The SCUM connection

Due to our recent coverage of events that have transpired in Sweden, many AVfM readers have had their memories refreshed about Valerie Solanas and the SCUM Manifesto. The book by the late feminist who attempted the murder of artist Andy Warhol is labeled as extreme by so called moderate feminists, but it seems to be enjoying a nostalgic resurgence in the mainstream feminist community.

It also appears there is growing evidence of a connection between SCUM proponents and Radfem Hub, as well as their plans (and current activity) to influence law and culture with a hate driven agenda.  The trail is a bit complicated, but discernible and should become more clear as evidence is continuing to come in.

It will be very helpful to read Robert O’Hara’s breaking expose on Radfem Hub in preparation for this information.

Between September 23-25th, 2011, two members of the Radfem Hub and Radfem Forum, Danielle Elina Pynnonen (Allecto) and her partner, Big Brother UK 5 contestant Kat “Kitten Pinder (Amazon Mancrusher) organized and hosted a three day feminist conference in Perth Australia that they called the ‘SCUM Conference’. They billed it as:

“THRILL SEEKING FEMALES UNITE! Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore, this THREE DAY RADICAL FEMINIST CONFERENCE is for civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females who want to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex. Workshops, guest presenters and social activities, plus a space to celebrate and re-member the life and work of Valerie Solanas and other radical feminists.”

As you’ve seen in previous articles, the people that frequent the Radfem Hub and forum have often contemplated and discussed gendercide (mass murder), sexual  mutilation, advocating the targeted abortion of male fetuses and infanticide – murdering newborn males.

Valerie Solanas, the woman for which this group has almost worship-like admiration, was the author of the SCUM Manifesto, never made it a secret about her feelings towards men. She wrote:

“Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.”

In another passage she wrote:


“Retaining the male has not even the dubious purpose of reproduction. The male is a biological accident: the y(male) chromosome is an incomplete x(female) chromosome, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.”

Her writing seems to be in lock step with the very disturbing writings we have witnessed recently on the Radfem Hub and forum. Many would dismiss these people as mentally unstable and their words as the disturbed ranting of a few, no-name, sadistic people. This isn’t the case, as many of these women are in positions of responsibility and influence in the real world.

But what of the guest speakers for the conference – the individuals who also celebrate the life, work and virulence of Valerie Solanas? The ugly truth is that not only are these lecturers well known professors, authors and activists, but they also run in the same online circles with the  same women that advocate a desire for violence and death towards men and boys.  They are part of the same philosophical sisterhood.

While many of those who spoke have been smart enough to not talk about such ugly things as we have seen here online, (at least nothing that can be traced back to them) they are friends with these same groups of women on Facebook, guest post articles on the Radfem Hub and even comment on some of these women’s individual blogs.

Julie Anne LeComte on Canberra, Australia, the owner and administrator of the forum where most of the worst hate is espoused, goes by the online names of  Rain Lewis, Rainsinger, and Raindancer.

A quick look at her Facebook page, as well as online forum discussions, that she, as well as Danielle Pynnonen (Allecto) and Kat Pinder (Amazon Mancrusher) personally know many of these professors, authors and activists.

Take a look at the speakers and some of the attendees of the 2008 Brisbane Feminist Conference. You also might ask who the speakers were at the 2011 Perth SCUM conference that they would openly associate with people that express a desire for murder and child abuse.

Here are some of them, with their self-styled promotional bios.

Susan Hawthorne PhD

“Susan Hawthorne is the author of six collections of poetry, a novel, political theory and a quiz book. She is an Adjunct Professor in the Writing Program at James Cook University, Townsville. In 2009, Susan was an Asialink Literature Resident at the University of Madras, Chennai. She is also a publisher and Director of Spinifex Press and played a leading role among independent Australian publishers in innovative and eBook publishing.” 

James Cook University is the institution where Michael Flood, the well-known pro-feminist professor teaches.

Dr. Abigail Bray

“Dr. Abigail Bray is a research fellow at the Social Justice Research Centre at Edith Cowan University. She has published widely in leading international academic journals on anorexia, child sexual abuse, moral panics, and child pornography. She is the author of Hélène Cixous: Writing and Sexual Difference (2004) and Body Talk: A Power Guide for Girls (2005) with Elizabeth Reid Boyd”

Melinda Tankard Reist

“Melinda Tankard Reist is a Canberra author, speaker, commentator, blogger and advocate for women and girls. Melinda has just initiated a new grassroots campaigning movement called Collective Shout. It aims to expose corporations, advertisers and marketers who objectify women and sexualize girls to sell products and services. In demand as a speaker, Melinda is named in Who’s Who of Australian Women and the World Who’s Who of Women.”

Dr. Betty McLellan

“A psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, Betty McLellan is the author of HELP! I’m Living with a Man Boy, which has been translated in 12 languages. She is also the author of Overcoming Anxiety (1992) and Beyond Psychoppression (1995). She believes in the importance of honesty in relationships and works with women and men in individual and couple settings and facilitates groups for women and men separately and then together. She lives in Townsville, Queensland.” 

Dr. Gail Dines

“Gail Dines is professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College. The author of two previous books and a regular commentator on TV and radio, Dines has been covered in Newsweek, Time, USA Today, the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Philadelphia Inquirer. She lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.”

