Southern Poverty Law Center linked to hate activity

A Voice for Men and regularly investigate political organizations, activists and internet based entities that engage in hate speech and/or work to undermine the basic civil liberties of targeted groups within the general population. We place particular emphasis on individuals and groups that target men and boys for discriminatory or violent persecution because we regard them as an underserved population.

A recent example of that is, a website where ideologues have been known to gather to further plans for male targeted infanticide, murder and food supply poisoning. Simon and Schuster published novelist Pamela O’Shaughnessy, operating under a hidden identity, has been associated with that group as an advocate for eugenics that are targeted at male children.

A group that has recently come to attention is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an Alabama based organization operating under the auspices of civil rights advocacy.

Indeed, there was a time when SPLC did proactive work in the civil rights arena, targeting the Ku Klux Klan and other known hate organizations through the legal system.  It appears, however, that under current leadership the organizations mission has drifted, first toward the persecution of individuals and groups from opposing mainstream political camps, and now toward organizations that attempt to ameliorate problems faced by men and boys, in a calculated attempt to undermine their progress.

By using their formerly legitimate reputation as a civil rights advocacy organization to launch defamatory attacks against legitimate agents for social improvement, SPLC is not only engaging in an egregious public deception, but is seeking to viciously undermine the principles of tolerance and equal treatment under the law.

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (S.A.V.E.) is a “non-profit victim-advocacy organization working for evidence-based solutions to domestic violence.”  They have gained widespread respect as a nonpartisan effort addressing the social ill of domestic violence.

It may be that there nonpartisan and equalitarian nature has inspired the ire of SPLC, who recently published articles on their website characterizing S.A.V.E. as “misogynistic” and “woman-hating.”  SPLC also made the incredulous and groundless accusation that S.A.V.E. was attempting enable abusers, by “lobbying to roll back services for victims of domestic abuse and penalties for their tormentors.”

What S.A.V.E. actually does, by all outward appearances, is to promote the identification of all victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence and push for the appropriate interventions to be available to all. They are also active proponents for ensuring accuracy of reporting and research in intimate partner violence.

SPLC’s efforts to dishonestly discredit S.A.V.E. amount to an attempt to prevent men, and children of both sexes, who are victims of violence in the home from being identified and offered assistance.  They are targeting a group, based on sex alone, in an effort to deny services and equal treatment under the law. In doing so, they help perpetuate and institutionalize the violence that is being committed against them.

It is the very definition of a hate group, and a remarkably successful one. It is not a particularly new revelation.

Southern Poverty Law Center officially declared “left-wing hate group”

Isn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center the Real Hate Group?

SPLC Report: Heavy On Smear, Thin On Facts

Admittedly, these are sources which may be ideologically different from opinions expressed here, but they are not hate groups by any stretch of the imagination.

Additionally. SPLC’s disinformation campaign appears to have struck a resonant chord with the members of, the group advocating for the murder of male infants and other forms of violence. After hearing of SPLC’s activities, they kicked off fundraising efforts on their behalf.

A Voice for Men and will both continue to monitor SPLC,, and other known and suspected hate groups and report back to the public on their activities.


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  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    So is this an “editorial” or is SPLC a hate group or being supported by a hate group (RadFemHub)?

    I know in the land of feminist “logic”/zero accountability, you can claim that an individual is a member of a hate group and that a group is a hate group and then backpedal and say, “That’s not what I meant! Just because I call you a member of hate group doesn’t mean that I think you are a member of a hate group.”

    • Paul Elam

      It is the editorial opinion of AVfM that SPLC is a hate group. We have long identified Radfem and many other feminist organizations/individuals as promoting hate. SPLC has qualified themselves by dishonestly using their influence to undermine efforts to aid a designated population which faces systemic discriminations.

      I got one of their half baked emails as well, in which a Mr. Potok of that organization did a song and dance around the fact that they were attempting to profile SAVE, this website and a number of others as hate groups.

      Well, you’re hateful, but not really offiially, yet, but you hate women, but we really didn’t try to compare you to hate groups, really.

      The double speak and obfuscation was astounding.

      I am saying what I thinks, and what I think is that SPLC is supporting and practicing misandry, which is a form of hatred as real as any other. And I think Radfem coming out to raise money for them speaks volumes.

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        I agree with you. Was just being facetious . . . and snarky.

