Horse Shit

Murder cheer-leaders polish their image

It appears that the professional victims at radical hub don’t yet grasp that Pam Oshaughnessy’s call for mass murder, eugenics, and child abuse makes them, and radical feminism in general look like a violent hate organization. Of course, the endorsement by an apparent human rights organization like the SPLC probably emboldens great minds behind a public manifesto for male-exterminating eugenics, along with a lack of legal fallout for the same.

  • Some say an earth with only 10% men will be a safe earth free of oppression
  • We have moved beyond palliation (negotiation, mediation, reform, compromise, engagement with the System) to exploring effective means of extirpating male pathology, including being open to biological explanations and treatment
  • I’m serious about this. If we can do it with corn, men ought to be easy

In October of 2011, a group of radical feminists published an article written by the former lawyer and novelist Pam Oshaughnessy, in which the ex lawyer used carefully circumspect language to argue for eugenics and mass murder against men.

Male human rights advocates took exception to the public call for human subjugation and murder. In addition to criticizing the amorality and violence which received support from within the radical feminist community of radical hub, the names of the advocates for murder, child abuse, sex selective abortion, and eugenics were identified publicly in the article titled Underbelly of a hate movement out of concern that such overt and murderous intent presents a threat of real violence if it was not identified.

It is the shared opinion of this site’s editorial board that individuals advocating violence or murder should be publicly identified and their names published. To remain knowingly inactive and silent in the face of public calls for violence and murder would be both irresponsible and complicit.

In March of 2012, when the radio comedian Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a prostitute in commentary of her public claim that the state should pay for her birth control, the mainstream media collectively threw Limbaugh under the bus, focusing on his inflammatory language, rather than the issue of public payment or sexual choices by Fluke.

In an attempt to capitalize on anti-conservative backlash against Limbaugh, the Southern Poverty Law Center drafted a hasty and poorly researched list of new enemies, attempting to justify the SPLC’s continued federal subsidy and ongoing solicitation of donations.

However, because of the political leanings of the SPLC and lack of planning or research, the list of potential hate organizations in their “intelligence report” was little more than a catalog of politically right leaning organizations, such as the socially conservative Concerned Women of America, the conservative libertarian John Birch Society, and Glen Beck as well as second amendment activists. However, in the clear view of hindsight, the SPLC’s list of baddies was a construct assembled in haste and desperation with the intent to fund-raise through fear mongering and included a pick-up artist calling himself Roosh, a victims advocacy organization, as well as some elements of the men’s rights movement, including this site. Interestingly, Charles Cooke, in a telephone interview with the SPLC managed to secure an admission that the apparent human-rights advocates at the SPLC only address right-wing hate groups[1], which is logical enough, considering that their principal activity is fund-seeking.

However, after Reason Magazine[1][2], the American Spectator[3], Business Insider [4], the Ms-magazine-funded Good Men Project[5] and others called baloney on the SPLC’s flabby fear mongering and fund seeking – Mark Potok indulged in some pretty impressive back-pedaling, particularly on the men’s rights section of the content aggregator site reddit.

According to Potok:

“It’s false. We wrote about the subreddit Men’s Rights, but we did not list it as a hate group”

Of course you didn’t, Mark.

Interestingly, the SPLC’s use of the term “hate group” has no legal meaning, as was correctly pointed out by word-press blogger Rkeefe57[7]. It was this same blogger who also noticed that the SPLC’s hate map[8] defines “hate group activities” as “criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing”. There are seven activities in this list, and all but one are constitutionally protected expression of freedom of speech and political expression in American constitutional law.

Advocation of murder, child abuse and eugenics are obviously not listed in the SPLC’s definition of hate group activities, which is why a growing relationship between the eugenics-enthusiasts at the blog radical-hub and the Southern Poverty Law Center should raise no eyebrows. After all, it’s not like the SPLC would leave an identified hate organization off their list in exchange for political favors or payment. Except when the organization engages in fund-raising on behalf of the SPLC – as the fine feminists at Radical Hub have done.

