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Return of Kings: the Alpha Kings and the Queens who love them

I occasionally read articles at the web site “Return of Kings” because I find self-appointed alpha males somewhat amusing. Okay, not only amusing. It can be a bit of a turn-on when I’m observing them from behind safety glass. I’m old enough now, however, to see that the gap between fantasy and reality is wide enough to be taken seriously. When I do so, I remember that I’m no fan of hanging out with or having to deal in any other way with “alphas.” Almost to a man or woman, I think of them as jerks. I reserve the right, as I did with jocks and various other categories of “tough” guys, to change my mind if I ever actually meet a nice one. But when a man acts or thinks like a jerk, the face, the hair, the body, and the physical display of anything that might be sexually arousing goes right out of the safety-glassed window. As hokey as it sounds, handsomeness eventually has to come out of a man’s eyes.

My mild interest in articles about “hot babes,” “fat girls,” “wimps,” “masculine virtues,” “irritating fags,” and treating women like cheap whores to turn them on may dissipate soon, but not before I trash an attitude frequently expressed at that website that thankfully has little hope of being resurrected on a grand scale on this soil any time soon, thanks to the massive cultural change that is currently underway that will benefit gay and bisexual men across the world.

I’m not talking about the gay Left’s political victories with gay marriage and banning reparative therapy for minors. I’m talking about a significant percentage of the rising generation having no problem with homosexuality. (“Please, that is so gay!”)  I’m talking about things like NALT, a Christian effort at reaching out to the gay community. I’m talking about old-school Republicans George and Barbara Freaking Bush witnessing at a lesbian wedding. Something major is going on, akin in my view to 1989.

I remember when the Berlin Wall fell. It was an astounding and surprising transformation, even though the world had been watching for four years as Gorbachev opened up the Soviet economy to more free market reforms, ostensibly to save socialism. On his stated goal, he failed spectacularly, and the world is, in my view, a better place for it. Well-known homo Leonard Bernstein flew to Germany and conducted Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, replacing the phrase “Ode to Joy [Freude]” with “Ode to Freedom [Freiheit],” on Christmas Day, in reunited Berlin. Thankfully, for the tiresome anti-gays at RoK, he didn’t mention a word about his homosexuality during the performance.

According to Kings Returned, that is why corporate sports are being ruined. Not due to the violence, nor the regulation by coercive, death-oriented institutions; but to the first openly gay NFL hopeful holding a press conference. The tenor of the article implies that the writer would rather have gay and bisexual male athletes keep their mouths shut in the locker room, so that “alphas” can go along in their dream world thinking that not a single guy in the showers is ever turned on by the sight of their penises.

Just to get this out of the way, gentlemen, I have disturbing news for you if it hasn’t dawned on you already: If you’ve ever gotten naked in a room full of men, you were not only checked out non-sexually by virtually every single man in the room (scientifically proven?), but at least one of them was definitely-yet-briefly aroused by glancing at your dick. If you don’t like knowing that, change your clothes and shower at home from now on. And now, back to hating certain kinds of men.

In an even sadder way, these “alphas” are showing an almost total lack of concern for what is presently happening to gays in Russia, because, yet again, their precious corporate, state-sponsored, state-sanctioned, and state-celebrating sporting events (which are termed “masculine” in the article in spite of the fact that so many of them also include the feminine) are being marred by alpha male Obama (whom neocon “alphas” love to hate), who sent three gay representatives to the Sochi Olympics to quietly protest hyper-alpha-male Putin (with whom the Return of Kings “alphas” seem to have an unending fascination) defending Russia’s latest salvo against citizens that do not fit the Russian Orthodox mold in Putin’s alpha mind. (And “mold” has more than one meaning.)

The writer of that article even slams gold medal winner Brian Boitano in an over-the-top, sarcastic tirade about his officially coming out in preparation for going to Sochi. I’d like to see the shit-headed writer of the article who calls himself The Archangel Michael do that kick (at 2:00 in the linked video) that Boitano did in the 1988 Winter Olympics, one year before the Wall fell. I guess if you’re a fag, magnificent athletic ability counts for nothing.

Neither do crimes against humanity. The atrocities being exacted on gay Russians (and you can be certain that the majority of those crimes, especially the violent ones, are being committed against gay men) that are making the headlines – while Putin’s alpha farts make the tweets – are being attributed to the anti-gay laws that have recently been passed by Putin’s government, and sanctioned by the prime alpha himself. From Policy Mic:

“The violations of fundamental, constitutionally protected rights of Russia’s gay citizens have included multiple bans on gay pride parades in Moscow and other cities, hefty fines to gay rights groups accused of acting as a ‘foreign agent,’ denial of registration to nongovernmental organizations, and regional laws banning the propaganda of homosexuality to minors, which served as a basis for the federal law enacted by Mr. Putin and unanimously passed by the State Duma. Against this backdrop, violent attacks on gays or ‘suspect gays’ are becoming commonplace [emphasis mine].”

