In the shadows of Dachau

I will begin with an admission. In the past week, through my participation in the discovery and documenting of the overt, violent hatred of a collection of Swedish devotees of Valerie Solinas, I have been repeatedly shocked.

After years of dealing with advocates of the violent hate movement calling itself feminism, I previously believed I had seen it all; that I was beyond such surprise.

The glittering evil of these women remains difficult for me to understand. Intellectually, I know how far human cruelty can reach. I have read the first-person accounts of former prisoners of Dachau and Buchenwald. In fact, as a young man, I was an apprentice to a Polish sculptor who in his teens had been a prisoner in a camp 40 kilometres from the Polish township of Oswiecim. In his late sixties he still bore the serial number tattoo on one forearm.

Intellectual knowledge of recent world history did not prepare me to see directly, women half my own age giddy and eroticizing their own naked malice. I was similarly shocked weeks earlier on discovery of Pam O’Shaughnessy’s radical feminist eugenics club, still you-go-girling each other on their pseudo private blog over on radical-hub.

Simon and Schuster will probably continue to publish the eugenics advocate’s crime-fighting novels. As long as the general public don’t know Perri O’Shaughnessy is an advocate of the same thing once pursued by Dr. Joseph Mengele – they’ll still buy her books.

However, O’Shaughnessy’s eugenics enthusiasm, and the murder-advocation of Swedes Josefin Von-Zeipel Segerberg and Matilda Bordin are increasingly common. Another murder enthusiast recently published a manifesto[1] calling for the extermination of all males. Rebecca Carter was just kidding, of course. However “just kidding” is a good test of an idea’s palatability when your own ethical compass is broken, or missing.

For other mass-murder enthusiasts, don’t forget to give yourself plausible deniability for when the public catches a whiff of what you are test marketing.

The apparent rising acceptability of public endorsement of male-targeting murder or mass murder significantly changes the tone of men’s rights activism. The database, aside from listing traditional criminal categories for Rapists, Killers, Pedophiles and others, includes Corrupt Public Officials as well as Bigots; that last being a highly subjective descriptor agreed on by myself, Paul Elam and several senior project contributors.

What is a Bigot? Setting aside the obvious appeal-to-dictionary, in the context of this site and, it’s a promoter of class-hatred or violence targeted against a biological demographic.

It’s the opinion of Paul and myself that bigots fitting our definition are a significant contributing factor escalating brutality, violence and inequity in Western society. This is why we include individuals in this category in the registry.

It’s common within men’s right’s writing to characterize the escalating climate of male disenfranchisement and marginalization as a gender war. Establishing an evidentiary justification for this language is beyond the scope of this article, but is repeatedly provided in previous writing on this site.

During the development of the Register-her project, one candidate-offender was added to the registry whose actions, if they had been topic of a stand alone article, might have been appropriately described as “crimes against humanity” or “war criminal.” Those are not categories of offense included in the design of that site’s database.

The individual was listed on Register-her as a killer. Pauline Nyiramasuhuko[2] is the former Rwandan women’s minister, found guilty by an international court of the crime of genocide. According to BBC reporting[3], she helped organize and participated in the killing over over 800,000 people over a period of 100 days.

The presiding judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, read the court’s decision on her conviction, saying “The chamber convicts Pauline Nyiramasuhuko of conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, extermination, rape, persecution and violence to life and outrages upon personal dignity.”

Judge William Sekule said scores of ethnic Tutsis were killed after taking refuge in a local government office.
“Hoping to find safety and security, they instead found themselves subject to abductions, rapes and murder. The evidence […] paints a clear picture of unfathomable depravity and sadism.”

Reporting originally published by New York Times[4][5] in 2002 stated: “Before becoming Rwanda’s chief official for women’s affairs, Pauline was a social worker, roaming the countryside, offering lectures on female empowerment and instruction on child care and AIDS prevention. Her days as minister were similarly devoted to improving the lives of women and children.”

At a stadium, where hundreds were killed, Pauline goaded her Hutu marauders, commanding:

“Before you kill the women, you need to rape them.”

At the time of my addition of Nyiramasuhuko to the database, the extremity of her crimes seemed to be far outside the normal continuum of violence, murder and rape. She appeared to be a lone outlier, but still to be included in the category of Killer. It did not enter my consideration that she represented a type of offence existing with such prevalence that a new category was useful.

