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Stop Edmonton’s Sexual Assault Specialist, Karen Smith, from her possible crime spree!

We have for some time suspected that a member of the hate group known as Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton, (which we sometimes refer to around here as Edmonton’s SS-A) may be a serial rapist. We have no actual proof of this, nor really, anything else to back up this claim except that she’s part of a known hate group and is obsessed with rape and believes false accusers are rare and don’t matter. Because we have had no actual proof of our suspicions, we have remained uncomfortably silent in the face of nagging down… until Eric Duckman, aka Nick Reading of Men’s Rights Edmonton, publicly revealed that he shared our suspicions. We’ll let Nick explain:

Now, because it’s so very difficult to report things to the police–it’s emotionally wrenching and all, plus they might ask pointed questions that make you feel uncomfortable–we support efforts to allow people to anonymously identify potential predators like Karen Smith of Edmonton might be.

So, if you were sexually molested or assaulted or otherwise the victim of criminal conduct by Edmonton’s Karen Smith, here is a form you may use to report what she did and when she did it. Complete assurances have been given to us by Men’s Rights Edmonton that this form will only be used appropriately and will not be used in any “official” investigations and its contents alone will not be used as evidence against potential sex offender Karen Smith of Edmonton.

We would be very relieved if she turns out to be innocent, so if there were no reports on that anonymous form, why, I guess we can conclude that she probably isn’t a sex offender.

So, you should only use this anonymous form if you genuinely think it’s possible something happened somewhere at some time involving Karen Smith of Edmonton.

If you’re a victim of Karen Smith of Edmonton’s SS-A, however, please be brave, do the right thing, and help bring a psychopath to justice via anonymous allegations!

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  • Riku

    Date of alleged assault on your personal integrity:
    February 5th, 1959


    Please provide details of the incident
    “I didn’t climax”

    Location of Alleged Assault
    Please tell us where (geographically) Karen Smith hurt you.
    “What’s with all these pressuring questions!?”

    Survivor Status:

    Gender of Survivor:

    Perpetrator Information
    Gender of Perpetrator
    “I forgot, I was drunk, but am sure I was raped”

    • donzaloog

      That sounds like enough for a conviction to me.

  • Seele

    It does not matter if she’s falsely accused and condemned to prison; she’ll definitely learn something good in the process.

  • Open War

    You know, I used to think that Karen was a devoted professional and exemplary staff member… But all these unsubstantiated accusations do make her seem a bit rapey… Do you see how she angrily asserts her innocence? I feel threatened… Only a true rapist would demand due process like that…

    • Christiana

      A bit rapey…awesome! Lolololol!

  • gateman

    I was really drunk at the time so I think she must have raped me.

  • farkennel

    She touched me in my “special place” and forced me to enter her.I feel violated because she never took my feelings into account.
    Perpetual victim.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    “Title 9?” I’ve heard of that. I think it is a hate group if I remember correctly. It is dedicated to violating the Human Rights of the non-Aryan “gender” (They define “Aryan” as male, and they think the existence of sexes is not biological reality, but rather a mere social construction which can be re-engineered at will by Gestapocrats, so they call the sexes by the New Left term, “gender,” instead.)

    “Title 9″ hate groups have spread far and wide. Demand “change!” Fire them all — today.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

    I got pretty drunk a couple of nights ago. I can’t be sure Karen Smith didn’t rape me. I woke up dishevelled and moaning, “Karen, Karen…”. The last thing I remember was watching a GirlWritesWhat video. Ms Smith must have drugged me after that.