Spider Redgold aka Spiderlily Redgold 


“2005 Finalist Global Enterprise Architecture Excellence Award Zachmann Institute for Framework Advancement ( ) 2004 Elected Board member responsible for Education and certification Global Enterprise Architecture Organization ( 2003 included on the Pioneers Women’s Hall of Fame Quilt for Contribution to Women and Technology 

1999 Elected Board member and Vice President for one of Queensland’s leading industry organisations – Women In Information Technology (WIT) Inc [1999-2002] 1998 – finalist (and runner up) in the Australian Institute of Management QLD Innovator of the Year Awards. 1996 Keynote Presenter at South Korean Summit on “Women and Informationalization of the workforce”

And some of the other speakers?

Christine Sitka

Christine is a well know writer, speaker and activist in Australia who works with the Victorian Women’s Liberation and Lesbian Feminist Archives Inc.

Ryl Harrison

Ryl is a PhD Canidate at James Cook University in Townsville Australia

Samantha Berg

Samantha is the National Coordinator for the feminist organization Stop Porn Culture.

And of course:

Julie Anne LeComte (aka Rain Lewis/Rainsinger/Rainsong of Radfem Hub)

Julie Anne LeComte, the owner and operator of the Radfem forums is also the Communications Coordinator for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce. She is recognized as a nationwide leader for Australian women’s rights activism.

In 2006, Dr. Browyn Winter, Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, wrote a piece on White Ribbon Day for the Australian website On Line Opinion. At the end of the piece, Dr. Winter, who is Facebook friends with Danielle Pynnonen (Allecto) as well as LeComte, listed who she felt were the most prominent feminists.  LeComte was named.

And the question remains whether some of the other names listed are connected to the group of radical feminists who frequently discuss how to reduce the male population through sexually selected murder, or just kill men and boys for the pure pleasure of it.

It is clear that the rabbit hole of radical feminists in positions of public trust does not just stop with just these women. More on that later, but I’ll leave you all with a question; When the Australian government wants input on new legislation concerning sexual assault, domestic violence or special assistance for women only, who do you think they turn to for expert opinions? I will answer that, and much more, in the next article.

  • Roland3337

    Absolutely chilling reading.

  • Tawil

    In the Australian context keep an eye on this name too: Barbara Biggs (she wrote most of this Wikipedia article herself, so don’t pay much attention to her myth-making).

    She is an aging prostitute (and daughter of prostitute), radical feminist activist, and has appeared front and center over the last 5 years in attempting to wreak collateral damage on the male gender. She has had some success. She has media and high political contacts who sympathise with and aid her zealotry, and she appears to be involved in several hate groups, particularly those revolving around family law – eg. Anonymums, National Council for Children Post-Separation, and several others whose names escape me. She has made some Utube videos. She has organized numerous anti male rallies and forums that became priminant in news articles around Australia (blood-soaked women marching to end fathers rights), and I’d be very surprised if she wasn’t active (perhaps core role?) in RadFem and the conference you mention.

    One of her motivations is the experience of being raised by a prostitute mother who had several children each to different men, and Biggs was filled with hatred of these men who came for sex with mummy but would not stick around and father the offspring that resulted. She views all men therefore as violent, and wanting only to exploit women for sex, and worst of all refusing to take up thier role of father to protect very vulnerable children. Biggs said that because her mothers’ clientele did not volunteer to be fathers to the unexpected offspring, her mother was left penniless and had to go out and sell herself for sex on Xmas day when Biggs was a little girl. Mummy is also a phone sex operator, currently. If men had paid financial maintenance, claims Biggs, then her mother would not have had to do any of this seedy work. She therefore wants to take revenge on all the responsibility-shirking males in the world, ie. the entire male population.

    She has a long history of trouble with the law, particularly in younger years. She has had several breakdowns and been admitted to hospitals, and I believe she is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She is very cunning and will be using an alias in most of her hate work. Just a hunch but wanted to throw her name out for anyone looking to find links in the chain of hatred.

    • Adam

      Sounds like she is the definition of the apple not falling far from the tree.
      So she becomes a prostitute despite or because of her disdain for men and is a feminist activist?

      Out of curiosity, do you have a citable source for that information, Tawil?

  • .ProleScum.

    Many RadFems will argue that The SCUM Manifesto is merely a satire along the lines of Swift’s modest proposal.

    Now that Agent Orange has exposed the violent plans of active RadFems, that argument will stand even less scrutiny than before.

  • Kyle Lovett

    Whoa! Looks like Australia has an Office of Women that is trying to pass some new legislation. I wonder….

  • Christianj

    I have generated a new blog to cover all those radical feminists and expose them in an ongoing basis.

    Link –

    Those associated with the RADFEM forum plus others will be exposed, named and left to society to decide whether or not they want to have anything to do with them.
    It really does re-introduce thoughts of a certain regime back in the second world war, who decided that extermination was the favoured option. These women will pursue that same option as well. It is supposed to be a civilised society but feminists and feminism have decided otherwise. Demonstrates once again what a hate movement Feminism really is..

    • Paul Elam

      Christian, can you get an animated banner that will fit in with the group at top of page here for your new blog?

      That should be a permanent fixture here.

  • http://none universe

    And these …uh…? people work together, work in unison, work in unison together behind the scenes, work together in unison behind the scenes in a common purpose.
    And yet, “conspiracies” don’t exist?
    If it were possible to work up the political food-chain, more would be found.

  • Rocco

    Excellent investigative reporting. You guys should do a press release…..I don’t think the public would think this was cool.

    To me this reveals the true KKK like nature of the feminist political establishment.

    We must not stop until they are removed from all positions of authority and their hate is as tolerated as the KKK is today, where a feminist would not be allowed on a jury because of stated bias.

