Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg sells his son out — again

In my recent article about Zach Rosenberg, I took him to task for telling his four year old son that he was a rapist because the boy tried to steal a kiss from a girl and she did not like it.

I realize, in a sane world, I would not need to write a follow up to that article. Zach Rosenberg is a nut case, emotionally abusing his child. End of story; no more needs to be said. Right?


After tweeting this article to Zach I got an email from him. It seems he knows enough to be concerned with labels, as long as they have an impact on him instead of his four year old.

I present you the email, unedited, in its entirety:

Name: Zach Rosenberg


Message: Hello Paul –

I’m not here to fight. I read your article about me, and in the spirit of men speaking about men’s issues, I appreciate your opinion. I don’t want to argue about what I said or meant. I don’t even want you to take your piece down. The only thing I’m asking is that you take out the lines about me being a child abuser. I know that you feel that way, but you mention that you’d like for that line to “Google better” and that’s my issue. I’m a writer. I’ve written about all sorts of men’s and father’s issues. And yes, one of my outlets is the Good Men Project, which I realize isn’t popular with the MRM.

But man to man, I’d like for you to consider this. Regardless of any other issue, I still need to feed my family, and as you know, if something like “Zach Rosenberg is a child abuser” is out there, it’s not necessarily bringing a conversation about men’s rights or issues forward – it’s simply damaging my character. Your readers are calling for Child Protective Services to take my child away, and I think that’s extreme. I understand your stance and opinion – but I think if your readers knew more about me, they’d see I’m not a child abuser. I work hard to support my family, I spend tons of time with my son, reading to him, playing with him and teaching him about life. It’s not logical that simply mentioning the word “rape”, not even drilling it into him, but simply mentioning it – with clarifications and a conversation attached – can outweigh the four years of other time I\’ve spent with him. (Sorry, I just realized I said I wasn’t here to fight – and I’m not, I’m just standing up against the claims that my child should be taken away, which are admittedly not your claims).

If you’d like to continue a conversation about this – or even on your site about the issue, I’m open to that. I read A Voice for Men from time to time, and though I don’t always agree with the sentiments, I feel like it’s a necessary voice in the MRM. If we could explore the topic more in a constructive way, I’d appreciate that.

I also have a piece going up soon about how boys and men are victims of rape and sexual assault too – stemming from the larger conversation I’d had with my son involving boundaries, standing up for himself, and talking to teachers if another child is touching him inappropriately. I hope that you’ll return to read that one when it’s up.

In the meantime, please contact me and let’s talk – [email redacted]

Thank you.

So there you have it. Zach is concerned about his image. He does not much like being called a child abuser in a high profile venue.  It’s a pretty strange concern, in my book, for a man that had no problem calling his little boy a rapist and then blogging about it on a major website.

Oh but of course, Zach is not really so concerned about his own image. He is concerned that being called an abuser of his four year old son, which he clearly is, is “…not necessarily bringing a conversation about men’s rights or issues forward…”

Oh yeah, I hear ya, Zach, it’s all about teh menz.

I’ll be honest here. I know sociopathy when I see it. It is the little details that give it away; like calling your preschool son a rapist and using that to gain favor with an audience of misandric scumbags. Like objecting to being called on what you are doing and refusing to acknowledge how obviously wrong it is. Like thinking that being called a child abuser is damaging to your character, but abusing your child isn’t.  Like using the son you just fucked over as a bargaining chip to get people to feel sorry for you and back down from the truth.

The devil, and in this case, the douche bag, is in the details.

Even though I find Rosenberg to be nauseatingly transparent, I was willing to cut a deal with him, for the sake of his son. But it had to be about the boy, and not about Zach.

I wrote him back almost immediately with an offer:

Hello Zach

First, let me say that this is not personal toward you. But you did, whether intentionally or not, cross a line of abuse, both with your son and with all boys. It was truly wrong, and needs to be corrected.

Still, I think that everyone deserves chances to correct mistakes. Have GMP remove that post and issue a a public statement that you made a mistake as a father in what you did. If you do that I will remove that post. But as long as you stand by those words I am going to stand by mine. I was a counselor for two decades. I have seen the results of all forms of abuse in the wrecked lives of people that came into my office strung out on drugs and/or drinking their way into an early grave. I can tell you that this kind of treatment of a child is, in my professional opinion, highly abusive.

