Radfem Hub: the underbelly of a hate movement

Note: This article is also available in Portuguese.

Imagine that you are a fly on the wall of a private meeting. The attendees include a legislative lobbyist, an arts council member, a political writer, a bestselling novelist, a communications assistant for a national chamber of commerce, a web developer, a special education teacher and a child care worker.

What do you imagine you would hear in that meeting? Maybe plans to improve children’s education, especially those with special needs? Perhaps a call to mobilize resources to ensure school kids are not attending class hungry, or that they are safe from abuse and exploitation? Maybe you would hear concerns about the quality of education and school budgets during the global recession, or other problems faced by the upcoming and developmental generation of world citizens.

Well, one such meeting has been happening, conducted by well-placed individuals who fill the job descriptions listed above. But educational and welfare improvements were not the topics they discussed. The agenda of the meeting was the shared desire to abuse and murder children, to trap people in wooden buildings and blow them up, to throw children from, through, windows, to pursue infanticide and forced eugenics, and to seriously entertain and secretly pursue ways to exterminate half the population.

If you are waiting for a punch line, don’t.

Radfem Hub (Radfem is short for Radical Feminist), is a website featuring articles from well-known activists, many of whom are in significant real-world positions of political and social influence. The site has been the focus of some attention since Simon and Schuster novelist Pamela O’Shaughnessy, posting under the name Vliet Tiptree, penned an article there advocating human scientific experimentation and forced eugenics, in order to “extirpate” certain aspects of masculinity.

The publishers of Radfem Hub frequently profess and promote philosophical solidarity with the late Valerie Solanas, author of The Scum Manifesto, a violent ideologue who advocated the extermination of men. She also gunned down artist Andy Warhol, maiming him for life.

Some well-known figures are closely associated with the Radfem Hub. Loretta Kemsley, publisher of Moon Dance Magazine, which was given an award by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is listed as having a “board presence” on her public profile there. Sheila Jeffreys, feminist author and professor at The University of Melbourne has a public presence there  and frequently provides articles. Julie Bindle, author and columnist with The Guardian, a well read newspaper in the U.K., has also posted there. (see Wikipedia Links Below).

Underneath Radfem’s veneer of social consciousness, however, and hosted on the same website, is a private forum; the underbelly and engine room for the site as a whole. The discussions there, assumed to be out of the public eye, are virulent and hateful; often peppered with calls for violence. For a long time, they have been successful and maintaining both secrecy and anonymity. Until now.

Over the past several months an operative ,who will only be identified as Agent Orange, has successfully infiltrated the group and has collected trove of information, including over a hundred screen shots that document what can only be called the most shocking evidence of extreme hatred in the feminist movement seen to date.

Not only have these conversations been documented with screen shots but Agent Orange, with the help of an investigator, has tracked down the identities of several of these individuals. The confidence level of the information is compelling, and more is on the way.

Here is a portion of the individuals identified, along with some of their statements.

Danielle Pynnonen (screen name “Allecto”), a child care worker whose employer is unknown;

click to enlarge

Kat Pinder (screen name “Amazon Mancrusher”), a community development coordinator for the City of Perth in Australia and former U.K. Game show Big Brother contestant;

Click to enlarge

Isabelle Moreira (screen name “Izzie”), a web developer in Curitiba, Brazil;

Click to enlarge


Mary Syrett (screen name “Mary Sunshine”), a writer and member of the City of Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada;

Click to enlarge

Julie LeComte (screen name “Rain”), a communications assistant for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia;

Click to enlarge

Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York;

Click to enlarge

Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “yabawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. Regarding the mental health of women in prisons;

Click to enlarge

And of course Pam O’Shaughnesey (screen name changed from “Vliet Tipree” to “karma”), an established writer, publisher and lawyer. In this post, the complete depravity of O’shaughnessy’s ideology shines though with a clear willingness for mass murder as a “last resort.”

Click to enlarge

These screen shots represent just a sample the images and other data that document real people engaging in what can only be described as an orgy of gender hatred. What’s more, these are not individuals who live on the fringes of society. They are people who hold public offices, positions in academia and the media. Their voices and ideas are heard in legislatures all around the world and even in the chambers of the United Nations.

In the very near future, the complete body of data collected by Agent Orange will be made available to the public at large. This means that anyone interested learning more about these people and publicizing their own analyses on their blogs, Youtube channels or other media will be able to do so. It also means that interested members of the general public can voice their concerns regarding these individuals to the press, as well as anywhere these individuals may pose a direct threat, particularly to the welfare of children.

For a long time men’s advocates and others have tried to point out to politicians and the public that feminism was, at its heart, a movement rooted in hate. Those contesting this point of view claim that radical feminism isn’t recognized as legitimate by most feminists and that radical feminists aren’t taken seriously. This new information demonstrates those assumptions are false.

This data, and the mountains of it to soon follow, reveal that radical feminists with bigoted, violent leanings are thoroughly entrenched in the media, governmental and education systems worldwide, and that they are exerting their influence to further legislation and policy that reflects not only their hatred of men and boys, but a desire to put themselves in a position to inflict as much harm on them as possible.

I will be joining Paul Elam on AVfM Radio tomorrow night, when we will be speaking live with Agent Orange, who has a great deal more information and perspective on what has been happening at Radfem Hub. Another surprise guest will be appearing.








About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • Ivo Vos

    Delusions of grandeur based on unacknowledged fear always seem to result in all kinds of hate filled calls to action against non-existing enemies. As an age old recipe to accomplish nothing except some local and temporarily destruction. So the question becomes what exactly can be gained if we adopt the methods of those we are supposed to correct. In the knowledge that anybody can describe common goals, if the level of abstraction is high enough. But it is in the results of the chosen methods and practices that whatever future becomes the new, or in the case of methods proven wrong by our own history, the same old reality. It seems, Mr. Master, that you are repeating the same old mistakes without even knowing what you are talking about.