  • Jared White

    It’s really a shame that evidence like this, or any evidence, facts, or irrefutable proof that hateful, murderous feminists inhabit positions of power and influence throughout all western governments will always be ignored by the general public.

    Doesn’t really matter that “moderate” feminists who do absolutely nothing about this (except silently support it) will just say “NAFALT,” “the radicals did it,” “men hold all the power, not feminists,” and will just brush this off and minimize the seriousness of it.

    It’s already well known that politicians pander to feminist policies for the female vote and because of chivalry induced idiocy.

    But the general public are the ones who need to be reached and reaching them on a large scale is nearly impossible. As with the neo-nazis, no one actually started paying attention to the hate until people started dying.

    I don’t think a group of feminists would actually have the balls to go out and start murdering men in the streets, which is why they instead huddle together and discuss plans on accomplishing murder in secretive ways.

    I feel the general public won’t be reachable until a large scale of bodies start dropping. I think the same goes for the public finally realizing that feminism is about creating a society in which men have no rights. The bias in family courts isn’t enough. Most men just view that as a joke.

    “My ex took me to the cleaners”

    Most men ignore the double standards in concerns to rape and sexual assault because society only views these things as something that happens to women.

    Domestic violence? Also viewed as a joke by most men.

    No. I don’t think major change will start to happen until things get so bad that the general public will start being affected on a large scale.

    Laws are continually created that deny freedoms but only a few take notice and only a few really care. Mostly because at the end of the day, almost everyone can go home, relax, and ignore the rest of the world.

    I feel that only when that is taken away, the freedom people have to ignore the rest of the world in their own home, that is when the general public will take action against feminism and its many injustices.

    It’s sad but that’s the way it looks to me. Lawsuits have finally begun being brought against colleges because of their feminist influenced policies. How long did it take? How severe did things have to get?

    It had to get to the point where rape and sexual assault charges could be brought against a man and he would be given no rights to due process before being expelled on the spot. It had to get to the point where a man was guilty of rape for having sex with a consenting woman, even if he was also drunk.

    It had to get to the point where they took away a man’s ability to relax in his own home, which for many is the college they attend.

    Things are still getting worse in the real world outside of college where feminist “academics” set the rules.

    When female prisons start getting shut down, as was suggested and supported by feminists then the public will start taking notice.

    When men are fully stripped of their rights to due process in court, something that was also suggested and supported by feminists, then the public will start taking notice.

    It’s unfortunate, but if the group of people getting their lives destroyed isn’t large enough then the general public will just go home and ignore it.

    • MrStodern

      What you say is definitely true to an extent. It is going to take things getting much worse than they are for as many as people as are necessary to catch on and go “WTF?”.

      Fortunately, that is one thing we can definitely count on feminists to do: Make everything worse. And as they push forward, because they’re too stupid and full of hate to know how to stop, it will only make the MRM stronger. Our ranks will only swell as they punish men more and more. Their work is going to come right back to bite them in the ass, and it is going to be glorious indeed.

      You want to know something else that makes me so confident? You ever see the majority of people who overthrow their government consist of women? Nope. It’s always men fighting and dying. Believe it or not, that actually works to our advantage here, because when MRAs outnumber the most loyal white knights, the most die-hard enablers of feminism, they’re going to be very, very afraid of the violence that they assume we’ll unleash. They’ll be wrong about us (hopefully), but they’ll be afraid, because we’re men, and men were the ones who blew away Ghaddafi and paraded his dead body through the streets. Not women. Women were never going to overthrow the government. Ever. They’re too lazy.

      Of course we won’t do it either, because that isn’t our goal. We’re not going to blow up buildings and murder politicians. We’re going to kick them out of office if they don’t pull their heads out of their asses and start serving justice instead of the feminists. We’re going to drown out the cries of “Violence against women!” with the cold hard truth about the so-called “gentler sex”. Our lip-dicked leaders are going to know what the people they’ve been sucking up to are really like, and that we’re tired of the bullshit. And they will be afraid. They will think of Ghaddafi, and Hussein, and Mussolini, and just about every other oppressive leader who pushed their people too far. As wrong as they may be, they will think their safety is in danger, and that will motivate them.

      • Stu

        The reason those outed and dead dictators are outed and dead, is because the people got sick of talking and being ignored, and used violence to get rid of them. And that’s pretty much how it always is, Politicians don’t respond to talk…..they respond to pain. Fortunately, at this point, we still have other ways to cause them pain, but I’m betting those other ways will be gradually shut down in response.

        • MrStodern

          I’d love to see the government ignore us after industries start collapsing from not having any men to keep them alive. We’re on our way to that as we speak. I dare say speeding up the process would be a good idea.

          But I’m going to stick with trying to empty colleges, the military, and the state of Washington of all men until the government meets my demands and undoes the legislative changes they’ve made that are putting innocent men behind bars.

  • ScareCrow

    So – somebody tell me…

    Where are the so-called “white knights” or “manginas” that are “enabling” these women?


    • Paul Elam

      We will meet them as we try to get the MSM to cover this. Lots of them.

      • C.A. George

        We’ll also see the many men in the MSM who are absolutely terrified to speak out against this group of monsters….which is odd considering these women are “oppressed” and “powerless.”

        • Rog

          honestly now i view talking/argueing with feminists as good therapy and all part of taking my personal space back

          • C.A. George

            Couldn’t agree more. It feels pretty good to stop bowing to vagina and to stop biting your tongue when you disagree with their garbage.

