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Reaching out to India

We are aware that there are many significant abuses of men happening in India, and that there is an emerging and rather robust movement there trying to address problems. One of the most egregious of those problems is misuse of section 498a of the Indian Penal Code, which has led to the imprisonment of innocent men, their families and friends, based on false accusations from wives of the accused.

AVfM has done several pieces on the problems with misandry in that country, from women’s and police brutality against men for attempting to board “woman only” train cars. We covered one story in which a man was actually thrown off a train car while it was moving, resulting in serious injuries.

We have even seen a story in the Indian press about a politician offering a bounty for women to publicly beat and humiliate husbands who they allege have abused them, or if they think he drinks too much, with escalating payments. More of a beating, more physical damage, means more money.

While we cover a lot about events in harshly misandric countries like Sweden and Australia, it may be that India is the most virulently anti-male country on the planet. It makes sense in a way. The more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men.

Unfortunately, there is a naturally occurring gulf between the cultures of the east and west. We still contend with an information barrier that we do not face between western nations.  Simply resigning ourselves to that is not an option.

AVfM has been fortunate to have men like Robert O’ Hara, Greg Canning and Lucian Vâlsan, news correspondents for the U.S., Australia and Europe respectively. They have helped us shrink our world and build lasting bridges between different cultures, all facing the same problems with misandry.

In that spirit I would like to extend a hand of friendship and a request to the men and women of India who are watching the legal system there attack men and erode Indian families. Please step forward and help us tell the world.

I think it will benefit us all if we have a correspondent from your nation that could bring us reports and updates on events there that we all share concerns about. We here in the west need to pay attention to what is happening in India, and raise as much awareness as possible.

If you would like to help with this, please contact me at, and let’s get started.

Thank you.

  • Jay

    I love Indian food, but I know very very little about India.

    I do know that in the news recently there have been some truly shocking stories of rape and abuse of women.

    Paul, I don’t understand the timing of this story, especially since it seems not to mention those rapes at all. And so, it comes off to me, as an in your face defiant statement to all of the press, pundits, bloggers, and humans that have been shocked by these rapes for the past couple of weeks.

    It comes off as a “You think those rapes are bad, well what about all this misandry?”

    I dunno, I’ve probably got it all wrong, and I missed a link, or missed a news story, or am grossly misunderstanding what is going on here. If so, my apologies.

    • Paul Elam

      It is hard for me to imagine how this comes off as an “Oh yeah, what about this…” to anyone except an ideologue, since I did not even mention the rape.

      Respectfully I submit to you that this is a men’s rights website. We don’t have to stop, even for a moment, and put our hats in our hand and bow our heads because something terrible happened to a woman.

      I hope the victim of that crime gets her justice, and I hope it is at the expense of anyone who is actually guilty of doing such a terrible thing, but I also trust that there is an F5 of retribution brewing with nothing to stand in its way.

      We still have issues facing men across the world, with barely a breeze of support. We will continue to do what we do unabated.

      We are not slowing down for anything.

      And as a reminder, here is what happens to men in India, even for acting in self defense.


      Thanks, but I am sticking with men’s advocacy. They already seem to have women covered.

      • Jay

        “We are not slowing down for anything.”

        I’m not suggesting anyone slow down.

        I am suggesting right now may not be the most opportune moment to push this message, that it conflicts with where the world is today, after those rapes, and there might be other endeavors you could focus on for a few weeks.

        For me, it just seems a bit like a “too soon”, tone deaf moment.

        But honestly, wtf do I know? Probably nothing.

        • Paul Elam

          Jay, I understand how you feel, but let’s keep it real. You are suggesting slowing down. It may be with the best of intentions, but the fact is that if I hold back from reaching out to men and women in India because of one crime, then I am slowing down.

          I hope it helps you to know that the reason I posted this piece today is because over the last several days we have had tens of thousands of visits from India in our forum to a post that was made there.

          I also posted this piece in the forum for that reason. The point is that the timing is right for AVfM, and as callous as that may sound, it is where my priorities are.

          • Jay

            Please understand that there are at least 2 Jay’s here. And I am not the Jay who posted the above comment. I am the Jay from the forum – here is a linp to my initial forum post:

            Why is it that two people are allowed with the same username?

            I have been a member here for at least a year I believe, this new Jay has only been here more recently my guess is. Can this matter please be addressed?

            Thanks, original Jay.

        • Raven01

          1 victim.
          1 victim getting a ton of press.
          Versus a silent majority of men victimized daily.
          Up your dose of red pill, you seem to be buying the MSM idea of what is important.
          Not that individually this womans experience is unimportant but, when weighed against everything else…. She is not representative of the biggest problems in India which do include the vilification of men.
          If women in the west were vilified in the same way as men in India no woman would be safe outside of the protective sphere of her father or husband. Yet, our media trips over itself to support this lone victim because she possesses the Holy Vagina while ignoring the abuse heaped upon men in the same country. Ignoring that this very abuse could conceivably contribute to this one woman’s victimization.

          I’ll be in the corner shaking my head.

        • Lucian Vâlsan

          On the contrary.
          I think this is indeed the best moment to have an Indian contributor here.

          From what I know, that woman was not alone. There was a man with her. That man was severely hurt trying to defend her (albeit he could have just run).
          That man is not even named. We do not know his name. Heck, we know he is a man because we saw the footage because the press called him „her companion” – because that is what men are in India – companions of women.
          I spoke to some Indian folks a few months ago and they told me that in some areas men are literally lower than pets.

          So yeah… this is the best moment.
          It is terrible what happened to that woman – but it is also terrible what happened to „her companion” and what happens on a mass scale in India.

          @Paul: I will share this article through the places on facebook where I know there are Indian folks that have taken the red pill.

    • Dean Esmay

      Given how utterly gynocentric our press is, I have to admit all I’ve been thinking lately whenever I see a new story about the alleged rape epidemic in India, I ask myself, “are there any male victims here and is there anything else in India that affects males that’s going unaddressed because people are made all a-tingle about stories of girls getting raped there?”

      Yes of course those who rape girls should face justice. That isn’t the point. When will there NOT be a story of women facing injustice that we might use to make them a higher priority? Ask the men of Congo just for example; story after story of the rape and suffering of women in Congo, only years later did we find out that men had it even worse off, but to this day no one cares or remembers.

    • Bev

      In India it is mostly middle class women who are feminists as in the west. As in the west these women care little for others (lower casts) and exploit them for their own comfort and privilge. If it had been a lower cast woman we would not have heard about it. Paul is dead right in ignoring their outpouring. As it’s about me me me at the expense of others.

      An article on the Drum

      Where are the feminists to defend Indian women?

      The author bemoans the fact that western feminists pay little attention to women in the non western world.

      Here are my published comments:

      Bev :
      28 Dec 2012 1:16:32pm
      The rape of this woman is indeed horrible and we now read that she may not recover. I having read the news article in the press find that there were two victims of this attack. Her male companion who tried to defend her was beaten unconscious with an iron bar and later thrown naked (with her) from the bus after the attack. What is his condition? I cannot see that being beaten senseless by a pack is less traumatic than what happened to her. It seems what happened to him is unimportant in a feminist world.

      Lizzy :
      28 Dec 2012 10:14:58am
      It is the Men who can change these terrible deeds by speaking out and letting other Men know that this is unacceptable. Only Men can do this as in a lot of cultures a Woman’s word count for nothing.

      My reply:
      Bev :
      28 Dec 2012 11:30:00am
      Feminists do little to help their cause or get men on side by attacking them at every opportunity and blaming what few/some men do on all men. If you hadn’t noticed there is a growing backlash from good men whom the feminists tar with the same brush as those few who perpetrate these deeds.

      Bev :
      28 Dec 2012 9:42:55am
      Western feminists are only interested in getting more privilege and bums on seats (theirs)in board rooms. They care little for the average women they proport to represent in the west. Apart from token hand wringing they don’t really care about anybody but themselves.


        I wonder if the same fuss in the media will be made about this….

        • Steve_85

          So wait, a woman murders a man by pushing him in front of a train, admits such to the police, saying

          “I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I’ve been beating them up.”

          … and the response is that she needs help? She killed a man she had never had any interaction with, that may or may not actually be a Mulsim, then admits it, and tells us that she did it out of hate.

          I’m sorry but what that woman needs is either life in prison, or something more immediate and permanent. This shit should not be tolerated.

      • typhonblue

        “Her male companion who tried to defend her was beaten unconscious with an iron bar and later thrown naked (with her) from the bus after the attack.”

        Was he also raped? Did anyone ask?

