fools and useful idiots

White Knights and Acolytes

Been meaning to do this for a while, and now the time is I believe, right. The Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is part of a larger activism spectrum, with feminists on one end – the nasty end – and Men’s Human Rights Activists on the other end – the good end. It is an eclectic mix of sites, blogs and youtube channels gradually coalescing around one single idea:


The reason I include feminism at the shitty end and included a shitty end, is because the MHRM is the answer to feminism, is the positive, and on-the-side-of-the-angels Human Rights Movement, to feminism’s negative and most definitely on-the-side-of-evil and hatred.

In between these two points is a mixed bag of, first, pseudo-feminists also known as “useful idiots,” pawns of feminism, who spout meaningless “women’s rights” rubbish and “I only believe in equality” crap. Aligned alongside them are the “White Knight” men who champion women, and not just demonstrably good women, but all women, because you see, all women are special simply for being women.

These white knights have other names: manginas, male feminists, “traditional men.” But I prefer a simpler more descriptive word – fools.

There are some other types in this mess in the middle of the spectrum that bear closer scrutiny. These are for example, the chameleons, the shapeshifters, the “whichever way the wind blows” types, one minute they’re for men’s rights, the next they’re talking about how women are actually “a bit discriminated against” don’t ya know?

They pay lip service to Men’s Rights but really don’t want to get too mean about bad behavior from women. Because after all they can prove that NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) because these are usually married men, or those in a long-term relationship who have a “good woman” and while they might have experienced a quick blast of truly toxic femininity in their lives, it passed, and they dusted themselves off and voilà, everything came up roses for them.

What they don’t actually comprehend, or even glimpse, is that their constant smug affirmation of how “happily married” or “happily coupled up” they are, is an insult. It is a self-absorption of such massive proportions that it blinds them to two things:

The core mission of the MHRM, and the majority of experiences of most men and boys.

It is a slap in the face, a calculated and blithely unaware insult to that core mission, and to the men and boys for whom the MHRM exists to support, to fight for, and to stand up for.

I’m glad they’re happy, pleased they have this in their lives but, they are the lucky ones – the blessed – the exception. This is a good thing, but to wave it in the faces of the men and boys who the MHRM exists to serve is thoughtless.

But, they are either incapable or unwilling to see beyond the end of their own noses, to step outside their own limited perspective and see the big picture. All issues must be filtered through the rose-coloured spectacles of their personal lives. Oh yes, they’re “sympathetic” and have a superficial grasp of the issues. But the fact that it never occurs to them to shut the fuck up about what a great life/wife/girlfriend they have and continue to wave this smug little world in the faces of deeply hurt, devastated and angry men illustrates how clueless they are about what the MHRM is about.

These are the acolytes. If it’s got a vagina then they’re hooked, if it plays the “woman card” then you may kiss men’s rights goodbye, if it says “I’m just a girl” then it’s “gosh darn it and shucks, let’s just make a nice comfy place for this little gal to sit herself down” and of course “guys watch your tone, there’s laaaaaaaaaaaadies present – watch that mouth buster!”

Which leads me on to the next group in this mixed bag. They are perhaps the most devious, the most underhanded of all, the “I’m not a feminist but….” types. These are those who see the wind changing, who recognise that feminism is dying and realise that if feminism dies, if Men’s Rights become a viable and potent force in the cultural, social and political world, then the “women are special” myth dies as well.

This is exactly what is starting to happen. Feminism is dying, women are losing the shield of “perpetual victim and perpetually special” that has served them so well, helping to absolve them of accountability and personal responsibility for themselves.

So, they come, they come sniffing around men’s rights sites and blogs with a very specific agenda, to tame men’s rights activism, to give it a female twist, to bend it into a woman-centred shape, that they can approve of. After all, men don’t get to have rights movements, men couldn’t possibly know what the important issues are, nope, men need a certain type of female to come along and knock them back into shape.

They write articles about how “everybody just misunderstands feminism” and “women are still not equaaaaaaall” and “men are still being mean to women”, and on and on and on.

