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The dishonor of Judge Lori B. Jackson

Dear men and women of the men’s movement,

We have arrived at a moment that will define this website and, I dare to say, this movement for years to come.

As you recently learned from Dr. Tara Palmatier, a family tragedy has unfolded in the state of West Virginia.  It is a story so dark, so utterly unjust, that it is hard to describe without the use of metaphors that would seem hyperbolic. Those metaphors would, in reality, be inadequate. Lt. Col. Joel Kirk of the United States Air Force, a decorated combat pilot, and his two children have been trapped in a legal nightmare so twisted and so inhumane that it defies description. The facts in this case reveal a presiding family court judge bereft of not only sound judgment and reason, but of human decency.

Judge Lori B. Jackson, of the Eighteenth Family Court Circuit for Harrison County, West Virginia has used her gavel, her authority under the law, to sadistically bludgeon Lt. Col. Kirk, and has sentenced his two children to being placed in the custody of their mother, Tina Taylor Kirk, a proven and even more sadistic abuser.

As Dr. Palmatier pointed out in her article, Judge Jackson had a mountain of evidence before her, including reports from psychologists and the court appointed guardian ad litem, that concluded beyond any doubt that Tina Taylor Kirk is a severely emotionally disturbed woman, who, especially when abusing alcohol, was given to repeated episodes of extreme rage that frequently resulted in the severe psychological and physical abuse of her children.

The evidence, clearly at Judge Jackson’s disposal during the divorce, also demonstrated a mother who regularly endangered the lives of those children, driving while intoxicated with them in the car.

Despite the staggering amount of evidence that the children were unsafe with their mother, and being routinely abused by her, Judge Jackson reversed an earlier judge’s order awarding the father custody, and with full knowledge returned the children directly into the hands of their abuser, along with the bulk of Lt. Col Kirk’s assets.

It was a judgment from hell, and hell it has been, for those two innocent children and their father.

It is very important here to make the attempt to impart to you the real magnitude of what these children have had to live with. Dr. Palmatier brought you, directly from the mouth of Lt. Col Kirk, one particular incident involving a drunken, raging Tina Taylor Kirk, who after frightening her son into fleeing the home, threw herself onto the back of an SUV in which Lt. Col. Kirk and his daughter were also attempting to escape.

Now I want you to hear the story as it was conveyed in the voices of Tina Kirk and her daughter in a recording of that incident. The incident was recorded on a video camera. While the video content of the recording was placed under a gag order by Judge Jackson, we are free to bring you the audio portion. For the sake of brevity it has been edited to remove distortions, unintelligible audio and prolonged periods of silence. For the sake of accuracy, we will also provide you the unedited recording.

Please be warned in advance. This audio is very disturbing. Listen at your own discretion.

Here is the edited version.

Here is the complete recording.

And why did all this start? Because Tina Taylor Kirk could not find her cell phone.

This incident, which was also a part of the guardian ad litem report to the court reveals a misquote from the article by Dr. Palmatier. When questioned about this incident, and asked to rate the severity of what happened on a scale of 1 to 10, the son, as reported by Dr. Palmatier, answered:

“The night mom got arrested on a scale of 1-10 was a 10, but we have 9s a lot.”

That is not an entirely accurate quote. What the boy actually said was:

“That night was probably an 11, but Mom gets to 10 a lot.”

In the interest of full disclosure, you can read that for yourself in the guardian ad litem report, which we provide for you here. The document has been redacted to conceal the names of the children for obvious reasons.

Ad litem report

This report, page after page, documents the chronically abusive behavior of Tina Taylor Kirk toward not only her husband, but her children; of them being choked and hit and slapped and berated till they crawled under their beds for safety; of being abused to the point of living their lives in fear, listening for the sound of their fathers car pulling into the driveway, because that sound meant for a time they would be protected from the monster in their home.

The report documents Tina Taylor Kirk’s attempts to intimidate and threaten personnel charged with investigating the well-being of her children, her attempted coercion of her children into lying on her behalf, trying to force them to mold their reality to cover her lies and to fit her embittered and malicious agenda. It is all laid out in clear, heartbreakingly painful detail.

It is a horrifying document, but it did at least hold the promise of a way out for those battered children. In its pages it contains the justification, indeed the moral imperative to ensure that those children are not abused in this way again.

But the real value of that document hinged entirely on the competence and moral capacity of whatever authority was entrusted to take action on it. In this case, that responsibility was unfortunately placed in the hands of Judge Lori B. Jackson, who reviewed the same evidence you just did, and then, for whatever reason suited her at the time, dropped both of those children directly in the grease.

Then she ordered that the video, which because it is visual proof and, therefore, particularly damning, be forever withheld from the public. Make of that decision what you will.

The facts in this case are evident. The worst of them is that an abusive, mentally unstable parent has found a friend and enabler in a state functionary who has reversed her sacrosanct obligation to act in those two children’s best interest, and instead condemned them, wantonly, to continued violation at the hands of their abuser. It is unconscionable. The only question that remains takes us back to what I said at the start of this letter.

What are we going to do about it?

We sure as hell have to do something. Knowing what we know and doing nothing would demonstrate near as much depraved indifference as the family court in Harrison County, West Virginia.

To be clear, I know this is an uphill battle. The hubris that leads to these kinds of decisions is born of a sense of impunity that is neither irrational, nor unwarranted.  As we have seen in case after case, officials in family courts across this country and beyond are accustomed to absolute control and complete immunity from public scrutiny and forced accountability for their misdeeds. They operate in a system that sustains its corruption and egregious conduct by its own unfettered authority, leaving them all but impervious to the desire for justice and the mandates of the Constitution.

But we also know another reality. Whenever enough people speak truth to power, and are unyielding, even the mighty can feel the impact.

In the case of Vladek Filler, a man falsely accused of rape during a bitter custody dispute, and prosecuted by viciously unjust prosecutor Mary Kellett, we made a difference. After AVfM secured over a thousand signatures on a petition demanding Kellett’s disbarment; after we inundated politicians and news media with letters, emails and phone calls; even after Mary Kellett sought to have a gag order put on this website because of our activism, she now prepares herself to face a disciplinary hearing at the bar for her misconduct. Her license to practice law is now rightly on the line.