From an English translation of Article 6.21 of this ridiculous and dangerous law: “Propaganda is the act of distributing information among minors that 1) is aimed at the [sic] creating nontraditional sexual attitudes, 2) makes nontraditional sexual relations attractive, 3) equates the social value of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations, or 4) creates an interest in nontraditional sexual relations.”

Once a word is turned into a legal word, there are any number of political interests that will focus on that word to get what they want. (Think gay “marriage”; then think about the legalization of “marriage” to begin with.)  Therefore, since Tchaikovsky, like Bernstein, was a gay composer, and since so many male ballet dancers lean in that direction, perhaps there should be a ban throughout Russia on performing The Nutcracker at Christmas, since any minor exposed to all those twinkle toes may eventually put two and two together and realize that some dead Russian man was, as Monty Python put it, “just an old poof who wrote tunes.”

Perhaps it’s time for Russians and the RoK alphas, most of whom seem to be in love with Putin (in a thoroughly non-sexual way, of course), to make a choice. Whom do they love more: a composer with a hell of a symphonic cycle and cannons firing during his 1812 Overture; or an idiot politician with crony capitalist friends that platonically kiss his ass, and who loves to show his bare chest to the cameras every chance he gets?  Is “alpha” synonymous with “stupid”?  Thus far, it appears to be synonymous with “slightly bi-curious.”

The Policy Mic article continues: “Foreign citizens or stateless persons engaging in propaganda are subject to a fine of 4,000 to 5,000 rubles, or they can be deported from the Russian Federation and/or serve 15 days in jail. If a foreigner uses the media or the internet to engage in propaganda, the fines increase to 50,000-100,000 rubles or a 15-day detention with subsequent deportation from Russia.”  I wonder if my dreamgirl Tilda Swinton was fined for holding up that “Marxist” rainbow flag in Red Square?

Speaking of dreamgirls, and introducing another favorite neocon phobia, I used to absolutely love Victoria Jackson. I still want to. I keep waiting for the bizarre shift in her thinking to be a great comedic hoax. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be. In the spirit of the original gay-hating article from Return of Government-Over-All-by-One, she says:

“Why do liberals embrace Shariah law even though ‘beheading your wife’ seems to go against the feminist movement’s mantra?  Why do liberals embrace Islam knowing it frowns on homosexuality?

“Because they have the same goals. Progressives, communists, liberals, globalists and Muslims want to destroy America. When that goal is reached, they will fight for top billing. It will be bloody.”

This is an article where Miss Jackson (I have to call her that, because I’m nasty) called a gay kiss on the television show Glee, “Sickening.”  A kiss?  Jeez, Victoria (nasty boys don’t play by the rules), you could have at least had the courtesy to pick something that would really gross people out, like fellow neocon Devvy Kidd, who reduced the ages-old phenomenon of one man romantically loving another man to “bowel movement sex.”

All of these people are still in the throes of the idea that there is some huge, Marxist conspiracy to overthrow American government, as if it would be peachy keen without Leftist influence. This is why hatred of Muslims goes so well with hatred of gays and, of course, hatred of men, in the neocon mind.

What escapes their neominds is that Marxists may embrace anything that tears down representative government; however, minus Marxist influence, that same “patriotic” system would continue to take money from men by force, compel men to register for selective service, imprison more men than any other civilized country, and routinely lie to these men about its own doings, even the men who try to save people like good little utilitarian boys.

Minus Left-leaning influence, a center-to-right government run by neocon alphas would apparently permit the quiet, underground expression of male homosexuality, which leads men like Bernstein and Cole Porter to marry women while screwing men on the side. (What every woman wants!) They would also graciously monitor any light brown man who looks Middle Eastern.

These people are hysterical about non-events that they ramp up with their rhetoric, like the “Ground Zero Mosque” screamed about by neocon Pamela Geller, which is actually two and a half blocks away from the World Trade Center, is located in the vicinity of other Muslim buildings that have been there for years, and – this is the clincher – is being run by men who had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. Little Miss Guilt-by-Association Geller goes to great lengths to frighten people by putting the Statue of Liberty in a burqa, right on the front cover of her broadside against a worldwide religion with many different facets and expressions, a tome entitled Stop the Islamization [sic] of America. Understand that it’s a given, in the minds of these faux-conservatives (the “con” in “neocon”), that it is Muslim men, along with the Islamophilic alpha males and females in American government, that will presumably be enforcing this terror on American women.

