Who let the dox out?

Doxing is an internet term with an evil overtone that covers a variety of events from having just your name and location revealed to having your banking information, credit cards and social security number posted online. Anonymity is part of the appeal of the internet and being doxed is perceived as victimization whereas in many cases it is more accurately the cyber equivalent of a citizen’s arrest. While it can happen to anyone it mostly happens to certain types of people: Public figures.

A public figure is defined as “anyone who has gained prominence in the community as a result of his or her name or exploits, whether willingly or unwillingly” and, as such, has lost privacy, being “only protected by knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth by anyone writing about them.” Outside of provable intentional misrepresentation of facts, a public figure has no recourse.

When discussing individuals rights we can’t eliminate those which aren’t convenient at the time – we must look at all the rights as a unified body. Censorship on the internet is actually a more important issue than anonymity and one that carries more weighted concern. There is good reason for that.

While freedom of speech is the right that most internet users scream about, they decry freedom of the press, which grants other users the right to react and discuss your speech. Having the right to an opinion does not make your opinion right. While people are perfectly correct that they can go online and make videos or write opinions as they see fit, they must also accept that others have the right to disagree or take offence.

You don’t have to break a law to get doxed, you just have to do or say something interesting.

The more videos you post and the more opinions you express, the larger the body of work, and then the more likelihood you qualify as a public figure. This is not up for debate. People need to understand that the internet is not some private “Dear Diary” with a key to the lock hidden in your underwear drawer. Your underpants are strewn about the internet on a laundry line stretching from Facebook all the way back to a random comment you made on a news article ten years ago. Not everyone uses bleach.

The right to anonymity is only a protection against government demands for private information from servers, it does not protect you from other private citizens investigating and discovering your identity when they follow the laundry line.

According to police, “private info is legal as long as not used to threaten, steal identity, or access private emails.” It’s not enough to feel threatened, because that’s subjective, the threat has to be specific and show real malice or intention of violence. In most cases of internet doxing, the “victim” is actually only the “victim” of their own words.

If someone posted my name and address after I said something innocuous nobody, including myself, would care. The main threat to having your name doxed is when you’ve said something that can get you fired. If you are worried about getting fired for what you are about to type, don’t type it. This is a concern for most members of the MHRM as what we do and say here is considered hate speech by many.

In a movement that needs to expand and grow, it would beneficial to assure people that they will never be doxed but it’s a promise no one can make. Paul Elam has assured members that he will go to jail before handing over IP addresses or private information on members to police or government. The privacy laws actually do protect individual sites but no single site can hide your dirty laundry if you’ve pegged it all over the internet.

The platform for free speech online, whether you blog or post videos or create a profile on any type of social media site, needs to be approached with a healthy, realistic perspective. Every time the “upload” or “publish” button is clicked it becomes part of the worldwide press. It stops being private information and becomes public material unless you set the information as private. Make sure you use bleach if you don’t want to get attention.

Most people writing or vlogging are doing so to make a public statement. If anonymity is crucial then the publisher should avoid saying anything important, offensive, or funny enough to go viral. The tough part is that we can’t always know what is going to go viral. Make no mistake, every time you post something online you take a risk of becoming a limited public figure.

A basic guideline to consider is that those who have ‘thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved” are making themselves public figures. We need more public figures in the MHRM who are willing to use their real names, who are willing to show their faces on youtube videos and show that we are serious. We can not be dismissed as cowards. We are not just throwing stones then running to hide behind a bush.

Not everyone is ready to publish their own names and it’s a serious decision to make. You have to think it through and make an informed choice. If you are not ready, don’t do it. Some will decide to never do it, which is an equally dignified decision. If you are not prepared to be recognized, don’t put your face on youtube. If and when you are ready, you’re still going to struggle when you get negative attention so have your tools prepared and your Stuart Smalley videos preloaded.

One of the hottest topics of contention on AVfM involves doxing. The publishing of personal information about foes of the MHRM reminds members that it can happen to them too.

John Hembling’s article about Krista Milburn received over 650 comments in three days. There were differing reasons given by those who objected to the doxing but the fact remains that Krista published a body of work which she acknowledges is aggressive, has resulted in many followers, and prescribes a social change to the world we all share. She made choices which garnered her the exact type of attention she sought: to be a cult leader. In her reply on that article, she claimed to be receiving unwanted attention but bragged about how many followers she has and clarified her intentions with information that she is writing a book. Krista Milburn is a public figure.

AVfM is regularly criticized, from within and without, for maintaining a site called which is a wiki site that lists and identifies women found guilty of specific types of crimes. The only ambiguous category on the wiki is bigot, which the site defines as “used to designate individuals whose active ideology is one that results in socially inflicted harm on men and/or boys in the general population.” All of the information on was acquired using legal methods of search.

The list of bigots includes celebrities, lobbyists, mainstream writers/bloggers, and visible activists. It caused a stir when young feminist protestors were added to the list after attending a protest against a seminar about men’s issues. These women chose to go in public and make statements and accusations in front of cameras without shielding their faces and in a manner that intended to garner public attention. As a result they became public figures.

In general, the feminists that are doxed by AVfM are women who make a living, or seek to make a living, by promoting hatred, intolerance, injustice, or violence against men and boys. Having their real names published for this behaviour, whether they’ve chosen to or not, does not interfere with their lives because women don’t get fired for saying that men are evil. Members of the MHRM do not have the same luxury. The criticism against doxing feminists is that they might be stalked or threatened as a result. That is also a risk they take whenever they post online.

There has been a lot of recent mainstream media hype over the perceived threats received by women who use the internet. It’s not just women who receive this type of harassment. The internet is loved for its lack of regulation but is hated for the results of that same freedom. The pros and cons can be weighed by each individual who chooses to use this platform of free speech. “Be nice” is not yet a law.

