Dawn Raid music – now that’s entertainment!

We already know the answer to the following question. When is it OK to celebrate gratuitous sexual violence, mutilation and torture? When the victim is male, of course, and the topic of Lorena Bobbitt’s sexual mutilation of her sleeping husband has been dealt with previously by Peter Lloyd and John the Other.

What I want to do here, however, is to expose the repugnant prejudice masquerading as morality in the form of Dawn Raid Entertainment, the music label behind Aaradhna’s new song “Lorena Bobbitt”.

Here’s a screen-grab and a link to the official video on YouTube:

Aaradhna – Lorena Bobbitt (Official Music Video)

In this, Aaradhna is the archetypal “woman scorned” taking out what is presented as a justifiable revenge for some perceived infidelity. The horrific suffering that would ensue in reality, and indeed did for Lorena Bobbitt’s husband, is skipped over and the video ends with the heroic Aaradhna being driven away in the back of police car.


The reality is that this is nothing other a portrayal of a sadistic and psychotic woman inflicting sexually motivated domestic violence on a helpless man. And society’s moral acceptance of this must be brought to book.

In history, past persecutions of identifiably separate groups were always seen as morally acceptable during the time it was happening. This is what allowed such things to happen. In Nazi Germany, the eradication of the Jewish Problem was seen by many as righteous, and in earlier times, slave plantation owners attended church and preached God.

Today, men are seen as the problem. They are protrayed in the media as lacking in unique personality, and their only human worth is that which can be achieved in relation to a woman. It is, therefore, possible to depict their suffering as, not only acceptable, but as morally just. We are on the edge of an abyss with this. At the time of writing, the top comment on the official Aaradhna “Lorena Bobbitt” music video was that by female poster calling herself “856MiiSsiinqYhUuJaZz”, and reads:

To all them unfaithful men out there! This is what yous are gonna get hah! Loveeee this, Aaradhna your amazing!!

I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to personally remind Aaradhnaben Jayantilal Patel (aka ” Aaradhna”), Dawn Raid Entertainment and, indeed, the whole fucking world, that men and boys are unique human beings, with feelings, capable of both suffering and independent thought. They are not the property of women such as Lorena Bobbitt or entitled princesses such as Miss 856-whatever.

They are, in fact, free to associate and have sexual relationships with whomever they so choose, and should be able to do so without fear of grotesque sexually motivated violence. Any woman who feels that she is entitled to enact this kind of sadism and violence, simply because she feels unhappy with her relationship, is nothing but a depraved monster, and should be seen as such.

About Andy Thomas (aka "Andy Man")

Andy is an outspoken advocate for human rights and a campaigner against family abuse. He writes about the harm and prejudice that men and boys routinely experience, but which society refuses to acknowledge.

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  • typhonblue

    Women who would cut off a man’s genitalia for cheating automatically deserve to be cheated on.

    In fact you cannot cheat on such women because they are incapable of a relationship in the first place.

    • harrywoodape

      Good point Typhon.

    • Andy Man

      In my view, it’s not a question of whether such a woman deserves to be cheated on, rather it’s a question of how quickly a man can get the hell away from her.

      • John A

        She deserves to be in gaol, nothing else.

      • JJ

        True; the thing is we face an uphill battle as they control the schools, day cares, government, courts, media, entertainment types, etc. In order to win this it will take time. That is if government politicians will actually listen to us; rather than catalog us all for imprisonment. Price at the Spearhead just wrote about the Gulags of Russia for a prime example.

        Feminists only achieved this through government intervention; no one could possibly amass so much if everyone was truly against them in just a few decades leading up to the eighties. They had help from on high somewhere.

        We have to be vigilant as those in charge may soon start to buckle down and look for a reason to shut us down.

        This is why teaching our youth to avoid bad women is so hard to do because the institutions which would make it easiest are already heavily guarded by feminist thought.

        I know, I grew up in the Hanoi Hilton of education known as public schools; I was taught I was a traitor to the human race being male and white. Like the lead character in Shawshank played by Tim Robbins; “You know, I was innocent on the outside, I had to come to prison to become a criminal.” Something like that; the quote may not be accurate.


    I’m no YouTube expert but I’ve heard that you can get videos taken down and / or banned if they are legitimately offensive and this one certainly fits that bill.

    If any contributors here know how to make this happen that would be cool. Think about what would happen if someone posted a song with a man praising the sexual mutilation of a woman.