The recent discussions on AVfM of feminists organizing with self-declared goals of infanticide, murder, male extermination and male targeting eugenics forces the consideration of new language, not only in the categories of offence on Register-her, but also in ongoing discussions within human rights advocacy on this site and others.

The word Bigot is clearly inadequate.

If murder of hundreds of thousands of people merits the convening of international criminal courts to address the offence we call genocide, what do we call the planners and advocates of this crime?


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  • Introspectre

    Well said John. When I was a child, I also knew a woman who had been in a concentration camp. She bore the numerical tattoo, on the inside of her left forearm, if I remember correctly. Even as far as the late 1970’s, she would not admit to me, (A harmless child.), what her religion was and her family had actually made arrangements with a Christian pastor, to worship at his church, under the auspices of being Christian, themselves. That’s how terrifying her ordeal was. She was also in frail health and often hospitalized for debilitating anxiety attacks.

    Whether one wishes to call it extreme, radical or merely consistent, I think, we can all agree, that we, as civilized human beings, must learn to recognize all forms of genocidal fascism and supremacist ideologies, at their emergence, so that the mantra, “Never again”, will not have been spoken in vain.

    • James Huff

      “must learn to recognize all forms of genocidal fascism and supremacist ideologies, at their emergence, so that the mantra, “Never again”, will not have been spoken in vain.”

      I think that well said. Too often the we here the words “never forget” or “remember always”. This almost invariably alters the public narrative to remembering the victims of these odious acts……but somehow sterilizes the discourse of WHY these acts occurred. I think it important we keep an eye on these historical patterns as we move forward, and prepare ourselves accordingly.

      • Introspectre

        I’ve noticed that many refuse to even consider such ideas, until an atrocity takes place. And actually consider themselves astute, for having taken such a stance. Then, they become surprised and outraged, after the fact.

        It would seem to me, that instead of denying the sign’s of a movement, fomenting brutal intent, simply because, it doesn’t precisely match the last known example, or is unpleasant to consider, that we should really become wise enough, to perceive the nature of such groups, before they go too far.

  • Ben

    “As long as the general public don’t know Perri O’Shaughnessy is an advocate of the same thing once pursued by Dr. Joseph Mengele – they’ll still buy her books.”

    I think that if the general public knew of this, they would continue to buy her books and read them as they eat their cheese covered Whacky Fries. In fact, her sales may increase as a result. 1984 is here now. Casey Anthony’s book will probably be out soon as well as her porn deal.

    I don’t think many women would bat an eye about the SCUM video. I think the Sharon Osbourne video makes this clear. I wonder if Ozzy ever visited this site or watched any MRM videos on Kathryn Kue Becker and Sharon’s reaction and what his position is, by the way.

    If a few dozen women can be spellbound and transformed to murderers so easily by Charles Manson, then certainly hundreds or thousands of women could have been. SCUM could very easily and quickly make the Manson incident look like a cloudy day, INHO.

    Immediate shaming language follows as soon as I mention the SCUM video. Isn’t it strange that for a man to express concern over this video, and then show the video to other men, HE is the one who is verbally attacked for being irrational and paranoid? Where are we, as a society, when shaming language is the normal reaction to a man who has a reaction to the SCUM video?

    I might sound crazy for saying this, but I think that a percentage of women majoring in bio-chemistry or bio-medical engineering have plans of organized, large scale chemical genocide. Our bookstore has an entire wall of books that advocate things such as chemical castration. I have seen it with my own two eyes. In fact, it was the first thing that I happened upon as soon as I thumbed through a book entitled “Rape.” It is unlike any other bookstore I have ever seen in my life. I will get pictures of this and exerpts from the books as soon as I get back.

    There seems to be a lot of women majoring in these two particular sciences who are also minoring in Gender Studies, too.

    • Fidelbogen

      I have a problem with the term “shaming language”, because it seems to imply that there might be something (for the recipient) to be ashamed of in the first place, or that the recipient might even be vulnerable to such manipulation at all.

      I find that the very expression “shaming language” wants to stick in my throat, and then leaves a funky taste in my mouth after I have pronounced it.

      There is something inherently weak or lame about this expression. Somehow, it feels like you are asking somebody to not shame you.

      I have recently been wondering if there isn’t some better way to articulate the same idea, but in a way that speaks from a position of strength.

      • Ben

        The term does have that impact doesn’t it? I will give that some thought.