For MHRAs, just being a member of an organization or activist group does not make you a public figure. As the membership grows so does the movement and all of you are valuable whether you get on a soapbox and make speeches or just applaud from the corner of the room. The more people we have who are willing to take that risk and become a public figure the faster we will see results but it is never advisable to do something foolish. Match your level of activism to the level of exposure you are willing to risk.

And stop feeling sorry for these stupid twits who think they can hide behind tears when someone holds them responsible for their actions.


  1. Krista Milburn
  2. Vanja Krajina
  3. Sophia Guo
  4. Emma Kadey
  5. Emma Claire
  6. Elin Danielson
  7. Emma Örn
  8. Johan Wik
  9. Matilda Bordin
  10. Pamela O’Shaunessy
  11. The Agent Orange files

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  • Eriu

    Excellent – if I hat I’d be taking it off to you :)

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    *Standing ovation*

  • DavidicLineage

    It comes down to whether you classify those past posts as action or word. Don’t get me wrong, if you presented evidence that her diatribes convinced one day care attendant to “fall asleep”, or one nurse not to hear a buzzer, or any such scenario I’d say offer her the cell next to Manson’s. As no such evidence presents itself, I hesitate to damn her permanently. After all, if there WAS such a reversal that she’s a genuine MRA now, who better to enable further such transitions?

    That said, we’d be nuts not to tug the wool a little. Wolves can be pretty damned sneaky.

    • Nightwing1029

      There is no evidence that she’s an MRA now.

      She still advocates a 90:10 ratio of women to men.

      If you look in the comment thread of JTO’s article, she even states it there.

    • Eriu


      “It comes down to whether you classify those past posts as action or word. Don’t get me wrong, if you presented evidence that her diatribes convinced one day care attendant to “fall asleep”, or one nurse not to hear a buzzer, or any such scenario I’d say offer her the cell next to Manson’s. As no such evidence presents itself, I hesitate to damn her permanently. After all, if there WAS such a reversal that she’s a genuine MRA now, who better to enable further such transitions?

      That said, we’d be nuts not to tug the wool a little. Wolves can be pretty damned sneaky.”

      I’m not sure I fully understand the point you’re making. This article is about, broadly the issue of internet anonymity and specifically about “doxxing” revealing or publishing the identity of those who have projected their private views, opinions et al into the public domain. Therefore becoming subject to public approbation or approval, on the basis that you have become a public figure.

      As Diana has quite correctly stated:

      “The more videos you post and the more opinions you express, the larger the body of work, and then the more likelihood you qualify as a public figure. This is not up for debate. People need to understand that the internet is not some private “Dear Diary” with a key to the lock hidden in your underwear drawer. Your underpants are strewn about the internet on a laundry line stretching from Facebook all the way back to a random comment you made on a news article ten years ago. Not everyone uses bleach.”

      This person Krista Milburn’s identity was already known. The nature of her “opinions” is widely known, she posted on this site a cynical, contemptuous diatribe “explaining” her stance/views/opinions however you wish to characterize what she professes to believe, and what she encourages and advocates others to believe.

      My question is, have you actually familiarized yourself with her “manifesto”?

      It does not advocate that:

      “………….one day care attendant to “fall asleep”, or one nurse not to hear a buzzer….”

      She advocates a cull of males, reducing the population of males to females to 90:10 %, an “International Castration Day” directed at men.

      What is your point?

    • Robert St. Estephe

      There was no reversal. I looked at the interview where she made statements called by her followers a retraction. She merely said castration was not her first choice. It was clearly that she (correctly) perceived that castration was to be used only when other authoritarian measures failed to achieve the same ends. It was a practical approach, She went on to pretend that males are to be condemned for their hormones rather than bother looking into why so many women are intensely violent (hundreds of serial killers, acid throwers, women attacking women with ice picks, meat cleavers hatchets,. knives and guns, not to mention a whole range of poisons).

      Here is the NON-retraction:
      F.C. : Femitheist Radio Interview [ Castration Day / Male Violence / Fe

      • crydiego

        The second guy sounds like he has been castrated!

      • DavidicLineage

        Yeah, that IS a bit recent. While I can’t even sit through the whole thing, your point is taken. FHSU.

      • Perseus

        Ha, this thing posing as a human ‘feels so sick of hearing about the whole castration thing’. This thing somehow appears to make the irretrievably narcissistic assumption that despite its sociopathological indifference to how the 3 billion males it targeted might ‘feel upon castration’, that those same 3 billion targets of sexual mutilation are going to somehow carry concern for its ‘feelings of so sickness on hearing anymore about the whole castration thing’.

        Hi Femidemonspawn, say hello to our little friend reciprocity. In a karmic slight, it has no detector for ‘your feelings’. You will be known for what the people deem important, not what you deem important. Such is not yours to dictate, the little wannabe despot that you are- exaggerated drawl and all. You will appropriately be known for hatred, bigotry and fixations of the most heinous and callous evil conceivable. This is what you will be known for. You have no control over it. Period. The End. Eat shit.

        What asshole did they scrape this excuse for cult of personality filth off of

        Dear pledgers of allegiance, you make Nazis look cool and muppets look sentient. This is not a compliment.

      • D.D.Harper

        What rubbish “Freedom is housing and food” without having to work for it! Someone has to produce food and housing, it is up to the individual how they attain it either by providing a product or service in exchange for credits, growing the food themselves or building shelter. This is nonsense this entitlement mentality which sidesteps the fact that even if we go in the wilderness we each have to work to survive.

    • crydiego

      Whoops! I think you wool is slipping.

      • Bewildered

        Better late than never !

    • Paul Elam

      I can see it now, Femi-theist Divine, wearing denim coveralls and donning a straw hat; a strand of coastal oats poking from between her lips:

      “Hey, y’all,” she says, “Last month I wanted to kill y’all and cut y’all’s nuts out, and I am still talkin’ and thinkin’ that way mostly, but I wanna hang out with y’all. Whatcha say? Deal?”