        • scatmaster

          Was he also raped? Did anyone ask?

          I assume those questions are rhetorical?

          • Raven01

            Why is the rape still getting more coverage than the reality that she was murdered?
            Did he also succumb to the beating and later die?
            If a robbery had the same result it would be “the robbery investigation has now become a murder investigation” and the focus would be on catching murderers not robbers. Why is it not so with rapists?

            As little as I like the idea of either, if given a choice between being raped or murdered I’ll take the rape every single time.

    • Zerbu

      A lot of people on the MensRights subreddit have caved into the mentality that “men’s rights” groups should focus on women’s issues, and now they’re very slowly and gradually turning into a feminist group. In fact, recently, a group of people there were denying how common false accusations were and trying to defend the “1 in 4″ bullshit. Even more recently, there was a post stating that radfems may be neccesary in India because of situations like the rape (yes, that person actually said radfems, the brand of feminism that was founded on the hatred of men) and it had a lot of upvotes, at least the same time I checked. Try not to send AVfM in that direction.

      • Stu

        Not really a problem, the weak arsed manginas posing as MRAs can have it, the rest, will come here. :)

        • scatmaster

          For the most part I stay away from reddit and Fark.
          Once in awhile I will wonder back but they never change and never will.
          They are a lost cause.

      • MateNeo

        I saw that post and I was so shocked. It is becoming a feminist subreddit. They are useless for the men’s rights movement.

    • manoman

      if you know Hegelian principle,same is being tried in India by our beloved congress government.They take up a issue,create a storm in media and quickly pass a law without discussion.The same tactics was used to pass child abuse law in may 2012 without any discussion.I am telling you,a total of 25000 news articles and almost 100 days of television time was devoted to this rape case.I am not exaggerating.My state has almost 10 major and 50 minor newspapers.Multiply it by 25 states and number of newspapers is staggering. It has gotten so bad that i have stopped reading newspapers

    • Jay

      Please understand that there are at least 2 Jay’s here. And I am not the Jay who posted the above comment. I am the Jay from the forum – here is a link to my initial forum post:

      Why is it that two people are allowed with the same username?

      I have been a member here for at least a year I believe, this new Jay has only been here more recently my guess is. Can this matter please be addressed?

      Thanks, original Jay.

    • Jay

      Please understand that there are at least 2 Jay’s here. And I am not the Jay who posted the above comment. I am the Jay from the forum – here is a linc to my initial forum post:

      Why is it that two people are allowed with the same username?

      I have been a member here for at least a year I believe, this new Jay has only been here more recently my guess is. Can this matter please be addressed?

      Thanks, original Jay.

    • harrywoodape

      What is going on is that the political is now the personal. What I mean by that, is that a brutal rape happened to a person in India. This rape is receiving worldwide media attention. After a few days of world media attention, the politicians and celebrities weigh-in with demands for things like castration of rapists. Protests are organized and held with the support of the establishment to demand “justice” and “laws” to protect women from being raped.
      However, the people behind this tend to hate all men and commonly advocate castration and systemic murder of men/boys. They are pushing initiatives in countries like Australia into law that mean all men accused of sexual assault must prove their innocence.
      If an initiative such as Australia’s is introduced in India where they are calling for castration of rapists…well…if “all men are rapists” in the eyes of the state…that puts state castration as a probable result for any man accused of being a rapist by any woman.
      I believe this is a global network that is coordinating the international campaigns of introducing radical feminist control over the population. They approach different cultures at different speeds but it is all towards the same end result….violent state domination of all common men. Those men deemed useful or necessary to maintaining state control will be spared initially as long as they completely surrender to the state and help betray their fellow men. That is a forced submission out of fear of being castrated.
      A man in India better not piss off any woman or he might lose his genitals in the near future.
      Today it is India, but so many other countries around the globe are going this way against men.
      Whether India will adopt physical castration of alleged rapists or not is unknown…but it has been brought up.
      Another unknown is whether men in India who are already legally under attack by their government will mount a united resistance or spark violent opposition.
      The world is getting pretty cloudy these days.
      2013, is looking to be a year where the process of installing state violence against men is being accelerated around the world.
      Men’ rights is sure to grow exponentially with all kinds of other causes that oppose the coming world police state as it imposes itself on the world. War, poverty, hunger, and slavery will continue be used as weapons to interrupt and destroy the life of the common man all over the planet.
      The do as you like era for women will be over as soon as the state has completely segregated the men from the women and children. The women and children will be “protected” from the men by the state.
      The UN agenda 21 will have women and children kept in state built apartments in the cities. It will turn cities into giant women’s shelters. They will be closely “protected” by the state -meaning monitored 24/7. The children will be the property of the state and the men will be exiled completely.
      This is the elite’s vision of how to save the Earth from all the humans. Taking complete control of the future of humanity and the planet. These people own…everything. They have not-so-secretly been studying on getting rid of any further pretense of nation-states and freedom. Chinese gov’t, Russian gov’t, etc. are all on board US is being deliberately steered into police state at home. It’s the banks and global corporate guys that are steering the ship. There is massive resistance building all over the world and it will continue to grow. Once it reaches a high enough level then a sudden and massive culling of populations that will occur
      We are not that far off. I’d say it’s “Orwellian” but I think it is even worse than Orwell imagined.

  • Tawil

    The recent rape of a woman in the headlines in India has seen feminists rushing to exploit hatred of the rapists by suggesting the government needs to install “education packages for all men and boys inside their homes, in order to teach them respect for women”.

    That’s what i heard on the news last night, and the idea of targeting all Indian men and boys with “education packages,” branding them all as “potential rapists,” chilled me to the bone. Very worried about our Indian brothers, and hoping they can come onboard here and tell us, and the world, what is happening.

    • Raven01

      I find it odd that few people seem to acknowledge that something as simple as “respect” should not be given but, instead earned.
      Civility is another matter.
      For women to be “respected” they must earn it.
      As simple as that.
      I will say that rape is at the very least an uncivil act. But, we aren’t actually talking about addressing the criminal minority of Indian males are we. Instead they plan on targeting all Indian males as if they are already criminals.
      That sends a pretty shitty message and has the makings of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • MRM Russia

    Hello! My English is not very good, so I’ll use google translator. It would be nice if you did a multilingual website, it would attract more men. That’s at in this version 5C & lang = en

    • limeywestlake

      привет, брат

      That is, according to Google Translate, “Greetings, Brother.”

      I hope it does not mean ‘let’s go on the wild pig hunt…’

      Anyway, good to hear from you.

      • TheBiboSez

        I quite fancy wild pig hunts. The one we had at the University of Toronto was lovely – we caught a fine brace of sows.

        • limeywestlake


        • scatmaster


      • MRM Russia

        All is well. By the way, that what you call the “white knights”, we call “баборабы”, rough translation to your: “slave-men”, as far as I know these are called in Germany – “purple poodle.” Our website

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      Здравствуй брат.
      Многоязычный веб-сайт является долгосрочная идея, что у меня есть. К сожалению, у меня нет времени, чтобы управлять таким огромным ресурсом. Это причина, почему я решил стать директором европейского Новости за AVfM.
      В конце концов, у нас есть глобальная проблема, которую мы решаем: Миссандрия.
      И поскольку это глобальная проблема – она ​​имеет больший успех, когда она решается во всем мире.
      Да, местные веб-сайты на различных языках действительно важным ресурсом. Кроме того, они нужного для тех, кто не говорит на английском языке.
      Я делал переводы с шведского, английского и других языков на румынский себя.
      Но, в конце концов, мы должны понять, что английский язык имеет главное преимущество.
      Я прошу прощения за ошибки. Мой русский язык ржавые, так как есть более 6 лет, так как я использовал его в последний раз, чтобы выразить себя.

      Hello brother.
      A multilingual website is a long term idea that I have. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to manage such a huge resource. This is the reason why I decided to become a director of the European News for AVfM.
      In the end, we all have a global problem that we address: Misandry.
      And since it is a global issue – it has more success when it is being addressed globally.
      Yes, local websites in various languages are indeed an important resource. Moreover, they are neccessary for those that do not speak English.
      I have been making translations from Swedish, English and other languages to Romanian myself.
      I have been making translations from Swedish, English and other languages to Romanian myself.
      But, at the end of the day, we have to understand that English has the main advantage.
      I am sorry for the mistakes. My Russian language is rusty since there are more than 6 years since I used it last time to express myself.

