Child abusing judge Kelly continues rampage



Kelly Bans Halburn From First Day Of Child’s School

Judge Loses Case In Court Of Public Opinion

The case of Halburn vs. Halburn got brutal on the first day of school.


Mark Halburn, the Publisher of simply wanted what all normal parents want: To share his first day of school memories with his son, Matthew.



However, Halburn’s ex-wife, Dolores MartinDolores Martin, accused Mark Halburn of wanting to “Make a scene” and asked controversial Kanawha County Family Court Judge Michael J. Kelly to keep Halburn from Winfield Elementary School, where Matthew was transferred-at her request, because she says Forest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church would not enroll him in their day care-which Pastor Dan Hogan never said happened, and the day care’s director, Terry, said “never happened.”


“Judge Kelly is domestic violence,” says Mark Halburn. “He divides families and creates anger with his maniacal decisions. This is the same psychopath that refused to let my son visit his grandmother before she died. The West Virginia Supreme Court should have removed Kelly from the bench years ago. How will they restore the first day of school memories with my son? How will they restore his memory of a final visit with his grandmother? The Court’s misbehavior is obscene! Kelly is a power-hungry, mentally demented judicial thug!”


As for Dolores Martin’s mental state, that hasn’t been officially assessed. She failed to take the court-ordered parental psych exam. Instead of Kelly forcing her to comply with the court order and taking custody of Matthew from her, Kelly only fined her $100, (for contempt of court) a fraction of what Halburn paid for his exam ($800) and less than what it cost him to take a day off work as a substitute teacher in the Kanawha County Schools.

“It would have been cheaper for me to cut the $100 check,” says Halburn. “Instead, I complied with the order and Kelly blew Dolores a kiss.”

In the Court of Public Opinion, Kelly has lost. Facebook and other comments clearly back Halburn and are putting West Virginia’s family law system back on the national stage where the misbehavior of Putnam County Family Law Judge William M. “Chip” Watkins had The Mountain State last year- the judge that Halburn exposed, internationally, for screaming in court. The videos, published first by, went viral, and led to Watkins downfall.


Halburn believes Kelly and the court system are abusing Mark and Matthew in retaliation for getting Watkins suspended for the remaining four years of his term.


“Obviously this is payback from the Courts,” says Halburn. “Their motives and misbehavior is transparent retaliation. But to take it out on a dying grandmother and a five-year-old boy? Judge Kelly and his colleagues take unprofessionalism and mental cruelty to a new high.”

“Appalling behavior,” says Dean Esmay, of, via Facebook. “Child abuse, honestly no better term for it.”

“This Ex Parte Order eviscerates Mark Halburn’s rights as a father to participate in his 8 year-old son, Matthew’s school academic and scholastic activities,” says Bruce Eden of Dads Against Discrimination.” This Ex Parte Order was obtained unfairly and unjustly by Dolores Halburn (k/n/a Dolores Martin) by using unfair procedural and tactical advantage.  Judge Kelly has sided with Ms. Martin continuously throughout the history of this case because of Mr. Halburn’s public media website wherein Mr. Halburn has taken Judge Kelly to task for constitutional rights violations of Mr. Halburn and his son.”

“Mark, I am soooo sorry,” says Pam Hein, via Facebook. “I wish I could help in some way. My husband had to deal with some of this kind of junk (even though his kids were late teens) when I married him. I sure wish I knew why some folks have such hate in them. We had to deal with stuff like this with his kids and his ex-wife for 14 years. It is mind-boggling how some people think. I believe that they are so very bitter and it could be because of something in their past. I truly can empathize with your situation.”

“Mark just keep doing what u are doing file out the paper work u need to cause when he is old enough to check things out for himself no matter what she has told him the proof of your love for him will be there he will know that you fought for him every step of the way,” says Kathy Cuzzort Presley, via Facebook. “Like someone else posted to u it is going to come back and bite her in the butt big time. He will find out that she has lied to him all these years.”