But, as with all things, women know that in order to get men to readjust their attitude, they need other men to act as “enforcers” to prevail upon their “brothers in arms” to “see things from the woman’s perspective.” Again.

We are witnessing the birth of feminism 4.0, the “man-friendly” feminism, the “here’s a few crumbs now shut up and let us take care of this whole men’s rights” hoo ha.  This is the feminism that is now evolving to take into account the growing voices of men, those voices that must not be allowed to get out of control, they must not be allowed to drown out women’s voices (as if that was even possible) therefore, some small concessions must be made, a few crumbs thrown men’s way, but the goal?

Feminism gets to remain in charge, feminism still gets to control the discourse, and that discourse will be, and always is, from a Woman’s Perspective.

But, of all these idiots, worst of all are the male fools, the ones who write articles about how big of a fool they are, who proudly announce their stupidity by declaring themselves to be feminists, how they support “women’s rights” and how all you guys need to get back on your knees and start worshiping the golden uterus again.

Let me explain something for those of the “thinking is hard” mindset: feminism entrenches and translates gynocentrism into political power, it informs public policy, legislation and economic policy.

But it is Women, feminists or not, who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of me into everyday life. Women who perpetuate, validate and insinuate the anti-male bias that exists in and at every level of our cultures and societies. Women who drive the engine of feminism, who feed this toxic vile ideology with the corrosive and putrid fuel it needs to keep going.

I’m female, and there is not one single Human Right that I do not have, and then some. Where I live there is absolutely no law, no piece of legislation in existence, that violates any one of my universally-recognised Human Rights. Not one.

In order for me to obtain, or be endowed with, any more “rights” I would have to become a feminist and find some pathetic meaningless pointless “issue” to have a whine about.

And Hell will Freeze Over, before I would become a feminist, in fact, before I would give two flying fucks about “women’s rights.” Anyone, female or male, who thinks or believes for one microsecond that “women’s rights” is a valid issue is a moron who wouldn’t know a Human Rights abuse if it jumped up and bit them on the backside.

So, could all you fools, white knights, manginas and acolytes playing at being Men’s Rights activists kiss my female Irish arse and grow a brain. Thanks.

This item first published on Not A Feminist.


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About Anja Eriud

Until about five years Anja was quite happy to ignore feminism and feminists, She went back to college to study law and there it was, everywhere, toxic and corrupting. She was aware that women were becoming obnoxious and men were getting shafted, especially in Family Courts, but until I confronted in real life she didn't know how bd it was. Now she is one pissed off Irish chick. "FTSU is the plan right? Sign me up!"

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  • AntZ

    “… they come, they come sniffing around men’s rights sites and blogs with a very specific agenda, to tame men’s rights activism …”

    I see this begining to happen to the Men’s Rights site on reddit. If you make a post that has an edge to it, you usually end up with 50/50 vote balance. On the flip side, feminism has changed drastically over the past 24 months, as a result of the MHRM/MRM. The two most visited sites in feminism ( and used to devote most of their effort more or less openly to man hate. Today, both sites are almost completely defanged. For example, the “why men rape” article of 2011 would never be seen today. Here are some quotes:

    “… we should just give up on this generation of men and keep them under perpetual house arrest …”

    “Personally I think the answer would be nuclear holocaust. …”

    “If men want to stop being generalized as rapists, then maybe they should STOP RAPING PEOPLE.”

    And so on. You would never see this kind of bold display of anti-male hatred in any popular feminist site today. Feminism has begun to adapt to the MRM/MHRM by outsourcing the dirty work to hit squads of (usually male) goons who enforce their hate agenda by proxy (manboobz is a great example of this). Hence, feminists can exercise their hate agenda while maintaining plausible deniability since they cleaned up and sanitized their main sites of most of the most blatant anti-male hatred.

    • SlantyJaws

      Manboobz is one of several sites they have developed to “shame” men’s rights groups, is another one, and they’ve started a permanent thread on known as grognards.txt where they attempt to pillory online gamers who just want to game.

      Each of these sites are similar, the demented, schizophrenic nature of the comments which they presumably think are funny, the overelaborate rhetoric, and of course the way that none of their targets ever actually read them.

