University of Toronto hate party

Who’s Responsible For The University of Toronto’s Anti-Patriarch Hate Party? (featuring Vanja Krajina & the Old-Left)

There’s a global controversy brewing around the University of Toronto right now. It all started on November 16th when a group of radical feminists, anarchists, and some students (who said they were sent by their Women’s Studies class) showed up to blockade people from entering an auditorium.

On the other side of the situation was a man named Warren Farrell, and a crowd of people who paid for tickets to enter the event. Farrell is a writer and activist who has written seven books on the subject. He was one of the most vocal men in support of second wave feminism, and was also on the board of the NYC chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW) from 1971-1974. Over time, NOW became more radical, and Farrell fell out with them. He later became recognized as a major figure in the Men’s Movement.

Farrell is a controversial figure- particularly with people in Canada’s Old-Left- the anarchists and (fringe) feminists have no patience for this guy. What they did gives us a very good example of the world they’d like to see in the future. And, I can assure you, it’s a future that very few of us want to see…

The radicals, as they do, were yelling out accusations that Farrell promotes and celebrates rape, and that the people who were going to attend his speech were sexist ‘rape apologists’. They blocked the doors, yelled bad words and insults while aggressively (and physically) confronting with the police- and some of the Old-Lefties began targeting and insulting the ticket holders.

It’s a scene we’ve seen many times before in Vancouver and Toronto- an act of mob bullying…

There were many familiar faces in the mob. Currently, the most prominent face is someone identified as Vanja Krajina- one of the people arrested at the G20. According to a story in the McGill Daily, Krajina was a ‘legal observer‘ at the G20 who was improperly arrested (as many people were thanks to the presence and actions of the anarchists). She had a bottle of saline for her contact lenses, and a vinegar soaked bandanna. She was charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and conspiracy to use explosives.

Obviously, if the charge was based on what she was carrying on her person, she wasn’t carrying any explosives. We don’t know what information the police had, so we can’t judge whether she was part of a conspiracy. She has, however, commented on this site before defending Alex Hundert- a convicted G20 ringleader who is currently in prison for teaching Ontario’s youth how to ‘de-arrest’ people from the police. On a side-note, Hundert has been steadfastly supported by well known feminist Judy Rebick.

Krajina has also been actively fighting with Jonah Schein’s beloved Ontario Coalition for Poverty (OCAP)- a ‘militant’ group who are closely tied with the unions, Common Cause, and the city’s ragtag groups of anarchists. Here you can see her having a temper tantrum after City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam refused to accept an audience with anarchists whose home burned down on anarchist anti-nuclear campaigner “Flagpole” Alex Balch’s beloved George Street.

Click for full view


It’s not that hard to imagine why Wong-Tam didn’t want to include the anarchists in the meeting- they have a history of causing disruptions, breaking things, and disrespecting everyone around them.She’s obviously learned the lesson that politicians like the NDP’s David Eby, Jonah Schein and MP Andrew Cash still need to learn. This is not the sort of behaviour that’s conducive to building a solid and civil society.

Anyhow, back to the incident at UofT. There was a video taken during this debacle (at the bottom of this article), and it’s caused quite the stir in the online world. Krajina is one of the major stars of the video- she was obviously there for more than just blocking the doors. Instead, she started stalking some of the ticket holders, swearing and yelling insults at them.

Here’s what she said to some poor ticket holder:


You should be ashamed of yourself- you’re fucking scum. Fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, women hating, fucking scum.

She then displayed that she has an abysmal understanding of logic:


Why do you pay money to to fucking for, a fucking rape apologist if  rape apologist if you aren’t, fucking, one!

At 1:21 on the video you will see Marque Brill from the Ontario Coalition of Poverty (OCAP)- he’s a leader with ‘Black Bloc’ types who busted Toronto up during the G20. According to CausePimps.ca, Brill is a paid protester, he’s OCAP’s webmaster, and he was involved in the contemptuous takeover/shutdown of Ryerson University’s CKLN radio. There’s also an interesting story about his dodgy use of someone’s credit card. CausePimps also says he’s a close associate of Andy Lehrer– a man who followed me on Twitter shortly before I published this story, then unfollowed me shortly after.

At 2:08, on the far-left side of the video, we can see Julian Ichim – he’s one of Toronto’s least savoury anarchists who recently participated in interrupting Remembrance day with a couple of Afghani radical women. Canada’s radical website rabble.ca promoted the two women after they did this. Judy Rebick was a founder of Rabble.ca- they’ve been known to publish outright slander.

Amanda Lickers is on the video at 2:18. More recently, she was a speaker at Zach Ruiter’s anti-nuclear meetingover the GE-Hitachi plant in West Toronto. That’s the anarchist-led meeting MPP Jonah Schein and MP Andrew Cash attended together.

Anarchist CUPE  leader and schoolteacher Ashleigh Ingle shows up on the video (for real this time, I promise) yelling out at a cop at 3:14 in the video, later, at 3:31 she yells out “fucking pigs” to the cops. In-between you will see her right up-front as the lines of radicals pushed their way into the police. It’s my understanding that she’s a PhD student at the UofT- it looks like she is going to have some explaining to do. (She also wrote an interesting article about the Canadian Federation of Students recently).

