Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg’s son is a rapist

The title is not something I just made up for attention. It is straight from the child abusing mouth of Zach Rosenberg, to and about his four year old son, now gracing the pages of the post-Matlack version of the Good Men Project. The unfortunate youngster had informed his father that he had tried to kiss a girl at school, and that the girl didn’t like it.

Rosenberg told him that the attempted kiss was rape.

As most of you who follow my writing know, I am a pacifist. I can think of very, very few situations in life, almost none, where I think violence is an answer.

Zach Rosenberg almost tested that today.

What kind of father tells his four year old son that trying to kiss a girl is rape? Take that back, what kind of human being does it? I have literally hundreds of adjectives that come to mind, none of which I will bother sharing here. Besides, I hope that I cannot compete with what you are now thinking yourself.

The real question here is not what kind of human being Zach Rosenberg is. We don’t even need to ask because he tells us himself in the article, when he discloses that he is more comfortable talking to his son about rape than he is sex.


There was a twenty minute pause before I starting typing this part of my commentary. That is a rarity for me. I typically form what I want to say in my head it flows out pretty evenly. I have spent more time mentally stuttering on this one than writing. I am simply at a loss on what to say.

I will start with the obvious. Zach Rosenberg is a child abuser. Let me say that again in a headline tag so it will Google all the better.

Zach Rosenberg is a child abuser.

And the abuse he is delivering is sexual, because the sexual shaming of children is sexual abuse. He is so ideologically driven that he is uncomfortable talking with his son about healthy sexuality, but has no problem calling him a rapist as he sits at the dinner table. He has taken the innocence of childhood and criminalized it in the mind of his own child. He has taken his son’s normal sense of curiosity and desire to express affection and twisted it into a sex crime.

His son, courtesy of a really fucked-up father, has now internalized the word rape into his personal identity.

That is the thing about childhood, especially at that age. Children see their parents in the light of gods. They are the providers and protectors. They are the teachers and the all-important mirrors of their children’s identity. This is why what parents say to children about who and what they are is so goddam important. They internalize it. They become it.

To a four year old, parents are often infallible. If Dad says you raped someone, you did. Even if you don’t know what the word really means.

In Zach Rosenberg’s narcissistic need to create a Mini-Me of gender ideology, or perhaps just a cheap and base desire to appeal to female readers whose approval he craves, he has sacrificed his four year old boy. Rosenberg has taken what at worst is a common opportunity to teach a boundaries lesson to a child, and turned it into something vile.


OK, I have just spent a few more moments stuttering again, struggling for what else to say. I find that I have nothing. I never want to think about this motherfucking child abusing asshole again for as long as I live.

I will instead close with a note to Lisa Hickey. You know this shit is wrong. Shame on you.

Oh, and one more thing. Some day Zach Rosenberg’s son will get old enough to read this. Hopefully by then he will have figured out that it was his father, not him, that is so fucked up.

Note: This article is also available in Spanish.

  • Theseus

    OK. I have 5 year old twin boys with the most beautiful hair and eyes. Little girls are always trying to kiss them and hug them when they don’t want to. I guess these girls are rapists too huh?.

    Rosenberg you fucking pussy! You’re supposed to put your child ahead of every other human being on the planet, and not use your son in order to suck up and seek approval from a bunch of fucking fembots!

  • Near Earth Object

    I was at a complete loss to respond, after reading this article.
    Now, more than an hour later, and having read all of the comments—

    * * * * *

    Children—boys, are a wonder to behold.
    Not a burden to bear, Mr. Rosenberg.

  • Dan Perrins

    This guy is severely lacking in common sense parenting skills.
    The child is 4 years old.
    It appears the innocent child of zach, is going to need many, many hours of therapist sessions to rectify his ‘father’s’ detrimental feminist indoctrinated parenting ‘skills.’
    He is willing to throw his own son under the bus to gain some femmie worship.
    Bloody deplorable cretin Zach is as I see it.
    Lets hope we can stop feminism’s misandry before this young buck grows up.
    Its obviously too late for his father.

  • gwallan

    Posting here due to anticipation of moderation…

    Something I wrote previously…

    The notion of “teaching boys not to rape” is something I find quite chilling. I can’t see any way this can be done without causing shame and guilt in many of them over matters related to sexuality. It seems inevitable that some of them will later exhibit the same sorts of indicators or symptoms as seen in actual victims without any apparent history of abuse.

    This is particularly true of pre-pubescent boys. This writer has done a potentially very dangerous thing to his own child. The road to hell is, indeed, littered with “good” intentions.

