Vanja Krajina

Vanja Krajina: University of Toronto

The University of Toronto last month hosted a speaking engagement by Dr. Warren Farrell, who addressed what he has coined, “The Boy Crisis.” The talk covered growing concerns, at least for those who value the welfare of boys in our society, with subjects like suicide, academic failure and the phenomenon known as “failure to launch.” This is when young men remain living at home past the age of legal adulthood, with no visible path into full autonomy and responsibility.

Campus feminists so vehemently objected to the presence of Dr. Farrell, and to the idea that exploration of those issues would be conducted outside the realm of feminist ideological control, that they staged a protest, which ultimately became violent, and abusive toward the young men who were trying to attend.

A video was made of a clash that ensued between protestors and the police, as well as showing the mistreatment and harassment of the young men attempting to hear Dr. Farrell speak.

One woman protestor in particular was featured in the video aggressively screaming epithets at a young man attempting to enter the lecture.


You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You’re fucking scum. You are fucking scum. You fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating fucking scum. You’re fucking scum.

To the young man’s credit, he did not react to the provocation, but simply asked police if there was somewhere he could wait where she would not follow him around and continue the verbal assault.

When the police got him in through the door, the woman continued the tirade on the police officer who got him through.


You should be fucking proud of yourself. These are the fucking men who are going to rape people.

Apparently the woman in the video not only has a license to publicly assail people for exercising their rights to free speech, but she also has a crystal ball into which she can see the actions of future rapists, which of course includes you and me and any other man (or probably woman) who is concerned with the issues facing men and boys.

Her name is Vanja Krajina, and this is apparently not her first interaction with police. She was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit indictable offence during the G20 summit weekend in Toronto in June of 2010.

She was quoted as saying that a Toronto Police Officer told her, “I don’t know why we let people like you immigrate into our country.”


Some of us do not know why people like her are allowed by college administrations to harass their students and abridge their free speech rights, either. But that is precisely what has happened at the University of Toronto, where authorities have proceeded as though the assaults, vandalism and student harassment never occurred.

There is much here that demands better understanding, and it appears as though it will be left up to citizen reporters to find out about it.

This is not the end of reporting on Krajina, on this sad event at the U of T, or on the atmosphere at that school of tolerance for bigotry and violence.

Krajina apparently had a twitter account (which comes up on a Google of her name), which has now been shut down. But there appear to be traces of her in multiple net locations. This should be quite enough for our rainbow coalition of agents to do their work.

And we will continue to do ours to bring all of this to the light of public attention, including her listing on


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  • UKMan

    “You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You’re fucking scum. You are fucking scum. You fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating fucking scum. You’re fucking scum.”

    Any chance we could submit this to, maybe in the ‘motivational’ category?

    • Dean Esmay

      I want it on a poster for my wall.

    • rper1959

      we need a T-Shirt with her pic and the above quote, and a caption that says this is what a feminist looks and sounds like.

  • Woolybumblebee

    This woman is disgusting and I am so happy she has now been exposed for the hateful abusive person she is. Bravo to those who worked on exposing her. People like her have to be held accountable for their actions.

  • Pokey

    Krajina is a Croatian last name I believe. Doesn’t surprise me as everyone I’ve met from there is nuts.

    • Tawil

      Racism is not welcome on AVfM. I see you are a newcomer pushing this line. Are you one of the girls attempting to plant a little bag of phony evidence to justify your U of T riot or to discredit AVfM’s reporting on the event?

      It won’t wash here…. we are anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti violence, anti ageist and anti all other forms of bigotry like yours.

      • Pokey

        Cool your jets, jesus.

        I run a business and I regularly get people from Croatia hacking and scamming my customers, and generally treating my staff like crap. They have attitudes JUST like this woman so excuse me for noticing a trend.

        • Paul Elam

          Cool your jets? The man just told you that racist remarks were not welcome here.

          See the picture of the bigot in the article above? We are identifying her for bigotry.

          Now, the thing for you to do is to calmly and maturely accept the caution from a well established member here, and consider that this kind of talk is not welcome, in any way.

          Just take the chip from your shoulder, lay off the racist remarks, and you will do fine here. Otherwise…..

          • Pokey

            There is no need to accuse me of being a “feminist illuminati plant” out to destroy your image. That is what I was saying cool your jets over.

            If he just said “We don’t like that here” that would have been one thing. I would have said fine, sorry and moved on. That’s not what happened and it’s not fair to accuse me of being the one with the chip on my shoulder over that.