    • Cthulhu

      While I do see your point, we are not dealing with a non-existent enemy. Our enemy is very real, and we are beginning to put faces to those enemies. True that we cannot adopt their methods, but at the same time we cannot fight ‘honorably’ against them, as those methods have repeatedly been demonstrated as a recipe for failure.

      • Ivo Vos

        Right, so let’s not spend our energy on the non-existing enemies. And most honourable methods of the past had more to do with pride and were not so honourable in overall effect. Maybe the better term is white knight’s illusions. That kind of fighting will probably be a receipt for failure, as proven by history. I think we can do better than repeating history over and over.

  • MasterV

    MasterV does not reply to amateurs. He merely repeats his fundamental suspicions: that this site is a manipulative containment strategy. He further wonders if the material brought up by Agent Orange will be really all that significant. The whole thing could be what is called a “limited hang out” operation. On this, see Webster Tarpley’s analysis of the various Wikileaks document dumps arranged by Assange (though the Master does not necessarily agree with Tarpley’s analysis of Assange’s psychology, which goes into the realm of the ad hominem.)

    • Tawil

      Below is a piece by psychologist Albert Bernstein regarding how to spot a paranoid personality. (Please excuse capital letters which are in the original
      http://www.albernstein.com/id61.htm )

      PARANOID VAMPIRES: are visionaries who search hard for the Truth. They see things that others can’t. The question is whether those things are really there.

      LOOK FOR: Absolute certainty about themselves and their beliefs, and distrust of everything else.
      DRAW YOU IN WITH: Virtue, creativity, perceptiveness, protectiveness, and deliverance from evil.
      DRAIN YOU BY: Jealousy, unshakable prejudices, constant cross-examination of every difference of opinion. Absolute belief is neither good nor evil, but it is a door through which either may enter.
      THE ONES YOU SEE EVERY DAY: Jealous spouses, conspiracy theorists, and people who post weird things on the Internet.
      DEFENSIVE STRATEGY: Know how to recognize a crazy idea when you hear one. Don’t answer questions when they’re asked a second time.

      There’s an extensive checklist on the link above if you want more detail. The book can be read online- here’s the part about Paranoid Vampires: http://books.google.com.au/books?id=NEo90LwMbY4C&pg=PA207&lpg=PA207&dq=%22The+Paranoid+Types%22+207&source=bl&ots=7ItlJVljIQ&sig=r-7MbQZJAKY0mG8r1_6fY4sWF7o&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8X7uTp-LEu-4iAf-1LS2Bw&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22The%20Paranoid%20Types%22%20207&f=false

      Very entertaining!

    • Sting Chameleon

      He claims that this place is essentially a constantly monitored hugbox to let men vent about the injustices they have to face in a way that doesn’t really upset the status quo. Which is of course BS.

      However, as the MRM gains momentum, I do expect surveillance to increase.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Are you talking to him or the third person standing next to him ?

  • scatmaster

    Kathy Shaidle of Blazing Cat Fur put in on her blog


    There is a couple of naysayers in the comment section.
    Kathy spends a lot of time on Micheal Corens The Arena. Hope he brings it up on his show.

    • Poester99

      Not to split hairs, but I think that this is her husband’s blog. Her’s is smalldeadanimals.com.

  • Wayne

    Cool, a link to this article is posted on rense.com which receives a lot of traffic:


    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Ta Wayne for this.

      I checked out the link on the site and it amazes me that an article calling upon hatred in itself becomes tarred with the brush of hatred itself.

      We’ve exposed hatred with the article ‘radfem-hub-the-underbelly-of-a-hate-movement’ and that article is supposed to be the proof of hatred in itself ?

      Boing ?

      Right that’s it. I’m off to the shops to buy bags of coffee beans to grind so there will be more for others to wake up to.

      For that matter I’m off to buy some smelling salts to mix with it in case it’s not enough.

      Bah !

  • Raven01

    Lorraine Allen
    Publicly viewable.
    She has kept her hate speech off that.
    Anyone interested in being “friends” with that monster to provide photos for her register-her.com entry?

    • Raven01

      Also the only “Mary” on the City of Kingston Arts Council is one Mary Ann Higgs, with a law office @ 275 Ontario St…….. just down the reported address of “Mary Syrett”.
      Looks, like I need to do a bit of digging. A couple of her links are down, will retry later to make sure it is intended outage rather than server issues.
      Who ever she is she is running now. Too bad for her that is not good enough, she will be exposed.

    • Cthulhu

      Looks as though she has made it private now.

    • Wayne

      I’ve uploaded her main profile picture (poor quality) until you’re able to get something better:


  • Gerry Hiles

    I was – still am somewhat – of the “puppy dogs tails” vs the “sugar and spice” school of feeling/thinking, despite having been done like dogs dinner by three – well four, if I include my daughter – females who I never did any harm to … actually quite the opposite, though I’ll refrain from saying more than that I built/renovated houses, always ‘provided’ and taught my daughter to read, play music and got her her first job. (Have not heard from her for about twelve years, since her mother made it conditional, “Myself, or him.”)

    That will gel with many basically decent men who have lost contact with beloved daughters and possibly sons who have identified with their mothers, rather than their father, IF he was an adequate role model.

    These are very complex issues.

    My father was not an adequate role model … partly why I once had great sympathy for the female of the species; but I am having a very rude awakening, ongoing at 68.

    “The female of the species is deadlier than the male …” Rudyard Kipling.

    Perhaps there is wisdom in the myth of the Garden of Eden. Perhaps the eternal wants (never satisfied) nature of women really did introduce ‘evil’ into the world.

    “Shop ’til you drop.” OK when we were still tribal and the females of our species went out gathering stuff, but not in an age when all that amounts to is driving a 4×4 to the local shopping centre.

    OK rant over, but I bet that many of you no longer have much left of the male instinct left, i.e. to protect these foolish creatures who imagine that the world is their oyster … well OK I will give an example:

    The mother of my daughter always expected the car to start first time (I had restored and maintained), but I was sick of her demands; so one day I removed the rotor arm and, of course, the engine would not fire, so she came running to me to fix it.

