Reward of 1000 dollars for murderous scum

$1000 bounty to identify Swedish SCUM members

Of European nations, Sweden is the country arguably farthest along the path to Orwellian nightmare. Its the home of the swedish model for prostitution, where sale of sex as a service is legal, but purchase is not. It’s a country deep in the grip of overt, totalitarian radical feminist rule.

Swedish SCUM members staging fantasy murder

This is what a feminist looks like

If you don’t know by now, a group of as-yet unidentified Swedish women produced and posted a video on youtube[1] depicting the point-blank shooting murder of a man reading a newspaper. The shooting was staged with the cooperation of the portrayed victim using theatrical blood make-up. The women appeared to enact this fantasy in a state of ecstatic glee. The group of would-be murderous psychopaths identify themselves in the title of their video as SCUM having fun, taken from the title of a famous piece of hate literature by Valerie Solinas; the SCUM manifesto, Society for Cutting Up Men.

feminists licking blood from a murdered man's bullet woundsThe portrayed murder is followed by the ecstatic giggling of a handful of other females, and an impromptu dance celebration. The woman who apparently shoots a newspaper-reading man appears to have an spontaneous orgasm following the killing. A minor discontinuity in the video shows where most of the orgasm was edited out. Killing a man for no apparent reason than his sex is nothing to hide from the public, but dampening your panties over it apparently is. The short video concludes with the text message “Do Your Part.”

While the murder is plainly staged, the sadistic glee has every appearance of being genuine. The plain endorsement of murder is also unambiguous.

swedish feminist spontaeously orgasming over murder of a manThat is why A Voice For Men is offering a bounty of 1000 dollars for the confirmed identity of one or more of the individuals in the video. We are asking for the full legal names, home addresses, places of employment, email addresses and contact phone numbers of the women and man who produced and starred in the video described above. We will pay 1000 dollars to any individual who provides and confirms this information, to be paid either directly to themselves or to a charity of their choice.

This is the second such reward offered for the identity of an individual, the first being a blogger advocating extralegal eugenic modification of men. This blogger has since been identified as the former lawyer and published author Pamela O’Shaughnessy. O’Shoughnessy and her followers no longer enjoy anonymity – and will be pursued by their own nefarious plans for the rest of their lives.

The group of swedish women advocating murder – and staging fantasies of murder in sadistic ecstasy will be publicly identified on this site and on Complete details of these individuals names, addresses, phone numbers, government identification numbers, drivers licences, and employers will be permanently published. It is the intent of the editors of A Voice For Men that these individuals be publicly and permanently identified.

Some individuals may criticize the intent to publish not only names, but also addresses, phone numbers, employers and other personal information – on the grounds that such exposure create a risk of retributive violence against individuals who openly advocate murder based on sex. It is the considered position of the editorial board of AVfM that any such risks are out-weighed by the ongoing hazard to the public of these individuals continuing to operate in anonymity. Open advocation of murder cannot be allowed in a civil society, without that society devolving into a culture of brutal violence.


I have just UN-approved a comment which included the statement “People like this need to die.”

The author still has commenting privileges, however, calls for killing will result in the ban hammer without warning.


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  • JinnBottle

    As a former professional actor (no, nothing bigtime, not usually even enuff to pay the rent), I left the theatre by 1991, in total disgust with the PC (“political culture”; “packed with cunts”; “pure crap” – fill in your own!) it had lapsed into. I used to love Theatre; now I hate it. Johnny Karhinen’s rationale for the murder-mongering of the video is of the same breed as all feminist writing; nebulous mist with no discoverable solid object anywhere in it, designed solely to make impressionable souls lose their way.

    • Hayden Hanna

      Exactly. Well said.

  • Fidelbogen

    I have a Swedish correspondent who informs me that he is afraid of seeming “militant” if he publishes a link, to this AVFM post, on the web. In Sweden, the state inspires FEAR.

    • JinnBottle

      I would bet the fear is greater in Sweden, but that it’s just a matter of a more virulent member of the same species that lives and lords it here, in the USA. (It says something about that when I tell you that “JinnBottle” is not the name appearing on my birth certificate.)

  • Denis

    I think Johnny is actually attempting to be honest here and he may have been duped into thinking that this play was merely to open discussion by shocking people.