      • MRM Russia

        You are doing a good job! Feminism implanted on the planet. We have a lot of “white knights.” Although we debunked a lot of myths. We teach men to see women through: manipulation, nature, aggressiveness. Russian women are the most sucks. Allow advertisements that they are not taking marriage. This will hit them and help us. As they consider and use foreigners as living “purses with eggs.” In Russian female lawlessness reigns. And it began in 1917. In the USSR, the situation became worse. Now and at all sad. Very many slaves masochists. Behind all this are the Jews. They are specifically incited us to each other and called it the “cold war.” I hope that the Аmerican MRM and Russian MRM will become good friends. Our common enemy is trying to make us enemies. On the principle: “of divide and rule”..

        • andybob

          “Behind all this are the Jews.” Mr MRM Russia


          It must be made very clear to anyone who wishes to align with AVFM that anti-Semitism has no place in the MRM. This is a site that supports human rights, so we reject all forms of bigotry.

          If you believe that ‘Jews are behind’ the cause of all your woes, then perhaps you should contact Stormfront. It is not welcome here.

          • Kimski

            Thank you so very much, Mr.Andybob.

            That line has been pissing me off all day, and sounds like it was taken straight out of a handbook for Nazi wanna-be’s.
            Just didn’t know how to go about replying to it and still be “nice”, ’cause everything I came up with started with:


            As always, you where both a lot more eloquent and far less confrontational in your reply, than anything I could have written.

          • malcolm

            Ditto. Ethnic prejudices have no place in the MRM that I want to be part of. I would hope that men of all races, religions, gay and straight would feel welcome here.

            Thanks for voicing that Andybob.

          • Tawil

            I hadn’t noticed that… if I had then i would not have engaged.

            That shit has no place here. Thumbs down.

        • Dean Esmay

          [sigh] I did not see your comment earlier or I might have removed it. I have to wonder who upvoted it, perhaps someone on accident who did not fully read it and was just excited to see someone from another country we could support.

          We have any number of Jewish people who hang around here and you may safely assume we are as welcoming to them as anyone else. Meaning, if you’ve got an issue with Jews then you’ve got an issue with the rest of us.

          I’m going to go ahead and assume maybe because you’re Russian you’ve got some language issues with English, or are maybe more inclined to the sort of casual acceptance of conspiracy theories that I understand to be more prevalent and popular there in Russia, but we do not, and never will, consider Jewish people as a whole to be enemies here, although I’m certain there are Jewish persons we don’t like just like there are people of all stripes we don’t like, Jews in general are not and never will be “the enemy” here and we don’t take kindly to that kind of talk. Please don’t indulge in it here in the future.

          • MRM Russia

            I understand your position. This was a problem with the translation. It’s a very long story. In your country, there is such a writer as Henry Macow Just have interesting thoughts on this. Type as Rotskefeller “redrew women.” No we are not against the Jews!

        • Paul Elam

          I have been busy with a lot of things, so I did not notice this post till now.

          So now I have a choice. One one hand, I work very hard to make AVfM and international forum for MRAs. I think the idea of a site translator is very good, and I was very excited to see a native Russian in the comments.

          On the other hand, there is this:

          Behind all this are the Jews.

          So my course of action here is clear.

          1. Continue worldwide outreach.

          2. Speak to Alek Novy about site and comment translation technology.

          3. Ban MRM Russia

          We take the best, rid ourselves of the worst.

          I wish you luck sir, but I advise you that you cannot fight the hatred of men with the hatred of Jews.

          • Dean Esmay

            Macow is a nutjob fringe conspiracy theorist, Freemaons, Zionists, Rockefellers, etc. I’m sorry, he’ll have to go find some other forum methinks. My advice to him would be to not take fringe Americans seriously even if it sounds like it makes some sort of sense. Macow is crazy I’m afraid.

        • keyster

          First consider the translation factor.
          Second consider, we don’t live there.

          I can see an American deducing that Feminism was incited by Jews – from the original Frankfurt School Marxists to Freidan, Steinem and a rather long list of activist 2.0 feminists that happen to be Jewish, including Michael Kimmel.

          Jews have been kevetching about “social justice” from the Exodus to the Civil Rights Movement and Feminism. It’s their nature to “speak out”.

          Does anti-semitism belong in the MRM?
          Of course not.
          But allow our Russian brother to speak, and bear in mind translation, culture differences (our obsession with political correctness) and the fact we have no idea what his actual experience living in Russia is.

          Americans have been pissing on Russia ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. I’d hate to see that continue in whatever form.

          • Paul Elam

            Not making sense to me on this one.

            Shall I take into consideration the “experiences” of women who conclude that men are behind all the rape?

            I can’t see anyone deducing that feminism was incited by Jews unless they are in a very paranoid and xenophobic mindset.

            There is a gaping hole in the logic.

            Many, many prominent feminists are, in fact, Jewish, therefore, feminism is a phenomenon created and driven by Jews as a culture?

            Let’s see. Most American politicians are white and male therefore all governance related problems are an extension of whiteness and maleness.

            Check the latest articles by Michael Kimmel for where that leads.

            If “our brother” emails an explanation and clarification that actually explains what the communication gaff was, then I will reinstate his account and simply strike the remark.

            But I am not about to retreat from a zero tolerance for bigotry platform to account for “cultural differences.”

            His remark MIGHT have been misinterpreted, but I am not about to open the floodgates for every Anti-Semite nutbag on the internet to feel at home here.

          • keyster

            Let’s see. Most American politicians are white and male therefore all governance related problems are an extension of whiteness and maleness.

            Most ethno-centric/feminist academics would violently agree with that statement.

            I don’t think he implied there was a Jewish conspiracy behind feminism in Russia and that it was all their fault. I read it as he believed Jews there were influential in pushing it. Which would also be true here in Amerika the last 50 years or so. Mind you these are secular-progressive Jews – – who also push it in Israel. It’s not a vast conspiracy, but its not a coincidence either.

            Fighting oppression is their nature because they’ve been at it awhile.

      • MRM Russia

        ФЕМИНИЗМ – шовинист, сексист идеология полового расизма. Рассматривает мужчину как неполноценное, ущербное существо, так как «рожать не может». Для идеологии феминизма мужчина позиционируется, как лицо, неспособное к позитивным действиям, в них же и виновное, и является носителем вселенского зла с момента рождения. Феминизм насаждается во всемирном масштабе с помощью международных организаций, частных фондов и бюрократическим аппаратом матриархальных государств. Политическая подоплёка феминизма – желание властных элит атомизировать подвластное население для последующего грабежа и уничтожения. Эмоциональной основой феминизма является культивируемое в матриархальных государствах мизандрия и женский паразитизм. Обычно феминизм маскируется как движение «за равные права» и против «дискриминации женщин».

        Feminism – a chauvinist, sexist ideology of sexual racism. Considers man as poor, flawed creature, as “can not bear.” The ideology of feminism man is positioned as a person, incapable of positive action, in which the same and guilt, and is the carrier of universal evil from birth. Feminism implanted worldwide through international organizations, private foundations and bureaucracy matriarchal states. Political background of feminism – the desire of ruling elites atomize subservient population for subsequent looting and destruction. Emotional basis of feminism is cultivated in matriarchal states misandry and female parasitism. Usually masked by feminism as a movement for “equal rights” and against the “discrimination against women”.

        • Stu

          Никаких проблем не брат, avfm может быть голосом для русских мужчин тоже.

          • Tawil

            FTSU из русского феминистки имеет приятный кольцо к нему.

        • Tawil

          MRA Russia: “ФЕМИНИЗМ – шовинист, сексист идеология полового расизма. Рассматривает мужчину как неполноценное, ущербное существо, так как «рожать не может». Для идеологии феминизма мужчина позиционируется, как лицо, неспособное к позитивным действиям, в них же и виновное, и является носителем вселенского зла с момента рождения. Феминизм насаждается во всемирном масштабе с помощью международных организаций, частных фондов и бюрократическим аппаратом матриархальных государств.”

          Точно! Это то же самое по всему миру. Соберите своих русских братьев и привести их сюда, в эту международную сайт и мы вместе найдем способ общения, несмотря на языковые различия. Давайте построим могучую coalitian международных и победить эту болезнь на земле. Мы рады вас здесь видеть брата. Принесите больше друзей.

          • Stu

            I see you write in Russian as well. :)

          • Tawil

            Yes, I speak 46 languages fluently, a little rusty on Azerbaijani though. :-)

          • MRM Russia

            > Let’s build a powerful coalitian international and defeat this disease in the world.

            This is a great idea, but how?

            We have very few specialists. (((

            In Russian MRM very popular Barbarossaaaa and Warren Farrell. Men have a lot to teach, from the feminine nature and ending discrimination, and who is behind it. We make videos, write articles and books, but there is a strong information blockade around our problems, our country is in first place on abortion, women boss, the extinction of men.