Again, that may not have been your intent, but that is, in your own words, what you did.

The choice here is up to you. 


Paul Elam

I would have honored this, even if it had pissed off my own readers, if he was willing to do it. I figured that if Zach and GMP were willing to admit, even if just by removing the article, that calling little boys who try to get a kiss from little girls “rapists,” was a really fucked up thing to do, then everyone would win. Zach could learn from his mistakes. Lisa Hickey would end her promotion of child abuse, and a few thousand man hating bitches would have one less piece of misandric filth to post on their Facebook pages.   I never heard back from him and the post remains up.

My offer is irrevocably withdrawn.

There is a temptation here to put this matter to rest with some sort of armchair analysis of Zach Rosenberg. Perhaps we could explore, as TyphonBlue would, how he is treating his son like an adult sexual competitor instead of a little boy. We could discuss the possibility that Zach is projecting his own self-loathing form of gender politics into the psyche of his young child. Or, we could assess the continually deteriorating state of The Good Men Project and speculate that even Tom Matlack is cringing at the bilious garbage that is now staining the pages of that website.

None of that stuff, true as it all may be, matters though. I saw everything I needed to see the moment I read that a father had called his four year old son a rapist for the simple, innocent pursuit of some acceptance.

And now I have watched that same father plead for the sake of his own image, holding up that same son like a pawn, while he stands fully behind the abuse he has already committed.

I can’t think of anything else I need, or even want, to say.

  • Altair

    Zach has a few defenders in the comments section of his article (I had to search for it, it’s no longer in their first page. Is this common or are they hiding it?)

    This is the kind of people who defend this guy:

    “Regardless of what some of the haters may say, yes, we DO need to teach men not to rape. We need to teach ALL people not to commit sexual violence, but there’s no way around it: men commit the vast majority of sexual assault, so we need to start young teaching men to breakdown rape culture and toxic masculinity.”

    And that was written by a man!. I truly really hate that toxic masculinity thing. If someone started talking about toxic femininity, the outcry would be heard from the moon.

    “I think everyone’s hate directed to Zach because he used the word “rape,” is pretty telling. Our culture hates the word so much, we’ve made it taboo…we can’t even talk about it. Zach started a conversation with his child explaining that unwanted sexual touching is rape, and a bunch of people read that and think Zach has accused his child of being a rapist. The fact that Zach dared to speak about this taboo subject with his child causes people to fear for the psychological well-being of his kid”

    Well, yeah, our culture hates the word rape, as it hates the word murder and torture (at least I hope so). How does this square with their beloved “rape culture”.

    And he told the boy “unwanted touch is rape” after the boy had touched someone who apparently didn’t want to be touched. So yes, he told him he had raped that little girl.

    And young kids should not be hearing or learning about the darkest parts of humanity, we don’t have to tell them about murder or torture or mutilation when they’re too young to fully understand it.

    So yes, Zach is one of the worst dads ever, and the GMP has some sick commenters. Especially the guy who posted the first comment, whose name links to a blog that says “Men benefit from the patriarchy that creates rape culture, so we don’t want to take part and are actively resistant to these conversation”.

    The fact that this guy is attracted to the GMP shows how far that site has gone from what seems to be Matlack’s original vision.

    • Theseus

      Right. These motherfuckers are the dumbest tools on the planet; they can’t reason their way out of a paper bag.

      Your point about murder and torture was spot on. Who selectively teaches young kids not to murder or torture? I mean,as we know murder and torture DO happen, so why not have an intervention when they are young? Cuz everyone knows how stupid and fucked up that would be!!!

      And if we’re going to teach boys selectively “not to rape” how about selective intervention to teach little girls “not to gold dig” or “not to lie in court and file frivolous DV claims”? How about selectively teaching blacks “not to steal”? These things do happen and are wrong, so what’s the problem? What’s that? Oh….cuz it’s bigoted bullshit, and it shames kids into believing that’s the way they are? Bullseye!! Give the idiot feminist a prize!

      Gaaawd stupid assholes.

  • RMM

    It’s really something, isn’t it? He’s not worried about whether he’s fucked up or not, he’s worried there’s going to be a record somewhere and it’s going to impair his career as a professional chronicler of his adventures as a feminist abuser extraordinaire.