It seems that may just happen. The UofT’s Provost’s office published a letter about this incident today– it appears that he’s frowning about the events that occurred at the university that night. Here’s what he had to say about them:

“The vast majority of the University of Toronto community understands that freedom of expression is vital to the mission of universities and cannot be reserved for those with whom one agrees. It is therefore heartening that many members of our community with otherwise divergent views have recognized that the disruption of this event by protesters was a threat to free speech.”

And they’re right. The entire premise of the protest was to shame and stop people from going into Farrell’s speaking engagement. The people behind the protest feel that Farrell doesn’t have the right to speak his mind. If you watch Farrell’s lecture, there’s nothing he said that matched what the protesters said about him. There was nothing said that could be construed as hate speech- at least, not inside the auditorium.

The Old-Left dominated University of Toronto’s Student Union made a statement about the event- framing Farrell as a monster, and the protesters as heroes. They labelled the protesters as conducting an ‘information picket’ in-front of the event- despite the fact the video shows they were (admittedly) blocking people from entering the event. Their level of misrepresentation has only been beaten when the Quebec student union KLASSE lied about the number of people at a student protest (a lie brought to us through Rebick’s beloved Rabble.ca).

One of the reasons that this story has become so big is because it was picked-up by a popular Men’s Movement website called A Voice For Men. They were, justly, disgusted by what happened at this protest- they, as well as the Provost’s office and most reasonable people understood that there was an injustice here, and they’ve shared the story with the world. This site is very popular.

There’s a very heated discussion going on in the comments for this article- and it appears that many people are out for blood. There are some good, and some bad assumptions and plans being made. One of their reader’s natural instincts is to make an example of Vanja Krajina. It wound’t be the first time this happened.

Probably the most well-known instance of this was with Vancouver Schoolteacher Sasha Wiley-Shaw (Why is it always teachers? Should we be concerned about that?) in Vancouver. Wiley-Shaw first came to public attention misrepresenting the injuries she sustained while being arrested at the Casseroles protests in Vancouver where they ‘marched in solidarity’ for the Quebec student strikes. More recently, she was caught on a video cutting-down positively worded Men’s Right’s posters on the side of a construction site in Vancouver. (The posters were placed with permission)

A video was made about Wiley-Shaw by Myerku Media– he assigned her the nickname Creepy Bittergrrl. The video made a number of very valid points, and was right on-the-money in many ways. It was a very well-produced video too- with the exception that it includes a couple of animated dildos. So, it was a bit controversial. Wiley-Shaw is now a globally known name. People are speculating that Krajina is about to suffer the same fate.

Personally, I believe that would be energy misspent. Yes, there should be a discussion about the individuals involved- they were engaged in a public demonstration where there were dozens of people taking pictures with cameras and cellphones. But, overall, the focus should be on the core problem- the bullies who have been terrorizing people on the streets of Toronto. This was not an isolated incident- it’s an ongoing pattern.

The University and City of Toronto has a serious problem on it’s hands- and, it’s not just this city, the same thing is happening in Vancouver, Montreal and universities across the country. The people behind this, and similar, events have been getting increasingly bold in their attempts to ‘Rabble’ up trouble in our cities. They’ve beencausing immeasurable harm to Canada’s indigenous communitiesnuclear power activismGay Pride marchesIsrael/Palestine marchesRemembrance Day ceremoniesthe G20The 2010 Olympicsthe Quebec Student strikes, and so much more.

What happened at the UofT that day is just one side of how this group of bullies operates. Their violence extends long past the protest. They engage in coordinated character assassinations, cyber bullyingcalls to friends and familyand physical attacks. People who disagree with them are often left having to literally watch their backs while they walk through Toronto’s streets.

Ashleigh Ingle’s ex-partner, Brandon Gray once described how one of these organizations worked like an obedience cult. They don’t just rip-up the people they are opposing- they are also continually mauling non-conformists within their groups. These groups prey on the young, naïve, poor, indigenous, new immigrants- whatever’s the flavour of the day.  They leave a long trail of damaged people in their wake.

The UofT has a number of organizations that have become toxic like this over time. Ingle was an officer in the radical CUPE 3902- a union representing UofT academic staff. The Graduate Student Union’s building has become a centre of activities for many on-campus anarchists. And, now, the undergraduate student union is writes a press release defending the people who were blocking free speech.

This is happening at universities across the country- there was a similar incident at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University when some people wanted to open a Men’s Centre. Many people believe that the glue that holds the radicals together across universities is the Canadian Federation of Students. It’s common knowledge that their politics don’t match the will of the average student- the CFS has been accused of hijacking social movements for some time now.

The problem here is bigger than a few individuals who misbehaved at a protest. The problem is that Canada hasmany members of our governmentacademic facultymass media, and non-profits who have been aiding, promoting and/or encouraging people to behave this way.

If I’ve been a bit hard on people like Judy Rebick, David EbySid Ryan, Professor David McNally, Professor Jim DeutschAntonia ZerbisiasAndrew Cash and Jonah Schein it’s because I so desperately want to see one or more of them take leadership and stop all of the carnage. Bad things are happening, individuals are getting hurt, causes are getting hurt- truth and honour are becoming a thing of the past.