The other case we took up was that of Gordon Smith, a Delaware man arrested 8 times on 13 false allegations from his former wife, Tiffany Marie Smith. At the time we met Gordon he was still being thrown in jail regularly on bogus charges and was still facing time in prison for crimes he did not commit. We went to work for Mr. Smith in much the same way we did for Mr. Filler. As of today, Gordon Smith has been cleared of all charges. Tiffany Marie Smith has been arrested and is facing felony prosecution for her misdeeds.

I do not claim that AVfM was the only reason that these cases improved for these two men. But anyone following the cases knows that we played a very significant role in the outcome. We made a difference, maybe the difference, and we can do it again.

So, on behalf of the entire editorial staff of AVfM, I am calling on our supporters again. It is time to put the A in MRA again, and to do it now. After all, what advocate for men could possibly remain silent in the face of this opportunity to right a wrong and to strike a blow directly at the heart of the most pervasive source of discrimination against men…the family courts?

And, I ask you with no reservation at all, who deserves this more than Lt. Col. Kirk and his children?

Here is who you contact, and remember, courteous but firm:

(note: please be sure when linking to send to Dr. T’s article, not this one)

Judge Lori B. Jackson
Harrison County Courthouse
306 Washington Avenue
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Fax: 304-627-2149

List of media contacts

Charleston Gazette

Charleston Daily Mail
1001 Virginia St. E.
Charleston, WV 25301

News Editor: Philip Maramba

P.O. Box 11848
Charleston, WV 25339-1848

News Director
Elisabeth F. Shaffer

Main  304-343-1313
Fax 304-343-6138


1301 Piedmont Rd.
Charleston, WV 25301

Eyewitness Newsroom:  304-345-4115

Stars and Stripes, Electronic Edition

529 14th Street NW, Suite 350,
Washington, D.C. 20045-1301

Terry Leonard, Editorial Director

(202) 761-0535, DSN  312-763-0535

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    I have listened to that audio twice now and have cried each time. The fact that Judge Jackson watched the video and listened to the audio and returned the Kirk children to that monster is monstrous in and of itself.

    What I feel is beyond outrage. I can’t think of words adequate enough to describe how I feel.

    • HurleyHacker

      Dr. T,
      I refuse to watch or listen to the video or audio. I was the recipient of such violence by my bio sperm doner and bio egg doner. The carnage I suffered for 18 years was and is unbelievable.

      These children must be rescued. Whatever the tactics or methods used . The living hell these children will live with for the rest of their lives angers me. My anger is not a healthy one..

      I don’t know the solution but the results are in front of my screen and it ain’t pretty………………..

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        It’s brutal to to listen to, Hurley. I don’t blame you. I am sorry you experienced similar abuse. Very, very sorry.

        • HurleyHacker

          Dr. T, I carry the scars and the emotional hell with me. as much as i try to jettison the hell I lived through the pain still remains. Thank you et al for your support. I am too old to save but these children are priority one. If only………… I know what could of been. These children are innocent and soon to be damned to hell with their mother. I cannot save them. I can only advise the rest of us that hell awaits these children. God help these children. Please!!?

          • The Real Peterman

            “I am too old to save”

            I would be very surprised if that were true. You seem like a good person.

          • Aimee McGee

            HH, all humans have value. You too…

    • Mercer Williams

      Personally, from what I’ve heard, I don’t think I could stomach the audio. The original article already made me well up with tears.

      However, what really gets my goat is that this “Dr” Edward Baker somehow comes to the conclusion that Lt. Col. Kirk is the abusive one because “he was more concerned with making her look back than nurturing the children.”

      (Need to explode now…)


      Ok, that’s better.

      Still, I firmly believe that this Judge acts with nothing but malice. The children can clearly see that Tina is abusive, several other psychologists and even another judge can clearly see it, yet Jackson denies all evidence against Tina with a resounding “LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”

      She should be removed from the bench, plain and simple.

  • jus7tman

    The report from the therapist contains the children’s testimony that Tina Kirk beat them with a belt and buckle.

    Why has Tina Kirk not been prosecuted and jailed?

  • AntZ

    I will do whatever I can for this family, who have suffered such agony at the hands of West Virginia’s feminist family courts. This father must have justice. These children must be removed from the “care” of the monster who calls herself thier mother. This Judge must be fired, and her corruption and support of abuse and child cruelty must never be forgotten. I will not rest until these things are done.

  • rams888


    Individuals like Judge Lori B. Jackson should be made accountable. And there lies the problem, people like this have gone unaccountable for far to long.
    In a humane society Lori B. Jackson would not be allowed anywhere near a court of law unless she was on trial herself.

  • Suz

    OK here’s my offer. I will be out of town until next Friday, and Saturday I have blogmeet to attend. Monday the 24th I can do the following: I can go to the Harrison County courthouse and hand out cards with the web address to this article, ALL OVER THE NEIGHBORHOOD, and possibly in stores nearby. I think it’s legal as long as I don’t approach anyone in a “no soliciting” building.

    I am a complete novice at this sort of thing, though I know to bring my digital voice recorder. I’m asking for feedback – should I do this? Can anybody meet me (yeah, I know, a Monday…) Any suggestions?

    • Dannyboy

      Stumbled across a couple of sites you might be of use to you and those in W. Virginian state.


      Lastly this one:

      West Virginia

      Date: August 1, 2012
      Summary of statute(s): An individual who is a party to either an in-person conversation or electronic communication, or who has the consent of one of the parties to the communication, can lawfully record it or disclose its contents, unless the person is doing so for the purpose of committing a criminal or tortious act. W. Va. Code § 62-1D-3 (2012).

      Not to be construed as legal advice just pointing out information.
      Good luck Suz

      • Suz

        Thanks, Dannyboy. The primary purpose of the recorder is my own protection, but I won’t hesitate to share anything useful…

    • Suz

      (I can do this without a “buddy;” is it a good idea or a bad one?)

    • Paul Elam

      I was hoping someone in that area would turn up for that. I think it is a great idea, but I would suggest cutting out if anyone gets snippy.

      I will send you an email on this later this evening. Let’s discuss. and thank you!