      • Al

        The dirty asses kissers! Bring’em on!

  • MrStodern

    I’ve spoken to people who label Valerie Solanas insane. She wasn’t insane. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Solanas didn’t shoot Andry Warhol over and over again expecting him to turn into a woman at any point. She shot him once expecting him to die.

    Valerie Solanas was a violent bigot. Her heart was full of hate. It’s no small wonder that feminists everywhere look at her with the same reverence that guitar players everywhere do with Jimi Hendrix.

  • Patrick Henry

    This is a red pill inoculation program!

    • MrStodern

      It’s only going to get better from here. I can’t wait until the feminists respond. It only validates our cause further.

      Although, personally, I won’t feel nearly as good about our progress until women start getting adequately punished for the crimes they commit. I’m tired of not feeling safe around women. I deserve the security of knowing that the women who’s about to have sex with me is going to be looking at 15 years in prison for lying about what happens between us. As a citizen of the United States and a fucking human being, I deserve that.

      • Patrick Henry

        That’s why I’m MGTOW. I don’t know who to trust. This confirms I’m not paranoid.

        • MrStodern

          No man born in the past few decades who has ever chosen a life without intimacy with women is paranoid for doing so. Men very much have a lot to fear from sticking their dick in a woman, because it is at that point where women gain the most control over that man’s fate. Granted, you don’t have to so much as touch a woman to be called a rapist these days, but if you did happen to fuck them, and can’t reasonably deny having done so, that gives them a lot more ammo against you.

          I have a theory that men being the ones who insert a part of themselves inside their partner is at the heart of any woman’s hatred of men. I’m not just talking about the feminist narrative, or even about the feminists who are just so blind to the suffering of men, I’m talking about the women who truly, utterly despise the male gender in its entirety.

          I think there’s something in their wiring that causes them to think about being penetrated by a man (a perfectly natural act intended by nature, not as a method of oppressing or hurting women, but for simple procreation purposes) and just want to set something on fire. I think the concept of a man’s pleasure in penetrating them disgusts them so much because they can’t enjoy sex. They can’t comprehend the idea that sex is supposed to be mutually gratifying, and so when they look at acts of consensual sex between men and women (and only men and women), they quite literally see an act of barbarity on the man’s part, because that woman couldn’t possibly be going along with it of her own accord. These women impose their fucked up outlook on others, and it is they who are truly responsible for the feminist narrative being the way it is: anti-male.

          Hate to make the comparison, but the women who got feminism going really are just like Adolf Hitler: Full of hate, and driven to convince everyone to be that way too. Jessica Valenti, I’m talking to you. Yes, you. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the most dangerous feminist out there, and I’m gunning for your discreditation with the general public more than any other. You pissed off the wrong MRA you bigoted asshole.

  • MrStodern

    OT, but I think is important (and cool):

    Just pointing out how the people involved here are men, not women, and that as things get worse for males when it comes to education, we’re going to see and less cool stuff like this.

    Fuck you for wanting to take this shit away from everyone you stupid hateful feminists. Fuck you.

    • Stu

      But they don’t think they are taking anything away from anybody. They think that science is something invented by men…….as in……write a mathematical formula and because of the combined patriarchy power ….it becomes the rule… a magic spell. They think that they will be able to rewrite the rules….with their own spells once men have been removed. They will have micro processors, rocket ships with warp 300 speed, etc etc….created via emotion…..and chants….and slogans……brought into existence because they will it.

      When was the last time you got to know a woman who didn’t believe in her star signs…..or angels…..or ghosts….or supernatural mumbo jumbo of some description. The only miracles I’ve ever seen are those created by men…..jet planes…..rockets…space travel…….computers……phones……the human race for thousands of years was committed to superstition and magic and religion….rituals…..appeals to the gods and goddesses…….none of those things ever produced a single solution to any problem…..or a single invention……men are the closest thing to supernatural powers that have existed on this earth…….we are the ones that have performed miracles where all the beliefs in something mystical or supernatural have only produced bullshit………we are the supernatural beings of the natural world. Despite that, most women still believe in hocus pocus.

  • sweeney

    Linked,RadFem Hub Scum Manifesto Exposed, into WTF on Reddit

  • Dr. F


    Reading this just now makes me think of a duck waddle parade of nasties who’s feathers just glisten with pride.

    Sure, I can see easily why some follow this mob as they’ll be dull witted, unstable or ignorant but please, can someone tell me why the rest move by hatred of all things ?

    Is this the only thing around to fire the spirit and the mind ?

    If this energy was put into just about anything else it would surely better others in a real way ?

    Then again I might be dreaming if I think that there might be some other motivation apart from making the self feel great and warm and big and special blah de blah.

    Is it just an MRA that thinks that bastards like these ‘get off’ on this activity in the most basal of all ways ?

  • Alcuin

    Thanks for the excellent article. This website really is important. The article also shows just how much work we all have to do.

  • Eulogy for Hitchens

    Oh, but what satisfying work! So many feminazis to expose.

  • italix

    It’s comment about “institute complete automation” is quite interesting. This sounds dangerously close to the trans-humanist eugenics philosophy.

  • Zarathos022

    “Males are emotional cripples” eh Val?

    That’s pretty funny coming from someone that killed an artist.

    I say that because Warhol ended up dying later from HER attack.

    That, therefore, makes Solanas a killer in my opinion.

    • Ray

      “Warhol ended up dying later from HER attack.”