So, who’s going to take this on? Any volunteers? Who’s brave enough?

This article was originally posted at genuinewitty.com

About Greg Renouf

Greg Renouf is an independent journalist and writer who discovered and experienced first hand, the dangers of group bullying, while reporting on the Canadian Occupy Movement. He supports many aspects of feminism, but opposed the exploitation of it, for the sake of sensationalist devaluing of race, gender and sexuality, which these groups use as exploitive, political weapons.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthAndOblivion Woolybumblebee

    Excellent article and very informative. Thank you Greg for sharing this with us at AVfM.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      Thank you- your work is great too, I’ve been following it since the Creepy BitterGrrl incident…

  • Feuillet

    I agree, we should no win a battle and lose the war. Who know how many things are going on in the background when these SA are getting shamed at lol.

  • cvar

    So much for student protest.

    OT: Serious beard envy over that picture’s glorious mane. Someday, someday.

    • tallwheel

      Yes, and Warren Farrell would also make a perfect Santa Claus. Merry Christmas Warren Farrell!

      • cvar

        Man he’s got some sweet manscruff going on too.

        Damn you facial hair, even out! I want to be a lion too :(

      • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

        Yeah, Merry Christmas Dr. Farrell in it taking one whole month for the bureaucrats to write a letter about how angry they are! Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIPSvIz9NDs

        Yeah, you UofT students stop this nonsense of harassing, assaulting, disturbing public functions with poorly made Molotov cocktails or else!

        Ahhhhhh, good to know there is a bureaucrat around when you need one! Also when you don’t want them, when you can’t find them, when you can find them; and when they are sending police to write out parking tickets, arresting the male protestors, and gently dealing ever so chivalric with female protestors.

        Moving on.

        • http://www.genderratic.com typhonblue

          “arresting the male protestors, and gently dealing ever so chivalric with female protestors.”

          You noticed that too, huh?

    • Aimee McGee

      I always said “man’s body, mans choice” when it comes to beards. Beloved grew a magnificent face fluff this winter and I was truly guilty of objectification B)

  • Roland3337

    Mr. Renouf. You sir, are a brave young man. The kind that civilizations are built upon. The spirit of Ghandi, King and Elam run through your veins.

    Someone needs to buy you a fucking beer.

    • Kimski

      Awesome article. I really enjoyed reading this.

      If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Scandinavia, the beer and shots will be on me, Mr. Renouf.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      Thank you. *Blush*. If anyone is in Toronto I’d love to take them up on that beer. I’m also going to Orlando this week for the Christmas holiday. 😉

  • dhanu

    Hands down beats any mainstream investigative journalism on this topic so far.

  • Kukla

    Welcome Greg! Always great to have a new addition.

    I don;t mind Anarchy(the REAL ideology) but I do not like most Anarchists. The majority of them are insane cultists, fascists, and just general slime-balls. Unfortunate that an ideology which held merit(in my opinion) has been piggy-backed by such lowlifes. Same thing happened with Marxism, etc.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      Thanks! These people are anarcho-Marxists- the worst of both worlds…

  • TigerMan

    All I can say is that the spirit of “uncle Joe” lives on!

  • The Baron

    “Information picket”! How frighteningly Orwellian.

    • Skeptic

      Yes, that was my reaction too.
      Talk about fascist doublespeak.
      Not only do they unilaterally get to decide what information is decent, they give themselves a rationale for policing it by force and fuck other folk’s democratic right to free speech and free association.
      NPPD – Narcissistic Political Personality Disorder.

  • The Unforgiven

    How the hell can you be an anarchist and a feminist?

    If society were to fall into anarchy, feminism would surely die without the tax payer funded big government to spread and enforce feminist ideology.

    It seems to me that anarcha-feminism is pretty self defeating, and judging from the looks of the anarchist feminist crowd, I would say that none of them have the balls to survive the collapse of society, hell most of them look like they have never worked a single day in there lives, let alone posses knowledge on shooting, fieldcraft, tracking, trapping, hunting, fishing, farming or anything of use for that matter.

    They seem to fall into the unprepared idiots that will starve to death category.

    • The Baron

      In my experience, ‘anarcha-feminists’ (and indeed most self-proclaimed ‘anarchists’) are authoritarian big-statists.

      I know, it doesn’t seem to make much sense at first. But you have to realize that activists and radicals typically hijack terms and concepts in order to destroy their meaning and delegitimatize them. E.g. ‘atheism plus,’ which boasts its ‘free thought’ yet is heavily censorious of those who dissent; they do not allow criticism of the party line, full stop. For these radicals, ‘free thought’ does not mean (as it means for you and I) the freedom to question, to criticize, to scrutinize, to follow arguments where they may lead, etc. ‘Free thought’ for them means the freedom that one attains by thinking the ‘correct’ things.

      Keep in mind Marxists and other hard-leftists have typically seen human and civil rights as bourgeois conceits. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of association, etc. right down to fundamental rights such as bodily integrity, are scorned by the far left as they (supposedly) perpetuate the system that they seek to dismantle.

      That right there gives you a big clue about what their utopia might be like (and it’s something we’ve seen time and time again in recent history).

