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Human Rights Day: An Indian Fraud

Note: I recently posted a video  involving men being assaulted by women at a Delhi train station.  The video used here is a different, more expansive one. -PE

December 10th is officially recognized as Human Rights Day by the United Nations.  Nations from all over the world are encouraged to measure themselves in respect to their contributions to the human rights movement; to assess their progress and learn from their shortcomings.  It’s a day for pundits and politicians to make arguments and take stands, and it will inspire some, as it has in Cuba, to take to the streets in protest of rights still not recognized.

Unfortunately, the day will also be used for disingenuous political grist; for a ruse presented to the world, painting a picture of progress where none exists, or where even slippage from human rights is the actual course of events.

India is now the shameful example of that. It’s commitment to civil rights is now officially confined to photo ops and spurious political rhetoric, painting only the thinnest veneer over the fact that the largest democracy in the world is now the most virulent enabler of segregation enforced with violence, with men as the targets.

First, here is a picture of what India wants the world to see.

It’s so posed it could double as a post card, or the cover to a “We are the World,” album.

But now let’s take a look at a different India; the real India, where forgetting your place as a man and stepping on a train car reserved for women will get you beaten, while police oversee the abuse and encourage it.

There is India’s true stand on human rights.  Only women are regarded as human.

It might be hard to understand why these men, who committed the sin of entering a woman’s only train car when the others were full, would stand by and take such abuse without defending themselves.  Sure, the police/thug enforcers are certainly deterrents.  But it is likely possible that there is another reason.

All I had to do to understand was to think of my father.

He was a veteran of two wars, complete with bullet holes, white phosphorus scars and pieces of shrapnel embedded in his back.  He was also a golden gloves boxer. Not someone to be messed with.  But I think he would have taken the slaps (if not the humiliating squats) just like the men in the video.  In his time it was unthinkable for a man like him to hit a woman, even when under attack.

But he was a man when men were honored for what they did. He didn’t grow up and live with forty years of people telling him he was a pig, and that everything he did to protect women was just a cover for oppressing and abusing them.

Now me, however? I am quite certain that I would have cold cocked the first woman that lay a hand on me, and taken down as many attackers as I could, male or female, police or civilian, before I went down, which I am sure would have happened before it was over.

I think that is the effects of feminism and misandry, if the two really are distinguishable.  I don’t feel bound by a code to protect women, sacrifice for them, and certainly not to be their punching bag because they think I got uppity and forgot my place.  I watch this video and only see the disgrace of hired thugs posing as law enforcement, of immoral women gone drunk and stupid with power, counting on the fact that the men still regard them as untouchable.

Keep it up, India.  Eventually your men will lose their reverence, and their fear, and then you can celebrate Human Rights Day at the train station, with blood on the platform.

And I will not fault your men for one drop of it.  Even a dog will come out fighting if you put him in a corner long enough and kick him.

  • http://uchalla.wordpress.com Uma


  • http://uchalla.wordpress.com Uma
  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/learnercurious1 Richard Brown

    It occurred to me as I watched the video that my mother threatened me as a teenager that if I struck a woman she would kick my ass.Dam it I should have kicked the girls ass instead of listening to my mother.No man or woman should be abused.

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/learnercurious1 Richard Brown

    Thank You Uma for the India website!!!!

  • 4thtroika

    Everyone talks about how stupid it is to poke a wounded animal. I guess wounded animals have more value than wounded men. And the poking goes on.

  • Y

    “I am quite certain that I would have cold cocked the first woman that lay a hand on me, and taken down as many attackers as I could, male or female, police or civilian, before I went down, which I am sure would have happened before it was over.”

    I second that emotion.

    • Pankaj

      Its because you don’t face this situation everyday. Indian men do. It is just a part of life for them. To make matters worse many cannot affort to or never consider emigration. Indian men are taught not to resist physically, right from school days (sounds familiar, doesnt it?). Apparently the motto most Indian men grow up with is – “Don’t resist, it only makes things worse”. This has prompted Indians to develop the best “work around” skills ever!

      Ain’t Patriarchy great? How about all those “family-oriented” women that western men talk about?

  • Introspectre

    The sad thing is, those men in India, were probably only on the woman’s train car because the others were overcrowded and only the woman’s car had any room left. In the unfair Indian employment climate, it was probably a case of ride the woman’s train and get to work on time, or, wait for space on other cars, miss two or three trains because of it and lose your job, (and then your girlfriend or wife soon afterwords). If I was there I probably would have been shot by police, as I would have retaliated against that blatant bigotry too.

    Paul, your father got hit with white phosphorous? That shit will burn right through bones! I hope your dad was properly honored for what he faced.

  • http://avoiceformen.com Paul Elam

    Actually, Introspectre, he wasn’t. He struggled for many years with getting adequate disability from his combat related injuries and lived in chronic pain. He died at 62 from Alzheimers Disease, which he probably got from exposure to agent orange (he was an advisor in Viet Nam in ’65) He was “awarded.” Three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star from the Korean War, which he kept sequestered in the bottom drawer of his dresser.

    I didn’t even know about them till I was 17.

    • Introspectre

      I had feared it would be something to that effect.

  • http://498aterminator.blogspot.com/ 498aTerminator

    It is time the world realize the real fraud that India is as a Democracy, to call herself the, “Worlds Largest Democracy,” is a sham. Here is why, Divorce for a Man in India is a joke, it can turn into a Criminal act, Draconian Laws like the new Domestic Violence Act 2005 are designed to be Male Biased and Women centric. Other Criminal laws include IPC 498a one of the most abused laws by women against her husband and his family to extort money by not only threatening Jail but merely calling the cops and sending the husbands entire family to prison, without getting bail and spending 5-7 years running for court house to court house, being a criminal case there is no expense or repercussions to the Women. Plus this law makes the Man guilty until proven innocent, is this DEMOCRACY?
    In a sentence Indian Family Law is Criminal Law, and one of the most Draconian Laws anywhere in a Democracy.
    India is one of the most corrupted nations on earth and only getting worst daily, have you looked at any news out of India recently, well corruption from Politicians to CEO’s is rampant and unstoppable by the weak minded Indian government run by Indian Eunuch PM Man Mohan Singh.

    Visit my blog for more details and over 1300 articles and reports.


    • witman

      Yes, that is Democracy by it’s very definition!

      Ben Franklin said “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. A Constitutional Republic is a well armed sheep disputing the vote!”

      Democracy is a sham because 51% of the voters can impose their will on the rest of the population (including children). This is more evident when people form voting blocks or lobby groups. The USA is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic but has gone through democracy into fascism in the last few decades. India is a true democracy and you’ll not get anything done until you get the men into a voting block to put pressure on the politicians.

    • Pankaj

      I say this to any Indian man (or woman) who calls himself an Indian citizen – that he is unknowingly enslaving himself, that he has exactly the same rights any slave had in any slave society.

      You live, as long as you do not offend your master (or his minions)
      You may keep what your master allows you to, of your own earnings.
      You may possess only things your master allows you to keep.
      You may not travel unless you carry your master’s stamp with you.
      And if you resist any of these things, the master has the right to kill you.

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