    In my opinion, Zach Rosenberg is a child abuser, because what he’s doing is abusive; he’s not fit to be a parent. At this point, the best thing that could happen would be for his career to tank so that he cannot continue to feed his family, and thus has his children taken away from him. That’s the level of fuck-up I think he’s doing to his son.

    But his response to (well-deserved) criticism? “I don’t want to hear it,” “don’t tell me that,” and so on – in short, playing the victim, just like his feminist overlords do. That may work on your children, Zach, since I’m sure by now they’re well trained to respond with pavlovian guilt to such remarks. But here we see the bullshit. We’ve met your kind before, and far from helping your cause, your ridiculous e-mail has only helped _us_ get a clearer picture of the kind of despicable abuser you are showing yourself to be.

    However, the punchline for me was in the beginning of the e-mail:

    I don’t want to argue about what I said or meant. I don’t even want you to take your piece down.

    How bleeding magnanimous of him. He doesn’t even want the piece to be taken down! How grateful we all should be! You can get a whiff of the scent of self-satisfied superiority, as if he expects that, on a word of him, such offending description of his activities will disappear as if by magic.

    This is called “accountability,” Zach. Words have meanings, and actions have consequences. Welcome to the real world.

  • josephrobertson

    …and ultimately this is the end result of years of campaigns saying, “TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE”

    The result is young boys are being told (as if they weren’t already getting a loud and clear message that their sexuality was a dirty thing to be ashamed of) that anything they do can be called “rape”, that they all are rapists.

    Thanks, Feminism.

    I’ve spent years trying to deal with the self-loathing and shame that were instilled in me about my own body: feeling scared of myself, scared of my own actions, like no matter how hard I try I will end up hurting someone because I am a man. Now I realize this next generation of boys/men are possibly going to be even more chained and crippled by this ideology than I was/am.

    God I don’t even want to imagine what that’s going to be like, for them or for our society…

  • UKMan

    Type “Zach Rosenberg writer” into Google.

    • Bombay

      LOL. The GMP project is below both AVFM articles…

    • onca747

      Now that’s death by Google right there! =D


    I am the father of 2 girls, 34 and 10, and 2 boys, 26 and 18.
    This ‘mangina’ is willing to harm his own child, THINKING the child will never know… or never be ABLE to seek recompense from his father for an abuse made before he was aware of it, or could be.

    There is a special place in HELL for people like that. Child Protection Agency, (in Canada, Children’s Aid) ARE fully FEMI-FACIST-IZED… and would never find fault with this collaborator in their F narrative… castrating, deceptive lies.
    This man is a coward. HE needs ‘re-education’.
    Bully on his own little boy?; for the flow of his misdirected F dollars.
    He does not know love… does NOT know love of precious, lovely childhood.

    PS… At age 5, I jumped on ‘Linda’ at kindergarten recess and held her down, totally exciting… she smiled and laughed and (at 5) was totally ‘physically’ excited also… in the earliest kind of mating chase there is… SHE kissed me, for… jumping on her and holding her down, by sitting on her, saddle style. I DIDN’T have the slightest ‘sexual’ intent… JUST LIKED ‘LINDA’. And, she liked me… so I had to jump her bones. It’s in the genes.
    GOD, I’d still not be out of penitentiary IF I was 5 today and I did that at school!!!!
    WTF has happened to our world, and the innocence of babies and the reality of NORMALCY in gender, set at or near conception? Sad.
    PSS ‘Linda’ moved away in grade 1 and broke my heart… at age 6. LOL, yep. I got over it. Took decades to be a MGTOW… hahaha.

  • All Contraire

    From its inception Feminism has been a relentless “either you’re with us or you are misogynous rape apologist scum” assault on males of all ages, labeling us the brutal, violent, rapacious, racist architects of patriarchal oppression and abuse down through history against divine long-suffering, always innocent and endlessly ‘nice’ females.

    To be a Feminist is to embrace the abuse of boys. To raise sons under a Feminist regime is child abuse. Feminism by its very nature and intent is abuse of boys, and all Feminists, female and male, are child abusers. Feminist fathers, mothers, teachers, academicians, politicians…..all are abusers of boys, either directly of the young men under their care, responsibility and authority, or indirectly in supporting the vile destructive Ideology of Misandry. Whether by their silent acquiescence or active participation in and promulgation of this hollow doctrine of hate, they share in the crime and are part of the Feminist criminal conspiracy and culture.