      ‘Anarcha-feminists’ oppose the state because it doesn’t punish men ENOUGH, because it doesn’t expropriate and redistribute ENOUGH, etc. If they had their way, the state would be overthrown and immediately replaced by a ‘general council’ or ‘people’s assembly’ or some other euphemism for a state. A much more repressive one than we currently have. One which runs on violent emotion and sees human beings as expendable towards their unattainable, ideological end.

    • Kimski

      “hell most of them look like they have never worked a single day in there lives, let alone posses knowledge on shooting, fieldcraft, tracking, trapping, hunting, fishing, farming or anything of use for that matter.”

      I’m giving you a huge round of applause for that comment, and wish I could give you more upvotes.

      You basically pinpointed everything I have ever thought about the “strong and empowered”, when it came to living without the benefits of modern society.

      I’ve been on a handful of survival trips, over two week periods, in both Norway and Greenland so far. On every single trip there has been women, as well as guys like these, participating, that thought they were all that.

      Less than 2 to 3 days later, the level of whining and bitching about every single task you had to perform to stay alive, would become almost unbearable to listen to. Not to mention the fact, that in most cases they were not in shape to walk more than 3 or 4 miles a day.

      The vast majority of these “strong and empowered” would literally be walking through the day with tears streaming down their faces, swearing that they’d never do anything like that again, and it was almost always someone else who ended up carrying their backpacks.

      And I’m talking about adult individuals here.

      They are so completely entrenched in their comfort and safety bubbles, that they have absolutely NO idea what strong and empowered REALLY means, when you have to survive by making fire by rubbing two sticks together, and your only means of survival is a knife, 10 feet of fishing line, 3 hooks and your brain.

      If these femi-anarchists wants to tear down the society they’ve never done anything but leech on, my only comment will remain:

      “Go ahead, give it a try, but you might want to carefully consider the consequences, ’cause you’ll be the first to go..”

  • oldfart

    It seems this CUPE bears looking into.
    Funds coming in and going out.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      All of Canada’s public services unions need looking into- many are directly involved in stuff like this…

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      If you look at about 3:50 on this video you will see a member of CUPE (I think the 3902 or 3903) attacking a building with his flagpole. These people love flagpoles- I have a scar on my scalp to prove it…

  • Wilf

    You missed out her best tweet directed at Kristyn Wong Tam: “Fucking liberal, bourgeois piece of trash”.

    And she wonders why they wouldn’t meet with her.


    • The Baron

      Why IS she so angry? There’s so much venom in everything she says or writes. I’ve even spent some time around radical leftists, but I have never met a person who carries on like this. I hope I never will.

      • Wilf

        I think the other ones are somewhat immature, but that one is damaged.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      Yes, I saw that one- I missed out on lots of stuff to make sure the article was readable. It could have been 200,000 words instead of the 2,000 words I wrote. I’ll write more soon.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        Will be looking forward to that! Thanks for the great article.

  • TheMoralGodless

    Really nice article.

    Can someone clarify for me what “Old Left” means, and why they are specified as a source of misandric activity?

    Because from my experience, there’s really no form of Leftist politics that is not misandric to some extent.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      the “old left” is a phrase made-up by Kalle Lawsn of Adbusters during Occupy. He means the unions, political parties and other parts of the old power structure of the left. Occupy was supposed to fight old power structures, they came into Occupy and fought against that.

      Here’s a clip from CBC’s The National with Kalle Lawsn (and me!) explaining:

      • keyster

        It’s getting pretty bad when the Left starts fighting itself for not being Left enough. How Left is Left enough anyway? I doubt there are that many female feminists who’d like to see Anarchy in the streets. They’re going to get raped and murdered by their fellow anarchists eventually. It’s what anarchists do. Co-opting anarchy is a zero sum game grrls.

        • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

          A teenage anarchist explained his view of the future if the anarchists and Marxists actually ever won. He sais that the Marxists would do their best to put the anarchists against the wall and shoot them in the heads.

          He also said “We’re ready for them!”

          This is not the future any sane person wants to see…

    • Augen

      The answer is virturally right there crying out. They get to a point on the right where “RINO”s are indistinguishable from Blue Dogs who are indistinguishable from liberals who are indistinguishable from the Maoists who are planning an insurrection, so we’d better fight the Blue Dogs like they are evil scum of the earth and this is war.
      And they get to a point on the left where progressives and liberals and libertarians and the Tea Party are just as indistinguishable (example: see Wilf’s citation just above).
      As I see it, it’s they who are the same, right and left. The real binary are those operating on “everything that conforms to my worldview is A and shall be spread and everything that remotely dissents is B and shall be crushed – it does not matter if it dissents by 35% of 0.000001%”, versus humility committed to freedom of thought, i.e.: “huh. What exactly are they trying to say? Maybe I can learn something.”

  • bubbajoebob

    Thanks for naming names. This is nothing new, though. I used to get death threats mailed to me, clippings of pictures of Hiroshima burnt bodies, etc, when I took on a very similar group at my university in the early 1980s. They rely on fear from some, indifference from others (people actually working for a living), and taxpayer subsidies to survive.

    It’s significant that the “men” in the protestors cowered behind the skirts of the women. They are the type that will gladly pit you against some harridan, but will never put their own skin into the game.

