white ribbon hater

.@Whiteribbon is a sexist, anti-male hate group which spreads vile propaganda and false cultural narratives. #whiteribbon

The YouTuber and social media critic known only as Fidelbogen, one of the prime movers behind Coalition JS38, has created a meme for Twitter that is well worth repeating:


If there is any flaw to this meme–and it is barely a flaw, for you can argue that what I suggest is unnecessary–it is that Fidelbogen did not make sure that the people at the White Ribbon campaign got the message directly. To understand this, it is probably necessary for a digression and short tutorial on Twitter, how to use it, and why you, as a Men’s Human Rights Advocate, probably ought to be using it.

I am frequently told by friends that they “do not understand” Twitter.  These are invariably older people (“older” in this context being almost anyone over the age of 25), and are usually veterans of online forums, blogs, and/or places like Facebook. They are frustrated by Twitter because they expect it to be something it is not: a forum for lengthy discussions. It is no such thing, it will never be any such thing, and to use it effectively you must throw away and forget every preconception and look at it as a different thing.

Fuming that Twitter does not work the way you want it to work is as pointless as railing with anger that a movie is not in 3D, or that a book you are reading does not include smells and sound effects. Further, if you fume that you are “better” than Twitter and proudly insist that Twitter is pointless, that is an exercise in arrogance.  It is a reality that Twitter is one of the most influential information platforms in the world. In some ways, it is the most influential. Television show and movie producers and ratings organizations use and watch Twitter to measure how popular a TV show or movie is. Politicians use and watch Twitter. Major industrial leaders watch and use Twitter. The White House uses Twitter. So do the Pope and countless other religious leaders.

Shaking your head and saying this is some sort of proof of the decline of Western Civilization is also pointless. It exists. It is massively popular and, more importantly, it is massively influential, and to understand why, it is important to understand what it is, and what it is not.

It is not a blog. It is not a discussion forum. It does not have convenient threading. It does not allow lengthy discourse. You should instead think of it as an exercise in discipline and restraint, like writing a haiku. You must distill your message to its absolute essence. If you cannot make what you say extremely pithy, with a straightforward and easily-digested message, you need another medium. If you find this frustrating as a writer, think of it as a challenge: how can you make your point in as few words as possible? And if you have multiple points to make, which of them are truly important and which can you do without if you must?

First time Twittering

Tweeter tries to write a tract

Message goes nowhere

Why so few words? Because Twitter is not a a forum, and it is not a blog. Twitter is not and never shall be those things. Nor will a submarine ever be a helicopter, nor shall a penguin ever be an antelope. Nor will an article be an encyclopedia. So you must stop wishing for Twitter to be what it isn’t, and embrace it for what it is.

So what is it? Simply put, it is telephone texting with a few creative twists added.

Let me repeat this point for emphasis, so it sinks in: it is telephone texting, with a few creative twists.  Only instead of using a telephone number to send the message, it uses a Twitter address, and all twitter addresses start with @. My Twitter address, for example, is @deanesmay

Twitter was designed to work primarily as a telephone app. For added convenience, they created a web interface which you may also use, although it was really designed to fit compactly into a telephone. And because it uses technology that is fundamentally the same as telephone texting, you are limited to 140 characters.

The other twist is that whatever you tweet is public information. So imagine that anyone could connect to your phone and see every text you ever sent out. Does that seem not-very-private? That’s because it isn’t. So bear that part in mind, what you tweet you should treat as you would any public communication. Anyone who Follows you, and even those who do not, can see anything you tweet, any time, unless you block your account.

If it seems impossible to say anything meaningful in such a format, contemplate that you sound like someone in 1890 complaining that the Telegraph was destroying the art of letter-writing and that you could say nothing useful by telegraph. So, you know, a telegram like this must have been a completely useless communication, right?


Hmm, yes, nothing meaningful in such a short message rendered in such primitive text. Why did anyone ever use such worthless technology as the telegraph?

The truth: Twitter, like the old telegraph, is an exercise in restraint, in learning to put the maximal information in a minimal amount of space. If you can’t be pithy, that’s not Twitter’s problem, it’s yours.

So whether you put Twitter on your phone, or, like me, just use its handy web interface, you must take off your author hat and put on your announcer hat: you have something you want to say and you must say it in as few words as possible. In fact, not just as few words as possible, as few letters. Because of this, abbreviations abound. And before you whine that you don’t like some of today’s abbreviations, ask yourself why modern abbreviations are somehow inferior to classics like QED, SOS, etc.