      That shooting absolutely contributed to a decline in his health, although I suspect rad-fems would try to deny Solanas murdered him.
      “Warhol however, was seriously wounded by the attack and barely survived (surgeons opened his chest and massaged his heart to help stimulate its movement again). He suffered physical effects for the rest of his life.”

  • Zarathos022

    And the most disgusting thing about this is that apparently she had a son named David.

    I have only two things to say about this:

    Either 1.: She hopefully put the kid up for adoption and the foster parents never mention her to him. Ever.

    Or 2.: This is just a rumor and it was never proven to be true.

    I really can’t imagine someone with THAT MUCH hatred for men and boys actually having a boy herself.

    Solanas, burn in Hell, you banal piece of inhuman filth.

  • Phil in Utah

    It’s disturbingly appropriate that as I read the stuff on Radfem Hub, I hear “Waiting for the Worms” by Pink Floyd playing in my head.

    To weed out the weaklings,
    To take out the deadwood,
    To smash in their windows and kick in their doors,
    For the final solution to strengthen the strain,
    To turn on the showers and fire up the ovens.”

  • Gerry Hiles

    Never expect any female to be rational, but be pleasantly surprized when one is … and can maybe learn to change the oil in her car, without an argument.

    Understand that NO female ever has to grow up.

    We all have mothers, but none of us have certainly known fathers.

    The best thing I ever did was study anthropology at the University of Western Australia (along with psychology, philosophy and politics).

    The most important stuff I learned was from anthropology.

    For however long our species has existed (250,000 years?) the female of our species (and most other mammals) has dominated from a position of weakness.

    Whilst a female is pregnant she can no longer be a “provider”, nor whilst suckling an infant, or whatever modern females do to off-load responsibility on other females or males.

    The male of at least our species HAS to grow up and separate from “the mother” who never could have survived without a man going out hunting to provide for all … which at least used to entail “initiation rites” to make men tough and protective of women and children.

    I DO know what I am writing about, both from an academic and personal angle.

    • Kimski

      +10 and absolutely spot on.

  • Adam

    Reading the link to the Perth RadFem meeting was nauseating. I’m half glad it wasn’t advertised in print or television advertising because who goes to these gets only half the story of what these harpies and sycophants are up to.

    The ‘woe is me’ attitude is just embedded with mentions of refugees (not a feminist but a global humanist problem), of the Aboriginal stolen generation (see above, but also a path paved with good intentions), “the surprise appearance by lesbian heroine Superdyke” and the rest.

    Clarifying what happened with the Aboriginal stolen generation; in the early years of last century, regional Mission camps were setup run by priests, nuns and some government servants where half-caste (white and black) Aboriginal children were sent to receive an education and not dilute the genetic makeup of the Aboriginal race. This was because Aboriginals were not entitled to the civil welfare but the half-caste were.

    Some of these half-caste children were adopted into white homes and given the upbringing that some of these children actually praise.
    For the record, my own opinion is that the end did not justify the means but I would be reluctant to say it was a complete atrocity.

  • St. Estephe

    Within Radical Feminism the central debate is always this: now that we have power (funding, operatives largely controlling censorship activites, terror (unjust laws)) which human beings shall we feminists kill and how do we go about it? As with other totalitatians killing human beings (including the youngest ones, infants in the fully alive yet pre-born state) who do not conform to evolution-fantasy future projections is the key, the fundamental, issue is homicide.

  • Wraith

    Where did you get the picture of my ex wife? Of course the lighting makes her look much more lovable than she really is….

  • Mingtian

    “THRILL SEEKING WHITES UNITE! Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore, this THREE DAY RADICAL WHITE SUPREMACIST CONFERENCE is for civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking white supremacists who want to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the Jews. Workshops, guest presenters and social activities, plus a space to celebrate and re-member the life and work of Adolf Hitler and other radical supremacists.”

    Sounds about the same to me.

  • Otter

    That hag failed biology.

  • anonymous1

    I don’t know if anyone who wrote these comments will see this reply as it was originally from two years ago. I just couldn’t help but notice that the unwarranted extremism by the radical feminists discussed was responded to in some of these posts by equally radical extreme generalizations. If you disagree with such extreme hatred, then be careful not to embody the same qualities in yourselves. Although it can be easy at times to make generalizations about people, it is important to remember that there are always exceptions to a rule. Also that one can become too caught up in an idea or generalization and thus have difficulty seeing beyond it. This is what is being argued in the discussion about radical feminists adopting the ideas of a dangerous extremist. There is a wide range of skills and abilities and emotional levels amongst both sexes. Rational feminism simply stems from the desire for all people to have the freedom to explore their full potential as human beings. As a female who grew up influenced strongly by rational intelligent non-dominating males, I have had the occasion many times following to find myself being lumped in with some of the stereotypical female characteristics described in the above comments only to be dumb-founded, offended and insulted. I personally am an advocate of both male and female rights where warranted.

    • Paul Elam

      You would make a much better case for yourself if you actually pointed to what you thought was excessively radical, explained why it was radical, etc, vs a blanket and unsupported condemnation. Based on your post, I see nothing else to respond to here, especially your lecture on what people must be careful not to become.

      Try becoming a better communicator.