The bogeyman can be a Muslim. He can be a gay man who “recruits” minors. He used to be communist, although it’s a-okay with alphas if he used to be KGB (as long as he’s shirtless and pumped). For people who think like this, men simply cannot be accepted for who they are, because men are the primary doers in society, usually egged on by their women. Those out doing are noticed by everyone, and if what they’re doing looks suspect or frightening, then obviously they will be the ones to receive the hysteria of neocon females, and the fed-up attitudes of neocon alpha males who think that being exposed to a different expression of male sexuality means that their sacred male space has been invaded. I hate to break it to Ms. Kidd and all the alphas that are as pissed off as she is about Alphabama lifting the ban on gays in the military: They were already in the military. It’s just that now they don’t have to be silent or lie about it. Better keep your panties on, boys.

RoKers (Return of Kings wannabe alphas) talk about the red pill, but then they keep barfing bits of it back up. Their sexy bitches are content with the blue one. All of these blue or bluish-purple pillers represent the soon-to-be retired notions of neoconservatism, with its “family values” containing anti-Islam and anti-gay rhetoric. It will be a positive boon for zeta males and all other men when neoconservative virtues are drowned out by society’s mocking crescendo, as a central tenet of neoconservatism is its appeal to outdated conservative ideals that used to be much more widespread in a white-bread, nuclear family America, where rich white women like Betty Friedan had an easy time of convincing rich white men to continue with their self-hating ways by being utilitarian and disposable, and having their sexuality tamed by societal and religious forces, while women got to do more and more of whatever they wanted.

Now that religion is being assaulted by rapidly advancing scientific discovery, and neoconservatism’s negative political influence has been exposed by the sunlight of the Internet, we can expect the shrill voices of alpha males and the women who get wet for them to fall silent, some out of exhaustion, but mostly due to the indifference of a culture that will someday be guided by a millennial generation that accepts homosexuality simply as something other than default setting, and nothing more horrifying than that. Honestly, people, that is so gay!

About B.R. Merrick

B.R. Merrick writes for "Strike The Root" and "A Voice for Men," and is proud to be a classical music reviewer at and iTunes.

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  • Dean Esmay

    I don’t wanna be a King, I wanna be an Emperor!

    • DukeLax

      The emperor always has a few eunuchs to groom his wives…maybe thats yer calling dean??? Just kidding bro!!

    • Draigo Luther

      The Emperor of Mankind!!! Just be careful of Horus

    • brmerrick

      Excellent idea! I can’t wait for the coronation ball: “American dance CONGA!”

    • Aimee McGee

      Dean, if I tell you that you are naked, you will know I’m just being honest 😉

    • Mike Schonewolf

      RoK already has their emperor, his name is Roosh V.

  • Dean Esmay

    Although for the record, I no longer have the foggiest idea what anybody means by “neocon.” It originally was coined in the 1970s to describe a group of liberals like Irving Kristol and Jeane Kirkpatrick who kept most of their “liberal” views but became highly hawkish against the Soviet Union. Then “neocon” came to describe anyone who was basically liberal but with some conservative views on important issues. Now it seems to be a general epithet applied to anyone conservative-minded that people don’t like. I’ve seen people who’ve called themselves conservatives since the 1960s described as “neocons,” implying that they are “new” conservatives of some sort, even though they’ve never self-identified as anything BUT conservative.

    I don’t really care what people call themselves, but I literally do not know what “neocon” means anymore, except “conservative the speaker or writer does not like.”

  • ManWithPlan

    Like it or not, society is returning to the rules of the jungle and that means that tribalism & reactionary ideals will become ascendent. You and I may prefer the ideals of the enlightened “Zeta male” and we may content ourselves thinking we will be respected for them because society is moving in our direction but it’s just not so.

    But I agree there is a lot of self-appointed “alpha” posturing and caricatures of masculinity in the manosphere.

    • DukeLax

      The “Alpha tribal reaction” is simply a backlash against the “perversions and manufactured statistics Alliances”!!!
      De-construct the perversions and manufactured statistics alliances, and these quack self appointed Alpha’s….. will soon fallow.

