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Someone Please Give John Nazarian a Plaid Jacket, a Straw Hat and a Cigar

As many who follow this website know, John Nazarian is a California private investigator who has been tied to the Pauley Perrette restraining order scam that has been covered by several of our writers and investigators. Interestingly enough he can also be found in the new documentary on the corrupt family law system, Divorce Corp, essentially telling people that the system is so corrupt that bottom feeders like him can make a good living at gathering, and apparently creating, dirt on behalf of their clients.

Nazarian, whose facial hair appears designed to mimic the top of Mr. T’s head, came up on our radar again when we discovered one of his YouTube videos in which he advises women on how to manufacture false domestic violence charges in order to get their husbands ejected from the home and tossed into jail so the woman can then more easily use the court to steal his property, income and sever him from his children. Pity the fool who don’t listen.

Well, it appears that the scumbag-to-the-stars investigator, who has been named in complaints filed with the state of California, has not taken too kindly to the attention.

He has restricted commenting on his fraud police report instruction video, as well as put a disclaimer on it saying that it is “for entertainment purposes only.”

Oh yes, Mr. Nazarian, you are entertaining and then some.

He seeks to entertain further. Nazarian penned his thoughts, (such as they are) about this matter, just to show us all that he knows how to handle Coyote Shivers and a “male group.” It is complete with what appears to be obsessive use of a caps lock (because we all know that extra big writing is extra powerful writing) and redundant disparaging references to Texas — excuse me — TEXAS. Apparently critique of his ethics, which he imagines emanates only from the Lone Star State, is less valid for geographic reasons.

Hoo-wee, y’all, I don’t rightly know what to say about that.

He has also apparently enlisted the help of one of his big time media connections at, a website following celebrity trials that gets literally dozens of visits annually. Someone there named, hold on to your seats, Rose, wrote an article saying essentially the same things that Nazarian did in his piece. She even shares John’s attraction to the use of the caps lock, and his distaste for all things Texas. Ah, the California upper-crust, such savoir faire!

Rose also echoed, as though a pull cord were embedded in the back of her neck, Nazarian’s contention that his fraud police report instruction video was just a bit of entertainment. After all, this is Hollywood, right?

Now, seriously, let me just see if my little old Texas brain can grasp the message from these two comically condescending not-even-B-listers.

John Nazarian, a licensed private investigator, who as a matter of public declaration makes his living off of smearing people for clients in a court system that he knows to be completely corrupt, makes a video instructing women on how to create the illusion of domestic violence, report it to police and gain the upper hand in a divorce.

But it is for entertainment purposes only.

Of course it is, and he told us so shortly after he was publicly called out on it and reports were filed with the California licensing agency.

This son of a bitch thinks Texans are dumb?

  • Seele

    Cool. I can see some shady people putting bomb-building instructions online and then adding the disclaimer “For entertainment purpose only”, and it’s perfectly acceptable.

    • Dean Esmay

      “Here’s how you can kill someone and have the cops be unable to detect it so you can get away with it. By the way, that’s for entertainment purposes only.”

    • Paul Elam

      Yep And is it me, or is his video, the one that is for entertainment purposes only, shown on a playlist titled “Divorce Advice”

      Slick guy, this Nazarian. He can entertain and advise at the same time. Whattaguy!

      • farkennel

        Elam…you stop it!…you stop it RIGHT NOW!!! You`re going to make Mr Nazarian cry….right in front of his friends(manginas,feminists and other assorted fucking creeps).Is that what you want?If that was your intention Elam….my guess is it`s probably working …..I`m thinking that you`re going to get a sternly worded letter….from his mum.

  • Dean Esmay

    Oh John, John, John. Tsk tsk. You know, there’s a term for what you’re doing. Know what it is?

    “Wildly defensive.”

    • Suzanne McCarley

      I’m thinking of a few other terms….

  • farkennel

    That dude is a pussy…one day the situation will be turned…maybe not..but in the cold light of day…I have no doubt…this coward will cry like a girl…not that I have a problem with girls….just opportunistic cowards.

