Radfems ousted from Conway Hall!

I just had the pleasure of a skype conversation with the one and only Agent Orange. I felt compelled to speak with AO after discovering that the pro-violence bigots at Radfem Hub were just dealt a significant blow, courtesy in part of the Agent Orange Files.

Conway Hall, a London convention center and speaking venue where the Radfem group was scheduled to have an upcoming “conference,” issued a statement explaining why the Radfem group is now banned from that venue.

“We had sought assurances that the organizers would allow access to all, in order to enable the event to proceed at the venue. We also expressed concern that particular speakers would need to be made aware that whilst welcoming progressive thinking and debate, Conway Hall seeks to uphold inclusivity in respect of both legal obligations and as a principle.”[1]

The language is polite, but the message is clear. They don’t want to do business with a bunch of bigots.

AO sent them selections from the Agent Orange Files a week ago. Those files have also been making the rounds in the transgendered community recently (also via AO), and have spawned a great deal of protest from there.

This was not just about their exclusion of transgender people, though, and they are being lambasted for it across the board. In addition to being exposed by activists on the MRM side, an increasing amount of heat is coming from other directions.

Even feminists at the wildly liberal Democratic Underground[2] have also scrutinized this group of violent bigots and is raising their voice in objection.

One feminist that goes by Catherina there had a message for them:

Everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of identity, is quickly realising that your odious views have no place within our future.


This series of events raises several matters of much significance. One, the fact that these goons have been denied a venue makes it much easier to make sure they are denied other venues.  We now have precedent that we can refer to repeatedly that shows a clear mainstream rejection of their bigoted agenda. I don’t think it helps the SPLC either that they are publicly supporting and accepting money from an organization so rife with bigotry that they cannot even muster the credibility to pay for a venue in a liberal environment.  Just saying.

We also gain from feminists being forced to go after each other publicly. Who cares if feminists at Democratic Underground don’t get that they are just as culpable as the Radfems? I don’t. I am happy to use their rhetoric against the slightly more extreme versions of typical feminists, and then to use it again on the “less” extreme when appropriate.

But here is the kicker. Radfem has already announced that they are going to carry on with their conference at “an alternative venue.”

Uh, don’t bet the farm on it.

We now have Conway Hall on public record as rejecting Radfem for their bigotry and exclusionary policies. And we have the AO files. And now we have pressure building against them from the transgendered community.

We are going on the attack wherever they go, and we are going to do it FTSU style. So I suggest this group of “wimmen born wimmen” better start looking for private property on which to utter their hateful incantations and burn their crosses, because wherever they go in the public realm we are going to follow up with immediate action to get them booted, just as they were from Conway Hall.

Score one for the team. We are going to marginalize this group of fucking psychos completely out of existence.



In case you have spent the last 8 months under a huge block of granite, here is Robert O’Hara’s devastating exposé, which tells you exactly who the Radfem’s are.

And of course the Agent Orange Files:

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  • Zerbu

    And guess what? They just announced that their banning was discrimination based on the fact that they’re a female-only organization. Typical feminist mentality. I can’t post the link because it’s blocked by the spam filter.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      This is not “discrimination.” This is what’s called being held *A*C*C*O*U*N*T*A*B*L*E* for one’s actions and receiving a *C*O*N*S*E*Q*U*E*N*C*E*, which I’m sure is a novel experience for many of the radfems.

      Hey, guys! The radfems broke their accountability cherry!

      • Paul Elam

        Is that AIV sex? Accountability-in-vagina? Or is it more like AIA? :)

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Whichever orifice was, I sure hope that Conway Hall got the Radfems’ consent, otherwise, they’ll be claiming rape along with discrimination. 😉

        • Phil in Utah

          Paul, stop! You’re killing me! 😀

        • Valerie_Solanas
        • Valerie_Solanas

          In reviewing conway hall’s facebook, in comparison with other info I believe the madfem “S@r@ T*ee” (symbols to break up search results) is in fact “Ro//se V#er#be#na” a blogger, tumblr, twitr, huffpo, madscum superentity. Neither “name” is real, but are likely sockpuppetz, FYI 😉

      • Rad

        Property Rights > discrimination

        Yesterday, I discriminated against a cheese sandwich that was sitting next to a roast beef sandwich by buying only the roast beef.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier


    This is really, really sweet.