“That’s so sad,” says Sabrina Leighann Ledford, via Facebook. “Hang in there. Something has got to give soon. Bad judges will go down. Look at Watkins and now the judge in Mingo county. If Kelly continues it looks like he may be next. Every courtroom needs an honest judge like David Born of Marion county. He is everything a judge should be. WV should be proud to have at least one honest judge on the bench. Praying for you.”

“It’s going to come back and bite her in the butt!!” says Vickie Hart Sharpe, via Facebook.

Finally, one of Dolores Martin’s family members has this to say: “She is a witch!! Great story!,” says Kimberly Smith Case.

Later it was revealed that Martin wrote Kelly a letter saying that she feared Mark might “make a scene” at Matthew’s first day. She was responding to his Facebook comments, the day before, that he was concerned that she would try to stop him from seeing Matthew on his first day. He was right. She did exactly that.


In fact, Mark has never been accused of such conduct at any Putnam County Schools-and, in fact, went to Winfield Police Chief John J. Perrine with a request that an officer accompany him to visit Matthew in order to handle everything properly. Later, Perrine served Mark with the order in the street outside of the school.

“For a judge to issue an order based on someone saying that I might “make a scene” is an abuse of authority,” says Halburn. “Should I write a letter saying that I fear Matthew will be harmed by Dolores and get an order banning her from having contact with her son? Where is her evidence?”

Earlier this year, Halburn filed a lawsuit against Kelly for violating his civil rights over Kelly’s ban on Matthew visiting his grandmother. In a visible show of the West Virginia court corruption that’s similar to that making headlines in Mingo County, Fayette Circuit Judge John Hatcher, Jr., tossed the lawsuit saying Halburn didn’t file “Points of Law” by July 26th, 2013. However, Halburn filed them July 23rd, 2013. Hatcher then refused to reverse his corrupt order and Halburn filed an appeal with the West Virginia Supreme Court.

“I was looking forward to telling the justices about Kelly’s cruelty in refusing to let Matthew have a final visit with his grandmother,” says Halburn. “Now I get to add Kelly’s refusal to let me share Matthew’s first day of school. How are they going to fix Kelly’s epic screwups? Removing him from the bench isn’t enough. These are priceless moments that no family should be forced to go without. I hold the West Virginia Supreme Court, which has refused many requests, from me and other people, to remove Kelly from the bench, professionally responsible for his misbehavior. Real justices don’t allow judges like Kelly to terrorize families and little children.”


Brent D. Benjamin

Brent D. Benjamin

Halburn is planning an emergency appeal to the West Virginia Supreme Court regarding being able to visit Matthew at school. He already filed another Motion for Recusal and Disqualification. So far, Chief Justice Brent D. Benjamin has refused to recuse Kelly, showing that bad judges stick together. We will let you know if the West Virginia Supreme Cour of Appeals suddenly shows respect for families, common sense and common decency or continues to back lunatic Kelly’s misbehavior.

Meanwhile, Kelly has announced that he is retiring at the end of 2013. “He doesn’t want to face all the fathers that are lining up to trash him at the candidate forums,” says Halburn. “He throws his power around from his bench. Deep down he’s a coward.”

Editor’s note: this is a reprint from For previous stories on the antics of the kangaroo court judges of West Virginia, see West Virginia family court corruption and incompetence, Judge Michael J. Kelly Conflict of Interest, and, for related stories of other West Virginia child-abusers-from-the-bench, see our previous coverage of cases like that of Child-abusing judge Lori Betler Jackson. –DE

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  • John Narayan (KARMA MRA MGTOW)

    Bet the MGTOW crowd in that part of the world feel vindicated with their lifestyle. :)

  • JJ

    Let all of you crooked WV judges all the way up and down the court system know that we are watching you. Also, let all your counterparts know, that the fatherhood movement is growing in leaps and bounds. Try and stop us, PLEASE!

    You can’t, we all both men and women, see through your epic bull shit. Men are not women, we don’t take kindly to your brand of unconstitutional intrusion.