      Dumfuck FNG MRAs, fresh off the turnip truck, respond:

      “Wow! Wooowee! Just think, fellers, this could be one hell of a haul! What better MHRA than to have the enemy convert who wanders into our barnyard! Let’s sign her up and let her write fer that, whatchacallit, Voice fer Mens! After all, fer as we know she ain’t caused no one to actually get kilt yet.”

      Elizabeth Vargas on 20/20 follows up three weeks later:

      “Well, yes, Biff, or whatever my token male cohosts name is, the MRAs claim they have women in their ranks. We did find ONE. And coming up we have an interview with her. Her name is Krista Milburn, and she is an advocate for mass murder.”

      Seriously, though. I don’t give a shit how a woman like this would be perceived by the media (though they would quickly do what I pointed to tongue-in-cheek). The fact of the matter is that I personally won’t associate with violence advocates, even if I had to drop out of the movement.

      Also, this:

      “It comes down to whether you classify those past posts as action or word.”

      No, it doesn’t. If you don’t think words are powerful, you have not been paying attention long enough to this very website to have an informed enough opinion.

      Words are very powerful. So are ideas. I don’t wish for anyone to be restricted from having them, but I don’t see any rationale in gagging myself where it concerns the identities of people who work hard to spread ideas, but want to do so wearing a mask.

      Fuck that.

      • ComradePrescott

        I was just going to post to say that I don’t understand how any MRAs are able to defend Krista Milburn.

        [[I can see it now, Femi-theist Divine, wearing denim coveralls and donning a straw hat; a strand of coastal oats poking from between her lips:

        “Hey, y’all,” she says, “Last month I wanted to kill y’all and cut y’all’s nuts out, and I am still talkin’ and thinkin’ that way mostly, but I wanna hang out with y’all. Whatcha say? Deal?”

        Dumfuck FNG MRAs, fresh off the turnip truck, respond:

        “Wow! Wooowee! Just think, fellers, this could be one hell of a haul! What better MHRA than to have the enemy convert who wanders into our barnyard! Let’s sign her up and let her write fer that, whatchacallit, Voice fer Mens! After all, fer as we know she ain’t caused no one to actually get kilt yet.”]]

        That said it better than I was going to say it though.

      • DavidicLineage

        Can I make a sheepish admission, boss? I so genuinely take for granted that it’s the world’s right to know she made these statements that I skipped that part of the argument. I just meant in the aftermath of that obvious truth, empathy wouldn’t be a bad thing… and I meant that thinking these were videos from years ago, not months.

        Having been given a bit more context, Krista’s been added to a long list of reasons for leaving Montreal, if I can swing it.

      • D.D.Harper

        Freedom of speech or expression is not freedom from consequences or accountability.

    • dhanu

      “if you presented evidence that her diatribes convinced one day care attendant to “fall asleep”, or one nurse not to hear a buzzer, or any such scenario”

      Just that? Really? Such level of intellectual dishonesty?

      The proposed actions are “a bit” more severe (and not gender neutral). And if you have to wait for one of them to happen before doing anything about it, rather than try to prevent even one occurrence of such (which is “one too many”), you’re “part of the problem”. (I’m trying to frame this in a language your ilk can understand.)

      Got it?

    • Diana Davison

      Obviously you are impaired so I’m going to spell it out more slowly.

      Words are actions.
      Hitting the “upload” button is an action.
      Hitting the “submit” button is an action.

      Krista and her ilk, all of us, anyone who uses the internet, is taking action. Every time I hit a key on my keyboard it is undeniably an action.

      I’m leaving spaces so you can absorb the material.

      No one is damning Krista. If she’s damned it can only be the result of having her name connected to the words she actively typed or spoke. If her words are damning… that’s her own. fucking. fault.

      If her words are innocuous then she has nothing to worry about so go fuss over someone else who is actually a victim.

      • DavidicLineage

        Obviously you’re an asshole, so the apology I present to Dean and John can skip you.

        I’ve made no secret of my brain damage. Significant left frontal lobe. If you want to take cheap shots, have at it. You’re a credit to your gender.

        • Diana Davison

          I have no idea why you think I knew anything about you.

          You responded to what I wrote and I responded to what you wrote. What you wrote indicates a complete lack of comprehension of the over 1500 words I offered you.

          Yes, I’m an asshole. Aside from that, I don’t feel sorry for answering the comment you chose to make on my article.

          If you have some sort of brain damage that makes you unaccountable for what you say please precede all comments with that notification so those of us who don’t know who the fuck you are might avoid hurting your feelings in the future.

        • dhanu

          Don’t assume that your apology will instantly and necessarily reach to everyone. You have to wait until people open that particular notification email (assuming they’ve subscribed to the other article on which you made the apology). Diana might have made that comment before reading yours. It’s alright that you got a response to your uninformed comment. Chill out.

          • DavidicLineage

            Somebody tries to shame me, I’m going to call them on it. Nothing I said was remotely uncivil and she responded with a personal attack, in a rather familiar style.

            I’m a Montrealler, and while I’ve never met the group in question I’d hoped to at some point. You may have noticed there’s a clannish trend in my fair city (insert snort here) ? Even the loners aren’t entirely immune. One of the big reasons I’d get out if I could, a list to which I’ve recently added Krista’s presence.

            So, everyone I riled but who remained civil, apologies. New avenues of research present Krista as a sociopath, so do what you’ve got to do.

            Diana, if you’re remorseless about having caused suffering (I know you can’t understand this, but I was seriously shaking, still sort of am) then maybe reexamining where your commitments really lie in this movement would be a smart move. Shaming and direct personal attacks? That’s them, not us. Particularly when aimed at people trying to be civil.

            If you ARE a bit stung by the circumstances, well… screw it, we’re cool. Just, friendly fire, dude.

        • Diana Davison

          Dude, not only did I not see your comment it doesn’t imply the information you think it did.

