Feminists target lecture on boys’ education

MR-E hosting lecture on boys in education.

Men’s Rights Edmonton has arranged a lecture event to be held on July 29th at 7pm at the Edmonton Public Library (Stanley A. Milner branch) with Dr. James Brown, author of Rescuing our Underachieving Sons.

The Stanley A. Milner Library is located downtown at 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Dr. Brown, a career educator with a doctorate in education and post doctoral diplomas in Educational Administration and in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, will be discussing the challenge of improving boys’ education.

Due to opposition by local feminists, promoting the event has been a challenge.

According to Eric Duckman, posters advertising the event have been vandalized with paint or torn down almost instantly after being put up.

This leads to the question, why would feminists be so opposed to a lecture by a highly respected and credentialed educator on improving boys’ performance in school?

There may be an opportunity to get an answer to that question at the event, as *a counter-event has been organized to take place at the site. The event, titled “Feministing at ‘Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons’” is described by its organizer Brittany Kustra as a chance to confront attending men’s rights activists over their “Don’t be that girl” poster campaign, and to “see who is behind the group.”

In other words, she plans to protest a scheduled lecture on an unquestionably positive topic with demands to discuss another, unrelated topic, and she will be mining for group member identities.

MREdmonton and AVoiceforMen invited live debate on blog talk radio following news coverage of the posters, and feminists everywhere, including the most vehement critics of the campaign, lined up to not take them up on it. In light of that, it’s odd that Brittany should think it necessary to disrupt an unrelated event to revisit the controversy.

Rather than take the offered chance to have all of their questions answered, this feminist group has decided to disrupt an event held for the benefit of boys who are underserved by their education system. One cannot reasonably argue that after disregarding such an open opportunity, the goal of feminists planning to converge on Dr. Brown’s lecture is merely to ask questions. Without that as a possible motive for the protest, that leaves their other goal of identity mining.

However, a group with that goal in mind would have been more sneaky than to alert the very people they seek to identify. The Facebook event page for Feministing at “Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons” is public, and they’ve made sure that the MREdmonton group would be aware ahead of time that they were planning to crash the lecture. That seems counterproductive, unless there is a different goal.

Could it be that Brittany and her friends just absolutely hate little boys, and want to deny them any effort that might be made to improve their circumstance within the education system, or are they maybe planning to hijack Dr. Brown’s lecture and distract from its intended purpose just to draw attention to themselves?

*Update – the facebook page for the planned counter-event has been removed. Link updated to show the google cache of the page.

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Hannah Wallen (aka Della Burton) became an MRA after weathering the direct impact of feminist advocacy on her family for years. She is the author of Breaking the Glasses, written from an anti-feminist perspective, with a focus on men's rights and sometimes social issues. She also writes and comments on as oneiorosgrip.

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  • Tom Golden

    Wow. The “Don’t be that Girl” posters really, really got them! Print more! It’s working.

    My guess is their motive is to find a place to shriek victimhood and yelp for attention to “me me me.” How dare anyone consider helping someone other than ME! I think on top of that is the fear that their zeitgeist is developing a crack. If men and boys are seen as worthy of help then that shatters the basic assumption that men and boys are the cause of all the worlds ills.

    • JJ

      You sir, are invariably anti-woman. Don’t you know that da wymmins needs and concerns are paramount?!

      Did you not hear furious leader Big Red’s admonition of you months ago? She will get to it I promise you! I can’t wait to hear her sing cry me a river again, brought tears to my eyes….of laughter at her.

      Their ship has been taking on water for decades, but before they had valuable men to shore it up and bail it out for them. They can’t be bothered to fix it, as they have more pressing concerns, like empowered shopping with their kids dad’s support money.

      Now that men are coming forward and demanding to be heard, they still feel that their old tactics are going to work.

      I would caution however that they may actually have something new up their sleeve. So those who go be prepared, and under no circumstances respond with threats or violence. They must be looking for a way to make one of us get angry enough to attack.