    Still, it’s about bigotry towards the transgendered and not so much (at all) about their bigotry toward men, but it’s a start.

    • JinnBottle

      Doctor T – That was exactly my thought.

    • Stu

      Yes, their bigotry towards transgendered is because…..they are men…or used to be men….however you may see it. I suppose they are bigoted towards women who trans to men as well. Either way, the maleness is what the bigotry is about.

  • Tawil

    Pure poetry… who among them would have thought such a savvy, witty and edgy group of gals could suddenly be rendered hateful imbeciles in the public eye. Anyone hear the sound of self-esteem hitting the concrete?

  • Rog

    All is good here
    spread the word as much as possible
    carry on with FTSU!

    have a great weekend guys i know i will now :)

  • Rog

    i think i`ll grow a neckbeard to commemorate this wondrous event!

    just sayn heh.

  • Roland3337

    I love this. I just f*cking love it. Maybe the world is not so ass-backwards as it so often seems.

    The best part for me, is the rotten egg on SPLC’s face.

    Somebody needs to buy AO a beer.

  • Dan Moore (Factory)


    • Fr Bob

      What an awsome day I read this article then a liitle way down in the comments I see Dan Moore’s name woo hooo Factory great to see ya here brother.


        When you in Melbourne next?

        Bring paint brushes.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    “Everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of identity, is quickly realising that your odious views have no place within our future.” This is code for “don’t embarass us.” It is code for “Don’t blow our cover.” It is code for: “We need sufficient compartmentalization so that crimes against humanity, malpractice and sundry other extreme injustices can be committed under a ‘just following policy’ basis by smiling bureaucrats with sing-songy voices who will ‘push the button’ on someone without even knowing or caring what it means.” — — “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

    • backdatdonkeyup

      Good one Robert St.Estephe The Prophets of Logic here at AVfM saw this coming, at latest just weeks ago. But also A long time before that.
      First they will align with us, then try join with us. Aligning with us is fine, but joining is diluting.
      That message you quoted is excellent news for us, the radicals are getting ousted, or at least having to hide. meaning they can’t push such extreme views (and laws) with the efficiency they have been using.

    • JFinn

      Robert nailed it. Frankly, I prefer dealing with radfems, rather than conniving creepy sociopaths like Karvunidis or especially Neely Steinberg.

  • ZimbaZumba

    Something very satisfying about this. However, from an MRM perspective it might have been advantageous to let them publicly spew their bile. This would show to all what they really are, I think mainstream media is close to being willing to report on this now.

    A few vile sound bites from the likes of Sheila Jeffreys is worth a ton of gold for the MRM.

    • The Real Peterman

      I pretty much agree. But I also understand why the management of a venue would turn away a group that discriminates.

    • knightrunner

      It would be great if we could get someone on the inside. A woman to infiltrate their meeting with a recording device.

      • Trekkie1701

        I’d volunteer for that job, but i get the feeling we’d need a woman for that….. any volunteers ladies?

    • The Real Peterman

      Alright, reading stuff like this will reduce any sympathy you may have for these people:

    • Kali Cilak

      Fail, brah!

  • Rog

    a little OT but i noticed that the bill to outlaw abortion based on sex didnt pass so the radfems still won that one today…..

    • Kali Cilak

      That’s not TOTALLY winning for them. Kind of a half-win. THINK about it.
      No matter. Rad fems are quite knowledgeable about induced abortions with natural substances. No “doctor” required!

  • Jared White

    Chalk one up for the good guys.