      • paddybrown

        I think the point is, a lot of men have been socialised into falling for this kind of manipulative behaviour. The point of highlighting it is to show men what’s happening so they don’t fall for it any more.

      • Perseus

        Totally identify with you on that Fidelbogen. I have made a point to state it as ‘failed attempts to shame’, but would be grateful for something better. Fundamentally an attempt to shame is a form of derision, abasement, humiliation, ridicule, condescension, authoritarianism, etc. It is an aggressive hostile verbal attack and assault. An insult. …

      • Adam

        I submit ‘demeaning’/’degrading’, ‘divisive’ or ‘inflammatory’ language – hell, even some combination of these terms could work.

      • JGteMolder

        Ah, but shaming language usually isn’t targeted at the person it’s hurled at, it’s targeted at the people, most notably men, around the person it’s hurled at. It’s to shame and fear the men around them into not letting this man’s particular brand of acting and speaking get to them and do the same, for fear of the pussy getting cross with them.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Do not despair comrade, for there’s even more of us who are majoring in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and we’ll not allow that shit to happen.

  • Fidelbogen

    I have never doubted that there was an element of criminal nature at feminism’s core. Criminality can manifest in many forms, but pressure or opportunity will typically bring it to the surface. Think of Michael Flood (Australian collaborator), who has all the morals of a jackal and will never miss a chance to lie or smear his opponents, or otherwise behave fraudulently.

    But an especially disquieting prospect is that feminist criminal nature will emerge under pressure because feminism itself is under pressure. The noted genocidal streak may certainly be symptomatic, but I would look for every manner of skullduggery on the spectrum — not excluding extortion, bomb threats, death threats and the like.

    David Futrelle’s attempt to brand pro-male activists as potentially violent, smells more and more like projection, now that I think about it. It too, is a form of feminist violence.

  • mongo

    Immediate shaming language follows as soon as I mention the SCUM video.

    It’s not the moral degeneracy of the SCUM manifesto that they react to – it’s the fact you would have used a “judgmental” tone.

    As we have seen, too many women can’t really intuit a flaw in themselves from the views that they take – which is probably sensible considering how transient their opinions – but they won’t miss a negative judgment.

    Imagine you had absolutely no logical facility. Imagine all of your mind drew its understanding of the world from the opinions of others. Imagine also that your fears and your sense of safety derived from a belief in the infallibility of your allies, and worthlessness of your foes. All you understand is “friends”and “enemies”.

    Right and wrong is meaningless talk to them. Judgments based on the moral value of a position is nothing more than self declaring yourself as “friend” or “enemy”.

    This is what we are dealing with, and why logical argument with them is pointless.

  • chrixthegreat

    I’ll be honest, When I saw the SCUM video, it didn’t even get my blood pumping. I had almost no emotional reaction to it; I am so used to that stuff by now. This on the other hand, caused my jaw to make a hole in the floor.

    • Paul Elam

      Here is mine. Let’s see if it makes it.

      This is nonsense. I am not an unpaid, compulsory bodyguard for anyone, including any woman. And I will not be shamed by other men or women into being one.

      Women abandoned their social contract with men fifty years ago. They broke free of their roles as women, and more power to them for doing so. My social contract is up as well. If you want to pledge a stupid oath to put your life and your families well being up on the chopping block for a stranger who will quickly tell you she owes you nothing, then go ahead. But you are on your own, sucker.

      • gwallan

        Yes, it’s white ribbon day over here.

        This year I was prepared. The four enthusiastic young women – probably students – who, at various stages of the PM, accosted me with their paraphernalia, were each given a white feather. I explained that it was the grandmother of their ribbon and that their organisers could explain the history. I’d love to hear those explanations.

        • Perseus

          LOL… “and that their organisers could explain the history.”

        • Paul Elam


          • gwallan

            Actually the feathers have a dual use. Next time the local womens’ Labor Party hold their regular beatification of Emily Pankhurst they’ll be coming out again. After all we should be celebrating ALL of Emily’s achievements.

        • Introspectre

          Well played!

        • Dr. F

          Sublime, wonderful and thank you.

        • Fidelbogen

          Here is another possible scenario which I have scripted:

        • Tim Legere

          Link to wiki on the “White Feather”.


        Thanks Bro, I would say due to our blog invasion the score is MRA’s 1 fairfax media 0. :)

    • Adam

      “It has nothing to do with men and women and the “social contract” between them – it is about helping somebody in need of assistance and being a mature member of society. You know like standing up for an old person on the bus? Helping a pregnant lady with her bags? Getting a child’s kite out of a tree?