      • Suz

        Thanks, Paul. I’d really appreciate your guidance. The first thing anyone in my family says, when I tell them I’m getting involved in in-person activism, is: “Don’t get arrested!”
        I think that’s great advice!

        • Aimee McGee

          Suz, good luck out there. I hope there is someone near local so you can pair up, ‘cos its easier if there is someone to hold the glue bucket :)
          Joking aside, your family advice is smart.

        • MrChipps

          You may want to operate more covertly. If you have the video and audio make a 100 CD’s and label them and make sure that the press and others get them.Send them to the reporters and the press in Charleston as well.

    • Dean Esmay

      While that may be highly useful, what may be at least as useful is contacting the West Virginia House and Senate members in Col. Kirk’s district. I’m working now to find out who they are; I believe I know but I am double-checking to confirm. These are other people who will need to be contacted–because in West Virginia, the House and Senate may impeach a judge and remove them from office. And having such hearings opened up may be just the ticket for for the Dishonorable Lori Jackson.

    • andybob

      Good for you Ms Suz. Wish I could physically join you there, but I’ll be there in spirit. Your stepping up for those kids, as well as Lt Col Kirk (could be your son) makes me proud to be on the same side as you. Stay safe, please.

  • Dean Esmay

    More than one copy of that video must exist. I don’t believe we need Col. Kirk’s help to find it.

    • Paul Elam

      If we can find it, we will post it to this site. gag order or no. I do not believe I am subject to the whims of a family court judge in WV.

      • The Real Peterman

        Nothing would be better than if someone succeeded in posting that video, “Judge” Jackson had a fit, and the controversy resulted in thousands of people seeing it who otherwise would never know it existed.

  • Lordmep

    Just let me know when some sort of petition is up.

  • ChrisD

    That is seriously bloody scary. Just listening to that is bad enough, I cannot imagine actually being in that situation. When the child is screaming it’s like something out of a horror film, deeply unsettling.

    That level of rage is worrying, a person like that will cross the line and eventually end up seriously hurting or even killing someone.

    Is this what psychosis sounds like?

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      It’s what a raging, drunk, manipulative BPD sounds like, that’s for sure.

      • ChrisD

        Is it possible for someone like this to be treated effectively? Or is BPD a life long thing that won’t ever go away?

        • Dean Esmay

          Dr T will likely tell you the same thing I will: BPD *is* treatable, however, it is *extremely* difficult to treat in part because the very nature of this personality is to vigorously deny that there is anything wrong with them or that they need any help at all. Thus just getting them to accept any form of treatment is nearly impossible. They seem most amenable to it when their lives are in a complete shambles and they’re in utter and abject misery and something finally dawns on them that maybe their current behaviors must change for anything to get better.

          Although when they’ve reached that point they often self-destruct instead of getting help.

          It’s very much like an alcoholic–and speaking as a recovering alcoholic myself, I’m not being flip. The active alcoholic is in a deep pit of despair and pain and rarely can quit without help, but the nature of the disease (Paul Elam is nuts when he says it’s not a disease) is such that the alcoholic usually has to be in enough pain and misery to want to change, and fully convinced that if they don’t change and stay changed they’re gonna die or worse (and yes there’s worse than death).

        • Aimee McGee

          Chris, I’ve met 2 BPDs who claimed to have done enough therapy to enact a ‘cure’ and only one of those really ‘talked the talk’ and ‘walked the walk’ by having a very well regulated and defined lifestyle…having chosen to live alone rather than inflicting her volitility on others. She had adult children and spoke with intellectual understanding of their choice to be the ones regulating their relationship with her. She still had weekly individual therapy and group work after 6 years on a weekly basis.
          Most don’t believe they have a problem, less have the capacity to undertake such rigorous therapy.
          Only other remarkable case I have seen, I think she was actually misdiagnosed, as chronic pain and post natal psychosis would make anyone more than a bit crazy, but I didn’t see the features of BPD in her when we stared working together on some lifestyle issues 6 years post-diagnosis.

          • MrChipps

            You’re assuming that she is bipolar when in fact she may just be a typical hysterical female whose hysteria is exasperated by alcohol. Or she may just be an alcoholic.
            At any rate the treatment for bipolar is Lithium.

    • tallwheel

      “When the child is screaming it’s like something out of a horror film, deeply unsettling.”

      The screaming totally reminded me of Blair Witch Project. First thing that came to mind.

  • Dannyboy

    First, Dr. T forgot to thank you for your work in the original article. I am sorry somethings just get me riled up and I forget my manners. Sorry about that.

    That being said am composing a letter as well. Will be exposing this story up here in Canada too, hopefully one news agency picks it up.

    Special note to you ms jackson ( I refuse to call this woman her honour nothing she has done in this matter illustrates her deserving that term of respect ) see that spot on the horizon well that is the Career Grim-reaper coming for yours. Its time to pay the piper for your misdeeds ms jackson, time to sleep in the bed you made with your heinous and discriminatory decisions.

    And lastly, Lt. Col, you and your children hang tough sir, our keyboards are mobilizing, we heard the call.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Thanks, Dannyboy. I didn’t write the article for me. I wrote it for the Col and the children. Honestly, I had a lot of fear writing the article because of possible legal repercussions. Bottom line: I believe it was the right thing to do.

      I have worked with too many men who have been run through the wood chipper of family courts. This kind of judicial abuse needs to end. Maybe we can put an end to it by exposing similar stories to the unrelenting light of day.

      • MrChipps

        I don’t understand, what sort of legal repercussions? Anything you write is protected under the 1st amendment and freedom of the press as an internet journalist. If this judge tried anything you could sue her for a violation of your civil rights in Federal Court. In actions alleging violations of civil rights a judge does not have judicial immunity in Fed Court.

  • Dr. F

    My god.That audio is terrifying.

    The world is watching us now. We have impact and we will use it with this case.

    • Ben

      Right on, and I can’t figure out for the life of me what sort of parasites must be eating the brains of an adult who believes that the best interest of the child is with that woman. But we still hear about the pervasive misogyny and male priviledge in our society.