    We are outraged by Zach Rosenberg’s commercial exploitation of his own son and the way he justifies making a living for his family in an economy that is especially tough for shallow untalented hack writers with nothing to say. But is anyone outside the MHRM and this forum similarly outraged? Back in March Dallas Mayor Rawlings held his ‘Males are Shit’ rally and star athletes along with non-celebrity fathers and also mothers dutifully brought their innocent young sons to join in the religious revival fervor of male bashing and blaming, and hysterical snake handling rape/abuse cultism. These naïve young boys were shocked to suddenly hear from respected authorities and their own parents that they, unlike their perfect sisters, are by nature violent and destructive. That, like recovering drug addicts or good little Catholic original sinners, they are on lifelong parole. That for the rest of their suddenly darkened and prematurely aged young lives they must forevermore be wary of their fallen state and constantly examine themselves in light of their innate potential to commit patriarchy. Yes young offenders, feel the full terrible weight of your outcast heritage of male guilt, for your own sainted mothers surely speak the truth when they tell you that they themselves are first among your innocent victims.

    We in the MHRM can only sadly hope that this excremental nonsense came across as ridiculous to these young boys as it does to us. Unfortunately all of their fathers self-identify with the misandrous message. None of their mothers speak up in their defense, and all too many actively support this abuse of their own sons.

    In our post-modern self-touted “enlightened” era who could imagine that fascism, racism, genocide, Stalinism and Maoism, and all the other universally recognized and righteously condemned past evils would all loom up again molded together in one appalling monstrous super tyranny to menace us? Educated and open-minded citizens of ‘liberal’ democracies, we smugly thought ourselves fore warned and armed by Santayana’s caution that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” But you gotta hand it to the Devil, she is endlessly inventive and wondrously deceitful. It is only the brave clear-sighted souls in the MHRM who recognize this newest and by far greatest of all evils Feminism that is being seductively brought to our children by none other than Abject Sinner Dad and Loving Saint Mom themselves, reinforced by the stern State power of disciplinarian Gestapo Big SSister.

    As responsible adults and citizens we are legally bound to report all abuse of children to authorities; so let me here and now dutifully report all Feminists…

    Except that the authorities I am supposed to be reporting the abuse to are all…

    • Max Cade

      All contraire, your post is quite brilliant and is one of those that is almost an excellent article.

      • All Contraire

        Thank you for the up-vote and for your lead to Rosenberg’s self-damning videos.

        • Max Cade

          You’re very welcome. Alas they are not there for judgement any more, but at least no one will have to watch the poor little boy being exploited in them. Including the boy himself.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      ” Big SSister”.

      Gonna use that one again myself…

    • Near Earth Object

      It was a pleasure to read your comment, All Contraire.

      I knew it would be!

  • Zarathos022

    Rosenberg, Rosenberg, Rosenberg.

    You sorry little puke.

    Your little good guy story doesn’t fool me. You can blather on about how much of an “outstanding” father you are until you’re blue in the face. It doesn’t change the fucking fact that you told your son that his simple expression of affection for a girl he liked was akin to the actions of a violent criminal.

    It was just a kiss. Probably just a peck on the GODDAMN cheek for fuck’s sake.

    But I guess it’s not really surprising, considering that we live in a fucked-up, feminazi culture where a man can be considered a rapist just for looking at a woman the wrong way.

    My opinion on you is unchanged:

    You suck as a father.

    You suck as a man.

    You suck as a human being.

    And I defy you to come on this site and tell me otherwise, you pathetic, little pissant.

    But something tells me you never will. Wanna know why?

    Because you’re a gutless mangina.

    Maybe that’s what you should call the site that you write for: The Gutless Mangina Project.

    Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Turning all men and boys (including your own son) into gutless manginas like you.

    Have a nice day.


  • MrStodern

    I can’t stand people who want to have or not have a certain reputation, but don’t want to actually do or stop doing anything in order to earn that reputation, or prove that it’s without merit.

    Rosenburg doesn’t want to prove that he’s not a child abuser. He just wants people to stop calling him one.