      Might want to try it sometime – it might help you live a more fulfilling life.”

      All those activities you mention are provided out of graciousness of one person to another. No human should be compelled to give of their time or receive harm for another for no reward, similarly I do not condone any human harming another.
      Any thing else is coercion – forcing your will onto another.

      Do you also require everyone with an mp3 player to listen to your favourite song? They might live a more fulfilled life you know!

      What about woman-on-man violence? What about women-on-child violence? Do you even care about those?”

      Alice didn’t like your comment, naughty naughty Mr Elam. Write “I must not offend the femmos” 100 times after class.

    • Kimski

      Unfortunately I’m unable to enter the comment section on this one, KARMA.

      I’m also not very well into the laws of said country, but wouldn’t a suggestion of intervening in something that is against the law, i.e. violence against another human being, be considered illegal, as it is against the law to intentionally put yourself in harms way?

      And if you have no idea who actually threw the first punch, wouldn’t you furthermore be putting yourself at additional risk for later criminal prosecution from one of the parties involved?

      In my country unlawful things are meant to be taken care of by the police, and the intervening suggestions they come up with here would be deemed a crime, as it would place an individual in harms way with a risk of danger to personal safety. And it sure as hell would be brought before a judge, regardless of the circumstances.

      Not that I would ever lift a finger to protect any women, as they usually have had it coming for a long time, before a guy ultimately loses his cool, but I’m just curious about this and would be grateful if someone would adress these questions, please.


        Not sure about the law myself, not sure if any women have had it coming for some time.

        The best way is for men to learn to set up boundaries, ie don’t get involved with a women that sets you off in the first place.

        We have to teach young men to screen women, 99.9% of women can be read in the dating phase, but men, well 90% of men need training to achieve this.

        I am a big fan of the doclove system he is not a PUA BTW.

        Feminists and feminism requires creation of peril and grief.

        Our movement is the opposite, MRA’s should be into preventive maintenance.Teaching young men how to screen women in the dating phase will empower them and could even save their life.

    • Dan Moore (Factory)

      “You know, back in the 30’s, they didn’t give Jews and Homosexuals the choice for stuff like this. Thankfully, I still have that choice.

      Thank you, but no.”

      • Dannyboy

        won’t permit me to vote you up Dan but I still believe it should be voted up

    • Dannyboy

      Here is my response hope it helps Karma
      It is currently pending approval.
      @ alice. and Mr. de Brito
      Living in Canada I am acutely aware of the white ribbon campaign and I will not wear one for one simple reason it is sexist.
      Yes domestic violence is a problem it is a crime and should be punished but it is being ignored for half the population.
      My proof on the current social response is here:

      I suggest you and the author of this article watch this and then just maybe you will understand this is not a woman’s issue but a human issue and the solutions need to be re-worked.
      163 people walked by and did nothing even a cop. What does that say about how society views domestic violence?
      What is the message the white ribbon campaign is broadcasting to society?
      By singling out 1 sex as the only possible victim and the other sex as the only possible criminal the white ribbon campaign looses its credibility.
      If the white ribbon campaign wants to be taken seriously as a movement to end domestic violence then it needs to stop being sexist.


        Thanks mate, keep up the good work, every bit helps. :)

  • Perseus

    The first thing that comes to mind is to identify them as conspirators. That is what they are doing, they are conspiring for heinous crimes against humanity. Which elucidates clearly that they are in flagrant violation of the law. Such actors should be charged and prosecuted, immediately.

    “Conspirators to commit mass murder, genocide and institute eugenics.”

    ex·tir·pate   [ek-ster-peyt, ik-stur-peyt]
    1. to remove or destroy totally; do away with; exterminate.

  • Dr. F

    It’s extraordinary isn’t it ?

    Just when you think it might be safe to go about your way in the world you see another one, another world right there hidden all the time. Only this one has the face of a thousand gorgons and each one when cut grows another dozen in it’s place.

    Shame on us all for allowing such a beast to grow right here with us as it hides in the shadows of those that protect it with SCUM plays, genocide jokes, curriculum insanity, and shame on those that stomp slowly and heavily with boots bloodied from medieval law.

    Shame on us who are airbrushed on glossy magazines telling only stories of men who hate, and shame on the rest of us that endorse it when we buy this pulp ream after ream.