As a bonus, however, you have a choice: you can address your message to a single party, a small number of parties, or, to anyone generally interested in a particular subject. To address to a single party, you use their Twitter address. To address multiple parties with an interest in a subject, you create or follow an existing group called a “hashtag.” Hashtags always start with the # character. Thus anyone following the subject of the White Ribbon campaign is likely checking #whiteribbon at least now and then.

Twitter also sometimes makes it possible for you to see a “conversation,” but frankly it does not do this very well. You are, most of the time, better off at thinking what message you want to send to an individual, and it’s up to them whether they respond or not.

Contemplate the fact that million-dollar decisions, and questions affecting millions, are now frequently answered (or at least first asked) via this medium, and you realize that any fulminating that you dislike the medium is foolish; it is the message that matters. Saying nothing important can happen in 140 characters is like saying semaphore has no purpose.

Oh yes, there is one other nice feature: you can “retweet” a message. All that means it that you’ve repeated the message to anyone who happens to be following you on Twitter. You can follow any individual you want to see their tweets, and any individual may follow you to see yours. Every time you retweet, you help to spread that same message to others. It’s rather subversive that way, really.

So. It can be argued that Fidelbogen made a minor oversight here: he did not send his important, 100% accurate, vitally important message directly to @whiteribbon (and @whiteribbonaust), which is the address of the bigoted hatemongers, the enablers and encouragers of domestic violence and child abuse, who run the hate campaign known as White Ribbon. In my own tweets on the matter, I made sure to include @whiteribbon directly, and not just anyone who happened to be reading the #whiteribbon hashtag.

Some will probably call this form of activism “slacktivism.” This, I submit, is like suggesting that political tracts served no purpose in 1770s America. Yes, taking a revolutionary stance may make you unpopular in some circles. It may even cause family members and so-called friends to deride you or try to shame you into silence. What rabble-rousing troublemaker ever lived who did not have people in his life who mocked him or advised him he was being foolish?

If you want to change the world, you’ve got to spread the message that change is needed, and let the powers that be know that they must either change or perish–and that their only way of shutting you up is to either kill you or change their ways.

One last tip on Twitter, which I otherwise hope you will sign up for. When you tweet, try not to call people names, swear sparingly (saving such usage for maximum effect if you use it at all), and never issue anything that could be confused as a threat, or even a threat-oid like “I hope you die in a fire” or other such hyperbole. Choose your words carefully. Say exactly what you mean. Here was my message, inspired by Fidelbogen’s, for example:

@Whiteribbon is a sexist, anti-male hate group which spreads vile propaganda and false cultural narratives. #whiteribbon

You can feel free to retweet that (which the White Ribbon hatemongers will receive copies of), or you can make up your own.

Good luck to my fellow workers in the vinyard. Go FTSU on Twitter. And discover how much fun it can be.


Editorial note: Image of hatemonger Patrick Green of the White Ribbon Campaign used under Creative Commons license as found here on Wikimedia Commons.–DE


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  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Note this bit of obscene deflection on the White Ribbon Facebook page, in response to someone confronting them on their bigotry:

    “White Ribbon Patrick, White Ribbon Australia believes that all forms of violence are unacceptable and acknowledges that domestic violence is experienced by both men and women. However, we also acknowledge that the majority of victims of domestic violence are women. We are aware that there are other organisations working to stop violence against men and we commend any work they do to stop violence. Similarly, the White Ribbon Campaign has a central focus; end violence against women.”

    This and other absurd rationalizations here:


    • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

      How to address the problem of violence?

      My advice to hand-wringers of limited knowledge and insight is: Try these unfashionable ideas:

      1) Focus on those parents who eject fathers from the lives of children who need them.

      2) Stop being in denial about how common “female psychopaths” are.


      3) Start taking about violence by women. If this seems too nonconformist and too untrendy, you can warm up and “get your feet wet” by initially focusing on its sub-category “violence by women against women.” Here’s a starter case:


      And for the braver and more ambitious neophytes to the integrity-and-logic-focused “community”:

      Female Serial Killers Who Liked to Murder Women


      *** *** ***

      Misandry is based on theories – Anti-misandry is based on facts.