SPCL gives shout-out to eugneics enthusiasts (for a few dollars)

Arthur Goldwag of the SPLC swept aside any possibility that this was one-sided non-reciprocal support by tweeting a link to the Radical hub blog, directly to the page on which SPLC fund-raising was promoted by the radical hub bloggers.

Rad-hub fund-raising for the SPLC (you scratch my back, ill scratch yours)

However, as the financial relationship between radical feminist eugenics enthusiasts and apparent human rights attorneys at the SPLC is repeatedly pointed out, it might seem that the blatant hatred, the calls for murder, eugenics, child abuse, and sex selective abortion by those radical fems would be a bit embarrassing to the fund seeking lawyers.

When originally criticized by independent human rights activists, including AVfM, on this murder and eugenics enthusiasm, the admins at rad fem hub responded by establishing a blog on a subdomain of the radical hub site called “a voice for CREEPY men”. [emphasis mine]

Apparently, being publicly identified as advocates of eugenics and a searing hatred built on sexual identity caused no embarrassment at all. When you know beyond any evidence or outmoded, obsolete sense of human ethics that you’re right, trifles such as the planned elimination of major fractions of the human race must seem like minor concerns.

In addition, rather than distancing themselves from the advocates of murder, eugenics, hatred based on sexual identity, and sex-selective child abuse, the SPLC appears to be taking the course of maintaining and strengthening their relationship with radical hub. When everybody knows you stand for human rights and against hatred and violence, actually standing against hatred and in favor of human rights takes a back seat to securing income from donations, no matter the source.


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  • Dr. F

    Excellent stuff.

    Let’s tilt the fridge and watch the roaches scurry and scatter in the light.

  • Bev

    Appears Clementine Ford isn’t fussed on mothers. Seems she considers them as mindless slaves chained to the kitchen sink when they should be out having a good time. She lists some presents. The first being a Lobotomy. You see they are such mindless slaves to their children and men they would not mind not having a fully functional brain. Such is feminism hatred for “breeders”.

    The anti Mother’s Day gift guide
    DateMay 11, 2012

    Clementine Ford


    • John the Other

      I couldn’t tell from that piece whether Ford, her apparent targets, or her readers were the most frivolous. However, I’d suggest not diverting bandwidth or traffic to tedious lifestyle flattery.

      • Dr. F

        Oh I dunno really,

        I mean lipstick on a cockroach with a thatch of bum fluff on it’s head can half save it.

        • andybob

          The the crones of the Radfemhub seriously mistepped by flaunting their misandry so nakedly. The vile O’Saughnessy/Tiptree screeds, and the cackling agreement of her acolytes are damning evidence of their irrational hatred. They are Registerher Bigot Wing Hall-of-Famers. Now that’s big time.

          It is especially chilling when we remember that some of these women are not fringe-dwelling loons. Many of them are otherwise plausable individuals with access to influential spheres. They are eager instigators and promotors of atrocities like ‘The Plan’ – radfem hatred made manifest.

          They retaliated against AVFMs spotlight – so blinding thanks to Agent Orange’s brilliant work – by coercing the SPLC to make its notoriously lunatic claim that we are a hate movement. Then there was the inexplicable involvement of Radfem’s ickiest, lickiest lap dop, David Futrelle. What was that all about?

          It stank to high hell of kickback corruption and murky mutual back-scratching. I can’t help thinking that there is so much more to this story that has yet to be revealed.

          • Dr. F

            Their deeply rammed vanity and self flagellation will be their own undoing.

            Like all dyed in the wool feminists they even wish to upstage the scurrilous viper they see in the mirror. To best do that they offer their sisters a well known saying of partnership with a hidden amendment.

            “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch my back too.”