      I am pretty sure that they are going to try and steal the mic again and ask their shriveled up questions that have been debunked for decades. I am pretty sure that a PHD can handle his peers, let alone a couple of undergrads.

      Can’t wait to hear how it goes down.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Q: “…like empowered shopping with their kids dad’s support money.”

        Hmmm. I love when someone states the obvious in such a catchy way…

    • Alph

      Bias towards women in SAT.

      They know that women are relatively more verbose and keep writing and writing and writing pointlessly.

      As such, they started giving more significance to the number of words in the essays instead of quality, resulting in women scoring higher than men.

      en.wikipedia. org/wiki/SAT‎

      “Les Perelman analyzed scored sample essays and found that in over 90% of cases, the essay’s score could be predicted from simply counting the number of words in the essay. Two years later, Perelman trained high school seniors to write essays that made little sense but contained infrequently used words such as “plethora” and “myriad.” All of the students received scores of “10” or better, which placed the essays in the 92nd percentile or higher.”

  • napocapo69

    For the sake of those interested in attending at the “Feministing at ‘Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons’” event, this is more ore less the content:

    Sons are underachieving because of patriarchy and their masculinity.

    You already know everything you can get from that event, I saved your time.

    No do not thank me, It was my pleasure.

    • The Real Peterman

      Well, the feminists are working on destroying the patriarchy, so I guess we can all go home!

      • napocapo69

        It seems to me that they are more busy at destroying masculinity…

    • tallwheel

      They will spend 2 minutes on that topic and then move on to the ‘true motivations of MRA’s’, peppered with made-up statistics showing how it is actually women who are the ones underachieving.

  • gateman

    Doing everything within their power to hinder the success of boys is paramount to the feminist ideology.
    Men should be in prisons, not making a successful life for themselves!

  • MrShadowfax42

    Ah, another day, another Feminazi vid to create. I wonder how badly the feminists will embarrass themselves for this one?

    • Kimski

      Based on a considerable amount of hard evidence there doesn’t seem to be any limit, I’m afraid.

      But I _will_ promise you that it will be highly entertaining.
      Remember to bring popcorn and brew.

  • Bewildered

    A new campaign needs to be started —-


    Freedom of speech hunh? What the fuck is that?

    • Ray

      “Feministing at ‘Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons’”

      #1 Remove the misandrist feminist jackboot that seeks to hold all men down in the gutter.

      #2 Ban hate groups on all campuses beginning with feminism and women’s studies curriculum.

      #3 Recognize that female learning/teaching styles and methods are not the same as male leaning/teaching styles and methods.

      #4 Recognize male and female biological differences and social constructs apart from misandrist gender feminist, advocacy research lies and propaganda.

      We don’t subscribe to the feminist model for men and boys.

      I actually carried that sign once at a women’s studies protest.

      The Stalinist feminism taught in women’s studies curriculum on college and university campuses is the new evil empire, IMO.

  • Kimski

    All they need to do now is bring out the pitchforks and the torches, while screaming: “Blasfemy!” in shrill, highpitched voices, and you wouldn’t need any further proof that feminism has indeed become a religion to these people.

    The only reasons, as far as I can see, that they didn’t take the opportunity to adress their issues on AVfM Radio, but instead choose this more direct and confrontational way, is the prospect of a violent outcome, and the fact that they’ve got little else but shaming to fall back on.

    Where would we be today, without their consistent need to draw attention to themselves and their ideology, in the worst possible way?

    I’ll be looking forward to another video exposure of the semi-religious morons.


      Feminism is the Scientology of gender relations…

  • http://none universe

    “Could it be that Brittany and her friends just absolutely hate little boys, and want to deny them any effort that might be made to improve their circumstance within the education system, or are they maybe planning to hijack Dr. Brown’s lecture and distract from its intended purpose just to draw attention to themselves?”
    – Yes. Quite possibly, yes. Despite their protestations to the contrary I believe domination and control are their order and goal. Their meme on both sides of the fence.
    ‘Ready.Set.Action’. Have vidcams handy.