      The weak link in their shamus tacticus is that very few if any gamers, PUAs or MHRAs even look at their sites, and if they do are far more likely to be repulsed than offended or shamed. Nobody cares.

    • Billy

      You forgot .

      • Billy

        And .

  • josephrobertson

    The funniest thing about all these “fourth wave” feminist blogs popping up is they can’t really seem to agree on anything. It’s amazing to watch so-called fourth-wavers arguing about who’s the most “intersectional” among them.

    But when they come along with their conciliatory-yet-patronizing tone saying, “yes, earlier waves of feminism have not been fair to men, but you should join me in the Fourth Wave because feminism is still the only way to gender equality and we totally fixed all the problems now, trust me…” I’m thinking OH MY GOD JUST DROP IT JUST LET IT DIE OH MY GOD!!!

    But they can’t let it die, because in the end it’s still all about gender supremacy. They’re just trying to find the right way to package it.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      NOTE on the quote. “I’m beginning to wonder if we should just give up on this generation of men and keep them under perpetual house arrest.” —- It is from a comment, quoted below:


      “Why men rape,” By Jill on November 29, 2010, Feministe


      Politicalguineapig November 30, 2010 at 12:45 am | Permalink
      I’m begining to wonder if we should just give up on this generation of men and keep them under perpetual house arrest. Even in the good ol’ USA, I don’t dare venture outside after dark most nights, and I always wonder if I’m going to have to ‘dispose’ of one of my little sister’s guy friend or boyfriend. Because if anything happened to her, my mom or my friends, I would find whoever hurt them and hunt those animals down. Heck, I don’t even dare show physical affection toward my male family members.
      In short, I wish men would stop being so rapey, ’cause this suit of armor chafes like a bitch.

      This kind of thing is clear evidence of the cult-like indoctrination, or “brainwashing.”

      • DragonFire

        Wait, so she’s worried about being raped when a family member shows her affection, but she’s also skilled enough to hunt down and kill anyone who hurts a female family member?
        Since she specifically said females, we can only assume she won’t react like this if anyone hurts a male family member.
        If she’s capable of hunting down and killing someone who hurts her family, wouldn’t it follow that she can protect herself from a rape?

        This girl/woman seems to have issues on her issues, covered in issues.

        The most blood chilling thing is the casual mention of ‘disposing’ of her sister’s male friends…..very creepy.

        • sadman365

          Isn’t that funny? But then this is a feminazi talking. Do you think these stupid creatures have any common sense or any brains at all? She’s a tough woman you know, who can hunt men down and “dispose of them”, but at the same time she’s a fragile helpless VICTIM who always needs protection -protection from men BY MEN of course- and special rights and privileges….

          Like I always say, feminism SHOULD BE on the list of mental illnesses, and I’m not joking about this. It IS a mental illness and a pretty serious one and any one who subscribe to feminism should be thrown in a mental asylum for life.

      • whiic

        The part about “suit of armor chafing” sounds like 100% troll.

        But… why would feminists allow a troll to portray feminism in a bad light in space that is controlled by feminists and is part of creating feminism’s public image if not for
        A) person not actually being a troll despite appearing too crazy to be true or
        B) the feminist holding the blog not seeing the difference herself, while agreeing on the views presented even if presented satirically.

        So basically:
        - Poe’s Law (you cannot differentiate between well written satire and genuine radical thinking)
        - …and regardless if troll or not, feminists seem to agree with it. Yeah. They’ll even agree with a troll, hence making it totally irrelevant if it was a troll or not.

        And the “it’s not an actively moderated forum” is no excuse because
        >“I’m already deleted one comment advocating violence and forcible bodily modification as a solution. Let’s try and keep this conversation productive and me not throwing up, if you please.”

        So, apparently keeping all men under house-arrest without a trial is non-violent and all OK for feminists… as are nuclear holocaust.

        >“The title does not say “Why ALL men rape.” It says “why men rape.” Which men? Presumably, not ALL men: just those who are rapists.”