    Here is some discussion provided by Pelle Billing about the play:

    • JohnnyKarhinen

      It’s actually not the same play. The one I was involved in (and the one related to the video) ran about a year ago.

      I don’t know as much about the one that the article is about, but I (and the rest of the group) agree that the manifesto is provocating and sometimes way off crazy. That’s why we cut out and/or rewrote several parts. Not that it matters now, as it’s mostly the video that’s being discussed.

  • Stu

    Guys like John are really between a rock and a hard place, that they put themselves in, in the pursuit of female approval. They are hated by men……and no… male feminists don’t qualify…….and they are hated by women…….yes…..all women…..feminists and non feminists. They only pretend to like you John…….because you’re a useful idiot.

  • ZenCo.

    Please understand this Mr. Karhinen, we will do everything in our power to make sure as many people worldwide see this video as possible AND know the identities of you and your brain-diseased, psychopathic friends. We will not stop. We will not let it go. We will actively make your names and identities known on the internet FOREVER. This will follow you for the rest of your lives. Your names will make the top search results for any future employers who look you up online.
    We will also alert authorities in Europe and the USA (at least I will) of your identities as potential terrorists.
    I certainly don’t want (real) scum like you ever coming to my country.
    Have a nice day and FUCK YOU.

  • Fidelbogen

    Since we are all talking about feminism and Sweden in the same breath, I might as well send somebody to the notorious Swedish TV documentary Konskrieget, which is a SHOCKING account of Swedish feminism.

    How shocking? Go and learn for yourself. You have been warned:

    This is given in 10 YouTube segments. In total, it is about 90 minutes long.

    • phatPhuk

      Facinating Documentary. Exactly the same thing happened in New Zealand in the 90’s.

      • Hayden Hanna

        Sweden, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada all manifest identical social engineering for the bebefit of women alone within the last thirty years, and yet, we still don’t think the radfems in organizations link NOW have a master plan for female supremacy and male slavery.

    • Hayden Hanna

      I read the interesting commentary before the videos, but the first video was in Swedish, which I cannot make heads or tails of. I enjoy following Fidelbogen comments and link trails because they are interesting without fail, but you are over my head here.

      From the introductory statement about how the Swedish government socially engineered the breakup of families and the child protection system created circumstances to take children, it sounds like the U.S. is following Sweden’s pattern.

      • scatmaster

        Hayden: In the youtube window look for the pointed up arrow in the bottom right hand corner. Start the YouTube video, click on the arrow, and then hit the CC icon. The English subtitles will appear in a few seconds.

        • Hayden Hanna

          Thank you. I will give it another try.

  • Bombay


    Are there any discussion guides handed out when the play is performed? If so can you post them?

    It would seem like this play would create more anti-feminists than feminists. And create more conflict between the genders. What has been the reaction by the students?

    • JohnnyKarhinen

      I don’t remember any guides being handed out when we ran it (it was over a year ago), but there were discussions after each play that were mentored (? not sure about the right word) by some people from an equality organization.

      The play is nothing like the video, as I wrote in my initial comment. From what I’ve heard most of the students really liked it, both boys and girls.

      • MRA-GH

        Just for checks & balances, I like to reverse the context or ‘turn the tables’ so to speak. It’s provides a fast and easy insight into the nature of a belief system. You should try it.
        How do you think this would go down if in reverse? How would you feel about it then? would you participate? Good luck with that future of yours, you’re going to need it, as your ‘friends’ are. You really have offended the wrong people.

  • Fidelbogen

    It seems “everybody” has some eazy-greezy “excuse” for such excresences as this video. It is ALWAYS an “inside joke”, always “taken out of context”, etc, etc, etc.

    Well maybe it’s time for people to have a care about such possibilities BEFORE it all blows up in their faces. Because it seems to me there are far too many “inside jokes out of context” floating around in the cultural atmosphere nowadays.

    To the point where the cultural atmosphere is saturated with them.

    And it is just plain rude to impose upon the rest of the world in such a manner.

  • Stu

    This video is just part of the ongoing campaign to desensitize and normalize increasing levels of brutality and violence against men, by women. It’s the same strategy that the nazis used against the jews, and numerous other genocidal regimes have used against their target demographic since the beginning of history.