      • anonymous1

        I guess that’s a good point but firstly, I guess I thought that what I was referring to was fairly obvious and secondly I wasn’t sure that this was an active discussion that anyone would read since the article being discussed was posted some time ago. Firstly, I should’ve said that I was influenced by rational people in my life and not just men in my outlook. It was comments such as, “never expect a woman to be rational” or “Granted, you don’t have to so much as touch a woman to be called a rapist these days” or “Fortunately, that is one thing we can definitely count on feminists to do: Make everything worse” that appear extreme to me. All I wanted to point out that extremism on both sides is dangerous and can cloud judgement and cause people to form gross generalizations. I can see where these comments are coming from they are taken too far. Radical extreme feminism is dangerous but being a feminist doesn’t mean being a man-hater. As far as being lumped in with stereotypes myself, for instance, I have had men make comments to me such as ‘all women manipulate men’ which offended me because such a thing had never crossed my mind. Another example was a man who was paranoid when he said every girl is trying to trap him and it was obvious he thought I might be the same and my intentions were in fact the complete opposite and I felt that insulted my judgement and intelligence. In an unrelated issue, simply to point out where I believe in fairness for all. I believe men should not be forced into parenthood if they object to it. This is something I realize many females would be offended by my saying. I don’t understand how so many women believe that if they get pregnant they shouldn’t have to consider what the man wants. I’ve known friends who got a female pregnant where she has the child and says it is for her and then not only did the man not have any access to child’s life they are still forced to pay child support. I don’t understand that way of thinking.

        • Kimski

          You first point out the generalizations above, and then defend your argument with another generalization that not all feminists are like that, despite an overwhelming burden of evidence to the contrary, in literally thousands of examples on this site. A fact that you even admit to having heard from other men, on several other occassions, aside from the examples above.

          You need to understand a few things here. The men posting on this site has extensive personal knowledge about feminism, and the devastating effect it has had on them and their friends, brothers, uncles, and fathers, from childhood through marriage to divorce.

          The radical feminists that you mention has spent the past 30 to 40 years influencing every aspect of modern societies from schools to workplaces to legislation, and their hate is being hammered into every male and female in the western hemisphere, from birth to grave. Sometimes in a watered down form, from the ones “that are not like that”, but mostly exactly like the radical feminists presents it on their websites.

          It really doesn’t matter if all feminists are not like that. Every single one of them buys into the dogma and guidelines laid out by these radicals, ’cause they are placed in high positions everywhere where it matters, nowadays, and they have been dominating the discourse in every gender based law put in place, for the past 20 years or more.

          When you choose to disregard this fact, you also disregard the fact that women nowadays has been handed the choice to use those laws at their convenience, just like in the case of child support you mention.

          That would also include making false pedophile or DV accusations to gain custody of the children in divorce cases, btw, which is another thing that is happening at an increasing rate. A woman’s word is ALWAYS trusted over a man’s in these particular cases, and you can just forget about women being held responsible or accountable to the same extend as men, for their actions in criminal cases in general .

          So, actually finding out if one particular brand of feminism is not like another, is the equivalent of playing russian roulette with 5 bullets in the chamber, because there’s a very real possibility that those laws can and will be used against you, anytime you choose to enter a relationship with a woman who identifies as a feminist, and who supposedly are “not like that”. They still have THE CHOICE to be exactly “like that”, and therein lies the problem, when you’re at the receiving end of the stick.

          And if it turns out to be exactly what happens in more than 80% of the cases, which it does, I personally think it is far wiser to play it safe and go with “they are ALL like that”, _whenever it suits them._

          • Turbo

            Not to mention that if anything happens that involves alcohol at all, the man will always be blamed and the woman will always be the victim


            In other words anonymous1, if you are aware of all these injustices that men face and you still self identify as a feminist, then “you really are like that”

          • anonymous1

            “Every single one of them buys into the dogma and guidelines laid out by these radicals”

            How do you know that? C’mon, you can speak for every woman?

            How about just a ‘person’ that was nuts.

            Furthermore, I can think of a lot of reasons and a lot of examples of abuse towards women that I could use as a reason to lump men all in one category, but I try to be more reasonable than that. It is unfortunate that there are such extremes in opinions. And well, if it is true that the prevailing feminism views are so extreme as to warrant that opinion than I think that is unfortunate. As for lying about abuse to control a situation, clearly that’s despicable. Perhaps I’m just too fair a person I can’t fathom such behaviour. I didn’t want to get in a heated debate here. I just find myself starting to get angry about some of the men out there sometimes and need to take a step back and remember they are not all the same. And I thought I’d point out that it can go both ways. Furthermore, I get the impression that some men may be feeling too easily emasculated simply by the fact that they are not in a position to control a woman, and that’s unfortunate to me. Or in another case when I have won at games such as pool and some men can act obviously emasculated by such a thing. It’s so silly, and it’s not always the case of course, but I’ve actually wondered before if I’m supposed to let a guy win in a game if I still want him to be interested in me, and that’s just silly. Anyway, now I’m feeling like I have to apologize for other women’s behaviour that I have never even contemplated in my life. I don’t think I should have to do that. Things are so complicated these days, I guess that’s why I’m sitting at home by myself looking at the internet. All the best to you all.

          • Kimski


            “How do you know that? C’mon, you can speak for every woman?”

            I don’t have speak for every woman, when the vast majority seems to be supporting feminism! If you support feminism, you clearly must have at least some idea about what you choose to support, or you would be supporting an ideology of hate, without knowing the first thing about it, besides it benefits women “in some undefined way”.

            The only other reason I can think of would be because it’s a trend, hip, and “in”, in some disturbed, irrational, and deeply unintelligent way.

            Since I prefer to give women the benefit of the doubt, and not actually view them as nothing more than useful idiots to the hate mongers, I’m left with the conclusion that they actually do know what they’re supporting, and the extend of the hatred of men within that ideology.