        Technically you can ask “why men rape” without having those assumptions. Technically “why men rape” doesn’t hint that “all men rape” or that “most men rape”. It doesn’t EVEN state that most rapists are men. You can have million female rapists and two male rapists and still be able to technically ask the question of “why men rape”.

        I’d wonder what the feminist response was if a topic on AVFM was named as badly as that specific blogpost at

        >“And going around saying “rape is more complicated than just men raping women,” especially in the context of South Africa, is not going to get you any points except in the “disingenuous trying to obfuscate the obvious issue” category.”

        So, feminists want to limit discussion to South Africa, so they can blame it on men… since if they were discussing civilized world, overall rape rates would be much much lower and female perpetration would be almost half of the sexual aggression (obviously most of it going below radar if it can’t be prosecuted).

        So, they have to keep the topic on South Africa to place the blame on males. Hey! Why males, specifically? Blame niggers. Not politically correct? Don’t you worry. “Why niggers rape?” isn’t racist. It doesn’t say “ALL niggers rape”, after all. I mean totally NotRacist(TM).

        And just for clarification: I don’t think it’s the black skin color that makes the black population rape there in South Africa. And pardon that use of N-word previously. There’s some fucked up cultural beliefs, poverty, poor education. Insert some “rape a virgin, get rid of AIDS” bullshit and that kind of place is probably the best imaginable soil for such a myth to propagate and flourish. Whites just happen to be non-affected because they used to be the “master class” in the Apartheid – they had access to education.

        South Africa is one major clusterfuck of a nation. I don’t understand WTF the Afrikaaners were thinking when they built the whole Apartheid system that lead the country to it’s current state. It just doesn’t compute because it feels just so… unbelievably bad that it should be obvious.

    • Bewildered

      …in the end it’s still all about gender supremacy.

      Because it’s demeaning for the faux princesses to be considered as equals..

  • Mark Trueblood

    Women: “We’re strong, independent, and equal to men in every way.”

    MHRAs: “Cool! We will treat men & women equally!”

    Women & male toadies: “You fucking assholes! Die!!!!”

    I agree with the blog above. I think of it as “recalibrating the female pedestal.” I’m afraid this is going to be very hard for us to contend with, because to a lot of less perceptive people, they will regard this B.S. as a win.

    I’m also starting to see some people, many of them upstanding & intelligent egalitarians or libertarians, vomit out “Feminism & Men’s Rights are the same.” This is so unfathomably stupid I don’t even know where to begin.

    But in the end I know all of this is because the men and women of our movement are bashing open the Overton Window with bricks of logic.

    • rayc2

      “I think of it as “recalibrating the female pedestal.” I’m afraid this is going to be very hard for us to contend with, because to a lot of less perceptive people, they will regard this B.S. as a win.”


      I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this….the tactic can even be seen on this website’s own forum.

      Thanks for another great ‘no-nonsense’ article Anju.

    • whiic

      Bringing Overton Window up is very relevant. “Acceptable” opinion is formed through some sort of average or median of opinions out in the public.

      Because of this, there needs to be radical MRA channels. Heck, AVFM is considered “radical” now but hopefully in future, there’d be something truly radical. I like the AVFM line but I still support even misogynistic variants of MRM (even though I would refuse to take part in one’s activities) simply because it drives Overton Window. For example: until there is a genuine anti-woman movement out there, AVFM will be considered as one regardless if it rationally qualifies as such (being only anti-feminism, not anti-woman).

      I surely hope there’d be some serious political blogging in favor of political misogyny somewhere (I rarely find anything like that, where as misandry seems to be commonplace everywhere, even non-feminist new sources). Not violence itself (because that only feed feminist agenda of victimhood) but support of stuff an egalitarian wouldn’t support. Obviously: AVFM should not be a place to host actual misogyny because if misogyny elsewhere were to convince AVFM as “mainstream” MHRM, it shouldn’t share the trait of the “fringe”.

      I know many MRAs probably oppose the idea but don’t you think feminism can get past a LOT of scrutiny simply because the feminists that do get political power are less offensive than, say Femitheist Divine or RadFemHub? Basically the non-feminists are willing to take a lot of shit from feminism as long as they don’t publicly promote a Worldwide Castration Day. Anti-feminists sure oppose any bullshit anti-male policy, but regular non-feminists… they are pretty much prey to the female hypoagency. I mean, come on, how could they be against feminists since they’re like women-by-proxy.