      • tallwheel

        A feminist would likely tell you that we side with the mothers in custody cases BECAUSE of misogyny, and the fact that people see women as more capable as parents (and therefore necessarily less capable at work outside the home I guess…) Same reason why there are more male workplace deaths and military deaths – discrimination against women! It doesn’t matter who benefits. As long as traditional gender roles are at play, misogyny and discrimination against women are the culprit. It has nothing to do with traditional male gender roles, because misandry doesn’t exist, and male traits are always seen as positive.

  • Gruelien

    I listened to the audio. And I either did something really dumb for me or emotionally tainted. I called the court and attempted to make a statement. The lady that answered did not know this was on the web yet. She asked if I was threatening them. I told them I was not. She asked me for my statement and I told her I was hoping the judge could undo what she has done. I told them about the audio file and the report. She asked how I had gotten a hold of it and I told her I downloaded it from the web. She did not understand what that meant. She was clear that no on in her office could discuss the case. I don’t know how else to help except to spread the word.

    I’ve already been in an argument with my non cbx wife over the article but this article is proof in the pudding.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Hi Gru, you done good. All you did was bring the articles written thus far to the attention of the office of the Dishonorable Lori B. Jackson, which was bound to happen sooner or later.

      People should be asking her how she could make such a ruling. She’s a former CPA who ran for judge. I have to wonder if she even has a law degree. There is remarkably little information about her available on her and her background, which I find strange for someone who holds public office.

      Impeach the Dishonorable Lori B. Jackson.

      • 666FIREBUG

        Yes indeed, totally dishonourable, and without conscience or compassion, after having listened to that tape, sent those poor bloody kids back to a raving lunatic.Hopefully this exposure of her will bring the ostracism and contempt upon her that she so richly deserves.

      • MrChipps

        As far as I can tell she is not a member of the West Virginia bar. It’s possible she may be licensed under a maiden name but I doubt it since licenses are issued under your actual name and amended if your name changes.
        On these lower courts, like Municipal, not all judges are lawyers esp. in wealthier areas because no lawyer wants the job when they can be earning a lot more as a lawyer. But this is W Virginia and that court is in a poorer town so I don’t know what the story is here.Probably no lawyer wants the job so as long as you can follow court rules and know the basics you get to play judge.

    • MrChipps

      Yes, I wouldn’t do that. Besides, it’s just some moron answering the phone on the other side so it’s a waste of time too.

  • Aimee McGee

    I realised I could not listen to the audio.
    It’s too close to the bone knowing what my SOs daughters are going through.
    I’m holding Joel Kirk and his children in the Divine Light

  • Jade Michael

    These children have been abused by their mother and now by the state. They are going to grow up knowing there is no justice unless we do what we can with the contact info Paul provided. The outcome of this case is especially important for these kids’ future outlook on crime, and life in general.

    Nothing makes me lose my composure more than cases of abuse, let alone abuse that is allowed to continue by the state, but I will be as cordial as possible in my email.

    • Paul Elam

      That is right, Jade. As compelling and horrible as this story is, it cannot give itself traction. MRAs MUST write to the news agencies and contact the court.

      As more articles are released we will be presenting new contacts for different reasons, and those too MUST be utilized, or we will fail to help the Col. and his children.

      Was very pleased to see you visited today, as I knew you would act.

  • 666FIREBUG

    No words can describe how disgusting and unfit for the job this sorry excuse for a judge is. She clearly has an agenda,and it most certainly is not the welfare of those children.I want to see this revolting scumbag hounded and brought to account for what can only be described as “state sanctioned child abuse”.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Recommendation: For those of you who call the courthouse or the Dishonorable Lori Jackson’s office, RECORD THE CONVERSATION. Send the audio file to either Paul or myself and we’ll post them.

    1) So this judge can’t claim she’s receiving death threats.

    2) So that we have a record of the fact she is ignoring/refusing to do anything.

    That okay with you, Paul?

    • Dean Esmay

      Psst: for a very cheap amount, you can make phone calls to any US phone# with Skype:

      You can also get a free Skype plugin to record any and all calls:

      And yes, you can even make conference calls and record those.

      I understand a judge will be hearing an appeal on this case. It is perhaps prudent to contact his office as well.

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        :) :) :) :)

      • Aimee McGee

        Voicecall recording works brilliantly, I have it on my computer for professional purposes.

      • Rad

        You can also use “Messenger Plus! For Skype” if there are any problems with the first program.

      • Catherine-Gibson

        A word of caution on recording calls:
        Currently, 12 states require the consent of all parties involved in a particular conversation: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.
        That means if you initiate a call from one of those states you are subject to notify the person you call that you are recording. Remember Linda Tripp? She was indicted in MD for recording her calls to Monica Lewinsky who was on the other end of the call in DC.
        Is VoIP (internet calls) data or telecommunications legally? There is no clear answer on that yet. If you are screwing with police or courts they are going to want to call it telecommunications. That will get them an arrest warrant at the very least and could get you convicted.
        When you mess with these people you risk them coming back on you with all the power they can bring to bear.
        When I demanded that Delaware State Police arrest Tiffany Smith, in August 2010, the domestic violence Detective that was “investigating” the false report got a bullshit warrant on me. I, having a certain amount of legal expertise, realized that they knew that the case would be dropped by even an idiot prosecutor because they didn’t have a complaining witness but that the point of their exercise was to arrest me and have me sit in pre-trail detention, in the woman’s prison to teach me a lesson. I got the warrant recalled by having the alleged victim send affidavits to the DAG that stated I did not commit the crimes alleged against him and he never filed a complaint or authorized a complaint be filed on his behalf.
        Point being, cover your six when confronting police and courts.
        Be especially careful if you are doing it in your own backyard. They will wait for the opportunity to get you on anything they can to jam you up. If confronting them in your own backyard you better be driving the speed limit and doing everything else by the book or look out.

    • Paul Elam

      Of course, great thinking.

  • DarthOvious


    I have sent an e-mail to all the media contacts in the list. Since I am not a US citizen though, writing a letter to Harrison County courthouse probably won’t work for me, especially if its been addressed to Judge Lori B Jackson anyway.

    • scatmaster

      Why do they have to know that you are not a US citizen?
      Use a generic gmail account and sign your name but do not put a location.

      • DarthOvious

        The County Courthouse address has no e-mail address listed above. I have already sent an e-mail to the media contacts.