    Thanks for the alert. Wish I could be there.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Maybe it is members of NAWBLA (the women’s version of NAMBLA that is tearing down posters. The huge and gowing number of female (“empowered”) school teachers who are addicted to the habit of sexually assaulting boys do not want boys to develop their understanding of the world, or of women, or to get any real education at all. To feminists boys are merely raw material for social engineering, future slaves (alimony, child support, laborers) and dildos. They are seen as “human resources,” not as human beings.

    • GQuan

      For too long, humans in general have seen their boys in that way (the lower 80% or so, anyway).

  • Lastango

    For a leftist organization, nothing is as intolerable as competition for subsidy dollars. It’s their lifeblood, and they couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without it. For instance, what if a men’s-rights group got equal funding on campus? That might limit what’s available for feminists and their political allies. Same goes for shelters for abused men.

    Feminists know what will happen in the long run if men become established as human beings with equal rights. It would no longer be possible to use affirmative action to deny men employment, and family court could no longer be used to loot and destroy men for the rest of their lives. Women in criminal court would lose their presumption of purity, and along with it their near-immunity from real consequences for their actions. There are many other downsides, including loss of control of the university system.

    Feminists are fighting men on the library-lecture beaches so they don’t have to fight them in the cities and the hills later.

  • Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

    We have a little more time. I suggest having calligraphed invitations delivered to local press so that they have the opportunity to film feminists in action for themselves.

    • Strength

      That is a good idea.

  • JinnBottle

    “…posters advertising the event have been vandalized with paint or torn down almost instantly after being put up.”

    Good god! what savages.

  • Aimee McGee

    Rinse and repeat. Make sure there are plenty of police. MHRAs need to remember that they will put plants to try and make the MRM look bad, so make sure you know who you are with!

  • dhanu

    This is the expected move from the feminists. Read Heath Atom Russell’s comment in the second column. (The discussion is about male birth control coming to the market and all these feminists can think of is that it should be opposed because… Rape, patriarchy, etc)

    According to Russell, so long as the patriarchy persists (means forever, ‘coz it’s a myth the feminists can continue to purport for as long as they like), men’s issues can be (must be) ignored (or new issues must be created for them). So, the feminist action plan described in the article is just their normal course of hatred against the males. Their justification for that, like for everything else, is that they’re ending the ‘patriarchy’, and so everyone needs to just shut up. This is exactly what you call bigotry.

    • tallwheel

      Please give me back the time I spent opening and skimming that image!

  • herman melville

    And feminists wonder why only 20% of people identify themselves as feminists.

  • Ray

    “This leads to the question, why would feminists be so opposed to a lecture by a highly respected and credentialed educator on improving boys’ performance in school?”

    Why? Because they’re a hate group whose goal is femi-supremacy.

    All those feminist freeloaders would have to get real jobs if their government funding is cut off. :-/

    • Bombay

      Yes. Cannot let the slaves meet, educate and organize themselves.

  • Nemoque

    Feminism has never been about equality or justice. It has always been about power. The basic idea is that women, who have been oppressed by patriarchy, must become the oppressors. You do this by destroying and crushing masculinity by any means possible. Feminists see men supporting the feminist cause as useful idiots.

  • Ray

    ““Feministing at ‘Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons’””

    Stop rape witch-hunting and other misandrist pogroms on all campuses.

  • cvar

    You guys remember when they got all up in arms over people wanting to know who it was that was screaming obscenities at men and women attempting to attend the Toronto lecture?

    I guess they’ve realized that it’s not that big of a deal after all and will issue apologies for their overreactions?

  • Paul Elam

    You know what I love about feminists? All you have to do is stand back and let them do what they do….with a camera in your hand.

    Then offer them mild disagreement.