        • Tawil

          “I was referring to him implying that I was some kind of feminist Illuminati plant out to destroy your image.”

          I posed a valid question, Pokey. I rarely hear MRAs being racist, and I regularly hear feminists trying to impute racist attitudes to MRAs.

          If you are not a feminist, fine. The main point is that you understand racism isnt productive or welcome here which is a no brainer… something you appear to accept.

          Topic concluded.

          • Pokey

            The intention was not to be racist but I understand and I’m sorry for the comment.

            I am definitely not a feminist, I get accused of being a “stepford wife” or that I must be “beaten or raped” on a daily basis to be siding with men’s rights despite the fact that I’m an accomplished woman.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I know what you mean, Pokey.

          I WISH I was accused of being a Stepford Wife. I usually get accused of being a man, which is …disconcerting.

          I don’t know how new you are to playing in the boy’s sandbox, but remarks we as women carelessly make without fear of repercussion will most certainly be misconstrued (when speaking on men’s behalf), which can and WILL be used to indict any and ALL men in a court of public opinion.

          Speaking as a feminist,”Croatians are nuts” would have been “snarky” and harmless.

          Speaking as an MRA, “Croatians are nuts” is RRRACIST! It’s violent and oppressive and proof the Monster Must Die!

          It takes some adjustment, but hang in there. As long as your heart’s in the right place, you’ll do fine.

    • yinyangbalance

      Well said. One should be judged by what they do; i.e. you are what you do. “You are THAT because you do THIS.” which will always hold true as long as that person we are referring to continues THIS behavior. But with Feminism and other hate groups, that dialog changes to “You do THIS because you are THAT” which is not always true and is unfair.

      “You are a RAPIST because you are a MAN” is what we heard Feminists like Vanja say to the men whom only wished to address or at least acknowledge the sad fact that 80% of suicide victims are male.

    • bowspearer

      And yet I’ve known some Croatians who are people with beautiful characters. Could what you have said here been, oh I don’t know, as much a case of blind and baseless bigotry as what those protestors were engaging in? The survey says…. top answer!

  • craigmcf

    Just a quick message to say well done! And keep up the good work!

  • Bev

    “handing out cupcakes” how symbolic.

  • MrShadowfax42

    Somebody who knows how to do this, needs to do it.

    • TigerMan

      gangam style? lol 😉

  • gateman

    They say a picture tells a thousand words. That video of Vanja Krajina sums up the feminist movement :

    – false rape accusations
    – hate speech
    – attempts to silence male issues
    – misandry
    – irrationality
    – no accountability
    – playing the victim card

  • GenuineWitty

    You’ll find Mark Brill on this video at 1:21. He’s from the Ontario Coalition of Poverty (OCAP), and is a leader with ‘Black Bloc’ types who busted Toronto up during the G20.

    Then, as I already mentioned, you see Anarchist Ashleigh Ingle yelling at a cop at 3:14, yelling out “Fucking pigs” at 3:31, and getting into a pushing match with the police in-between.

    Some interesting information on Ingle. Her (recently ex) partner was Brandon Gray, he ran a very sketchy company selling domain names.

    At 2:08, on the far-left side of the video, we can see Julian Ichim – he’s one of Toronto’s least savoury anarchists who recently participated in interrupting remembrance day with a couple of Afghani radical women. Canada’s radical website promoted this:

    We can also see Amanda Lickers on the video at 2:18. She was also recently involved with what I believe may be a political stunt by some local NDP politicians connected to OCAP.You can also see her talking on this video at 0:30. Ashleigh Ingle was at that meeting too.

    This is a tightly knit group, they all work together, and most are hardcore Marxists….

    • misterbill

      Thank you, GenuineWitty. The full story is really taking shape.

      The two ‘gentlemen’ blocking the entrance at 2:00 are the next most guilty. We’ve been trying to identify them since the video was released.

      With the information you’ve provided we should be able to ID them soon. If they look familiar to you, please let us know.

    • Jay

      It’s really interesting to know their names and informing to be able to trace and verify through Google the connections you claim for them, so thank you.

      Their protesting actions, shouting mostly, documented in the video seems at first glance to be well within first amendment rights (noting this takes place in Canada of course) and free speech principles. At least it’s not clear to me by way of the video they were blocking doors or shoving the police.

      I am noting this just so any identification of them makes clear that for the most part they seemed to be behaving according to their rights and even the rights of Warren Farrell, even if they were in opposition and generally jackasses.