    They are a form of mental illness, but they are largely a problem of wealthy, lax societies with no real threat facing them. They will pass. In the meanwhile, push them into a corner whenever you get the chance.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      I don’t think the men are cowering behind the women in these situations. It seems more like a tactic to me- get the men angry and then put the women up-front hoping they will do something foolish towards a woman in front of a camera.

      When analyizing these people it’s best to always remind yourself that they’re merry pranksters- anything could be happening. The good news is that they’re not that smart and it’s pretty easy to figure out their ruses…

      • harrywoodape

        The intend to get rid of most men. The elite elite is totally cool with that and actually thats why they are giving wings to idiotic feminism on a global scale. To fuck up common society. Every loose white man that isn’t in the military or an important, registered, indentured technocrat will be thrown in the slammer or discarded.
        They are working hard taking direction from above on how to ostracize and phase out common white men.
        It is a sophisticated marketing attack. it works pretty when it has backing by mainstream media for decades. “Dumbing people down” is real and important to the people that control everything. stop thinking countries and start thinking corporations. Those thst control the corporations control the media and they lie to us all the time and it changes values and perceptions. it is a deliberately dysfunctional and negative culture we are given. it subverts our children and us and men are being phased out. They are indoctrinating our children and women to HATE us and not see us as human beings with emotions. Thats what we fight against regardless of the outcome…because it is s total war and they aim to …destroy us.

  • The Real Peterman

    Very interesting piece, which raises more questions than it answers to me. I mean, what do these people want? Are they on a power trip and just want to bully a band of people into following their commands? Are they ideologues who want to “smash the state” and have us all living in kibbutzes? I thought they were just typical mindless feminists but there seems to be a lot more to it than that. Thank you Mr. Renouf.

    • Augen

      TRP – I agree with the question and the puzzle. Whenever I have fly-bys with folks like this it gets me wondering. My better sense is that it’s sheer simple banality in most cases, but importantly it is not monolithic.
      I knew a lot of very bright folks with interests like this who got involved in Amnesty, Greenpeace, HRW and various other causes and as far as I could tell those were entirely healthy conduits for their energies and passions and I took them to be sincere.
      And folks like that will show up for events like these, and befriend people like this, and it isn’t so innocent. Much of it does get to be really cult-like with certain strong personalities gaining sway over lots of weak minds seeking meaning, belonging and my guess in the cases of a lot of the fellows … sex.
      At that point, you may as well piece apart the brown shirts. Thugs, followers and cult leaders. The point of the ideology isn’t to actually govern or solve problems or anything, like right and left may both come bringing intellectual contributions to the federalist papers, it’s just to control.
      It’s worth study. I’d like to see a comparative study of political groups across the spectrum. My guess is there’s 5-6 identifiable groups in a bulge of center left/right most people could identify with that have healthy pro-social patterns for the most part, then out on the fringe it gets more anti-social and cult-like.

    • keyster

      That’s the $64 thousand dollar question…and why OWS in the USA failed.

      Essentially they want Communism in the Marx sense, not Lenin/Stalin – but Trotsky. They want “the State to eventually vanish”, and the communal-collective to reign as government, over business, redistribution of wealth, fairness, equality, etc.

      The fact that OWS couldn’t even decide how to govern itself, reveals how foolish their little movement was. Ahhh, kids these days!

      Sorry, America is never going to be one big Agrarian hippie commune. SOMETHING has to govern…SOMEONE rises to power in a vaccuum.

      • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

        It’s impossible to say something that “Occupy wanted” anything specific. There were many groups there who wanted many different things. The initial idea was to talk about the problem with our banking systems- unfortunately, the Old-Left distracted us from that.

        I’d say, that the vast majority of early Occupiers (before the exodus) were not expecting a hippie commune as a final state. :)

  • Augen

    I would like to see a study of what forms all manner of individual mental health or capacity issues take when combined, on the whole, into mass-movement/political threads. It would be helpful because I don’t think there is one explanatory hypothesis here, I think there’s loads.

    What about folks who are working out disputes they had with their parents?

    i.e.: resents parents for A, and parents are capitalist or republican or whatever, therefore sublimates anti-parent energies into politics X


    just not that bright. IQ sub 100 (1/2 the population).


    victim of some crime or abuse carried out by a member of any number of identity group, i.e.: could be a white person who was mugged by a black person, or, could be Kate Harding


    bi-polar, or personality disordered


    sexually frustrated

    My guess is all of these can serve to make people easy prey for someone or some group that needs a fief or needs to grind an axe.

    We often see college as incubators for this stuff. It can be that, but I wonder too if its socially adaptive to create sort of a safe place for people to work out these energies with a minimum of disruption to the larger society at the time in their lives (early adulthood – highest combination of independence and naivety in a lifetime) when they are most susceptible.

  • malcolm

    These anarchists, thugs and agitators have nothing to worry about, David Futrelle and his acolytes are “reaching out” to them. I’m sure his support keeps them from crying in their pillows at night.

