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PIV is always rape, ok?

Diana Davison has seen the light thanks to radfem logic. And she is a very, very naughty girl.

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  • Laddition

    Dean – Video window above doesn’t come up as a…errrrm…video window

    In the mean time; Here’s a direct link to Diana’s video

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      It shows a video to me.

      • Laddition

        it does to me now…it was a line of (must have been broken) HTML

        I’m fine if you want to delete the related comments…I was only patching the problem til it was fixed.

        • comslave

          As the new Google + integration was meant to reveal commentators true identities, and because the integration has resulted in technical issues, I’ve been requesting VFM video bloggers to mirror on Dailymotion, which does not have these issues.

  • Bewildered

    There must be some fundamental cause for this mass lunacy,surely?
    There are comments at the link that are actually backing her shit !!!!!
    Have the aliens poisoned the drinking water sources in the West ?
    Have all the synthetic chemical stuffs that are used in food items finally taken their toll ?

    • Kimski

      “Have all the synthetic chemical stuffs that are used in food items finally taken their toll ?”

      You’d be surprised by how many times I’ve been thinking the exact same thing after taking the Red Pill.
      A certain percentage of the human species seems to have walked completely off the reservation, or maybe it’s just becoming increasingly clear that they’ve always been out there, beyond the reach of rescue or help.

      I mean, what the fuck is “forced childbirth” in this connection???
      You’d have to elevate yourself to goddess like status, rejecting everything that includes you in the natural biological order of things, for this to make even remotely sense.

      I think I’ll look into the stock market on straightjackets very soon.
      When feminism finally falls, there’s going to be an extremely high demand coming up and I’ll be more than happy to supply, while making a little money on the side…

      After all, we men fix things that are broken, right?

      • SlantyJaws

        What you’re looking at is the end result of 40 or 50 years of influence from mild to extremist marxist indoctrination in education combined with feminism and the natural tendency of the courts to let women get away with murder, sometimes literally. This has created a collection of societies both inimical to half the human race and a fertile soil for fostering all manner of damaged and antisocial behaviour from women.

        There isn’t really an overall constructive endgame planned, the marxist side (in education) just want to break things until we reach a utopia even marx was unable to describe, not because he didn’t have the imagination but because even he couldn’t come up with a plausible enough conclusion to his lunatic rantings. And the feminist side because where there’s shit there’s money.

        What Diane was pillorying in her entertaining way isn’t all that new in feminism, but rather a reiteration of what a lot of feminists have been saying for years. And they’re so locked into their entitled wombynchild victim mentality that they actually seriously believe it.

        We need to start focusing on the educators, comfortable in their secure positions, that warp the minds of their students enough to make them despise their own natural bodies, natural sex acts, and the rest of the human race, the indoctrinators and the hatemongers.

        Seriously, someone’s got to stop the flow.

    • Chibiabos

      There must be some fundamental cause for this mass lunacy,surely?
      Lead is a ingredient in lipstick. The average women consumes about 4 pounds of led in there life.
      For more information on lead and mass lunacy research Roman Emperor Caligula. Best known for declaring war on Poseidon.
      Very similar to the war on drugs and terror a victory was never declared.

      • Legion

        They stopped putting lead in lipstick a while back. There are much cheaper substitutes.

        • Kimski

          lysergic acid diethylamide?

          • Legion

            “God dammit Krieger!”

      • captive

        MKULTRA offshoots – I guarantee it.

  • napocapo69

    I saw the light…

    • Bewildered

      If you saw the green one then you are in big trouble !

  • Zorro

    I so totally got off on that. The William Friedkin music did me. Barry White my Caucasian ass!

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    The article’s clear-voiced author will be given a Cabinet position when Hillary becomes dictator of the Social Justice Corp. occupation zone formerly named Canada.

    Davison, the thought-criminal, will then be, as is “appropriate,” brought to social justice.

    • Legion

      God dammit not another prison break.

  • LionsGate

    Was Diana being raped by someone off camera during the filming of that video?

  • http://blog.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

    Wow, patriarchal subjugation must have started with our rodent ancestors, and spread through the entire animal kingdom in the natural world.

    Nature, to radfems, is not natural. Someone has to stop those female animals in heat from hunting down and rubbing up against the male animals.

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    Bonobos are so rapity rape rape rape rapity rape rape rapey. Rapey all the time, rapey all the time. The natural world is so rapity rape rape rapey. Gaia you c u n t, how could youuuuuuuuuuuu !

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikey_stephens/ John_mws

    From Radical Wind’s analysis “Pickled In Vinegar” should be the correct definition of PIV. That’s only thing she will be doing with her nether regions if she practises what she preaches.

    All those unwanted children forced to stay with the mothers, maybe Radical Wind could campaign for fathers to get custody as punishment for the PIV rape. Thought not.