    The time is coming where you cowards are going to run out of leverage and room to move. Be good little cowards, and save yourselves the embarrassment of being shown your true nature the world over, and resign.

    This is not a threat of violence, but of court, and civil tort processes, and internet exposure the world over. I pray that someday, people will see your name on a list, and act accordingly by exercising their right as citizens and having you A removed, and B thrown in prison where you all truly belong. It is so sad that you assholes only have Hell to look forward to.

    I would pity you. But I am all out of pity. Only civil tort action, and subsequent removal from positions that none of you deserve will do.

    If you have done this to one man who is bravely defending himself, how many do you casually sweep under the rug?

    • Dean Esmay

      The fact is that there are a million Mark Hallburns.

      Hallburn’s just got two things going for him: the willingness to document everything he says (it’s sad most guys won’t do this) and the balls to stand up and risk the wrath of the court system. Because of those two things, we’ll back him every step of the way, and hope others follow his example

      It’s really hard to stand out there and take the chances and the withering fire. He gets constant abuse, not just from these judges but from loser moron assholes (like this weird stalkery group calling themselves “Putnam Lies,” God what a bunch of slackjawed mouthbreathing morons) and others who call him crazy and obsessed and worse–for wanting to be in his son’s life and for not giving up.

      Kick ass, Mark, and don’t stop until every one of these pieces of shit in robes realize what they are: professional child abusers.

      • JJ

        What is frustrating for me is that even with the documents, the court still just tells you to show your finances, and all she has to do is provide a statement.

        It does not necessarily have to be true because they don’t really care what she makes. Or how she spends it, and abuses your status as a parent.

        As long as they can charge you with as a high as an order as possible, and maybe imprison you as needed if you can’t; they could care less what your ex does. Mine moved to Europe without telling me. Denied my visitation for a year and a half, and has stalled, obfuscated, and denied my every request.

        Th court’s response: “How much you make JJ?”

        It is all about money, and catering to the gender that makes them and all their host of cronies the most money.

        We can’t change this soon enough, and will most likely never be able to make the MF’s pay.

  • greg

    Judges are DV and Child Abusers, but Rapist is more appropo from my experience.

    • Jared Spencer

      Rapists? How? I think there had been quite enough of that label being slapped, stamped and embossed frivolously about.

      Child abuse? Denying a child proper presence and interaction with a patent.. ok. But rapist? Feminists own machine guns that go Bbrrrrapeapeapeapessssst.

      I would respectfully request that term be used to describe actual rape and not placed where there was no actual rape observed.

    • DragonFire

      I don’t really see how you could possibly label this rape….although, since the definition of rape seems to be redefined every 20 seconds…maybe it could be.

      Regardless, let’s not get hysterical…it’s corruption, and it’s punishing a child for an adult’s actions….actions, moreover, that have no bearing on him as a parent.
      And that is disgusting!

      • greg

        Feminists say rape is not about sex, but Power, Control,Domination, Hurting, Controlling, Humiliating, Violence, etc.

        I’ve just described a family court judge.

        My Son’s and I were Violently Raped by Orders of Protection. No other word fits.

  • Jared Spencer

    Taking sides from the bench…I know that judges are only human but I think they need to stop each day and remember that the effigy of justice wears a blindfold. Evidence and fact seem to be losing to opinion and insinuation in these courtrooms.

    What a crying shame. what an UNAMERICAN crying shame. The berobed version of the internet troll.

    • OldGeezer

      UNAMERICAN, you say?! I beg to differ.

      The so-called “justice system” in the U.S. is an integral part of its overall governance and always has been. One need only consider how so many legal concepts and precedents contrary to individual freedoms were established in the first place. The whole notion of “corperate personhood” is, perhaps, one of the most noteworthy examples, but there are many others.

      In many respects, “feminism” is merely symptomatic of a much broader range of activities that are currently promoted and facilitated via ALL instumentalities of “western” governance and its paid sponsorship in order to emasculate and control those segments of society (mostly male) whose potential for active and effective counter-action they fear most. It helps, of course, if they can keep the focus on the diverse symptoms and on various incidental “enemies” rather than on the disease itself and its true etymology.