  • malcolm

    And Greg, this was a brilliant article, we need a dozen more like you. Next article could be on beard growth and maintenance. I want one like that.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      That picture isn’t of me! I’ve never had a beard, and probably couldn’t achieve one like that! lol

  • Gamerp4

    This is some freaky shit but i give you my respect sir YOU DESERVE IT, fearless and brave, you truly are a masterpiece.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    “Why is it always teachers?”

    The dumbing-down of education is deliberate. Dumb is equal. The reason phonics was eliminated from grammar schools was that it worked the best. The teaching field is dominated by hard-core social engineers and “change agents” who have little interest in seeing children learn facts, broad thinking, the 3r’s but rather know, like all authoritarians that the rad to utopia is to be built upon the heads of indoctrinated dysfunctional children — who are infinitely more easy to control than children whose parents take an active affirmative role in their child’s intellectual, moral and physical upbringing.

    When marxist terrorist Bill Ayers got tired of bombs he decided to become a great education expert. Bombing police stations is much less effective than bombing children’s minds.

    • cvar


      It was supposed to be satire. Now it’s the goal. Interestingly, I remember reading this in my English book. I remember it since it was one of the three stories or so that weren’t a classic and didn’t suck. The Cold Equations is another one I can remember.

      Shame the rest of the book was full of uninteresting crap.

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      The people behind this revolve around far-left circles in the New Democratic Party. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are connected to the NDP’s Socialist Caucus, organizations like Fightback, and desciples of people like Sid Ryan, Judy Rebick, David Eby and David McNally.

      High-profile anarchist Zach Ruiter just released an interview with McNally yesterday. It was titled McNally on Marxisms.


      They aren’t hiding it…

  • JinnBottle

    Just read CT West’s open letter. I too have changed my mind about him: Guy’s a prig. We live in the Age of the Male Prig.

  • IAmA_WhiteMale_AMA

    I wish I had the investigative skills you guys have. I thought my Google-fu was pretty good! Thanks for putting names to these bigots. I wasn’t expecting the political angle to be a variable (G20, black-bloc, socialists, Che t-shirts, etc), yet I’m not surprised. They claim to be anarchists, yet they’re drastically authoritarian. It seems the most hateful versions of feminism are pretty good at co-opting other groups to fit their interests. It’s happening now with atheists groups. As a libertarian-atheist-mra, I feel like I don’t belong anywhere anymore. Authoritarian-bigots everywhere… :(

  • Phil in Utah

    This U of T incident has been a gold mine for us.

    I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for the MRM.

  • andybob

    Thank you for connecting the dots for us, Mr Renouf. Your knowledge and insight has been invaluable. I hope to hear a great deal more from you.

    Take care of yourself as some of these people are obviously demented with serious boundary issues.

  • Erasmus

    International Socialists were at least partially responsible.


    By the way, these so called anarchists aren’t really anarchists, they’re extreme leftist marxists.

    • Wilf

      Whenever I see labels like those being used, I am reminded of this clip:


      Is it just me, or does the guy at the end look familiar?

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      That’s a great find- thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

      Erasmus. That links doesn’t only show us it was organized partly by the IS- it also shows that they were meeting on George Street. That’s where many of the anarchists live in squats and social housing.

      • ReGoof

        Do you even pretend to believe the bullshit you peddle Greg? Or are you simply content to have finally found a gaggle of cranks who will uncritically laud your masturbatory internet stalking as “investigative journalism”? Do you even read the random event postings you cite as “evidence”?

        The post you mentioned cites the event location as 100 ST George Street, which is on the U of T campus, specifically the Sid Smith Building, where many campus groups hold events. You don’t even know the campus you claim to be writing about! And who lives in “squats and social housing” on George Street? Where? You are making stuff up.

        Your pathetic research skills really cast aspersions on the body of your “work”. But hey, go draw another deluded flowchart about how anarchists and feminists are colluding with the Ruckus Society to drive up George Soros’ stock options. Stick to what you know and leave the rest to the adults in the room.

        • harrywoodape

          Hey there. Welcome to Men’s Rights. Look around. Enjoy Darth Vader.
          Genuine Witty no doubt hit nail on head…why else would you follow and threaten. Genuine witty has a genuine feminist stalker.

          • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty

            I have a few- Sasha Wiley-Shaw & her boyfriend were a couple:


            Notice how, with all that I wrote, the only thing they could attack me for was the address of a building where a meeting was held. Yet, that was enough to try and discredit everything I wrote. This says a lot…

            Oh, yeah, and adults wouldn’t be teasing people by changing the meaning of their name. That’s very kindergarten.

            I wish there were more old-left detractors were intelligent. It would make the adventure investigating them a lot more fun…

          • harrywoodape

            I imagine you would have a few enemies that don’t appreciate exposure and attention of what they are up to. Anyway, I appreciate what you are doing…good info and digging up the truth.
            The exposure of the PhD teacher Ashleigh was quite interesting and so is the connection to the Black Bloc. My understanding was that the G20 Black Bloc was heavily infiltrated by the police and probably CSIS. When the G20 looked like it was going to be a peaceful event the Black Bloc started smashing stuff and burned some cop cars then the police started mass arrests. Do I have that right?

          • ReGoof

            Greg usually censors comments he disagrees with, so it’s kinda novel to actually be allowed to call him out on his idiocy. And all he has to “defend” himself is my s/n? Please allow me to lol mightily over here.