            How do we implement the cooperation?

            Here’s our most popular movie

          • Tawil

            “How do we implement the cooperation?”

            – Firstly we agree on a place to gather – like right here at AVfM

            – Then we try and figure out the best way to bridge the language difference; I recommend we speak in any/many languages on this forum by using translation machines (if the need arises).

            – We then share stories about what is happening in each of our countries. We can also submit an article here in English (or perhaps in Russian or Spanish?? Ask Paul) about what is happening in your country. through sharing our stories we can also learn about strategies that have worked, or not worked, in other parts of the world that can be applied locally.

            – As we build-up connections, then we form a huge ‘activism bloc’ that can collectively target hot-spot issues arising in various countries: eg. the recent protests at the University of Toronto in Canada. As an ‘activism bloc’ we can write letters to officials, invade comments sections in forums, write on our blogs and make YouTube videos on whatever the big topic is. To give one example, India is a hot spot at the moment due to the recent rape of a female- this is something MRAs from around the world are focusing on and we are ready to contribute articles (etc) if widespread legally-sanctioned misandry erupts in that country.

  • limeywestlake

    Was it Earl Silverman who published pictures of an Indian Male rights demonstration? We need to find out who that organization is and contact them…

    Ok, Ok, I am on it, already. Can’t promise shit, however, as my researching skills are legendary for being poor.

    • Tawil

      Save the Indian Family Foundation (SIFF)
      Save Family Foundation (SFF)
      All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA)
      National Coalitian for Men – Bangalore (NCfM)

    • Paul Elam

      Shitty research skills beat the holy hell out of zero effort. Thanks for anything you are willing to do.

    • Raven01

      I can get ahold of Earl in a round about way or ask DannyBoy to contact him directly.
      Earl deserves kudos and cash for opening the only viable men’s shelter in the country and the politicians in his area need to know we are out here and watching closely how they treat him.

  • limeywestlake

    I sent a message to these guys:

    Will try the others. Thanks, Tawil.

  • limeywestlake


    Oh and Guys, visit and ‘like’ their page. Give them a lift, eh?

  • limeywestlake
  • limeywestlake

    Sorry, OT: But as a Brit, this is fantastic.

    I thought I would never see the day that Harridan Harman would get a run for her money.

  • namae nanka

    “We covered one story in which a man was actually thrown off a train car while it was moving, resulting in serious injuries.”

    happened to a friend too, got his hand broken. Amusingly I came to know of indian men’s rights folks through fidelbogen’s blog.

    For example a woman who has been campaigning for men’s rights, Uma Challa’s blog:

    “Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both”, reads Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code.

    So Indian feminists have been active(recent example: Renuka Chaudhary, whose bigotry was revealed in an interview with Karan Thapar), it’s just that women’s rights can’t land in front of the heap when people still die of starvation.
    They have been spreading mischief elsewhere, apparently the originator of the claim:
    “Women are half of the world’s population, do two-thirds of the work, get one-tenth of the income, and are the owners of one per cent of the property.”

    is/was an Indian.

    “And as a reminder, here is what happens to men in India, even for acting in self defense.”

    I think the guy who got beaten was pakistani, perhaps that also played a part.

  • hellgorama

    of course, do not expect any less from the country that kept its caste system much much longer than the Europe’s feudal system, which was discarded roughly a 1000 yrs after it was created (someone correct me if wrong). As a south asian I must say every bit of this is true. Women are held to such high standards that they are assumed to be incapable of wrongdoing (when they clearly do). I’m glad men’s groups are formed to counter the insane misandry that keeps growing in these regions.

    Also true is that the laws mostly protect middle to upper class people. feminism is also only concerned about the middle to upper class women, ironic considering it is the poor men and women who suffer the most. And it is only they who benefit from the legal and social repercussions.

    Here’s a little bit about India: You guys may be hearing about how india is coming out to be a major superpower and super wealthy. But that is all crap. Only a small group of people are getting wealthy and only a small group is engaging in economic development. The majority of Indians are poor, malnourished and suffering from poverty. It is so bad that you will find them defecating on the road like stray dogs due to lack of proper sanitation. Its politicians are so corrupt that they rival those here in the western hemisphere (pocketing tax money, selling out ppl’s rights in favor of big biz etc etc).

    • manoman

      please delete this post if you find it irrelevant:
      please keep your communist views with yourself.We have seen how people of your views bring equality in states like West Bengal,tripura.European countries have homogeneous population,same religion,same laws,same language,same race.In india,there is mixture of every race in world from last 3000 years.We have Chinese,south Asian,Dravidian,central Asian Slavs,Africans,Arabs,white European races mixed How the castes originated,how they operated,how the economics was practiced are too difficult things to understand.Every discussion of India brings out caste without understanding the underlying dynamics,economics and problems.

  • gateman

    It’s telling to see the huge public outpouring of grief, anger and protest and the rape or death of a woman, in contrast to the cool indifference to the men who die every day. Why is the harm to one class of people (whites, women) more outrageous than another (men or non-whites)?
    I call it the Princess Diana syndrome.

  • Mark

    I had no idea India has a feminist problem, too, but apparently so. It’s unfortunate what happened to this woman, but how many assaults on men are ignored?

    Also, the rioters and the media continue to emphasize the rape, which is not what killed her. She had the shit beaten out of her and was thrown out of the bus while it was moving, which resulted in her death.

    Of course, using the word “rape” in headlines is the best way to stir up emotions and sensationalize the crime, as well as get the anti-male adrenaline going in feminists. I get the feeling that if there had been no rape, and only a beating and defenestration, this assault probably wouldn’t be causing so much unrest in that country.

  • schwing

    The recent deplorable gang rape case is fomenting more anti-male sentiment in India. Some examples are in the choice quotes reproduced below from a photo [ ] of a government Public Notice soliciting public feedback:

    Sandeep Jaiswal:
    1. In case of “Sexual harassment”, please treat the case as “guilty, until proven innocent”.
    2. Please make it hard to get the bail.
    3. Please “Do not rape” the victim again by doing in “insensitive” investigation, please involve a women police in the interrogation.
    4. Please consider the possibility of allowing only “Women lawyer” from defense.
    5. All “Sexual harassment” cased to got to fast track court and time bound investigation and trial.
    6. Minimum punishment for convicted “Life imprisonment” extending to “Capital”, please consider “Chemical castration”

    Samar Jit:
    6. Declare sexual abuse as akin to terrorism or instigating, aiding or abetting terrorism. Establish fast-track courts and internal investigation for police incompetence or criminality to deal with all terrorism cases, including rape, abuse, eve-teasing.
    You may also want to declare the following as akin to terrorism: Communal hate mongering, political misuse of power, financial terrorism (predatory lending, hostile land takeovers, etc.) and sexual (rape, sexual abuse, eve-teasing)

    6. In four decades or so, with all of the above in place, we will be in a position to abolish patriarchy as amounting to apartheid, caste-ism and slavery combined.

    Südeshñä Räy: hang dem till death…. n dat too naked

    Akku Saha: Cut their thing between the legs, so they will remember it for ever!!!

    Shilpa Singh: Cut their hands and then put acid on their faces

    Nithiya Velan: People who cause sexual assault of any kind should be burnt alive…..

    The above are just the tip of the iceberg, and may see to it that the average Indian male will find himself in a more precarious position than before.

    • manoman

      it has been full 15 days these types of views are written in every local and national papers of India.There are atleast 7-10 articles in every newspaper in every language(tamil,marathi,telugu,hindi,malayam,bengali,punjabi etc etc).Since india has highest number of newspapers in world,i expect a total of 25000 articles have been published on this topic in last 15 days alone.It is overkill.
      BTW ,the money for this is coming from west.A lot of American+British+Swedish+Canadian NGO push their views in this manner.I think a sum of 10 million to one billion have been spent on this campaign.This is not accidental knee jerk reaction.A Delhi protests killed a police constable.To organize protests,you have to pay minimum Rs 500 per day.The campaign is costly.
      I have stopped reading newspapers and fortunately i don’t have a tv.Indian parliaments are noted to write down etremist laws.If you want example read labour act and see how extreme it is.A very bad law will come out of this.I am sure of that and it will make things even more worst

  • Codebuster

    On a positive note, India has not descended to the western level of absurdity where we need to distinguish between real rape versus hobby rape (where the definition of hobby rape includes date-rape, changed-my-mind-rape, too-drunk-to-notice-rape… that is, the type of rape that a woman can aspire to if she wants membership to the I’m-a-rape-victim-too club). Clearly, this tragic story from Delhi is an example of a real rape, and so has to be taken seriously. There is no ambiguity here – a violent rape that culminates in death (whether direct or indirect) is definitely a real rape, and there is no kind of signed consent form or alcohol sobriety test that could trivialize its gravity.

