Feminist no-show during AVFM debate

(Washington D.C. July 13th, 2013) On Thursday, July 11th, 2013, James Huff and Robert O’Hara arranged a special Blogtalk Radio broadcast  in response to the publicity Men’s Rights Edmonton (MRE) had been getting regarding its “Don’t Be That  Girl” poster campaign. The posters, a parody of the now famous, “Don’t Be That Guy” poster  campaign started by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton in 2010, were posted on the University of Alberta campus in conjunction with another set of posters  intended to promote July 20th event hosted by the Canadian Association For Equality featuring Dr. James S. Brown titled “Our Underachieving Sons.” The charges of rape apology and cowardice thrown at MRE demanded a response and the radio show was intended to provide a public venue for feminists to debate with MRE’s representatives–Razlo, Judgy Bitch and Girl Writes What–concerning the matter.

It was a record breaking show for AVFM News and Activism and the number of guests in the chat room indicated a large audience of first time listeners. The show was publicized not only by AVFM but by MRE along with help from all of the media attention. Perhaps for the first time, a sizable audience from outside of the Manosphere tuned in to listen to what Men’s Right’s activists had to say for themselves and MRE as well as AVFM Staff were eager to debate with our opponents.

Dr. Leise Gotell and Edmonton Councilman Don Iveson, two of the most public voices expressing outrage at the posters, were both invited by AVFM to join the debate. They both declined the invitation in short order. The open invitation to all feminists interested in debate remained, however, and it was hoped that at least a few would call in.

With the exception of one caller sympathizing with the feminist camp having little to say about rape culture or false rape accusations, not one feminist chose to speak.

In fact, after taking several calls from supporters of MRE and several prank calls, producer James Huff requested of the audience “Please no more MRAs we only want to take feminist callers” in hopes at least one would call in to discuss the posters and their message. At that very moment no less than 20 people dropped from the chat room associated with the show and all callers left the call-in cue. Whether or not those who chose to leave the chat room and call-in cue were trolls or feminists unwilling to talk after a second thought is unclear.  One thing is clear though, the only people left on the stage were men’s rights activists.

This was interpreted to mean that feminists had absolutely no desire to  publicly defend their positions from MHRAs who had offered an opportunity to engage in a civil discourse concerning sexual assault and rape culture. It seems that feminists, who have spent billions of dollars over the course of several decades to promote their ideas through the media, indoctrinate young people in our education system and pass laws based exclusively on their ideology concerning violence against women and sexual assault were not willing to talk to anyone who disagreed with them.

This did not mean that they have stopped the public assault on MRE. A petition has been started to file a Human Rights Complaint to the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission in order to have MRE cease and desist their poster campaign. 

About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • Mike Buchanan

    Great news, and thanks to everyone involved with this. I’ll put links to this piece on my blogs now. Earlier I put up links to GWW’s ‘Don’t be that lying feminist’ video. I thought the whole video, including her analysis of why ‘Don’t be that guy’ posters put women at risk (from repeat rapists) was awesome.

    The feminist narrative is being disrupted ever more with each week that passes. When feminists debate with MHRAs, they lose. When feminists don’t debate with MHRAs, they lose. Win/win either way.

    Hot dang – as we say in the UK – it’s one hell of a time to be a MHRA, isn’t it?

    Onwards and upwards!

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)


    • MGTOW-man

      I agree, that there are more and more challenges to feminists’ pseudo-doctrine with each passing week— much to the credit of this website and its allies.

      Now, the thing is to get men to use this opportunity to make fairer changes that really reflect true equality. The problem is, among other things, that feminists are more organized, have been handed power, and are fiercely going to defend their lies, bigotry, exaggerations, warped-feelings, skewed reality perspectives, as well as their manginas, white knights, and other brainwashing means of control, while they pass it off as poor, poor pitiful women.

      Weak men fall right in line. I know I must sound like a broken record, but I wish we MHRAs could at least start talking about new ways to get average men to change. Not against women, not “hating” women, or any other manipulative bullshit laced with bullying that feminists try and pin on men with wit, but just to get men to chase women with their smarts instead of with their penises and/or with their herd-accepted mentalities.

