Man thrown from moving train by police for boarding women’s car

Recently I posted videos of men in India being physically assaulted by women for boarding a “women only,” train car, because other cars were full, while police supervised the beatings.  At the time it seemed to me like the shocking display of women’s and police brutality against men epitomized the extreme degree of misandry that has come to grip that country.

I was wrong.

An AVfM reader just forwarded a news story to me from The India Times.  According to train passenger, Bishnu Basak, he boarded the train at Samudragarh Station in a hurry as it was leaving, not realizing that he was entering a women only car.

According to the news story a constable for the government railway police confronted Basak, demanded to know what he was doing in the women’s car, confiscated his ticket, and threw him from the moving train. Locals rushed him to a nearby hospital from where he was moved to the SSKM Hospital. He was then shifted to the Sambhunath Pandit Hospital where he is now admitted.

It is hard, even after years of writing on men’s issues, to convey the heinousness of this incident.  The only thing that comes to mind in comparison is the story of James Byrd, Jr., who was drug to his death in Jasper, Texas behind a pickup truck after his ankles were wrapped in logging chain in 1998.

Basak lived, but the constable that threw him off the train had no way of knowing he would survive.  And while authorities in India have promised an investigation, it will likely not be the same kind that happened after Byrd was murdered.

It is clear, beyond any conceivable notion of error, that this incident is a result of a culture of government sanctioned, no, promoted, violence against men in India. I will summarily dismiss, in advance, any notion that this was just an isolated incident and not sparked by the pervasive mentality of government authorities that men are legitimate targets for unjustified abuse on the supposed behalf of women.

Watch the video if you have any doubts.

We are rapidly moving toward a definition of Gender War that will exceed even the most outrageous fantasies of the conspiracy obsessed.  And you will only hear about it on sites like AVfM because the American media is still more concerned with selling tampons and douche than in informing the American people.

  • Sha

    I am pretty sure all the Feminist here in India are having a good laugh right now as they have successfully turned men againt each other…

    probably the constable will recieve a gold medal by some feminist leader for such a Noble cauze… after all it equality that he trying to create !!

    !! Killing MEN=EMPOWERING WOMEN !!

  • http://hagueabductions.com Carlos

    We’ve been in a gender war for years now. Rabid feminist gender warriors have been fighting on all fronts for a long time. In spite of hyperbolic claims to the contrary these attacks have gone largely uncontested by men and women. But if you look out with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark —that place where the feminist wave of hatred will finally break and roll back. The backlash is coming, and it will not be televised. And it’s about fucking time.

  • B.R. Merrick

    Time for Indian men to constantly ask the women they know why they board the cars exclusively for women.

    Ask them in private conversation, in bed, in front of other family men, in front of the kids, online, in the media when being interviewed, etc. Ask them all the time.

    Time for Indian men to look with disdain on women who board women-only cars. Long past time, in fact.

  • Anti Idiocy

    Things are turning around, but, for justice to be served, the leading feminists must ultimately be punished.

  • mongo

    This constable needs to be treated as the scum that he is – no-one is legally obliged to throw anyone off a moving train.

    He should be shunned, spat at and refused any sign of respect. Neighbours should publicly object to his presence amongst them – I would certainly not want such an animal living next to me. He should be living amongst his own kind – the pedophiles, the false rape accusers and the torturers.

  • http://men-factor.blogspot.com Richard

    And to think – I actually donated money to that country when that Tidal Wave hit it several years ago…


    My supervisor is from India – He is the greatest (I am not a racist).

    However, if that country does not straighten its act out – and another tidal wave hits them again…

    …they will receive no money from me.

    • Whitney

      For future reference, you don’t need to say you’re not a racist for having views contrary to a country. It’s sort of a knee jerk reflex we get when people assume that because someone is against Israel they are Anti-Semite and if they talk about impoverished black ghettos they are racists. This is not so. The racists are the ones who draw inference from the mere statement of a true fact.

      I forgot to mention that if somebody refutes feminist dogma, they are a misogynist!

      • http://www.fatalplanet.blogspot.com Theodore Labadie

        Debate sometimes seems impossible without defensive exposition of non-sexism or non-racism, especially in a country which has PC multiculturalism enshrined in its constitution as does Canada.

        Not long ago, I criticized a black woman for being princess-not-so-bright (she worked at a college and had used student fees to send Easy-Bake Ovens to Africa as part of her Third World Development efforts, without realizing that sending electric toys to places that likely don’t have electricity was not a wise use of students’ money.) I was heavily criticized for pointing this out although several women made the same observation without being vilified.

        I don’t believe that blacks on the whole are unintelligent, only that a scale of intellect exists in members of all races. But because of the above incident, I have to explain to people all the time that I am not a racist. Many of these people are white, which just goes to show that intelligence (or its lack) knows no racial boundaries.

    • Pankaj


      I highly recommend NOT sending any money to India. Instead, if you want to help poor Indians, just buy products made in so-called sweatshops here, if you like the product. There are misguided altruists in the west trying to stamp out the only good source of livelihood to hard working poor. You won’t be wrong if you look upon these altruists as real anti-human psychopaths.

      And if you are really serious, do note that India gets Billions from the US govt and world organizations like UNESCO, IMF etc. All of these funds feed the political class and indirectly fuel oppression of my Indian brothers and sisters. This is apparently well known in the west, still they don’t stop their funding, which makes you wonder what their real goals are.

      Again, please don’t send any Indian charity any money or even relief stuff. It sounds harsh but it is necessary. Your help will go mostly to anti-human activities. And please don’t be afraid of being called a racist. Its a meaningless term anyway.