        If they don’t consider you and the other individuals and groups they targeted to be members of a hate group, then SPLC needs to remove the offending articles an publish retractions and PUBLIC apologies.

        Nothing else will do.

        • Paul Elam

          We don’t allow snarky in here. :)

          • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            Women! This is exactly why I hate them! Honest I do. If you don’t believe me just ask the gal that told me I hate women because I like Bacon!


          • 3DShooter

            Dr. T’s a woman, it’s her perogative don’cha know :) Dr. T’s cool, couldn’t resist . . .

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Will that letter be publish pretty please? With a Masculinist on top?

        • Stu

          I’ve been wondering about this “like bacon” therefore hate women thing. I think I’ve worked out the logic behind it all.

          You like bacon, therefore you hate Muslims because they ban bacon from the diet. If you hate Muslims…..a minority victim class……it’s probably because you a a member of the dominate white male………privileged class, therefore are a hater of all children of a lessor god…in you eyes anyway…….therefore…..a hater of women.

          Makes perfect sense doesn’t it :)

          • Dr. F

            Yes, it does Stu… it does.

            You love eggs Stu… right ? Eggs from chickens that bonk with roosters. Roosters —> “Roo” as in found in the Outback, and “Outback” is very close to “outhouse”.

            Outhouse as in “get out of the house” who’s initials make G.O.O.T.H. “Gooth” is only one letter different from “goth” and goths paint their faces white.

            Ah Ha ! White !

            White oppression not only has reared it’s ugly head spawned from the love of eggs, but the very face of that same ugly head is painted white.

            That’s right, white. Not black or tanned or a colourless face painted with the majestic ochers of mother earth in a tribal dance about a fire kindled with dried palm leaves.

            You love eggs and you love oppression so you can piss off out of my bacon and egg hating life.

            I know things. (sniffle)

          • Stu

            Hey Dr F

            You are right…..and I know for a fact, because when I play certain songs backwards…..they say the same thing……you know which ones :)

          • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            My logic goes more along these lines…it’s transference. They hate men. Many women hate men. Women, if abused don’t blame the abuser, they instead blame ALLLLL Men. Men on the other hand tend to blame themselves, and yup, you guessed it, Men.

            In this case the broad in question was going on about the politics of meat. Sorry honey, not falling for it. Oh and you’re part of the Kyriarchy sweetheart. Stop oppressing and repressing me.

      • by_the_sword

        Is there any chance you might publish that email for all to see?

  • forweg

    If SPLC were not hate-mongers themselves, they would feel obligated to say *something* about a blatantly pro-violence anti-male group like RadFem Hub pleading for *donations* on SPLC’s behalf. Their silence in regard to RadFem Hub is deafening.

    Also, somewhat OT, but somebody sent me screen-caps of Reddit feminists celebrating an MRA’s suicide contemplations:

    • typhonblue

      You might want to remove his real name so this doesn’t come back to haunt him.

      • forweg

        You’re right, I modified it. Could an admin please change the link in my post above?

        • Paul Elam

          You can do that with the edit feature at the bottom of your post.

          • forweg

            I don’t see the option to edit (or delete) under that post, only my most recent one.

          • Paul Elam

            Hmm, just post the new link anywhere here and I will take care of it

          • B.R. Merrick

            Paul, I went into the post and changed it to a useable URL that didn’t have the person’s name in the URL address. Sorry if that was out of bounds, but since the name was plain as day, I think the current link still goes right to the article that forweg was trying to display.

    • Kyle Lovett

      Yea, we still have not heard back from him as of yet. :(

    • Fidelbogen

      Good heavens, when will we learn to stop framing the narrative as Feminist v. MRA. . .?

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    By the way, the SPLC’s claims that they don’t consider the individuals and groups cited in their smear campaign to be members of a hate group is Grade A Gaslighting.

    • Fidelbogen

      Where did they make that claim? I missed that one.

    • Fidelbogen

      Dr.T, I wish you would favor us with a mini-essay on why/how the SPLC is gaslighting, as you have put it. I am intrigued, and I am all ears. . . .

  • keyster

    AVfM is a “Watch Dog” organization dedicated to exposing groups that CLAIM to fight hate and bigotry, and seek justice for the most vulnerable members of society,…

    …provided they’re not identifiable members of the Christian/hetero-normative/patriarchal white male class.