    Shame on us with our heads fatigued to the pain of our brother’s hearts and shame to those that know this and turn away.

    Shame on those that look for love in the corrupt houses that shelter only those that conspire to kill, and shame on those who look upon it then look away.

    Shame on the lawyers and doctors and teachers and carpenters that never listen, and shame on their brothers and sisters that hear the same way.

    Shame on all of us who sleep with lids open because there will be nobody left to tell you that you’ve killed us all.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    One commenter per the above wrote:

    > “It’s very important for men to stand up and make their voices heard in promoting respectful treatment, and language used around women…”

    Why? The same feminist who urge this never say women should respect men. Or that boys are “children,” too…and very dissed by wimmin today.

    > “Woman says, ‘That’s sexist and I don’t think it’s funny’. Cue eye-rolling, comments about ‘feminazis’, rejoinders that women/feminists ‘cannot take a joke’ or ‘have no sense or humour’, or that ‘it’s all in a bit of good fun’.”

    Right. So how do you think the commenter and her ilk react when men complain about Sharon Osbourne or Swedish SCUM plays?

    > “we cannot divorce violence against women from entrenched patriarchal attitudes…”

    Whenever a fembot begins to mewl such mallarkey about patriarchy it’s time to fart and walk away. Why waste time arguing with Goebbels clones?

    > “There is an overwhelming focus upon women’s looks/youth vs. men’s wealth and status….It commoditises women…”

    How feminist! She/it is totally blind to the other half of the equation right in front of the fat face: MEN being commodified as ATMs and corporate workhorses.

    I no longer comment on feminist sites. It wastes my time. Alas, I posted about 1400 on Salon.


    Bigguns and other dildobrains on it and other fembotulism websites are beyond help. They just where you down. As do feminism’s male lapdogs. Like Svutlov, who spent all his time bragging about how he jes’ looooooooved to give ye olde oral sex to wimmens (p*ssy-beggerus pathetica). Another said nothing whenever manhood was attacked. But let anyone question the excesses of the women’s movment, and out he’d come like a yapping chihuahua. He then drone on at length about how men must remain cautious-fair–and-inactive.

    Typhoonblue, Parson Jim, Dick Dworkin, and some others were allies, but outnumbered.

    Better for all rally here.

    • Dr. F

      Forgive me Auntie,

      It’s only just now that I am starting to see the solidness of your words.

      I am very slow with movie plots and social banter at times and this I guess is part and parcel of that – ah well, in the words of my favourite cartoon character Popeye, ” I yam what I am. ”

      Keep it coming mate. :)

  • Adam

    Having been to both Dachau & Buchenwald and Harbin (China, see Unit 731 on wiki) in my travels, I would not be surprised to see it all happen again.

    Funny thing about Dachau is that as the first conc. camp and model of it was to be run, it was actually less harsh to the prisoners – some of the prisoners lived for more than a year after being interned! Buchenwald was a nightmare by comparison with large scale ovens, ‘reclaimed gold’ sorting rooms – dental fillings mainly – and the rest.

    We have these women as junior-skinheads, neo-nazis, who will similarly extract all value possible out of their slave workforce before putting an end to their miserable lives.
    First, you force him to marry you with a shotgun wedding – oh but you have to penetrated by a man how disgusting
    Second, you force him to buy you a house.
    Third, you divorce and kick his sorry ass out on the street because you fear for your life
    Fourth, shack up with the local hot lesbian to raise your new baby, receive alimony and child support for 18 easy years.

    Bonus points if the baby is brain damaged or disabled to indefinitely receive money from govt and the loser man. “My child is too stressful, I need daycare and specialists to take care of her.”

    What else are these women working towards?

  • Ray

    “Before becoming Rwanda’s chief official for women’s affairs, Pauline was a social worker, roaming the countryside, offering lectures on female empowerment and instruction on child care and AIDS prevention. Her days as minister were similarly devoted to improving the lives of women and children.”

    Was she a part of any United Nations program? Third wold people in her capacity usually have some kind of organizational backing. It might be interesting to know who she was affiliated with before becoming a genocidal maniac/killer.

  • Ray

    “Monster” might be an appropriate category for some of the more violently heinous misandrists formerly listed under the bigot category.
    “2. evil person: somebody whose perceived inhumanity or vicious behavior terrifies and disgusts people”

    Of course, gender feminists are moral relativists and don’t believe in moral absolutes like good and evil, therefore words like “monster,” or “heinous” would likely have little, or no, meaning to them.

