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MHRO and AVFM offer help – to a feminist

AS EVERYBODY in the MHRM knows – false accusations of sexual assault are real.  They’re very real.  Far too many men and boys have been and continue to be persecuted by educational, legal, and criminal justice institutions based simply upon the word of a woman.  As soon as the words ‘he sexually assaulted me’ are uttered – a male’s life is never the same again.  In North America, those who utter those words are immediately treated as victims – not as alleged victims; phalanxes of social and criminal justice institutions assemble to offer assistance, to counsel, to provide help to the accuser.  Those who are accused, ostensibly innocent until proven guilty, are in truth exactly the opposite and treated at almost every juncture, as criminals.  So damaging is an accusation of rape or sexual assault that even when a man clears his name – he is still left with almost overwhelming reputational damage.  It is an unfair burden that he must carry for the rest of his life.

Justice, like equality, should be for all

Justice, like equality, should be for all

With the exception of small organizations, operating on less than a shoestring, there is nobody to reach out and help these people.  Those accused of such crimes are routinely denied even the most basic semblance of due process.  The current state of affairs represents a series of wholly unbalanced and transparently unfair systems.  The reasons for the existence of this situation are myriad and complex.  While false accusers clearly provide the impetus for putting these forces into action, they are not directly responsible for their existence.  Rather, it is the historical influence of feminist-led agitation for change in laws and in how police and courts prosecute sexual assault that have brought us to this juncture.  Indeed, perhaps the most infamous ‘victim’ of this rampant paring down of men’s rights before the law was none other than prominent feminist Judith Grossman, who writing in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year claimed that ‘[u]nsubstantiated accusations against my son by a former girlfriend landed him before a nightmarish college tribunal.’

Poor Judith.

History, of course, just like hackneyed literary clichés, has a habit of repeating itself so it should come as no surprise that it’s happened again.  Another prominent feminist’s son has found himself entangled in the criminal justice system and SHOCK! HORROR! according to his mommy, he didn’t get treated fairly.

Amy MacPherson is a journalist for Huffington Post Canada.  She has worked for CBC and a number of other publications as an investigative journalist and considers herself to be an equality and political activist.  On December 6, 2013, MacPherson published an entry to her blog ‘These Eyes,’ entitled ‘I Might Go To Jail For This, But Have Little Choice (Lawyer Needed).’  It is a massive, galumphing entry – some 20,000 words long, with more twists and turns than a bowl of spaghetti.  In the blog entry MacPherson discusses her professional background and openly describes herself as an ‘anti-conservative’ whose journalistic investigations had implicated Canadian politicians in the past.  She describes a campaign of harassment and death threats aimed at her and her family caused by her work as an investigative journalist and goes as far as to suggest that her son is the victim of a false accusation specifically because of her work.

It is a hellishly complex story and is populated with a mass of players, a labyrinthine plot that would put James Ellroy to shame and at its centre a young boy – who according to MacPherson has been framed. Her son is the innocent victim of a conspiracy and while MacPherson doesn’t name her agent provocateur(s) she implicates numerous individuals, and institutions.  She implicates school boards; principals; police; prosecutors; witnesses; and slates her own lawyer – labelling him as ‘reluctant’ to act in her son’s defence.

Her son, unnamed in the blog entry due to a publication ban was found guilty of sexual assault in an Ontario court. He was charged with three counts of sexual assault, three counts of forcible confinement and one count as an accessory, all of which occurred over a three-day period.  “She (the victim) says 2 weeks ago that my son, a handicapped boy and 2 other boys she refuses to name, forced her to be assaulted by DEE. Three days in a row they dragged her through the school to the same bathroom, in front of all the other students as classes ended for the day.”  Because of the judge’s interpretation of sentence parity (the principle of parity mandates that a sentence should be similar to sentences imposed on similar offenders for similar offences committed in similar circumstances: Criminal Code, s. 718.2(b)) MacPherson’s son didn’t go to jail but was sentenced to a combination of community service and travel restrictions for two years.

Additionally, according to MacPherson, the Crown and the school devised a lifelong ‘Safety Plan’ for her son which places additional restrictions upon him.  Should her son wish to continue at school he would have to do so with a guard that escorts him at all times on school property.  On top of this – he is also not allowed to use the bathrooms at the school.  He must use the principal’s bathroom, with a guard posted outside.  He must also “submit to lifelong counselling to help him accept his guilt, via the school board.”  For these reasons – MacPherson will not send her son back to school and views his participation there as a form of needless humiliation.  “Guilty or innocent, appealing or not; no matter what it’s airing a minor’s criminal record to the community on a daily basis. The law doesn’t allow this and neither does the publication ban, but everyone running Hazard County is above the law. Therefore if I go to jail for this letter, I just don’t give a damn anymore. Playing by the rules and jumping through inhumane hoops hasn’t helped my son yet.”

MacPherson does have grounds for her suspicions.  In her blog she catalogus numerous problems with the prosecution’s case not least of all is the victim’s constant rehashing of her story.  On three occasions, she said the sexual assault occurred on different dates.  On two of those dates MacPherson’s son was able to prove that he wasn’t at the school and therefore couldn’t have participated in the attacks.  There were illegal searches as well as testimony from two of the attackers that MacPherson’s son wasn’t present.  Yet – none of this mattered.  The machine cranked on regardless and found him guilty.