      • Mark Trueblood

        Manosphere sites like “Return Of Kings” makes AVfM look like a field of wildflowers. Ideologues have, and will, try to link us with them but the founder and most of the writers over there have called MHRA/MGTOW movements a bunch of pus**es numerous times.

  • billybob

    “But it is Women, feminists or not, who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of men into everyday life. Women who perpetuate, validate and insinuate the anti-male bias that exists in and at every level of our cultures and societies. Women who drive the engine of feminism, who feed this toxic vile ideology with the corrosive and putrid fuel it needs to keep going.”

    Spot on! This bears noting, and much consideration. Often.

    Perhaps I should also refer to a very short, but classic, piece, from Angry Harry:

    (btw, Anja, I think it should have read “lesser status of men ” –> the final ‘n’ was inadvertently omitted… xD)

    • billybob

      hm. I re-read this ( a few times), and I suspect now that maybe you did mean it to be read as “me”, after all.
      (I don’t pay attention to the author’s sex when reading a piece, and only in a later reading did I see that you do note you’re a woman (in the next paragraph). So, yeah, maybe you intended it to read as it stands, as it makes more sense, contextually.

      • billybob

        double oops… :)

        I went to the author’s original site, and saw that there she had the original of this article written with the phrase referring to “men” (as I had initially suspected it should have been).

        [So, my "English-translation" module, a work-in-progress over my lifetime, still works as it should... phew!]

        gremlins … lol



        damn. I still haven’t applauded Anja for writing such a fine article. Thank you.

        • Anja Eriud

          Hi Billybob

          Yep, typo – should read “men” not “me”

          With regard to feminism, I believe we have reached the point where women know they don’t actually have to BE feminists, because 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave have sucessfully insinuated themselves into the political and cultural fabric that they can sit back and let the harpies and harridans, the white knights and women worshippers just do all the dirty work.

          But, there is a chill wind blowing, the falling marriage rates, the growing visibility of MGTOW, the growing chorus of Men’s Rights activism is giving some women pause, and when women pause, and notice that the “women are special” halo is slipping they react.

          Except they react like women – with all their hypergamous and gynocentric instincts intact, they’ve being trying to use the usual tools of shame and “but but but……….men are useless without women”

          Alas, my dears – that ship has not only sailed, it is sinking in the middle of an ocean of lies, bullshit and toxic femininity.

          If I was a nicer person, I might feel sorry for all those wailing and weeping women wondering where “all the good men have gone” – but I’m not – so pppft.

          The words – bed – lie – spring to mind :)

          • Kimski

            “men are useless without women.”

            Still blows my mind, wondering about how you can reach that conclusion after having seen men walking on the moon, in the deepest abyss of the oceans, and the highest mountains on the planet. Not to mention the skyline of every major city on Earth, or ancient structures like the Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, and Stonehenge.
            Willful ignorance works in mysterious ways…

            Great piece, Anja.
            I’ll be looking forward to more from you.

  • toothless

    I to whenever i hear you are against women right ? I roll my eyes and say no i am for HUMAN right, they look at me like i just grew tentacle out of my ass and say i am a misogynist.
    As somehow women are not human they are above that and require special right over human right, and that it somehow make it equal.So women need more right than men to be equal ? sure make total sense. How can someone stand for that is beyond my understanding, whenever you point out double standard at them they go back to women are paid 58 cent for every men dollar or men run the world or other cliche bs that does not make any sense what so ever and can easily be refuted.

    It is amazing how after going to university for so long someone do not know what cognitive dissonance is .

    • Kimski

      “they go back to women are paid 58 cent for every men dollar or men run the world or other cliche bs that does not make any sense what so ever and can easily be refuted.”

      And when you actually take the time to refute the BS, for the 654.328.193 time I might add, you’re suddenly talking to an individual who will attempt to rip out her hair, while screaming obsceneties and misogyny accusations at you at high decibels, like some lunatic screeching banshee.