    They will take it from there and give you everything you need to show the world just how FUBAR they really are.

    • yinyangbalance

      The important part of this is to what you are saying is to stand back and watch. Because the moment we start acting like them, frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs, it will be used against us. Just make the points clear and concise thats all you have to do really.

      The funny thing is though, when Feminists act like Rabid DOGS that they are, its justified by media and government as a whole, people make excuses for them.

      When I filed for divorce, she dragged my ass into counseling, I didnt mind so much I thought “they will see what she is”, but what I found was a Feminist industrial complex at work where, for women, its Anger Validation, and for men its “Anger Management”.

      • Paul Elam

        That is changing, man. The TV news media in Toronto called the feminist protesters “shameful” for their conduct.

        National Post has painted them as the Nazis they are.

        The worm is turning.

        • scatmaster

          Sorry Paul:
          I read the NP and did not see that article and have searched for it. My apologies. Do you have a link?

        • Turbo

          And the worms are squirming !!!

      • MGTOW-man

        “…but what I found was a Feminist industrial complex at work where, for women, its Anger Validation, and for men its “Anger Management”.”
        —I am curious yingyangbalance, how did you react to such one-sided, default-oblivious activity? I am not sure how I would react in that circumstance, but seeing this ahead of time, is why I avoided the entire marriage, cohabitation, kids thing.

  • rexxthunder

    Hmm, I’m thinking how one would set a trap for these ladies. Maybe advertise a meeting called something like “Justice for Fathers” then the day of the meeting, change it to “Is feminism a hate movement?”. I doubt that they would be smart enough to recognize the change in topic in time. So when they show up all crazed and ready for a fight and the media shows up, they’ll get caught validating the purpose of the meeting. I don’t know, I’m just thinking aloud.

    • Fredrik

      It could work. It’s intermediate team sports: run a play several times in quick succession, then when the other team’s reaction is automatic, fake them out.

    • Kimski

      I like the way you think.
      The fine art of not being where your opponent predict you to be.

      All war is deception.
      – Sun Tzu.

    • MGTOW-man

      That actually is an excellent idea! Let them appear to challenge something as fundamental as true fairness. It will expose their hatred for the truth, for nature, and with blame for men for both…all because they are not male and want to control everything.

  • GQuan

    At first it’s shocking just how readily the curriculum of women’s studies (and gender studies) was accepted in academia, when it has no legitimate basis in fact or reason and is merely a vehicle for indoctrination and aggressive expansion of a dangerous ideology. Why were these feminists given room on campus as though they were legitimate scholars? But then I think about it and it becomes clear to me that it all relates back to the importance of women as the limiting factor in reproduction, and the deep-set desire to retain women for the tribe at any cost. I very much believe that Humans often don’t know what to do about abusive, disruptive or dysfunctional women. Men who acted in these ways – well, they were devaluing themselves anyway, since male value stemmed from work or skills that benefited the community and wasn’t inherent due to reproductive ability, and men were (relatively) disposable in terms of reproduction. So you could run a man out of town or just discard him if he was causing trouble; that was the better option. But women were just too valuable to lose – and given the rates of death-in-childbirth, it wasn’t just an abstract biological equation; you were going to lose women. So you retained them at any cost. And I think Humans just don’t know how to deal with disruptive women. Hence the “pussy pass” in all its forms, hence the police historically being confronted with disruptive women and when asked why they aren’t restraining them the way they would men, responding helplessly “but they’re women!”, hence the idea that a man should legally be responsible for his wife’s actions and he should suffer legal punishment in her place. You did everything possible to keep women within the fold and not discard them. And it’s for this reason that societies so fear “out of control” women; like those policemen, they’re left helpless about what to do.