  • Kimski

    I agree with Rog.
    It’s going to be a GREAT weekend. I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy here, and can hardly stop smiling.

    So..Who’s next?

  • Dr. F

    So what we have here is a bunch of growlers with torches and pitchforks knocking on the door and there’s sign on it for them saying, “Piss Off.”

    My o my.

    Doesn’t the ripple of snarls just snake along the start of that lot from the door to the last idiot at the back who’s holding the bucket of sacred goat blood ?

    Sorry fuckfaces, your pitchforks are drooping from your fetid breath, and you might as well keep the shrinking fire from your torches alive with your farts on the way to a cowpat sprinkled paddock in the land of ‘Ha Bloody Ha Ha.’

    I d i o t s

  • Zarathos022

    Once again, U Mad, Radfems?

    • Zarathos022

      BTW, I just posted the link to this article on their Facebook page (don’t worry, you can do that without having to “like” their page). Anyone care to take a guess how long it will be before some butthurt radfems take it down and wax poetical about what an “evil, male scumbag” I am?

      • Steve_85

        30 seconds!

        • Zarathos022

          I’ll check back tomorrow and see for myself.

          • Zarathos022

            Yep, they removed it alright. And blocked me from their little Facebook pissing grounds.

            Guess they didn’t have any worthwhile “logic” to fire back at me with.

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier


            So the Radfems can control and exercise their (cyber) property rights by choosing who they will and will not allow on their FB premises. Yet, when Conway Hall does the same thing, it’s discrimination against Women. (Insert thunder and lightning sound effects here with a reverb effect).

            Let me guess their response when confronted with this hypocrisy: “IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN WE DO IT!!!!!”

          • Zarathos022

            These Radfems. They’re funny people, Dr. T, funny people indeed.

  • Not buying it

    This story made my day, :)

  • Phil in Utah

    I nominate Agent Orange for MRA of the Year.

    • knightrunner

      I second your nomination.

  • Rper1959

    Brilliant! Fantastic news! Made my day big time, congrats to AO and the FTSU team.

    heres some of their response

    • George P

      From one of the comments:

      > 3. I think someone needs to post a CONCISE, bulleted list, with sources cited, of ways trans are trampling women’s rights, for all the world to see, and for us to send out.

      It’s not a patriarchy, it’s a TRANSIARCHY!

      All hail our new trans overlords! I will reluctantly accept their fabulous rule.

      • Dan Moore (Factory)

        How we can be accused of being humorless is beyond me.

    • Just1X

      I see that they do their usual lying trick of describing it as ‘women are banned’ not ‘foaming psychopaths who happen to be women are banned’.

      Still, could be good because the hall now has to publicise why they banned these psychos, or be branded mysogynistic. The hall can’t allow this slur to win as it would be catastrphic for their business to be ‘anti-wimminz’. In fact perhaps some legal action might result – FTSU

  • Rad

    Some might post on Conway Hall’s Facebook page:

    Feel free to document names and links if they come out of the woodwork.

  • C. A. George

    Excellent news! Maybe the SPLC should re-think aligning themselves with these types.

  • AntZ

    Score one for the good team! A victory for equality and a blow against intolerant and sexist feminists!

  • Patrick Henry


  • scatmaster

    I did not see the proposed list of speakers.

    Was Pamela O’Shitbird going to speak?

    I guess she prefers to hide in her dank musky slippery cave and spew her anti-male vitriol save she be outed in the MSM and her book sales plummet. Though most wimmin would still buy her books at the same time screeching

    “y’all go grrrrrrl!!!


    The hypocracy is astounding really. They are all upset about “trannies” and evil doer males invading “women only spaces”….



  • Strange

    I had no idea Agent Orange had got involved with this – brilliant!

    There was coverage in The Guardian about this intended RadFem conference, firstly by a trans-woman:

    who highlighted the RadFem attitude to transgender people, especially that of Sheila Jeffreys. She was then banned from speaking, but she was given a right of reply in The Guardian:

    And now it seems the whole bloody lot of them have been given the boot, thanks to AO! Ha!