    Fuck him.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Oh, and now we need to add “4yr old rape” (rape by a 4yr old) to the list of novel new varieties of rape.

    Scary rape-committing babies are everywhere: Baby Pulling out Long Tongue Flap

  • Greg Canning

    Check out some of the feminist shit on his 8 bit dad blog and vidos , where zach is replete with pink dressing gown and pink laptop case , such a “diverse” individual.


  • ghebert

    Yes and I’m sure people who routinely beat the living fuck out of their kids don’t like being called abusers either. Drug addicts don’t like being called junkies. People who do bad things don’t like being called out on their shit…plain and simple. Mr. Rosenberg…while you engage in abusive behaviour, you will be labelled as such.

  • Lord Highbrow

    “But man to man”

    Hahahaha, ‘man to man’.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Obviously he hasn’t worked out we don’t do man to man, or good man, or man up, or man’s man….. we do human to human.

      How liberating it is to be done with trigger-stereotypes.

    • Near Earth Object

      Definitely one man short in that plea.

  • ComradePrescott

    You saw right through his bullshit. Quite astute of you. Not sure if I could have fared as well, but I’d like to try to become so insightful. Good on you, Mr Elam.

  • Max Cade

    Have a look at this article, where Zach Rapenberk at least shows some measure of self-awareness in the parasitic nature of his son-sacrificing career. Although ambulance-chasing is too kind a phrase for what he did with accusing his son of rape and filming his son’s distress and labelling a son hugging his mother as motorboating. What Zach does is create the injury, the ambulance and the chase. Notice how he congratulates himself at the end on his unique perspective. I guess accusing your 4 year-old in front of the world of various forms of sexual abuse is fairly unique, to be fair to Zach:

  • oldfart

    Zach Rosenberg: Soul killer,rape farmer,Bearer of false witness.
    Better that a millstone had been hung about his neck and thrown to sea,than to harm
    (harm it is) a little one.

    Sold the soul and birthright for a bowl of pottage.
    your name is ‘red’ or “Esau”

    Your destiny,to hunt rather than farm.

    ( A metaphor for- consume rather than create)

    And so it is,a doctrine like a consuming locust,where the famine is for the truth.
    Seven Horses seen to be on the march.
    Hopefully the son will not wander for 40 years in this self made dessert void of ideological integrity and persecution,a self-made slavery.

    Wouldst that he did have the power to sell his son into bondage?
    What dark Gods does he bow down to?
    Lunar Gods?

  • prince_tybalt

    I attended a speak by Stephen Lewis on equality at Ryerson on Wednesday which I will be posting a blog article about this weekend (it was a good talk on women’s issues, and he’s an excellent speaker who has done great work, but it was definitely not a talk about equality).

    During the Q&A, the last “question” was a woman who said we need to start socializing men/boys the second they’re born to respect women and not hurt them etc etc. This is what that kind of immediate socialization to not become a super-villain looks like.

  • MGTOW-man

    Everything is “rape” to them. It is a perfect example of how their emotions block out/skew reality in the minds of these kooks.

    The truth is, they are mad they aren’t male…which they erroneously and enviously perceive as privileged and patriarchal. That is why a male being natural is offensive to them. Their feelings control them.

    The drive behind feminism as a whole (apparently Rosenberg’s mentor) is due to the right (wrong) kind of women being mad they weren’t born male. Never being able to achieve it, or even become true equals (as identical to men), they set out to punish, demonize, ridicule, mock, and raise the bar for males while lowering it for females so we all can lie and pretend they are just as equal. (But while deliberately omitting equal responsibility, sacrifices, and accountability for women who are supposedly “equal”).

    Lies, stretches, exaggerations, and so on and on and on, are their collective arsenal.

    And it is working, not because feminism is right, but because men are weak fools. Rosenberg is a prime example.

    Men out there on the fringes, if your are reading this, since you aren’t man enough to do it for yourselves or for your fellow man, can you at least summon the courage to do it for the boys? Can you not see how your apathy is hurting all men and boys?

    …and you call yourselves “men”. Just how is that?

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Legal to Put Children on Sex Offender Registry?
    By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on January 12, 2012 6:02

    How should we punish child sex offenders? Do they deserve to go to prison? Should they be placed on the sex offender registry? Or do their crimes warrant a different, more rehabilitative approach?