      But it is also useful to note through your helpful response that this random group of outraged feminists has a whole bunch of the usual suspects in it and may not reflect U of T students.

      Again, it would be good for someone to pin the head of the University and the Women’s Studies department down on their positions re what happened and what is taught and department involvement.

      • misterbill

        It seems the missing link is the person who is connected to both the cause-hijacking anarchists (professional protesters) and the U of T women’s studies department. Someone brought both groups together.

        Ashleigh Ingle (who now teaches young boys) brought in Toronto’s Black Boc anarchists, and she is also a U of T alumni. She and her husband are no doubt pivotal players pulling the strings – but we need to find out who is her contact employed by the University that brought out the young man-hating fembots from class?

        • Jay

          I apologize, I was googling earlier, and lost the links.

          There is one women that says she was their as part of her women’s studies group. I think she maybe key. Find out who that group is associated with — are they in anyway affiliated with the school.

          The school has two newspapers. Each ran one article on this. There is a statement in one, I think, that this came about not via the school, but via some outside organization, or sui generis group of students.

          Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, I try to pin down which of these people are students that are part of, or have taken part in classes from the women’s studies department, and then ask University representatives and the head of that department if the students behavior reflects current teachings. And if not, how were these students so badly misled?

          And if there are lots of outsiders and not actually students at U of T in these videos, that should be made clear to, how a legitimate speaker was invited to campus and then kept off campus by non-student activists. And that should be put in the face of the U of T Student Union representatives that spoke in the videos how the U of T student union supported these actions.

          • misterbill

            The woman who says she came as part of her women’s studies group has been identified, but not outed because (as far as we know) didn’t take down posters and her anti-male vitriol was nothing like Emma’s or Sophia’s. Basically, she’s just like really really into Justin Bieber and like taking down the man and stuff (nuff said;).

            She and Sophia are closely connected and came to the protest together, encouraged by the same mystery person who is almost certainly employed by the University.

        • Ray

          “we need to find out who is her contact employed by the University that brought out the young man-hating fembots from class?”

          And the U. of T. administration has the authority to read the campus emails of those people in question and address any malfeasance contained therein. On campus emails are not private correspondence inasmuch as they are sent, or received, or sent and received through U. of T. computers.

          Emails from home to home are an entirely other matter.

          • Ray


            Employees also have less right to privacy than a private citizen in the U.S., in my lay opinion. Canada, of course, may, or may not, be different.

          • Pokey

            The U of T is a public research university, if she transmitted any information through e-mail, or even just through that network, it’s now government property.

            It’s really sick that our nations first university has turned into this feminist sanctum, considering the man who founded that University was a British officer who ended slavery in Upper Canada.

            He also was the one who brought Trial by Jury and the backbone of Jurisprudence to Canada. These Smug rights trampling feminists have no business being there, as they wouldn’t understand any of those concepts if it bit them on the pointed nose.

          • Reggie

            An official Access to Information Request should be able to get the information.

      • TigerMan

        Well ideally it would be good if there existed an independent standards body that could interview both students and heads of departments esp. womens studies to determine the extent that protesters were inluenced or even possibly instructed to protest. Universities should NOT producing students with ignorant “pitchfork” mentalities in fact they should be doing the fkn reverse.
        I doubt such type of investigation will happen of course but it does no harm to at least point in the direction that tax dollars should be spent untik one day the right people take notice.

      • prince_tybalt

        You are not allowed to infringe on the rights of others. The fundamental freedoms in Canada are:

        2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

        (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
        (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
        (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
        (d) freedom of association.

        By not allowing people to access Warren’s speech, they were denying them their right to peaceful assembly and chastising them for their views which differed from their own.

        • Pokey

          Yes, I had to explain this to a few people.

          Just like how we turned away the Westboro baptist church for wanting to protest a funeral, you can’t just spray your nonsense and block people from accessing ‘goods and services’ you don’t agree with.

          This was not a peaceful assembly by any means.

          • Woolybumblebee

            Glad someone brought that up. It’s a lot different here in Canada, and what they were doing was basically illegal here.

      • Rad

        You know in the movies where cops have the drug ring web, and the “?” marks and the interconnecting lines?

        A big one of those would be helpful.

        • Reggie

          We need our own Glenn Beck.

    • Dr. F


      Your blog is wonderful.

      • Roger O Thornhill

        Dr F,

        How’s that old noggin of yours?