  • http://498aterminator.blogspot.com/ 498aTerminator

    Thanks to A Voice for Men, Men too are getting awakened and Empowered from Biased Male bashing Media and Judiciary.
    I spread awareness to lots of People in India and the world, with great articles from your site.
    You can visit my blog for many articles from around the world.


    • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

      Good blog.

  • Anti Idiocy

    There sure as hell is a lot of crap coming from feminists and white knights and fifth column feminists around the world these days. Given all that, I want to throw this in (though it’s somewhat off topic).

    You may have all seen this, but here’s a woman risking her life to defend men. “I was concerned about my guys.” If only there were more like her.


    • http://counterfeminism.info/ Porky D.

      “So Littleton — the one board member the gunman had released, because she was a woman — re-entered the room, sneaked up from behind and swung.”

      Ha, sucked in Mr Gunman! Don’t you just love to see a chivalrous jackass getting done in by his own misandry.

  • http://thedamnedoldeman.com TDOM

    ” I will summarily dismiss, in advance, any notion that this was just an isolated incident and not sparked by the pervasive mentality of government authorities that men are legitimate targets for unjustified abuse on the supposed behalf of women.”

    This incident was no more isolated, nor any less government sanctioned than the police beating of Rodney King. It was every bit as sexist as that was racist. I’ll be surprised if the government investigation produces as much as a mock trial and declaration of innocence.


    • Carlos

      Absolutely agree.

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  • Kris

    There would not be any government investigation. This news would be forgotten in a day or two by that 0.001 percent of the billion inhabiting this great country that may have learnt about this incident. And about ninety percent of those would probably agree with the actions of the constable. This is nothing. There was a more shocking that happened about two years ago. If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. There were three young men (one alleged culprit and two accomplices), in their twenties accused of throwing acid on the face of a girl that apparently turned down romantic advances. All three were summarily arrested by the police, and in the most naked affrontery to any notion of justice, human rights or human dignity, all three were summarily shot dead. And the police claimed that these young men, in their late teens and early twenties, hailing from educated middle class families, already dazed by the media glare and their illegal arrest, and the constant cries baying for their blood, the police claimed that they attacked the police party and were shot in self defense. And then, there howls of congratulations sent to the police for promptly dispensing the justice. You could hear the human rights organizations, amnesty international et al by their deafening silence. And then, when some tiny fraction of the conscientious uttered couple of words of disapproval at this summary kangaroo justice, they were promptly shown their places. It was gut wrenching, except silently crying, what else one could do!


  • Kris

    What saddened me more than the news itself was the fact that men who were victims of state terrorism unleashed on them through ostensibly women protection legislation, those very men, instinctively supported this brutal police action. I sometimes wonder what hope can MRM have, given the fundamental nature of men?

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  • Aharon

    In all fairness, maybe the problem is the Indian police:

    “Indian police ‘threw pregnant mother from train for failing to pay bribe’ ”


    • Pankaj

      Of course, police are also the problem. You don’t pay them their royalty and they will get you one way or the other. This extremely evil situation is called Socialist liberal Democracy. There is a reason why Indian people are disarmed by the law.. i.e. they would likely use the arms and justifiably so.

      This incident this news article is about, is complicated by the fact that the passengers (the Lodhs) were carrying in a bicycle in a passenger compartment, which is not exactly a good idea. It takes too much space and would jeopardize the possibility of exit, and not just in case of emergencies. The socialist trains in India are so cramped already that no passenger would have sympathy for these folks to begin with. The woman and her daughter probably were sitting down in the entry way of the train car, which makes it a slight nudge away from disaster. Unfortunately, this dangerous mode of transportation is an artifact of socialist policies and is a very common sight in India.

      Still, there is no reason for the police to push the woman or anyone off the train. They may have attempted to push just the bicycle off the train (which is a debatable “just” act), which in turn pushed the woman off the train as well. This makes the situation much worse than where men were thrown off the train just for being men, in a sense. I have my doubts about the claim, because the railway police generally do not demand a particular amount for bribes.. but only for legal fines (which I oppose as well). Bribes are always negotiated deals, mostly with the briber has to start with an amount he will pay, the police have to delicately bargain for more. The dynamic here does not suggest that this was a “bribery gone wrong”. It most likely is arrogant airheads, “enforcing rules” with the typical efficiency of a 4th grade bully, which is what the policemen most probably are, undereducated, uncaring thugs with a uniform and drunk on their authoritah!.

      On the other hand, the man was not thrown off in overall criminal and unfortunate circumstances. He was thrown off for BEING A MAN, and his killers might be let off with a slap on the wrist, because he was “breaking the law”. And as anywhere in the world, the police are above the law, so no possibility of them being punished seriously in either case.

      He has managed to survive and will be one hard core misogynist, I hope.

    • Pankaj

      One more thing, please don’t expect the telegraph to cite anything accurately. It blatantly distorts things to suit the “women have it so rough” narrative.
      For example, this

      Brides being sold.. sounds terrible doesn’t it? Reminds you of slavery! Why didn’t they call it reverse dowry? If the woman’s family pays the man’s family, it is not called selling of grooms – but dowry, so why a different way of putting the other way around?

      They cry out against female infanticide, but don’t point out why boys are preferred over girls.. to be used as labor all their lives! I am not sure who has it worse. The cattle that is killed off because it is less cost effective as labor or that which is reared for utter servitude.

      Besides, what is wrong with paying a poor family some money, and then bringing their daughter to a more well off region? The terrible circumstance of living a little better than the rest of their kinfolks? What about the young men in the same poor region, who will they marry if women from their region leave for greener pastures and get paid to do so? I suppose, doesn’t really matter.. they are men, so who cares?

      Maybe I missed their point, maybe they want the girl’s family to be paid more than just 15 pounds.. but they sure would not put it in so many words.

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