      So I tend to go with the short version these days:

      There is not one single right women don’t have in the western societies that men have, that keeps them from doing whatever they want, if only they cared enough to pursue those options. Not one.
      It always ends with their individual choices not to.

    • Billybobownway

      I’m not against women but I sure am getting tired of them and their bullshit.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    “Feminism gets to remain in charge, feminism still gets to control the discourse, and that discourse will be, and always is, from a Woman’s Perspective.” True. But the ends of the control-freaks who run the authoritarian bureaucracies are the ones who are benefiting by the destruction of the family, the middle class, innovation, physical productivity and authentic education (broad knowledge examined with critical thinking).

    Sure, a few toxic “Brave New World”-agenda feminists will get to run around abusing massive power: (in the US) The Hillaruggghh, Janet Napolitano, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett (considered by many to be the “real” president right now), Samantha Power, Janet Reno, Donna E. Shalala, (Sec’y Health & Human Services (1993).

    But it is the insatiable greed for power of the State itself (fashioned with the close guidance of the global mega-corporations), an unaccountable Kafka-arbitrary system packed with ethics-cleansed, compartmentalized, apathetic drones who will run the lives of most of us. And they will do much of it remotely, digitally (and increasingly it will be done by the machines’ software alone)

    We are seen by the social engineers, both on the university level and in the highest reaches of the policy shaping elite as “human resources” that need to be managed, bo differently from mineral resources or any other material thing.

    The useful idiot feminists will sell out their children, their communities and barter away a free republic just to satisfy short-term delusions of power and the sadism that goes with it (wanton cruelty is a big part of “girl power”). But in the end it is the oligarchs and the State they own that wins.

    Feminists achievement will be to have destroyed freedom and many of these fools, as individuals, will be ground up and stamped out by the collectivist system they caused to gain the power.

    Feminist ideology is a sick suicide pact embraced by half-educated cultists on a narcissistic cruelty-fueled shopping-spree.

    As vapid and self-centered and more-for-me-crazed the street-level feminists (the Brownskirts) are, we must not be so foolish to think that the upper echelons are anything but cool-headed, systematic and determined to execute their police state vision along the lines of the nightmare States of the 20th century. Those states may have failed, but the art of propaganda and the technology of surveillance as it exists today gives them a big edge over the past police states (which were all sold, cynically, by their propagandists as “social justice” [group rights / group guilt] schemes).

    • SlantyJaws

      This human resource aims to misbehave.

  • MGTOW-man

    Anja, I believe you are the chosen one…the one our movement needs badly!

    You are the one who will strip away the obscuring fluff— bare for all to see, no matter how it sounds, looks, or seems to the masses who will inevitably rebuke your wit, the truth you speak, the very truth about women that they would rather seal in a lost tomb.

    You remind me of some of my mentors, women, who cared more about the larger world as a whole than they do about themselves and the selfish “truth’ they are supposed to embrace and foist onto everyone else.

    “But it is Women, feminists or not, who entrench hypergamy, the disposability of men, the cultural, political and socially, lesser status of me into everyday life. ”

    —You do realize that even here, a lot of people do not want to admit that it is women in general (who are more alike than different) that are the overall culprits. Isn’t it just like sneaky women to find that special little niche in which they can have it both ways, all their own way, with cake and icing…Yummmm!

    You nailed it, Anja!

    I can’t thank you enough for your voice here…for you are giving me a voice. I echo so very much of not just what you say, but HOW you say it. Thank you Anja. Please deliver more.

    • Anja Eriud

      Thanks MGHOWman, but no, I’m not, neither chosen nor any more important than every other voice.

      My only role is to add my voice to this growing chorus of men and women prepared to stand up and say – enough!

      Enough with this men bad/women good shit, enough with treating one half of humanity as disposable, enough with shrieking and demanding “special status” because = vagina.

      But thank you :)

  • Bewildered

    This ,ladies and gentlemen,deserves to be a MHRM classic !

    No namby-pamby nonsense. no walking on egg shells just pure full fledged laser like attack to fell the beast..
    A true honey badger !