    You start out blaming the target demographic for any problems that others have, you ramp this up, making any past or present mole hill into a mountain……you then move to pure unadulterated lies… this time the sheeple are past investigating whether any claim is true or false, and just accept any blatant lie as fact. You then move to restrict and oppress the target demographic to protect all others from their evil. The next stage is promoting violence against the target demographic, all the while maintaining that despite all the previous efforts, and no matter how little power the target demographic have in society….they are still the evil oppressors and source of all problems of everybody else.

    The final solution of course is incarceration, slavery, and extermination. This is where it always leads…..every time..without fail. Feminism is at the promotion of violence stage. We are once step away from the final solution. All that needs to happen for it to move to the next stage is for enough men to sit and do nothing…..or worse……deny…and support feminism.

    • Introspectre

      This. Well said Stu, it’s what I’m referring to, every time I ask if the cycle is beginning anew. Another point to consider, is that some of the most powerful people in our respective societies, always seem to support and encourage, a push towards inducing fear and bringing about totalitarianism. They’ve realized that a woman claiming to be afraid, can be used to justify, just about anything and if they can be made fearful, they can be counted upon to incite just about any level of irrational hostility against men and even boys or particular ethnic groups. Which brings me to a certain biologically derived set of tendencies, in most women, that I believe Marx was alluding to, when he wished to use them as proxies to bring in his socialist ideal.

    • Dan Moore (Factory)

      Help me out if you would Stu…where did you get that list from? I remember there being some long article or book on the subject of the trajectory of Genocide, but I can’t find it now…

      • Stu

        I think I probably read something directly about this, and probably the same thing you’re referring too, but I don’t remember the name of the article, or the source. But what I said is basically conclusions that I’ve drawn from the reading……bits and pieces here and there….over the years…..about various repressive regimes……they all seem to follow this formula. I don’t actually think it’s planned out in advance, I think each new generation of feminists for example, tries to build on…..and outdo the last bunch of loony man haters. The reason it’s taking so long for feminism to reach the final solution stage is that they have to rely almost completely on members of their target demographic carrying out most of the incarceration, enslavement, and extermination of their own demographic……but I’m sure this only slows down the inevitable. I think the only thing that can stop the cycle progressing… direct action by an opposing group in society to halt the progress.

      • Eoghan

        This might be what you’re looking for Factory – The Eight Stages of Genocide

        3. DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. At this stage, hate propaganda in print and on hate radios is used to vilify the victim group. In combating this dehumanization, incitement to genocide should not be confused with protected speech. Genocidal societies lack constitutional protection for countervailing speech, and should be treated differently than democracies.

  • bobk

    Exactly what “questions” do this ad or play supposedly raise?

    If it was the Society for Cutting Up Jews, or Society for Cutting Up Blacks, or Society for Cutting Up Women, this would considered be hate speech. Plain and simple.

    • Samantha Ketteridge

      Swedish law does not regard men as a group that can be discriminated against. The complaint filed by the professor from Umeå with the office of the ombudsman for discrimination is trying to make this a test case so that men in the future can be regarded as a “folkgrupp” and so that their law against “hets mot folkgrupp” can apply to feminists attacking men as well.

  • justicer

    A very entertaining thread. I wish I read Swedish.
    Perhaps this is all an outtake from Wild Strawberries?
    I suggest to the governor of Minnesota that he sever all ties with the Homeland.

  • adam4578

    I’ve sent this info in an e-mail to
    Information presented in the following order: name, national identification number, adress, phone number, Facebook page.
    POE is absent on all girls except the first one on the list since they study at university and don’t seem to have jobs (no surprise). The list:

    * Elin Danielsson
    Vårvädersgatan 19 lgh 1605, 418 31 Göteborg
    Place of employment is Systembolaget, a government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden

    * Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg
    Götabergsgatan 20 lgh 1201, 411 34 Göteborg

    * Ellen Lindhagen
    Verkmästargatan 15 lgh 1102, 754 36 Uppsala

    * Sara Östebro
    Värmegatan 2 lgh 1302, 418 32 Göteborg

    * Mathilda Bördin
    Kungälvsgatan 6 A lgh 1201, 416 69 Göteborg

    * Kaisa Liisa Strand
    Orustgatan 13 C lgh 1002, 414 74 Göteborg

    • Dr. F

      By Jingo these gals are starting to call out to each other as the info net herds them into smaller and smaller corners.