    • Jonathan Taylor (TCM)

      Why do people say “let’s wait UNTIL someone is murdered before we speak out against those who advocate murder”?

      Seems a bit late to start opposing it, doesn’t it?

  • Nightwing1029

    “And stop feeling sorry for these stupid twits who think they can hide behind tears when someone holds them responsible for their actions.”

    This says more than every argument against what happened.

    Diana, another really good article.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    It was that convinced me that A Voice for Men was a truly important organ of free press (see: 1st amendment; my advice to authoritarian scum), willing to fight for my Constitutional and natural rights in the face of massive media and governmental corruption.

  • greg

    1st amendment is meaningless on campus. Reference the May 9th “Blueprint Letter.”

  • Shortcircuit

    I’ve never heard people complain when CNN does an exposé or whatever where names get named, and usually those news organizations are far more sensationalist and stalky than I’ve ever seen AVfM be.

    This whole thing is so silly.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Ever notice how sociopathic or narcissistic women put on a creepy fake broad smile when they are super pissed off and talking their bullshit at you? I see it constantly from salesgirls, acquaintances trying to cover up a whopping lie, bureaucrats (involved in ass-covering or trying to collect money) and TV news presstitues (MSNBC recent interview of Ron Paul). This is what happens when girls go to school and come out with a degree in “Me” (with straight A’s in Me Studies).

  • John Hembling (JtO)

    I don’t care what femi-murder-theist does or says from this point onwards. If I ever encounter her in real life, or anyone I have reason to think is her follower, I will assume their intention is deadly violence against myself, and I will not pause to ask questions. What I WILL do is survive the encounter.

    • Lucian Vâlsan


    • Deucalion

      I agree, I wouldn’t pause to think “Oh, hey, maybe they just want to talk.” I mean, these people are like their beloved psycho Valerie Solanas. Let’s not forget she shot Andy Warhol because he refused to produce a play of hers because it was too obscene and wasn’t given the script back because it was misplaced. Fucking stupid reason to shoot someone.
      These people are irrational, illogical, and unreasonable. If one comes after you, defend yourself with every ounce of strength you have and do not spare a thought for their well being. Because they will not spare a thought to yours.

    • Anonguy

      I know if I really hated someone I might very well say what you just said.
      With maybe the added bit of “by any means necessary”.

      Your hatred is justified, your actions if you did run in to her might even be justified.

      However this comment is below you.

      • D.D.Harper

        Knowing your enemy, protecting yourself and calling them out is not hate…

        • Anonguy

          Your right it’s not hate. And make no mistake she is the enemy. I also think its perfectly justified to hate her. I can fully say I have a dark hate for anyone that wants to hurt my kids. a I also think this feminist is the type of crazy that might very well try and shoot someone like JTO or Andy Warhol.

          I also think JTO is to smart to say what it is he posted.
          This is the type of comment that gets used to keep mens centers off campus, or as proof that MRA’s are violent.

          I am sure JTO meant no more then what he said but it still sounds like a call to violence. Had a feminist written that about me my doors would be locked and I would be scared.

          JTO is to smart to be writing like that.

  • onca747

    Krista Millburn aside.. if any of these hatefilled hypocrites want to turn on the waterworks because their bigotry has been exposed to the world, I have a song for them: It starts with “cry” and ends with “me a river”.

  • Deucalion

    Excellent article, as usual, Diana.
    Hmmm, wonder where the Cult of Downvote is tonight? Given up? Tired? Gone into retreat? Realized that their little goddess is an evil sociopath?
    Or have we ban-hammered them to little smoking bits of the data stream?

    • Kimski

      Most of them are likely the product of excessive PC TV brainwashing and commercials, with the attention span of a Musca domestica.

      Excellent as always, Diana.
      Keep ’em coming.

    • Eriu

      I am having difficulty getting my head around the display of males (MRA’s?) championing of this creature. In particular the razor blade guy. In the face of overwhelming opposition, criticism and hostility, he would not back down, he persistently excused, justified, and tied himself in knots trying, to absolve this wretch from any culpability. All the while maintaining he was an MRA! Using this “doxxing” issue as a smokescreen to divert attention away from the real issue.

      She wants to cull men, she wants to castrate men and these men DEFEND her! Why? How?

      I’ve read the various comments that describe her as “cute” etc, and while I’m no judge of female attractiveness, to me she doesn’t appear to be THAT alluring – Helen of Troy she ain’t.

      So, what on earth possesses these men?

      My apologies if this seems like a rather dumb question, but I seriously do NOT get it.

      • Deucalion

        I think it’s a case of instinct VS intellect. We’ve been programmed to instinctively defend women for millions of years, we’ve only been intellectually inclined for a few hundred thousand.
        Of course, maybe all those pricks were promised a space in that 5-10% of remaining men.

      • onca747

        I respectfully disagree.

        No MRA was “championing” her, especially not razorblade. They were questioning the wisdom of doxxing her, on the grounds of her being unimportant, sick in the head, accomplishing the opposite of intended goal, stooping to the femilogues level, etc.

        True they were also commenting on her charisma and intelligence, which I personally found the most insidious. So was there any innate male protectiveness involved as well? Probably. You might consider their motives valid or not, but I don’t think there’s anything to gain by shooting these guys down.

        You can look back thru the comments to see my opinion of Krista, in case there’s any doubt.

        • Eriu

          Ah. If you notice I put a question mark beside MRA, for the simple reason that within some of the comments, like these extracts from someone called Blevins:

          “……………I used to think this site was filled with some reasonable people, but today has proven that to not be the case.”

          “…………….You could be doing serious harm to the lives of others around her with this, not just her. No one cares about that though.”

          I found it disconcerting to say the least, that these people MIGHT be MRA’s. Bearing in mind that the last type of person who would claim that “this site was filled with reasonable people” would be a feminist. This person posted a lot, and linked several times to videos to support his contention that she had “rescinded” her statements and therefore AVfm, its members and staff were I suppose “hounding” this wretch.