    • ManWithPlan

      For example: Recognizing gays right to marry is enlightened. Getting the government to force a private business to bake a birthday cake for a gay marriage, against their beliefs, when there are numerous other bakers willing and available to do it, is tribalism and rules of the jungle.

      • DukeLax

        Forcing someone to reject their religious beliefs is not only a perversion….but is unconstitutional.

  • Chris Wedge

    There’s a particular link in this little article that really leaves me wishing I hadn’t misplaced my sources that debunked the fool idiocy of 9/11 “truthers”

    Their ilk have a lot in common with feminists, really. Minus the whole “overwhelming political power” thing, of course.

  • DukeLax

    Its somewhat arrogant and pretentious to self anoint one self as “king”, but i do like some of the articles at the “return of kings” web site.

    • Dean Esmay

      I find them to be a mixed bag of fairly interesting and thought-provoking articles and batshit insanity. Hard to know how to untangle it all.

      • tamerlame

        Things like this crack me up.

        (Advice here is pure bullshit btw. Most women go on plenty of fish for a ego boost and to shoot men down.)

        • Jesse James

          I think MRAs and PUAs can never be reconciled as their two POVs are intrinsically different.

          The animosity of the PUA, I think, stems from the fact that if MRAs win; feminism dies. Therefore, their supposed sexual trysts will dissipate. It is my opinion that most of those in that environment are not actual alphas, let alone able to garner the tremendous body of “ass” they brag about. But without feminism, they have no shot of living the dream life they see actors live in movies. Kind of like the girls they date.

          MRAs want a fair deal, and actual equality under the law, thereby removing gender based legal verbiage that has no basis in reality as the traditional laws cover most, if not all, of what we face today. It is just not applied, and as RSE has written extensively, the female sentencing discount has been in full effect since forever.

          There is no way these two can ever reconcile, especially with all the vitriol PUAs throw at MRAs. I have noticed though that they have toned their verbiage in this direction down the past few years as sites like this continue to grow. I guess it is hard to contracidct an argument you can never favor due to hypocrisy. What I mean is, you cannot diss an MRA for wanting a fair deal, then go and partake of the unfair deal’s advantages, simultaneously kicking him when he is down. ROK’s founder Roosh, wrote an article a few years back accusing the MRAs of never being able to change the status quo. I think that is changing, and he is smart enough to watch, and not make any judgements…yet. But he favors feminism in that it has allowed him to grow two super sites (ROOSHV, and ROK) into a comfortable income stream for him to practice his craft.

          I know from personal experience that many of the tactics if applied correctly, work. However, the majority of PUA girls are actually the last thing you want in an LTR (long term relationship in PUA speak).

          So, PUAs sleep with the enemy of both. Bad women. They may dismiss MRAs out of hand. But they will show up at your door when they get caught! LOL

          • John Narayan

            I see the main difference between the two being that PUA’S don’t warn men of the dangers of women, a massive gulf though.

            Sure one might give the keys to a Ferrari to an 18 year old but if he has only just got his license, well he might be coming home in a pine box!

      • Paul Elam

        My take on it is very similar to Merrick’s. There is some thought provoking stuff there, but mostly they are just a pitch for the “real man” market, mainly appealing to alpha-worship and the lost and deluded men who imagine that there really is some sort of a “return to kings” as a solution to the fucked up gender zeitgeist we now live in that has stripped so many men of their identity.

        It is sort of like a a Good Men Project for anti-feminists who can’t cope with individualism.

        • Lastango

          “It is sort of like a a Good Men Project for anti-feminists who can’t cope with individualism.”

          Actually, RoK may be all about individualism. As I see it, their thesis is that the more MGTOW one is — the more independent, self-reliant, manly, and potent — the more one will appeal to (a) women who are worth attracting and keeping, and (b) women who are worth attracting and banging.

          At RoK, the substance comes from (a), and the flip, fun, bit-of-fantasy side from (b).

  • Hen

    ROK generally consists of low quality articles written by teenage outcasts. Occasionally something of interest is written there but for the most part it just seems like 19 year old guys trying to create a fantasy online world where they have self-esteem.

  • earth one

    “Therefore, since Tchaikovsky, like Bernstein, was a gay composer, and since so many male ballet dancers lean in that direction, perhaps there should be a ban throughout Russia on performing The Nutcracker at Christmas, since any minor exposed to all those twinkle toes may eventually put two and two together and realize that some dead Russian man was, as Monty Python put it, “just an old poof who wrote tunes.””

    Mr. Merrick, speaking as a homo bro zeta male, I would like to thank you. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY.