  • gwallan

    SCUM manifesto is in libraries at Monash University and Curtain University.

    Monash will be coming under some pressure. Curtain I can’t really do anything as it’s in Perth.

  • Inevitable Towers

    From the Facebook event page of “Protestläsning av SCUM” / “A protest reading of SCUM”:

    Google translation:

    “Call for all theater active women in Sweden:

    Currently playing SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas in TUR Theatre in Stockholm.
    There are many women who are happy about this. It is a show where the woman is the norm.
    That is not the case in our actual reality turned out quickly. On the net, it has sparked a veritable perfect storm blog. Hatred, threats and personal attacks made against the female employees in production. Some of the injured (NOTE: the original text means emotionally wounded, not physically injured / Inevitable Towers), men’s objections to production: The taxpayers should not fund or extreme feminist art. That young men can be damaged by to watch the show and so on. TOUR Theatre has been forced to have friends who guards the theater and police surveillance during the show. This Monday, 21/11, a group of women demonstrating against the show outside TUR theater under the banner Enough!
    There are many women who are tired of being threatened, diminished and intimidated because some men are so afraid of losing their power that they can not even tolerate it played a play-an artistic work, which has a radical feminist message. In addition, we will not tolerate that women are killing threatened (NOTE: what Google is trying to say is “threatened with murder” / Inevitable Towers) or intimidated into silence because they are working with such a production.

    On Monday 21/11 at 19.00, we encourage you / your every theater active women to read the SCUM Manifesto at the theater right now you are active. In protest against attacks on the freedom of art and to an increasingly anti-feminist and women’s hostile social climate. In protest against the threats of violence against women who express feminist. In solidarity with the women who are now threatened TUR theater. In solidarity with our sisters who fight to live, work and create freely in this male-dominated society.

    We who have taken the initiative’s theater and professional women who are not related to the TUR theater. Connect you! Organize a reading on Monday! Make it simple: Be in the foyer, make a relay reading many together.”

    Original text:

    “Uppmaning till alla teaterverksamma kvinnor i Sverige:

    Just nu spelas SCUM-manifestet av Valerie Solanas på TUR-teatern i Stockholm.
    Vi är många kvinnor som blivit lyckliga över detta. Det är en föreställning där kvinnan är normen.
    Att så inte är fallet i vår faktiska verklighet visade sig dock snabbt. På nätet har det utlösts en fullkomligt veritabel bloggstorm. Hat, hot och personangrepp har riktats mot de kvinnliga medarbetarna i produktionen. Några av de kränkta männens invändningar mot produktionen är: Att skattemedel inte ska finansierar extrem eller feministisk konst. Att unga män kan skadas av att se föreställningen osv. TUR-teatern har tvingats ha vänner som vaktar teatern och polisbevakning under föreställningen. Nu på måndag den 21/11 kommer en grupp män demonstrera mot föreställningen utanför TUR-teatern under parollen Nu räcker det!
    Vi är många kvinnor som tröttnat på att bli hotade, förminskade och skrämda på grund av att vissa män är så rädda att förlora sin makt att de inte ens kan tåla att det spelas en teaterföreställning-ett konstnärligt verk- som har ett radikalt feministiskt budskap. Dessutom tolererar vi inte att kvinnor blir mordhotade eller skrämda till tystnad för att de arbetar med en sådan produktion.

    På måndag den 21/11 klockan 19.00 uppmanar vi dig/er alla teaterverksamma kvinnor att läsa SCUM-manifestet på den teater ni just nu är verksamma. I protest mot angreppen mot den fria konsten och mot ett alltmer anti-feministiskt och kvinnofientligt samhällsklimat. I protest mot hoten om våld mot kvinnor som uttalar sig feministiskt. I solidaritet med de kvinnor som nu blivit hotade på TUR-teatern. I solidaritet med alla våra systrar som kämpar för att få leva, verka och skapa obehindrat i detta mansdominerade samhälle.

    Vi som har tagit initiativet är teaterarbetande kvinnor som inte är kopplade till TUR-teatern. Anslut er! Organisera en läsning på måndag! Gör det enkelt: Var i foajén, gör en stafettläsning många tillsammans.”