    • gwallan


      • Theseus

        Yeah mine too. I kept it as civil as possible but apparently if there is any implication that “teaching boys not to rape” is harmful in any way, the comment will be scrapped.

  • onca747

    I saw this article, and just went and posted a comment in GMP. It might get thru moderation. Looking over the comments in the GMP article, the saddest part is, all but 2 of the female posters (and some of the male ones) are totally “ok” with Rosenberg’s approach. It’s all about “protecting the womynz from the evil menz”, without any consideration for female-on-male cases of sexual assault, the scale of which is starting to become exposed in spades. There is even the blatant bullshittery like “women are murdered far more than men”, etc. The level of man-hating poison is astounding.

    • Theseus

      Hell, “bullshittery” is an understatement.

      To coin a phrase: “Sometimes there is no other side”. Sometimes issues are so overwhelmingly black and white or right vs wrong, that tolerance of an opposing side isn’t an option.

      Barring a quack that would whore him/herself out and say anything for money, what reputable mental health professional is going to say that telling a little boy that he is a rapist for stealing a kiss is an acceptable approach? What reputable mental health professional is going to agree that little boys should be taught that they are potential rapists? I keep thinking about my boys and I am so fucking pissed off right now!

      This is black and white.


  • Rycx

    This guy needs a lobotomy, what kind of deformed psychotic brain thinks like him? What a pathetic excuse of an oozing mangina.

    • scatmaster

      What a pathetic excuse of an oozing mangina.

      I would say he is the poster child.

      • Theseus

        In the words of the late great Rodney Dangerfield:

        “Eeeey if ya look in th’ dictionary his picture’s right there”!!!

  • Robert Sides

    Reminds me of this event some 17 years ago:

    Jonathan is 22+ now and seems tainted… perhaps because the tale followed him as he grew:

    This is a good read, too. It’ll make your blood boil, though:

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Well you can Guarantee that over at the Good Rape Project there won’t be any follow up of the KNOWN Long term consequences of stigmatising children due to Adult agendas and #Cult Mind sets.

      If it was a closed compound in Waco there would be apoplexy – but a Cult Mind next door just passes them by.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The cult-member will be willing to commit child-sacrifice providing that his cultic indoctrination is fully realized. This has been the case for thousands of years. This man is a cultist.

    This behavior is consistent with the utopian ideology that fuels present-day feminism and radical “progress” in general. It is found in the (occult, in my view) writings of the Frankfurt School cultural marxists. The destruction of the natural family is the key to utopia. The destruction of maleness in boys is key to the destruction of the natural family.

  • Viamus

    Poor kid, let’s hope that he meets someone who actually gives a shit about him early =/

  • Kris

    Zach Rosenberg
    is he his son’s (emotional) rapist?

    • Max Cade


  • Lucian Vâlsan

    Jesus fucking Christ! I come back from my small vacation, after a 12 hour train journey, angry enough because the trains had delays, and now I read THIS?!

    Whilst Paul is a pacifist, I am not. So I guess I will have to stop here…

    Jesus fucking Christ!

    • Paul Elam

      Welcome back, Lucian. I guess you have figured out that the world’s assholes did not take a vacation.

    • Max Cade

      You need another holiday Lucian!

  • navian

    That brought back a blast from the past. We were older 11 or 12, an after school 3 boys and 3 girls, who likes who, close your eyes for a kiss, us boys had one of the girls get kissed by the boy she did not like, followed by a bit of drama and humor. Bad move no more kissing and the next day at school we were told by a teacher that she may report the “rape” or “attempted rape” to police, principal and parents.Two of us were not that worried about the authorities (it seemed absurd even to a sixth grader)
    But we worried for Tim the false kisser. One reason the girls did not want to be kissed by him is because of his nose which had been broken by his father five times. He would have suffered another severe beating, so we pleaded not to let his father know, we prevailed and he never heard about it.
    I remember being left with a sense of the unfairness, a false kiss, it was a peck on the lips (all the drama and threats) that could lead to a boy brutally beaten and a sense that no one would even bat an eye because he was a boy.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    From the article:
    “Oh, well, dude, you can’t do that,” I say, thinking this will end here.
    “Why not?”

    The correct answer is not, “Because it’s rape.”
    The correct answer is, “Because sooner or later, some entitled, deranged feminist is going to ruin your life by calling you a rapist.”

    How depraved must a person be to manufacture such evil, attribute it to his own son, and shame him for it?

    Zach Rosenberg is not fit to raise a houseplant, let alone a human child. What a fucking bitch.

    • Max Cade

      I love this phrase “not fit to raise a houseplant”. One for the memory banks.

  • Joao Pedro Veiga

    I can’t believe this!