    My biggest mistake was to tell her the truth and that I had been trying to teach her a lesson … she went ape-shit.

    Never expect a woman to take responsibility.

    There is something inherently sociopathic about women.

    Deep down they know that, “The hand that rocks the cradle – or which fails to – rules the world.”

    • Paul Elam

      I was – still am somewhat – of the “puppy dogs tails” vs the “sugar and spice” school of feeling/thinking

      Stick around. We have a pill for that. It’s red.

    • Raven01

      Welcome Gerry.
      I’d like to take a second and make 2 points.
      You said, “OK rant over, but I bet that many of you no longer have much left of the male instinct left, i.e. to protect these foolish creatures who imagine that the world is their oyster “.
      I believe you imagine many of us further along the awakening trail than yourself but, I’ll let you in on a secret. Alot of us still feel that genetic programming, we just consciously choose to ignore it now that we understand it for what it is and how potentially self-destructive it can be.
      The second part relates to Paul’s statement. I will probably have to come back and re-read that portion as his positions are well thought out. He said, “We don’t seek reverse that and put forward the idea that women are default evil, but just that they are human, and that like men, there are some forces that drive them that we better be aware of lest we suffer a lifetime for our ignorance.”
      As much as I believe in his mission statement and appreciate all the work he does on behalf of men and boys across the globe, I would go further, much further. I claim that modern western women in particular and those from even 3rd world gynocentric cultures are infact more prone to evil than men. An “evil” person man or woman does not see themselves in such terms. Rather, they are socially stunted individuals that can only see their world as far as it affects them personally. When we see this in children we recognise it as a developmental state and therefore not inherently “evil”(also, children lack the power usually to harm others with this view) but, in a grown woman (or man) this can be dangerous to anyone that comes between the individual and their wants (which they will label “needs”). I don’t see this as a result of women being lesser humans than men. It would relate directly to how we raise boys versus girls and more frequently permanently stunt the growth of women in our culture. I would dearly love to know how some women are immune to such influences or if there are life events that make full realisation of their humanity more likely.

      • Raven01

        Well now that was odd. Spellcheck posted and had to login again to do anything.
        Anyway after re-read Paul’s statement I can see we seem to be looking at the same page just from different angles.
        Again, Gerry welcome aboard.

    • Stu

      Welcome. So you have spent your life right up until semi old age, slaving away, serving team vagina, breaking your balls all your life…..only to find…..that they hate you….and wish you were dead. Not only that, but all the toiling in their service you done…..that was actually you oppressing and abusing them. You will be remembered for nothing good at all….nothing…..and you will be….are….branded are knuckle dragging abusive, violent, raping, child molesting, good for nothing and waste of space and oxygen.

      But there is good news. You are too old to give much of rats arse about pussy……right? You pretty much are in a position where you really don’t have much to lose. Age and aliments have taken away much of the possibility for future enjoyment…..in a lot of things you’d probably like to do if you were much younger.

      The good news is….you have very little to be afraid of anymore….and a massive amount of sadistic enjoyment to be had by making those people of the kind that have promoted this view of you…and your kind……men….suffer as much as possible……for the remainder of your life…..with very little they can do to you that would worry you.

      Since you only recently found this site…….I’ll refer you to another by one of the greatest pains in the arse to feminism ever……and a founding father of the mens rights movement…….and an article that explains it so much better than I.


      Read up my friend, you maybe just about to live your finest hour……hopefully more than that LOL

  • Gerry Hiles


    I have only just come across this site, so please excuse me jumping in as I have … a lot of pent-up stuff.

    • Paul Elam

      No need for excuse. And despite my good natured, slightly jesting response to your post, you are very welcome here. Indeed, men like you are critical to our mission.

      A brief look at your words again, with a more serious response:

      “I was – still am somewhat – of the “puppy dogs tails” vs the “sugar and spice” school of feeling/thinking”

      I could not think of a better way to illustrate the challenge of what we are facing. Most men in this culture, despite the mountains of evidence in their own lives and in the lives of the men around them, still operate on an understanding of men and women that comes from a nursery rhyme.

      What we hope to accomplish here is helping men understand that the only way to protect themselves, their brothers, fathers and sons, is to dispense with that mode of thinking and learn to see that men and women are not characters summed up by Mother Goose, but human beings, with the mixed bad of good and bad that comes with it.

      Crediting women as the default embodiment of sugar and spice is precisely, I assume, what led you to being burned, over and over again.

      We don’t seek reverse that and put forward the idea that women are default evil, but just that they are human, and that like men, there are some forces that drive them that we better be aware of lest we suffer a lifetime for our ignorance.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/WeighUpJudge WeighUpJudge

      Good to see you finally made it, Dad…Brother…Compadre. I fucking love this place 😛

    • TruthInAdvertising

      Don’t feel bad. I know many men that are about your age who are turning their back on a lifetime of the “sugar and spice” delusion.

      Sugar and Spice is a hell of a drug!

    • DruidV

      Welcome aboard and please know you are not alone anymore!


    • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

      Welcome Jerry.

      Your eyes are open and while the truth is intoxicating it hurts like nothing before.

      You’ll be kinder to yourself knowing another truth and that’s that all of us here have gone through this lonely ache before.

      There is no better place I can think of to rest here and find solace and understanding of a world not the same shape as it has always been.

      You’ll find all sorts here. The level headed, the hot tempered, the very injured, the thoughtful, the meticulous and all of us strung together with the same threads that draw us here.

      We all look for the truth. The real truth and we find collectively that it’s right here all around us in our stories and thoughts and not in the the papers and the movies and any other media. We find it in the sad faces in the lines of men spat out from the courts, good jobs, friendships and anything else that was once kinder.

      You listen to the radio we have and Paul and JTO and others that bring in concepts never considered in a blue pill world and you listen to the call ins that speak of such terrible things (maybe it will be you one day on the radio) and you’ll see that you have never been alone, not ever.