    AVfM hates groups and individuals that hate or are bigoted against men and boys, and those that seek to censor their voices, by claiming they’re a “hate group”.

  • maxsnafu

    It would be interesting if someone here were to profile the head of the SPLC Morris Dees, especially in regard to his divorce and the accusations made against him about his conduct with his step daughter.

  • Paul Elam

    @ BR


  • ycombinator

    Hi Paul,

    here is a link to a story on the Daily Kos (a mostly left wing site) about the $PLC. Enjoy :)

    • bcdad666

      Nice little story – what indeed is such a group doing with a bank account in the Caymans?
      OT – always good to read your articles Mr. Elam, but how can you take a break to recover your health if you don’t actually take a break?

  • ycombinator

    And another article in the same vein from

  • Rper1959

    Yes, we need to demand a retraction and apology from SPLC, and widely expose there funding link via radfemhub.

    Civil rights should be about encouraging debate not stifling it, attempts to stifle the discourse on legitimate concerns about men and boys is by definition itself hateful, attempting to deny one demographic it’s right to a voice.

  • Tim Legere

    OT. Any word on how Tom Martin did in court today?

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      He announced the court dismissed his case. He is considering his appeal options.

  • Pierce Harlan

    The “southern” thing hasn’t been anyone’s radar for years — it’s pretty much irrelevant to the public discourse — but after their libel of me and Paul, and others, I am hoping that Paul does a definitive post on whatever nitwit runs that outfit and, then, any time that organization is googled, that’s the first post people will see. Maybe that will teach them they should actually read the thing they are claiming is hate speech.

    For those who don’t know, this was MY “hate” speech according to that “southern” thing:

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      I just read that article! OMG! How dare you demand that women be held to the same standards as their equals MEN.. I mean THE NERVE OF YOU! You hate women dont you ! I bet you hate puppy dogs too! And Aoirthoirs!!!!!!


      Now the SPLC DOES in fact hate Aoirthoirs’ because The International Association of Masculinists do in fact host a series on our website entitled “I Hate Women” in which our first article was titled “I Hate Women, Really I Do, Honest” and did they think to include US in their hate group list? Nope.

      Demand letter going out soon…

      • Stu

        I bet he likes bacon too

    • ycombinator

      I was truly shocked to see FRS on that list. I mean, how crazy are those people at the SPLC that they would place a site that deals with the horror of innocent men being accused of terrible crimes and the resulting destructive personal/professional fallout they experience as a result of those false accusations on a list of “hate sites”?

      This seriously damages their credibility as an organization.

      Not to mention that adding pick up artist sites to the list (like Roosh V) makes them look like they don’t have enough to do over there at SPLC headquarters.

      Truly disturbing.

      However, even more disturbing is the fact that none of the Manosphere sites on their list are actual hate sites but rather this labeling is a political move on the part of our ideological enemies.

      While this may give them some giddy pleasure in the short run it will seriously hurt them in the long run.

      We should be glad that they are so blinded by their own bigotry and rage that they would mess up big time like this. Best part is that all of this has been documented out in the open air of the Internet for all to see.

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Were you really surprised? I was not.

      • Stu

        Why does anything that anyone does that is part of the abuse industry surprise anyone anymore. The SPLC seeks to grow, just as all organizations do. Since the only way they can grow, is if their stock in trade (human rights abuses etc) increases, than that’s what has to happen, even if it is not. This gives them two possibilities in the face of declining relevance, and therefore, declining ability for them to maintain their jobs, and increase their salaries and pensions etc.

        They can attempt to stir up the hate and create the trouble and problems that they exist to solve.

        The other option is that they can cry wolf, throw enough mud and hope some of it sticks… deceive the public, and any possible contributors, into believing that the problems that they exist to solve, are present in far greater quantity than in reality. They have climbed in bed with the feminists, because the feminists are experts at this strategy, and in order to maintain and grow their organization, and secure their jobs, funding, and any other benefits they can acquire, they have climbed aboard the feminist gravy train to reap the benefits of proclaiming the most privileged group of people to have ever walked the earth (western women) are victims of the group (men) that has provided them with the highest standard of living ever experienced by any organism ever to inhabit the earth, and maybe the universe.