    Which brings us to another important concept. What does Indian culture stand for? Indian culture stands for providing PPPPPPs (privileged, pampered, provided-for princess with a pussy-pass) with their own carriage where they can exchange gossip and admire one another’s finery, while at the same time confining lowly male slave-providers to worker-class carriages, and subjecting them to abuse and forcing them to do situps should they board a sacred women-only carriage. Is this a modern expression of India’s caste/dowry system, where the women are regarded as middle/upper-caste ladies, while men have now become the untouchable slave-provider caste? Everything is connected. You cannot have one without the other.

    Notice the emergence of enthusiastic white knights eager to do women’s bidding unconditionally. The patterns repeat across cultures.

    • schwing

      To be entirely clear on this matter, I am unconditionally condemning the gang rapists. What they committed is real rape [and then some]; their abhorrent behaviour is animalistic, and has no place in a civilised society, and; they should be subject to the full force of The Law.

      What I am concerned about is that more anti-male legislation could be pushed through in order to appease the frothing masses, who are calling for completely unreasonable measures [some quoted above]. Such measures will do little to curtail real rapists, but can [and will] be used as weapons against innocent men by those with an agenda.

      A sense of the bigger picture must never be abandoned, especially in emotionally charged situations such as this.

    • typhonblue

      “where the definition of hobby rape includes date-rape, changed-my-mind-rape, too-drunk-to-notice-rape…”

      I’m with you on the changed-my-mind-rape and regrettable sex with I person I wouldn’t have chosen sober rape, but if you go on a date with someone or they’re passed out drunk that doesn’t mean raping them isn’t a thing.

      There are men, won’t name names, who went home with women and found themselves straddled in their sleep. I’m of the opinion that this is rape.

      • Raven01

        Both could be “black out drunk” and functioning still.
        Law must be about fact not, fiction and feelings.
        If it can be proven that one was sober and the other literally passed out then yes, you have a case to claim a rape has been committed.
        That is a royal bitch to prove though and, this is part of why feminists so ardently support “if SHE feels it was rape it is. They have no room for actually following due process or pesky things like laws.

        • typhonblue

          Yes, that’s true. That’s why binge drinking is risky.

          However people can be raped on dates or by their partners, which is what I assume “date rape” means.

          • Raven01

            Understood but, I find it risky to assume common sense on everyone’s part when discussing anything likely to be pounced on by gender-ideologues. People that have shown themselves time and again to be completely bereft of common sense.
            Until we have as much voice in MSM as feminists it can be dangerous to use “date rape” to mean what it should mean.
            Which, BTW is nothing special at all. We do not have “date robbery”, “alley rape”, “aunt rape”, “teacher rape”, “white rape”, etc, for a reason. It doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme. Either someone committed an illegal act against you or, they did not.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Back in the dark ages “date rape” simply meant you knew who the person was – it wasn’t a stranger, dark alley, knife at the throat attack, in other words.

            It got upgraded to “aquaintance rape” later on.

            For me the distinction is – a rapist is a stranger who is dangerous and could possibly kill you if you resist. A “date” is someone you know and can report, which is why it used to be considered “rare” or “unusual”.

  • Bombay

    When will Indian men be able to seek asylum in other countries?

    • manoman

      i don’t think it is possible.Save for African nations,no other countries are suitable for Indian men.

  • manoman

    i am sufferer from Indian family court system and i hate it.There are too many laws written specifically against men:498A,crpc125,domestic violence act,sexual harassment at work place and a very new anti rape law will be written.The new amendments to Hindu marriage act is plainly copied from california+sweden+uk marriage act and gives tremendous power to women in marriage over men’s property,salary,investment and children.
    I went to divorce court for 3 years non stop.I used to travel 900 km for each court date,used to take leave from job.My lawyer cheated me,judge refused to hear my evidence and ruled against me.High courts are even more misandric against men.Just few days back,Bombay high court ordered a HIV-TB infected man to stop his treatment and give alimony to his wife.The man is clearly dying but our benevolent humane court forgotten that.
    For me,i have lost all the hope.Laws ,once written ,never change in India.We are still using British laws and they haven’t changed a bit.There are laws made by Mughals which are in force in Delhi.
    What i have seen in family courts will make you shudder and cry.The blatant misandry and abuse of power by judges have made me very angry.
    I married in 2008 and girl concealed she has terrible genetic hereditary skin disease and i fought case for 4 yrs.I have spent almost Rs 4,00,000 on this.Not a single time during my court attendance court ever heard my case.
    For me,next year is end of road.There is no support to be found.I have no hope left,if things comes to that i will just take easy road out.I can’t immigrate to any country,can’t find job and will be forced to support a non wife for her entire life.Courts just don’t listen to men.Judges live a sheltered life and they never interact with average public.Feminists have completely taken over our govt and expect our condition to be worsen than US,UK in just 5 years maximum.

    • Stu

      I don’t know what the answer to your personal problem is, but I know there is no easy way out, including what your thinking.

      The closest thing you are going to get to a solution, is to join the MRM, and fight back. Don’t just look for an answer to your particular problem, that is the problem. Every guy out there that is getting screwed over is trying to find a lawyer, a loop hole, a way out of his personal hell…….there isn’t one. The only answer lies in the unity of all men, to stand up together against the system, the mentality, that does this to us. We have a long way to go, but growth of the MRM is on the incline. Give up any hope of individual salvation, and start working together with other men to bring down the beast. It is the only solution, if not, things are just going to get worse. I’ve been telling people this for 20 years……..every few years I get to say……..I told you so…… it’s every few months. Men can stop this in its tracks…….it just takes enough us…..and there will be enough……..the system is turning out men like you at break neck speed…….all we have to do is collect them and get them to organize and fight back.

      Start with yourself……and then spread the word.

      • manoman

        i will definitely join MRM here in india but i don’t think laws can be changed UNLESS they affect real votes.Middles class have zilch impact on election results.It is the poor who vote maximum.
        A decade back,india passed a law called TADA and lot of real muslim terrorists were arrested.So muslim leaders raised hue and cry and the law was cancelled but morphed into another name.
        something like that can happen but number of manginas and white knights is very high in indian upper classes.These are the people who write laws and get it passed

        • Stu

          Yes it’s the same all over, huge numbers of manginas and white knights. In fact, I would say that most men are manginas and white knights, it’s just a matter of degrees. And there are two reasons for that, inherent tendency, and socialization. But the instinct for self preservation will over ride both. What is happening to you, is happening to millions of men the world over, and there are tens of millions that stay in crap marriages because of what they know will happen. There are also the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers etc. They don’t just make an enemy out of you when they screw you over……how many of your relatives and friends harbor hate towards the system because of your experiences?

          These manginas and white knights who enable this system are like men sawing the branch off that they are standing on. They will begin to see their sons, brothers, fathers fall victim to the system they enable, and they will live in fear of their wives and girlfriends, and the women they work with. Our army grows while theirs shrinks. Does a cop who gets booted out of his home, have his children taken out of his life, be forced to hand over half his wages to a family he never sees, does he stay loyal to the system………does the soldier……the politician.

          Their evil empire is like the ancient Rome in decline. The tide is going to turn on them by the end of this decade.

    • Paul Elam

      So sorry to hear of your personal struggles with this. Thank you for sharing them here.

      I have been fortunate to have had two responses so far to this article. One of them is from an Indian attorney who is very concerned about the legal environment.

      It is a slow uphill battle, but we hope to do our part in making these struggles known on a global scale.

      I hope you will consider emailing me about adding your story and your observations to the pages of this website.