    • Stu

      This is just typical. They take the work of a genocidal man hating woman, who attempted to murder Andy Warhol, turn it into a play, make videos that incite violence, murder, hatred, just as their whole movement does…..and they are the victims.

      You can see this same shit all the way from top to bottom of the women’s movement. Victimizing men, and claiming they are the victims when opposition finds them. Just like the wife or girlfriend who yell, abuses, screams, hits, and throws things at her partner, then if their partner pushes them aside to escape, or even raises their voices in opposition…..domestic violence….male oppressor. It’s no wonder the whole movement is like this because most individual women are like this now.

      • Introspectre

        Or to put it bluntly; incite primitively motivated hostility against males and then make doe eyes, crank out the tears and play innocent little girl, if anyone moves to hold them accountable.

        It connects directly to the drive to protect females and is therefore, an incredibly effective game. But, it is a primitive and violent game and must be discredited and prevented somehow, if humans are ever to be truly civilized.

      • Aurini

        Hell, I was arrested for pulling my motorcycle helmet away from her, while I was running away. Because that’s what beaten girlfriends do – prevent you from leaving, and then call the cops without a single injury on their body.

        I guess it’s only violence if it’s done against a woman. This group is just a more literal example than the ‘ambiguous’ groups here.

        Ambiguous: try and get a blue-pill man to read a primary aggressor law, and understand what is meant by the language. They’re good at couching their hatred behind forked tongues. This group is saying the same thing, without the obfuscation.

    • Perseus

      These fucktards will throw anthing at the wall and see if it sticks: Manifesto of THE SOCIETY FOR CUTTING UP MEN is… wait for it- ART.

      What a waste of food.

      Don’t you sometimes get nostalgic for those artistic days of The Inquisition?

      It’s not art, cunt. It’s not art, and you’re not artistic.

      • Inevitable Towers

        “Don’t you sometimes get nostalgic for those artistic days of The Inquisition?”

        What was the name of that Spanish performance artist again?

        Ah, yes, Tomás de Torquemada!

        History books have taken his works totally out of context.

  • scatmaster

    Lots of traffic from Sweden at this point in the late evening Eastern Standard Time. A little trouble sleeping?
    Well, well.
    One mention and they scurry like rats from 8 cities down to 0. Classic.



    SCUM GBG is a group of safe, frifräsande, cool,
    independent women’s women. The group was formed during
    drama studies at the University of Gothenburg.
    The show was SCUM group’s final project and
    was played for the first time in June 2009.

    SCUM GBG is growing, SCUM GBG expands. In your brain.
    More and more each day. This year we will release the bomb.

    The show SCUM began as an artistic and conceptual
    experiments with no restrictions, free for Valerie Solanas
    SCUM Manifesto. It continued as a single movement, in ourselves and in
    audience: some were thrilled, some amused, some very angry.
    With the rapid pulse and a direct address conveyed the uncompromising
    that the text takes. Light, motion pictures and choreography creates strong
    visual scenes. A allkonstverk, a nice show, an attack.
    It’s about to get carried away, to release their fears to tread
    on any toes. We are convinced that gender hierarchy restricts people
    and that in a truly enlightened world, the individual will be able to choose
    their properties, regardless of gender. The male norm will be dead.
    Our artwork is a presentation of a text that will have you
    think clearly. Everything you thought you knew before was just lies and
    propaganda. google translate


    Scum Manifesto – as a high school performance

    SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas is a violent attack on masculinity. The men are accused of having made the world a shit place. Solana line up all the men are obliged to: war, violence, money system, imagination, ugly buildings and more. She puts forward the thesis that men are biologically inferior to men and that it is the foundation for all problems.

    Why do we do now Solana’s text to the monologue of high school?

    We see this show as a hard-boiled, bizarre, humorous dryer, not an educational lesson on gender. Art and theater option is to play with the allegations and take them to their extremes. This text takes many claims to such an excessive level that the audience is forced to own reflective.

    We want to raise questions about gender and gender roles. In today’s society there are plenty of sober, intellectual theories and discussions about sex and gender roles, and more educational theater.

    We believe that it is easy to miss many young people in it too doctored and intellectual, and therefore sought a text that draws its claim to such an extreme level to which audiences are forced to question what is said, and the next stage questioning by the values ​​you reacts.