      When we start the conversation, other things will come out of it. It is a huge and daunting task to change men, but it can be done (as witnessed by feminists changing them) and we should get started with our own changes. Why on earth should men and boys be the only thing that hasn’t changed!@#$%^&*!!? If the boys are gong to be changed (and they ARE…by feminists), then why would we MHRAs not be wanting in on it too—to sway them OUR way?

      I know this site is educational and is trying to do what I am suggesting but perhaps the pursuit, if amplified, with additional efforts invested, alternative ways to get into the minds of boys and men, then little by little, they will “get it” and begin to change…and a whole lot faster than the current pace left to itself..

      We should be doing all and varied things we can legally do to bring about justice for men and boys. No stone should be left unturned.

      At this time, I want to thank all people involved in helping elucidate men’s plight (which by default, HAS to include dissent from current feminism). When I say “activists” helping, I intend to convey all of us truth crusaders, large and small, known or not, married or MGTOW, website owners, and even the “little activists” who live thier lives daily setting the new examples for men and boys and who fend off the criticism dealt to men and women with wit. If we all, at our homes, to the women in our lives, at every chance we can get away with it, set the example that true equality must be pursued, regardless of who (mostly women) doesn’t like it, then the movement would largely take care of itself!

      Please let’s start this conversation.

  • dhanu

    WTF Iveson? Now who is a coward? Empty vessels make much noise…

  • Jack Barnes

    The petition has a total of 29 signatures.

    • Turbo

      It has about 60 now. Anyone who hasn’t had a look yet do it now. Some classic comments. Not sure this is what they had in mind for their petition. Beautifully done everyone.

  • Doc

    Of course they didn’t show. Liberals and Feminists never do since they cannot debate anything logical. They rely on name calling and lies – and will never participate in a debate where people have the facts. That is one of the signs of telling if something is a lie – look at MSNBC, they have created a network based on nothing but lies and innuendo. They work using what the Nazi’s used – the BIG LIE. They (Liberals and Feminists) feel if it’s repeated enough it becomes the truth and is accepted with no facts to back it up, and they aren’t wrong unless people with the facts confront them. So they never show where that can happen.

    • KeanoReeves


      Your reference to Nazis is appropriate. When all this ends, and a clarity emerges, feminism will be seen as worse than Nazi Germany. When the calculations are done of human tragedy and suffering, of children brought up without fathers, false rape charges, men jailed for not paying alimony, Bradley amendment, tilte IX, the trauma caused would be greater than Nazism.

      Then what will happen? I doubt the leaders would be punished. They will be given the pussy pass.

    • Theseus

      “Liberals” and feminists?

      Oh no…more left/right bullshit.

      Doc FYI there are a lot of self identified liberals that are MRA’s. Many of them post on this site.

      Everything that you said about MSNBC (which I agree with BTW) can be said about Faux News. Based on this I suppose I should generalize conservatives? I purposely refrain from using a very broad term like “conservative” or “conservative this” or “conservative that” because I know it’s a broad term that some of my brothers identify with.

      Could you only be talking about certain feminist supporting liberals? Perhaps, but after reading your post it leaves me with the impression that you are broad brushing “Liberals”.

      Most of us here that identify as left or right absolutely abhor the misandry that has polluted both sides of the isle. Both feminists and trad/cons SUCK!

  • MGTOW-man

    It doesn’t surprise me that feminists want no part of an organized, mature, sensible debate. They prefer to operate under the radar out of sight, exploiting men’s LOVE of women and the natural dynamics that rule, manipulating them with bullying, hidden threats, and other coercive means.

    They have seen how much of cowards men are going to be, so they know they will get more if they just work via anything BUT a real debate. If they debated, their theories, holes, shallow pity-mongering, exaggerations, lies, truth-bending, cherry-picking and all the like, would be hard to conceal. For this reason, they will likely NEVER openly debate us. They know they will lose…like they should.

    Make no mistake, men with wit (and women likewise), is their number one enemy…also known as truth! They morbidly despise it and the fallout is the world we now have. But they do not care about the world, all they can manage is to think of themselves…regardless!

    • Jared Spencer

      Seeing the talent that was at hand and having viewed their skill in reasonable rebuttal of randomly spewed bile and frivolous pseudoscience, I would be exceedingly hesitant to belly up if that were all I had to bring with me.