Of course, this is a pattern that many within the MHRM are familiar with.  MHRAs have been screaming – for years – about the inequality and institutional corruption within the legal system.  One such person is AVFM’s own Attila Vinczer who earlier this year worked with Velvet Martin to get the truth out about what happened to her daughter Samantha.  Martin, like MacPherson, was hit with a publication ban by an Ontario court.  The reason was clear – to protect the people at CAS who put her daughter into a care home – a ‘care’ home where she lost her life.  Vinzcer, in an act of defiance convinced Martin to violate the ban and to use her name.  In a conversation with Men’s Human Rights Ontario, Vinczer said that ‘had it been my kid – I would have shouted her name from the highest mountains.’  Vinzcer’s decision led to Martin violating the ban and the court immediately lifting the ban as a result.  It was clear that not only was the ban unenforceable, but it was also morally corrupt.

Amy MacPherson didn’t think so and berated Vinzcer for his defiance and openly backed the CAS in a Facebook argument with Vinzcer.  In fact, MacPherson doesn’t really like the MHRM at all – and in her blog entry warned MRAs to stay away from her son’s case.  “MRA voices had better stay away from this too. My son marches alongside the ladies when they need to fight for their rights, no different than his own. This isn’t and can’t be a gender issue. That’s been the most confusing part. It needs to be equality and access to justice for all, full stop.”

Well… guess what?  We didn’t stay away from it.  Men’s Human Rights Ontario have reached out to MacPherson in a bid to help her son.  Not only that but we also reached out to our good friends at Canada Court Watch and are expectant that a lawyer will contact MacPherson soon.  Unlike Amy MacPherson we know that what happened to her son is likely not the result of a massive conspiracy but is actually just the way the system works against men and boys.  We know this – because we’ve seen it time and time again.  It is for that reason that we reached out to her.

Ms. MacPherson, our offers to you are sincere.  Right now – there is nobody beating down your door to help you.  The ‘sisters’ won’t help you.  You know that.  In fact it is not a stretch at all to say that there are many feminists that would be happy to see him dead.  You wrote that a “mom will do anything for her child and that’s the context in which I hope you will read this. I will bring shame upon myself, no doubt. But that’s okay in the bigger picture and I accept that too.”  There is no shame in helping your son.

We want to help you.

It’s up to you.

Publisher’s statement: On behalf of A Voice for Men I want to also offer the services of our Judicial Accountability Committee in order to seek justice for Amy MacPherson and her son. Regrets for being so blunt, but as Mr. Byset clearly stated, we are the only help you are ever going to see. Unless you want your son to be just another convicted offender on a list of social undesirables, contact us.  Paul Elam, publisher, A Voice for Men. 

About Jim Byset

Jim Byset is a freelance journalist based in Toronto, Ontario. Originally from The Republic of Ireland, Jim has experienced the effects of cultural misandry on two continents and speaks out against it wherever, and however possible. Jim is the Director of News for A Voice for Men.

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  • Spoonwood

    If she actually took up this offer, it would be something of a first, wouldn’t it?

  • Dean Esmay

    Does she even need to accept or not accept?

    He’s the one who needs help.

    The Judicial Accountability Committee will stand ready to help him regardless of his mother’s attitude about us.

    • Paul Elam

      While it is not up to Amy MacPherson (and technically not even up to her son) it would still help to have her cooperation.

      AVFM is going to report on this case and issue multiple opinion pieces on it in the days ahead. That too, does not involve MacPherson in the role of arbiter.

      This is simply an opportunity for her to demonstrate once and for all which is more important. Justice for her son, or her ideology.

      • Dean Esmay

        Justice for her son–and for anyone else in his predicament.

        Can she ever consider that prejudice has blinded her this whole time? Is it even possible? I suppose we shall see.

        • farkennel

          C`mon mum…take your hate blinders off….this is your own child that the MHRM`s are trying to help….or are you prepared to sacrifice him on the altar of “only women are victims”?

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          If SHE hasn’t considered it, at least I have. Here’s my post on her blog:

          Hi, Amy. My juvenile son was falsely accused 15 years ago. I have heard nothing but hate and scorn from my feminist “sisters” accusing me of being “in denial” and assuring my son MUST be guilty since women NEVER lie about rape and to just shut up about it, because it harms “REAL” rape victims!

          Because a boy falsely accused of rape isn’t somehow a “real” victim! I’ve even been kicked off Huffpost for pointing out MEN falsely accused of rape ARE the “real” victims, not some mythical “real” victim who won’t come in from the cold because some awful man has the nerve to suggest women lie about rape.

          I have no doubt YOU were probably one of those very women who spouted that rhetoric, and look at you now, all worm has turned and chickens come home to roost!

          I pray your son slips the noose YOU and your ilk created. Drop me a line if you need advise on how to help your son after his life is ruined by a false rape accusation. I’ve had years of experience dealing with it.