  • Riku

    …I can’t even…

  • comslave

    So meet them halfway. PIA.

    • Billybobownway

      No, that’s a simulated vagina. Even if its a blow up doll it is still rape. (unless it is a male doll)
      Any use of the penis is an act of violence.

  • gwallan

    Almost certainly the angst on display is a consequence of no male ever having the slightest desire for any of them.

  • http://thedamnedoldeman.com Walter Romans (TDOM)

    You’ve really got to like anyone (or any theory) that that is so contradictory as to offer up specific consequences as reasons why a perfectly natural act found all over nature in nearly every non- asexual species is unnatural while ignoring that these same consequences are found to an even greater degree in another perfectly natural act that is proclaimed to be natural.

    “The fact intercourse causes so many infections, tears, and warts attests to the unnaturalness of intercourse. That it’s not meant to be. The vagina’s primary function isn’t to be penetrated by a penis, but to eject a baby for birth. There are two muscle tissues/sphincters pressed against each other to help the baby be pushed out. Penetration of the penis into the vagina is completely unnecessary for conception. There’s a reason men need to groom us into it, and why this grooming takes so long. It’s so grossly violating and traumatizing that we would never submit to intercourse.”

    The author is claiming that all penis in vagina sex is rape because it is an unnatural act. It is unnatural because the negative can be so painful, injurious, and traumatic that no woman would ever consent to such an act. Yet childbirth is considered to be the natural function of the vagina. Nevermind that the negative consequences of giving birth can be far more severe, painful, injurious, and traumatic and include permanent disfigurement, disability, and death. But this is natural and the implication is that women would consent to giving birth. The author must have employed a large army of rationalization hamsters to come up with this one. Diana, I’m not sure how you maintain your sanity while reading such tripe.

    • tango

      Radfem logic: intercourse is oppressive to women. So a man should refuse to have intercourse with a woman? Radfem logic: no he should not let it get to the situation where he actively rejects a woman as this is abusive. So men should pre emptively warn women not to approach them ‘for their own good’? Radfem logic: ugh how paternalistic!

  • comslave

    The danger of this point of view is some men may see it as a reason not to care what women think. the stupid burns so hard.

    • Laddition

      Well I don’t care what feminists ‘think’ any more. I don’t recognise their ‘reality’. I seriously think that whoever made the video that Diana responded to has major mental issues. If that were my kid and she’s got like this via ‘academic’ studies I’d be looking to sue the shit out of the nutjobs that poisoned her mind. That kid needs major therapy just to function in reality as I recognise it. That’s child abuse in my book

      • latebloomer

        Looks like mental illness. There’s a strong affectation in some of her other works that exhibit grandiose yet illogical thoughts, like she’s the only one who figured out the conspiracy. Her invective against “Male science” compared to how “feminist information, theory and science, or truth about our lives, our female life material, has seeped into my bones, my life mass, my universe.”


        • MotorMan

          latebloomer says: “Looks like mental illness. There’s a strong affectation in some of her other works that exhibit grandiose yet illogical thoughts, like she’s the only one who figured out the conspiracy.”

          You’re right — affectation and grandiosity. The substance is ridiculous, but she’s articulate enough to suck in some young girls who might be mad at the world the way young people often are. She’s intelligent and literate, but she’s very sick and could spread it to vulnerable young girls easily.

          • anon

            Funny how you are so worried about “vulnerable young girls” objecting to PIV.

  • Billybobownway

    I just about killed myself laughing at the video! Great work. I’m in love.

    If all piv is rape, then women consenting to piv are accomplices to rape and should suffer the same penalty as the rapist.
    I see the light too. Radfem is the way to go. Ban all heterosexual contact. Eliminate the ambiguity. This would eliminate divorce, alimony, child support, date rape, male gaze and harassment.

  • MotorMan


    First of all, let me pause to say Diana’s reading of Radial Wind’s article was really, really, really hot! Let me join you all in hoping that really pisses Radical Wind off!

    Now, back to “Wow!” I was really hoping Radical Wind’s article was a gag from “The Onion,” but apparently, it’s not. I took plenty of time and went all over her blog, and she appears to be completely serious.

    She thinks of herself as smarter than literally billions of other women in the world — literally billions. She’s the ONLY ONE who sees the truth!

    We all know wise people. We’ve all experienced taking the Red Pill and not being able to get others to easily understand, but none of us think we are the only one out of billions.

    Radical Wind has an identifiable mental problem, and I think I know which one, but I’ll leave it for Paul and Dr. T to say it out loud.

    Diana — all kidding aside — you did something important here. Only a few years ago, there seemed to be NO women pointing out crazies like Radical Wind. Thank you, and you did it exactly the right way — just letting Radical Wind’s words hang herself.