  • tamerlame

    Game theory is a fraud. Alpha beta is from wolf packs. Game is the romantic version of rich man poor man fallacy. You can’t create attraction by just acting a certain way.

    Female mate selection was severely limited in the past. I would argue that in the modern environment, female mate selection and relationship behaviour is highly maladaptive.

    The way they talk about beta males like they are a lower form of life sickens me. what triggers female attraction is completely amoral, (Just like it is with men.) What sort of person a female likes or doesn’t like is not a reflection on a person.

    I do enjoy reading the articles on the site from time to time, there are some good articles. Also I find the more ridiculous ones lulz worthy. (I enjoy slumming it online!)

    • plasmacutter

      “What sort of person a female likes or doesn’t like is not a reflection on a person.”

      I disagree here, I believe it’s VERY reflective of the person, so much so it’s inconvenient to those who don’t like what they see in the proverbial mirror.

      • Sulla

        I knew a mentally ill druggie who knocked up loads of women. He had the mental age of a 12 year old and heard voices in his head.

        He was tall and very good looking.

        So he was a good guy who could look in the mirror proudly because he switched on female attraction triggers by being tall?

        Meanwhile the good looking humble guy, who works hard and had problems getting a woman, who finally only got married by going abroad, wouldn’t like what he sees in the mirror?

        Peddle your crypto feminist bullshit elsewhere.

        If female mate selection boarders on the mentally ill, it doesn’t behove men to change for them. This is basic self respect.

        I am very good looking, I love what I see in the mirror! In fact I have had women flirt with me quite a lot. (3 different women getting in my body space, flirting passively. One married women touching me by accident repeatedly.)

        I don’t bother with women, if I sense their is something wrong with them.

        • plasmacutter

          I was actually referring in my response to women’s character.

          Your own response to my comment is illustrative of what I was referencing.

          Men tend to own up to the fact they want a fertile woman without kids so he can raise his own with her – after which the personality comes into play (unless the guy has already had kids).

          Women, not so much. If they did, the “head games” so many women play would end abruptly, they’d have to face up to the fact they most of the time they’re as shallow and facile in their “mate selection” as men.

    • Ross

      @tamerlame: “You can’t create attraction by just acting a certain way.” YES YOU CAN! Go to a job interview act a certain way. How you ACT greatly influences the outcome of a call back! GUARANTEED! Mating is NO different.

      • Sulla

        Nope you can’t create attraction.

        What you can do is put a women off and kill her attraction though.

        Romance is not a job interview. If you are not her type you can’t make her attracted to you.

        (You can get the attention of gold diggers though by giving of signals of high status, this will not make the women wet for you though.)

        Have to be a bit gone in the head to equate attraction with a job interview.

        • Ross

          @Sulla : If you don’t think mating is like a job interview you are GRAVELY mistaken! ‘Cause you offer incentives ( attraction) for someone to pick you over someone else! Even Spiders know this! Peacocks too! Humans are NO different. Only one “gone in the head” would be you for not understanding this simple fact of life. If you’re fat and want to attract a woman, guess what you do? Find out what SHE likes. If you want a specific job, you find out what that company WANTS. You establish contact and the interview process begins. Interviewing is about SELLING, CREATING ATTRACTION as to why you should be picked. That’s mating, that’s the job world! You’re just in denial. Hence, quite bitter.

          • Sulla

            You can increase attraction, you can’t fake it out created it out of thin air.

            If you don’t get that, please don’t reply to me.

  • tamerlame

    I don’t really care what is happening to gays in Russia. I don’t care what is happening to women in Africa etc…. (I could give a million other examples of evilness going on somewhere else.)

    I am 100% focused on what is going on in the west. We should fix our own backyard before worrying about injustice somewhere else.

  • plasmacutter

    I understand the gay perspective on this as I have a gay brother, but I don’t believe the short to medium term demise of the republican platform (as supported by ROK) in the populace is something positive for men, especially at this time.
    With zero opposition, democrats, now demonstrating the heaviest misandry I’ve seen in my time on this earth, will run amok. The “dear colleague” letter will become law, not just on colleges, but EVERYWHERE.
    Quotas will be everywhere, they’ll institute “palimony” and other anti-MGTOW laws very aggressively.
    The media’s constant denigration of “angry white men” as the cause of the world’s problems will end up encoded in law as a “retributive jim crow”.
    I think it’s very important that there not be a power vacuum on the right at a time when the left is so utterly corrupt and hateful. I don’t believe either side should be allowed to “win” by creating a power vacuum.

    The two giants each have feet hovering above our sand castles as they fight in the playground. It’s best to wait until those feet are elsewhere before dispensing with either of them.