            And you didn’t merely get the address wrong; you made a further inference based on that incorrect address that i asked you to defend, which you refused to do. Why did you make that inference? Because you’re eager to jump to conclusions that validate the position you’ve already taken. It’s lazy, dishonest, poor research and demonstrates that you aren’t interested in honest inquiry. That’s why i called you on it.

            And that isn’t the only thing you got wrong in this article. Since when do Jonah Schein and Andrew Cash have anything to do with anarchists? Evidence? And don’t give me “Schein helped OCAP once, so he’s an anarchist”; that’s not evidence or logic, that’s a conspiracy theory. And how did you ascertain that this “Marque Brill” is a “leader” of a leaderless group? Or, more accurately, how can you be a leader of a tactic, which is what a black bloc actually is? And Julian Ichim, as even a quick Google search reveals, is a Marxist; Marxism and anarchism cannot be used interchangeably, unless you’re not interested in proving facts and instead just want to prove a point you’ve already reached. And since when is Zach Ruiter a “high profile anarchist”? Ruiter is a joke, second only to you Greg; he is held in contempt by many of the politically active anarchist in Toronto, for a variety of reasons. But, having no familiarity with the milieu you write about (beyond your Google-fu), you wouldn’t know that.

            For the benefit of those lucky enough to have not encountered Greg’s “work”, Renouf is a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist who has been cyber-stalking those he identifies as anarchists for over a year now. He distorts some facts, makes up others and integrates them into a web of nonsense that he claims illustrates a vast left-wing conspiracy to… to… well, he’s not quite clear on exactly why insurrectionary anarchists, tenured professors, anti-condo activists, union bureaucrats and city councillors have teamed up together, but give him 10 minutes to make up some more bullshit and i’m sure he’ll have a reason.

            See, it’s not hard to do. I can do it too. Greg moved from Vancouver to Toronto about a year ago. He was in a relationship. And he was “active” (kinda) in Occupy in both cities. Those are facts. What happened to his relationship? Well, because i think Greg is crazy and an asshole, i’m going to assume that his partner left him after he went off the deepend and got creepy-obsessed with Occupy and some people around it. Is it true? Maybe; probably not. Can i prove it? Not a chance. Does it suit my purposes? Sure! Then it passes the Renouf evidence test! Time to start blogging! And fire up paint; flowchart time!

            Anyway, i have no interest in seeing you people taken seriously, so please continue to rely on the ramblings of a bitter, deluded, self-important crank like Greg. Heck, seems like he’s finally found the audience he deserves. A match made in misogynist, socially isolated heaven!

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            Looks like Greg struck a nerve with you, asswipe. And apparently it runs deeper than just this story.

            Oh, and, uh, ask around Toronto. Seems that there is a few people taking us seriously. I find the idea that you are not one of them pretty reassuring.

          • ReGoof

            Threaten? Sweetie, what in that post could possibly be construed as a threat? Unless, of course, your ego is so fragile that anybody calling out one of your bros on his stupidity would induce you to self-harm, in which case, please, don’t let me stop you.

          • ReGoof

            @Paul: Ladies and gentlem… okay, just gentleme… okay, just MEN… the leading luminary of the men’s rights movement! And all he has to offer, is, basically, U MAD BRO. Of course, he has nothing else to add because he either knows i’m right or doesn’t know enough to have an opinion on the matter. So keep reaching for that rainbow champ.

            I also like the emphasis on “a few” in your reply. When protesters outnumber attendees by a large margin, it’s pretty clear exactly how healthy your movement actually is. But is is absolutely precious to watch you try, so please don’t let me stop you; i could use the lulz.

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

            “When protesters outnumber attendees by a large margin, it’s pretty clear exactly how healthy your movement actually is.”

            That’s it? That’s your fucking comeback? Holy fuck! I bet you would be hoot at a cross burning in the woods in 1957 Mississippi. And I am sure any black person unfortunate enough to also be there might not get the logic, either.

            What you are saying is that might makes right, that mob rule is a moral edict, and that the majority has license to attack and abuse the minority.

            In other words, you are a fascist, bigoted piece of shit.

            Also, fuck you.

          • Kimski

            “When protesters outnumber attendees by a large margin, it’s pretty clear exactly how healthy your movement actually is.”

            Listen, Darth Dimwit.
            You need to learn to distinguish between ‘healthy’ and ‘popular’.There’s a huge difference, you know.

            As an example, the truth has never been as popular as ego stroking to the egomaniacs.

        • Grey Knight

          In all your diatribes and nonsense counter arguments with diatribes, you still fail to make a point. You have better luck kicking a dog than shaming us into compliance. Your posts are severely deluded and laden with ignorance. I suggest you actually read the materials herein including the mission statement to get better grappling points to argue. Your condescending tone is testament to the validity of the movement and such resistance to reason will forever be opposed.

          You’re wrong and you know it.