        The bottom line is, the SPLC, just like feminism itself, survives and grows only if there is growth, or precieved growth, in the problems that they exist to solve. You can’t go to governments or businesses, or individuals and ask for funding and donations for your continued existence and growth…….unless you can show them that the problems you are fighting are growing, or at least are maintaining their huge scale in the face of previous and existing efforts to eradicate them.

        It’s not hard to see what feminism is doing, and why it’s doing it……and it’s not hard to see why organizations like the SPLC are following suite and joining forces with them. Follow the money……who gets it….how do they get it? Then copy.

      • E. Steven Berkimer


        The answer to your question is contained in your response. And while this may come across as critical, I think it’s something we all do.

        You said:

        how crazy are those people at the SPLC that they would place a site that deals with the horror of innocent men being accused of terrible crimes and the resulting destructive personal/professional fallout they experience as a result of those false accusations

        Our site is about the falsely accused. Doesn’t matter if they are men, women, children, puppies or aardvarks (well….. maybe not those last 2).

        What will be used by those who have an axe to grind will do, is take your comment, and say:

        “See, they only care about men. They don’t care about women and children who are falsely accused. They really must hate women if they don’t include them as people who can be falsely accused”.

        This is one area that I agree with Fidelbogen on. The rhetorical discipline within the MRM/MRA sphere could use some improvement. Otherwise, they will continue to beat us over the head, and paint us as haters/abusers/misogynists, etc.

        • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          Otherwise, they will continue to beat us over the head, and paint us as haters/abusers/misogynists, etc.

          May I be so blunt as to say hogwash and nonsense. I have been told that I hate women because I informed that my mother beat me, that I like bacon and other ridiculous things. They are not going to suddenly start talking nice about us if we are only talking soft words.

          The Indian MRAs just had yet another meeting with government officials, in this case a Governor. They routinely are called upon by the state at the federal level for comment on legislation. They are on the national media. How did they accomplish this? By worrying that those who hate them were going to say hateful things? Nope.

          • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            My hogwash and nonsense is not to you, but to our detractors.

            A further example, we Masculinists were accused from the start of all sorts of things. For instance that we were trying to control others, or that because we are pro-all Men, we would “destroy” the MRM. Instead of shying away we said.. Ok we WILL destroy the mens RIGHTS movement by giving men rights. We became not less radical, but more radical. What happened?

            Website hits doubled.

            Those declaring themselves Masculinists by saying “I am a Masculinist” after reading The Four and Twelve has now tripled.

            Those declaring themselves Founders of the Modern Masculinists Movement, leaders, 167s, literally has grown now SEVEN times.

            The 167 Chapters of The Masculinists Manifesto are now being set to begin writing en force, with many authors and viewpoints, not one.

            We meet nightly at 8pm on video chat for training sessions.

            We’re holding at least once weekly meetings in persons in our locals (currently in person, Cleveland Ohio, Philippines, more will be connecting soon)..

            We’ve been asked to create sites for others in the MRM who are not Masculinists and since we support all, we are doing this for them.

            The number of women in our ranks is swelling though we’ve made it very clear the men will not back down or bend to a woman.

            We’re working on our first Weekly video show with a panel in Cleveland, and videos to be submitted from Masculinists from around the Globe…

            Our Indian Gurus created a separate facebook group which grew to over a 1000 in a day and is one of the most active facebook MRM groups, having far fewer posts about the problem and many more about the solution…

            All this in two weeks since we refused to back down, refused to be tender of voice, refused to be gentle. We got more serious… more gruff.

            The ones that get things done are not the ones that worry about what those that hate us think of us and how they might use this or that “against” us, since we know they will twist every word out of our mouths… so why bother caring?

            So when I was told I hated women, despite not hating women, I took that mantle upon me and said, alright! I hate women, honest! Really I do! And I crossed my fingers behind my back when I said it because I knew even if I said “i LOVE women, I have been PROTECTED by women and loved by them and saved from many a bad circumstance by women,” still they would claim..

            “You hate women!!!!”

            So I “hate” them and I give two shakes of a wireless mouse what they think of me…

          • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

            And when I say “the ones that get things done…” I know ALL of you are getting things done. I do not mean you are not. I mean in every movement, until the movement decides to get radical it sees only moderate increases. When gay men asked nicely for rights nothing happened. When they started marching down the street intending on purpose to offend, assless chaps and more, well then they started getting the same options available to us all…

            So look to those who have succeeded in a big way…none of them succeeded by giving a fuck what the one that would make fodder of them cared…

          • Fidelbogen


            I believe you are confusing “hate speech” with “sounding angry”. They are not the same, even though many people (such as our enemies) appear to think so.