    • brmerrick

      You bring up a valid point about the victory dance that Democrats must be doing since they have politically advocated for the gay community for so long. But I don’t think we should discount Log Cabin Republicans, or even Rand Paul talking about a more “inclusive” Republican party:

      He didn’t mention gays in particular, but any political party with as much interest in survival as the Republicans will not be able to hold on to the increasingly outdated and shrill voices of religious fundamentalists as their base. Political parties have a way of realigning themselves over time in order to stay afloat. Democrats used to appeal to white Southerners, not Republicans. With the sea change in the culture brought on by new technology and a myriad diverse voices, both political parties are going to have to make changes in order to stay relevant.

      There will come a time when men have had enough. With a grass roots movement like what we’re seeing (complete with grass-eaters), there will be politicos like Paul that get it, and they will have to be taken more seriously. I just hope that no one will ever confuse any political party’s victory dance with “American dance CONGA!”

  • Lastango

    Wave upon wave of sophomoric, progressivist bullshit. Anyone who doesn’t understand there’s a problem with a mosque near Ground Zero, and doesn’t get that the left misuses human rights for gays (a legitimate issue) as a lever to deconstruct masculinity (a Marxist political agenda, and part of their War Against Men) doesn’t merit a rebuttal and needs to get an education.

    BTW, I like Return of Kings. Lots of good fun and plenty of insight.

    • Jason Gregory

      How is masculinity “deconstructed” by supporting gay rights? I see male sexuality being demonized/devalued by both the left and right. On the left, male sexuality is “rapey.” On the right, unless male sexuality is tradcon hetero, then it’s scorned as a Marxist conspiracy to destroy the family.

      • Lastango

        “How is masculinity ‘deconstructed’ by supporting gay rights?”

        Are you asking about the specific tactics and strategies the Left employs when it misuses human rights for gays to attack masculinity and the family?

        Also, do you doubt that the Left does this, or are you simply unfamiliar with the subject and asking for clarification?

        • Sulla

          So how have gays attacked masculinity? Are you confusing gay men with women who divorce and drive fathers away?

      • Raopak Bolo

        Lol @ ‘tradcon’. If being a tradcon means holding up your own masculine values and principles then I see nothing wrong with it.

        And yeah, there’s no such thing as cultural marxism which is trying to undermine the family and natural way of human life. /sarcasm

        • Jason Gregory

          “…natural way of human life…”

          It has been traditionally “natural” for men to be used as disposable variants of cannon-fodder for a woman, women, and society in-general. If you’re trying to “conserve” this so-called natural way of life, then you are probably a misandric morally retarded scumbag–a tradcon, and your morally retarded scumbaggery has no place in pro-male spaces, except for its use as an example of morally retarded scumbaggery.

          • Jewinzius

            What do you mean with cannon-fodder?

        • Sulla

          Reason I hate the cultural Marxism mental illness, is because it is conspiracy theory. Feminism is based on conspiracy theory, I hate conspiracy theories and reject 99.99% of them outright. Frankfurt school is not behind all the ills in society. You realise political correctness comes from self righteous jumped up assholes right? It is innate to human beings.

          A lot of these undermining comes from the right as well. The right helped push through the divorce laws just as much as the left. (In mainstream political terms both sides are basically the same. The mainstream left is far from Marxist.) .

          If you want a so called traditional way of life, point your finger at who destroyed it. It wasn’t the USSR or Karl Marx, it was women and the state. Also the state didn’t make women destroy the family unit, it just gave them the legal tools to do so.

          Also the natural way of human life died out a long time again. Civilization killed it. Also tradcons endorse the nuclear family, before the modern era, humans used to live in the extended family.

          What puts me off places like the Spearhead is the homophobia. I don’t get morally offended by what they say, I just think the gay obsession is stupid. How does gay rights undermine what happens to heterosexual relationships?(The spearhead has some good articles but the commenters are a bunch of idiots.) Tradcons are thinking emotionally like women, if they don’t understand basic cause and effect I am not interested in them. Also a lot of people at the Spearhead believe in a fantasy past, where being a manly man got you rewarded in a word of fair competition.(When has the world ever been fair.)

          Right wing tradcon logic. “I don’t like gays, so I will make a load of empty assertions on how they are destroying society.”

          Left wing Feminist logic. “I hate low status men so I will make empty assertion on how they are rapey and harming women.”

          Seems to be the same bitch logic emotional thinking to me.