    The icing on this particular cake is that the type of poison typical of RadFems has also been given a public airing in the Mainstream press. A lot of the self-described feminist and liberal readers were pretty shocked at what organised feminism is really about.

  • scatmaster

    Just posted this on SPLC’s Facebook page

    See screen cap below as I am sure it will disappear shortly:

    As Dan stated:



    Disappeared already. In a new world record time.

    • Zarathos022

      Did they block you from the page as well? Because I know that’s what the Radfems did with me after posting this article on their Facebook page.

      • scatmaster

        I can still access their page even after they removed the post.

        • Zarathos022

          I meant block you from commenting again. Sorry. Should have said that.

  • keyster

    FYI – The schism between Feminists and Transgendered activist groups began when Feminists managed to shut down funding towards a Transgender Research program at John Hopkins University several years ago.

    Transgender Groups have NOT forgotten this betrayal of the “sisterhood”.

    • Valerie_Solanas

      Amen. Though their trans-exterminationist agenda is more our motivation than Janice Raymond’s spew. It’s war to the knife. P.S. I know the Radfem terror cells monitor the boards; I re-appropriated Val Solanas name for myself. They say we appropriate THEIR bodies (eww), so why not appropriate their goddess? 😉

      • keyster

        You’ll notice the MRA Arena is devoid of bigotry against anyone for anything, except those that promote bigotry against men and boys.

        • Stu

          Actually keyster I’d disagree with that. There are people in the MRA who see it as a platform to support their traditionalist or religious lifestyle bias. For example, if Sasha Grey came here and supported the MRM, how many rocks do you think she’d have thrown at her. What is she doing to promote misandry. Just one example.

          • Raven01

            The same Sasha Grey that made her money sucking dick and fucking 5 & 6 guys at a time and, then came out on the anti-porn/men are bad for wanting to see it platform?
            Yeah, I’d throw a few metaphorical rocks at her over her hypocracy and misandry (as mild as it is). So, I’m not sure I follow.
            I do think Keyster might have overstated it just a bit. We have had out own bigots every now and then. The difference being that this behaviour is quickly and loudly called out in the MRM. We self-regulate in a way that no feminist organization I’ve ever seen does. So, I get where he is coming from on this as well.

          • Stu

            As far as I know, Sasha Grey hasn’t said anything bad about men who watch porn. She’s given up making porn, because she’s basically done it to death. But I believe she still has a very raunchy private sex life. Not sure who you are thinking of, but I think you mean Linda Lovelace. Yes I’d throw rocks at her too. She seemed to get brainwashed by religious zealots, and convinced that she was big victim, even though all she done was have fun and make money. And aren’t those religious zealots preaching pretty much the same message in regards to sex as…….radfems. And don’t we have them right here in the MRM?

          • Raven01

            Whoops, my mistake. You are correct she is the one that thought porn was liberating.
            Withholding all rocks aimed at Sasha.
            Thanks for catching my error.

        • Valerie_Solanas

          I respect that. Nevertheless we are all of us targets of their agenda, and the enemy of my enemy…. Transactivists are getting all the credit from R.V. el al over on the H8erHub for Conway Hall; but it was an allied effort. They are screaming for “supersecretsailormoonninja” revenge, of course. 😉

  • DruidV

    This is huge!

    FTSU is here. FTSU is there. FTSU is EVERYWHERE!!!


    Hats off to A.O.!!!

    Watch out campus wymyn’s centers. You’re next…

  • Perseus

    The psychology behind VladFem persecution of transgender is that it threatens their ordained status as ‘female’. If the possibility of a male obtaining female status exists, then the myth of inherent, goddess given, inalienable female superiority as the de facto royal bloodline implodes.

    Sick sick. Sick fucks. And yes, the depth of evil manifest in mainstream feminism is perpetually and inextricably calibrated to that of ‘radical’ feminism. Make no fucking mistake about that.