      Like all things we are faulted but not on a scale where we collapse inwards. We do the exact opposite every time in that we take our mistakes on the chin and move on, not disappear in shame. We know in some ways we are too fragile for that, but ironically we also know that the iron bed we sleep on is always warm to the presence of other brothers right there about us who will remind us that we are needed. All of us are needed now for this learning, and being part of the teaching to others is stamping in a book, for you, some wonderful future memories

      You have stories and we want to know of them and be bettered, and you’ll become bettered by learning of other lives here and how once again you are truly never alone.

      Also with that you’ll know the other ideas about how to simply get through a day and to sleep better knowing you have done all you can do.

      I cherish this movement more every day.

  • TigerMan

    Whitney in reply to TigerMan
    If anyone is concerned about their identity, use The Onion Router (TOR). The more people using TOR, the harder it is to control the internet. TOR will “hop” through three TOR users’ machines before exiting to the internet. It’s slow because nobody gives it the bandwidth it needs for hopping, but it is catching on.
    Yes excellent advice and you can optimise it better for your system by using a browser(like firefox say) configured for TOR for sensitive use and a non configured browser for general use. Details on how to configure browsers (and even obtain pre-configured browsers) for TOR on the TOR website etc.

  • TigerMan

    MrStodern in reply to TigerMan
    They may be non-violent, but Anon is hardly a group I want to associate with. They carry an even greater stink with the general public than we do, and quite frankly, I think it’s rather deserved.
    Excuse me for replying like this MrStodern but the “reply to” function is not working for me at the moment.
    Okay first thing to note about Anonymous is their total commitment to non violence and their dedication to true egalitarian principles. That said Anonymous followers are of a significantly younger demographic than the MRM generally. Because of this it could be argued that they are a little naive on some matters – for example hampering trade @ ports which harms the 99% not just the 1% they are really targetting etc. The other thing to note about Anonymous is that it’s range of operations are not dictated by any kind of central command or individuals – anyone who supports their basic principles(non violence, free speech and true egalitarianism etc) can define an “op” and other members can pick up on it and run with it. As a matter of interest Anonymous (AnonOpsSweden) has already retweeted AV4Mens Open letter to NOW and has done so with other articles here at my behest. In the UK their profile is gaining rapid respect and are now being regarded as heros by many.

  • MrStodern

    …but in one of the few cases in which I think men actually have an advantage over women, it doesn’t matter anywhere near as much how a man looks as compared to how a woman is treated if she’s been hit by the ugly stick.

    I understand what you mean, but that hasn’t been my personal experience. It’s pretty obvious to me that a lot of women (and even men) would be more willing to listen to me if they could tell that I don’t have trouble getting laid, at least. And since I don’t have money to fall back, unfortunately, my looks do matter when it comes to that.

    There is a good reason for the stereotype of the angry, fat, ugly feminist…in many cases it’s dead-on true and continues to be even after forty years of feminism.

    It definitely hurts women a lot more when they aren’t beautiful, mainly because most of them would much rather use their looks to draw attention of men, rather than grow a decent personality, which would actually go pretty far if they really worked at it. That’s just too much work for them I guess. So they grow bitter and hateful instead. Such a waste.

    The relationship game can be tough on guys too, but I think we tend to get more of our self images from what we can do instead of how we look. In general we don’t throw logic, reason and basic fairness to the winds like the sisterhood tends to do.

    It’s not so much that our looks don’t matter, it’s that women are just so much more impressed by our resources (meaning, money) that if we’re rich, we can look like a zombie and still get laid. Women can’t do that. If they’re ugly, being rich won’t make any difference. Then again, when a woman has her own money, I doubt she really has much desire for men, since what else would she need one for besides financial support?

    The other advantage guys have is that unlike women because we aren’t as dependent upon our looks for our self images we don’t spend much of our time trying to look younger, like many women do starting at about 28 years old or so.

    No, in fact the older we look, the better. That’s my problem, I’m pushing 30 but if I ever purchased alcohol, I’d get carded every time, and I doubt that would change any time soon either. That’s a big reason why women don’t find me attractive, I don’t look old enough. I don’t look like a man should.

    I’m actually a firm believer that truth is going to win out because the feminists have been so successful over the past several decades they continue to ramp up their foolish demands and look more and more foolish doing so.

    Especially as they work harder and harder to free their sisters from prison and put more innocent men behind bars. Going to look awfully suspicious when the crime rate rises even though there aren’t enough men around to commit all those crimes.

    • PHX MRA


      They’re just girls. It’s no big deal. Trust me when I say that they want you more than you want them. They just want to be kissed like you mean it. Be confident, believe in yourself and look them in the eye before you inhale them. Any woman worth having will be on board if you mean it. If they don’t sign up for it then move on.

      Remember that every woman in the world doesn’t have to like you, love you or want to kiss you. You just need to lock down on the one that is there with you where you are right now and you need to treat her like she matters unless she gives you a reason not to.

      There are a lot of good reasons to get pissed about feminism, but a shortage of chicks that want to make out isn’t one of them. They All Want To Kiss. Get some practice, get in the game and do your deal.

      Don’t think that because you don’t have money you don’t matter. Decide to be the guy, be confident and it’s all good.

      • MrStodern

        I’m not an MRA because women don’t like me. If they all worshiped me like a god I would still see the pain they cause other men, and the corrupted system that allows them to do so with impunity. But I’m sure you can understand now why I’m concerned that so many other people will/do think so. That’s why I think it’s important that when people think of the MRM, they don’t think of guys like me, because they though their perception may be wrong, it inhibits our ability to get our message out there as quickly and easily.

        And besides that, other men have suffered far more than I have. I never got married to and had kids with a woman who stabbed me in the back with her lies and sent me to jail for awhile and ripped my kids away from me. I don’t owe anyone alimony and child support. I’ve never even lost a job to a bogus sexual harassment accusation. The men who have absolutely deserve more of the spotlight.