    • whiic

      She thinks of herself as smarter than literally billions of other women in the world — literally billions. She’s the ONLY ONE who sees the truth!

      You wish she was the “ONLY ONE”.

      She’s part of a movement.

      It’s called radical feminism.


      One could argue that nothing is lost if they don’t want PIV. I wouldn’t want to “stick it in crazy” myself. That’s called self-preservation.

      The part that do worry me is that if they do have sex with some poor guys who have their crazy radar temporarily out-of-order, the chances are that guy will get some rape charge regardless how willing that radfem was. In a just society I wouldn’t really worry because such cases would be handled with due process, dropped and false accuser counter-sued for obtrusion of justice.

      • MotorMan

        Whiic says: “You wish she was the “ONLY ONE. She’s part of a movement. It’s called radical feminism.”

        Let me clarify my comment. I never said she’s the only one. SHE believes she is the only woman on earth who realizes female sexuality is a big, fat trick played on women by men. This is her self-image. This is how out-of-control her ego is.

        On another topic, did you notice how MUCH writing she does about this? Her spelling, phrasing, and self-expression are really quite good, so she’s no dummy. She’s mentally ill., and she’s spreading her poison — probably not very far, but still. . . It takes a lot of mental energy to sit there and do that much articulate writing.

        Sure, not too many women believe her, but she’s dangerous non the less because she could influence just a few young women into ruining their lives and the lives of the men around them.

        • http://kalishivarising.blogspot.com/ Vivica Liqueur

          I looked through the comments where a feminist shows up and in her own bizarre feminist way stands up to the insanity that is ‘Witchwind’ only to be shot down. Radfem is feminism.

  • SlantyJaws

    The rest of the blog makes for entertaining reading too:

    “#1. The pleasure we experience during intercourse isn’t natural, but groomed. Men teach us how to instantaneously associate the fear, pain and/or invasion of the penetration to clitoral stimulation, so we dissociate from it – cut it off – and think it’s pleasurable. Clitoral stimulation may function in the exact same way as dissociation in a situation of sexual violence because it sends dissociative drugs to the brain. Dissociation is a drug, so this reaction to PIV may become an addiction, a rush we crave for like cocaine.

    #2. This groomed chemical response to intercourse is harmful because it deliberately diminishes our capacity to identify rape/PIV as violence and get away from it. It confuses us into thinking we wanted it and enjoyed it. In BDSM for instance, it is very common for men to ask women to rub their clitoris during the acts. They know it will confuse their victim, letting her believe she likes being raped and humiliated and that she is a slut after all, exactly what he told her. It will make her feel more ashamed. It’s intentional. The best way for a man to obtain long term sexual subordination from a woman is for him to get her to believe she likes it and wants it, as he would do for pimping, marriage and any form of sexual slavery. It reduces his efforts in having to control her while maximising his use of her.

    #3. So this so-called sexual arousal isn’t about pleasure at all and was never intended to be: it’s about power-over and domination, it’s a way for men to obtain obedience.”

    There’s loads more, she’s written volumes.

  • comslave

    Radical Winds has to explain one thing: If all women naturally hate PIV sex, why do strap-ons exist?

    • Iron Duke

      Brainwashing! Duh!

      I actually saw a trace of this a while back on Slate from, I think, Amanda Marcotte; she painted some trivial research about “g-spots” as part of some conspiracy by The Patriarchy to manipulate women into thinking that they like sex in their vaginas.

      One of the commenters, a lesbian, back-and-forthed for some time with others insisting that she actually, honestly, no really, did like dildos and strap-ons inside her.

      I actually do wholly understand what Rad Wind or whatever is trying to say, but it hangs on both questionable assumptions and a number of semantic games that I’ve seen before only in cults.

      It’s like a non-hierarchial cult.

  • David Palmer

    Beam me up Scotty. There are no signs of intelligent life on Radical Wind…..

  • TarzanWannaBe

    Creative conveyance, Diana! I suppose Radical Wind doesn’t realize that the most phallocentric thing in the universe is a vagina. Her loss…

  • whiic

    You should definitely also see the comments for that blog. The comments are here:
    (link points to the first comment so no need to scroll down)

    In a way, when faced with “opposition” her attempts at protecting her already batshit position on the subject she goes possibly even further into the outer space.

    There’s some pretty funny logic in the comment box such as because PIV for the first time is bound to hurt, it then MUST be violence. Then using the typical tactic of cherry-picking some dictionary definition conclude that because it is “violence” (since she said so) one cannot “reject or choose” it but rather “reject or submit”. And therefore PIV is always non-consensual and because non-consensual, it’s rape.