            With rhetorical discipline, the point is not to “talk nice” OR to “talk bad”, but to talk the right way at the right moment, so that your speech will be optimally effective toward winning the war.

            It is the art of knowing HOW to talk, WHEN to talk that way, and WHY.

            The infamous Machiavelli wrote an entire handbook for rulers and politicians which advised them when and how to be “bad”. The book did not tell them to be “bad” randomly, merely for the sake of badness, merely because they felt like it. The idea was to do that right thing at the right moment, conformable to the requirements of strategy.

            So, think of rhetorical discipline as Machiavellian verbal strategy.

          • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist


            My point is I refuse to allow them to control the conversation and my self definition. We have to get beyond this fear that somehow someone is going to say something bad about us. They will without question do it. So we speak.

            Knowing the time and the place to speak is a matter of tactics.

        • Fidelbogen

          If the rhetorical discipline within that “sphere” will not improve, then it may prove necessary to train a “disciplined regiment” with a separate identity.

    • 3DShooter

      I wouldn’t be too sure that has been on ‘nobody’s radar’.

      Monday morning I had an email in my InBox from a colleague who knows that I read TS and AV4M regarding the SPLC hit piece. He’s still a Marriage 1.0 dude, but he has been published by the CATO institute and he did bring down Michael Bellisles (sp?) – he’s an academic and a very nerdy second amendment dude – so he does have some contacts with influential individuals.

      He has about as little respect for SPLC as he does for O’bammy (he is a strong supporter of O’bammy Lite in funny underwear), but he was on top of it. So, people do see this stuff.

  • Mateusz

    Excellent job, Paul, exposing this group.

    After reading the Daily Kos link, it occurred to me that the SPLC had gotten too big and powerful, to the point where it was using its clout to attack.

    I may be way off here, but I thought that one of the basic rules of reporting is to let the facts speak, not opinions (then it would be editorializing). If someone from the Simon Weisenthal Center showed a picture of a senator wearing a Swastika armband and quoted that person as stating that all Jews deserve to die, then it would be no more authoritative than if some Internet nobody had the same photo and quote.

    The person presenting the facts are not condemning, the facts themselves are condemning.

    The SPLC isn’t doing that, as evidenced by their use of accusations without facts, and sources who themselves are chosen simply because they agree with the SPLC’s view, rather than being able to back anything up themselves. It’s essentially saying, “We’re the SPLC! We decide who is a hate group !”

  • Lordmep

    While I’m not surprised all that SPLC is turning out to be the very thing they denounce, I am a bit taken back by how the Radfems are supporting them. Don’t they realise that their money will partially go to helping men?Based on what I’ve read on them, this fact alone must be causing them to squirm something aweful.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Dr F, you like ice cream? Well, ice cream is dairy. Dairy comes from a cow. Cows are female bovine. Female bovine put a lot of work into making the blessed milk* for their children. Then what do YOU do , you patriarchal pig? You not only take the milk not intended for your species, you mix it with eggs, salt, and ice. A total perversion of it’s original form, for your own patriarchal pleasure, you misogynistic consumer you!

    THAT, is misogyny writ large!

    And my favorite is mint (withOUT chips)

    * I really DO see milk as blessed.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Yeah! And ice cream makes women fat! MISOGYNY!!!!!!!!

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        I have long suspected that Ben & Jerry’s is a MRA hate group.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          In fact, Paul, with you permission and when I have the time, I would like my next AVfM expose to be Ben and Jerry’s is a Misogynistic Hate Group. I will, of course, include the appropriate Trigger Alert for satire.

        • by_the_sword

          If Ben and Jerry’s were Bea and Jenine’s their ice cream wouldn’t be so fattening!


      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Don’t think for one moment that I’ve forgotten the Shweddy Balls ice cream incident. Those two creeps should be on the sex offender’s registry.

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          And Alec Baldwin was in the SNL Shweddy Balls skit.

          Alec Baldwin . . . he believes in PAS and supports fathers’ rights, but he is a liberal. Dammit. Cognitive dissonance is tugging at my brain cells. CONFLICTED!