        • MGTOW-man

          I think she will remain oblivious… with a mean twist… even if she wants to help her son while simultaneously toeing the line for hateful feminism.

          These women are driven by something other than truth and commonsense.

          • TarzanWannaBe

            We’re thinking the same thing.

      • farkennel

        Paul,Clementine Ford(a misandrist of the first water) has (most humbly) allowed for there to be a “man of goodwill” to be added to her “women who defy the patriarchy”(not those exact words…check her column on the sydney morning herald).I have submitted your name,with the words”my nomination is Paul Elam for his tireless work helping men and boys with their struggle against the horrific crime of false rape allegations”.I`m sorry I didnt ask your permission mate…….I hope you` re not pissed off with me.

        • Bewildered

          LMFAO! ………Ha ! ha !….

        • Paul Elam

          Hardly! LOL! I am honored you thought of me. :)

          • farkennel

            Thanks Paul…I take that as you wont sue me for flagrant patent violations.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      I have discussed this matter with a number of senior CCW members as well as my legal advisory team. We have reached out to her son through Amy MacPherson. If she does not accept our help, I will reach out to her son directly. He has been put in a very perilous position, needlessly to a large degree by his own mother.

      Had she not engaged in a malicious spat on the John Oakley FB page and instead spent every bit of her time and energy to help her son, she would have realized the person who could help her most was the one she was frivolously attacking.

      I am still here to help, because her son desperately needs that help! I will rise above and do what I would for any other male that needs help.

      Admittedly, I am curious how Amy MacPherson will receive an MRA. Will there be an historic friendly crossing of paths between a deeply rooted feminist and a compassionate MRA or will she rather further sacrifice her son? The MRA ball is in the feminist court of Amy Macpherson. Lets see how this plays out.

      • TarzanWannaBe

        It is ironic that, from her son’s perspective, she will likely become, at worst, “the Man” or at best, “the middle Man” standing between him and those who would help him. Will she choose her son, or her ideology? Or attempt to have it both ways? This reminds me of an older story — King Solomon determined the “real mother” was the one unwilling to allow her son to split by the sword.

  • Bombay

    Her perspective shows how her ideology comes before her son. She will not forsake her feminist hatred even when her son is impacted by it.

  • SlantyJaws

    This has been predicted so many times by so many people, including most recently by Harvey Silverglate of FIRE. If you set up a monstrous system of injustice, sooner or later YOU’RE going to be looking through the wire mesh fence of the gulag – from the inside.

    Really the only question is whether or not she’s going to take the red pill and become one of us in time to stop the jackboots dragging away and destroying her family.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    She remains a bigot (“MRAs stay away”) to the bitter end and does so at her son’s expense.

    She won’t get acknowledgment much less support from the sisterhood. Mainstreamers won’t care about this travesty either.

    I feel horribly sorry for her son and hope he is able to find a way out of this mess without it haunting him for the rest of his life. I have a hard time mustering sympathy for MacPherson, however.

    Her son is reaping what she has sown. How very feminist of her.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      As always when I hear a mother’s public statements about the problems regarding the welfare of her child, especially a son, I ask, fool that I am: “What does the child’s father have to say about this?”

      I’m pretty weird, I admit it.

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        That is not weird. I ask that same question all the time. Years ago it dawned on me that fathers were never in the press when something happened to children. I thought, where are they? Not realizing every other father has been removed from the life of a child.

      • SockfulofSand

        She mentions in her post that she’s a single mother.
        Haven’t read why, yet.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      I have zero sympathy for Amy. She drew her claws out and did not hesitate to inflict serious harm against a male who was helping a female, Velvet Martin. I spoke about her case where CAS literally murdered her daughter, Samantha. She jumped right in to protect another woman and her daughter, thinking I was harming them. She was blind to the fact that I knew this mother, even spoke at one of her events in Hamilton, Ontario. More importantly, I was helping Velvet.

      She threatened to inform the Judge that I violated a publication ban, a ban that had already been lifted. She bitched that I put up graphic pictures of Samantha without consideration. I used the pics from Velvet’s FB page with permission. She contacted Vern Beck the founder of CCW as she would not believe my position there. She thought I was a liar I verily believe she contacted Victor Machado, the producer of the John Oakley show to complain about me. Victor wrote to me about complaints at that time.

      Amy is now caught in the feminist web built by ill minded women. They failed to think that these traps will one day hurt the very people who put them out there designed for men to get hurt on. Once again, the son of a deeply rooted feminist is the one who has fallen in their trap.

      I am tired of men being the guinea pigs in the epic failure of social engineering and social experimentation by feminists.

    • Bewildered

      Poetic Justice

      No! No! No! No! women don’t lie about these things, so false accusations and female on male rapes are a figment of imagination of misogynistic males.
      So her son is guilty ! Nothing to investigate here,it’s an open and shut case !

      More and more such people should get a taste of their own medicine.

    • farkennel

      Doctor Palmatier,if it wasn`t for your lack of the relative genitals,our “sisters” would equally say you are the enemy, just like the rest of us.Oh how it must hurt the feminazi misandrists that you(a shiela) can see the forest without the trees getting in the way.