          PS: The LGBT being hijacked by feminists is a real problem. I think gay men need to push the lesbians out and create their own movement. Perhaps society treating gays like shit made them more vulnerable to being co-oppted by feminists? Also it is not like there isn’t plenty of straight male white knights out there too!

    • brmerrick

      Anyone who doesn’t understand there’s a problem with a mosque near Ground Zero…

      Oh, for shit’s sake. That right there outs this commenter. I don’t need to know any more. Spare me. Maybe Southern Baptist Jesus will eventually save you. Mormon Jesus sure as hell won’t.

      • Lastango

        brmerrick, there’s no place at AVFM for a piece as poorly thought-through and poorly written as this screed you’ve dumped.

        I hope you do better in the future.

        • brmerrick

          I don’t think Methodist Jesus likes you, either.

          • Jason Gregory


    • Sulla

      What is the problem with a mosque near ground zero? I thought people in the USA has freedom of religion?

    • Aimee McGee

      There is an international audience here…and there is a Muslim readership and even Muslim MRAs, so please explain why a mosque in Manhattan within 2-3 blocks of Ground Zero is a problem…

  • Raopak Bolo

    Men being MANLY? WHAT!? That’s unacceptable!
    Honestly, if ROK wants to defend (real) masculinity and manliness all the power to them. Those two aspects of men are always under attack and the butt of jokes today. Whereas the effeminate men are to be defended because…whatever.
    “All of these people are still in the throes of the idea that there is some huge, Marxist conspiracy to overthrow American government,”

    Nice strawman. But yeah, I’m sure that ‘Cultural Marxism’ is just a huge EVIL RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY THEORY, right? Seriously though, nobody ever said it was a conspiracy, it’s more of a gradual change in society (and not in a good way; unless you’re a lefty of course). It is certainly real.

    “as if it would be peachy keen without Leftist influence.”

    Not peach keen, but still better.

    “This is why hatred of Muslims goes so well with hatred of gays and, of course, hatred of men, in the neocon mind.”

    Wtf are you talking about? Also, neocons barely have any power, it’s the left that does. Neocraps are just a convenient, spineless, enemy for the left to easily destroy every time.

    This site has turned into a leftist shitfest. All this talk about “muh gays in Russia” “gays” “gays” and “more gays”.

    ROK is a fine website, though even I’ll admit that there is a few absolutely moronic things on there, but generally it’s okay.

    • brmerrick

      “‘All of these people are still in the throes of the idea that there
      is some huge, Marxist conspiracy to overthrow American government,’

      “Nice strawman.”

      It’s not a strawman. You’re talking to a former neocon straight out of the religious right. Perhaps you need to read that quote from Victoria Jackson again. Then, if you would be so kind, perhaps you could define for the rest of us what masculinity is, and why we should be less concerned about “effeminate” men’s issues.

  • Astrokid

    I really dont get this article. With scores of URLs, and touching on many points, it brings to mind Fidelbogen’s 500-gallon treatment, wherein your opposition throws so much at you, you dont know what to respond to.
    I read RoK only once in a while, and lot less these days. As someone commented below, some of the blogposts there come across as pretty juvenile, and these guys dont claim to be anything beyond commoners. I have even seen articles written by 20 year olds.

    Are you arguing that those guys are dreaming of some Neocon world? And that they are Islamophobic? Cmon man. I remember reading a post there arguing how men can learn a lot from Iranian Revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeinei. And the author and others talked about US’s role in getting rid of Mossadegh.
    I will tell you why they dont cover the entire story of whats wrong with sports, and instead focus on gays in sports. You see.. they are just sick of what they believe to be the effects of ‘Cultural Marxism’ (whether right or wrong), and are lashing out at just that. They have a narrow scope.

    There are many in the Manosphere who think that Human Nature is what it is, and we have to roll back several of the “innovations”, and RoK seems to be that. I dont think they have shared political views beyond that.

    • brmerrick

      You see.. they are just sick of what they believe to be the effects of ‘Cultural Marxism’.

      Ah, cultural Marxism. Okay, here we go.

      For the record, the twentieth century was one long, bloody lesson in the effects of Marxism. People can accuse Obama all they want of being a Marxist, but Obamacare is not state-run healthcare as much as it is crony capitalism, or what you may call fascism, the same as what Putin is doing in Russia. The only differences I can see between them are skin color; and one is pro-gay, while the other is anti-.

      Neoconservatism is, as I pointed out in my article, a neo-con, in that conservatively-minded people don’t see how it screws over conservative ideals of small government, low taxes, and non-interventionism. Read Pat Buchanan sometime. He’s old and wise enough to realize that his feelings against homosexuality do not interfere with passing laws for or against it, because passing those laws means more governmental solutions.