          From – razorblade kandy.

          “And Krista, are you aware that your MRA “friends” are on here, exposing themselves white knighting for you? These people have absolutely soiled their reputation on your behalf. And you let them just impale themselves for you.”

          With regard to RBK – the only reason I mentioned him specifically is because I directly engaged with him, his attitude I found the most disconcerting of all. Again, as you can see, he himself notes that MRA’s were “whiteknighting” for the wretch.

          The question I asked was, of those commentators who were clearly male, and possibly MRA’s, why were they as razorbladekandy said “whiteknighting” her or as I characterised it “championing” her. You may agree or disagree but in my opinion the two phrases are interchangeable.

          I was in absolutely no way implying that ALL MRA’s were doing this – that would be ludicrous. Just the ones who as razorbladekandy himself commented:

          “These people may have staked what little reputation they have, stickin’ up for the perdy blonde who apparently should just get a pussy pass because AVFM pickin on her is just bullying the poor helpless little girl. They have humiliated themselves whether they know it or not.”

          With regard to “shooting these guys down” I don’t believe I was doing that, I am more saddened than anything else, that any man, MRA or not would seek to try explain, justify or diminish the vileness of this creatures “agenda”.

          I took all the comments I used from Jto’s article, Your new employee, Krista Milburn. I hope this clarifies the basis of the question I asked.

          • onca747

            Conceded. Oh yeah I’d forgotten about that Blevins idiot.

      • Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

        They’ve been talking to her privately.

        I’ve talked to her privately. She has a way of getting under your skin. If I didn’t think of her as a stunted child, she’d get under mine–but being a mother has taught me that a child’s “innocence” often amounts to being immune to guilt. That 4 year old willing to point an unjustly blaming finger at their older sibling, and watching them swing, if it means the punishment will be on someone other than yourself. Children (up to a point of development) have no moral principles other than survival and self-interest. “What is good for me is good.”

        Which explains the naivete behind her appealing to me and to John on more than one occasion to call off the people bombarding her with hate over her manifesto, or over her blog posts on International Castration Day. That she believed a) that John and I had any control over the minions of the internet hurling her own shit back at her, and b) that we would care to exercise what control we had on her behalf so she could continue unbothered…shows a deep immaturity.

        She’s a child. In the body of an attractive woman. It’s like the perfect storm for evoking the male protective instinct.

        For what it’s worth, after I uploaded my second video about her, she messaged me to confirm that the line of reasoning I presented in it was accurate. She wants to bring the male:female ratio down to 1:9 because she considers men to be the superior competitors, and women inferior. To make things “equal”, you would have to eliminate or handicap most or all of those you are in competition with–at which point, women would be competing individually with women, or women collectively would be competing with a group of men 1/10th their number. Which would be, in her mind, a fair fight.

        Anyway, that’s how I see it. An attractive woman embodying the psychology of a child. It’s Kryptonite for many men.

        • Eriu

          Thank you for your response Karen.

          I’m not sure which disturbs me more now, how eerily believable your assessment sounds, or how this young woman has the ability to manipulate seemingly intelligent men. In spite of my disagreement with RBK he did come across as articulate if rather long-winded, perhaps in his determination to convince his “opponents” for want of a better word – of SOME external reason/cause (she needs help) to distance her from the consequences of her actions.

          Being “bombarded with hate”

          I wonder if her female supporters have really thought through to the end result of her “manifesto”?

          If there are only going to be 10% male and 90% female in this utopia and the majority females have to “compete” (with Krista) for them, (assuming of course she sees herself the putative leader of this brave new world) how do they think THAT will work out I wonder?

          She doesn’t strike me as a “sharer”

          • Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

            I remember for about two weeks in grade 5, I was one of the “popular girls”. A new student, named Marcia, had basically taken over the existing clique and ousted the erstwhile queen. At the time, I was hanging out with a girl named Tracy, whose father was a teacher at the school. Marcia recruited Tracy, and Tracy’s current associates (including me) were absorbed into the clique just as a matter of course.

            It was the most stressful 2 weeks of my life. When Marcia and her henchwomen tired of tormenting the previous queen (a brilliant, charming and pretty Korean girl named Sue), they started to eat their own. Tracy was the first to be cannibalized. I was expelled with her, but because I was unimportant, did not justify the complete “treatment” (malicious rumor-mongering, back-stabbing, overt snubs, complete social isolation, etc) that Tracy received.

            I was never so relieved as I was when I was cast out from that coven.

        • onca747

          @Eriu: It’s like when some cult or scam or wacko belief system is exposed, and people are shocked by the number of intelligent, otherwise rational people who were suckered in. It’s a myth that only weak-minded simpletons are susceptible to a smooth talker and thinly veiled bullshit. In fact, thinking “I’d never fall for that” could very well make you more vulnerable.

          @GWW: It’s like I always say: Just ask anyone who works in a place with mostly women in it. Like my SO. She’ll tell you in no uncertain terms what it’s like to be in a place full of women 8 hours a day, let alone 24/7.

          3 billion sisters all sitting around the campfire singing kum-ba-yah? ROFLMFAO

        • Bewildered

          It’s Kryptonite for many men.

          Yes,yes,yes,……… :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

          It’s a wonder that despite this they can be these cruel “oppressors” of women.
          Yes ! women,especially western women,experience a lot of discrimination but the kind that’s a very pleasant&positive one. But they still complain !

        • Theseus


          Yes, it is Kryptonite to many men.

          However all it does is annoy the hell out of me. I think that’s what is so damn frustrating to many of the men here. We see these dudes riding to her rescue when the rest of us have zero desire to do so.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      THERE they are…right on cue!

      • Dean Esmay

        I was wondering when the Downvote Brigade would appear.

        [sigh] Little slugs, when will you realize you’re playing the fool for someone faking Damsel In Distress? Nobody’s hurt her, nobody’s going to hurt her, and no information was released that wasn’t already out there in multiple places.