    • Fidelbogen

      In other words, the RadFems are essentialists, and accepting the trannies as “women” would force them to modify their position — even to a point that would threaten wreckage to their worldview.

      Remember that they were discussing the genetic modification of men as a future project.

      The problem with men, as they see it, is genetic.

      So once again, these RadFems are essentialists.

      It is important to bear that in mind, because the conventional rhetoric tells us a completely different story about feminism.

      Feminism is not “supposed” to be essentialist, but in plain fact, essentialist attitudes are rife among feminists of every shade.

      So we must always look at feminism with our own eyes, and straightforwardly SEE what it is, and reject orthodox narratives about it.

      These RadFems are the future of feminism; they are what feminism will turn into, on a larger scale, if left to its evolutionary trajectory.

      • Valerie_Solanas

        Feminism WILL NOT be left up to the radfemz. We will defeat them by any means necessary. Whether they meet or not is immaterial; they scizzor together online, tweeting and tumblring 24/7. The PR defeats they take are the real Thunderdome. Careful planning here, let their venom overrule their restraint, and we may deal them another butthurtz. 😉

        • Fidelbogen

          I will watch, and see how long “liberal” feminism continues existing without the radfemz to serve as pathbreakers and as a source of vitality.

          BTW: Interesting screen name you have chosen.

          • Valerie_Solanas

            Its my nomme de guerre. It is instantly recognizable by my enemy and causes much sputtering and frothing. They scream and wail about appropriation, so I’m just playing the role they assigned.

            You are correct in how feminism to date has been directed by its radical fascist fringe, but they have invested most of their time and effort trying to DESTROY the trans community. The Trans representation is FAR larger now than in the 1970’s, and is no longer a group that is politically fashionable to hate. Since the h8rfemz have “wedded” (lol) themselves to this unpopular position, they lose the MASSIVE power they would otherwise wield? Consider a universe in which they had NOT picked a war on trans, and tell me if they have more support there or in this universe?

    • The Real Peterman

      Also, they think that one of us will put on a dress and go to their conference and “spy” on them. Because men are like Nazis and Stalin.

      • Valerie_Solanas

        A radfem lesbian likely would NOT wear a dress. They look a lot like very obese men with less body hair. I personally could not care less if they meet, but the PR battle they waged and LOST made objecting to the meeting worthwhile. 😉

  • Valerie_Solanas

    I want to thank you, and AO, for your efforts in exposing and frustrating the Radfemz. I have only recently become involved in the war effort to prevent trans-extermination.
    The terrorists have suggested we are acting in collusion, as they rabidly deny our identities, missing the point entirely that they have declared against EVERYONE.
    I for one appreciate your assist; we do have to keep vigilant! Like Herpes, they’ll be back! 😉

  • Agent Orange

    A Thank You from Agent Orange.

    I have been remiss in extending a hearty “Thank You” to everyone who has helped me along the way. While I may have been the fly on the wall, there are numerous others who have taken the raw data and lent their excellent penmanship and ideas for distribution to it. I am glad to be able to continue my work and take it to others. This is what teamwork is about. I could not have made the impact needed if not for the efforts of the entire team.

    I encourage others to do the same. Create yourselves. Create an Agent Green, or an Agent Yellow, or even an Agent Fuscia. Adopt new faces and new histories and support those new identities across all forms of social media. Be crafty in your efforts, be bold in your action, and be…..oh so quiet….as you infiltrate the enemy positions and begin collecting what is being said and done.

    Everyone here can be an Agent. Everyone here can make a difference.

    To those who have helped me along the way (and you know who you are!)…..Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

    • Raven01

      How about a small “a” agent Napalm or agent Daisycutter?
      And thank you Agent Orange. One simply has to point to your files to shut down so many fembots in debate.
      They just have no response when the mirror holds up that ugly image.

    • Rog

      Agent Neckbeard!