    • TheSameDog

      So many bigots, so little time. Seriously, recently I am spending (not losing) way too much productive time reading these reports. You guys should probably start outing a few at once. Six-packs seem optimal. :)

    • rper1959

      So what this is telling me is that as well as the UTSU and women’s studies group, a group of radicals EXTERNAL to the UT community, has brought their hatred and agenda’s onto to campus, all under the auspices of the CUPE (not sure what role or legitimacy they should normally have in the university community?? suffice to say trade unions have no defined roles in Australian university life except in protecting the interests of the university employees who are members of those unions). I wonder what the university has to say about these groups interfering in the universities affairs.

      • Reggie

        CUPE represents the part time and contract faculty at may Toronto based Universities.

        • GenuineWitty

          Yes, the CUPE 3902 represent teaching staff at UofT. Anarchist Ashleigh Ingle (who was at the demonstration) used to be the recording secretary for 3902. They are an incredibly radical group…

    • malcolm

      I live very close to C.F.B. Trenton which is Canada’s (and the entire Commonwealth’s) largest airforce base. All the bodies that come back from Afghanistan come through Trenton on their way to the coroner’s office in Toronto. These repatriation ceremonies are huge events in the area with thousands of people lining the roads and standing on overpasses on the highway as a small measure of respect for the fallen.
      I wonder what the reaction would be locally to the feminist funded “fuck the troops” campaign and posters. Probably not good.

      • GenuineWitty

        These people are the Canadian version of the Westboro Baptist Church… (the ‘God Hates Fags’ people)

    • Hyperanthropos

      It is begining to appear that the antogonists here are professional protesters. These kinds of people are known for attending any and all political events where they can practice their extreme form of activism. They live for the thrill of it.

      I wonder how many people at this protest were actually UoT students, and how many were simply seeking another great event to latch onto.

  • puck_marin

    This post just made my day!

  • Tawil

    Very interesting revelation!

  • Kukla

    So I’m just gonna come out with it and say that yes, all feminists are like that. If they are not NOW, they have been or will be at some point.

  • MateNeo

    This. This woman is the scariest of all those protesters. She deserves to be in jail. that’s the perfect place for her.

    She was intimidating innocent young men and the police officers on duty.

    Well done AVFM. Well done. Thanks for bringing this horrible woman to light. Let the whole world see her now.

  • gwallan

    A few folk have mentioned a protester claiming to be there as a part of a “womens’ studies class”. It seems that at least one teacher/lecturer has encouraged or, possibly, required participation in this protest.

    I’ve always understood that schools have a duty of care to their students.

    Is it the policy of the University of Toronto to “encourage” or even force students into actions which they believe could lead to confrontation and aggression. Is it the policy of the University of Toronto to “encourage” or even force students to escalate otherwise peaceful circumstances into aggressive confrontations.

    Putting aside – for the moment – the attacks on meeting attendees I wonder how parents should view their kids being coerced into this type of protest activity.

    • Reggie

      My daughter was given class time marks at York for attending a tuition demonstration downtown Toronto. Buses were provided, signs pre-made and everything.

      I bet Ms. Ingles was there.

  • Ambiorix

    And another one bites the dust!

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Vanja Krajina, I have a message for you darling.
    “Ti si velika budala!”

    While the police did not lay charges, I will make it my personal mission to lay an information on you. You will then be summoned into court to answer to a Judge as to what you have done. You are in violation of Common Law, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other Acts that will be explored and applied against you as warranted.

    If you and your fellow bigoted thugs think you can be malicious with others, infringe on their freedom of association and get away with it, you are deeply mistaken.

    You have a right to free speech, but you do not have the right to violate the rights of others no matter how empowered you may feel to be.

    Vanja Krajina you are filled with hate, wreaking of vitriolic toxicity that is so severe you leave a path of death in your pungent wake.

    • TheSameDog

      Some grammatical gender for a change: it’s should be “velika”, not “veliko”, because the noun “budala” is feminine.

      • Attila L. Vinczer

        Thanks for pointing that out. It has been 40 years since I last studied in the former Yugoslavia, that was after I learned Hungarian which is my native tongue.

  • AndrewV


    March 28, 2012 at 19:05 (UTC -5)


    greg – you’re beyond creepy.


    March 28, 2012 at 22:10 (UTC -5)


    And, Vanja Krajina, you are a member of a violent group of cowardly thugs named Aw@l- so, a bit biased I’d suggest. I’d also suggest that you were lying when you said the police made a racial slur against you. Perhaps not- but, with the company you keep, most likely…
    Dave B

    December 13, 2012 at 10:59 (UTC -5)


    Vanja Krajina is the next Creepy Bittergirl – she’s famous now thanks to her incredibly vile conduct at a protest against equality for boys:

    Hopefully the university will be taking action against her, if you have any more info on her crimes please share it with avoiceformen.