    Should also consider putting this singer and her promoters on Register Her.

    • Andy Man

      Good idea. I have just flagged it up on YouTube as “Hateful/Abusive”, however, there are a least two categories it could fall under. Here is my description submitted to under the compaint…

      “This video glorifies and promotes sexually motivated multilation, torture, and domestic violence. It promotes hatred against men and boys, and depicts a woman mutilating a vulnerable individual.”

      • PHX MRA

        Perfect. I went ahead and outlined a “how to” below if others are interested.

        Great Post by the way. This is something that all of our readers can contribute to by taking a few minutes to let YouTube know how wrong it is.

        • Turbo

          Exactly, lets bombard this Vid with downvotes, flags and comments.

      • cvar

        It fits better under Hateful/Abusive instead of the other Violence category.

        Flagged and downvoted.

      • Raven01

        Don’t hold your breath Andy.
        Hitler-Barbie has had no trouble with issues of advocating men be killed simply for being men.
        Youtube/Google seem to be petrified of the might vee-jay-jay.

    • Dean Esmay

      I do not support flagging any video for so-called “hate speech,” for the record, so I won’t be joining you in that effort. However I won’t be condemning you either simply because the double standard here is appalling. A video advocating even beating, let alone mutilating, a woman in this fashion would be gone almost before it was put up, if it were noticed.

      • Paul Elam

        My sentiments exactly. I did not flag the video, but I am totally fine with those who did.

        The vid is a piece of filth.

      • Raven01

        Same here Dean. Not just because to be `for free speech` you really must truly support the most disgusting things being granted that protection.
        Besides, others make our point for us posting such things. It is crystal clear who is the hate groups are and the more garbage these fools post the better for us in the long run.

    • sooverit

      I flagged it as abusive with the message that there is no excuse for promoting the genital mutilation of men.


    Just a suggestion for those of you that have YouTube accounts:

    – Listen to the video (try not to puke)
    – Vote it down
    – Click “Report this Video” icon (little flag to the right)
    – Select “Hateful or Abusive Content”
    – Select “Promotes Hatred or Violence”
    – A text box will pop up looking for the justification. Tell them why. I said “Entire video promotes violence and the sexual mutilation of men. This artist needs to be banned from YouTube. This is totally unacceptable.”

    That’s it. Maybe we can impact this situation. We don’t have to put up with this shit. It’s one thing when these idiots promote garbage like this in limited venues. It’s something else entirely when they hang it out on youtube for the world to absorb.

    Maybe we can move the needle on this situation.

    • Turbo

      Done, downvoted and flagged. My comment

      “Absolutely disgusting. This video glorifies grievous bodily harm and genital mutilation by celebrating the actions of a well known violent criminal, and by quite clearly insinuating that aggrieved women may genitally mutilate their ex boyfriends. Try reversing the sexes and see how it looks! This video is sick and should be taken down immediately”

    • MrShadowfax42

      Thanks for this, done.

      Can I suggest that you also post the content of your abuse report in the comments thread below the video.

      • PHX MRA

        Good Idea. Just did as Burnbrother3.

    • JFinn


  • MrShadowfax42

    Issue reported:
    Hateful or abusive content > Promotes hatred or violence
    Timestamp selected:
    Additional details:
    This video promotes extreme sexual violence against a helpless, bound, gagged victim. It celebrates a vicious psychopath (Lorena Bobbit) who also mutilated an incapacitated victim. It is being upvoted and glorified in the comments section as I type. This is violent hate speech and actively promotes and glorifies violent sexual mutilation against women’s boyfriends/husbands. Please do the right thing and take this video down immediately.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Yeah, but … it is OK to portray men as deserving of mutilation and murder. Perfectly AOK. Our educators have a “social justice” theory that tells us so. This is what is called “social change.”

    In 1930s Germany it was acceptable to depict Jews this way because their educators had a “social justice” theory that told them so. In 1930s Russia it was acceptable to depict Kulaks this way because their educators had a “social justice” theory that told them so. In the 1910s USA it was acceptable to depict people with a slightly below average IQ this way because the educators had a “social justice” theory (eugenics) that told them so. In the 1920s USA it was acceptable to depict African-American men this way because the educators had a “social justice” theory that told them so.In 1960s Cambodia it was acceptable to depict people who spoke French, people who had a college degree and people who wore glasses this way because their educators had a “social justice” theory that told them so.

