies. The TMU’s method of investigation: Have lawyer make requests . Have TMU officer follow them. No investigation necessary. If target of celebrity’s vendetta won’t easily back down– make them crumble through filthy and sinister tricks. One day when Gavin Debecker and Michael Zona are looking for cops to fill positions, John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn will be on top of the list. This is L.A justice for you. Coyote Shiver’s only hope is to pray and hope the press really takes notice so public opinion can become strong enough. He knows how rigged the civil courts in L.A are. Any loss or ruling he might have sufferred has nothing to do with merits. Judges simply rule in favor of these lawfirms, in L.A. Then, these dirty lawyers use such fraud rulings as evidence of the rightness of their position. It’s grotesque. Then, it gets worse when animals like Friedman step in….

  • Raven01

    Hooooo-leeeee FUUUUUUUUUU.

    I am sick as a dog and have not substantiated this yet but,

    • Raven01

      Shivers seems to claim on the FB notes above, that Perrete had a stint in the Cedars psych ward in 98…. right before he met her.

      • scatmaster

        That is one crazy biatch.

    • justicehead

      As crazy as it sounds it is possible. In case 8ca10541, good cop Jaqueline Montalvo signed up to tell the truth about the TMU and three days later… If you google Jaqueline Montalvo LAPD you’ll see. Of course, that sounds farfetched but there is big money and big jail sentences(for the tmu if they are found out) and so anything is possible.

  • Mr. J

    One look at her tells you all you need to know.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Hollywood Babylon – Volume III

    There’s nothing I detest more in life than cop/detective/courtroom drama/crime shows, so I can’t relate to this whatsoever…but, just skimming down, if you’ve never read the Hollywood Babylon books about real life Hollywood scandals, this stuff just fits right in with Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, The Black Dahlia or Fatty Arbuckle smothering a “chippy” to death in his fat folds…

  • Ray

    Welcome to Los Misandry, where the legal system is trained to follow gender feminist ideology: over facts in evidence, over justice, over sanity.

  • Bewildered

    Man : Bad
    Woman : Good
    Authorities : Mad
    Criminals :Glad
    People : Sad

    • SJR64


  • MGTOW-man

    I too hate cop dramas. They are the most despicable, ulterior-motivated, activist, lying, exaggerators in all of the media. I can’t watch one without picking it apart. They are so transparent. I, for the life of me can’t understand why they are so popular. …and most of them have constitution-hating bad cops who wipe their asses with the rights we are supposed to be guaranteed.

    As a way to spend my time, I would rather take a beating than to have to watch one to its end. Really!

    But I have glimpsed at this character Perrette plays. I always thought she acted like someone who is always up to something, expecting to get away with it too, all because she looks like a freak—a cute one.

    In real life, Shivers really does have horrible taste in women.

    It seems as if any ole thing that moves, if female, is what most any ole man will do these days! Have these men no standards?

  • donzaloog

    This is surreal.

  • Robert Sides

    Bebe Buell was, as they say, a “star fucker” back in-the-day. She porked much celeb peni, among others, Steve Tyler. The latter was effed-up on drugs at the time, so Todd Rundgren raised his spawn, the actress, Liv Tyler, as his own.

    How often have you heard Liv thank Todd or say he’s her REAL father? She ain’t known as Liv “Rundgren” for nothing.

    Anyway, the whole story Paul outlined smacks of feminism run amok They endlessly make mountains out of molehills, telling us women are to frail to face like without duennas. Rape– the rarest of crimes, the most lied about, and the one with severest punishments– is now supposedly as common as beach sand. I swear, feminist are escapees from Roswell, NM.

    Anyway, my undying anger is directed not just as the nazified “womyn’s movement” that pulls such stunts, but the men’s groups of yester-decades that did squat to stop NOW’s cancer. The sadsack jamokes “leading” the men’s groups worshipped the God of Passivity. It was always…”Don’t let the little ladies upset set you. Let ’em vent. No harm done.”

    Keerist, now you can get FIRED because an irate harpy “thinks” she heard an off-color joke. And a guy can be subject to a restraining order for 10 years based on lies. And very well might got to jail, again, for nothing. Because, you know, females are so powerless in the world.

    Why is Pauley still working? Why is “amputated male sex organs are funny” Sharon Osbourne still working?

    ANONYMOUS, are you watching?

    So…. what do you think Francis thought of the “men’s movement” before getting snared by Ms. Fatal Attraction?

    I guess he’s lucky they didn’t have kids, ‘cuz he really be reamed.

    • Bombay

      “but the men’s groups of yester-decades that did squat to stop NOW’s cancer.”

      It would seem that “people” of yester-decades would be more culpbale than men’s groups. What is up with that? I suppose some people a decade from now will also blame men’s groups rather then the Feminists.

  • Correctrix

    Assuming that this version of events is accurate (it has the ring of truth to it), this is scary stuff. Women like that have to be stopped.

  • St miracle

    hah enslave men

  • earth one

    A cavalcade of loathsome D-list Hollywood fame whores…

    Best of luck to Mr. Shivers – may he prevail!

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    she craycray asa mofo an coyote man juss stupid….nowudimesayin

  • Elle Latham

    This is messed up. I have Shivers’ lawyer now on my personal injury case and I just happened to google him and found the demand with this crazy story. Wow.