        I have no intention of ever pursuing any kind of intimacy with a women ever again, and not just because their general brokenness makes it hazardous to my health, or because I’ve sucked at it so bad for so long (although those are definitely hugely contributing factors). I don’t really care to go into further detail, but trust me when I say that I have issues I’ll probably never get over.

        There’s a girl out there for you.

        If there’s any phrase I hate as much as NAWALT, it’s THIS one. It’s crap. It’s false. There is not a female on this planet that could possibly tolerate me long enough to form any kind of healthy relationship with. They’d literally have to be insane for that to work, because I’m a fucking mess, and no one in their right mind would or should subject themselves to the kind of crap I’m capable of. I may not be a BPD, but damn do I push it sometimes.

        • td9red


          • MrStodern

            That’s it? “Understood?” I would’ve expected further argument out of you, at least an attempt to convince me that a life without affection is more hell than one full of betrayal, or something. As you’ve said before, sometimes you have to just leap, right? What happened to that?

          • td9red


            “life without affection is more hell than one full of betrayal, or something. As you’ve said before, sometimes you have to just leap, right?”

            I believe all that stuff. But, in your post you seem so settled with your decision to not seek a relationship. Soooo, I thought I would let this one go and try to convince you otherwise on another day ;D

        • Kimski

          Both thumbs up for that one.
          Count me in.

          • MrStodern

            I don’t entirely recommend my lifestyle (it IS possible to bang lots of chicks without getting burned, as long as you take certain steps, after all), as, in truth, it is NOT a pleasant one in the least, though probably wouldn’t be as bad if I knew what I was missing. Or perhaps not.

            However, I do encourage the single life, for everyone, not just men. Although obviously women ignore my advance 99% of the time, and don’t really need it either, since they have all the advantages whether they’re single or not.

          • Kimski

            Or you could,-as in my case,-be standing on the other end of that road, after doing the things you outline in your entry,-excepting the burning, which I personally think no man escapes at present, and look back at it and come to the conclusion, that it was all very hollow experiences and an extremely damaging journey to ones self.

            I just took a lot more years to get to the exact same conclusion as you, about being a happier man leading a single life.

            And I don’t consider myself ‘alone’ by any means: I have two Siberian Huskies, a crazy cat, and a parrot I am teaching to shout ‘Rape!’ when spoken to. Out behind my small cottage there’s a couple of Norwegian ponies, and I have a bunch of good buddies that I go trout fishing with in a nearby fjord, besides owning my own boat. I’m in my mid-40’es, so I’m not about to keel over from age anytime soon, and the occasional need for a woman can be taken care of much more honestly by way of money. I really don’t have the time for all the problems a woman would bring into my life, if it was on a more permanent basis.

            What I’m trying to say here is, that life is what you make of it.

            It just wasn’t worth it before, cost me way too much money spend by someone else, and left me where I would have ended anyway, had I chosen to get married and have kids.

            Would I recommend it?
            -Hmmm. -Tough question.

            I think that if selfrespect, holding your head high with pride, and having the ability to be able to make personal choices and decisions, without having to ask another person for permission about everything, means anything and has any value to you, I would most certainly recommend it.

            Especially when I see the conditions my married buddies live under. Somehow some of their wives see me as a threat, and I’m well aware of why. I am a living example of what their husbands lives could have been like, and they know it. I just think it’s kind of funny, considering that I could very well have been in their husbands shoes.
            -But then again..-Naww..-I’m still having way too much fun, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, if ever..

          • td9red


            I think the single life is great when you’re young. Not so much when you get older. With a marriage or longterm commited relationship the HOPE is that when you get to be 70 yrs-old there will be someone there to help change your diaper… That person could be your life partner or a grown kid that resulted from the relationship.

          • Kimski


            Should you be in any further need of proof or validation to my point of view, you can always take a good look at td9red and try to imagine what life will be like, when you have to be around someone 24/7 who persistently disagrees with every single little thing you come up with.

            Let the nurses deal with your diapers when that time comes, that’s what they get payed for. And it also gives you an opportunity to slap them in the bun, while they’re at it.

        • PHX MRA

          Look, I’m not into self-flagelation, either yours or mine. Everyone gets their ass kicked once in a while. I was married for twenty years, gave up all my home equity, a paid off car and signed up for $750 per month per kid for my two sons in child support just to get rid of the bitch. Now that my boys are both over eighteen I’m getting a chance to pay for their college too. But I fucking refuse to let her feel like she won.

          My sons had almost ten years of my ex telling them how bad of a guy I was. I told her at the time that once they got old enough to understand I’d tell them the truth and they could make the call. They’re now both over twenty and neither will have anything to do with their mother.

          So things work out. Trust me when I say that just because I got into a shitty situation with my ex it didn’t keep me from staying in the game. What it proved to me is that when I got married at 20 years old I had no idea what I wanted or needed.

          You need to do whatever works for you. My only point is that I had no intention of letting one fucking crazy selfish chick not only fuck up my past but give her the power to fuck up my future also.

          I’m an MRA because feminism has become institutionalized. That doesn’t mean you can’t lock down on a cool chick with a clue and have it work. That said, I’m not selling anything. It’s your deal.

          • MrStodern

            That doesn’t mean you can’t lock down on a cool chick with a clue and have it work.

            I don’t consider the pursuit of that to be a worthwhile venture for me personally, and not because of my trust issues with women either, although it must be said that I am not the greatest at knowing when I’ve found a “cool” chick or not. And that’s obviously a problem.

            Let’s just say that I feel quite inadequate in a number of ways, and that severely impacts my inclination to seek out women.

    • td9red

      There’s a girl out there for you.

      There’s someone for everywhere. Sometimes you have to look for someone in places you hadn’t considered previously. For instance, as indicated above many, I shouldn’t say that, some of the women who are rad feminists have had trouble in the dating game. Someday some guy is gonna rock them and completely change their mind about all that anti-man crap.