    Theatre Art houses a fantastic opportunity to shape a text. When the text meets portrayal created something new. It’s not a lecture, a lecture, or reading, but it becomes art. The configuration can provide text warmth, humor, nuances. Through the portrayal can be the story of man also be a story about people, about our age ideals of patriarchal structures and above all about daring to rebel against them.

    To come and see this show.

    We recommend that teachers come and see the show before you take with your students here. That way you can decide if it’s something to suit your students and you can also prepare a subsequent discussion with the class.

    When we play SCUM Manifesto for high school students made up the show into two parts. The first part is the monologue, and the second part consists of a discussion of what we have seen. What values ​​are presented in the show? What values ​​do we learn from our upbringing? Are there differences between men and women? Why is that in this case about? Are there things girls and guys are not allowed to do because of their gender? Do we want to change the world? Why? How? mmmm

    If teachers want to continue the discussion in class time, we think it is a very good idea. Then we have teaching material that deposits SCUM Manifesto in context, showing the ideas that male thinkers have had on women throughout history and how this has shaped our own thinking. We have also proposed additional issues that may form the basis for interesting discussions.

    Welcome to a provocative and loving imagination!

    Audience: High school

    Price: 40 SEK. pr. ticket

    Book your ticket email to

    About Us

    Theatre Without Reactionaries seems an experiment-filled, cross-border and political theater for children, youth and adults. We want to be a theater without conventional boundaries, where the high and low are mixed and where our strongest guiding principles is lust, disrespect, and love.

    Turteatern has since 2008 been led by the artistic leadership troika Nils Poletti, Carina Ehrenholm and Erik Holmstrom. Together with the executive director Louise Rich and technical manager Daniel Vegerfors, this theater’s core. The Board remains as before with Robert Sjöblom, Marie Ahl, Mia Benson and Lewis Ore Crona.

    Carina Ehrenholm Artistic Director
    Erik Holmstrom Artistic Director
    Nils Polettis Artistic Director
    Louise Rich manager
    Daniel Vegerfors CTO
    Lisa Ewertson ticket and ölkafeT
    Alexander Nielsen ticket and ölkaféT
    Ulpu Saali caretaker

    Ensemble 2011-12

    Mia Benson, Lucas Krüger, Asta August, Matilda Nyberg, Albin Werle, Marta Andersson-Larson, Nils Granberg, David Sigfridsson, Py Huss-Wallin, Jonas Nilsson, Mika Oijens, Andrea Edwards, Helena Sandstrom, Karin Bengtsson, Mary Ahl and Robert Sjöblom.


    Mark Granqvist, Lena Lindgren, Jonna Bergelin, Agnes Kent, Malin Aversstad, Olle Jernberg, Janne Tavares, Helena Granström, Stefan Johansson, Anne Hell Andsjö

    Turteatern supported by

    National Arts Council, Stockholm Culture Administration and Stockholm County Council

    Turteatern, Lågskärsvägen 13, Subway Kärrtorp | 08-659 89 00 | | PO Box 6033, 121 06 Johanneshov |

  • Inevitable Towers

    One of the feminists involved in the recent SCUM activities, Athena Farrokhzad, attempting to justify terrorism:

    For some reason, I can’t get Aftonbladet to translate and it’s 07:02 over here. I have been working this all night and need to get some sleep, but here is a “manual” translation of the part I am referring to:

    “It did not matter how much I tried to explain that the violence of the rulers, cannot be compared with the counter-violence of the oppressed.”

    She also has some issues about the fact that Turteatern tries to downplay the serious political message of SCUM by calling it parody / satire.

  • sbarber

    JohnnyKarhinen, you terrify me. You are a pup standing amongs wolves, and you terrify me.

    Not because you were a lap dog (these feminists sure are strong, independent and smart – all the tech and sound credits are to men) to those in this play. Nor because you clearly have thrown yourself into the wolves’ den in spite of merely being a lap dog in this macabre affair while they hide behind the aulaeum. No, you terrify me because of your tepid, resigned reaction to all of this. You terrify me because you show that it’s possible to dehumanize someone without even a threat of shackle or danger of whip.

    You are a shade of a man. I can’t imagine there is much left of your soul.