    December 13, 2012 at 13:48 (UTC -5)


    I’ll get some people on this- thanks for the update!

  • Lovekraft

    Just sent this email off to the U of T women’s centre:

    “As a fellow Canadian and student of current trends, I am greatly interested in how you will respond to the accusation that acolytes of your academic branch are hate-mongers and against the free expression of ideas on your campus.

    In addition, I wonder if you are able to see the glaring hypocrisy in how you claim to stand for understanding and compassion, yet the video of the UofT Farrell protest clearly showed the opposite. Seething hate seems to be the modus operandi of Women’s Studies adherents.

    So, I invite you to come to the website A Voice for to clear up these and any other misconceptions Mens Rights Activists like myself have.”

  • Robert St. Estephe

    V Jina is becoming a star (status: highly prized by the mistress “gender”). Look how much eloquence she has inspired with her succinct messages about male moral inferiority.

    May her name (and visage) remain in the headlines for weeks, months and years to come.

    Learning the truth about feminism can be tedious, but V Jina manages to cover all the main points in a few brief speeches on videotape.

    A star!

  • AndrewV

    “Vanja Krajina, a student at George Brown College in Toronto who volunteered as a legal observer with the Movement Defense Committee on the Saturday of the G20, was on her way to meet her boyfriend on Sunday morning when several police officers approached her. They began searching her bag, and while they searched her, a group of men walked past. “One of the police officers said ‘how ‘bout we let these guys take her around back and have a go at her,’” Ronja said. When she responded angrily, the police arrested her.”

    • Suz

      Yeah, sure they did.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      A lot of extremely nasty cop behavior occurs at G20 events. Socialist education has dumbed down the public, erased moral teaching, reinforced narcissism. We are definitely going into a police state with many cops selected for their low IQ, ignorance of rights and sociopathic tendencies. Feminism assists the police state by breaking down the family, ending solid parent-directed education. The bankster elite have no better ally than Alinsky-trained destabilizing marxists (the controlling ethos of so-called “feminism”). The family courts and the encouragement of false accusations and stasi snitching (on “environment,” defensive weapons, reading habits, thought crimes) will give the State the control it needs as we are led into further deindustrialization and dependence of international corporations.

    • Attila L. Vinczer

      Any proof of that Andrew? If not it is merely here-say and her word has zero credibility in my books.

      • AndrewV

        You should consider the source in making your evaluation. Who can tell if it is the truth or not?

        I know I can not.

        BTW, it should be clear by now that not only does she have a police record, but it is also quite likely that CSIS has a file on her.

        At this point I am also wondering if it is possible she is an agent for CSIS working to establish her street cred?

        That could also explain her “over the top” behaviour.

        /conspiracy theory

  • GenuineWitty

    I’ve written an article with a lot of what I know behind the people and the organizations behind what happened at the University of Toronto. It’s much more than a few individuals- this is a problem that is endemic in Canada, I’ve personally observed it in Toronto and Vancouver, and have heard detailed stories from Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal and other cities.

    It’s enabled by our country’s political, academic, and other leaders who not only shelter, but often promote the people behind the continuing bullying and violence. The need here isn’t to burn Vanja on the stake (she does that to herself just fine).

    The need is to expose the people who are doing the bullying, and the people in the background who want them to succeed…

    • limeywestlake

      Good to see you here Mr. R.

      I was also an active member of Occupy Vancouver; it was my experience with the misandry therein that led me here….

      • GenuineWitty

        Hi, nice to see another former Occupier here! And, yes, the misandry there was a bit much- I blame it on Creepy BitterGrrl Sasha Wiley-Shaw and her gang of thugs…

    • Pokey

      A lot of people seem to come to Canada with emotional baggage from other places (or their parents emotional baggage/stories). They find some extremists and settle in with them to make issues out of non issues because there really aren’t the same issues here.

      There was one woman who came here that was basically like “Oh Canada just wants to save all the white people” when we cracked down on immigration fraud….

      I don’t know what Canadian women have to complain about though:

      -A baby isn’t a person until it comes out (Late term abortions are legal and even our conservative government has declared a closed issue)

      -Free healthcare

      -Women’s shelters outnumber men’s 6:1 in most places despite the fact that there are more homeless men

      -You’re almost 200x more likely to die of prostate cancer here than America because of the free healthcare, and only 20x more likely to die of breast cancer by comparison

      In Ontario especially men basically have no rights in family court.