      Funny thing, I met my husband on match.com ;D Went on a gazillion dates. But, there he was. Worth the trouble.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/WeighUpJudge WeighUpJudge

        “What are you trying to do?! Make us puke?!”



      • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

        Yeah, Dworkin the Hut, Valerie Solanas, Match.com totally reformed them into integral human beings. No dick is big enough to dig the demon out of Amanda Marcott and her radfemale supremacist lot. They are irretrievable trash.

        • PHX MRA

          True enough, but that’s not the point. Men have been universally painted by feminism as being bad guys. We all know better than that based upon personal experience.

          Since we already know that fewer than 20% of women self identify as feminists I’m thinking that we’re well on our way to shifting the balance of power. In that context we don’t want to paint all women as radical feminists, because that just isn’t true. In fact I’m thinking that women with common sense and real world experience will end up helping us crush feminism if we give them the facts. There are a lot of smart men and women out there. Let’s not sell any of them short.

          There are some very cool women out there that 100% identify with us. Remember that we all have birth mothers and most of them love us more than life itself. I think selling women in general short in the context of our mission is foolish. More agree with us than don’t. No point in pissing them off for no reason.

      • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

        Allow me to correct vd9’s self-serving propaganda.

        There is a highly refined extraction device out there waiting for every man to stumble upon, naively.

        • td9red

          Good night to you also. Illegitimate son of Zeus.

          • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

            xoxo, vd. You thought he was going to subject himself to extortion and child theft in Family Kourt? Come on, we’re talking about my father and mentor here, not some tool of the woman racket.

            Also, why does your avatar look like a bra?

          • MrStodern

            I think it looks more like a Space Invader thing.

          • Kimski

            I’ll have to agree with MrStodern on this.
            -There’s definitely some sort of invasion thing going on here.

      • MrStodern

        I think the single life is great when you’re young. Not so much when you get older.

        That’s because you’re a woman. When you get old, it’s not an asset, and so finding someone to take care of you while you can still pull it off is paramount.

        Granted, I’m in about the same boat as a woman in her 50s in terms of landing a mate of any kind, let alone one dedicated to me. Meaning the odds are about as slim.

        With a marriage or longterm commited relationship the HOPE is that when you get to be 70 yrs-old there will be someone there to help change your diaper.

        Why is it that this is the best women can come up with when they’re trying to convince me to have a girlfriend and get married and all that? Someone to change my adult diaper? Who the fuck says I’m going to live to see my 70s anyway? Most men in my family don’t, and I will not be an exception to that at all, I guarantee it. In fact I doubt I’ll see 60.

        Should you be in any further need of proof or validation to my point of view…

        Oh I don’t need encouragement to stay single. And if I did, td9red’s posts would definitely be more than sufficient.

        Let the nurses deal with your diapers when that time comes, that’s what they get payed for. And it also gives you an opportunity to slap them in the bun, while they’re at it.

        Eh, like I said, I don’t think I’m going to reach the age where I can’t get to the bathroom on time and wipe my own ass. And I’m not the type of guy who smacks women on the ass under any circumstances. I don’t think it’s demeaning or anything, I just don’t have the nerve or the inclination to do it.

  • Mr. Jonz

    The good news is that these women have self-eliminated themselves from the gene pool unless they’re willing to have their precious feminine bodies contaminated by that disgusting male sperm.

    • stickytapescientist

      That’s the problem there, they’ll just trick some guy to donate sperm to them to help them spread more of their hate. One of the posts even said that there’s no need to love a male child. Yet if the male child grows up not knowing a mother’s love and becomes a rapist, its still the male’s fault. These women are morons

  • Poester99

    You know I’m a little disappointed. The man that coined the term FemiNazi, Rush Limbaugh, with his 20 mil listeners, doesn’t seem to want to touch this whatsoever. It pretty thoroughly validates his prescient pigeon hole of the feminist movement more than anything else I’ve ever seen. I wonder if his new wife has made a full mangina out of him.

  • stickytapescientist

    That’s the funny thing about these haters. They keep hating men and what they do as a collective. I read in the radfem site, about porn star Sasha Grey, and how she is victimized and that pornography is prostitution and degrading, and its made for men. For some reason these “geniuses” keep telling themselves its mens’ fault.
    What they failed to realize is that, no one forces these women to perform. If they want to degrade/empower themselves through porn, then that is their decision. NO ONE FORCED THEM. But for these a**holes, they’d readily believe whatever bile their fellow haters spew out of their mouths. What morons! These women hate men so much, yet they’d readily use men and their inventions and creations to empower themselves. These poor deluded fools never really realized that women’s lib was created and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation which is run by men. They see themselves as peace loving while men are savages? Maybe they failed to see that the war on terror, was being constantly inflamed by three women in power, lovingly called the 3 witches of Macbeth . If they hate men so much, they should isolate themselves and try to procreate by themselves without using any Male inventions to help them.

    • MrStodern

      Don’t even get me started on feminist hypocrisy when it comes to the subject of prostitution. Or their hypocrisy in just about any other subject for that matter.

      Okay, I’ll say this much at least:

      Like many other things, feminists love prostitution, just not when it includes men getting a fair end of the deal. In your standard picking up of a hooker by a man (at least in times where it wouldn’t get him arrested), said man forks over cash, and then proceeds to fuck the hooker.

      Feminists don’t like this kind of prostitution, because both sides got what they came into the agreement looking for, and that doesn’t sit well with feminists. Not at all. Only women are supposed to benefit, or, if possible (which today it is), the women involved are to get more money for what they’re selling, and regardless of whether they actually hand over the product of not. Which, as it applies to marriage (which is very much a form a prostitution these days, because a lot of chicks don’t cook and clean and raise kids very well anymore), they’re not at all expected to. Same goes for dating, men can buy drinks for chicks all night and not get what they really came to the bar/club looking for. And when women are so “generous” as to reward men for buying them shit, it’s exactly the kind of prostitution feminists have in mind: contingent upon the worthiness of the customer, not their delivery of the goods.