  • Kimski

    Picking on a man’s beard is just mean, when it’s plain to see he needs it to keep the attention away from his ears, Paul.
    May I suggest that you make it up to him by nominating him as “Scumbag Backpeddler of the Year”?

    Let’s try to be civil here…

    • Paul Elam

      I had not even considered that stuff, Kimski. You are a wise, wise and compassionate man.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Bahahaha! “Rose” calls Friedman a “journalist!”

    I’ve screen-capped the pages in case the dumb fuck wises up and removes them. In the meantime I can’t help but love how he’s using his newly increased celebrity to draw more attention to the case. He’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

    • farkennel

      I`m thinking that if Mr Shivers has access to a decent laywer…Ms Perrettes house of cards is going to have a very bad hair day. Having said that….she has really nice legs……..just sayin`……

  • angelo

    I’m smiling through my teeth. It disgusts me to think I used to sleep with a woman with this immoral bastard’s mind.

    His prescription is an infectious stain against which if caught off guard there is little a man can do to defend especially from within a gynocracy like the UK and the constant fear of which now has me subconsciously avoiding women and recording nearly everything for my own protection.

    I would bet a gold sovereign (if I had one) that statistically we are far more at risk of these character assassinations than ‘terrorism’ in the UK.

    John Nazarian should be in jail for aiding and abetting fraud, the most egregious character deformation and therefore also the attempted and actual subversion of justice where his clients can be identified.

    His video should be required viewing for boys before they leave school. A most valuable lesson. Though I feel sure the judges I met are well aware of this issue but nevertheless follow the path of least resistance to simplify for their own convenience and especially if it pleases the mother. How many men, their children and wider families must have suffered and continue to do so through this life destroying ploy.

    • farkennel

      Mate,if I had a gold sovereign I would lend it to you….and if I had another gold sovereign…I would be a gambling man and back you for the win.

      • angelo

        Thank you, it’s the thought that counts. :-)

  • dubs

    Charming man.

    I’m sure I’d would love to hire this warthog for his sage advice of throwing spaghetti sauce in the air and running into the kitchen door to falsely claim abuse.

    And if you hit the door a little too hard, go into a coma and die, well it’s “entertainment purposes only.”

    And if the cops show up, think the spaghetti sauce is blood, and get trigger happy it’s “entertainment purposes only.”

  • Jim Byset

    You know the way people say that they spit out their coffee when they’ve read a particularly funny and entertaining piece? Well – that didn’t happen to me, but I did choke a bit and cough – and ended up gurgling on my ginger ale.

    Great article – nice one.

  • Deucalion

    This guy belongs in prison. For life.
    And that’s only HALF of what he deserves to have happen to him.

  • brentlol

    I actually like the fact that he goes out and says he’s an unscrupulous dirt-bag. It takes a lot of moxy to do such a thing.

    • farkennel

      He only says that to cover his worthless back

  • Bombay

    He needs a woman to do as he says to him.

    • Deucalion

      Oh hell yes. I hope this happens! He’d overdose on irony!

  • Astrokid

    There is a degree of truth to his claim that he’s trying to be entertaining while being in a ghastly business.

    If you look at his blog entries.. you get the impression that he is a guy who has seen dishonesty and dirt at so many places.. and its so overwhelming.. that he’s decided he might as well go along with it, and be open about what he’s doing while calling out the dishonesty he’s seeing.
    You can see that in his several blogposts covering:
    1) the Law Firms that are cashing in Millions in the Divorce business
    2) the pre-existing animosity between divorcing couples
    3) his over-the-top trashing of ‘Douchebags of the year’ .. for e.g Kim Kardasashian as High Priced hookers

    His writing style is consistent across the years.. for e.g
    Cupcake Madness, Written on November 21st, 2010 by admin,

    Oh is this right up my alley, what award do we give to COUNCILMAN MICHAEL WOLFENSOHN? Well let’s nominate him for “Douchebag of the Year,” “King Shit-for-Brains,” or my favorite “Sneaky Rat Bastard Councilman Award.”

    Hey here is some help from John J. Nazarian, if you had not been such a sneaky bastard and showed some humanity, none of this would have happened. Maybe you’d be happier if the kids just went and got cans of spray paint and painted cupcakes all over the city, beginning with your house first!
    You are a symbol of what’s gone wrong in this country, and a disappointment to every little girl and boy who have a dream of one day being the next Betty or Bobby Crocker…or for that matter, Henry Ford or Bill Gates.