      • manoman

        i have met lot of good lawyers ,bad lawyers during my court cases.Their opinion is this:
        it is over for men.nothing much can be done from legal side.
        This is from a lawyer(won’t post his name but he fought for govt in 1993 mumbai serial blast case)

      • Kris

        For someone from west, it takes wearing a lot of hats and a lot of different colored glasses to really understand the legal morass that India has become for men. Courts are but a joke if not for the immense tragedy they inflict on the average Joe so unfortunate to be falling into their clutches. Lawyers are not bound by no code of conduct and often make private deals with the other side to screw their own clients (often the men) with no consequence. Women settle scores by filing a criminal complaint (no proof is needed, and no punishment for false cases) and then just taking it easy. Now, it is between the man and the state. Every complaint from women, no matter how absurd it is, must, by law, be fully prosecuted, and as a matter of procedure, the accused be arrested and denied bail. If you are a man, every one seeks their share of your pound of flesh – your own lawyer, the public prosecutor, the police, the judge and the woman and her family. These criminal cases sometimes go on for a decade or more. It doesn’t matter if one is exonerated or found guilty. The very act of fighting the case is the punishment. In the meantime, the woman has moved on, married, had children and probably all but forgot about the case she filed.
        And then there are a slew of laws on the books, granting the same relief (like alimony), some old and some new, some criminal, some civil. In India, it is a criminal offense not to maintain a divorced wife (however well she may be qualified, however rich she may be and however short the marriage may be). When a woman is disgruntled in her marriage, the first thing she is advised is, to file as many cases, both civil and criminal, against the man. Most men, unwilling to subject themselves to the ridiculously corrupt legal system, pay up the ransom, curse their own fates and move on with their lives, wondering where they went wrong in their relationship.
        The tragedy is – you go and talk to such a guy (say Raj) who just came thru the wringer and the conversation would go something like this –
        You – Hey Raj! do you know Jay got busted for harassing his wife.
        Raj – Really! Its about time. Serves the bastard right. His wife is so sweet, he must have done something really bad for her to go to the police!

  • manoman

    it will happen in just 15 days now.First congress ruled states will form a commission and law will be passed.Most of it will be copied from west verbatim.Then our beloved hard working parliament will pass law in next session without discussion by “voice vote”.No majority needed.

  • Dean Arthurson

    “The more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men.”

    Perfect summation of the worldwide problem.

  • PrinceOfIndia

    I’m sure the feminists are having a field day with this fiasco, I was earlier linked to a post on reddit by a friend where feminists pinned the blame solely on the MRA (and of course got a lot of mangina support).

    That aside, this really has been a tragedy; but I fail to see why this single act of rape has led to such widespread attention EVEN in the Western world. I do not support rape, and I would protest it to the fullest extent but I must also protest against the (radical) feminists who use what happens in India as a means of demonstration for the “oppression of women” in the wider world. Those princesses wouldn’t last a week in this country. Fortunately India has been progressing with its response towards unaggravated acts of violence towards women, I recall clearly the stigma of being a rape victim – they were practically dead. No one wanted them and no wanted to take care of them; and the rapists were never questioned. But progress is being made.

    Regardless this whole incident will get swept up by femnazi hysteria and the real message will be lost. Oppression of the female sex exists to such large extents in non-western cultures (ie. India and the Middle East) yet the feminist princesses WANT TO DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! It doesn’t help their cause. They just want MORE REPORTS that MEN ARE RAPISTS and MEN ARE BAD. Nothing more.

    Hah. They cry, bitch and moan over such TRIVIAL matters and call themselves feminists, but they’re nothing more than misandrist cunts.
    As for the true feminists who fight for the equality of women in ALL areas of the world, and not just in their own suburb, city or country, I thank you for you true brave hearted work.

    Radical feminists are unwanted –
    NCRB stats show more married men committing suicide –

    No society can progress when all the effort is put towards bettering the standards for a single gender. Help men. Help women. This is what I stand for, this is what the MRA stands for.

  • MateNeo

    Here is a note written by an India MRA living in New Delhi.

  • JGteMolder

    So, two days ago I was listening to the news on radio, and the woman that war raped by six men and put in a hospital was on; and that the Indian public is angry with their government for “not protecting women”.

    I literally laughed out loud knowing what I know about India.

    I imagine life for men in India is about to take a turn for the worse.

    • huekka

      Of course you must find normal that a woman who’s raped is suggested to marry her rapists by some police officer….
      This happens in India.
      But you pretend not to know because hatred makes you blind.

  • hellgorama

    something you also need to consider is that India is a puppet of western gov’ts. And so in order for India to continue to get western money, they must abide by the western agenda. The key to dealing a severe blow to misandry all over the world is to expose feminism for what it truly is (man-hatred), discredit and destroy it here in the west. This will cut the support that fembots elsewhere gets from western nations.

    I’m not saying there isn’t any work to be done in other countries, but what I’m saying is MRM’s main battlefield is here in the west.

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and it’s fine that you disagree with me. But I still stand by my statement that India held onto an oppressive economic system that prevented social mobility (caste-system) whose only exception was for pretty women who could marry into a higher caste if she was pretty enough. Call me communist (I don’t know how I’m being communist) if you want, but by having me silenced you will only play into the hands of fembots who accuse MRM being full of angry white male right-wing nuts.

    • manoman

      hey i am not here to fight you.I respect your views but they are still wrong.Not see how i justify castes:Do you know,the caste system is perfect resistance against feminism?The original caste structures are rigid and they perfectly stop feminist non sense in its track.A women or man can never marry out of their castes and they have to respect wishes of their community.This social pressure created by castes have kept marriages alive in india.It is also the reason intercaste marriages usually fail because they no longer have social pressures to comply.Marxists,missionaries and congressmen have done a lot to speak against castes in last 200 years.I am repeating,nobody understands castes from communist,marxist,european perspective.Sure,upper castes did do lot of terrible things but consider situation now.It is lot better and improving.The caste politics have divided this country into separate voter blocks and pitted citizens against each other.Just 30 yrs back,people used to respect each other,whatever caste they had.Now,every caste wants to elect their own,want more more.
      Dividing a society into identifiable groups is very old communist +marxist tactics.The strategy works like this:
      1) identify a weak group with huge electoral votes.Identify a strong one ,again divide strong one into smaller groups
      2) get the laws written so that weak gets more legal protection
      3) unlimited power continues.
      The same thing happened in western societies like US.They pitted african americans,hispanics,gays,lesbians,single mothers,women against major socially strong group of white men.And see,democrats are never going to lose election for next 100 years.

  • TheBiboSez

    For those who doubt the timing of AVfM engaging this issue, CNN just signed up for the hysteria:

    “Misogyny in India: We are all guilty”

    Here is just one of the misandric gems:

    “In India, sexual violence is perpetrated almost entirely by men. Rapists are male. Should men not feel responsible then to prevent the occurrence of this crime? Shouldn’t men be disturbed that their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters constantly feel unsafe or feel they have to dress and behave in a particular way to avoid getting raped? Isn’t it time men educated other men about consent?”

  • JinnBottle

    “The more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men.”

    Insight of the month. Thank you, Paul.

  • TigerMan

    I totally back this outreach and the timing is perfect in my book. We all know the mainstream press is saturated with mainstream feminists and their army of panderers. In a population of 100’s of millions over the last few weeks there must have been many brutal murders – yet all we hear about is the rape (and now murder) of one woman. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to minimise the atrocity that was committed against two (yes I said TWO because her male companion was also savagely beaten although I’m told he survived)innocent bus passengers.
    The thing is there is much to criticise the Indian authorities and police for (not that ours are beyond reproach by a long chalk) but it isn’t just in the handling of rape cases although that is what our MSM would have you focus on to exclusion of other matters outside of “womens rights”.
    Radical Feminism in the age of the internet does not have a logical leg to stand on and it is doing all it can to avoid any debates on reasonable grounds. That is why I see it not making desperate power grabs in every arena of power and influence it can. We have already seen it established in education, traditional religions, politics, civil and public services and law. More recently it has sent out “cuckoos” into the Atheist community, gaming and the world wide hacktivist collective “Anonymous”. In the third world it has made great strides through it’s thorough infiltration of the United Nations and as we have seen in India it is working on the MSM in those nations also.
    Ultimately we must win back the campus because it is academia that is all too often used as a “credibility” source out there in the mainstream power hierarchies.
    The Radical feminists are all too aware of this because that is precisely how they grew the monstrous Hydra of feminism we see today.
    There is little hope that Indian society will not be as thoroughly feminised (if not more so) than any other country in the West but that is all the more reason to construct sound ethical platforms around which humanitarian focussed activism can occurr. To this end I would envisage an Indian MRM calling for end to sub cultural atrocities such as “honour killings” , enforced marriages etc as well as misandric practices. The mission being to unite the sexes in cooperative understanding and respect rather than the divisiveness of feminism. Of course it is also important to campaign against the sub cultural atrocities against women and men if only to help defang Radical feminism using at least the women issues there as it’s trojan horses.

  • malcolm

    The rape of that woman and beating of her companion was a sickening act, and I hope that justice is served to the perpetrators.
    It’s also sickening to see the government and women’s group use this heinous act to create a hysteria around this situation to further their agenda. It’s shameless and nothing good can come of this lynch-mob mentality and any laws that will be passed while the nation is in this frenzy.
    Unfortunately in India, cooler heads usually don’t prevail.