          • Raven01

            Does anyone here know the ins and outs of filing a hate speech complaint in Canada.
            Even if unsuccessful legally speaking I believe it would draw much support for the MRM and shine some very needed light upon the directors of feminism.
            And, if anyone there can be linked to NOW or NACSOW/SOW, setting this in motion just prior to them begging for more public money would be perfect.
            Hell, with the radfem’s openly stated desire to start poisoning the food supply to reduce the number of men I would think the American Homeland Security goons should already have them listed as domestic terrorists.

        • Poester99

          Dr F. … your choice of words is impeccable!

  • AntZ

    I had not previously realized how strong the alliance between the RadFem extermination enthusiasts and the SPLC money hungry lawyers was. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Can we identfy some of the largest SPLC contributors, and let them know that they are funding an organization that openly supports violence, eugenics, hate, and extermination? I thought Buffett was a big SPLC supporter?

    • Poester99

      I would include every senator and representative in this press release…

  • TigerMan

    Just heard that Tom Martin the LSE gender studies student that was suing the London School of Economics over it’s biased gender studies courses has had his case thrown out of court!
    I cannot help but think that had there been anywhere near the same bias against girlswomen in the same courses the outcome would have been very different indeed!
    This case just highlights how deeply entrenched is misandry and anti-male attitudes in our UK orthodoxy. Bias like this is international in scope of course – well at least as far as the west is concerned.
    What pisses me off is that I have a feeling there won’t even be a whimper of protest from male students – too afraid of losing pussy access from their harridan contemporaries I fear!!

    • TigerMan

      Apologies to John The Other BTW for forgetting to mention how much I enjoyed his articulate piece about double standards and misandry from another part of an orthodoxy (USA). I was fuming with anger when I read the article about Tom Martins case and the summary way it was dismissed.

      • TigerMan

        Tom has gone silent over this – there is precious little on his twitter or his webpage (not updated since March 2012!). He has had taunts from gloating feminists and is probably feeling somewhat isolated when he really needs to pick himself up and blame our biased SYSTEM and those who support it not himself for the failure of his legal action. Would be great to get his take on the whole saga (hint). ;)

    • white demon

      I quote: too afraid of losing pussy access from their harridan contemporaries I fear!!

      That’s all too true my friend!

      David Fat boy is a prime example of this.

  • AntZ

    OT: Another man escapes false rape claim by videotape

    The usual story:
    1) Woman wants back with old BF
    2) Woman fabricates victim story
    3) Falsely accused man is arrested
    4) Falsely accused man has videotape of consensual encounter, escapes prison
    5) False accuser walks

    I have a question:

    What fraction of all encounters are video-taped? For me, it is one (out of about 1000). Lets say 0.1%.

    How can it be that so many men escape prison using video tape evidence?

    Does this mean that the vast majority of all claims are fabrications?

    • Kimski

      Another OT, so I’ll just slip it in here.

      There’s really no need to comment on this, besides saying ‘money talks-kids walks’.

      -And another female predator gets caught doing another Adam Sandler stunt.

      And you’re really going to like this one. This is the gender that the courts deem most fit for taking care of the kids after a divorce.

      • white demon

        Well, Kimski, according to the comments, it seems that more People seem to support what this teacher did saying that discipline should be put back in school and those comments almost all have +s.

        Even one female student said it was for fun and joke as the video clearly shows.

        That said, I do wonder what the outcome would have been if the teacher was a man…….?

        Would that female student in the video still say the same?

        • Kimski

          No, then it would be an oppressive and mean act of dominance, for sure.

          Strange, how that works..-I mean, what kind of twisted mind comes up with an degrading and abusive idea like that in the first place, especially considering the insecurities suffered by kids at that age, and then excuse their actions with ‘it was meant to be _funny_’??

          • Dr. F

            So, this.. thing.. puts plastic cones around her students just as a dog owner does with their pet after surgery?

            The nasty bitch will need to find a new orientation in life.

            Perhaps bricklaying is more suitable?