    • rayc2

      Yes, we do have some awesome honey badgers!

  • Robert O’Hara

    Just posted this on MensRightsReddit. Interested in seeing what happens.

  • comslave

    We saw this with the atheist movement. They came sniveling with the assertion that atheism and feminism are somehow linked. An atheist needs feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.

    • Mark Trueblood

      I always thought that being an Atheist had to do with one’s position on the existence of a deity. The A+ thing taught me that Atheism was more like a debating society for political liberals.

      • Theseus

        Mark, your first sentence is correct; that is what it is supposed to be.

        I actually don’t mind if most of the contributors on a site are liberal or progressive as long as: A) They realize that many Atheists also identify as independents, libertarians, and fiscal conservatives, and B) They don’t turn the whole thing into a political and ideological circle jerk (as they do on A+).

        I used to frequently hop on a secular/Atheist site that had great articles, and well thought out comments. Then….the feminists hi-jacked it. Most of the articles still dealt with Atheism and secular society, but the comments section started taking on a heavy gender feminist flavor with women constantly patting themselves on the back for everything under the sun, while complaining and whining about “patriarchy”. When certain threads started yammering about “systemic rape apology” and “rape culture” I had had enough.

        • Mark Trueblood

          One of my friends described them as “Statetheists” who replaced a belief in a benevolent all-powerful deity with the belief in a benevolent all-powerful government.

          • toothless

            yeah i agree with you there,even tho atheist are usually critical thinker who look stuff up before coming to a conclusion on something. It seems there is many who try and make it into a whole lot more and feminism latch to that. When it is only about no believing in all the sky daddy presented so far.
            Maybe the exception of the one true god who boiled for us, just to make a point.
            anything different has no business attached to it. Just like us here we might not all agree on everything. Beside feminism being a load of crap and that what men want and feel matter, everything else is not relevant

    • donzaloog

      Atheism + is a fucking embarrassment.

    • Aussietoads

      LOL. Don’t you mean “An atheist needs feminism like a bicycle needs a fish. “

  • Bluedrgn

    “I’m female, and there is not one single Human Right that I do not have, and then some”

    Yep. Women now have all the “Rights” of men and then some… not to mention many special “privileges” and “entitlements” that men don’t have.

    That’s why feminists have moved on to areas where they “feel” that men have advantages… such as “rape culture” and the mythical “pay gap”. The fact that they ignore all the areas where men are systemically discriminated against proves that feminism couldn’t care less about equality.

    • toothless

      but patriarchy ? and women having to wear makeup ? and when publicly displaying picture of themselves half naked on the internet they get sexual message?

      i mean women are clearly oppressed … RIGHT?

  • donzaloog

    Brilliant article, Anja. Women have been allowed to have their cake and eat it too for far too long. It’s a woman’s world. It always has been.

  • comslave

    I appreciate that there are some women out there who oppose feminism. But when I was in college, there were repeated messages of how unnecessary men were to women and how being married was actually harmful to women (no, it doesn’t matter if was true or not, this was “official truth”, the kind you are expected to accept without questioning).

    The reason they kept harping on about how a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle was that they wanted me more grateful and begging for female attention. In reality it made me ambivalent. It put me on the road to MGTOW. Okay, you don’t need me. That’s okay, don’t need you either. Other than as a sex toy, women often make themselves irritating to be around.

    I think it’s fine that there are honeybadgers, but I’m fine either way. Because I’m able to treat women as people. And that’s what most of them fear. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Freedom comes when you realize the only power they ever had over you was that which YOU gave them, and can take away.

    • sadman365

      Thank you, donzaloog. Looks like some confused mangina -who thinks he’s an MHRM proponent- got offended by what you said, and thus the down vote. Like other commenters have said, this site seems to have a bunch of them.

  • Bewildered

    White Knight

    Perceptions askew igniting passions aflame
    Galloping to the rescue with a maniacal zeal
    The serious business of rescuing a dame
    Has seductive appeal
    Thy mission would have been honourable
    Had your ardour not made you blind
    About the evil things a dame is capable
    Like the rest of mankind !