  • TheBiboSez
  • nikonian

    I will say one thing and that is that I believe people in general are treated sick out there.Yesterday 2 guys I was hanging out with said that women are considered second class citizens. I think all are treated as such because while the crimes against women cannot be ignored the reverse is a reality for men everyday who don’t get the support some of the women do.

    Both genders are forced into marriage, both genders have a life of servitude ahead of them, and both are treated like dogs too often. However one still is being blamed for the problems of the other although in reality both have the same problems. That is because one gender is lacking the awareness or public sympathy of the other. This is the poison of feminism. Instead of addressing this as a gender neutral human rights issue, they get the women to blame the men for the injustices against them and then run them over. That is why articles like this aren’t inappropriate. 1 woman gets gang raped and the world is enraged (and they should be) but blaming the men who are going through the same crimes and pain is sadistic as they blame all men instead of the few who committed the crime.

    India is fixable however… I feel more sorry for men in Sweden who seem to be 3rd class citizens while the women are 1st

  • nikonian

    I thought India was worse than us in the USA… I just read the VAWA… such a sick piece of legislation and they have no citations on any of the “facts” listed in it

  • Phil in Utah

    If you’re looking for an Indian correspondent, I’d suggest getting in contact with Rajesh Kumar of the Men’s Rights Movement Facebook group.

    • schwing

      Phil in Utah’s recommendation is seconded. Rajesh Kumar is an intelligent, passionate and articulate activist, well suited for the role.

  • Booyah

    Ive been speaking to a few Indian men (online) this year. I’ve yet to find one that actually sees a problem in India. This really only shows how badly this position is needed and I heartily congratulate Paul for seeing this. Lucian (European news director) has been a very valuable addition and although I haven’t been commenting as much lately I have been reading everything published on the site and thoroughly enjoying the content he has bought to AVfM.

    India is in dire need of a similar shake up and a watchdog to keep an eye on it. Looking forward to seeing this position filled and more of the very obviously kept completely in the dark Indian men, waking up and ingesting the Red Pill. I think with the right approach this is a very fertile field to sow indeed.

    Great article as always Paul.

    • manoman

      you wont hear of problem because most of the men you interact are either unmarried college guys.The real divorce cases happen after 3-8 yrs of marriage and these guys completely shut themselves off.Those whose age is beyond 40 are totally lost.
      For your sake:in last 10 years,we have seen tremendous resurgence of radical feminists in india.You can compare this decade to 1960-1970 decade in USA.A lot of laws like domestic violence,sexual harassment at workplace,anti rape,child abuse have been passed and these are very very extreme laws.
      I am sufferer from indian family court system and you can compare my pains to a prisoner who spent entire life in gulag.

  • mongo

    I notice that in this same week in which the world has been awash with the news of one woman’s brutal demise in India, from that same country, in the state of Assam, an Indian man was locked in his house by a mob of mainly women and children, and the house set alight.

    The man (and his wife) were burned to death.

    I ask myself at this point, is there really any point in setting scales as to which is the more horrific – being burned alive, or being gang-raped to death?

    I don’t really see any difference – it is human brutality at its very worst. So why does the MSM keep doing it? Why is the brutal killing of one an event for the whole world to mourn, and the other an interesting side-note buried in the local paper?

    Even worse, in the burning event, a motive was published that suggested perhaps the man (and his wife) asked for what he got.

    I needn’t bother asking if there is anything that the unfortunate young woman victim did that may have mitigated her killers – but then again, I am not a journalist. They seem to live by another code.

    • John A

      Rape and murder a pretty, privileged, young woman and there is hell to pay. Do the same to a factory worker, cleaner or prostitute and no one gives a shit. Do it to a man and no one will ever know.

      That woman was with a male companion, apparently they intended to marry. If we use Hilary’s “women are the biggest victims of war” standard, then he is a bigger victim than her. Unbelievable what he went through, yet no one cares, he hardly rates a mention.

      Maybe if men wear brighter clothes, jewelry and make up, someone will notice when we suffer?

      • huekka

        Are you a moron or what ?
        Both are victims, and there’s no use in making statement about “who suffered more”.
        But the media are talking about her now because :
        She was raped, he didn’t get raped.
        She died, he didn’t die.
        Also, he seemingly was an accessory victim. The six guys seemingly wanted to rape the girl, he was beaten not as a main target, but as a nuisance to their rape.
        That’s the main difference, and it’s a very easy one to spot unless you’re blinded by hate towards women.
        When it comes to the class origin of the victim, that plays for both men and women, and that’s sad.
        Rich and powerful people always get more attention, have more money to defend themselves and so on, but what that has to deal with women issues or rape ?
        In this very specific case, this woman was not rich, her family lived very cheaply and had saved money to grant her some education.
        When it comes to men being victim of rapes, at least as adults : that occurs very much less frequently.
        When a man goes out in the street he is NEVER afraid of being raped.
        When a woman goes out in the street and a man approaches and start behaving strangely, she cannot but be afraid as rape is always a possibility.
        Any woman knows (and any man whose brain is normally functionning) knows that women must be careful.
        Do you have children ?
        Are you more afraid for your boy or girl being raped ? honestly ?

        • Grey Knight

          Now you are just being ignorant. Nobody is denying the tragedy of the real rape victim but should the genders be reversed would anybody give a damn? . That is the point John A is trying to make, Feminists movements are not about equality but for just their own special interests and they are the ones capitalising on the tragedy. Also if you can just discuss things in a more civil manner, you can get a better discourse. And before you go off and jump to conclusions, look at the agent orange files part one part 2 and part 3 then tell me that feminism isn’t a hateful ideology.

        • John A

          You think I am a moron because I used Hillary Clinton’s argument?

          The fact remains that two people were attacked together. He rarely gets mentioned at all, he will have to live with the trauma for the rest of his life, this is a second and very real tragedy.

          I live in Australia and I’m not scared of any of my female relatives getting raped, not here or the ones in China. Nor am I scared of any of them getting murdered, stabbed or robbed.

          Every day and night I see women walking or running alone, on the street and in parks. I’m lucky to live in nice surroundings. Occasionally, we are touched by a horrible crime, it is the nature of humans that some will do terrible things.

          These terrible crimes arise from poverty, child abuse, resentment, hopelessness and are often fuelled by alcohol. By simply blaming misogyny they are missing the point. I don’t know India that well, but from what I can see both genders suffer mistreatment and abuse, yet only the suffering of women gets attention in the media.

        • Never Blue Again

          “When a man goes out in the street he is NEVER afraid of being raped. When a woman goes out in the street and a man approaches and start behaving strangely, she cannot but be afraid as rape is always a possibility.”

          When a man goes out in the street he should ALWAYS being afraid of getting KILLED …. !!!

          Last year alone 32,719 murder case registered in india. That is 89.6 per day….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of them are MEN.

          And it is only registered cases. How many body couldn’t be found and lost forever ? How many times relatives of the victims were afraid of filing cases due to fear ? or political reasons ?

          Do you really think getting killed is any better then getting raped ….. ?

          Plus if someone get raped there is whole media to focus on it….!! Whole country will start to scream…. !!!

          But for the men who get killed …. ? Oh.. Forget that.. !!
          Who cares… ? At best publish one or two report in the corner of a page in newspaper.

  • gateman

    “In India, sexual violence is perpetrated almost entirely by men. Rapists are male. Should men not feel responsible then to prevent the occurrence of this crime? Shouldn’t men be disturbed that their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters constantly feel unsafe or feel they have to dress and behave in a particular way to avoid getting raped? Isn’t it time men educated other men about consent?”

    Errrr…. no.
    Just as I don’t take credit for another man’s bravery or good deed, I refuse to shoulder the blame for another man’s crime.

  • Codered

    I am from India. I’ve seen women as a union function with the idea ‘oh this could happen to me’ and they protest any issues they face along with their male allys. Men on the other hand would be critical of ‘maleness’, masculinity and demonize ‘men’ as a collective to seem supportive and to feel noble by fighting for the rights of women! They hardly care about men as a union, until it affects them personally. When mainstream-media sells female victimization they began to see womens issues as most prevalent. Just before brutal rape there was a news about a wife who chopped her husband into 11 pieces, there was little to no outrage for it. Welcome to India a land of disposable male.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Of strong interest to Indian MRAs:

    K. D. Kempamma, alias “Cyanide Malllika” Female Serial Killer, India – 2007
    (along the not-yet exploited theme of “Stop Violence Against Women – By Women)


    The origin of Widow Self Immolation (Sati) in India & Its Relation to Husbandicide – 1814

  • harrywoodape

    Just some thoughts on this…

    1. Radical feminism is being given a high hand in several countries around the world at the same time.

    2. Who has the power to implement radical feminist agendas in supposedly sovereign countries around the globe? Not the citizens of the country and not the government of one country (although they are really just franchise managers for the global corporation). Only globalist orgs that tell countries what to do can be behind this. This should clearly reveal to anyone that our countries are now no longer really sovereign or that they are really protecting the best interests of it’s citizens. There is no real meaningful debate in the country and no debate is tolerated…just a pr campaign in the wake of a selected tragedy and then harsh laws implemented…no debate.