    I just wasted 10 minutes of my life writing a small rebuttal to the article, with tears flowing down my face over how disgusted I am with the actions of the author, then I clicked Enter – “Your post is awaiting moderation” – 5 minutes later I can see my comment was posted but now it is gone (???), along with other posts critical of the author.

    What’s happening? Do they delete comments?

    EDIT: I also wrote a comment replying to someone who was saying that Pele Le Pew (the cartoon character) is an harasser. I wonder if that comment will also be deleted. This shit pisses me off so much. I hate impediments to my freedom of speech! If you people could see how ENRAGED I am! I know GMP was always a quasi-feminist site, but ever since Tom “went offline” the femi-harpies really took control, didn’t they?

    And what the author has done is psychological abuse, pure and simple. You don’t tell a 4-year-old kid that kissing another person is rape! You just don’t!

    • Rocket Catharsis

      I submitted my own comment, which was very carefully worded, in response to the GMP article several hours ago and it still hasn’t appeared on the site. My comment was critical but reasoned and not abusive or inflammatory. There is no justification, based on its content, why my comment should not appear, nor is there any reason, based on either the content of the comment or my history of participation on the site, why it should even be held for moderation.

      • Rocket Catharsis

        My comment on the article at GMP was not accepted.

  • napocapo69

    Paul, if you needed minutes to reflect and calm down, and write an article, it’d take months to me to comment educately this espisode of child introduction to misandry…

    This episode recalls me a recent (2 days ago) article published on the second most popular Italian newspaper, publicizing a feminist book, according to which “a feminist education produces better sons”…

    I will not comment further, sorry, I’m a non violent person, but I’m not pacifist one.

  • Jurgen

    Since many feminists are reclaiming the ‘c’ word I thought I would offer it to them instead.
    His father is quite obviously a cunt of the highest order.

  • Ken

    After reading this I couldn’t even believe it.

    I went over to GMP to read the article for myself. I thought surely something in Mr Elams article may have been exagerrated…….

    I was wrong, in fact, I think Rosenbergs article is considerably more cloying……… and vapid…….


    Y’know what….. There are no words to describe Zach Rosenbergs dementia.

    I don’t curse very often, I am usually able to articulate whatever is on my mind without needing to resort to F-bombs, but in this case It’s the only thing that fits…..

    Zach Rosenberg is a sick, demented fuck.

    I feel so sorry for his son.

    • sadman365

      Let’s not forget to include all those who are behind the “likes” on facebook. They’re all the same – stupid demented fucked in the head sheeple.
      I feel sorry for their children.

  • the hermit

    “The real question here is not what kind of human being Zach Rosenberg is.”

    Some people don’t deserve to be a parent.

  • gwallan

    GMP will not allow me to get my message across unfortunately.

    This bears repeating…

    “The notion of “teaching boys not to rape” is something I find quite chilling. I can’t see any way this can be done without causing shame and guilt in many of them over matters related to sexuality. It seems inevitable that some of them will later exhibit the same sorts of indicators or symptoms as seen in actual victims without any apparent history of abuse.”

    I posted those words in a previous GMP thread. In this current context they are not willing to allow them to be repeated.

    I was already pretty pissed with GMP due to their treatment of male sexual assault victims. This was the last straw. The long term potential for that four year old boy if that sort of treatment continues includes some of the same problems besetting actual victims. GMP is not only demonstrating agreement with the author’s actions but also promoting the approach.

    GMP has now officially become creepy. I’m generally not easy to shock but they truly disgust me. I’ve spent more than a decade of my life listening to the stories of victims and learning about the roles of guilt and shame in their pain. GMP seems invested in creating the same problems in others. Even little four year old boys aren’t safe from them. Shame be upon THEM.

    • Allan

      “I’ve spent more than a decade of my life listening to the stories of victims and learning about the roles of guilt and shame in their pain. GMP seems invested in creating the same problems in others. ”

      Oh my…. I hear you Gwallan. I hear you….

  • turner67

    When I was in middle school one of the things some of the girls in my class did was to hold down a boy (they would usually gang up on them) and kiss him. Some of the boys objected vehemently to this treatment, however when the teacher was informed of what was going on she told them to ‘relax and enjoy the moment’.

    So I guess those girls commited rape. Oh wait, no they didn’t because they’re female.

  • Allan

    An completely ideological article down to the required dismissing male victims:

    ” three priests from my old Catholic high school were accused of sexual abuse. At least one admitted guilt, and another had been arrested years later for assaulting a boy at a bus stop. I’ll just leave that there.”

    They always just “leave that there”. No compassion, no comments, no interest, it doesn’t happen.