      You really HAVE to be an extremist to remain a feminist here, it has accomplished its goals and beyond (Including a nice little Eugenics program that ran in AB until the 80’s)

    • The Baron

      To echo what others have already said: your site is incredible.

      • GenuineWitty

        Thank you!

  • Howard Gordan

    The more I see of these gender studies students and Feminists and hear what they are really all about, the more proud I am of being an MRA and being in this group. We are all about true gender equality, non-violence, rights to free speech and everything else these violent thugs oppose.

    • TheMoralGodless

      Most MRAs have more respect for the capabilities of women in their little finger than feminists have in their entire body.

      • scatmaster

        This, and we do it without been white knights.
        Imagine that.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Time to go on to bigger things. For example: If these students were there as part of a “women studies” class, we need to find out the “professors” names and list them as the bigots they are. Out the enablers.

    Basically, make the cult leaders vulnerable to the same outing as their minions.

    Keep going up the chain of command until it breaks.

    • http://none universe

      Yep, yep, and yep.

  • Booyah

    Hi Vanja.
    I would like to correct you on a few facts about your little hate group that you didn’t seem to pick up during brainwashing or educating or whatever name they give it.

    You are SCuM as a feminist not your victim. SCuM (society for cutting up men) was founded by feminist sweetheart Valerie Solanas. A dear sweet lady. You can learn about her here.

    Heres a couple of quotes from dear old Val and I must say I’m delighted that Australian social policy was decided at a Perth SCuM convention. What a great and enlightened time we live in.

    “”Life” in this “society” being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of “society” being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and eliminate the male sex.”

    “To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo. It’s often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure.”

    Seems like a very level headed and unbiased lady to me…
    So Vanja your victim was not scum YOU are scum. In fact you are the worst possible definition of the word on the planet.

    Hope that clarifies things for you and its nice to see feminism has progressed so far and become a lot more level headed and less crazy and violent since old Val’s death in 1988. Keep up the great work at the equality. You people seem to have a good grasp of the fact that there is two sides to the equation. Only an incredibly foolish and stupid judge would make a ruling after hearing only half a case. Surely feminism wouldnt be silly enough to do something like that for 50 years right? I mean that would just be SOOOOOO crazy…..

  • malcolm

    AVFM will take some heat for exposing these people (and that’s OK, I don’t think anybody cares about the heat), but I think we can all see where this story is going.
    It’s not just a bunch of college girls, there’s a much darker side to this, a side that has remained hidden up until now. We are starting to see professional agitators, troublemakers and hatemongers among their ranks.
    When AVFM has outed all of these bigots we will be able to see the ties between “women’s studies”, University administrations, Union chapters, mercenary protestors with violent dispositions, and probably some other unsettling elements.
    This can only happen with an unyielding effort to expose their identities and connections. Some will be more toxic characters than others, while others yet (with no physical presence on that video) will be the organizers and facilitators of events like this.
    The usefulness of this excersize is undeniable. We are discovering a structure that exists in most universities in Canada (and perhaps all of the West), and can use this knowledge as a template to apply to other situations. We can see how far the claws of these people dig into all aspects of society as well. It becomes more understandable how empty-headed young men and women get turned into tools for feminism, really without their knowledge or consent. Shameful.

    • Skeptic

      Yes Malcom,
      You make a good point.
      I think the rabbit hole and system of interlinking rabbit holes may be so extensive that some kind of mapping may be in order to see how things are organized.
      I’m imagining some MRA with the time and skills might create a digital version of the kind of thing you can see in the attached photo –

  • Booyah

    I think you should go visit some feminist sites and weave your magic. :) Yeah i have the same faulty link.

    • Reggie

      I tried arguing at Manboobz, but it was futile. They are mostly mal-adapted types who gang up on you with ad hominem attacks. They argue in circles and use their personal experience and straw men to “disprove” anything. I do see it here sometimes but AVfM has a great history of providing facts.

      Somebody argues that people laughing at a woman cutting a man’s penis off is a clear indicator of the exact opposite of cultural misogyny.

      Somebody (or all) from Manboobz states that the site condemned it and that is proof that cultural misandry doesn’t exist.

      “Kill all men!” is a joke. “Cut off his pecker and throw it in the garbage disposal” was a joke even after it was done as inspired by Ms Ozborne.