    3. Radical feminism is a violently anti-male ideology that uses lies and bullying to rule by force…not a democracy by any means.

    4. Therefore a global coup is underway and the globalists are implementing by coercion…a global totalitarian regime with a female face being paraded as a victim is the cover for it.

    No other explanation makes sense. Our governments are not protecting us. World government is already here…and it is going to start with destroying the rights and lives of common men and co-opt women into participating.
    Yep divide and conquer.

  • huekka

    Women in India get raped and are incited by police officers to marry one of the rapists or just accept some money and you dare to publish such an article ?
    Only a woman-hater can think that life for men is hellish compared to that of women in a country like India.
    Why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia to enjoy a “free country” ?

    • Paul Elam

      I think the rape and murder of the woman was tragic. What I find odd, and greatly disappointing, is that in a country with 25 million malnourished children, fully 1/3 of the starving children in the world; a culture that has acclimated itself to stepping over the bodies of the dying and weak, including children, on the streets of your cities, you have such collective outrage at the misfortune of one person, and only because she is a woman.

      It seems that you are the last person that should be here passing judgement on this article.

      Shame on you.

      • John A

        Not to mention the boyfriend that had to live through the physical and emotional trauma of the crime.

        A society that treats young men like wild depraved animals should not be surprised if some of them act like that from time to time – it’s an expectation to live down to.

    • JGteMolder

      No, that wouldn’t be India.

      India would be the country where the women-only train wagons, and should a man accidentally step foot in that women-only train wagon he doesn’t get to apologize and quickly walk back out, no, he gets beating up before being tossed out the still moving train.

      India is the country where a judge has decided that a defendant accused of rape, is NOT allowed to challenge the accuser’s testimony; effectively making him not innocent until proven guilty, not even guilty until proven innocent, he’s guilty period.

      THAT would be India; which begs the question as the population wants; more severe laws against rape, what in blazing hells is going to be that law; men have to chain themselves into chains whenever they move outside?

  • medieval.anarchist

    Paul Elam…do u really exist?

    I am an Indian and I am a man. If you take your article and read it out loud in Delhi, it will get you killed and I can guarantee that. But each and every word that you have written is true. I am relieved to see that there are other human beings who can see the obvious hatred towards men instead of blindfolding themselves.

    What happened to the girl is really unfortunate. Nobody deserves what she got. May God bless her soul and may the people who are guilty rot in hell. But look at the public outrage. It is the best example of hypocrisy you are ever going to see. This country is beyond repair. Our nation is putrefying. People die everyday. Murder, not rape, is the biggest crime here. Yet, the media modifies statistics and reports of rapes are extensively covered due to the attention it gets. Media drives our country. Murder is not as glamorous as rape and well, only women can be raped (another myth). This automatically qualifies it as the biggest crime.

    I see slogans which say “Don’t tell your daughters what to wear, teach your sons not to rape”. Why? Why shouldn’t a father/mother tell her daughter what to wear? If your daughter is dressed up like a prostitute, is it not your duty to tell her what is right? Another ridiculous claim is that women can wear whatever they want and a dress cannot be the reason for rape. I wouldn’t say that I disagree to the latter claim. But can a woman wear whatever she wants? This thought can be brewed only in the minds of fanatic feminists and ignorant people. Prostitution is illegal in India. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out the prostitutes on a busy street. How is that possible? BY THE WAY THEY DRESS! Are we supposed to believe that it is your right to wear whatever you want? What about the pain I feel when I look at your disgusting appearance? The choices men have in apparels are limited. If I wear a skirt and walk on the road, won’t people look? Won’t people ask me to reconsider my choice? Actually, I would be beaten up and probably thrown in jail for dressing up like that. Can I say that I can wear whatever I want? Maybe, in The Perfect World.

    This country reeks of double standards. Every Feminazi movement is backed up with arguments like “Women were oppressed in the 19th century”, “Men are evil”, “Women are intrinsically pure”. A few months back (, the proposal was gender neutral rape laws was approved by the cabinet. When it was initially proposed, a group of feminazi women opposed it by saying “A WOMAN CAN NEVER RAPE A MAN. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS TO EVEN THINK LIKE THAT”. Well, since neither my friends nor I have ever thought of raping anybody, it is also outrageous for us to think that a man can rape a woman. Shall we remove the existing laws as well? I also have another scenario which, apparently, nobody has ever thought of. Imagine a man travelling in a bus. Next to him sits a girl. Now, if the man slides his hand over her thighs and she protests/screams, he is officially dead. Well, he deserved it right? He touched her and she didnt like it so he should be killed. With this inhumanly cruel but true social behaviour in mind, let’s move to a different scenario. Again, imagine a man travelling in a bus. Suddenly, a eunuch enters the bus (In India, eunuchs are well known for being a nuisance.). What follows is very common in our country. The eunuch goes and asks the man for money. If the man refuses to pay, the eunuch will start making sexual advances. The eunuch would touch him, grab his hand, pull his cheeks and sometimes even kiss him. Now, if the man protests/screams, how many help him? NONE. It’s a funny spectacle and everybody enjoys it. In fact, eunuchs are often considered to be a manifestation of the Almighty. The conclusion? If a woman is molested, kill the molester. But if a man is molested, worship the molester.

    This is a country where we are forced to respect women. Respect is earned not begged for. Your gender should not be the reason for anybody to respect you. I asked the question “Why should I respect women?” to many men and women. The reply? “Had it not been for a woman, you would not have been here.” Ah…that’s right. As we all know, an egg is all we need to get an embryo. Surely, I would have been here if there were no men.

    I have seen women in villages molest children…their own children. But it is acceptable when a mother physically or sexually abuses her son. She is a mother and that makes her pure. Whatever she does is justified. But if a father looks at any girl for more than 10 seconds, he is a rapist.

    There is no denying that women are underprivileged in many parts of our country. But, why should a man be deprived of his privileges to uplift women? Why should we hate men to love women? Men are being treated as demons. Even our laws are highly biased towards women ( Sometimes, I feel blessed to have a weak legal system. All the men would have been in jail by now, if our law system actually functioned at its expected efficiency.

    There is no end to the number of obvious instances which show the prevalent and widely promoted misandry in our society. I don’t want women to suffer. I don’t want them to be deprived of justice. But I don’t want to be a scapegoat either. The way this society treats us, I am surely going to turn into a misogynist soon.

    • John A

      The fact that there are so many eunuchs in India says something of how men are perceived there.

    • Paul Elam

      Sir, thank you for this excellent post. If you are inclined, please contact me at

      • medieval.anarchist

        Thank you for the appreciation, Paul. I am no “Sir”. I am just 22 years old. I am one of those unlucky Indians who even after being a part of a minority group (i.e. 22 year old bachelors whose thoughts are not based on what the media says) get no special privileges.

    • medieval.anarchist

      Just a few corrections (I have an OCD. can’t help it)

      are extensively covered due to the attention they get*

      Why shouldn’t a father/mother tell his/her*

      How is that possible? BY OBSERVING THE CLOTHES!*


      the proposal for* gender

  • gokulpr

    Hi from India…. I have sent out a mail to our network of NGOs/Forums, hope to have volunteers coming here soon.

    We need to put an end to this ‘divide and rule’ strategy(making men and women fight against each other, while those in the power loot us)

  • Bharat Mahan

    Nobody is addressing the root of 498a: The Joint Family. In-laws are being falsely accused because they the wife (daughter-in-law) is living with them. Transition to nuclear family and 498a will disappear. Better yet DON’T GET MARRIED. India is already at population 1 billion plus. There is absolutely no reason we need to be getting married and having kids at all!

  • Pandurang

    to quote some statistics in India 73% of the rape prosecutions are consent sex , except that the man didn;t marry after all . Becuase according to india current law having consensual sex and then not marrying is rape

  • Sports Droppings

    Paul, have you heard of Sunny Singh? Might be a good resource.

  • driversuz

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