      • Bewildered

        #whiteribbon Misandry is based on theories- Anti-misandry is based on facts

        • toothless

          theories are well tested and confirmed set of observation in a set of proven fact and is the highest a scientific discovery can reach.

          correct wording would be misandry is based on hypothesis and anti misandry is based on fact

          might be slight nit picking but layman use of theory is actually an hypothesis and that can lead to great misunderstanding.

          • Bewildered

            Yes sir ! you are right but colloquially ‘hypothesis’ and ‘theory’ have become synonyms and ‘theory’ is a more elegant word than ‘hypothesis’ !
            Most ‘social’ theories are like dilapidated structures that are in real danger of collapsing anytime !
            So practically most social theories are mere hypotheses in disguise.

          • Dave

            “Speculation” would be the better word.

            Misandry is based on speculation – Anti-misandry is based on facts

    • The Real Peterman

      Which organizations are trying to stop violence against men?

      • sammich heist

        The Patriarchy Party in Edmonton.

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        The vastly less-funded 1 in 3 Campaign in Australia is doing some good. The equally financially-strapped Lone Fathers Association also does so. Neither group gets anywhere near as much time, money, or attention, they operate on a shoestring and a prayer.

    • sammich heist

      white ribbon doesn’t have any actual solution, only male bashing, more ineffective bullshit completely disconnected from reality, and enabling female abusers by further discrediting male victims.

      severe case of horse blinders.

      “Violence against women will only cease when men join with women to put an end to it”

      isn’t most violence against women perpetrated by other women?

      so … what’s their solution? Because I haven’t seen in their propaganda any addressing that particular part of the issue.
      What should men do to stop women-on-women violence?

      Now, I was going to write what solution I found following their “logic” and “reasoning” (if we can call it that) but it got pretty insane pretty quickly.
      Black-and-white reasoning with no shade is not …. well, it explain a lot about those white ribbon people.

      • http://www.menbeproud.org Robert Brockway

        sammich heist. I’m interested in your suggestion that most violence against women is by other women. I attempted to Google some data on this. Naturally my results were drowned out by general ‘violence against woman’ links. If anyone has any links to supporting evidence I’d be interested to see it.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Wonderful article. Fact is, I’ve been practicing this style of writing on comments (which do not get adequate traffic). Call it propaku.

    Twitter is a very gossip-friendly form. Proletariat feminism is very much a “reification of transgressive woman’s-way-of-knowing gossip ethos” (i.e.: back-stabbing, lies, manipulation, pathological narcissism, relational aggression, attention-whoring, censorship by distortion).

    So why not jump right in and introduce into this whirlpool of hen-pecking and egoistic eruptions a continuous and carefully constructed barrage of golden nuggets containing boiled-down point blank examples that old-fashioned patriarchal construct we call by the name “truth?”

    Twitter warfare in the interest of inserting truth — Death by a thousand cuts. Hit–and-run guerrilla warfare. Propaganda darts. Inventing and changing meanings of words and phrases.

    Dean has made the case. I’m seriously considering adding to my portfolio. I’m already a “wrong-headed” writer of articles and comment “creep,” why not add being a text “twit” too.

    • SlantyJaws

      It might be helpful if the MRAs online were a little better organised so we could co-ordinate getting in peoples’ faces.

      • Bewildered

        #avfm Rise and shine the light of truth to counter the darkness spread by malicious lies.

      • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

        Still using the word “MRA”, are we? ;)

        • Bewildered

          @fidelbogen A rose by any other name……….

        • SlantyJaws

          …yes? What are we meant to use? I’ve no idea what’s in at the moment, we’ve got MRMs MHRAs MHRMs MRAs and several others I’m not interested in/capable of keeping track of… :)

          • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

            I almost never use that word. I have a number of alternatives. For example:

            “Non-feminist”, “activated non-feminist” “pro-male” “our side” “our people” “the activated non-feminist community” or occasionally “male human rights advocates” (but that’s as close as I get).

            And there many more possibilities.

            The problem with the Muddled Reflex Acronym is that it has become a BRAND, hence out of our control. And. in my humble opinion, it is not reclaimable or recuperable – or at least, to reclaim or recuperate it would be far more trouble than it would be worth.

            We need to refresh the language if we wish to take control of the discourse.

            “Non-feminist” is vanilla, generic, non-descript, non-oppositional and, if you think about it. . . non-brandable. It is a solid position to occupy, and anybody who tries to attack it will end up on the moral low ground. Semantic ju-jitsu. . . .