    1. “utterly evil: shockingly evil or wicked”

    A movie called “Monster” was made about the life of Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer who murdered at least seven men. The title (Monster) was an appropriate label for a person who behaved as heinously as Wuornos did, IMO. In reviews I’ve read on the movie, mentions is made of rationalizations the movie gives for her behavior.

  • JGteMolder

    My comment submitted for approval:

    I find it funny that people claim things about women being dehumanized by “patriarchy” being the reason “for all the violence against women” while in the same breath reducing men to meat shields for women.

    It’s mind blowing that in a story about a violent maniac shooting several men, the subject of the story isn’t the tragedy of men, heroes, getting hurt and killed; but a woman not getting effectively protected, and more men should throw themselves in a meat grinder for the sake of saintly women.

    Women can’t be touched, but men; ah, rape, murder, abuse them, who cares, right? They’re just men!

    Here’s what you do when someone gets attacked, REGARDLESS OF SEX, because men and women deserve protection from violence: you call the cops. They have bullet-proof vests, their own guns and training to deal with criminals.

    You keep yourself safe, and get the hell away from the criminal and his or her victim, regardless of his or her sex. It doesn’t matter what sex pulls a trigger; you are not bullet-proof.


      “meat shields for women”

      I love that, hmm might have to use it myself.

  • Simon

    guys, this is a bit off topic. We have just had white ribbon (male guilt) day here in Aus and I found this article.

    training young boys to be good little manginas.


    • Kimski

      I think it’s pretty obvious who disrespects who, just by looking at the expression on the face of that 17 year old girl, Simon. It wouldn’t matter if these boys became the pinnacle of Mangina-ism, -she’d still hate their guts just for being boys.

      In a couple of years that expression will have rooted itself so deep in her facial features, that she has to plaster it over with layers of pancake make-up to get a husband, after which she gets a couple of kids, grow fat and go back to hating, after her divorce has made her semi-wealthy.

      Who knows, maybe she’ll even come up with a manhating manifest or be a blogwriter, where she can really let go and get payed for it too?

  • DruidV

    So in a very real sense, when the gynocracy sexually mutillated me at birth by chopping off the end of my dick, this was really me recieving my concentration camp tattoo?

    Talk about your eerie comparisons, huh?

    I can almost hear the screeching form the hairy female Hutts:
    “Nazism and feminism have nothing to do with each other, you patriarchal pig!!!!!@#$111!!!”

    Well then, let’s see if we can’t find any other similarities between these two ‘isms’ then, shall we Ms?

    Nazism told jews: “You are evil, depraved, sub-humans, in control of everything and the cause of the whole world’s misery! You deserve to die!

    Feminism tells Men: “You are evil, depraved, sub-humans in control of everything and the cause of the whole world’s misery. You deserve to die!”

    Nazism: Systematically removed jews from their homes, seperated them from their families and imprisoned them indefinitely, as enemies of the state.

    Feminism: Systematically removes Men from their homes, kidnaps their children and imprisons them indefinitely, as enemies of the state.

    Nazism: Directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of God only knows how many jews at the hands of fanatic Germans. Directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of uncounted jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and other ‘undesirables’ via institutionalized murder in extermination camps.

    Feminism: Directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of untolled unborn Male fetuses at the hands of fanatic females. Directly responsible for the murder of God only knows how many Men at the hands of their female partners. Directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of uncounted Men through suicide after divorce, society wide accepted violence against and murder of Men, and lack of concern over Men’s health issues, other than penis pills.

    I could go on and on and on, buy I’m not feeling so well all of a sudden. This comparison started out kind of fun, but soon bcame quite sickening.

    Will western females ever see this hate for what it really is and snap out of it, already?

    I won’t hold my breath.

  • keyster

    Juxtaposed with this is China’s one child policy, where young chinese couples when made to choose, are overwhelmingly selecting for the male. A growing population of single men with no women to marry, makes for a motivated army.

    Since this is communist social engineering feminists are silent about it (and Joe Biden “understands” it), but you’d think THIS would be a big issue for feminists. While all the rad fems are bloviating about male extermination, the largest population in the world has been consciously choosing male babies, thus disproportionately growing their male population.

    Yet they seem totally oblivious to it.
    Because extermination fantasies are directed towards only a certian class of male; the “privilaged” caucasian variety. Asians are like totally cool and non-threatening.