    GirlWritesWhat has spoken of this, in such videos as “The man riding the donkey backward”, in which she makes the argument that the idea of a man being legally responsible for his wife’s misdemeanours shows a) that his duty to protect the valuable womb included protecting it from the violence of the law, by taking the fall in his wife’s place, and b) that it encourages a man to ensure his wife was well-behaved, because if he couldn’t do so, then there was a disruptive woman accountable to no-one and that was seen as too dangerous to social stability and the cohesion of that society. In a sense, then, I think feminists are right – societies often are very dedicated to “controlling women”, at least in the sense of encouraging their commitment to non-disruptive and passive behaviours, because once a woman is “out of control”, there’s very little that people feel can be done. They’re just not comfortable acting against a woman in any way.

    Why are feminists so entrenched in academia and elsewhere? Why did *their* hate movement get a free pass when so many others are condemned? Because society did what it felt it had to do – capitulate, because the only other option was to act against these women and discard them, and all instinct says this can’t be done. So room must be made for these women.

    When men act up, they are dealt with, one way or the other. With women, humans seem to think the only options are “keep them from acting up in the first place” or “go along with them”. When woman makes noise, everyone cowers before her, or stands around helplessly, or makes room for her. And the fact that they know this will happen often explains some of the more seemingly extreme restrictions that societies have placed on women; because they had no acceptable means of dealing with difficult women the way they did difficult men.

    I mean, you just had to look at the protests in Egypt. Hundreds of male protestors were beaten back with little to no uproar, but the moment a female protestor was harmed, the shit hit the fan, didn’t it? You just can’t act against a woman and not expect massive unrest and backlash.

    • Bewildered

      Great analysis ,sir !

      In a sense, then, I think feminists are right – societies often are very dedicated to “controlling women”, at least in the sense of encouraging their commitment to non-disruptive and passive behaviours, because once a woman is “out of control”, there’s very little that people feel can be done. They’re just not comfortable acting against a woman in any way.

      We are witnessing and experiencing the truth of what I have quoted.
      Classical “damned if you do,damned if you don’t ” dilemma.

    • MGTOW-man

      You are so right. BUT, the sad truth is still that men caved because they have been weakened into feminist puppets, like cowards that loved being herded.
      I honestly believe that human males have choices too and that hard wiring, biology and related chemistry, along with society’s conditioning with punishment for males who venture outside the bell curve of expected behavior is NOT more powerful than men’s brains which can overcome this stupor they curiously love to cling to…like losers who would rather lose.

      The thing is that the boys will pay the hardest price for their cowardice and confusion about what really makes a male a man.

  • yinyangbalance

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” -Mahatma Gandhi

  • GQuan

    ^ This year so far has given me hope that the “winning” might well be on the horizon. And I am thankful to all of you who have worked for that.

  • donzaloog

    They just keep shooting themselves in the foot. I can’t wait to see the symphony of stupidity that results from this. Will we have another Big Red on our hands? We can only hope.

  • ctwii

    By way of preparation for the event;

    1. Practice video recording with your cell phone. Slowly does it. Most amateur videos are much too twitchy. See the Toronto recordings (starring Big Red) as an example.

    2. Start recording all confrontations, even the ones that seem to be starting out mildly. You can edit out any dull stretches later. You’ll want to keep the rational arguments too. If you get any.

    3. Have several people recording the same discussions from multiple angles. It’s more professional. Beside that: Subjects who are spitting mad tend to get too close to focus on. Let them do that, don’t back up.

  • MGTOW-man

    It doesn’t surprise me that feminists would seek to undermine any attempt by men to improve their own lives, especially in avoiding how we males are educated, socialized, and conditioned to be good little utilitarian disposable helpers and liars to self-centered women who are actually oblivious to wanting to run the entire show for everyone, everywhere, about everything.

    If feminists don’t disrupt the events then many people will irrefutably see that females aren’t the only ones with issue and problems, oppressions and restrictions, DV, and so on—that indeed feminism has a dark side (imagine THAT!).