    The wolves are hungry, Johnny.

  • Fidelbogen

    Johnny K. did not show up here for the sport of it. He showed up only because he felt a great pressure to do so — because not doing so was not an option.

    Let that speak for itself, eloquently.

  • Perseus

    Looks like we have some of the Östebro klanswomyn in our presence. Göteborg, Vastra Gotaland.

    Welcome, brain-eating shitscum.

  • Rad

    I normally laugh at others not being “4real” enough, but I think I reached my limit upon watching this video.

    It’s not as bad to see a video of someone who is actually shot and killed. Even if there’s more violence. This is because something like that is not intended as art. There’s no pretense of romanticization.

    But here, when every last detail can be controlled, when a subtext can be presented…this is what’s chosen? This is what is considered to be of importance about life? What does that imply about the values of the creators?

    Everyone here is drawing their own conclusions and they are all similar.

  • Perseus

    Statement 1) “SCUM Manifesto is not to be taken literally, it’s satire, the author was not credible, etc. etc.”
    Statement 2) We are disciplines of SCUM Manifesto and exalt its contents; we form a cult with it as our core text.

    Definitive doublespeak. Lying, scheming trash.

  • Red Bones

    Oh, isn’t that cute? The little dears are licking up the brains. That’s probably about the closest they ever got to an idea.

    Boy, I sure can’t wait to get married to one of these lovely creatures.That way I can sleep with a gun under my pillow and field test my new anti-castration jockwear.

  • Cumbria

    Sick! Twisted! Disturbing! Offensive! With all due respect to most of the citizens of Sweden, is this where they send the crazy people?

  • LJ

    Most artist are proud of their work, and would welcome media attention, whether good or bad. Why would it be that these people are afraid of publicity?

  • Inevitable Towers

    Elin Danielsson has now hidden information, previously available on her Facebook profile.

    This includes her being a student at Göteborgs Universitet (, english version at top right corner) and the “inside joke” about assisting Johnny Karhinen in the genocide of male infants, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

  • Rper1959

    How bout blitzing the Swedish embassies in your countries?

    Embassy of Sweden
    5 Turrana Street
    Yarralumla ACT 2600

    Dear Ambassador,

    I am writing to alert you to video posted to the popular website Youtube , originating from your country and produced by and acted in by a group of feminist students.

    The only message that anyone can derive for this video is that it is a call to feminists to engage in murder of men purely on the basis of their gender, and that such homicide should be celebrated by orgasmic dance. The catch phrase concluding the video “do your part” , SCUM ( Society for Cutting Up Men).

    I would like to think that a civil and equal society would not condone such abuse of freedoms of speech, by allowing this hateful content to be seen as originating from it. Further I believe such persons would be in breach of domestic and international treaties and should be subject to charges, due process of law and appropriate punishment in relation producing and distributing this video.

    Perhaps of greatest concern is the suggestion on some internet forums where this video is currently being discussed that the video has in fact be promoted and encourages as part of “education” within your country. If this indeed is confirmed to be the case, then there are a growing number of men in many countries around the world who will begin lobbying their governments to sever diplomatic ties with Sweden.

    I trust you might give this matter you most urgent attention.

    Yours sincerely

    Dr Greg Canning

    • scatmaster

      Just stamped the envelope. Great suggestion Doctor.

  • Bass

    First time in my life I felt ashamed of being a Swede. I was as chocked as you when I saw the video.

    It’s an outrage – I don’t accept it and neither do my friends or family. I would only ask that you don’t judge all of us (as some seem to have) from what a group of extremist feminist do.


    • scatmaster

      I know I haven’t judge all Swedes Bass and I hesitate to take you to task as my “activism” is banal at best save a few donations but may I ask are you located in Sweden and if so are you working the front lines in your country to publicize this blatant hatred of men and the destructive influence that feminism has caused in Scandinavia?

      • Bass

        I usually don’t care about these sorts of issues. Never really felt personally affected until recently. Always believed (and still believe) that equality is something we should strive for. I think the concept next to impossible to achieve and there will always be places were one sex is at an advantage.