    Man up little boy. If someone (including women and girls) sexually abuses YOU, no one will ever believe you.

  • MRA Greatest Hits

    This is some truly sick shit. We see a lot of warped things in this business but there is something so very insidious about this. To think of the good, loving Fathers that have been removed from their children’s lives and this sick Fuck does this much less writes about it.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Sorry – But I have been so sickened by the Mind Control aspects of Rosenberg and his conduct that I have been writing.

    Zack Rosenberg tells his 4 year old son that he is a rapist. Why? Because he loves Ruby Slippers and can’t get enough of them!

    If you think that title is a madness read the response and then tell me so!

  • Sanguifer

    I don’t think anyone should really be surprised by this.

    Some people actually _believe_ what they profess to believe. This is the logical conclusion.

    Enraging? Surely. Surprising? Not one bit.

  • feeriker

    Sadly, Zach Rosenberg is far from the first or only “parent” to sacrifice his offspring to ideology. Committed Nazis of Hitler’s Germany, as well as communist party members of Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China (and servants of the Kim dynasty in North Korea today) thought nothing of betraying a spouse or a child to the state’s enforcers if said spouse or child did, said, or represented something in violation of the Almighty State’s sacred ideological underpinnings.

    While being a libertarian who strives to live by the Non-aggression principle precludes me from advocating an act of violence against Zach Rosenberg, I can say that reading this and the linked article from GMP has been a serious test of that principle. Perhaps the best hope we can hold for Rosenberg junior is that he grows up VERY SOON to renounce everything that his sick, sociopathic father stands for. THAT would be the greatest victory the MHRM could savor.

  • prince_tybalt

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like my comment was approved wherein I detailed how when I was 4 years old, my aunts and grandmother used to enjoy kissing me or chasing me down to kiss me. I told them I didn’t like this and ran from their attempts. Clearly I was routinely raped by members of my family as a child.

    • Poester99

      It looks like it was answered

  • Rocket Catharsis

    Thank you, Paul, for calling my attention to this truly horrible article. As a former contributor at GMP, I am absolutely appalled at much of the content I’ve seen on the site during the last 4-6 months. The decline I’ve observed during that period has been nothing short of astounding. I don’t even read the site anymore, much less participate, and wouldn’t have known about the subject of your post had I not seen it here.

    I’ve seen a lot at GMP that’s upset me over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as disturbed, offended, and enraged as I am right now. I think this may actually be the most abhorrent thing they’ve ever published. The only thing that I find more disturbing is the fact that there are comments supporting the author AND nearly 3000 Facebook likes. My god. How can anyone fail to see how abusive it is to tell that four-year-old boy he’s a rapist?

    Really beside myself here at the moment so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks again for covering this.

  • Max Cade

    I too was very shocked by the number of facebook likes. Too many mindwarped morons out there, seriously.

  • TheSandreGuy

    I couldn’t but to think what kind of human being Zack is, but then it struck me… He’s not human. He’s a monster.

  • Masculine

    This is insane. I feel bad for that little boy and I just hope someone tells him how wrong his father is for telling him that. The depravity of some people knows no bounds. He calls his own son a rapist! I don’t easily resort to violence, but after reading this article I felt like teaching Zach Rosenberg a painful lesson. Don’t worry though, I won’t. But this just shows how far the idea of rape culture has gone. Insane.

    • paddybrown

      If said before, the only rape culture is the culture feminists create – the kind of culture where a parent could look at a small child learning about socialising and other people’s boundaries, and think “rape”. Or elsewhere, a mother looks at her two-year-old son and thinks “rape”. They are so obsessed with it, they see it everywhere. And then they blame the world at large for their own fucked-up perspective.

      • Near Earth Object

        “They are so obsessed with it, they see it everywhere. And then they blame the world at large for their own fucked-up perspective.”

        Textbook projection and maybe displacement.

  • Patrick John Doran (aka TheMadShangi)

    So those girls that chased me around, trying to kiss me in Elementary school were rapists?

    • sadman365

      Of course not. Are you kidding me? I’m sure if you ever dared to ask that in public they’d put you in a mental asylum. Even when adult women RAPE men or underage boys it’s still NOT considered or called “rape”. Not by the media or the system or any one else. So, imagine if it came to little girls harassing boys and wanting to kiss them.

      Women “don’t rape”. Only men do. Or, you were “lucky” to have been raped by a woman. That’s the attitude of people.
      I know you know that of course.

  • Jotty

    Just had to register to comment on this idiocy.

    So it’s never ok to shame a woman for her sexuality, but it’s perfectly ok to tell a child that doesn’t even know what sex is that he’s an evil scary rapist?