    • Valerie_Solanas

      Very true, I would love to do just that. I REALLY want to know what type of legal tactics “a certain lawyer frm Baltimore” tried to use in retaliation. I refuse to rush in without adequate CYA. Also, what kind of feminist vetting to expect? Please let me know, if you have the time. Operational security, you can, if you deem appropo, send it to my email instead if putting it up public-like?

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Louisa Strittmater of Bloomfield, N. J., who died in the 1940s Believed that men some day would revert to apes. She blamed them for “degrading”‘ women and proclaimed that all men were “vicious and contemptible” and looked forward hopefully to the day when science would enable women to bear children without the aid of men. Once woman acquired this power she wanted all male children killed at birth.

        • Valerie_Solanas

          Good info. I’m cultivating my persona; the better to infiltrate. I have a specific h8tr I want to expose to the disinfectant of daylight. I leave the direct confrontations to my trans-sisters; I have no stomach for endless tumblr battles. 😉

          • Kali Cilak

            You should DEF get some twanz only space!

  • jms5762

    Best news I have heard in a long time! Way to FTSU!

  • Hf

    Hear, hear! Nice work, AO.

  • ActaNonVerba

    The other feminists that are condemning RadFemHub don’t really care. They’re like mafia wives who are aware and passive accessories to their husbands’ actions until he is exposed. Then, they act SHOCKED and DISMAYED. Puuhhhhhllleaaasseee.

  • knightrunner

    AO:I tip my hat to you sir. Thank you.

    We need to use this feminist “civil war” to our advantage. Apply pressure in the right places. The old divid and conquer move.

  • yurlungur

    Nice to have a bit of nice news for once. :)

  • Primal

    It’s hilarious to see these subversive insiders getting a taste of their own medicine. Great work AO. Hope to see more fun and games in the future.

    In the same spirit: here’s some minor ousting in the main stream media which might be of interest:,0,1889065.story What she didn’t say is as interesting as what she did say…nothing about VAWA’s abuses, divorce, custody, etc. Notice how men get more productive doing unpleasant work once they become hitched. Looks like she hopes we will happily go back to the ‘good ole days’. It also looks like a political, social and economic catastrophe is coming. It might be wise to move to regions where OTHER men marry more reliably so that one doesn’t have to constantly cope with fatherless young sluts/punks

  • Turbo

    Great work everyone, you’re a star AO

  • Zarathos022

    Just checked their facebook page. They’re finally starting to talk about it now. They’re calling it our “attempted silencing of Radfem 2012″.

    • Kimski

      Yeah, and they have invented a new ceiling to go with the one in glass.

      They’ve named this new symbol of alleged oppression ‘the Cotton Ceiling’.

      It still remains to be seen if the new model will be installed above or beneath the one in glass, but as I predicted earlier, it won’t be long before they have to move around on all four.

      One is tempted to call the phenomenon regression by choice..

      • Valerie_Solanas

        The cotton ceiling refers to grannypanties. That is, the butchlez madfemz think mtf trans women who identify as lesbians are trying to co-opt them as sexual partners. As if. Methinks their panties are safe from ANY sane person with a modicum of taste and self-worth.

  • JonSmith

    Well I read the comments on the Conway Hall Facebook group, the articles and article comments that were posted and I’m really not sure what to think of these radical feminists. I’d call them mentally ill, or perhaps mentally subnormal were they not so potentially dangerous. And the worse part is, they have money and power! Who in their right mind let them get away with this? If they were in charge it would be like living during the Stalinist purges or the Cultural Revolution in China. No one would be safe.

    So the question is, who is supporting them? Perhaps radical feminism (or just plain old feminism) is a means for governments to oppress all people – you get the women on side to put down the men, then go for the women afterwards. Every government knows that young men are dangerous to their attempts to control society. Divide and conquer – as it were.