    My professors have told me I should stand aside and watch the “social progress” unfold. They told me I am “privileged” because of dermatological reasons and genital reasons and because I am “heteronormative.”

    I wonder if I should obey my betters, the “experts,” the social managers, the tenured philosophers of “social justice.” I wonder whether you will obey them and stand aside and keep quiet while “progress” occurs.

    I wonder.

  • MrShadowfax42

    Final line of the video description:
    “After time away from music, this is my most honest album to date.”

  • David

    I hate to have to defend them, but as bad as this video is in terms of advocation of irreversible mutilation of specific groups, should we really make attempts to sensor them? I’d hate to see us fall to their level.

    I’m curious how many on the other side of the fence that now claim freedom of expression but would do no such thing if the film was gender opposite.

    • MrShadowfax42

      Freedom of expression does not extend to incitement to violence, which this video is IMO.

      • limeywestlake

        Downvoted you by accident. An iPad / thumbs thing.

    • PHX MRA

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but if you think for one second that the Gender Feminist Establishment would put up with a man writing and performing a song advocating the same actions against women you’re dreaming and you’re missing the entire point.

      Being nice to hate just encourages more hate. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t magically go away if you ignore it. In fact saying nothing is tantamount to agreeing with these morons. I agree that she has the right to write and perform the song, but we also have the right to call her out on it and YouTube has the responsibility to respond to our legitimate objections to this content.

      Note that we aren’t hating on her as a person, we’re objecting to the work product.

      Finally if a guy did put something out like this I would totally call him out on it as would most of those that frequent this space.

    • Andy Man

      It’s valid point, but I disagree.

      This is not about censorship, in any case I wouldn’t be unrealistic about getting this video taken down or withdrawn from distribution, rather it is about letting people know that the time when males can be attacked with impunity is over.

    • Turbo

      “I’m curious how many on the other side of the fence that now claim freedom of expression but would do no such thing if the film was gender opposite.”

      No need to wonder David, I can tell you exactly what would happen, there would be a shit storm of protest, marches in the streets etc.

      They have proven their double standards a million times over.

      • Dean Esmay

        The double standards are indeed repulsive. I’d call them “extraordinary” but in point of fact they’re so ordinary it’s appalling.

  • Paul Elam

    ROTFLMAO, in the song she calls herself a 10! Maybe on a male Samoan wrestling team.

    Sorry, normally I don’t focus on looks, but she brought it up. She is butt ugly and built like a refrigerator.

    • PHX MRA

      She is a load. I don’t know what a New Zealand 10 looks like. Maybe some of our guys in NZ can get us up to speed.

      Good comment on YT.

    • feeriker

      ROTFLMAO, in the song she calls herself a 10!

      She IS a 10 – on a scale of 1000.

  • Stu

    There is a fairly sure fired way to keep such woman away from you and avoid getting into a relationship with them. Just refuse monogamy in the first place. In fact, all jealous possessive women will run from you.

    I really think with the way things are now, legally and socially, that men should not only refuse monogamy, but refuse any sort of committed relationship anyway. If it comes with strings, just say no, and even if she doesn’t have strings, the legal system does, and attaches them regardless. We have to make women throw this legal system out. But to get them to start wanting to do that, you not only have to refuse commitment, you have to tell them why. Repeat after me, “it’s the laws dummy”….yeah, one more time…sing it.

    Those who are in relationships already, of course try and make those work, as long as that does not require you suffering. Those who are single, thank your lucky stars you have not found Mrs Right, because things are bad, and are going to get a lot worse. I would put the thought right out of your head.

    • MrShadowfax42

      Also, refuse sex with any woman who has had anything alcoholic to drink, just as you would refuse a ride in a car with a drunken person at the wheel.

    • feeriker

      Repeat after me, “it’s the laws dummy”

      If I actually had to explain to a woman why any kind of lasting relationship for a man in the western world in this day and age is a minefield not worth navigating, I’d probably use a slightly more gender-appropriate sobriquet than “dummy.”

      Those who are in relationships already, of course try and make those work, as long as that does not require you suffering.

      Best of luck with that (I mean the “not require [you, the man] suffering” part).

      Those who are single, thank your lucky stars you have not found Mrs Right, because things are bad, and are going to get a lot worse. I would put the thought right out of your head.