  • Kai

    Have you considered the word “gendercide”? It’s used in feminist circles and generally used to refer to the eradication of women only. But we can co-opt it for our purposes.

  • tm

    “one time I intervened & dragged a guy off his bleeding girlfriend in the street – I had him restrained against a wall while someone else rang the cops & the girl dusted herself off & king hit me in the back of the head….. still think I did the right thing in the circumstances.”

    Read more:

    Can white knighthood be more blind than this?

  • paddybrown

    There’s an article in Wednesday’s Sydney Morning Herald about how, when you take all paid and domestic work into account, men and women do about the same. All stuff everybody here will be familiar with, but what struck me was the fourth comment, left by someone called “Rachel”:

    Yes Bettina, my husband plays on his iPad on the long commute. Likewise his long lunch is a “work-related activity”. Do you really think this tripe helps men? You may like to consider that reading your articles makes many women feel very stabby towards them.

    I find that kind of chilling.

  • Troll King

    Nice essay.

    This may be somewhat off topic but you guys need to see this:

    A six year old boy has been charged, and may be forced to register as a sex offender, for playing doctor with a five year old girl.

    This story basically has it all.,0,6903862.story

    • keyster

      A 5 year old girl is obviously not mature enough to consent to sexual contact from a male. Of course this also assumes a 6 year old boy knows all about coercion and “power”. He must have been “conditioned” by patriarchy when he was 2 or 3.

      • James Huff

        You hit the nail right on the head. Those words are EXACTLY what a radfem would say.

      • Introspectre

        In kindergarten, I had a feminist teachers aide, tell me and I paraphrase here; that I was harming and oppressing women because, I tried to hold her hand, due to her resemblance to my mother. Who had died of cancer a year earlier. I can remember, because it shocked me so bad that it burned into my consciousness. Took me years before I could comprehend what was going on there.

        Interestingly enough, it was a girl in my class who saw this, became enraged and told on her to the teacher; I was too shocked to say anything. The female, main teacher of the class, to her credit, took this bigot aside and tore a strip off her. Women need to remember where wisdom truly lies, like that girl and my teacher did.

    • Izzey

      How the fuck did any of us ‘old timers’ ever survive our childhoods?

      We didn’t ‘play doctor’?

      But then again, we rode our bicycles without helmets, climbed trees all by ourselves, ate dirt from the backyard making mud pies, managed to go through the grocery store with mom without carrying anti-bacterial products to wipe everything down first….

      And daddy was able to bring us to the public park without having to carry our birth certificates with him to prove he was our father…and not a child molester.

      Sorry, I tend to reply to comments before the article.
      This one pissed me off.


    • Dannyboy

      Insanity unfolding before our very eyes.
      Instead of the care givers simply handling this playing doctor episode in a rational manner they opted for having a child charged for something he couldn’t possibly understand.
      Almost un-fricken believable. I say almost because we have seen lunacy in the courts time and time again.
      The civil lawsuit for the 6 year old in this matter can be found here:

  • paddybrown

    It’s fucking child abuse. The prosecutors need to go on Register-Her as child sex abusers.


      Mary Kellett moved interstate?

  • LJ

    I like the idea of using conspirators but, it bears asking if there is a risk of being tied to “conspiracy wack jobs” in using that classification. Maybe something like gendercide advocate.

  • AntZ

    Virtually every systematic dehumanization campaign eventually evolves into a systematic genocide campaign. I have been able to find only one exception in Human history.

    Why do people think that feminism will be any different, is beyond me.

  • JinnBottle

    ‘“just kidding” is a good test of an idea’s palatability when your own ethical compass is broken, or missing.

    For other mass-murder enthusiasts, don’t forget to give yourself plausible deniability for when the public catches a whiff of what you are test marketing.’

    That is IT, JtO – yet another point aching to be made for years upon end. A decade and more ago, another writer, Wendy McElroy got the target in the crosshairs when she described this syndrome among feminists as “Now I mean it, now I don’t”. But you finally pulled the trigger and froze its very essence for all to see. Thanx again, man.

  • Imperius

    The Feminists fail to realize that the future of humanity is Singularity (merger of humans with machines) the rise of a sentient machine species that becomes far more sophisticated and versatile than humans, external wombs that remove the burden, risks and provide a safer environment to grow and improve babies instead of natural pregnancy, halting the aging process will also reduce the need to have children to sustain society.