    Alright. I wonder, if I went over to the GMP and posted something about my own story of internalizing shame and loathing wasn’t so good for my psychological well-being, would it just be deleted as well?

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Quite Likely. There is a great deal of resistance amongst the female editorial cadre of GMP to allow anything but the Orthodoxy they require and enforce – and if you go against them they have a terrible habit of being overly Snippy!

      So sorry – telling “Your” story as a man – something GMP was supposedly set up to do – where “Your” story goes against the Editorial Cadre’s Orthodoxy … well you may as well just lie down in the street and be circumcised for fun!

      They wanted authentic men’s voices and a big discussion – but the male voices are ever so absent ( or subjected to Gross Control ) and the Dialogue most often is men being told to shut up and listen to a group who assume they know everything and just happen to be women.

      Hell – they don’t even know what it’s like to piss standing up, but they know everything else there is about men … and that must include being Butt Heads!

  • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

    I have been having certain feelings that I would like to share around the entire “Register Her” concept. I know it has been contentious within this community, however, it is the semiotic value from without, from the public perception, that I want to address.

    I have to point out that, personally, I am all in favor of the entire raison d’etre of that site. Indeed, at one point, I was, myself, tangentially involved in ‘certain clandestine information gathering activities’ that were aimed at outing, for want of a better word, bigots. However, it has to be said, this was never done to precipitate violence against anyone at anytime. That would go against my moral and ethical core. No: it was my goal to create an accompanying ‘flotsam’ that may underscore their actions, so that they might be made accountable for their acts of divisive intolerance.

    However, I have noticed that our detractors are using ‘Register Her’ as an integral part of their vanguard of propaganda. More importantly, they are getting some mileage from it. Indeed, I have noticed that I wince, now, every time RH is dragged out from their bag of tricks, like “look, here is the proof that M(H)RA’S are —- (insert blatant untruth.) Frankly, I am questioning whether we should keep handing this to them on a plate as it were.This thing is starting to take off and I say we FTSU as quickly and effectively as possible. This would be best achieved, in my opinion, by a simple tweak to the RH site.

    There is an aitch between the first two letters of MRM now. It is there for good reason. I support this amendment, wholeheartedly, as when people are viewed through the meniscus of ‘being human,’ good things start to happen – ‘othering’ is discouraged and philosophical universality begins to tip-toe into thought experiments.

    I think it would be wise to apprehend that which slinks away and delivers our metaphorical ammunition to the other side. To this end, I think that it would be a good move to transform ‘Register Her’ into a generalized ‘Misandrist Register.’ There are many male proponents of profane white knightery that deserve be on that list. Point-in-case: Zach Rosenberg. He should be in there, right at the top, in big block letters, in the ‘child abusing ass-clown’ section. He committed an act of fatherly treason that I simply cannot forgive. As a father, I would never, ever, dream of saying shit like that to my sons, not in a million years.

    Now that we have that pesky aitch in the MRM, let us display our universality: in our intent, in everything that we do. We are not about punishing women, and I think we need to make that, now more than ever, as plain as day. Without RH as a foothold, as a purported ‘genesis of gender-focused malevolence,’ our opponents will have literally nothing – absolutely fuck all – to cling on to.

    There is a war on. We HAVE to win that war.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      ‘Misandrist Register.’

      I like it. :-)

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Not a bad idea, Neil. I would like to see links to those places wherein you identified our detractors are getting mileage.

      There may be other problems, but I do see one huge issue with letting “him” into Register-her. White knights would dial up their misandry to incredible degrees to get into “Misandrist Register” – some Boobs would kill to get in there both to prove their feminist cred and to dilute the female entries down to irrelevance. And they would do it all in that vain hope for handie.

      Keeping register-her a female safe space completely undermines the proxy violence of feminists: this is one dirty job that only they can qualify for. They should be thrilled, right?

      The only compromise I can think of that might work like this:

      1. Change the name to Misandry-register.

      2. Expand the site to hypothetically include men.

      3. Allow one and only one man in (Zach).

      4. Install a Quota system that says until the site is 100% female, no further men will be considered for inclusion.

      And Voila! Down go quotas, and the misandrists, and the radfems, and Zach Rosenberg.

      See how that works?

      Unlike the RadFems, we are not excluding men, but we will have a quota system that advantages women.

      The quota lovers will get a steaming hot mouthful of their own medicine.

      The white knights will quit in frustration.

      The critics will become liars when they claim we are only targeting women.

      • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

        I was primarily thinking of the City TV piece when I wrote the above.

  • sadman365

    Wow !! just like the rest of you I’m beyond shocked…and disgusted….and OUTRAGED.