      You know chimps engage in prostitution? Male chimp offers banana from tree, female chimp accepts his attached one. Funny how our relatives who fell so far behind in their evolution do a better job of being honest about what they want than most women. Funny, and sad.

      Being in porn is a form of prostitution as well, involving cameras doesn’t change jack shit. Feminists don’t like this form for two reasons:

      1) The men involved get a fair deal. (At least, I think it’s fair. Others might feel differently.)

      2) Men are able to turn to it for sexual satisfaction when women have become too much of a pain in the ass, or just simply aren’t an option. And obviously women can’t dominate the sexual marketplace so long as that’s happening, even though it apples to guys like me, whom those same women won’t touch with a 50 foot pole while wearing a HazMat suit.

      • Dannyboy

        I have a friend who says he isn’t paying the prostitutes he sees for sex he is paying them to leave after sex .
        Damn if this guy didn’t hit the proverbial nail on the head .
        I wonder what the femtwits response to his statement would be ?

        • td9red

          While I don’t recommend it as a career choice prostitution should be legal, clean, safe, and regulated by the government…

          • http://www.manwomanmyth.com Perseus

            Tell that to your yaya sisterhood of scum in Sweden, where it’s legal only for the whites- er females.

          • Poester99

            It would be clean and safe if it wasn’t illegal and thus frequently run by organized crime. There are in fact women that are perfectly fine with this as a, at least temporary, career choice, it’s the shaming, which seems to come more from the feminist establishment than from tradcons that makes it spirit killing.

        • MrStodern

          That’s a very old joke, wouldn’t surprise me if it went back to the fucking Bronze Age. Seriously. You think they didn’t have problems with chicks wanting to cuddle and shit back then? Hah!

          • Dannyboy

            You may very well be right .
            I’ve only heard it from my friend . He has been using ” pros ” for years . When ever I asked him about just going on a date with a woman he always pointed out that it was easier and cheaper with a pro .
            Really I should have listened about 10 years ago to him .

        • scatmaster

          Dannyboy said:

          I have a friend who says he isn’t paying the prostitutes he sees for sex he is paying them to leave after sex


  • MrStodern

    @ td9red:

    I believe all that stuff. But, in your post you seem so settled with your decision to not seek a relationship.

    Correction: I’m settled in my decision not to seek sexual contact with women.

    Soooo, I thought I would let this one go and try to convince you otherwise on another day ;D

    You’re learning then. Still obnoxiously optimistic and horribly deluded, but you’re learning.

    Though it will not discourage you, I’ll say this anyway: I’m a lost cause. You have as much hope of making me “see the light” as you do of resurrecting John Wayne. Although the latter would actually be worthwhile if one could pull it off without a hitch. The world needs The Duke now more than ever, it doesn’t need me going around banging broads. Not by a long shot.

  • squirehay

    I think I am going to go out into the woods and build a cabin, and hide from all these horrible people. I am beyond being scared by what this world is turning into. Evil.

  • AFeministAppears

    I only have so much that I’m willing to say at this point, and it’s actually very little, but:

    I find it a little unsettling that nowhere, in this entire line of comments and responses, is there anything that resembles a counter-point, or at the very least, the presentation of any differing lines of reasoning.

    Think about that for a while.
    That’s all.

    • squire

      Forgive me for stepping out of line in this response, since I am new to the blog and unfamiliar with it, but I find this comment troublesome and very unfair. Why does there need to be a counter-point? This is not a debating forum, but an activist blog supporting men’s rights. If an anti-feminist tried to post “counter-point” on a feminist activist blog, I doubt there would be a moment of debate. Such comments would be rejected as an aggressive attack upon women in an effort to make the forum less “open” and “friendly” to feminists. Do men not deserve a similar “open” and “friendly” forum to share experiences, ideas, and concerns?

      That aside, what aspect of the subject of this article, or more to the point the targets of this article, need to be defended or debated? What part of the feminist comments do you think need to be defended, justified or explained? Is it the blind bigoted hateful attacks on all aspects of men? Or is it the promotion of male infanticide?

    • PHX MRA

      It might be best if you delay your comments until you have something meaningful to say other than to declare that a member of the Sisterhood has appeared.

      That said, if I were you I would also find this blog unsettling as it’s pretty clear if you’ve been paying attention that momentum is being gathered and our expectation that feminists be held accountable for their statements and actions has only started to gain critical mass.

      I find it pretty humorous that you speak about counter-points and reasoning when we are all well aware that feminists are legendary for their lack of fairness, logic and reason, both inside the academy and in society in general.

      Maybe you should stay out of the eggnog before you post next time.

      Think about that Sweetheart.

    • Zorro

      Stupid cunt.

      • StrangeQuark

        Although I agree that using a gender-specific term to attack someone isn’t a bad thing, in general I am opposed to purely ad-hominem attacks.

        Not that we should be TOO concerned with this, but: saying things like that probably isn’t a good way to get more people on our side.

    • Dannyboy

      Are you bloody serious ?
      Did the umbilical chord get wrapped around your neck in birth? Stop huffing glue and think for just a second on why there should be a counter point arguing for what is being said over at radfemtwits.
      The only thing that needs to be said about you is too bad you are able to type out words and form sentences.
      And if your just trying to ruffle MRA’s feathers into making dumbass statement advocating for the reversals of the genders it makes you dumber than your post or for that matter the post on the corner that my hairy son ( dog ) use to cock his leg on .
      Sorry about your luck for I have seen the evidence of Paul using the ban hammer for ANYONE advocating violence unlike your sistas over at radfemtwithub.

    • MrStodern

      Counter-point? You mean a counter-point to proclamations of a desire to poison the water supply for the purposes of reducing the male population on this planet? Is that what you were wanting to see? Us argue against such psychopathic aims as if we’re debating the merits of unisex bathrooms?