      • crydiego

        Your second paragraph is so spot on!!

      • Jared Spencer

        Excellent points! I suppose when I say “unamerican” I speak from a point of view where the constitution is worded to include all of mankind and the justice system is meant to mete out just that- justice.

        Am idealized frame of mind, I know, but a great future to work towards.

  • Andy Bob

    One day, in the not-too-distant future, Matthew Halburn will demand answers to many questions. Why his father didn’t attend his first day of school and why he couldn’t see his grandmother before she died will be among them.

    Thanks to public documentation by his father, and sites like AVfM, he won’t need to look very far to discover the truth. This will only lead to even greater misery when he becomes embittered towards his mother and the system which enabled and supported his mother’s campaign of cruelty against himself, his father and his grandmother.

    Any bleating about his ‘best interests’ will only add insult to injury and deepen his sense of the betrayal perpetrated by his vengeful mother and the court officials who chose to vindicate it.

    Whatever satisfaction may be derived from the force with which Dolores Martin’s actions will come back to bite her is entirely neutralized by the fact that the damage she has wrought can never be undone. My heart goes out to Mark Halburn, his son and his late mother.

    With the growing proliferation of cases like this, one is left to wonder at the breathtaking audacity of 20/20’s Elizabeth Vardas publicly dismissing and trivializing key issues of the MHRM such as this. I suspect that the blowback will do more than put her stylist in a tizzy.

    • JJ

      It has begun.

      The big media sites are interviewing PE is a big lesson to me. They are taking notice, and they can’t deny it for long. Many moderators on their comment section are going to be befuddled first, and potentially sympathetic second in the face of the onslaught of the MHRM. They can’t deny our message, just hope and pray that we go away. Yeah, there goes hope. Even if the US Government makes a crack down on us, that is purely making us martyrs.

      The rest, well, we are already aware of their behavior and stubborn refusal to even acknowledge us, let alone change their terrible child murdering behavior.

      Eventually, these judges will “retire, and refuse to run for office again.” Just like the bitch-ass Kelley has. He knows the writing is on the wall, and is taking his pot shots at Halliburn while he can. I hope to God we can make him pay for it. I hope and pray that we can make an example of him post-haste. Judges around the country will take note, I don’t believe they are unaware of us. If they are, I hope before the 2016 elections they are very aware of us! And just decide not to run. I have said for a long time we should go after judges, they have the most devastating power, but are the easiest link in the chain to move as no one really pays attention to their races.

  • Alessandro

    What can a citizen do when a judge a is child abuser?

    • Dean Esmay

      Document it. Publish it. Get active in getting them thrown off the bench one way or the other. Get used to being called names and having horrible things said about you as a result. Break on through and do it anyway.

      Is it difficult? You fucking bet. But you want to be part of changing things? Be like Mark Hallburn. Seriously.

  • tamerlame

    Get the state out of peoples lives. Anarchy! lol

    There is no reforming this rotten system. Judges should not exist full stop, no one should have that power over a family.

    • DragonFire

      Ok, I think that’s a bit far.
      There are damaged men, and damaged women, who DO Need to be kept away from their families, for the families protection.

      What we need is a stop to the pussy pass, a stop to automatically assuming that cause a women squeezes out a few tears, she’s a victim.
      We need judges to start demanding evidence, and punishing accusations made without it. Instead, it seems we have the opposite.

      But doing away with judges altogether?
      No..I don’t think that’s an answer.

  • Lastango

    I put no faith in state supreme courts.

  • Grunt

    I think it was General Sherman that said the best way to do away with odious laws is to vigorously enforce them. I guess the corrupt family court judges are unknowingly carrying water for the MGTOW philosophy, because each time a story like the one above hits the news, another crop of men swear off from marriage. Often permanently. Only sad part is the fathers and children that have their lives turned upside down.

    • crydiego

      Marriage has become a contract for an indentured servant.