    This sorry ass of an abusive father thinks he’s doing the right thing of course when in reality he’s destroying his son and poisoning his little vulnerable mind.
    Did this asshole actually explain to his poor son what rape really means?
    I hold god himself responsible for giving people, no matter how incompetent, unworthy, ignorant, abusive and irresponsible beings they might be the ability to have children. Then he (god) tells us to “honor thy parents…”!

    Honor thy parents even though they might be the ones -even the ONLY ones- directly responsible for the destruction of the their children’s lives by poisoning and polluting their minds and instilling f**ked up bullshit in them, like this piece of filth is doing?

    This here is one of the worst kinds of child abuse. This “father” is one of the most abusive fathers a kid can have. And this kid here, is one of the most mentally abused kids.
    The kid should be removed from this mangina fucktard.

  • gwallan

    GMP has now closed comments on the Rosenberg article.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      If I were a betting man, I’d be taking bets on how long it takes for GMP to spike (remove) the article completely – I mean, seriously, an article that sings the praises of a knowingly false rape accusation against a 4-year-old kid rings as masterful and sincere as the Vatican forgiving all those poor altar boys & other kids who seduced their innocent priests.,101/

      • onca747

        Page saved, with comments. There ain’t no escaping this one b:)

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Oh yes they got closed – but it has been interesting watching what has been allowed and what not. One term they were very dtermined to keep out of the whole thread was “Rrape Culture”… it had to be protected and kept pure. They had to make sure that it was not in anyway linked to the Lunacy of a 4 year ods being branded as rapist by his own father.

      The latest protégé of the rape memes, Sarah Beaulieu, has shown she is only after praise and traffic (Good Doggy) whilst presenting herself as some form of expert – and then a supposed expert trainer in the area of child IPV, Marcella Maggio, is applauding like a performing seal. One wonders who employs her and allows her near children without her training wheels. Maggio’s little excited poodle dance is highly evolved and is designed to elicit teh Good Doggy response to.

      The most amusing thing is that the Good Rape Project are looking for all ways to control dialogue and what may be seen in public – it’s pure “Milieu control”, “Mystical Manipulation”, “Demand for Purity”, “Confession” (Boy is Rosenberg being Confessional in sacrificing his own son), “Sacred Science”, “Loading the Language”, “Doctrine over person” (that 4 year old is just collateral damage), and “Dispensing of existence”.

      The pattern is Pure Totalism – they just keep on displaying the “Eight Criteria for Thought Reform”. It is in some-ways distressing to see people trapped within such mindsets – but it’s also fascinating to see a Cult in operation and also collapsing. One of the biggest issues with Cult collapse is Violence, so one has to wonder at how Lisa Hickey will avoid doing a Jim Jones.

      It’s also amazing(sic) just how the Feministas from Jeezahell and Feministfiste are saying so little about a 4 year old child being branded rapist. They scream child abuse when it’s convenient, but stay silent and chuckle in glee when they see a 4 year old called rapist? You Couldn’t Make It Up!

  • Booyah

    A truer indication of GMP would be hard to find. Supplicate to women in the never ending search for approval, even over your own flesh and blood. The fact that your child is only 4 years old and utterly defenceless on his own behalf means nothing. Sell him down the river in hopes of measuring up to the increasingly unrealistic expectation of approval from your bigoted female peer group. Devalue the role of father even further while you’re at it.

    The good news for Zach is that the son is unlikely to blame the father, because parents seem almost godlike and infallible to children of this age. The two possible outcomes will be the boy blames himself or he blames the girl.

    If he blames himself these sorts of psychological issues at such a young age will most likely lead to his failure as an adult providing you with fuel for another son bashing article. If he blames the girl he may come to hate women in which case you get another article where you can speak up about how you have stood against your sons hatred of women.

    Sadly by your own sick supplicating standards your despicable behavior will most likely result in what your sick mind would equate to a reward.

    Im my mind and any other rational mind however you are a contemptible disgrace as both a father and a man

  • Perseus

    We’re here for you, son, we’ve got your back. We’re working real hard to fix this shit. If you can just hold on and ignore these fucking fuckholes long enough, we are here for you..

    • Booyah

      I so wish he could read your comment. (minus profanities of course lol) I bet he feels like hes utterly powerless in the world right now and at 4 years of age no-one has his back. :(

  • Perseus

    In my country it is customary to kiss on both cheeks as a greeting. I am off to kill myself and all those in my country for being lifelong serial raypists. Like that seething bigot Vanja Krajina once said, my people are truly raype apologist, raype supporting scum…

  • Poester99

    Doesn’t he question for one second where his son learned try to kiss someone who wasn’t enthusiastic about it?