            It also has the advantage of being a superordinate category – a greater holon, if you will. That is, you cannot be ANTI-x unless you are first NON-x. See?

            Therefore, although it is non-oppositional on its face, it does carry the seed of opposition. The potentia of it.

          • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

            MRM and MHRM: the last letter is “Movement.”
            MRA and MHRA: the last letter means “Activist or Advocate” (choose your preference)

            MHRA and MHRM just add “human” to make it clearer to people who believe wonky stupid shit like “men’s rights means forcing women to be barefoot pregnant in the kitchen silenced and losing the vote” and other crap.

            Some people don’t like referring to “human rights” as they think it has negative ideological connotations. Fine, they don’t have to use it, but we prefer it around here.

        • Adanu

          So you want to make us ‘nondescript’?

          Yeah, no thanks. Feminists have changed over time without changing their words around, so can we.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Kind of OT, but not – I got the following on my Facebook this morning.

    Domestic Violence Shelter! A place where women and children go to escape their men who beat the hell out of them physically and mentally! Two days ago, Rodney Carrington; on behalf of ” The Rodney Carrington Foundation” donated a brand new 2014 suburban to help shuttle the women and children around at ” the Day Spring Villa Domestic Violence Shelter” in Tulsa Oklahoma. The Rodney Carrington foundation is committed to this faith based organization fully, along with the many wonderful people who work there. Don’t be shy! You can help these women and children too!!!! Even a 5 dollar bill helps!!!! For gods sake!!! A dollar helps!! There’s probably 4 quarters in your couch cushions!!! Visit Dayspringvilla.com Tulsa, ok To make a difference!! “If you are a church in Tulsa , ok ; and you don’t give to these folks: you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! ” Rodney Carrington

    • Bewildered

      #Rodney Carrington What about the men who get beaten up by their partners ?

    • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

      See? This screed is “faith-based’, which supports my point that feminism is a product of the entire culture, straight across the board, and not uniquely a product of the political Left.

      That is a critically important truth that we need to get in our heads — and yet regressive elements on both the right AND the left want to sweep this under the rug. Ironically, they act like they are in cahoots! Strange bedfellows and all o’ that. . . ;)

      • SlantyJaws

        I’m not overly sure that it’s a product of the culture as much as it’s the result of the same theories that produced both communism and national socialism, one left, one right, although there’s definetely a huge element of riding on the back of mens’ protective instincts. Certainly I’d say feminism metastasised when it mixed with marxism in the 70s; cultural revolutionaries were seizing on any and all movements to co-opt them.

        And just like with national socialism, this toxic third wave feminism bases it’s ideals on One Big Lie. Two big lies in fact, rape culture and patriarchy. The first states that we live in a society filled to the brim with violence against women, physical, sexual, and emotional. The second states that this same society is naturally inclined to offer special advantages to men, in particular white men.

        The white ribbon campaign is propaganda designed to enforce the first big lie, and create a constant awareness of it. One in three, one in four, rape hysteria, all that malarky.

        The problem is, as with all good propaganda, that it’s hard to argue with this lie on the face of it. It sounds plausible, who knows what’s going on behind closed doors? And from the acceptance of this big lie people can be made to accept and do all sorts of other evil things, based on “protecting women”, which is where the second pillar of feminism comes into play, patriarchy theory. This is the hammer used to forge bigoted legislation and quotas into law, to persecute innocent people.

        So to get to the point, Joe Bluepill isn’t going to see you attacking the Lie, because he believes the Lie, he’s accepted and internalised it. He’s going to see you attacking poor abused women. It’s very probable that the overwhelming majority of the people involved in the WRC honestly, even fervently believe they’re doing something good. Shock treatment, telling them they’re actually doing something evil, is going to be a hard sell to put it mildly.

        I think it might be more constructive to attack the Lie directly – #1in4isbullshit, #menandwomenareequallyviolent, and so on, associated with links to resources where interested people can find out more. Once the Lie starts to crumble, everything based on it collapses too, including the WRC. People can work this stuff out for themselves once they’re equipped with factual information, they’ll get that the natural implication of the message is “if women are being widely persecuted by men, men must be endemically evil”.

        Actually no, I’ll amend that – maybe attacking the WRC directly is fine as long as a reason for doing so is simultaneously presented, if only to reduce the amount of instant rejections.

        Crack the pillars and the whole edifice will come down.

        • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

          If all points on the cultural spectrum did not contribute their quota of psychic energy to the the social organism known as feminism, that organism would not be viable.

          Feminism manifests differently on the right and on the left. This difference is signalized by such markers as the precise form which gynocentrism takes (on the left it’s ‘gynonormativism’) and by the stance vis-a-vis marriage and family. Also, feminism on the right is not expressly named as feminism.

          To put it another way: feminism is like a plant with a widespread root system that extends through the entire cultural soil. However, it is in the soil of the “left” that this plant breaks surface and blossoms and bears the ultimate fruit. The unique cultural conditions on the left make possible this consummation of effloresence. If feminism was ONLY a product of the left and nothing other, or ONLY a product of the right and nothing other, it would never have become the mighty social organism that we see today.

          People on the left AND the right have a vested interest in covering up the fact that feminism is a product of the entire culture, across the board. Lefties will typically sneer at this idea: feminism is their baby, they like to think! Right-traditionalists and centrists, when they speak of “feminism”, will invariably point their finger to the left side of the landscape and away from themselves – which suits the lefties just fine! In this way, the true state of things is falsified and concealed.

          Feminism is the product of a cultural supply chain which spreads in all directions, and most people, whatever their cultural-political leaning, are implicated in this chain. For convenience, we may term this system the Feministical Operations Complex – or for short, the femplex.

          To reduce all of this to a mere interplay of ideologies – Marxist, socialist, or what-have-you – appears, to me, as superficial. Far deeper wellsprings of of the human psyche are at play in spawning this critter called “feminism” – although we may grant that Marxism and the like do have a salient presence in the mix, and I don’t mean to imply that we should not study this to some extent.

          In the war of information and ideas, the best plan is to preach to the “almost converted” – the easy pickings, in other words.

          This will grow the numbers – and growing the numbers is critical. I repeat: growing the numbers is critical. Those who are obdurate to the message will soften with growing self-doubt when they see people all around them shifting toward your side – at which point, they too will become easy pickings. Or at least, easier.

          The way to combat the feminist Big Lie, is:

          1. To continually assert a counter-narrative as a memetic drumbeat, and. . .

          2. To continually place advocates of the Big Lie in crafted moral dilemmas of one kind or another, so as to crumble the credibility of said Lie, bit by bit. A war of attrition. Death by 1000 cuts.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    Great article.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Thanks Dean , despite having a Twitter account for a few years I must admit to not really understanding what all the fuss was about, it seemed mostly a way to share gossip. However after conservative radio announcer Alan Jones made the one air comment “Women are destroying the joint” http://www.news.com.au/national/alan-jones-women-are-destroying-the-joint/story-fndo4eg9-1226462326339

    The Destroy The Joint
    @JointDestroyer was established on twitter and has remained a force in feminist propaganda along with the facebook group it spawned.

    It would be great to see a increased MHRA presence on this platform.

  • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

    Thanks for boosting this little campaign of mine. I have more things slated for White Ribbon in the months ahead and seek co-workers. So. stayed tuned at http:.//counterfem.blogspot.com

    More thoughts on the present twitter campaign can be found HERE:


    By making a public example of White Ribbon, we can send a message to similar entities and create a ripple effect.

    Remember that the first day of every month is ‘Stop Violence Against Men Day’ (tip of the counter-feminist hat to Angry Harry for this idea). Not only do we wish to mark that occasion with various reminders to the world, but we also wish to give White Ribbon a poke in the ribs.

    Jump on the bandwagon, folks!

    • J Galt

      whiteribbons/whitewashing with whitenoise, hiding the truth about violence with your donations

      how would this be entered in a twitter comment

      • http://counterfem.blogspot.com Fidelbogen

        I would do it like this:

        #whiteribbon – whitewashing with white noise. Hiding the truth about violence with your donations. @whiteribbon #feminism #rapeculture

        In fact, I have actually tweeted the above, just now!

        Observe that I threw in a couple of extra hashtags, for good measure. Make note of those hashtags, and note that they will reach the mind of the enemy. That is intentional.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Crimson-on-pink ribbons for “stop violence by women against women” day.

    How about the 13th of every month? — Bad luck day for gender ideologues.

    The promotional pitch:

    “Hey there, women. Hate violence against women? Of course you do! — Well, it’s that time of the month again, ladies. It’s “Stop Violence by Women Against Women” day again. Get on that smart phone and let ‘er rip! (And watch your back — for relational aggression is everywhere).