        • Paul Elam

          Thank you.

        • scatmaster

          Hmm. I have an efax account. I am wondering if there is any free ones about. I will check.

          You may want to give this one a go. I tried it and it worked for me.

          The confirmation email may go into your spam folder so look for it there.

          It took about 5 minutes but it worked for me.

          • DarthOvious

            Cool, I’m going to bed now but I will check this in the morning. Just one question so I know what I’m doing.

            I take it this is going to Judge Lori B Jacksons department? So I take it my tone should be one of disappointment in regards to her decision. Is that correct?

            Just to make sure I frame this correctly and don’t botch it up.

          • scatmaster

            I am probably not the one to ask but the way you plan to set the tome of the letter sounds right to me.

          • DarthOvious

            Thanks Scatmaster,

            Sent a fax using the service you linked to and confirmed using my e-mail. So it should be sent soon. I’m really worried about the children in this case. I’ve seen too many incidents where children have ended up dead from abusive mothers with specific personality disorders.

      • Tim Legere

        We’re definitely an International group. We need to think and act as “Global Citizens”. So … what effects an individual effect us all.

  • Kyonko802

    I will be contacting every single address on that list within the week. Seeing this makes me feel horrid, and I’ll do anything I can to help.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Every a time a public servant violates their constitutionally mandated oath to the Constitution they are, in essence, making a serious threat of violence against hundreds, or thousands, or even millions of the people they are paid to serve. We will fire every oath breaker. No exceptions. And the worst of them we are OBLIGATED to impeach.

  • Tim Legere

    Below is my letter to the addresses provided by Paul. By the way .. Anyone recognize what I did in the e-mail?


    I recently learned of an extreme case of child and spousal abuse in Virgina and wished to bring it to your attention.

    Up to this point the preciding judge (Judge L.B. Jackson) has done little or nothing to remove the children from the abusing parent.

    Would you please consider investigating and reporting on this injustice?

    Below is a link that describes this travesty.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Tim Legere

    • James Huff

      Brilliant wording!

    • Raven01

      Sex/gender removal on both the criminal and the judge. Excellent idea Tim.
      Because no matter how you slice it, no matter which sex did what, the actions speak for themselves of a gross miscarriage of justice.

  • DruidV

    Shitbirds with tits in judges robes are actually more destructive than the shitbirds with tits they reward and enable at the expense of Men.

    But the times they have a changed…

    FTSU will prevail in the same way that a heavy duty mag light prevails over cockroaches. It’s only a matter of time.

    Meanwhile, to the phones!

    (My message will be short and polite and chock full of FTSU)

    Justice for Lt. Col. Kirk as well as for “judge” Jackson…

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Please don’t forget to record your call to the Dishonorable Lori Jackson’s office.

  • Tawil

    That full audio was gut wrenching. Been there. This man and his kids need our support and advocacy to escape…. am on the case.

  • Skeptic

    Fantastic work from the aVfM community.
    Let this be a warning to judges and other family court officialdom across the land.
    You are being watched and judged by a growing movement of concerned citizens, empowered to spread truth like no previous generation.

  • Dazza

    I want to thank AVfM for taking action against these injustices. There is so much injustice experienced by men today, it is awesome to see that men have a great advocate.

    Even though I am in Australia (so it may take a little while to get there), I will send a letter to Harrison County Court House.

  • Kimski

    On it.

    • scatmaster

      Myself as well.

  • Steve_85

    “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world; and that is an idea whose time has come.”

    Our time is coming bitches. I hope you’re ready.

  • dhanu

    I’m not familiar with the environment and the surrounding where Col Kirk served, so the following might be a naive question.

    I think the people with whom the Colonel worked used to talk to him, like people in any other job do. And, though they might not share the everyday incidents among each other, when the things went to the court, there were probably some talks about that. I mean, the Colonel’s co-workers are probably familiar with the truth, and still have personal contacts with him (through emails, calls, social networking sites, etc).

    Now, this profession (related to the national security service) being so important (and so valuable that nobody including the politicians would want to alienate or ignore its officials), the views of the high rank officers working in it would be taken quite seriously. The question that comes to my mind is, knowing the reality, why ain’t they raising their voice to demand justice for their comrade? Or do they think something like this would never happen to them? Or do they just don’t know anything about it at all until now, even while outsiders like us do?

    I mean, are those who have the responsibility to save the whole nation themselves so helpless and totally at the whim of a malicious judge?

    • James Huff

      There is restricted freedom of speech in the military. The higher the rank, usually the more silent on civilian affairs (to keep from affecting unit morale and to keep one’s job).

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Let me assure you, dhanu, people “involved” either will refuse to get involved, or will automatically take the woman’s side to be on the “safe side”.

      Why? I can’t answer, but from personal experience, I can assure you, THAT is how it goes down.

      My son was doubly punished when I reached out to aquaintances and neighbors of my son’s accuser to help verify the truth. All I needed was just ONE person willing to say “Yes, I remember”, but not one person would. Not even her most bitter enemy.

      This case is SOOOOOOO difficult for me to read about. It’s dredging up my own desparately failed efforts to get the truth admitted.

      In my son’s case, it ended up with him going to jail to punish ME to “interfering”. At least this poor man has nothing to lose by speaking out.

      God help him. God help us all….

  • ManSpeakOut

    This is just another shining example that the family courts are not out for the “best interests of the child” as they so claim. They are more focused on the best interests of the mother. Even if that means damning innocent children to a hellish childhood.

  • R Leger

    Compelling article sir. One thing though that sticks out in my mind is the scummyness of the new lawyer that took this sick womans case. This vile man knew right off the bat that this woman had no money, but knew he could get the presiding judge thrown off the case, and take a shot at scoring a chunk of the Lt.Cols assets. I can’t say whether or not this lawyer knew his pal (as mentioned in the “Child Abuse from the bench” article) would be appointed as judge in the case but it seems to me to be an incredible amount of good luck if not something more sinister. I can see no rational reason that the judge can ignore the guardians report (a chilling read to be sure). I don’t understand how the Lt.Col can’t get this judge recused? There must be some sort of body that presides over clear ethical violations like this.