      I think it’s FINALLY reaching the point where society, the law, and the feminist movement have deteriorated to the point where they are causing us to swim against the compulsions of our hormones and natural instincts. Truly frightening. I also wonder what will be not only the long-term psychological effects, but physical effects on men of denying themselves intimate female relationships. I’d say that this is largely unexplored territory.

  • donzaloog

    I flagged that video. This kind of thing should not be acceptable, especially not on a website like Youtube that has a lot of young people visiting every second.

    That Bobbit case was a travesty of justice and should not be glorified.

  • scatmaster


  • Robert St. Estephe

    “The Mutilation and Murder of Males Culture”

    “The Rape Culture” notion is merely fake, self-serving propaganda created for profit and to seize illegitimate State power over innocent people (at first, seemingly, just over males, but ultimately over all non-policy-makers).

    Yet there is, as a result of the authoritarian propagandists, now a growing “Mutilation and Murder of Males Culture.” (Not how Arias lawyer tells the murder case jury they need to find out what forced the blood-thirsty killer of the “sensitive gender” to hack and hack and hack away at her (now admitted) victim).

    So this is the term I will begin using — until I find a better one — in my writing to describe this current phase of feminist propaganda and feminist influence: “The Mutilation and Murder of Males Culture.”

    The term covers a lot of territory, including circumcision, male disposability in general and the court-ordered poisoning of boys with brain-damaging (mutilating) psycho drugs, as well as individual forms of violence such as shooting, arsenic poisoning, antifreeze poisoning, stabbing, car running-over, etc. as practiced with relish by so many empowered females exercising the “self-esteem”-developing lessons they have learned.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I wonder; I wonder … what Man With Boobz will do with this scandal.

    • Paul Elam

      He would figure out that the video was a product of patriarchy and womyn’s oppression, and that any opposition to it was misogyny.

      Then he would produce a comment from somewhere on the internet to document the authenticity of his theory.

      Then he would bury his face back in the bucket of fried chicken.

      • JJ

        Hahahahahahahaha, so accurate of a metaphor. I cannot understand how someone can live so dishonest with himself and others condemning seemingly innocent people the way he does.

        • scatmaster

          He thinks it is going to get his dinky stinky.
          What he fails to realize isthe only thing that is going to be stinky is his hands and beard covered in the grease from Kentucky Fried Buzzard.

      • scatmaster

        Then he would bury his face back in the bucket of fried chicken.

        The picture in my head of that turns my stomach.

    • Bev

      If it cannot be twisted around it will be ignored by them and moderation will ensure that nobody else can mention it on the site.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Is wanton violence by woman against men new? Is it the result of “social conditions” and ideology alone? No, the fact is that individual sociopathy in both sexes has been recorded from earliest history (such as Chinese Queen Ji Xia: before 17th century BC). Want a quick and handy – and vintage – overview of Violence by Women (against men). Here’s an overview of the subject”

    “Husbandicide: A Brief Overview of Its History from 1889”

  • Jay

    We should also instigate a campaign against this piece of shit movie which depicts two women going about killing and mutilating any person if that person happens to be born a boy.

  • Rog

    i may have saved for later if needed..
    disgusting tho..

  • ghebert

    I think this goes to show that as a general rule, women are more violent than men…I’ve never heard of a man cutting of a woman’s clitoris or breasts and certainly not being cheered by a live television audience or had a mainstream song about it either. Men don’t sink to this level and even if we did…no one would publicly cheer for us.

  • Howard Gordan

    They expect men to take violence against women seriously, especially sexual attacks, yet will celebrate and joke about women sexually mutilating men. Maybe when women view ALL sexual violence as horrific we will be more sympathetic to their views. (Not that we don’t take it seriously, but why should we?)

  • jesus_marley

    I’m generally quite lenient when it comes to offensive speech and I will tolerate quite a lot. I draw the line though when free speech becomes advocacy of violence against others. No one has that right.

  • Zarathos022

    Just another reminder to me to just stay single.

    Thanks, Andy Man.

  • malcolm

    That’s a real upbeat little tune about severing a man’s penis. Is there any end to wymyn’s bloodlust these days?

  • bcdad666

    Ideologues in control of government always require scapegoats who are preventing the realization of utopia. It can be Jews, Blacks, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims: in our era it is men. It will get worse, if history is any guide.