      I don’t care if ROKers are only 20 years old. They are whining about gays, they refuse to let gay men comment at their website, and I have read numerous entries about how to treat women that, if taken seriously, could very well lead one or more of them to be a victim of a false rape accusation when the female in question wakes up the next morning with dried cum on her careful makeup job and decides that she was raped instead.

      And no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating with that last hypothetical. They feature one writer who brags in his byline that married women love to grab his cock while their husbands are in the men’s room at the bar. I don’t care if he’s 20 years old. He brags about hurting another man’s feelings for sexual gain. Just plain silly.

      They can dismiss as many people as they like from their comments section. Like Mr. Buchanan, I believe in freedom of association. But their hurtful comments towards a community filled with men who have had to keep silent, many of them for decades, are unnecessary and, as I said, just plain silly. So pardon me while I CTSU (Conga Their Shit Up). With that in mind, why don’t you STFU (Shut The Fuck Up) and get in line? Ready? ♪La-la-la-la La LAAA, La-la-la-la La LAAA!

      • Jason Gregory

        I don’t think their discrimination is “just plain silly.” I think it is the secret fear that dicks might taste delicious.

        • Mikko L.


      • Jason Gregory

        I don’t think their discrimination is “just plain silly.” I think it is the secret fear that dicks might taste delicious.

      • Mikko L.

        Don’t you think they have their own target market or audience?

  • Copyleft

    Excellent article, and a needed one to remind people that the men’s movement is far more than the regressive-far-right “alpha” wackos at RoK will ever be. Far-right fanaticism doesn’t help men; helping men helps men.

    • Mikko L.

      How is advocating for sexual promiscuity right-wing?

  • cryrex

    This is politics, and a rabbit hole! I would rather stay above ground and help men and boys; all of them!

  • cryrex


  • Mike Hunt

    I think this article is unfair, not to mention incoherent and rambling.Sure there are plenty of crap articles published on RoK, but I’ve also seen some damn good content there, and I don’t mind saying that they contribute greatly to the so called “manosphere” when they get the feminazis all riled up.

    This article reeks of butthurt.

    • Mikko L.

      Yup. X]

    • Arto Pekkanen

      They contribute to nothing but making all those real MRAs look bad. This is because the press don’t differentiate between a sexist, deuchebag PUA or an MRA who is a decent human being.

      If your idea of what MRAs should do is get feminists riled up, then you are just contributing to the problem of MRAs lacking recognition. Taking jabs at feminists is merely a distraction to the real goals of the MRM.

      Criticizing feminist bullshit is fine, but that is not the idea of RoK. Instead they seem to be cooking up drama just for their own enjoyment. This won’t help the cause of MRAs one bit.

      • Mike Hunt

        Ever heard the phrase “nice guys finish last?”

        You could be the nicest guy in the world and the feminist would stilleat you for lunch. In fact that would eat you first. Actually that’s exactly what happens because MRAs are seen as the weakest and easiest to bully of the bunch, all “manosphere” targets are lumped under the MRA banner when feminist go on the attack.

        Being nice doesn’t pay. Being polite has some benefits, however.

      • Mike Hunt

        “This is because the press don’t differentiate between a sexist, deuchebag PUA or an MRA who is a decent human being.”

        You sound like Elliot Roger. You should stop.

      • matt


        Even if you think the feminist movement is responsible for some of men’s problems, the MRM is not in a position where it can really do anything about this. I think if you just focused on what changes you want, you’d find it a lot easier.

  • Mike Hunt

    I think this article is unfair, not to mention incoherent and rambling.Sure there are plenty of crap articles published on RoK, but I’ve also seen some damn good content there, and I don’t mind saying that they contribute greatly to the so called “manosphere” when they get the feminazis all riled up.

    This article reeks of butthurt.

  • Mike Schonewolf

    I read RoK and I find their articles about sluts, feminists, and fat chicks to be humorous, but I disagree on a lot of what they have to say, especially on their shaming of Bronies, MMORPG players, and gay men. I disagree with their call to for our culture to return to its outdated traditional ways. But now they have a policy where they ban women, and men who reply to them. That really turned me off, but at the same time the women who comment there are feminist trolls anyway.

  • Mike Schonewolf

    If MRA’s are going to counter the stereotypes of the manstream they should start by indentifiyng the differences between MRA’s and other sects of the manosphere, especially PUA’s like RoK and others.