            If I didn’t, I’d just be another misogynist, wouldn’t I?

            “I just find myself starting to get angry about some of the men out there sometimes and need to take a step back and remember they are not all the same.”

            I’m really sorry you feel this way about somebody who’s basically just standing up for their rights, and refuse to play nice and just take it, when those rights are threatened. I’m also pretty sure you’d do the exact same thing, if the roles were reversed.

            “Or in another case when I have won at games such as pool and some men can act obviously emasculated by such a thing.”

            Seriously, are you compairing being screwed over in court and having your assets and your children removed, or having to face a false rape accusation, with the possibility of spending years in prison, with loosing a game of pool???


        • Theseus

          “C’mon can you speak for every woman”?

          Ah, ah, ah anonymous. You just conflated “woman” with “feminist”. One of our biggest pet peeves here and completely inaccurate.

          Personally, I can tell you that some of the coolest people in my life happen to be women. But that’s the whole point, it’s not about them or any other individual based on their gender; it’s based on who that person is, what they do, and the system that enables them to do it.

          An explanation: Some of our strongest supporters and contributors are women (as you would quickly find out if you are skimming through articles), however these women recognize that the current system would favor them in a number of grossly unfair ways if they all of a sudden decided to exploit it; It’s not that they WOULD exploit it of course, but they understand that they shouldn’t have that ability in the first place just because they are female. You see?

          The legal system and political arena can’t be just about the hope that any woman in question is going to do the right thing; women are human beings, which means some are selfish, manipulative, amoral, greedy, mentally disturbed etc. the same way that some men are. So the fact that you or other women that you know wouldn’t take advantage, is irrelevant.

          Revenge or get even driven policies are anathema to human rights, and cause irreparable harm to all the innocent people caught in the crossfire.The system needs to be as fair and hypocrisy free across the board as possible in regards to human rights for Both men and women. A tall order? Yes. Impossible? No.

          • Theseus

            Oh, BTW anonymous, we are all about equal treatment here, and that means not giving other adult human beings a pass because they have a vagina.

            Let’s face it; if we produced evidence of a site or organization that had men expressing similar monstrous view points about women as those expressed by Radfem, you would not be any where as dismissive and defensive…especially if evidence was provide that it’s members and allies attain high powered positions in academia and politics. As a matter of fact I think that your outrage would be expressed in no uncertain terms.

        • AlexB

          Maybe you didn’t know but most of your ‘impressions’ about men fits in nicely with the feminist narrative, where do you think you got those ideas from?What makes you think the guy who lost a pool game to you felt emasculated instead of just being a sore loser(are men the only ones who got upset when losing a game?Personally, I know people from both genders who can’t handle losing, heck one girl even permanently stopped playing with me because she couldn’t handle losing, but I highly doubt it’s because she felt emasculated – besides, since we’re going with anecdotal evidence, in my experience girls tend to be sore losers much more often than guys)?

          Have you ever cared to wonder if men really want to control women in the first place?And if so why?And, again, if we go with anecdotal evidence, I’d say men generally don’t care what women do with their lives as opposed to women who generally seem to want to have some say in what men do with their lives(of course they don’t do it openly they use a lot of colorful excuses to exert control – their ‘feelings’ for one,all the campaigns and laws promoted by women’s rights and feminist groups which basically says ‘the safety of women at the expense of the liberty of men’ for another).

  • anonymous1

    I only wanted to point out that many of the comments here sound a bit ‘woman-hating’ and that I don’t think it does any good to respond to irrational behaviour with more irrational behaviour. As for the original article, it is important to point out extremists and yes it is scary to see that a conference is taking place that is quoting that Valerie Solaras. I was actually reading about her when I came upon this and clearly no one should be following her influence. She was clearly extremely unstable and angry. My previous comment about there being a range of skills and emotions among both sexes is somewhat in response to her ideas of men being basically an empty shell incapable of emotion, empathy, etc. That woman was just nuts.

    • Kimski

      “I only wanted to point out that many of the comments here sound a bit ‘woman-hating’”

      And here I thought you were a rational being that could tell the difference between a sex and an ideology, and then you yourself add to the fire you seem to have problems with, by posting this:

      “That woman was just nuts.”

      No, that _FEMINIST_ was just nuts.

    • tango

      What irrational behaviour are we talking about here? Radfems saying KILL men (and attempting to) vs. MHRA’s saying DONT TRUST women in the current climate. False equivilance much?

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Presuming a man would feel “emasculated” because you won a game of pool sounds like YOU are an emasculating man hater.

      Men lose to other men at pool all the time without feeling emasculated, so why would you presume YOU have that sort of power over men?

      No wonder you’re home alone. You apparently enjoy the thought of emasculating men.

  • dhanu

    anonymous1 is most probably a fembot and is using typical Shaming language (“You’re bitter ‘coz you cannot handle a smart/opinionated/successful/etc woman”), conflating feminism with women, using the NAFALT arguments, and presenting anecdotes as proofs. All the signs are there. Don’t waste your time on trolls like this.