    • Bewildered

      Dr. Tara J. Palmatier says

      December 17, 2013 at 6:47 PM

      Don’t be that feminist

    • Zane

      “How I Ruined My Son’s Life: Confessions of a Feminist Idealogue,” a book by Amy MacPherson–written twenty years from now.

      It will no doubt be a best seller.

    • DragonFire

      I couldn’t finish reading her ‘I might go to jail’ blog post.
      It all seemed to be about her, rather than her trying to help her son.

  • Michael Sharron

    I just got done reading every word of her blog. I have to say that my jaw dropped on more than one occasion. In her blog she literally lays out the MRA position of false allegations and how the system responds.

    “It’s like he has already been convicted with no due process” – well Duh! You have heard of Title IX right Amy?

    ” they wouldn’t tell us an allegation or complainant either” – Yes Amy, your sisters have that sealed up with it puts undue stress on the accuser and why women rarely come forward.

    “It included years of making false sexual assault complaints” – victim blaming Amy? I though women didn’t make false allegations Amy?

    Your upset because you don’t have the money to help your son? Were you upset when OTHER men’s mothers didn’t have the money? I’m guessing not.

    “No photo lineup was ever done” – Your sisters won’t allow this, it puts to much stress on the accuser, it will keep women from coming forward. Sorry.

    “I may not have a kind bone in my body toward the family of Girl #2, but that doesn’t make me a monster who could look away from the following” – Um yes you can be a monster, feminist have this kind of hatred for women who stick up for their sons in these situations.

    MacPherson has literally, in one blog, layed out the entire MRA narrative on how men are treated in sexual assault investigations and subsequent criminal proceedings.

    UN. BA. LEE. VA. BLE.

    • DragonFire

      Not really.
      The feminist perspective champions ‘feelings’

      You don’t ‘feel’ safe? Well we’ll lock up that big hairy man.
      You don’t ‘feel’ like you can testify? Well, that says more than real evidence ever could.

      They have co-opted our system so that the ‘feelings’ of the accuser are paramount, and it’s only when situations like this arise, when they are on the ‘other’ side, that they get angry.

      And why? Because the system doesn’t care about the ‘feelings’ of the accused(man).

      I feel sorry for her son, but hopefully she learns from this what it’s like when the system is against you.

  • JinnBottle

    “MRA voices had better stay away from this too. My son marches alongside the ladies when they need to fight for their rights, no different than his own.”

    That last dependent clause is a nonsequitur. “…no different than [sic] his own” – what the hell does that mean? Has MacPherson the lesser ever marched for “his own” – I’m assuming this means *men’s* – rights at all?? Maybe the whole second sentence is madeup? One thing’s for sure, the first isn’t.

    I think I understand what Mr Byset & Mr Elam mean; i.e. that, even in the face of the MacPhersons’ rejection of the MRM in any form, the JAC, for instance, might be interested in the case for the sake of justice and accountability themselves.

    I’m not qualified to criticize per se; only to quote an adage I learnt from AA – “You can’t want something for someone more than they want it”. I don’t see this is the best use of the JAC’s time & energy.

    • Chad_Nine

      I don’t know. This might, might be an opportunity to build some bridges. Not between feminists and MRA’s but between MRAs and the general public.
      I also suspect, that on some level, consious or unconsious, that’s why MacPherson is so quick to slap away any help from the MRA circles, even before it’s offered.
      Just my intuit.

    • SlantyJaws

      It’s quite fascinating to watch, she believes that she’s on the side of angels and feminism really is a righteous force for good in the world. Evidence to the contrary just goes right over her head. What she’s actually saying is “feminism is good, my son is good, my son will fight for feminism” despite the indisputable fact that feminism has just crucified her son. This is like watching cognitive dissonace being defined in real life.

      Stupid, stupid woman.

  • Stu

    She wants to help her son without challenging the very feminist world view and the law and policies they have put in place which is the cause of what has happened to her son. In other words, she remains her sons enemy.

    She’s like mad feminist scientist who releases a super virus with the intent of eradicating most the worlds male population, only to find that the secret vaccine doesn’t work on her son. Faced with the option of giving up her plans for world domination and gendercide, she wants to opt for putting her son in germ proof bubble, while allowing her super virus to do it’s work on the rest of the male population.

    Me thinks her future is to grow old, and very seldom hear from her son.

    Oh well, there is always the cats.

    • John Narayan

      Cats should not have to put up with it as well.

      If any of the cats are male I shall be informing the cat protection society.

      • farkennel

        My cat hates me….and he isn`t a feminist….he hates everyone…I look to him for guidance.

  • The Real Peterman

    It’s possible that her son is being railroaded in retaliation for her political work, although I’ve never heard of anything like that happening before. I have heard of men being railroaded by false accusations because the system doesn’t care about men’s rights.

    • John Narayan

      The system does not care about anything, neither does 95% of the population.

      Now I have to go and buy more wacky fries.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        But in that 95% are a large share that really, really, likes to do the “follower” thing. This is what the crooked government operators, unethical corporations (pharma, etc), and every charlatan, PR firm, cult leader, celebrity, con artist, knows.