      Now they have this great logic that AVfM saying that they are against violence is said with some kind of imaginary wink and means the exact opposite. They copy the misquotes (out of context) from Dr Farrell and still fail to reveal to their audience that he was the poster boy for feminism at the time. Even if he did say what he said in that context and believed it, he was working for the feminists and they loved him.

      Can’t fix stupid.

      • Booyah

        You missed the joke. You posted here and broke the page. Thats what I meant by weave your magic. Go break their pages. 😉 Was not implying that it was worthwhile debating them. Would be the last thing you would hear out of me. Not having a go at you at all. Bravo on the attempt anyhow and agree with every word you said.

        • Reggie

          I get it. But what I’d have to go through is not worth bringing down one of their sites with my magic.

          :) I should have acknowledged your joke.

      • bowspearer

        “hey copy the misquotes (out of context) from Dr Farrell and still fail to reveal to their audience that he was the poster boy for feminism at the time.”

        That’s not what’s happening at all – in fact if anything it’s the complete opposite. What you’re actually seeing it the “traitor” reflex.

    • Reggie

      So no, I have had enough of those sites. They’ll even call you out for any number of typos, grammatical errors and non-PC (ableism – can’t use the word crazy or retarded) speech before conceding even one point. They even beat up their own people for the same stuff. They grow slowly into this hardened ball of mal-adapted hard-liners that will some day destroy the likes of any manboob who helped them along the way.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Posted on Jezebel’s FUCK YOU rant:

        Dear Kate Harding, I am a woman, and I am the victim of a false rape accusation by another woman. After threatening to report my sister in law to CPS when I suspected her of sexually abusing her children, she turned the tables on me by making an accusation.

        Do you know it costs a minimum of $40,000.00 deposited in the attorney’s bank account to “draw from”, back in 1998? That you are guilty until proven guilty because of the child advocacy fanatics? Have you read about the four lesbians in Texas falsely accused by a MAN who put his daughter up to accuse them? (

        Thanks to Feminism, women can fuck each other over as much as they can fuck innocent men over.

        Please, don’t tell me sainted women never make false rape accusations. It is “rare” a woman makes a false accusation against another woman, but making them against men is the oldest story in the book.

        If women are so sympathetic toward men being screwed in family court, why is NOW fighting tooth and nail against PAS (Parental alienation syndrome). it IS gender neutral, men are as guilty of PAS as women, it’s just more prevalent with women because women get custody rights so much more.

        Thanks to NOW men with custody can freely practice PAS against women, just as women freely practice it against men.

        Let’s not even start with the screwing over that second wive’s are subjected to from first wives. There is NO “sisterhood” between first and second wives.

        Feminism hurts women FAAAAARRRR more than Patriarchy ever hurt men OR women.

        In other words, from one woman to another – SCREW YOU.

    • scatmaster

      Without getting into it I felt the link would be pulled and it appears to have been.

      • Reggie

        I feel that too. I am wondering what could possibly have caused the removal of the link that shows what people posted publicly.

        It’s too soon for a court order.

  • Feuillet

    I realize a lot of people are very hostile to this elitism and stupidity of the current university system in the world nowadays, and I fully agree with this sentiment.

    I JUST graduated from a prestige university in London with a degree of philosophy (I hold British Passport even though I live in Hong Kong), I can tell you how corrupted the university system really is. Usually in a typical philosophy department, you have three “wings” within it. First of all you have the logical and scientific wing of the department, who focus on logic and programing languages (which require a huge amount of skill involves). These people usually works to provide an answer on question that is closely related to human society, such as “How do human acquire language?” or “What are the difference between difference human cuture in their language ?” I havedeep respect to these people since they devote HUGe amount of time into their research and they base it with empirical observation, rather then complete bullshit.

    Now then you got the “historical” wing within the philosophical department. These are the people who tries to understand how does historical philsophical figures interact with each other in history. THey ask question such as “whag does Aristotle acrtually believe in his time?”, or “How does Aristotle influence the society of Greece after he died?”. I also have a deep respect into these people, since they do a lot of research into historical text, understand different language hat are used in history. I consider myself as one of these people, since my dissertation is on comparing Alchemy of China and Europe in the 17th century. I understand how hard to trying to grasp the vast historical texts.

    Now you got the third wing. And surprise surprise, they are the “intuition” wing. These people know no science, no history. All they do all the time is to use their magical intuition and try to find a philosophical answer. Most feminist belongs to this wing. They publish paper about how man are retarded and should not read porn, because they will thought woman will enjoy rape if they do so. YES, THIS IS A PUBLISHED ACADEMIC PAPER IN PHILOSOPHY!!!! And they also have website that is filled with feminist Annoymous rant about how they are being oppress as a COURSE MATERIAL to show how woman are being oppressed HAHA.