          • ReGoof

            Oh man. That’s a wicked burn right there. My point is pretty simple: Renouf is an unreliable narrator and his “research” is self-serving drivel. I think MRA’s are pathetic misogynists, but that really doesn’t have much to do with the validity of Renouf’s material. You can feel free to use his ramblings to your heart’s content; it just ensures you will continue to remain marginal and that the vast majority of people in toronto who are, unfortunately, familiar with his nonsense will continue to view you as a laughingstock, which is more than fine by me. As i said above, it’s slightly novel to be able to say this stuff and not have Greg simply delete the post, so pardon me whilst i condescend to my heart’s content. xoxoxo.

          • Grey Knight

            You’ve pretty much have not proven a thing other than name calling. I, or anyone for that matter, would return any intelligent discourse in kind but you have not been willing to partake in such. As others have mentioned, you should write an article with citations and less diatribes that prove nothing. You are quick to call all MRA’s misogynist and that in itself is testament to your willful ignorance. Are you even willing to discuss in a civil manner or are you just venting frustrations fighting straw men along the way? Right now I am assuming the latter.

        • RM1970

          Of course they outnumber any one, because they have the control of the University, the Media, and sadly the State(all the three branches), following your thought, in 1985 Soviet Union will stand for centuries, and the also the Nazi Germany in 1939. You just forget one detail, like Soviet Union, your foolish quest for equality is doomed, most of people doesn’t believe in Media, and Federal Government owes 16 trillion, and climbing, so your ideology don’t have much time before fall apart, enjoy your ride, the end is close.

  • ReGoof

    And please, anybody who can dispute the truth of what i said in my longer post above and not simply call me “radfem scum” or something similar, come at me bro. Because, so far, that’s all i’m getting over here. You guys didn’t do your homework; you got taken by a quack blogger and now you have egg on your collective faces. Greg writes what you want to hear, so you ran with it. It’d be sad if it wasn’t so damn funny.

    • Bombay

      There was a debate about gaming, perhaps a debate between Greg Renouf and ReGoof is in order, provided both will agree and be civil…….

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthAndOblivion Woolybumblebee

      Ok, listen, instead of pitching a tantrum here and insisting you are some sort of truth teller, why don’t you write an actual article? Cite your sources, provide your evidence, and counter Greg’s article in a mature, intellectual, and professional manner with credible sources? You know, like a proper adult? Or would you like to keep looking like a dim wit who has sand in her undies?

      • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

        I pretty much stop reading when someone calls us misogynists and insignificant. Aggressive ignorance (i.e. bigotry) just doesn’t make for a persuasive argument. If ReGoof had something useful to tell us, it’s already lost on me. Maybe someone else has patience for it but I don’t.

        • Tawil

          Yes, all cred got lost at that remark.

        • cvar

          Honestly, whenever somebody opens up with an ad hominem, I just start to tune them out. The rest of the argument is pretty much guaranteed to be fallacy on top of fallacy.

          I don’t know fuck all about UoT or Canadian politics, but I can sure recognize somebody unwilling to back their own claims up. If GW was so off base, shouldn’t it be relatively simple to show that? I just swapped computers, so I don’t have my handy list of fallacies bookmarked right now, but there’s quite a few in there.

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/TruthAndOblivion Woolybumblebee

          Don’t worry Dean, I hardly expected an actual cohesive argument from this pissant. Perhaps my sarcasm needs tweaking ;P

    • harrywoodape

      Who’s dog are you?

  • harrywoodape

    I just want to say, Greg? …genuinewitty?… I applaud you. Your digging in the right direction. Toxic bike being flung at you is a sign of that.

  • Redfield

    I have made a few posts and for some very private reasons this series of articles on U of T has evoked an amount of reaction in me. Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Elam and his team for the exposé, it has been perfect timing for some fairly major decisions in my life and my son’s life. Thank you.

    Secondly, after trawling thru many of the comments, it would seem that this experience with U of T is not an exception in your great nation but more of an expectation to the rule of how your higher education performs!!

    If this is so, there is little to recommend it.

    I have a few questions with regard to this:

    Were any of these women (mentioned in your articles) paid employees of U of T? Is the U of T undertaking an investigation of the behaviour displayed by these women, especially when allegedly male students requested police to give them safe passage on the university campus!

    I have never seen anything quite like this!!

    If this level of gender hate is a norm for tertiary education in Canada as has been alleged, should an appropriate government body investigate the cause and effect of this hate on its students and employees??

  • http://imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

    I have watched the footage and been stunned. The behaviour of those outside was designed to abuse, intimidate, harass and cause actual psychological distress and damage. Some have learned well from their manuals about Domestic Abuse and Violence – they used every tactic I have ever seen.

    I’m Not Mra But… well done Vancouver, you made it clear that there is a need to stand against such abusive people.

  • http://www.genuinewitty.com GenuineWitty
  • Kasey

    I don’t understand anarchists. The whole belief system is flawed at it’s base. But anyway, this is freaking ridiculous. It doesn’t help their cause to tell and curse at people…no, you need to make calm and at least somewhat reasonable arguments to really get your point across. Most of these people seriously need to see a psychiatrist.

  • Joe Joe

    You need to find out who’s funding these “activists.” They all have the same playbook, no matter what the protest. And make no mistake: the BlackLivesMatter protesters and the BlackBrunch types who are invading restaurants in the US and screaming at shites having a meal with their kids are all the SAME network, Find out who is funding these folks and you’ll find out the endgame: probably a helpless, socialist world.