        Leaders need not be in great number. Talented, inspired leaders do quite well in this situation. Yet talented, inspired leaders who offer a compelling new — and self-evidently true — message can do extremely well. Add integrity, originality, guts and you have a winning formula.

        By this time 2014 the “gender” debate will have beeen profoundly altered (by us). And the 95% will find some new leadership voices to be attracted too — and stick with.

        • Bewildered

          Add integrity, originality, guts and you have a winning formula.


          Unfortunately this combination is very rare and the sheeple are not capable of appreciating it in the absence of any immediate benefit.

      • Bewildered

        “The system does not care about anything,”

        Except making money for the puppet masters !

        Breaking apart the relationships between men and women creates an absolute gold mine for government. From childhood to old age, relationship breakdowns cause numerous problems for the whole of society, but they give rise to numerous benefits for government.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      If she was speaking out AGAINST feminism then yes, her son could possibly be the target of vengeance because nobody likes a traitor.

      That’s not the case so far, however.

      Her son is targeted simply because he is male, and all males are the enemy.

      Any mother who tries to speak out on her son’s behalf is “in denial” and is most certainly The Enemy as well.

      It’s the Salem Witch Hunts all over again and the Town Mayor’s wife has yet to be accused before witch hunting comes into question. Face it, Amy. You just aren’t that important. This is far from over.

      You go along with the wisdom and will of The Herd or you and your son get trampled as one. This is a Feminist’s Shit Test, Amy, and so far – you’re failing. Your son is now officially a Sacrificial Lamb, Amy. Dead man walking.

      You can always have other children, Amy.

      Keep to the Sisterhood. You’ll be rewarded.

  • Chad_Nine

    Thanks for summarizing, Jim. That blog post is a monster wall of text!

    • Astrokid

      I cant read that either.. And she’s a journalist!!
      She’s tried to reach out to lawyers on Twitter.. but nobody’s willing to red that wall of text. And looks like some other woman accused her of ‘Victim Blaming’

      Amy MacPherson ‏@MsAmyMacPherson 12 Dec
      ATTN Ontario lawyers►Complex story RE debauchery, politics, Charter, access to justice, huge implications, need help

      Amy MacPherson ‏@MsAmyMacPherson 12 Dec
      @BobRae48 Hi Bob. Sorry it’s long but I’m praying for help. You’re mentioned & so far lawyer attempts unsuccessful ► …

      Mr. Toronto Lawyer ‏@selwynpieters 15 Dec
      @MsAmyMacPherson Your are appealing for a lawyer’s help by writing a book on a public forum…. TLDR.

      Mr. Toronto Lawyer ‏@selwynpieters 15 Dec
      @MsAmyMacPherson If it “generated 60K+ readers in 3 days” why would you be writing me at 11:00 p.m. “for your imput”?

      Mr. Toronto Lawyer ‏@selwynpieters 15 Dec
      @MsAmyMacPherson You write a long unfocused article people, even lawyers, will tune out.

      Catherine Graham ‏@newbetweeter 14 Dec
      @AboriginalUOFA @MsAmyMacPherson while I appreciate this person’s position if strongly disagree with the victim blaming sorry

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I would like to share little object-lesson. It is not just an anecdote, but a window into the effects of propaganda.

    Here goes: A celebrity gossip site just ran a story on an upcoming novel with a heroine who murders and cannibalizes her husband. Here’s a quote from the author: “So many women are trapped in relationships. So many give to relationships much more than men. Yes, it’s a feminist book, although it is not as simple as that. And it’s certainly not a man-hating book. However, women in marriages and relationships are so often trying to please men. We also allow ourselves to be exploited and devoured. Killing and then eating or devouring can be part revenge and even part love.”

    The article: The Next 50 Shades of Grey? Tale of Cannibal Housewife Tipped as New Year bestseller

    I only learned of this article because it was sending traffic to The Unknown History of MISANDRY, to the post called “Cannibal Murderesses.” So I looked at the source. It was an early commenter who apparently searched “cannibal women” or some such term and found my post – and recommended it. Yet he offered his fellow-readers a caveat.

    From comment thread:
    – Holy fuck, look at this: Warning, the other sections of this site may make you rage-quit the internet.
    — Love it! Thanks for the link!
    — You’re welcome! Just please don’t be angry at me after reading the ‘False rape’ tag.

    Thus, this guy who went apoplectic at the notion of exposing false rape accusations had to warn people about this taboo, terrifying, not-to-be-spoken-about-in-polite-society subject. Yet this same demure, eek-its-a-mouse fellow is not freaked out by the cannibal serial child-killers in the post, nor even by the other “sections” (in the side-bar) such as “Occult Female Serial Killers,” “Maternal Filicide / Spousal Revenge,” “Murder-Coaching Moms,” “Serial Baby-Killing Moms.”

    These are, it goes without saying, disturbing topics — verrrrry disturbing ones. But not a peep of warning from out wary commenter about these, one would think, “triggering” subjects.

    My conclusion is that the commenter has been subjected to such incessant and severe “operant conditioning” by the false “rape culture” brainwashing, that he is literally terrified, on a visceral and irrational level of this one single thing” contradiction of the “rape culture” myth. In other words he is virtually hypnotized on a deep subsconsious level.