  • Joseph.A

    Wow. I watched the video by JtO on this.
    I was nearly in tears and gagging listening to this (which is unusual for me). Just imagine how the kids feel! I am calling in the morning but i have just sent the story to local news. Poor soul has friends in West MI.

  • The Unforgiven

    That audio file reminds me of my own hellish childhood and the sad excuse for a human being that is my mother, from my first memory of her, to the day I moved out, my mother emotionally and physically abused me and my sister.

    It was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, it didn’t matter if it was 3 a.m. or christmas day, anything could set her off for no reason, the bad days were beatings and lots of screaming and yelling, the good days were manipulation, guilt trips, name calling, humiliation and every other thing she could do to destroy your self esteem.

    The most disturbing thing about women like this, is that they can act so normal in public, they can put on a show and act nice and innocent around others and conceal there truly evil nature, it can make coming forward about abuse all that harder, as most people wont believe you.

    Unfortunately domestic abuse and sexual abuse, has been politicized by feminist, they have deliberately gone out of there way to suppress the statistics on the amount of female abusers out there, due to the fact that it undermines there women good, men evil crusade.

    Feminism is the women’s right to do whatever she wants and men to bear the consequences of women’s actions.

    • Tawil

      With a background like yours -one all to common- you must have a good nose for detecting bullshit and the motivation to help defeat it. Nobody can take away what happened to you, but you have come to the right place to fight for those kids going though similar shit right now. Who knows, fighting for kids against their abusers might give you a sense of agency you didn’t have as a kid, and bring some healing.

      These mothers are everywhere and are exactly as you describe; angel in the street, terrorist behind closed doors. Lets expose these monsters one by one and save as many kids as we can from the nightmare. A first step is to dismantle feminist denials and covering-ups so that kids can begin to speak up about maternal abuse and be more easily heard and believed.

      Good to have you onboard, TU.

    • Kimski

      You just slammed me with a mirror there, TU.

      Listening to that recording was an involuntary time travel back to the end of my childhood, which ended just around age 10, when my parents “divorced” i.e. my mother abducted my sister and me.

      Without the rock solid support from my dad being around to keep things sane, everything deteriorated into the living hell that you also describe.

      Women capable of making the switch from a raving lunatic to a sweet and smiling person in a split second, as soon as an outsider enter the room, still scares the shit out of me, and I guess that will never change.

      Btw, mails send out, and I tried to be as polite as possible. I might have left frustrated bitemarks in the table, thou’.

  • andybob

    As concerned citizens of the world, we have every right to send e-mails or make phone calls to any location in our fight to end injustice. Let them know that the world is watching and judging them. We’re a global task force.

    Dr Elam’s call for action is being heard. Thanks to Dr Palmatier for her reporting and insights and to Dean Esmay for stellar research. No-one digs up useful contacts faster than this committed MRA – greatly appreciated.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I said it before, I’ll say it again –

    we need court watchers.

    You bet your ass it’s effective. Imagine a group of MEN silently, respectfully OBSERVING this Judge’s courtroom the day she handed down this decision.

    THEN IMAGINE THE AFTERMATH, knowing her cushy job will be on the line for her decisions.

    It’s time. It’s LONG overdue.

    Every man in every state needs to know they are no longer alone in that evil court room.

    • Dannyboy

      actually in Ontario if I could be listed as a reporter I could go and make recordings of court proceedings to supplement handwritten notes for articles.
      Here is the current consolidated law in Ont. that deals with this:
      (2)Nothing in subsection (1),
      (a) prohibits a person from unobtrusively making handwritten notes or sketches at a court hearing; or
      (b) prohibits a lawyer, a party acting in person or a journalist from unobtrusively making an audio recording at a court hearing, in the manner that has been approved by the judge, for the sole purpose of supplementing or replacing handwritten notes. R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43, s. 136 (2); 1996, c. 25, s. 1 (22).

      The only argument a judge would have is if my recording device interfered with their recording device.
      Hence I have 2 different kinds 1 digital and 1 magnetic tape old school one. Both are pocket sized and therefore would not be obtrusive to the hearing.

    • Aimee McGee

      I think this is a great idea where family courts are open. Sadly man countries don’t let observers in to ‘protect the children’ – yeah, right.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Just googling around…:

      Court Watchers In Family Court

      A common complaint made by divorced and single father is that the family court systems are against dads. However, most often, this is being told them by attorneys who are unwilling, or lacking the knowledge, to fight for the father’s rights, the fact is that in perhaps too many courts, this is still a problem.

      You can address this possibility by taking people with you to court who are not there to testify. They are there as Court Observers, or Court Watchers. As an alternative to asking friends, you can also contact local High School Civics and/or Community College Paralegal Teachers to see if any programs exist for students to get credit for being Court Observers.

      Make sure they are sitting on the front row of public benches, but not sitting just behind one attorney. They should be divided into groups to sit behind both the petitioner and respondent.

      Each should come or be equipped with a hard tablet and pen to take notes. It is best to use a Court Evaluation Form designed for this purpose. One is available at the link below.

      With this form, they need not interpret what to write down, or not. They simply answer the questions. There are duplicate questions addressing the conduct of the mother, father, and their attorneys, as well as that of the judge.

      If it appears the judge is not providing a balanced interpretation of the evidence presented, info from this form can be used for an appeal. Further, it can get the judge sanctioned or removed from the case. In a worse case scenario, a complaint can be filed with the State Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court conducts an investigation, a judge must remove him or herself from the case.


      Individuals participating in this are like a Jury. They are there to report on their observations and not to expound on them. Do not speak to them during the hearing. Do not tell them to pay attention to anything in particular. They need only answer the form questions.

      If the Judge asks who they are, they need only identify themselves as Court Observers. If all goes well, the Judge will rule based on the evidence, and the results of the forms will be unneeded. Just remember, a less than favorable ruling does not always mean bias. The volume of evidence, and the performance of the attorneys, counts the most. The ability of your attorney, and the value of your evidence, is fully dependent your prep work, and taking the time to interview and find the right attorney for the job. For that, see the links below.