    Many people might think. The Third wing probably is the most retarded and ignored section of the philosophy department. I will agree they are stupid, but not that they really are ignored. In fact the reason why the department is so corrupted, is because the third wing have the most power over all other two. They are the one that got most of the fundings, and got most of the followers from the student ( now you realize where those feminist slaves in university comes from). Had these people from the third wing (which includes the feminist) fires any complain at other two wings for being anything, consequences will be occured. I must admit there are many talented young people in the department, yet as soon as I went on attack any feminist philosopher, I will get completely suspressed by these people. This is how serious the “intuition”w wing indoctrination is. HAHA

    I must give respect to the feminist lecturer that bullshited in my lecture, because she disguised herself so perfectly I was nearly fooled by her, that she wasn’t any extremist. (She claim that feminist is not a good name for a equal gender right movement, since it is biased to woman). Only after reading her course material I realize that, no matter how she (or any feminist) say they care about men’s right, if they continue to use such feminist framework to look at the work( such as female are always victim), it is all a illusion . In fact, this whole “intuition” wing does not only consist of feminist, but also white knight style religious conservative as well. As the voice of men always says, the true problem with these people are not wheter they are man cutting feminist or not, but whether they even attempts to look at the world rationally. We must not allow either to control the society.

  • Brian Barnson

    I just wish there was a way to mail the parents and the councils that grant student loans, scholarships, and grants about what their kids are involved in, and what their kids have to deal with in order to go to U of T. hordes of angry parents (Even if it’s only 20%) calling the dean and provost would for damned sure get results, as would inquiries from the Canada Student Loans centre. Note that Laurel Broten also needs to be called to task for NOT investigating this.

  • jordan23

    fellow men, I am overjoyed to have found this site, many of your comments are inspiring and truthful. Feminism or Feminazism is a plague that i believe was one of the causes for the downfall of my marriage which others of you may have also had to deal with. I’d like to offer some perspective, it pertains to another article i read on this site but i would like to comment on this article. An article about the “disposibility of men” an article about it’s significance and somehow benefits mentioned by Lucia Maria, who is an imbecile and yet another brainwashed feminist. Men’s “disposability” is nothing new obviously it’s history both appalled and saddened me. Are we not be as valuable as women? are we really just slaves or disposable? i detest it for one, We men are no less valuable than woman i was taught this and thought for many years it was true, it’s one of the reasons i joined the marine corps. The earth is prosperous though we have about 7 billion people! and statistically more women, i say if they are begging to be in wars, and employed in life threatening jobs let them, men do not have to be disposable regardless though. We are all humans, why can’t we be one? if there is a god or isn’t a god, doesn’t matter the least we could do as men and women is to be brothers and sisters and live in peace and happiness. As for this article it does strike a blow to feminazism thank god, it’s sad what some women have become, if only equality, responsibility, honor were easier to obtain than this. It is good to have sites like these that speak up for men god knows i’ll explode if i hear women say “man up” one more time. Brothers keep your head up things will hopefully only get better.

  • cuatezon

    She’s a c–t. Nuff said.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    The details behaviour recorded about Vanja Krajina is some of the most disturbing I have seen in 30+ years of professional work with truly damaged and disturbed people.

    It is not just the conduct but the aire of enjoyment that is most disturbing. Inflicting damage without glee is worrying, doing it for pleasure is a red flag. I hope that the University Authorities watch her carefully, to ensure she is not allowed access to Vulnerable Adults sort children as part of her student career.

  • RossT

    Wow! What a name! Vanja Krajina. I think it translates to “Cramped Vagina.” No relaxed person would be that angry over someone just attending a lecture, unless they had some body issues they need tending to.

  • Darren Williams

    A Lesbian friend of mine lives on Toronto. (The non-bigoted type) Two or three years ago she told me about how, at some kinda of party or gathering she over-heard Vanja Karjina making a little conspiratorial speech to two of her Lesbian Feminist sisters. (I guess she was a little tipsy at the time.) Vanja joked about how she would love to “Run up to a baby stroller in the park, quickly pull out a pair of scissors and cut the penis off a little baby boy and stuff it in it’s mouth, then run away even before it’s Mother finishes tying her
    shoelaces”.-Wow! Now THAT is typical Vanja Karina, and Lesbian Feminism……

  • Dark Matter

    And there’s law to protect her…This might be the only reason she still breathing.