          • Masculist Man

            Sean Hannity is a conservative yet he is a total mangina.

        • Atlas Reloaded

          LMFGDAO at ALL that! OMG! Ice cream: The cold, frozen heart of culinary misogyny!

          Book! C.D. Audio book! E-book! Oprah!

  • Mr. J

    It has been well-known that “splc” has been off-the-tracks for a long time.

    None of this actually comes as a surprise.

    Its simple–followthemoney


  • MRA-GH

    At the end of the day, i think this was a piss poor attempt at some kind of pincer move. If they could have pulled it off, it would have effectively netted essentially the entire MM and branded every MRA with ‘hate’ status. Effectively demobilizing further ftsu efforts. They are scared of the unity and they should be. How I love to watch real evil eat itself.

    • Fidelbogen

      “If they could have pulled it off, it would have effectively netted essentially the entire MM and branded every MRA with ‘hate’ status. Effectively demobilizing further ftsu efforts. “

      No sir. When you consider that there is no such thing as the “MM”, and no such thing as an “MRA”, then you will understand how easy it would be for the snake to slip out of its skin and reinvent itself.

      They would demobilize nothing. They would only throw a speed bump in the path of the ever-metamorphosing serpent.

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        We say the MRA or MM as if it were a single cohesive unit. That is not the case nor should it. Let us have a certain amount of shared goes but a great amount of decentralization, disunity even. Wha? Disunity? See when Paul does his thing, and Fidelbogen his, and there are many groups of Masculinists doing their thing, destruction…much more complicated.

  • Otter

    Has anyone considered that possibly SPLC agreed to label MRM sites as hate groups in return for promised fundraising from RadFem?

    Sound just crazy enough to be true.

  • St. Estephe

    I am very please that AVfM is poiting out the SPLC to its readers. The SPLC provides reports to DHS to be used to target any person who advocates adherence to the US Constitution. They are currently being sued by Richard Mack, leader of the Constitutional Sheriffs for publishing blatant lies (admitted to be dangerous to the point of life-endangering untruths, but never properly retracted) about him. Another lawsuit, against the FBI for an “accidental death” while in custody (torture & murder) case, has uncovered documents showing the SPLCC, with its network of supposed “informants,” was deeply involved in the Oklahoma City mass murder bombing, a case which suffers from much “lost evidence,” many dead witnesses who challenged the official story, and so many bizarre facts, so many obvious cover-ups, which never got into the official media coverage, that the gov’t story is utterly implausible to any person who looks at the mountain of available evidence. As any real news-hound knows by now, almost all of the “terrorist” cases in recent years (and even WTC bombing #1) involve mentally deficient impressionable patsies hired — and armed — by FBI or other “unnamed” gov’t agencies. A lot of current and upcoming police brutality and rights violation cases are traceable to SPLC pro-totalitatian bogus “studies.” The SPLC is perhaps the most dangerous hate group in the US. It is certainly the most active and the most powerful (shielded by the most totalitarian elements of DC power-grabber bureaucracies). As noted above by Fidelbogen the real story is NOT Feminism vs. MRAs, but rather it is hard core totalitarianism/martial law/suspension of Bill of Rights vs. Liberty and self-determination. Marxo-feminist sociopaths are merely “useful idiots” used to undermine the culture, the family, the Constitution, the rule of law.

  • Fembos

    The founder of the SPLC beat the crap out of his wife a few years back. Shouldn’t an organization founded by a wife beater be on that list of misogynist sites? Can’t get much more woman hating than that guy.

  • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

    The International Association of Masculinists has given its official response to this debacle.

    We are also taking exception to A Voice For Men not linking The International Association of Masculinists to hate while linking SPLC to hate. 😀


    Off topic alert

    The real face of feminist inspired fraud. I have noticed the worst of the male sellouts are of the baby-boomer age group.

    • Masculist Man

      When women are inconvienced by these people everyone is outraged. When men are victimized by these people all that you hear are crickets.

  • MrWombat

    “SPLC also made the incredulous and groundless accusation that …”

    ‘incredible’. One feels incredulous (ie, unable to credit something as being true) when one hears something incredible. Or a person might be incredulous in general – not willing to believe anything they hear. But the word here should be ‘incredible’.

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      incredulous and groundless are double emphasizing the same point. I do not think the intended word was incredible, I think it was incredulous and think it makes perfect sense.