    The lesson: This is what we will find in a large swath of the public: Pavlovian unconscious reactions, purely sub-rational, whether or not the person seems to engaged at any given moment in making any sort of argument for their position on false rape/rape culture matters they are in reality responding to a fear/pain stimulus. They MUST not contradict the dogma, as it is too emotionally terrifying (because to do so would make them social pariahs). This is what people call “mind control,” literally, the real thing (controlling the mind through programming the emotions to a fixed and primitive response).

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Amy MacPherson should consider the fact that my own son was maliciously attacked by a number of females, school principal and a female Staff Sargent who ordered my 12 year old boy arrested.

    I successfully cleared his name, UNCONDITIONALLY, in criminal court and his school record will be fully expunged at the end of his gr 8 year. This did not happen by accident. It was by employing strategies that I have learned over the years.

    Moreover, I have sued the school and school board. The police may be next in line.

    • farkennel

      Attila….dont hold back…make these arseholes pay for their egregious actions…and if possible…make it public.

    • Bewildered

      Attila, BRAVO !

    • Mr. Sungame

      Attila, a name that once brought fear and dread as the Huns crossed the lands.

      How fitting then that as 2013 comes to an end that the name is worn by someone that is not afraid to stand up against an injustice system, and bring fear to those who thought they could mistreat others while stay safe behind their laws.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Honorable people will not stand by and tolerate institutionalized terrorism, even if it is backed by anti-father, anti-family and anti-boy hate-ideology sanctioned by cultish and unaccountable social engineers ensconced in secretive bureaucracies. Terror campaigns directed against despised groups (i.e.: “privileged” people, such as males) are not to be tolerated, even when investigation ends up disclosing that the campaigns out to be properly categorized under the heading “state-sponsored terror.”

      The Nuremberg trials are an important source for us all to learn how to apply the law to deal with state-sponsored terror, corruption and hate-policies.

    • Justice4all

      Although I know you not, you have just become my newest hero. I hope you burn their !@#$%^% institutions to the ground from a legal perspective. Then seriously consider sharing the key strategies with the rest of us so that others can do likewise. Am tired of seeing our kids kicked around, bullied, lives destroyed and family names sacrificed at the alter of gender feminism. Wish you nothing but continued success in the courtroom, kick their @#$%^& ass.

  • comslave

    I hate to say this, but by trying to support her son, you’re putting her in a position where either she is seen as allied with MRAs on an issue, or she has to make sure her son does prison time. I suspect this woman would rather see her son in jail than receive help from you lot. I’m just not sure this helps him.

    • SlantyJaws

      Surely you mean, “from us”.

    • farkennel

      How about she just puts aside all her pre-conceived garbage and let the truth be her guide?

    • Mr. Sungame

      Well it is up to her if she wants to help her son or her cause.

      Basically what we are telling her is:
      “Join the solution, not the cause”

      But why would anyone refuse help, just because they don’t understand those who give it. Her world views are obviously not so black and white as she wanted them to be, her current pain is proof of that, so how willing is she to keep spouting the old party lines when she know they are not true?

    • Paul Johnson

      Doing nothing surely doesn’t help him. The kid needs help.

    • DragonFire

      If she’s willing to go to jail to get help for her son, but not be seen as working with the MRHA, what does that say about her as a person?

      If you argument is truly that we should not offer to help her because she’ll be put between a rock and a hard place….are you on crack?

      She wrote a mother will do anything to protect their child, but if she won’t do this, it’s our fault?
      FOr trying to HELP?

      Sorry, that’s just…well, it’s feminist logic.

  • Michael Sharron

    I think there is a wealth of information in just one sentence she has on her blog that says a lot about men:

    ” My son marches alongside the ladies when they need to fight for their rights, no different than his own”

    The problem Amy, is your sisters forgot to march for your son.

    • J Galt

      My sentiments exactly…….I’m hard pressed to believe that there is an MRA anywhere that would place gender above justice or place gender beneath corruption. If chivalry exists in any form in the heart of a MHRA it is chivalry for justice and certainly not for gender.

      Amy is an ideological twit who is now learning that the single muscle of equality is justice.

      Welcome to Ontario-stan………Yours to discover! Amy

      • Mr. Sungame

        I think the reason so many of us gravitate towards the MRM is because we feel it stands for justice, and not because of the gender wars. Honestly the only reason the MRM is in the gender wars to begin with it because feminism isn’t fighting for men’s rights, as they said they would.

    • Bewildered

      Feminism is work in progress so we are sure that this glitch will be fixed for a sister in need and future occurrences of this nature shall be preempted.———Chanty Binx aka Big Red with Lindy West,Amanda Marcote et al

    • Bluedrgn

      Exactly. She wants her son to march with feminists… but if he marches for his own rights he is supposed to so alone. Feminists wont march for his rights because according to feminists “women don’t lie” about rape or sexual assault.

      The only group(s) that willing to fight for her son are MRA’s. Will she let us help, or will she sacrifice her son to her ideology?

