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Must-see video of the week: 84% of UK agree Christmas is ruined for Dads

Aimee Nicholls wrote a wonderful article we published earlier this year, and this year she’s created another Christmas video we think you’ll all draw inspiration from.



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Here’s the wonderful video she did last year:

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  • josephrobertson

    What an incredibly sane-minded, sweet young woman.

    Making my eyes water over here…

    • farkennel


  • JinnBottle

    My son is 42 years old and I haven’t heard from him in 20 years come this August.

    He got married a number of years ago. I was disappointed that his wife (I’ve never met her) didn’t persuade him to contact me. In times bygone, you could usually depend on the wife, at any rate, to do that. (“John, I mean, he IS your father…”) Guess she’s part of the 3rd Wave crop..Him, too.

    But I am heartened that there are Aimee Nicholses out there. Even more importantly that the Aimees have faith that there are many *more* Aimees.

    The Gods bless you, dear. Merry Christmas..

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    The family court Bastille will be treated the the way that other Bastille was treated. The crimes of the corrupt public servant mafia in the authoritarian government crime organization will not be treated as crimes whose exposure to justice has any statute of limitation. these are serious crimes against humanity and must be prosecuted. Nuremberg was a special venue set up to deal with the large scale crimes against humanity that warranted a special treatment. The crooks and functionaries of decadent tyrannical governments of all the nations practicing “paternal cleansing” and child abuse that have taken part in this epic holocaust against the Natural Family will have their Nuremberg. Anti-family social engineers living off stolen money of the people whose lives they cynically ruin are the lowest of the low.

    And “just following orders” won’t cut it as a defense tactic, this time either.

    • Redfield

      Absolutely, it has been for many years an undeclared war on fatherhood … the declaration came when men started speaking out in numbers too big to ignore …I’ll put my money on the dad’s to get their rights back …

  • donzaloog

    What a bright young woman. All the best to her and her family.

  • crydiego

    “Just be there for your children when they come looking.”
    Because the courts can be hopeless, this may be the best advice I have heard for fathers.
    In the short term you may loose but keep yourself together for the future when the children come looking for you. Children will never stop thinking about their fathers.

  • vertex

    I didn’t think there’d be anyone my age interested in these kinds of politics. Makes me feel pretty optimistic for the future.

    Let’s hope more people of this generation can get behind this. Then we could get something done.

  • Zyavol

    During my adoption process, my Dad was deprived of his parental rights by the Family Court. It meant that he was prohibited from contacting my adoptive family or to see me and my little brother. My biological mother had her lawyers draft up the motion, not caring about what my Dad wanted or anyone from his side of the family who would want to keep us in the family under a different custody arrangement.
    All this broke my Dad’s heart. I can’t imagine how it felt. But he never gave up. He just got his life together and waited until his kids were ready to find him. I got in contact with him this year and he was overjoyed. This Christmas is the first one in about 20 years that we spend as a family together again.

  • http://www.veteransoutreach.info Grunt

    Putting all of the empathy issues aside for a moment, as valid as they are, but does anyone here honestly believe that Aimee will be any less likely that some typical feminist to divorce her future husband? Not to rain on the parade, I am just asking.

    • roeboat72

      It is possible, but some people do learn from the mistakes of their parents. In this world anymore, it is likely that most marriages will end in divorce regardless of it is from feminist influence or not. All we can hope is that if she does get divorced someday that she will not prevent the other parent in the same ways her mother did. Divorce isn’t so much the issue, it is what they do with the outcome that matters.

  • Redfield

    Lovely young lady …
    Interestingly she doesn’t seem to be in contact with her mum?? Now that can’t be the family court! I know the court system are the shock troops in all this, but the generals from the ridge top are usually the mothers. And Aimee I am sad you don’t seem to be in contact with your mother! Being a fellow human being I know what or how your mother may think or feel about this!

    It isn’t the family court system that gives the order, they just enforce the order …. let’s just leave it there! The rest of the stats I don’t really want to comment on either, Merry Christmas to all the dads that may not see their children, Aimee is right when she says look after yourself, because the world is changing but the message must keep on track with the truth …. and to be fair I only managed half her video …

    • aimeesdad

      Thanks for the comment but not sure how you came to the conclusion Aimee does not speak with her mum. She now has a very good albeit distant relationship and speaks with her regularly, which I encourage. Not too long ago she came to stay with us. The past is the past and we’ve all moved on; however Aimee feels very strongly that she was not put first before and there was no one out there that could ensure that would happen. In fact quite the opposite, and many jumped on the bandwagon of making money out of promoting our separation. We’re both glad those days are over but they’ve left their scars.

      • Stu

        I’ve known several single fathers who have had custody of their children, and every one of them encouraged their kids and ex’s to remain heavily involved with the each other…….myself included. The fact is, when the courts give custody to women all the time, this very often leads to fathers being marginalized or cut out altogether. Men seem to hardly ever do that. So when fathers get custody, children retain two parents…….when women get custody……..often the children end up with one parent and loses half there relatives.

        That makes fathers the superior choice for custody straight off the bat as far as I’m concerned. If there is any bias at all, it should be in favour of fathers.

  • Redfield

    Thanks Aimee’s dad for setting my misunderstanding straight, because of work I managed only half the vid … I actually presumed too much (as you have respectfully pointed out) when she said she doesn’t see her younger sister …. you have my apologies, and may I say it is sooo wonderful to see her love and respect for you shine thru her words …

    Unlike most fathers I had my four children almost all the time for three years after the divorce/seperation, I could be classed as a fortunate single dad, but I will always focus on the legion of dads that have been estranged from their children not by the family court, but by the actions of the children’s mothers! For these men I am red hot one hundred percent committed to supporting them and will bat for them until I draw my last breath! There is real hope now for having their own wonderful “Aimee moment,” my message to them especially now for Christmas day is not to despair, good men and good women have not and will never forget them, it’s game on ….

    At the end of the day when this war on fatherhood is behind us all, your example of forgiveness will be the only sane way forward for all, thank you!

  • Redfield

    Thank you Aimee this has been the most uplifting video I have seen on AVfM …