        Oh, whatever. Downvote away, facts won’t change. 😛

        • Paul Elam

          That is their fearsome weapon, Deano. They really show us up by adding hits, and comments (which increase page views) to the site and using their down vote option.

          Just like every other dumbfuck feminist I ever saw, everything they do against us, helps us. Even on this paltry level.

      • Deucalion

        What do they hope to accomplish with it? Hurting our widdle feewings?
        As if. We’re men, dagnabbit! We can take it. Hell, even female MHRAs are men (In the badass, tame the wild and conquer the world, let nothing hold you down, fuck the boundaries full speed ahead sort of way, not the meat and two veg sort of way).
        All they’re doing is wasting time. Shit, the last 2 times they tried it we compensated by upvoting against it and won… I mean, really these people are stupid.
        Insanity is trying the same thing again and again but each time expecting a different result.

        • Kimski

          They can’t let go of the inevitable feminist solution to something that doesn’t work:

          More of it.

          • Kimski

            Thank you for proving my point. ^^ 😀

  • Dean Esmay

    This brings up something I periodically think about writing about, but always stop myself from because I fear shaming people who have no real choice in the matter.

    But I firmly believe there is a very good way to avoid “doxxing”: dox yourself. Take the mask off and write under your name.

    Although those of us who were early adopters in doing this have often received harassment and threats and attempts to hurt our careers, the more of us who do it, the less they can do it to us.

    If it’s the government you’re worried about, you can stop; if they want you bad enough you lost it the minute you posted a comment on this site. Not that we’d ever willingly give the info up, but you can assume that NSA and other agencies can and will get the info if they want it and without permission. They don’t because we aren’t important enougn, not because they don’t have the means if they really really want to; if it comes to that level of force, they can kick down the doors of the data center and seize our servers and then that is the end of that.

    It’s not a realistic threat, and there are ways to respond to that if it dos happen.

    No the real threat is private entities using their own initiative to trace you, possibly illegally and possibly legally. In the particular case we’re talking about, it’s almost absurd; the woman’s info was already available multiple places, we were not the first to reveal it nor likely the last. (In fact my biggest worry frankly is that we just created a martyr who’s now successfully playing Damsel In Distress more than anything; she’s in no actual danger and any sane person knows it).

    But it goes to the larger point: doxx yourself, and you just rendered them impotent. At least, in most cases. Yes you may have an employer you have to worry about, or a psycho-ex who will use it against you. But if you don’t have those worries, then… the courageous stand is to rip off that mask and say “yep, here I am.”

    The more of us who do, the more of us who can.

    I know some of my conservative pals won’t like this comprison, but look to the gay rights movement: gays made their progress with “out of the closet and into the street” and “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” as their slogans.

    Hiding in the shadows and appealing to reason did not work for them and it will not work here either. And the more of us who are out, the more of us who can be out.

    It’s probably not fair to note this, but women as a rule are safer doing it than men, but even still, Diana is out. Karen is out. Alison is out. I’m out. JTO is out. Paul is out. Mark Trueblood is out. Jon Gunnarson is out. Lucian Valsan is out. Gary Trieste is out. Al Martin is out. Tom Golden is out. Bernard Chapin is out (no matter that he doesn’t like me, he’s got the guts to be out). James Huff is out. Robert O’Hara is out. Tom Matty is out. JD Fraser is out. Erin Pizzey is out. That’s just off the top of my head, more and more and more of us are out. And the more of us who can be, the stronger we all are.

    It took taking a deep breath and a plunge but the freedom it brought was invigorating.

    Don’t do it impulsively brothers, weigh it carefully, but in the end of the only thing stopping you is nebulous fear, then fuck fear: you may make your strongest contribution of all, even if you do nothing else at all, just by coming out.

    The fewer of us who are nebulous anonymous nicknames, and the more of us who are really out there, the stronger we are, and the less the “doxxing” thing even matters. Oh you’re going to “doxx” me? Go ahead, I’ve been in the phone book for anyone to look up for years on end, I’ve put my actual phone# out there, and what’s happened? Big fat nothing.

    You become a rather uninteresting target for most of the slimeballs if you just smile and say, “yep, that’s me.”

    We are your brothers. We are your sons. We are your fathers. Your cousins. Your employees. Your neighbors. We aren’t an anonymous blob: we’re humans just like you.

    And only some of us eat live kittens. 😉

    Did you know that for about a hundred years in this country you could buy this thing called a “phone book” and look up anyone’s name, address, and phone number? No really. It was called “the white pages.” And newspapers regularly printed the home address of public figures, including rather obscure people. Nobody cared, nobody was afraid.

    • Diana Davison

      My name is Diana Davison. I live at 522 St. Charles St., Victoria, BC Canada. My phone number is 250 370 9697. My email is

      I believe that everything I have written on the internet is honest, true, and important.

      I am prepared to find another job if my current employer doesn’t like my opinions.

      • Deucalion

        Damn Diana, yous one badass bitch. Personally, I ain’t a gonna give my address because, well… Heh, I don’t know it… I just moved our here to the middle of Zion canyon (Springdale)! And my employer already knows I hate feminism, he don’t give an ass’ rat!
        And I ain’t got not phone… Uhhh…
        Either way:
        Alan Reed
        28, male
        Hates: Feminists, Bad sci fi, centipedes, soap operas (Except the show Soap, which was satirizing soap operas), raw onion, pineapple on pizza.
        Likes: MHRAs (Even if I don’t agree with all of them all of the time), Guinness beer, Sammiches, italian food, Star Trek, and FTSUing.

        • Deucalion

          Finally found out my address, but am unsure if I should post it as I’m moving soon… to an even bigger and better house! Sits on 3 1/2 acres of land, used to be a school.. We’re getting horses and goats and chickens, too! Weee, what fun! I’ll post that address after I officially move.

          But I did forget, my E-mail is
          BRING IT ON!!!