      It means that for every man that escapes due to video evidence, there are thousands of men that go to prison for a decade or two, due to false accusations that can not be refuted with Video evidence.

      Call this the 99.9%-unjust-victimization-from-false-rape-accusation-gap. Anyone has a better name?

      I keep stressing that for any one of the rare stories where unassailable proof of innocence frees innocent men, there are probably 1000 men who can not escape for lack of video evidence of their innocence

    • Primal

      “He said that such allegations are a drain on police resources and after the sentence genuine victims of sexual assaults may be put off from approaching police.”

      This always staggers me. No mention of the fact that the accused’ life has been or could be destroyed. You gotta wonder whether these cops are men at all.

  • http://none universe

    Thanks for the reprise of outing the rad-femhub issue with, among other ideas, extirpation of males (and, by extension, their own words of and agreement with the contemplation of throwing young boys out closed glass windows). These are matters that need a place in our memory.

    Then, the public outing goes further to reveal even more past intrigue. That those involved with the Southern Poverty Law Center along with one time lawyer Pamela O’shaunessy and her creation, ‘radical hub’, are quoted referencing each other.

    Good job, to all involved.
    We, the readers, appreciate the reporting.

  • Bubbles

    “When you know beyond any evidence or outmoded, obsolete sense of human ethics that you’re right, trifles such as the planned elimination of major fractions of the human race must seem like minor concerns.”

    LOL, such creepy feminists…

  • re-construct

    I don’t think American Gender-feminists want to rid themselves of males. I think they just want to “construct a specific paradigm” that justifies them creating a matriarchal underclass of un-educated laborers to toil for them.
    If the white Gender-feminist Elite like the matriarchy so much, then why do they send their children to private schools with an average 50% male teachers; while the broken, un-educated matriarchal underclass send their children to public schools with an average 12% male teachers???
    Gender-feminist constructionists are going to have a hard time “constructing” answers as to why they force others into a matriarchy, while they themselves stay in an orderly and educated patriarchy!!

    • Skeptic

      “I don’t think American Gender-feminists want to rid themselves of males. I think they just want to “construct a specific paradigm” that justifies them creating a matriarchal underclass of un-educated laborers to toil for them.”

      That’s a somewhat moot point to me. Even if they want to keep a pool of men around to labor for them the end result is those males die earlier as a result. In other words they’re whole attitude is of treating men as expendable, disposable subhuman machines. The death of men is just a bit slower whilst they toil slavishly to get women’s ‘love’ until their no longer useful expiry date rolls around.

  • re-construct

    Didn’t at one time the Southern Poverty Law center have a bold track record of sticking up for poor southerners that were being oppressed by the law??
    Now its the Southern Poverty law Center that are fueling the law enforcement persecutions of the innocent.

  • AntZ

    Sorry for OT comment, but over at Man Boobz they are having a grand old time making fun of Justin Bieber’s victimization at the handes of a 19 year old female assailant. Here is my post at Man Boobz:

    Where is Toy Soldier when you need him? The man boobz brigade is:

    1) Beating up on a rape victim:
    “Triple points if it’s a teeny bopper popstar!”

    2) Blaming him for his victimization:
    “Here’s the thing about celebrities of both genders – they all tend to have obsessive fans who will sometimes go to great lengths to get their celebrity of choice’s attention.”

    2) Excusing the assailant:
    “The girl who accused him of fathering her baby was probably emotionally disturbed.”

    3) Glorifying the assault:
    “Do they have a website? How can I apply for employment?”
    “He wasn’t abused by an older woman was he? D:”

    4) And trivializing his experience:
    “Yeah, so he’s still rich and famous and she’s a national laughingstock who got no money, but he was VERY NEARLY INCONVENIENCED.”

    Congratulations, good work. Going to re-post on Toy Soldier’s web site, hopefully he will run a full story about this outrage.