  • malcolm

    Amy MacPherson should have taught her son not to rape.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Personally, I want to see her use her pretzel logic to figure out a way to blame the patriarchy without condemning her son who, by virtue of his genitalia, is a member of the patriarchy.

      • Bewildered

        Doctor,isn’t blaming “The Patriarchy” for everything a form of OCD ?

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Obtuse Child Disorder?

          • Bewildered

            LMFAO! You are very creative ! Yep! your coinage describes it to a T .
            I was thinking of the common malady. Just goes to show that it always pays to consult a pro for updates !

          • farkennel

            Dr Palmatier…I dont want you to think I am pissing in your pocket but……I am so glad you are on the side of seeking the truth without your gender being a blinder.Our “sisters” must not be happy with you.

      • Kimski

        Never mind the “Patriarchy Card”. You can have mine anytime.
        No, I’ve gotta’ get me one of these ‘Rationalization Hamsters” instead.
        Amazing critters, that allows you to get away with distorting reality to fit any personal agenda.

        • MGTOW-man

          “that allows you to get away with distorting reality to fit any personal agenda.”

          —Do I hear an echo?

          • Kimski

            I normally don’t read the other comments before adding my own, and someone might have beat me to it.

      • Bluedrgn

        In a way I think that’s what she doing by saying that her son is being targeted in retaliation for “her work”.

        She thinks the “patriarchy” is targeting her. She can’t rap her mind around the fact all this is happening as result of the very feminist ideology that she so fanatically supports.

      • DragonFire

        If he’s a member of the patriarchy, shouldn’t the system have cleared him by now?

        What about rape culture? Surely that should have gotten him off the hook?

        Oh..wait…those things aren’t real….

  • SockfulofSand

    Just read her blog post.
    For a post about her son’s legal troubles, notice how much of it is about her.

    • farkennel

      Are you suggesting her son`s dreadful concerns are second to her being affected?Surely not.

      • SockfulofSand

        Clearly, I’m a horrible person.

    • Kimski

      The eternal solipsism of the fema…-Oh, well, you know the rest.
      Hillary Clinton would probably have had a field day with portraying the mother as the real victim.

      • SockfulofSand

        Well, obviously.
        It’s not like he’s the one in trouble, after all.
        She’s the victim, the persecution of her male relatives is just proof of that.

      • MGTOW-man

        Yep, because “women have always been the real victims of war”—H.C. And she will be our next president. Things have deteriorated to this point.

  • donzaloog

    It’s always amusing when a feminist’s son gets caught in the bear trap that their mommies set. At least it would be if it wasn’t so common and so tragic. Whether she accepts this offer or not will be very telling about her character and her commitment to helping her son.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    I want to be clear, that helping in this case will take a corroborative and collective effort by all of us. No one person can effect the work it takes to wrestle this beast alone. A beast largely created by feminist ideology. A beast that has taken a strong hold of a devout feminist’s 17 year old son.

  • James83

    I’m sorry. I can’t be bothered to give two shits about her. Her article was inordinate in the extreme. She goes on and on and on. Her reasons for all this happening center around her and her self inflated, articles.

    She’s simply using this to advertise herself and her works. She spends the first several paragraphs on her accomplishments which, even if she is correct in her ridiculous assumptions, have little to do with the actual case. It’s all just self congratulatory. Fuck her.

    Unnamed boy, if he reaches out for help, I’d be willing to assist. But not because of his mother’s article. Her article makes me feel rather apathetic about the situation in general.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

  • Anja Eriud

    Every man and boy who faces the machinery of the feminist States not only stands alone but IS, some mother or fathers son. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that some of those boys and men have a mother like McPherson, that makes it a double tragedy, and if their fathers have been deliberately excised by mothers like McPherson…then the tragedy just assumed epic proportions.

    This boy is 17, I shudder to think of the toxic messages that have been drip fed into this boys ear and mind by a mother like McPherson.

    She is willing to sacrifice her child on the altar of her ideology, THAT makes her his executioner – I applaud Atilla for holding out a hand to this boy – I hope and pray that in spite of his mothers efforts to he will reach out and grab it, before his own mother destroys him.

  • Riku

    I think you did the right thing offering help to her, probably less to her and more to her son.
    But the last few lines of her post show that she’s hopeless. If this couldn’t wake her up and make her agree with us, hope is lost…what if he goes to jail? Will she still be a toxic feminist?

  • MGTOW-man

    …until they come for YOUR son!

    Not trying to be big-headed here, but can’t we use these words as one of our captions, a motto, or something else prominently seen? Not my original words anyway, but how powerful it would be (and talk about sending messages) to slam this in faces of feminists and women everywhere. SOMETHING has got to wake them up.

  • crydiego

    In her blog she is still playing victim, it’s the only thing she knows. If that becomes a lie to her, her whole life becomes a lie. She is a victim though, -a victim of an ideology called feminism. Welcome to Real World 101!

  • Bluedrgn

    “MRA voices had better stay away from this too. My son marches alongside the ladies when they need to fight for their rights, no different than his own. This isn’t and can’t be a gender issue.”