      Read more:

    • Skeptic

      Slightly OT, but possibly food for useful thought.
      There is a system somewhat similar to this in New Zealand where fathers entering the femily caught$ take a support person – in NZ known as a “McKenzie friend” into court with them to witness court officials behavior.
      But just look how they gag such folks there from going public with what they witness of femily caught staff behavior –

  • Suz

    Here’s the text of the snail mail letter I am writing to Ms. Jackson:
    “I am sure that by now you are aware of the growing public concerns about your recent judicial opinions and rulings in the Joel and Tina Kirk divorce/child custody case. I am adding my voice to the chorus.

    Later this month I have business that will bring me to Harrison County, and I have some flexibility in my schedule while there. I intend to spend time actively canvassing Harrison County residents about this issue. I will be asking if they are aware of the case, and if they believe that your rulings are those of a judge who takes seriously his or her duty to protect young children from abusive, addicted, mentally unstable and vicious parents who are prone to psychotic behavior. I will be publicizing as much information as I can find, with as many people as I can reach. This information will of course include a redacted copy of the Guardian Ad Litum Report sent to Circuit Court Clerk Donald Kopp, dated December 14, 2010.”

    • Suz

      Should I write it on plain stationery, or on a note card I found in my mother’s den? (with a primitive rendition of a mother carrying a baby on her back)

      • andybob

        Ms Suz.

        It’s a tough call. The womenforwomen notesheets may work a charm, or they may backfire – it sounds like a lesbian collective, not everyone’s cup of tea. Why not identify as a representative of AVFM? You could direct them to Dr Patmatier’s article for more information about the case.

        If I may offer a suggestion, leave out the part about having business later this month and having flexibility in your schedule. It sounds like your action is something you may get around to doing if you have time. It’s none of the judge’s business why you’ll be in the county anyway.

        Also, I suggest these changes:
        “I will ask if they are aware of the case, and if they believe that your rulings have fulfilled your duty to protect those young children from an abusive, addicted, mentally unstable and vicious parent who was prone to psychotic behavior.”
        This is much more direct and focuses on the ruling itself rather than the judge’s attitude to her work – which she may claim as a personal attack.

        I suggest this:
        “The results of this survey will be posted across the Internet, adding to the groundswell of public outrage at the gross inpropriety of your recent judgement. I am one of many concerned citizens who believe that you have disgraced your position to such a degree, that the question of your fitness to hold it, is now a matter of public urgency.”

        Good luck, Ms Suz.

        • Suz

          Thanks, andybob. I do need to work on my passive language, and you make another good point. I should make it clear that I intend to raise awareness not only among her constituents, but across the globe as well.

  • Roderick1268

    Ahhhhh how that audio takes me back.
    The ‘stepmother’ that every Feminist inspired woman around my sisters and I would say “she was like a mother to you” in their usual accusing fashion.
    If I ever attempted to express our life to the caring adults around us.

    • Kimski

      I hear you, Rod.
      Perhaps we should make a ‘House of Horrors’-thread one day.

  • Luek

    This is what we get when we as a culture turn over to a bunch of middle aged alcoholic frat rats (and of course sorority rats) with law degrees and basically give them the mandate to micromanage our personal and financial lives through crappy divorce and custody law. This judicial horror show didn’t really exist as little as 50 years ago. Now it is a growth industry.

  • Joseph.A

    Unfortunately I cannot record a call because of my states laws (fuuuuuuuu) I’ve composed a letter but wondering if someone could check it over for me as I am new to this sort of thing.

    • Joseph.A

      Dear Judge Lori B. Jackson.
      Your honor, I am writing on behalf of the case of Lt. Col. Kirk and Tina Taylor Kirk. Surely you are aware that this case is well known in the public and still more are learning about it. Many of us are saddened by the fact that the children involved are dangerously placed in the care of Tina Taylor Kirk, who is known as a violent alcoholic with BPD. Even more upsetting is the attempt to “censor” the evidence by gagging the video content. I, as-well as others in the MRM (Mens/Fathers rights movement), are curious to know what brought about your decision to put these children in harms way, despite the mountains of evidence against Tina Taylor Kirk (Including the audio that is spreading around the internet of a violent episode of hers over a misplaced cell phone).
      There is solid evidence proving that Tina Kirk is not psychologically sound as-well as an unfit, and very dangerous mother. I fear for the lives of the children you put in her control. Not only is she teaching them bad lessons about life, but the physical and mental health of the two children are gravely at stake under the care of a depraved Tina Taylor Kirk. At any time, these children are at risk of fatal injury under her care. I feel these children can still live a fair life under Mr. Kirks care, and to deprive them from that is a serious injustice and an awful legal blunder. I hope that you will reconsider your ruling and take the children out of Mrs. Kirks malicious hands and under the capable care of the father.

      • Tawil

        Hi J,

        Great letter. I’d add “behaviour” after “depraved”. Make sure the BPD diagnosis is official before suggesting it or the judge will take that as unreasonable aspersion. I think i read in the material that she is BPD, but do double check.

        Good on you for taking the time to write…. its efforts like yours that will prove the makeweight in the scales.

        • Joseph.A

          I changed BPD to “known psychological issues”

          and it now read “under the care of Tina Taylor Kirk and her depraved behaviour”

          Is there a certain heading format I should put this letter in to look professional?

          EDIT: I have found in the ad-lidem report the diagnosis of BPD by Dr.Ed Baker

  • louismmoran

    I am baffled how, given this amount of evidence, anyone could have ruled to leave the children with the mother. I keep wanting there to be something we don’t know.

    I visited the Facebook page of the mother and even in the “loving” picture it is clear those kids just want to run.

    However, after being through the grist mill of divorce in New York… I guess this really can be what’s going on.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      The psychology of the white collar “official” control-freak is so abnormal that normal people have a hard time grasping it. These bureaucrats (including judges) who perform evil are no less sadistic than those who personally physically abuse and torture their victims. But sadists who are intelligent can get more power over their victims and harm more people, and suffer no consequences, when they manoeuver their way up the system to become officials.

  • Augen

    Why not include addresses of relevant judicial authorities? Attorney general. Child protective service. Governor and/or Lt.governor. president of the state senate if judges are appointed by the legislature. Presiding judge of the state supreme court. The Virginia state bar. A judge is usually a lawyer and can be disbarred like any other lawyer. Even judges answer to someone even if the reporting structure is diluted.