        To take a recent example; my little brother just got his first grades from school. Hes 13, a bit shy but smart all around and performs well on tests (B’s and A’s). Apparently he got a D to C average.
        My little sister, who’s 15, I know is an average student gets straight A’s without even really caring about it.
        The grade-discrimination against boys during school is horrible and it makes me sad. Especially when I see my little brother on the verge of tears, wondering why his teacher only gave him a C in math when he scored best in his class on all the tests. Wondering what he could have done better, wanting feedback but getting none.

        Lastly, to answer your question. Yes I am from Sweden. From Gothenburg even. I have made colleagues, friends and family aware of the issue throughout the day and have spent (maybe too much) time on the forums reading about it instead of working… :)

  • John the Other

    I have just UN-approved a comment which included the statement “People like this need to die.”

    The author still has commenting privileges, however, further calls for killing will result in the ban hammer without warning.

  • Inevitable Towers

    The video has now been made private, after more than 30 000 views.

    • Paul Elam

      Except that we also have it. :)

      Score another win, though. Every time AVfM puts one of these cockroaches under the spotlight, they scurry under the fridge.

      But we are the boys scouts of the MRM. Always prepared. Look for a new version of that video to come out soon, this time with appropriate credits. :)

      • Samantha Ketteridge

        I’m wondering if there was ever an age limit on the original video. I’m also wondering if anyone’s ever seen a comparable video at YouTube that advocates murder/genocide. I know that no one in my family has.

  • Hexor

    Their names is: Elin Danielsson, Ellen Lindhagen, Sara Östebro, Mathilda Bordin, Kaisa Liisa strand

    Kaisa Liisa Strand lives in gothenburg and studies at the Gothenburg University(GU)

    Here is a link of the clip on youtube:

    I write again when i checked up more info.

  • Hexor

    Here is a link of SCUM and all the actors:

    Actors: Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg, Elin Danielsson, Ellen Lindhagen, Sara Östebro, Mathilda Bördin, Kaisa Liisa Strand, Ia Olsson, Anna Rubin, Emma Örn, Patrik Boström, Johnny Karhinen, Niklas Ångman, Maja Östebro, Isabelle Oldenqvist, My Persson, Kajsa Poidnak, Mathias Kedfors, Rasmus Pohl Östebro, Magnus Lindberg, Joan Sundin, Daniel Jansson och Gustaf Söderling.

    • Samantha Ketteridge

      Yes. To clear up a possible misunderstanding: there is no ‘SCUM Theatre’. The play was put on by amateurs through ‘Teater Durken’. Info on this theatre can be found here.

      They’re affiliated with ATR, an association of amateur theatres. They claim they do not get government grants as so many other Swedish theatres do.

  • Samantha Ketteridge

    Perhaps someone’s already linked to this. Watch this 12-part two hour documentary (English subtitles) if you think the SCUM video was bad. You’ve barely scratched the surface.

    • erwin

      Samantha, I love that you reposted this documentary (which has been deemed biassed by the SBC, something to think about one way or the other). I have watched through the whole thing, both of them, a few months ago and I could not be more disgusted. A must see for every Scandinavian.

  • erwin

    This is horrible. But I see an opportunity in this to bring our movement forward:

    Even if Hexor has already identified them correctly, advertising this 1000usd reward could have generated a HUGE amount of publicity, as there is no mistake to how illegitimate this call for genocide is. It will receive attention for being almost fictionally horrid and having a 1000usd reward.

    The effects this may have would be:
    -enlightening the general public of the fact that men CAN be the victims of female violence
    -increasing traffic to the avfm- and affiliated websites
    -putting a light on the radicalisation of feminism
    -maybe even get attention on national news in less feminist countries

    I would like to suggest a social media campaign utilising facebook, twitter, and image-boards like 9gag.

    Now we have to prepare for another opportunity. May i recommend having a document available on the website for events like this, which can be referenced to describe effective courses of action for online activists in similar events. They would take the form of checklists or actionplans and will both arm and organise the MRM’s affiliates. This will multiply our profitting from radical feminism, so we can undermine mainstream feminism by association.

    We have plenty of NAWALT-arguments ready. We need to take the offensive and create an opportunity to use them. They are very convincing, but are now just sitting there.

  • matheusgrafix

    No need to prove anything, people can clearly see it’s real, the problem is that people are too used to say that that kind of stuff is fake. As you stated, you really have to be an idiot to say that this video is a fake.