  • Crash

    Excellent article on using social media to get the message out.

    Your point about directly addressing the message to the organisation is a good one but we need to be aware of precisely how twitter works because there is a little trap. If the first character in your tweet is an “@” for example @whiteribbon then twitter assumes that this is a private message. This means that it will only be visible to people who follow both @whiteribbon and the person who posted the message. Obviously we don’t want that.

    To avoid this problem you can either start your message with any other character, a period is commonly used, or reword your message to put the “@whiteribbon” elsewhere in the text.

    So, don’t use
    @Whiteribbon is a sexist, anti-male hate group which spreads vile propaganda and false cultural narratives. #whiteribbon

    Instead use
    .@Whiteribbon is a sexist, anti-male hate group which spreads vile propaganda and false cultural narratives. #whiteribbon

    It’s a tiny point but it catches a lot of twitter users out.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Damn I wish I knew that. Now I do. Crap, now to figure out if I can easily update the article to note that while keeping it simple to understand.

  • http://alahverdian.com Nicholas Alahverdian


  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    OK Aussie fembots female and male certainly took this bait, hook line and sinker! And your right Dean, you can’t have a conversation on twitter especially with gender ideologues!! https://twitter.com/rper1959

  • http://gynocentrism.com/2013/07/14/about/ Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Still struggling with it – as in where to write tweet. I don’t doubt that soundbytes are powerful. More to learn obviously!

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      Find at least one person to Follow, anyone at all, who tweets regularly. Most AVfM articles are now tweeted daily for me, so finding @deanesmay is a starting point. Once you are following a fairly regular Tweeter, you will pretty quickly grasp how to use the system, it’s really quite simple, you start seeing others you want to follow, then pretty much every time you open Twitter there’s a bunch of tweets from the people you follow, which you can browse through to find whatever interests you and glance over whatever does not. The learning experience is quite organic from there, especially because as I said, it’s actually a ridiculously simple system. It’s its simplicity that throws people, you’re expecting it to have a sophistication and a complexity that isn’t there. It’s phone texting with a few bells and whistles and that’s all it is.

  • tamerlame

    I don’t rage against twitter, I just don’t use it. It is for short attention span idiots as far as I am concerned. Also I left facebook recently too. I am not into this online corporate social media crap.

    • scatmaster

      not even for the cause?

      I see something of Paul’s, Dean’s, Fidlebogen, etc and I re-tweet it.

      not all the people I follow are MRA’s or in Fidlebogen’s case anti-feminist.

      It is worth getting the blue pillers panties in a knot. Takes no time either.

  • http://www.mhro.ca Jim Byset

    That was a fantastic article Dean.

  • whiic

    Not time-relevant for people from Finland (those White Ribbon campaigns tend to run on November) but I’ll try to keep in mind since it repeats itself every year. The hypocrisies of White Ribbon campaigning apply to Finland as well, where one of the most visible promoters of this “awareness” (read: lies) is Profeministimiehet (Pro-Feminist Men). And officially they’re supposed to be offering men’s point of view to equity. Yeah, right. Like feminism is equity too, just from women’s point of view. Combine these two, and you still have just feminism and no actually new viewpoint.

    Same hypocrisies are present on Finnish front:
    All the same bullshit everywhere.

    They claim they don’t see men as inherently violent. They just want to “educate” men to not represent their “manhood” by committing violence against women. Like: men aren’t bad but masculinity is. And that men need more education so they don’t accidentally just rape someone.

    It’s funny how they even consider that society thinks beating up women is a sign of manliness. If only it was! Instead, it’s all about “suck it up” even for male victims of partnership violence. I guess pro-feminist’s main idea is to further promote the “suck it up” mentality, not just by staying silent on it while emphasizing men against women violence but also by emphasizing the “never hit a woman” bullshit, as if there should be no right for self-defense if the attacker happens to be a woman.

    The only reason why “pro-feminists” even exist being that some feminist organizations tend to not accept male members. This also being the case in biggest feminist org in Finland. And they’re supposed to be non-radical and not about hatred for men.

    Why on earth are men so sheep that they wish to support a group that not only openly discriminates against men for their own benefit but also prohibits men from supporting the discrimination (because they need to uphold the “Patriachy” myth hence see men (manginas included) as evil)? Surely, it does not compute.