    Most likely it was already done to him, but it was considered innocent and loving, say, by a female relative, an older aunt, his mother or a cousin. It’s probably that simple.

    This man is an idiot

    Since most rapists were raped or abused as children, perhaps the best course of action is to deal with the root cause and punish all those (majority female) child abusers, not to tell previously abused men “not to rape” which they already know or have heard.

    • Near Earth Object

      “This man is an idiot”

      And you will receive no argument from me.

      Apparently, these are Zack Rosenberg’s values and he has decided to instill them into his four year old son. IF he has been successful in this, and an attempt to kiss becomes equated with an attempt to rape, in the mind of this nowhere near developed boy, then this boy is likely going to see (attempt to) rape on a daily basis—Rape Culture.

      It has also occurred to me that Zack Rosenberg had no such talk with his son. And that his story is just that, a story, for his readership.

      Either scenario, the man is severely lacking.

  • Kosh

    Paul, can I suggest that Register Him becomes an actual Register Him site instead of a 4.5 minute delayed transfer to Register Her, and that this fucker become the first entry on the newly designed site? Category would be either Bigot or False Rapist Accuser. Once this is done, I’d also like to suggest Michael Moore, and, sadly, Jack Trimpey, founder of Rational Recovery, for the site as well.

  • onca747

    Oh yeah comments have been closed now. Cowards. There are a couple of opinionated feminists in particular who I bet are thrilled no one can challenge their male-hate on the issue any more. Real nasty pieces of work.

  • tom b

    Wow,I guess I really pissed them off … I’ve been locked out of responding to the article/string AND I’m a premium member. $2 down the tubes

  • MGTOW-man

    “…he has sacrificed his four year old boy.”
    —This is what many males do. They think they are supposed to make women like them to the point that they will undermine their own gender—even sell off their own boys!!!!

    Men have been turned into cowards, customers and herded idiots with “had-sucker” indelibly branded on their foreheads.

    I share your frustration Paul. If this isn’t enough to light a fire under the asses of pathetic so called “men” then I am afraid nothing will be. However, I will never drop the gauntlet. I will fight this craziness to the day I die, censored or not, beaten or not, hated or not.

    If there is a god, why is he allowing THIS kind of confusion? Is THIS really necessary in order to test the capacity of human faith?


      Yep! Males built the doormat that goes on forever, then complain when women use it.


  • Glenn Donovan

    As a victim of abuse of various types by men and women as a young child I can tell you without reservation that this kind of shaming is the worst of it in many ways. It’s clearly emotional abuse. My own father’s telling me constantly that I would never amount to anything at a young age has been a shadow over my life, even at age 50.

    However, where Paul is wrong in my opinion is accusing Zach of sexual abuse. We must not be like the feminists and just throw around these terms without care. This is emotional abuse wrt a sexual issue. It is not sexual abuse or emotional incest (a form of sexual abuse described as innappropriate intimacy with a child). It may have an affect on his development sexually – but many forms of non-sexual abuse can have that result.

    Other than that corrective, I’m as horrified as I can be. Why can’t Rosenberg’s actions here be drawn to the attention of Child Protective Services? Doesn’t this kind of action warrant intervention? Fuck the politics this fucking movement – I care about the boy. I can only imagine the self-loathing this kid will develop, the innate shame he will associate with his natural urges.

    Paul, you are a counselor – do you know what the law is here? CPS takes reports from the public. What jurisdiction is this in? I’ll be happy to get on the phone on file a report with CPS in his hometown. Let them come out and do a fitness assessment of the home environment.

    As well, let’s ruin Zach. In a non-feminized world, his dad or uncle or brother or male friend – or a guy like me – would kick his ass for this. But since we live in a world where that’s illegal, let’s destroy his ability to make a living. Let’s punish him. I’m putting a post up on my blog, and it will be very dense with the proper characterization of his vile acts.

    Let’s figure out where he “writes” for a living and make them fire him. Let’s go to every single place he “writes” and flood him with thousands of shaming comments. I also think we should consider the same for the mother here.

    As a victim of abuse, one of the things that is horrifying is the lack of intervention by non-abusive adults in the family system. It’s a betrayal that is in some ways worse than the abuser’s. In my case, it was clear my father was a monster, but my Mom was not. But she could never quite go the final mile to remove us from his grasp. She died when I was 11, and while I love her, I can never forgive her for her betrayal.