    If you have watched DivorceCorp, one wonders how Joe Sorge got so many lawyers and judges to open up about the ghastly things they themselves were doing.. implicating themselves. possibly killing the golden goose. How did it happen?
    And why was John Nazarian even more open? And looks like he’s been like that for a few years in his blog as well.. It appears to me he’s going along with a corrupt system that many are exploiting legally, while wanting to do something about it.
    John J Nazarian, The King of Divorce, on the big screen – Divorce Corp. Written on December 11th, 2013 by staff writer

    Who would have ever bet this would happen? ME! John J. Nazarian, ‘The King of Divorce’, sharing the big screen with Sorrell Trope and Dennis Wasser… some degree, exactly the people this movie is attacking! No question in my mind that Sorrell Trope got conned…..not an easy thing to do.
    One thing I can assure you, I knew exactly what I was walking into, 100 percent with my eyes wide open and laughing my ass off……at this point, I am not sure about my two co-stars! Now there are many people in this incredible documentary.

    • angelo

      Had a look. Is there anything other than classic women and children support along with blindness for men’s suffering. This same person actively encourages women to destroy men and their own families. That’s remarkably consistent with the core problem in society for men.

      We are moved by the plight of poor women and children. We are not moved by the suffering of men. Should we not learn to overcome this deficiency, can we even excuse it now that we have comprehended it.

      Should we not pay him or any other misandrist the courtesy and due respect of a lynching when they bring their own noose to the party? You know, for his own good and to help him grow as a person from being a fucking immoral bastard with a split personality into a fully fledged decent human being.

      He is a sad example of how we men are our own worst enemy.

      If he has real spunk, he will see the error of his ways, apologize unreservedly and come out as a full on MHRA. 😉

  • http://none universe

    The things people will say in front of a national audience.

    It’s probable that most here could appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit undertaken by our subject. Yet one has to wonder whether he has given any thought to the possibility that some of his clientele may not actually be telling the truth to him while he assists in the brazen set-up of her ex-hubby.

    If no ‘customer’ veracity is undertaken prior to the council of dirty deeds one wonders more if the grandson he so somewhat lovingly holds in the following vid will either be subject to or the subject of granddad’s business.

    This man appears to sell out the sons and grandsons of others so cheaply.

  • daveisme

    Is it just me or does this guy look like rom from star trek just with bad facial hair

  • harrywoodape

    These are exactly the kind of bottom feeding scum that people need to stop laughing at and take seriously. This guy is bragging about what a mercenary he is and how he is basically a narcissistic enabler that capitalizes off of divorce and has no respect or concern about the people involved. People like this guy offer nothing of value to society really. They are arrogant and insolent towards family values and enjoy the power of ruining people’s lives for money. Greasy.

  • harrywoodape

    If not already, for what it’s worth, please put this clown up on the wall of shame.

  • MrWombat

    Let’s remember that Edward Snowden worked for the NSA and did all the things he is now exposing.

  • justicehead

    What a vile and hideous looking man. And, this is the kind of human crap that is hired by the LAPD’s Threat Management. Martha Defoe and the gang are all getting rich off good people’s misery. What he represents is so sick and ugly it makes me cry.

    I’m all for humor, but this is so serious and this guy needs to go to hell STAT.. I hope one of you write a piece about how this bogus LAPD unit has invented a “resentful stalker” designation. The deal is have some powerful celebrity or wannabe ruin some one’s life and when that person goes on the internet to complain(cause the courts are screwing them) they are a “resentful stalker” Coyote has a great deposition of Jose Viaramontes that strikes me as a smoking gun against these miserable greasy assholes.

  • canbeserious

    I think the animosity towards this man is misplaced.

    He is the epitome of what is wrong with the system, and he is an eyesore and a blight not only to MHRA, but to everyone.

    You couldn’t ask for a more spot-on villain. He is exactly what feminsts want to believe is a mythical strawman of their movement.

    The fact this man CAN exist is profound..