    This is what in fact happened in Communist Russia. I believe I read an excellent article on this very site, explaining how women could claim child support from any man based on mere accusation, which consigned the men to the goulags if they could not or would not pay.

    It’s the parallels that I see between these people and the Communists from the last century that has me convinced that they need to be stopped. I don’t wish to have my children live under a feminist dictatorship, I’ve talked to people who bear the scars from living under communist rule and they would fight and die to protect the next generation from such a fate in the future.

  • Valerie_Solanas

    Does anyone know if THIS is the true bugBrn@n?

  • Kukla

    I’m reading the NaziFem files now and all I can say is…

    I had no idea they had internet connection in mental hospitals.

    • Bewildered

      ” I had no idea they had internet connection in mental hospitals.”

      lmfao! ROFLMAO!

  • scott1978

    this is amazing , but now we have an interesting window here, with this decision being made and london being in the middle of the build up to the olympics any sort of bad publicity is really, really not wanted there is the olympics twitter and fb pages, same with the city of london and boris johnson pages , a few well placed quotes linking to the conway hall, and even the ao files and asking if london really wants a gathering of hate during a celebration like this could have one hell of an impact.

    • Kali Cilak

      You’re not vewy smawt.

  • Gamerp4

    I am glad this happened to these hairy beast, their hate and their disdain against boys and men should be highlighted at every forum and organizations there is, the world must know what feminists are breeding out of their dark vagina’s, their grouching against the half of human population is just not bearable, what happened with their so called equality.

    “The more the curtains fall, the more the world see their naked violence against men and boys”

    This is my first comment on AVFM but i am a long time reader, and a MRA.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > ” In addition to being exposed by activists on the MRM side…”

    What? You mean when men actually protest misandry effectively (that is, do more than remain silent or only grouse online) there are pro-male consequences?


    Could it be that a lesson, at too long last, is up for heeding? That, er, real life ACTIVISM, works?

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    So, not for nothing, but why isn’t AVFM seeking a date to present men’s views at Conway Hall?

    Need Wareen Farrell et alia to get onboard?

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “transgender Groups have NOT forgotten this betrayal of the ‘sisterhood’ ”

    Is no one just a little upset that trannies have shown more balls than the MRM?


    Men will do anything but stand up and act like…men!

    Again, again, again: for 50 years men got pimp-slapped and did nothing.

    How tragic. Men, who created political movements (and entire nations), chose to play “ostrich” while feminists attacked and attacked.

    Endlessly attacked because men endlessly refused to fight back.

    And still, no one’s making the connecting between counterpunching and attackers being stopped?

    Shall we now beg the trans-community to pretty-please fight for us, too?

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “Sasha Grey…given up making porn, because she’s basically done it to death”

    Nah. Just losing her looks.

    She’s starting to morph into a Greek hag version of Sharon Osbourne. If she was still a hottie, she’d still be getting “done” because she got a lot of money “doing” it.

    She was an anal queen. Literally, an ass “soul.” After letting untold guys ride 3,000 miles of her rectum, she’s seen the light?


    She’s the typical dingbat women who thinks she was “entitled” to be worshipped for her looks…and vajayjay. It’s not like she was into sex and did it for free.

    Now she’s losing her key to that realm. Some day soon she will damn men for being the callous, all-powerful patriarchs who “used” her as an object, failing to see the great philosophy ensconced in her heart.

    She will whine about males not appreciating her “whole” person when she chose to be a “hole” person.

    Grey’s anatomy, indeed.

  • Fizzy

    As great as all this is… let’s not forget:
    The only reason they ended up in any trouble is because they pissed off the trans community. They could talk about how they wanted to pave the road to RadFem with crucified men or write books on the skins of little boys and NO ONE would give a damn.

    Let’s not celebrate too early.

    • Kali Cilak

      Fail, DUDE.

  • Kali Cilak

    Oh man I can’t wait til the shame and regret kick in for CH. And all the d-bags on this board. The look on their faces and frantic backpedaling…
    It will be priceless.