    I’m ready to go. I’ll go work on my blog post. If any of you guys want to comment here on the wisdom of my approach or advise me, I’m all ears. But I’m ready to crush this guy like a bug, metaphorically, of course – not physically, this guy has absolutely nothing to fear from me physically. But I hope he loses custody of his kid completely and loses the ability to make a living as a writer. Don’t worry, Zach, Starbucks doesn’t usually do a web search of people before they hire. Repeat after me “Would you like whip cream on that skinny, mocha, soy, half-caf, latte-frappe whathefuck, Ma’am?”

    My blog is a libertarian blog, – and to me this is a liberty issue in the sense that boys and men enjoy the same rights under the law to grow up in an environment where they are not abused. I’ll come back and post a link to the article I write.

  • Glenn Donovan

    I’m back. Here’s the link to my post. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, his, mine – do your part. Smash this vile, sociopathic, gender traitor. Sacrificing his own son as an act of exhibitionism – sick, sick, sick.

  • Theaverageman
    Post-Matlack GMP posts article questioning/high lighting censorship of mens issues by feminist ideologues within student unions across the country.

    Maybe the GMP has a tiny bit of validity after all..

    • Near Earth Object

      Good Catch

      Interesting Read

      Comment from Orchid:

      “Sarah, the mens movement has been deliberately radical and controversial for some time, precisely for the reasons you describe, its called widening the overton window.
      In time A Voice for Men’s Register Her concept for example, which seems radical and shocking to people now, but in realty only holds women and feminists to a standard of responsibility resembling that men are held to, will become the norm. A Voice for Men’s deliberately controversial style is generating publicity what is making it easier for CAFE and for men to speak here and everywhere else, and setting the agenda for future discussions.”

  • Laozen

    I’m sorry, perhaps I’m coming into a touchy issue, but something seems deeply wrong with calling this man a sexual child abuser.

    Yes, there is absolutely something deeply wrong with him calling his son a rapist, that was clearly wrong of him to do and in no way was it okay for him to label what his son did ‘rape.’

    But it really worries me when I see hyperbole fought with hyperbole. It is very messed up what happened to this poor kid and it is extra-special messed up that it came from his father of all people. But it is also really messed up to call that father a sexual child abuser for something like this. It is a serious charge to call someone a child abuser, especially one who has sexually abused his children, and to use that term in this context is especially hypocritical and ridiculous.

    Perhaps I’m missing the point, perhaps that’s up there in big bold letters as a satire to demonstrate how wrong it is to use such harsh terms for things that don’t merit them, just like how Rosenberg used such a harsh term for something that wasn’t rape. But that’s not the vibe I’m getting from this. The vibe I’m getting from this is that this man really is supposed to be a sexual child abuser because of his comments. As disgusting as his comments to his poor son were, two wrongs do not make a right, and we do ourselves a disservice by using the same tactics of wild hyperbole and harsh shaming that is what has given other human rights movements such an awful reputation. We should learn from the mistakes of others, and we should especially know better than to level such a harsh accusation at someone, even if he leveled a really harsh accusation at an innocent someone.

    Telling your son he committed rape, as utterly vile and disgusting as it is (and it IS, in no uncertain terms, a disgusting and damaging thing to do), is not the same as sexually abusing your child in the sense that ‘sexual child abuse’ is usually (and rightfully) used. There is a vast gulf between telling your son something like that out of ignorance and indoctrination, and molesting your son. I don’t know how one would really justify comparing the two.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      You are concerned over the use of the term Child Abuse?

      Well it is being assessed and used as per international standards. It is emotional abuse, as well as social abuse and also has a long term impact upon child welfare.

      You are making the mistake of cause and effect having to be simultaneous – that is not how they are assessed in the filed of child abuse.

      If you are unhappy with the international standards tell the UN and all their agencies that use and apply them – and all NGOs who follow the same pattern.

      And be careful that you don’t go doing that racist thing of handing out Privileged 1st World passes just cos it’s your back yard and you are worried about how the neighbourhood will look.

      • Glenn Donovan

        You aren’t being serious with that BS reply, are you? He was talking about calling it “SEXUAL” abuse, just as I objected to above. As a victim of sexual abuse, I can tell you very clearly that this is not sexual abuse. It’s emotional abuse about an area of his son’s sexuality. On the par with say my stepmother shaming me for masturbating when I was a teen. Was my step-mother guilty of sexual abuse for that too?

        You try to respond by just using the term “child abuse” and ignore the sexual abuse component. So, do us all a a favor and stop being so obtuse.

  • gingerbred

    That poor child. His idiot father should be a fine addition to as the first male for saying something so incredibly ridiculous and psychologically damaging to his offspring. A sick individual for abusing his own flesh and blood for his own self interest. He is the REAL BOOGEYMAN.

  • becky21k

    To paraphrase a Michael Savage book title, Feminism Is A Mental Disorder.