    • anonymous1

      Seriously? I started out here just to write a general post in reference to some of the comments posted in response to what appears to be a valid article with a valid argument. It was the following commentary that appeared to be extreme in the other direction and all I basically was trying to say is that both sexes should attempt to avoid gross generalizations. That’s all. Then there was an opinion that I wasn’t specific enough in my argument and that I should have given examples of what I was referring to. I gave examples of situations where I was exposed to generalizations that were unfair. I wasn’t assuming any of the reasons for people’s opinions here. And frankly, I don’t think anything I’ve said is in anyway hateful in the manner the responses to my comments are. I didn’t begin this conversation with bitterness in mind just urging everyone not to be bitter if anything. Yes, some men are bitter that they can’t control a woman, many are not. Yes, some (emphasis on some) men are intimidated by women who can beat them at a game of pool. I’m sure many are not. That wasn’t really the whole point, just an example. I wasn’t trying to shame anyone by using those examples, just presenting a simple fact. Can’t anyone have a rational debate without making personal attacks. You don’t think it hurts to hear people say never expect a woman to be rational or they are nice to look at but that’s it. But I only wanted to defend those comments in explaining there are exceptions and please keep that in mind. I didn’t say, oh you must be bitter because….Jeepers, I could say all the signs are there that no matter what I say all the men on this site are woman-haters and there’s no point arguing about it. Sheesh so much for trying to be fair huh.

      • Peter Wright (Tawil)

        I read your post here and cant see you’ve made any worthwhile point aside from general, and frankly vacuous remarks. If you keep writing long pieces like this and saying nothing relevant to the topic of the thread you are wasting valuable keystrokes.

        • Bewildered

          Looks like you are out of touch with feminists’ way of debating.They introduce their own greys to flatten the contrast and obfuscate. They are not interested in solving any real problems but with their demented solutions aggravate the existing ones while creating new ones to blabber about.

          • Kimski

            Also known as “diverting the discussion, when you’re cornered”.
            It’s not like most men haven’t been subjected to that all their lives. And most men just give up and let them have their way, just like you would do it with children and the retarded.

            Society in general does.
            We don’t.

            It sucks to be held accountable, doesn’t it..

      • Kimski

        “And frankly, I don’t think anything I’ve said is in anyway hateful in the manner the responses to my comments are.”

        No, you have just presented an astounding level of lack of empathy that are quite common these days, and basically based on the notion that men “deserves” being treated this way, seemingly because they own a penis. Because the feminist presentation of men as historical oppressors of women are being picked to pieces every single day on this and an infinite number of other sites, so it can’t be that, can it?
        Especially not when all women allegedly don’t support feminism, now, can it?

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        ALL the men on this site aren’t women haters – they just hate women with attitudes like yours.

        Does it make you feel unfeminine when a man beats you at pool?

        Does it make you feel unfeminine that men you presume you emasculated reject you?

      • Dean Esmay

        I’ll be a bit more patient with you than others:

        People here get tarred with the “woman hater/misogyny” comment, along with all sorts of stereotypical comments about how they’re supposedly threatened by strong women, so often and so baselessly that just using that kind of language is likely to get you an unkind reception here. You appear to be relatively intelligent and have some reasonably decent values, but be aware this is an activist site and full of people who regularly take withering fire and personal attacks for even taking the positions they do. It’s hard to describe just how prevalent it is until you’ve experienced it. So what I’d suggest is that if you want to stick around, you spend more time reading and getting to know not just what this community is like, but the experiences that led them to where they are. It’s likely to help you. But a quick tip would be to read this:

        …and realize that every single one of us, no matter how moderate in tone, reasoned, and polite we’ve been, has had just about every one of those flung at us. Even a valid point you may have will be undermined by use of any of that sort of language here. Just a word to the wise.

  • Bewildered

    @ annonymous 1

    I get the impression that some men may be feeling too easily emasculated simply by the fact that they are not in a position to control a woman, and that’s unfortunate to me.

    You are projecting ! It’s really comical ,control freaks calling other people control freaks and hoping to control the narrative by shaming.

  • tango

    “You don’t think it hurts to hear people say never expect a woman to be rational”

    Okay this is the crux of it. It does hurt and everyone here knows it but people here arent in the business of putting women’s feelings ahead of telling the truth. I personally prefer that to being treated like a china doll, but each to their own. When people here say “dont expect a woman to be rational” they are pointing out that an irrational woman can wreak havoc on a man’s life because society and the legal system enables them to. To the extent that its dangerous for a man to presume that a woman will be honourable. Its a criticism of the system, not of women.

    • Bewildered

      BINGO !!!!!
      Note how the focus is deflected from this truth by the accusation— ” how dare anyone call a woman irrational ? ” — pure appeal to emotion !
      Again when a man is screwed over badly by the system and the irrational antics of a woman in his life ,there’s no empathy for him when he claims ” All women are irrational” ! Why FFS? Aren’t men human beings? Don’t they have feelings of anger etc. ? What makes their anger and bitterness unjustified?
      Contrast this with the attitude towards a rape victim,she gets all the empathy and boundless sympathy in the world. I don’t have any problems with that !
      But there’s no one who genuinely helps her heal by pointing out that her perception of ALL men being violent,evil,rapey and other frightening attributes her disturbed mind can conjure of is not correct.
      On the contrary there are ideologues waiting eagerly to harvest her soul by fostering her hatred of men with their evil BS.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        The only feelings she attributes to men are feelings of “emasculation” over losing a lousy game which she apparently delights in having been the cause of…then takes umbrage that a man would think “women are irrational”?

        Thinking men can be so easily emasculated( over a pool game?) IS irrational – but you’re probably just saying that because she makes you feel emasculated with her keen observations.

  • alex

    Men always call women irrational when their interests clash with ours.

  • alex

    Anything men can do women can do also, without the tendency to rape, attack, rob, cheat, etc. Men are all psychopathic on some level. Women are superior. With IVF it is possible to reduce the number of males born, reduce males to a sustainable and controllable number.