  • irishgirl416

    This type of behavior in women is still in the dark to most people. You need to compile dozens of recordings like this, especially ones where the woman knows she is being recorded…put them all in a documentary called ‘The Dark Side of Feminism’.Then, infiltrate the Independent Film business, get an actor on board and bam..BPD/NPD will be household names. It will be like Fatal Attraction explained. Soon after, everyone will beable to spot an BPD/NPD woman.

    • James Williams

      Especially if it’s given the title BPD. It would be like a Trojan horse for the truth.

  • Rob

    Has Lt. Col. Kirk challenged Judge Lori Jackson with a request to recuse based upon conflict of interest? It seems that her husband being best friends with his ex-wife’s attorney make it very obvious she should not be hearing the case. If she fails to recuse upon such a motion, this should make it easier to discipline her for her apparent conflict of interest and possible corruption.

    The gag order on the video is probably being said to be “in the best interests of the children” but in fact is designed to hide evidence of the corrupt actions of Judge Jackson by preventing the public from seeing just how abusive Tina Taylor Kirk appears to be.

    Regarding the gag order on the video, I believe it should be possible to post the video on the web in a location that cannot be censored.

    Using TOR hidden services or I2P eepsites would go so far as to make it nearly impossible for the actual server to even be identified, and therefore effectively impossible for a court to issue orders to a hosting provider to take down the video.

  • Darkimbolc

    If the current strategy is awareness, might I suggest that one of the AVfM YouTube presences make a video about this? Via YouTube, Facebook and similar the word can spread at light speed. If electronic media was enough to help overthrow oppressive regimes in the Middle East, I think it may be able to help with the growing gender coup.

  • MrChipps

    While the video content of the recording was placed under a gag order by Judge Jackson, we are free to bring you the audio portion

    Really? A court order? lol Did you receive a notice of this and was it delivered with proper legal service? Under what jurisdiction does a county judge on one of the lowest courts have to dictate what a journalist outside of her jurisdiction have? I’m not even certain that within her county she can gag anyone, especially a member of the press.

  • Roderick1268

    Lori B. Jackson,
    This is what a Feminist looks like.

  • James Williams

    Having listened to this recording for the first time, I feared for those kids. She’s as mad as rabid dog. How can any judge allow her anywhere near them? I wanted to climb through the screen to help them. It’s like something from a horror story.

  • James Williams

    Gender politics has no place when it comes to child safety. This is not the first time that feminists have allowed children to be exposed to danger due to their innate prejudices. I will try to include this or part of the recording in one of my Mens Matters shows, but I fear it will be censored.

  • Swov

    Tina does not deserve those kids and Judge Jackson deserves to be disbarred for clearly abusing her role in the ‘justice’ system.

  • jhudes

    What I find frightening is, this recording seems kinda mild compared to what I was subjected to for 2 years after I bought a house for my girlfriend, this is by no means excusable, but it seems pretty mild by comparison. Only reason I survived it is thanks to my Jack Russel (who I took from her because she regularly abused her and tried to kill her 3 times that I know of, once by cooking her alive in the oven…fortunately I got home from work shortly after she put her in there, did the police do anything? Yep, they arrested me and tried to charge me with assault for the bruises on her wrists when I grabbed them after she started hitting me while I was taking the dog out of the oven.) Then there was the time she trapped me in my *half* basement for 8 hrs. (before I finally broke out, wrecking the trap door and her china cabinet in the process, which again resulted in the police coming and arresting me), after I got home from work, all because I refused to leave the lease site to go reset a breaker she overloaded, countless threats and numerous attempts on my life (so life insurance would cover the house so it would be all hers), the time she punched my father who was visiting to help with renos, and called the police and tried to have him charged with assault, cut me off from all my friends coming over, frequent vandalism to my truck, assaults every time I went out, stealing every bit of money she could to buy weed, and hours of emotional abuse when I confronted her about it, 2 serious attempts to convince me to commit suicide, the list goes on and on. Thanks to my Jack Russel and amazing family support from 900km away, and rock hard stubbornness and perseverence, I put an end to it, though not until after she burned me for 30k, tried to get possession of my house, and created rumours in the small town (which she was from, but I was new to) that I’d abused her, raped her, etc. etc. In a hick town like that, that’s as good as a death sentence.

    But I’m getting side tracked, the bottom line is, I know what this family is going through, and something most certainly needs to be done about it.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      It does seem mild, but I think it’s as far as that father would allow it to go before the kids got seriously harmed.

      I think in a lot of cases, men try to keep a lid on the craziness to protect the kids. They take the bullet, they hide the blame, they cover for the abuser to shield the kids from the depth of their mother’s complete moral bankruptsy.

      Women like this DEPEND on men to hide it from the kids. He as even criticized for filming this instead of intervening.

      He DID “allow” her to put it out there, to show her ass – yes, mildly (relatively), and hopefully it will get them the help they need.

      • optimusprime

        I agree. Remember anyone with any sense knows that the biased courts will deliver the children to the mother in the event of divorce. In the case of abuse like this the greatest fear would be to have the children end up with their abuser and he ends up with no way to help.

        Anyone who read these reports can clearly deduce that these children lived in fear of their mother should they ever disclose what was happening. I can only imagine the predicament the Father was in. Eventually, I guess he decided that he had to rely on the justice system to help him and the children before it was to late. The result was that the issue was exposed and the Judge dropped them all right back into a now much worse situation. Jackson is just lucky so far that everyone is still living. Imagine what the kids went through when they had to go back to mother after disclosing her abuse.

  • skybluu86

    To voice my opinion from my own personal experiences, I think both judges in Harrison County, WV should be replaced. I’ve been dealing with Judge Cornelia Reep during my child custody cases (yes, I have had four because the outcome was not fair nor was any documentation looked at.) and have found her unjust and not willing to hear both sides. I also know that her daughter-in-law works at the Health Department with my ex-husband’s father but she still took our case and all the court hearings we’ve been at, she had clearly already knew who’s side she was taking. My son is blessed to be alive right now but no thanks whatsoever to Judge Reep. She has willingly let my ex-husband retain 50% custody with all the black/white documentation and pictures I have shown. When will my son be safe? Will he be safe when he’s in the hospital or buried underground? Enough is enough I say!