    • Raven01

      Funny thing is where that woman claimed it happened(California has a convoluted years difference type of law in an attempt to not criminalize young consensual lovers)…. Her claim automatically made her guilty of statutory rape.
      Why was she not charged instantly on the basis of her statement alone?

  • JinnBottle

    Also OT: Just saw on Xfinity Celeb News <- (if that's not a redundancy), where Sharon "Genital Mutilation of Men Is Hilarious" Osbourne was moved to tears because of President Obama's pro-Gay marriage announcement yesterday.

    Again, it isn't Sharon Piece-of-Shit who bothers me anymore; it's the producers of "The Talk" – it's the apparently typical attitude of women who horselaugh and cheer her on.

    You can never be too rotten to succeed and succeed big, in America. Jay Severin, a shockjock bigot who about 18 months ago was wristslapped for ranting on his radio show about Mexicans being "dirty", having "women with mustaches" etc, etc, etc, this week has his name and radio dial numbers displayed 10 feet tall on the most prominent billboard on Boston's Southeast Expressway.

    • white demon

      Well, it just maybe she wants to up her audience numbers that she moved to tears.

    • Dr. F

      Moved to tears was she ?

      Are you aware that this cultured and enlightened microsporon once pooped in her husbands tobacco pouch ?

      In fairness though, Sharon “Genital Mutilation of Men Is Hilarious” Osbourne wanted her husband to give up smoking, and those those nicotine patches are expensive.

      Moved to tears oh yeah that’s right I almost forgot. I can sprout wings on my head and run really fast if I want.

      I tell you those blokes at the TV station can do wonderful things with computer generated imagery.

      Yes yes yes I admit it, they aren’t quite as talented as her vociferous backside however.

  • white demon

    I have only one thing to say for this:

    Money talks, bullshit walks!

  • Not buying it

    If anybody has a doubt about the state of affairs & how escrowed it is, when it comes to biased treatment of males throughout the western world.

    Take a look at So called civil rights organization & their ridiculous & disgraceful feminist centered policies & politics in which they are trying to smear any real agencies, organizations, father’s rights groups or websites that are advocating for their human,civil, legal & judicial rights, that is truly shameful.

  • yurlungur

    It would be interesting to make a mental note of where on the political spectrum are the people who attack us are at.

    • Masculist Man

      It would be interesting to make a mental note of where on the political spectrum are the people who attack us are at.

      It was the left that starting attacking men. I know I’m going to get attacked for this statement but that’s the way it is. The left started it.

      • BioCan

        In my opinion, feminism is an intellectual movement that is just like any other one, such as socialism, Nazism, and even capitalism (I’m not trying to demonize capitalism or anything, bear with me for a moment). They start out as an idea created by humans who may or may not have good intentions. In some circumstances you can tell that some already do not (Nazism) and there are some that do (capitalism, and socialism even) These intellectual movements are ultimately created by human beings and are flawed as a result of that. Nothing that we do is perfect. Nothing that we make is perfect. Nothing that we think of and write down on a piece of paper is perfect. That includes systems of governance and social movements. Capitalism is flawed in certain ways, but that doesn’t mean that it should be abandoned entirely when there are benefits to a system of free trade and laissez-faire economics. But, it does depend on the individuals who are pushing such ideologies. There are open criticisms of capitalism out there that have been developed by reasonable people, and they aren’t shunned away. However, the people who push movements like feminism or Nazism do it in a way that is aggressive and tyrannical. They stifle debate, they deem it to be a perfect ideology, and they forcefully push their agenda onto the national level. It seems to me to be more like propaganda than actual thoughtful and logical intellectual material. It’s heavily one-sided and that is how it draws upon such a negative response from a lot of people.

  • re-construct

    Masculist man, you may be right.
    I have realized that just like the Nazi’s wanted socialism, the American gender-feminist elite that now dominate American Universities want a socialist like equality for themselves and their white gender-feminist brethren, but are totally OK with keeping the Broken /un-educated matriarchal underclass right where they are.