      If so, I find it extremely unsettling that you would be looking for ANY kind of argument against male genocide. You don’t argue such a thing, you either: A) are evil, and therefore support such a terrible idea, or B) recognize how evil it is and stand against it.

      When feminists posit that having a woman president would be a good thing, THAT’S something to provide a counter-point to, because that can go either way. It can be a disaster, it can be just the thing we need. But genocide? No. There’s no justification for that. There’s no debate over it being evil. There’s no counter-point necessary.

      If my thoughts on your desires are accurate, then you’re a disturbing individual, which honestly is not surprising given your chosen internet handle.

    • Tawil

      “A Feminist Appears” [attempts to incite reactive comment]
      “is there anything that resembles a counter-point”‘
      “the presentation of any differing lines of reasoning”

      I have every reason to believe that you are being honest when you say you are finding this feminist inspired topic “unsettling,” especially your concern that MRAs have offered no “counter-point” that would allow you to distract discussion from the feminist advocacy of gendercide (mass murder), sexual mutilation, targeted abortion of male fetuses, and the murdering of newborn males. Oh dear, what a mess!

      You don’t need a counter-point, but rather a mass public rejoinder to shock you out of your feminist hatred of males. That rejoinder is in process and I expect it will take some years to expire (if at all). In the meantime I recommend you take counsel from your unsettled state and ask yourself who it was that put you in this position – A mirror might help.

    • Pierre Savoie

      Is there any MERIT to advocating the genocide of males, particularly killing them while they are children? Can you say there is ANY valid counter-point in that? No, you obviously can’t!
      The feminists were caught with their pants down, advocating genocide which is opposed by international U.N. convention, and then hoping they could go back to their responsible positions without having their aliases outed.

    • StrangeQuark

      “I only have so much that I’m willing to say at this point, and it’s actually very little, ”

      Wise… but entirely atypical.

  • td9red

    There are no counter-points to be made. No differing lines of reasoning that can be argued.

    You couldn’t have taken the time to read the posts from the radfems and believe that these comments deserve support. Go back and read the posts from these women again. There are particularly disturding posts from a child care worker. My son will be going to daycare/pre-school next year. If this women worked in my area I would make it my business to find her and make sure the parents of the children knew how hostile she was to little boys. if the parents of the children under her care knew her views they would surely get rid of her.

    • Dannyboy

      you got my up vote on that one red. You have my respect for you came here and put forth your views in a civil manner and have changed your views on occasion when the evidence was present to you .

      • Dannyboy

        BTW respect for ones opponent is not the same as respecting their views and or disposition

    • squire

      I suspect the post was not made in good faith. Clearly no similar respect for balance or diversity would be found on any feminist blog.

      However, just to give someone the benefit of the doubt, I can only think she was referring to one of the comment threads. But even that is a juvenile intellectual hand-grenade. Instead of confronting the subject matter of the article, s/he must post a negative comment about irrelevant side discussions in order to distract from the horrible facts.

  • Pierre Savoie

    Are you sure that Mary Syrett is with the Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada? She’s not listed in the present board:
    Is it perhaps the city of Kingston in the U.K. instead?

    • Pierre Savoie

      Ooops, probably my mistake. She’s listed as a “member”, whatever that means, probably just an artist, and not part of any board.

  • StrangeQuark

    This is the first time in my life I have become nauseated by something other than a virus or bacteria (and I’ve seen holocaust footage). I think the difference lies in that this is a current phenomenon and very shocking where, with the Nazis, I knew to expect the very worst. I am not exaggerating, by the way, as I have a strange “condition” where absolutely nothing will cause me to get nauseated and/or throw up except for an actual infection or food poisoning (you could put me in a centrifuge for hours after a food/alcohol binge and I likely wouldn’t emit).

    I have been lurking in the shadows of the “men’s movement” and have been teetering on the edge of being a full-fledged activist. I only became suspicious of feminism a few years back when a friend of mine from kindergarten (who became a transgender individual in his/her mid-twenties) decided he/she didn’t want to be my friend anymore because I said I was undecided on my support for hate-crime legislation because I saw the potential for misuse (we already have laws against physically harming people regardless of the reason and when you make more laws that probe into the private thoughts of an individual it makes me nervous). Anyway, I wasn’t completely against and I’m still not, just skeptical and cautious. Needless to say he/she had also become a feminist. Guess where his/her transformation took place? You guessed it, college.

    In conclusion, I have now decided to consider myself a full-fledged MRA and will dedicate the rest of my life to putting an end to feminism whilst promoting equal rights for all humanity.

    If a lot of men are like me, these genocidal maniacs are only digging their own graves; and, unlike them, I only mean that in a figurative sense.

    I also have some opinions about women and science and why more of them aren’t in the physical sciences (I am a chemist-in-training, i.e. a soon-to-be grad student). I have had ample opportunities to observe this phenomenon. I value truth and evidence over whether or not someone’s feelings might get hurt in the short term. It is VERY telling that most feminists are radical “liberals” who oppose this scientific mindset. Some don’t even realize that their feminist viewpoint is diametrically opposed to their other views (like those feminists that fill the skeptic and atheist movements). They are almost as bad as some of the religious at obviously compartmentalizing their knowledge and beliefs.

    While I somewhat wish that I never saw this, the worms are out of the can. You have opened Pandora’s Box for me. What, exactly, can/should I do? I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, being a father of two and a science major (would it be easier to be a liberal arts major or a womyn’s studies major? I don’t know), but I will do anything I can to put an end to the scourge that is feminism.

  • tyciol

    Kewl how their names are being revealed, much like http://register-her.com/index.php?title=Main_Page or http://evil-unveiled.com/Main_Page I am wondering if there could be a database of people like this.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Perhaps every single person in the world should be registered and made vulnerable to terrorism, if their data can be pieced together.

    Much as in another of your posts a woman academic says that putting forth a false rape accusation can teach men, perhaps everyone can be taught be being accused of all sorts of things.

  • egnyquist

    And they refer to us as the violent and hateful and dangerous gender…