    Though this is not a pleasant question, the fact is that about one-quarter of all sex offenders are under the age of 18. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but are mostly male and between the ages of 12 and 14.

    Still, some are as young as 6.

    The criminal justice system has a tendency to treat these children like adult pedophiles, reports the Associated Press. There is even a federal law — the Adam Walsh Act — that directs states to place 14-year-olds sex offenders on public registries.

    Delaware has placed a 9-year-old on its list.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    I’ve been busy dealing with some away from keyboard realities – and I had the chance to discuss this story with UK child care and child protection people and also some associates who deal with DV/IPV and the effect upon kids.

    I’ve never seen so many Jaws hit the floor.

    I first asked what would their take be on a father telling 4yr old he was a rapist – none could believe it could ever be possible … and these guys are pretty wild and whacky in dealing with abuse cases – they have seen so much that others simply won’t give credence to.

    Of course I was asked Why the question. I explained that it had happened – I gave the context and then the follow up. Jaws were on the ground again. First the view that I had to be making it up was common – then I was told I should not be going to trash web sites on and looking and made-up stuff from obvious “Lunatics” and “Jerry Springer Show wannabes”.

    I showed then where it was published and there was apoplexy – they read the responses here and were amazed. Odd thing seeing the GMP getting a massive thumbs down from experts in The UK and AVFM getting a thumbs up… and it’s interesting to see how people reacted because when they were aware that there are “two” parents involved and neither acting. It all falls under the UK Childrens Act and the need to protect the child. Here the experts were alarmed enough to make it clear that mandatory assessment of the family would most likely occur for the child’s safety.

    They all pointed out that the Psychological impact over future years would be incalculable – and smacking the child about physically would be less damaging. When it comes to DV the victims always say that the psychological abuse was worse than any beating.

    Shocked – Amazed and Disorientated …. such an odd thing to see in the faces of hardened, experienced and unshakable child welfare experts who have seen it all – well they thought so up until now.

  • Bewildered

    If something akin to the French Revolution were to take place to put an end to this ridiculous madness, mangina heads would be the first ones[people like David Futrelle leading the pack] to roll,hopefully all the feminazi bitches would have died out of sheer fright at seeing real violence
    and saved a lot of work for the people working the guillotines.
    The present situation is so Marie Antoinettesque.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    I’m speechless other than to say thx for standing up to this prick for his son and other boys.

  • Flo604

    Save his son from him, somebody.

  • sadman365

    Zach, if I were you and you had any morals or even an ounce of integrity, I’d relinquish any rights to my child after having called that 4 year old child a “rapist”, when you know, you stupid ASS that the only reason you did it is to appease your feminazi masters watching your garbage on the net. It’s a shame that beings like you are allowed to have children knowing that they’re responsible for corrupting them forever.

    Please, let’s not let this story die. We need to expose this abusive self-hating mangina even MORE. Let’s make an example of him for all the other manginas out there who are teaching their innocent boys -at this very moment- to hate themselves and see themselves as rapists.

    This monster is only concerned with his reputation and making money but not the welfare of his child. Where’s CPS?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Zach, a 4 year old who kisses a girl probably gets that notion from the love and affection he receives in his own family. I suspect your son gets plenty of affection from you and your wife. If he share’s the expression of that affection which you’ve shown him, he does not understand context. This context is what we as parents teach our children when they are old enough to understand and do our best without taking away their innocence.

    You’ve taken that human condition; your son’s innocent display of affection and turned it into an ugly and shaming notion and that my friend is abuse.

    I would leave it at that, but you took it much further when you fronted your son’s experience to the public and to an audience with an ideological agenda which you were pandering to. This takes it to a sickness and exploitation beyond what any decent parent could conceive.

    I hope you think long and hard about it.

  • CantakerousContrarian

    This story hits home for me because I’ve got a little boy about the same age as this kid. There are no words to express the mixture of rage and despair that this father’s actions have conjured within me.

  • James Williams

    Paul, you were absolutely right to highlight the disgusting labelling of a little boy as a rapist. A man who tries to claim that he is part of the MRM whilst acceding to the feminist mantra of all males are rapists is an utter hypocrite.