  • pinetree

    Rape hysteria is the weapon feminists use to gain more funding and political power. They are not likely to give it up too soon.

  • Kimski

    I should have taken bets on the feminists showing up.
    I only had to find someone stupid enough to belive they actually would, which would have been the hardest part.

    • Theseus

      Kimski old boy, don’t you get it?

      Fems have a magical built in excuse to refrain from any debate that doesn’t let them drone on without opposition. It’s called “mansplaining”( a term that I know is near and dear to you). You see if the fembots called in they would have been “silenced” by all the nasty MRA’s with their “mansplaining”. The fact that there were women MRA’s there to debate them is irrelevant.

      Get your shit straight man! Lol

      • Kimski

        Could also just be, that most men/boys outgrow the need to continously having their feelings validated for hours without end at age 11, and just don’t get the feminist agenda.

        Especially when that emotional validation comes with the dismissal of all reason, rationality, logic, personal responsibility, and accountability to the individuals in question.

        Personally I really can’t see how anyone can blame men for that, considering the difference in upbringing between the two sexes.

        Grown-ups with a mature agenda don’t usually feel the need to play make-believe in the land of butterflies and unicorns, for any amount of consecutive hours every day.

        Personally, there’s simply too much RL-shit that needs doing for me to waste time tapping into the mindset of these emotional cripples, portraying to be adult responsible individuals. Especially when knowing that I’ll have to do it all over again, next time there’s a change in their mood.

        I want results and closure to any given problem, and not hours of emotional circlejerk and navel-gazing, that leads absolutely nowhere beyond repetition ad. lib..

  • Jared Spencer

    Aaaaaaand que the angry rebuttal. The tired old one about any forum so obviously tainted with man-meanies would be a waste of a poor girl’s breath, if the mean ol’ boys even let her speak at all of course. Sweet lambs avoiding a slaughter. Phooey. I am sure someone was victimized by all this.


    OT: Oh, Those Feminists…

  • Turbo

    Of course they didn’t show up. They are not interested in a forum where they cannot control the discourse. An open, honest debate complete with facts, logic and the truth is exactly what they are afraid of. Emotional rhetoric does not stand up to scrutiny, and that is all they have.

  • Justice

    >feminists had absolutely no desire to publicly defend
    >their positions
    Feminists are currently in retreat. For the last 100 years they have been unchallenged by men and are still confused that feminist ideology is so easily challenged.

    Do not be fooled. The basis of feminism is a deep hatred of men. It’s in their DNA. Feminism is merely the vehicle in which their male hatred can be displayed.

    Feminists are now searching for a new social movement that will allow them to move toward their true goal: The establishment of a bee-hive society where feminists are the queen bees, non-feminist women are the workers, and a few men are permitted to exist to be mere drones then discarded.

    There is only one solution. Feminism must be declared as a terrorist organization and held “accountable”.

  • Truyardy

    What a surprise. Fucking cowards.

  • James Williams

    Gender feminists are cowards. They only appear when they can control and/or intimidate. None of them understand the meaning of misogyny. They cannot differentiate between hatred of a group and disagreement with that group’s views. Just about every campaign they engage in is about stopping freedom and preventing people making their own choices.

  • billy

    I’m not surprised they were a no show. It’s easier to pass us off as women haters and refer to us as the KKK of the gender world than to sit down and have a debate with us and giving us a chance to show we have legit reasons for mens activism. Right like we’re gonna start getting male symbols tattooed all over our face and f*** feminism across our knuckles. It’s ridiculous, most of us are not women haters. With that said, since mens activism and feminism deal with society as a whole. Both sides are gonna attract people that are off the wall characters. It’s important we stay on track with mens issues and not continually attack feminists because of some of the bad apples they have.

  • dhanu

    @billy Point me to 1 (one, that’s eleven minus ten, just one) good apple (feminist) in any significant position of power who has any say in the feminist policy matters (such as at the NOW) at all. Let’s see if you show up with an example now.

    • Patrick Henry

      The “good apple” feminist quietly gives the *nod* to the bad apple feminists and smiles and says her hands are clean. The only good feminist is a vocal ex-feminist.