      • Paul Elam

        ^^^ What an MHRA looks like.

      • scatmaster

        Booking a ticket to Vancouver right now to meet up with DD. Just kidding. Would love to meet her however at some mutually agreed upon location. You rock Diana!!!!

      • Flying Turtle

        Damn, be still my beating heart.

      • Bewildered

        A fine example of what having the ‘courage of your convictions‘ looks like !

      • Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

        I am Karen Straughan. I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and anyone with the internet can get my home address and phone number from just that. My email is

        I stand by every single word I have ever written on the internet, and have not deleted even one. Every single important person in my life knows what I do. If you phone my boss and tell her she’s employing a misogynist rape apologist, she’ll reply, “Well, we always knew Karen was a weirdo, but she’s a good server and she shows up. Don’t call here again.” If you get my other boss, he’ll tell you, “Well, that’s very interesting. By the way, did you know that if you move in with a single mother, within six months of living with her you can be held legally responsible for child support for her kids?”

        Coming out by name publicly and privately was the most freeing thing I ever did. All the anxiety just disappears.

        • Porquemada

          Thank you for this, and for all of your work. Your presented thoughts and ideas are organized, cogent, interesting and IMO, virtually unassailable.

          I particularly liked your exposure of Neoteny. I’m (fortunately) not particularly susceptible to it, but my friends have always been, and it annoys the daylights out of me.

    • strix (David King)

      If it’s the government you’re worried about, you can stop; if they want you bad enough you lost it the minute you posted a comment on this site. Not that we’d ever willingly give the info up, but you can assume that NSA and other agencies can and will get the info if they want it and without permission.

      My professional background is in network monitoring and surveillance, and you are dead right. Duly authorised law enforcement can associate your activity here with your real identity without talking us, or even to a judge for a court order. The infrastructure required to do this is relatively inexpensive and it is definitely widespread.

      The only reason they don’t is because they just don’t care. There are way more material threats than most MHRAs (and if you’re already under their spotlight anyway, it isn’t because of what you do here).

      No the real threat is private entities using their own initiative to trace you, possibly illegally and possibly legally.

      And against these, I take server security extremely seriously, and I have done an awful lot to secure our machines against unauthorised access.

      There are dozens of attempts every day to get in (although the vast majority of these are probably not attempts to steal our data). Example at random from yesterday’s security report: one Brazillian machine tried 114 times to connect to just one service. It did not succeed.

    • D.D.Harper

      Dean you mean like Dave Harper aka D.D.Harper aka Grumpy Old Man. DuPont, Washington. My wife and family support what I do as an MHRA. I’m retired.

    • Francis Roy

      I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I’ve long lived by the bywords of “Do it yourself before it’s held against you”.

      You cannot hold against me that which I’m not ashamed of, or do not fear to reveal.

      There’s a term for this: “accountability”.

      If you live a good life, and stand for your words, actions and expressed convictions, blackmail is utterly inconsequential.

  • Jonathan Taylor (TCM)

    I’m surprised this has become the debate it has. Anyone who advocates murder – especially near-genocidal murder – in a public forum deserves to be publicly named, as long as no illegal activity was made to retrieve the information.

    Yeah, yeah, she’s a reformed genocidal maniac – sure, whatever.

  • FrayedLace

    MHRM OPPONENTS: “Name and Shame!!!”….”Destroy His (or her in some cases her) Reputation!!!”….”Destroy His Career!!!”….”No mercy!!!”

    1/20th of that karma boomerangs back on them.

    “We´re victims!!!”….”Someone has to save us!!!”….”Accountability frightens us!!!”….”Censor the MHRM!!”….”Send in the White Knights!!!”

    • Jonathan Taylor (TCM)

      So true. A taste of their own medicine.

    • Nightwing1029

      I don’t even believe it’s 1/20th of it.
      I think it’s happened far more than that. But I can not give proof of such.

    • J Galt

      The white knights have just arrived………….

      • Deucalion

        They arrived some time ago, but have been as of yet unable to breach the castle walls… They sank in the moat, I think. i did hear some splashing that first day.

        And every time I watch that part of the film I just have to smile. “It is a silly place”

      • Porquemada


        A Classic.

        That’s how the world perceives them (and how they are). This is how they see themselves.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Firm hired to monitor students’ social media posts…/in-calif-district-students-facebook-posts-are-closely-watched…‎

    Aug 27, 2013 –

    A Southern California school district is starting the new academic year paying close attention to what its students are saying online.
    The social media “eavesdropping” program started last year as a pilot project in three schools in the Glendale Unified School District.
    District Superintendent Dr. Richard Sheehan said it worked so well, it’s now expanding to all middle and high schools in the district.
    “With modern technology, unfortunately we have to try and stay a step ahead of the kids,” Dr. Richard Sheehan said.
    “We’re not trying to hide anything, because the whole point of this is student safety.”
    The Glendale Unified School Board approved spending $40,000 to hire the Hermosa Beach company Geo Listening to monitor students’ public posts on websites like Twitter and Instagram.

    They’re on the look-out for things like cyber bullying and suicidal tendencies.
    The program was instituted after Drew Ferraro, a 15-year-old student at Crescenta Valley High School, jumped to his death from the roof of the school last year.
    The superintendent says he believes the eavesdropping program has helped save other kids from trouble by intervening early when disturbing posts were made.
    But some students are not happy about it.
    “I think it’s a bad idea because everybody deserves their privacy,” said Crescenta Valley High School student Matilda Sinany.
    The 14-year-old Sinany is among the students at Crescenta Valley High School who don’t want school officials eavesdropping on their Internet activities.
    Some parents support the idea.
    “I think it can nip it in the bud if someone is being attacked or something negative is being said about a student,” Felicia Collins said.
    Some students started a Facebook page called Remove Your School – instructing students to remove the name of their school so their posts can’t be tracked.
    “If you think it’s a problem, just put your posts private so no one else can see them besides your friends,” student Michael Aguiar said.
    NBC4 reached out to the monitoring company Geo Listening. The CEO did not want to appear on camera, but said there is no invasion of privacy because they only monitor public posts

    • onca747

      In other news, Glendale Unified School Board has officially approved the name change to “George Orwell 1984 Memorial High”.