    This flies directly in the face of feminism which has constantly been hammered into the psyches of the gullible with wails and suffering for women aloft a platform of lies, exaggerations, pity-mongering, bullying, and a plethora of other manipulations. Thus, if they can’t no longer manipulate men into helping them (supposedly creatures who NEED no help because they are “equal”), then their campfire of deceit dies with it. They are scrambling for embers.

    On the other hand, perhaps MHRA’ should stage counter protests at feminist initiatives…based on reduced human rights for males the world-over. Please, can anyone reading point me to actions such as this taken by MHRA’s? I mean, on the streets and stuff?

    We must educate, educate, educate! …and NEVER stop. Over and over and over, until….

  • dejour

    Amanda Marcotte would seem to agree that the “Don’t be that guy” posters don’t work.

    “She was also scolded and told that the university didn’t want to “punish” the rapist, so much as offer an “educative” process, as if rapists rape because they don’t know that rape is wrong. (Research conclusively shows that rapists rape because they like feeling powerful and sadistic, not because they missed the “don’t rape people” memo.) “

  • Francisco D’Anconia

    Make posters with sayings from the article:
    “I need men’s rights because….”

    Include a compelling image/graphic to demonstrate each point.

  • Jared Spencer

    I think that these ” ladies” avoided an invitation to moderated live debate because it was just that. The standard of shouting someone down and shrieking loudly to cover response will not work in an arena where one’s mike is turned off to allow the counter to speak. Their rhetoric advocates for but their behavior prevents an equal stage being set.

    An event in a public place is their preferred place of “discussion” because they can employ their standard tactics unfettered in the name of free speech. They, as most of you well know, have very little to no interest in actually speaking to any of you there in Edmonton. They simply want to flail about and ruin this event if they may. Gathering intelligence about who to most effectively harass is key, if they can’t.

    Avoiding structured debate and appearing instead to protest is simply a strategic decision. I believe old Sun Tzu advocated for choosing the ground upon which you meet your enemy. Those people may be disgraceful zealots but they have functional frontal lobes, it would seem.

    • scatmaster

      Avoiding structured debate and appearing instead to protest is simply a strategic decision. I believe old Sun Tzu advocated for choosing the ground upon which you meet your enemy. Those people may be disgraceful zealots but they have functional frontal lobes, it would seem.

      Jared: As we all know avoiding ( as you say) “structured debate” is nothing new and a sign of cowardice coupled with for lack of a better term not having a leg to stand on.

      As to your assertion they are “disgraceful zealots” no argument there.

      Functional “frontal lobes”.
      I will quibble with you on that one :)

  • Tim Legere

    Any feedback yet?

    • scatmaster

      Probably not Tim. It is only 7PM local for them.

      • Tim Legere

        Thanks Scat.

        • scatmaster

          I have a single malt in hand Tim and am waiting for word here or on MRE’s website. Maybe a late night for ones like myself in the Eastern time zone but I will put up the good fight. Woe is me. :)

          • Tim Legere

            Great idea. I poured myself a Glenlivet (French Oak Reserve – 15 years old). Cheers Buddy!

  • scatmaster

    Highland Park 18 Year Old for me my friend.

    No I did not pay for it. It was a gift and cheers to you!!!

    • Tim Legere

      Awesome Scat!

  • Raven01

    I’ve already been banned from the Facebook page.
    If you aren’t annoyed by circular logic and gross displays of both ignorance and bigotry by all means check it out.

    As usual, the whiteknights were neck and neck with the radfems for being the most illogical people there refusing to admit bias when even direct quotes showed it and constantly moving goal posts.

    Really looking forward to more coverage of both this and the CAFE/ MR Edmonton event.

    • MGHOW_AU

      I think everyone but female Edmontonians were blocked – There was talk about “information mining” via “dummy” polls. I didn’t post or vote and I couldn’t get in again myself.


    I believe it’s 20-past midnight there now… Any news? It was around this time(my time-zone) video started coming in from the Nathanson & Young protest where we met Big Red. The anticipation is killing me!!!