    Okay… so if a female is ever treated unfairly it’s automatically a “gender issue”. But if a male is treated unfairly it “isn’t and can’t be a gender issue”… because “Patriarchy”?

    “It needs to be equality and access to justice for all”

    Well gee… we agree. THAT”S WHY WE ARE HERE. We wouldn’t be here if feminists had actually given two shits about “equality and access to justice for all”. But in truth, feminism has been EXCLUSIVELY focused on “equality and access to justice” FOR WOMEN, and for WOMEN ONLY… and if “equality and justice” for men went out the window in the process… so much the better really, just keeps those evil men, from keeping women down right?

    So ask yourself Amy… do you really believe in equality and justice for ALL? Or do you believe in Feminism? History has shown you can’t have both.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Feminists don’t want justice for all, men and women alike.

      Feminists don’t want justice for women either. They want impunity for women. They also want special protections for women.

      What they define as “justice” for women is bloodlust (e.g., Elizabeth Sheehy) directed toward men and boys and vengeance for what they perceive as past, present and future wrongs and slights done to women, real or imagined.

      • Turbo

        You have just written the “real life dictionary” description of feminism, Dr T.

  • On second thought

    Just read her blog (at least what I could get through). Agree with earlier comments – it does seem to be all about her – very little about her son. VERY little about her son.

    I do see quite a few red flags.

    I know that most victims tend to temporarily look ‘crazy’ when they’re in the thick of it, but this does seem to go a bit beyond that. Not saying that the things she’s writing about aren’t necessarily true (sadly, I can see quite a few of them being true), but her own side of things seems to be skewed, or at least missing some important information. I don’t see any corroborating information – other than what she herself is alleging. My spidey sense is remembering what Erin Pizzey says, that most conflicts she sees (not all, but the majority) are between two disordered people who are fighting, rather than one completely guilty party vs. one completely innocent one. And ‘the fight’ appears to be hers against … (‘the man’?), with his life as collateral damage. With all the extraneous detail of HER situation, and almost none about his, he appears to be almost an afterthought. Sadly.

    I’m concerned by the mismatch between reports of him being completely psychologically healthy and reports of his suicidal ideation. It’s true that anyone wrongly accused – with any notion of justice out of reach – can lose hope. But I believe there’s probably a great deal more in play here for him. I would imagine being brought up in an environment where HE was constantly expected to march for someone ELSE’s rights, with no-one even considering his, and where any suggestion that standing up for his rights to defend himself against false rape accusations was his endorsement of ‘rape culture’, would prevent him from acquiring those necessary lifeskills that would aid him in maintaining hope through extreme adversity. And, I suspect, adversity from all sides, not just the school and justice system.

    Not to stray too far off topic, but I think it’s plausible to view false rape allegations as a form of female perpetrated sexual abuse. I won’t go into it here, but many women tend to abuse in ways that are dissimilar to males. For instance, they tend to use instruments/weapons and be less personally ‘hands on’, or to use accomplices. In this case, if the blog entry is accurate, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to view this as an ‘accompanied’ assault, but with the state as the ‘accomplice’. Or with the complainants and the state as co-abusers.

    Perhaps in future his mother can help raise awareness and ask her feminist &/or progressive friends to include his case in their ’causes’ the next time Sexual Assault awareness campaigns roll around:

    • Bluedrgn

      Honestly I can’t imagine him being “completely psychologically healthy”. This boy has been raised by a single feminist mother. I’m sure he has been taught his whole life how men are innately “bad” and that in order to be a “good man” he would need constantly support and seek the approval of women… I’m sure he has been taught that “women do not lie about rape” and that anyone that says otherwise is a misogynist and is supporting “rape culture”.

      Given all that… I doubt this young man is standing with two feet in the world of reality… in fact his reality has in affect been torn asunder. After all women “don’t lie about rape” (and I’m sure his mother has told him this repeatedly before now) and now he is confronted with a woman that is saying he raped her… what is he supposed to believe? Is everything his mother taught him a lie? Can he accept his own memory of events? Wouldn’t that make him a misogynist supporting rape culture.. and therefore a “bad man”?

  • David Palmer

    My compliments to Paul and AVFM for this. It is the RIGHT thing to do for Ms. MacPherson’s son-even IF it has the side effect of also helping her.

    I would say, however, that AVFM may have better luck reaching out to her son directly,and hope that he, at least, is more willing to accept help when it is offered. He needs it-and he should not have to lie in the bed his mother and feminism have made for him.. Certainly Ms. MacPherson appears to be unable to get past her ideology and her narcissism to recognize that it is not about her,

    It is what is best for HIM that matters most now and I hope he will accept whatever assistance can be provided to him. .

  • Turbo

    “This isn’t and can’t be a gender issue. That’s been the most confusing part.”

    But it is a gender issue Amy, that is why you are so confused.

    You have just seen your son railroaded by a justice system built by ideologues for profit at the expense of males, but your ideology is refusing to let you believe it.

    Even if there is some conspiracy and some people have an axe to grind with you, they went after your son, not you.


    Because the system makes it is easy, that’s why !

  • Adanu

    I’ve love to see updates on this as it develops.