      • Fredrik

        Next step: give all the students free laptops or tablets, loaded with an app to remotely activate the built-in webcam. Obviously, they need to be able to monitor the teenagers’ off-site and after-hours activities for their own safety, and to make sure that school property isn’t being misused. They have responsibilities to the children and the taxpayers, dontcha know. [/satire]

        • S. Misanthrope
          • Fredrik

            I… what… but… wow. It was three and a half years ago, so I may have heard about it at the time, found it incredible, and mentally misfiled it.

            I feel sorry for the Onion. Their items are increasingly indistinguishable from news, not because they’re bad writers, but because our reality is so absurd.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    There is a shit storm on Facebook over a Texas sign company featuring a woman, bound and gagged, as a truck gate bumper sticker.

    The fems are going ape**** with charges of misogyny!, rape culture!, war on women!, violence!, violence!, violence!

    The protesters against “violence against women” are now threatening the company with…you guess it…in three…two…one…: VIOLENCE!

    Surprisingly, the company is fighting back – at least tonight;
    20 hours ago · Like

    Hornet Signs There was no apology but keep spreading the word on the issue!
    20 hours ago · Like · 1

    Jodi Kelly They are just trying to get traffic for their website so they can get more advertisers. Don’t click it and don’t go to their website.
    20 hours ago · Like · 4

    Hornet Signs Go to facebook and share your suggestions. We still want the conversation out there.
    19 hours ago · Like

    Jodi Kelly You folks are so incredibly arrogant. You are STILL trying to capitalize on this. Nauseating.
    13 hours ago · Like · 1

    • Fredrik

      Ignoring for a moment the sign itself, I look forward to hearing more of this saga. The lack of apology is intriguing. Was this planned? Did they perform a calculation on the half-life of public indignation as other news grabs attention, vs. the long-term value of new customers brought by the free publicity?

      Is deliberately triggering the feminist outrage machine a viable marketing plan for some businesses? If so, what would be the characteristics of those businesses? My first guess is that the keys would be a small size (growth potential) and being geographically unconstrained (unlike a restaurant). Otherwise, it could lead to more lost custom than new business.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        It IS intriguing, as it seems they are deliberately baiting the feminist protesters.

        That being said, one of the “protesters” is self congratulating that this will be all over the news tomorrow, and they WILL back down once it hits the mainstream.

        They seem to encourage Facebook posters to take a survey, reiterate they did not apologize…then state they have “donated” to an unnamed cause and urge protesters to “donate” as well.

        Kind of like a train wreck – I’m trying not to watch, but can’t seem to help myself…

    • onca747

      Greeeaaaat, just what we need.. more ammo for the femilogues to aim at the big crotch of Patriarchy.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Bumper sticker rape!

        Jennifer Wohletz
        Nice decal, ya bunch of rapey shitstains.
        Like · · 8 hours ago near Denver
        Top Comments
        9 people like this.

        Heidi Alford-Hayes lol! rapey shitstains…
        Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hours ago

        LN Winchester IKR? The only time I have laughed on this page! “rapey shitstains,” omg that is brilliant!
        Like · 3 · 6 hours ago

        Mary Stephens Akers There’s a decal I would buy “ya bunch of rapey shitstains” love it!
        Like · Reply · 2 hours ago
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        Colleen Hutchison
        This is probably the most vile, despicable “marketing” ploy I have ever seen. The fact that you actually used this tells me that you do not deserve to be in business, and I am doing my part to make that happen. And the person who came up with this and apparently saw no problem with it is clearly a very troubled person who is in need of some serious help.
        Like · · 8 hours ago
        5 people like this.

        Sarha Goldsmith Reed
        I was not offended by this decal. I think it is in bad taste and if someone has this I guess don’t be suprised when you are pulled over all the time. I wonder would it be ao controversial if it were a man in the truck though. Maybe you should make one of those and find out!
        Unlike · · 8 hours ago via mobile
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        You and Heather Laporte like this.

        Tim Davis Ann, is that one of your fantasies? You sound like a racists who needs mental help.
        Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago

        Sarha Goldsmith Reed Its my opinion nobody has to agree with it but it doesn’t mean I am not normal. The stupid decal wasn’t being sold it was the only one made get over it!
        Unlike · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago via mobile

        Sarha Goldsmith Reed Lmao whatever
        Like · Reply · 2 hours ago via mobile

        Mary Stephens Akers Ann, I feel the same way about this decal as I would feel about seeing that, horrified and disgusted as any normal person in their right mind would.
        Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

        Sarha Goldsmith Reed Was thinking that was a little ridiculous
        Like · Reply · 3 hours ago via mobile

        Ann Shideler …maybe a black man with a rope around his neck?
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  • Fredrik

    Sarha Goldsmith Reed said, “I wonder would it be ao controversial if it were a man in the truck though. Maybe you should make one of those and find out!”

    I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that they made one of a man first. If true, it must’ve received little attention and less outrage, since I never heard of it until now.

    • Bewildered

      If true, it must’ve received little attention and less outrage, since I never heard of it until now.

      Just goes to show how much males are valued in the culture ,doesn’t it? Blatant gynocentrism yet people blabber on ad infinitum about Patriarchy !

    • Fredrik

      Whoops, that was supposed to be a reply to OHPC.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    • Bewildered

      TO ANY INDIVIDUAL ! Where’s the one where a man is tied up ?
      Or aren’t men individuals ?

    • Dean Esmay

      • Bewildered

        YES! YES! YES! YES !…………………………………….
        That’s right !

      • Kimski

        Didn’t even have to watch the clip to say this:

        _I’m not._