    It’s so funny they don’t see where the non-sequitur is. Because not everything that hurts is automatically “violence”. If everything that hurts was automatically violence, then their definition of violence cannot be what they later used to determine that violence cannot have consent and therefore PIV is rape.

    What hurts is not violence in the sense they used the definition. For example, you can hurt yourself. Is it violence in the sense that you hurting yourself was done WITHOUT you own consent on getting hurt? You know, if you commit violence without consent, it’s battery. People who do self harm should by this logic be put to jail for committing an unprovoked assault on a person (self).

    All seems, again, to just an extreme case of the idea that women have no agency what so ever. They agree to sex => it was rape. I’ve previously hear the “in a patriarchal society women cannot truly consent” version as an “refutation” to the claim that radfems consider intercourse as rape. It’s of course not a meaningful refutation of all PIV being rape if the consider even the most feminized western society as “patriarchies”. The addition of “if you are in patriarchy” is redundant if by definition all societies are such.

    Well, these radfems don’t even bother to make excuses. But they have to resort to circular reasoning to make PIV violence because of hurt, and the make violence into an assault because “the definition” say is cannot be consensual.

    Just total rejection of oneself’s responsibility even toward herself (not to mention others such as her own children). Nothing new here. Standard feminism just taken to extreme. No need to say feminists don’t have the same goes – some are just more radical than others.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Why not take NSA’s list of all female non-strictly-lifelong-lesbians who are not virgins and just automatically notify the local prosecutor’s office of each of these crime victims (60-90 million in the US?) so that investigations can be initiated. Talk about shovel-ready jobs! Every semi-literate social justice collectivist busybody in the land can get hired on to assist in this epic round up of rapists. And think about all the prison guard jobs for women with a chip on their shoulder and an addiction to gossip and relational aggression. This will be Mean Girl Heaven! Empowered at last!

    Put that gender ideology indoctrination you’ve been zombified with every day since kindergarten (instead of getting a liberal education) to work and lets get this Khymer Rouge-worthy purge afoot!

  • roeboat72

    This makes me wonder when biology became controlled by the patriarchy lol. This also reminds of one blog that argued for the forced castration of men.

  • http://kalishivarising.blogspot.com/ Vivica Liqueur

    After reading her insanity I couldn’t resist responding. But because, like her vagina, her comments section is closed, I wrote the response on my own blog:


  • Bewildered

  • armoredp

    This made me chuckle since I always call it rape as well with my partner (she loves it, girl’s got a good sense of humour). But how messed up in the head do you need to be to really believe this horseshit? You are either completely indoctrinated or getting a fat paycheck every month to write this stuff like you mean it.

  • captive

    Is this supposed to be some sort twisted, S&M, Madonna/whore attraction technique for straight radfems to increase the value of sex with them like chastity is for the religious right? (“oh, Professor Jones, you’re the only man who can’t rape me because you… you understand me Professor Jones! If it were anyone but you Professor Jones, it would be rape! You see how special you are, how different from the others who would rape me!”) Or are they actually serious about this? I can’t tell anymore when I’m being trolled. I’ve never found the concept of taking virginity or forcing myself upon a woman to be particularly attractive (both of these things actually seem incredibly repugnant for different reasons) – so I’m assuming not – but I can’t tell if these people are serious and insane or just goofing around to see how many men start yelling at them.

  • Katlanmak

    I wonder…

    If the woman wrestles the man down, ties him up so that he is unable to defend himself, feeds him viagra and then herself mounts him, is she raping herself or the man or is the man guilty for not wishing his erection away? Is it considered self harm of some kind? How would a “rad-fem piv-is-rape” person judge in a court of law?

    Or say a 12 year old boy seduces his female teacher, she falls for it and has sex with him which would, to any normal person be seen as her raping him or at the very least sexually exploiting him. But is this to be considered rape of the woman by the 12 year old child boy? Or where would the line be drawn? When is a boy man enough to be a rapist? Should the woman at all be punished for (in most peoples opinion) sexually exploiting the child? Are boys at all children and when do they cease to being children?
    Is there a difference if the woman convinces the child or the child “convinces” the woman? Are they raping each other?

    Is an intellectually fully functional woman being raped if she has sex with a mentally retarded man? Is he raping her? Should he be punished?

    If the “piv-is-rape” idea spreads and our society would be formed by it, will families be separated and closely monitored to make sure no PIV takes place? How are we supposed to stop this rape epidemic? If the man enjoys recieveing anal sex but is not a homosexual, is he subjecting himself to rape? Or is that also raping the woman, if she has to pleasure him sexually since obviously she is not recieveing any physical sexual stimulation from penetrating a mans anus?

    Sorry for the mess, I am struck with disbelief. There are just some questions I can’t get out of my head, but it seems the person deletes any comment that does not agree with the original post, so I don’t know where else to write it.
    I have to say, I was absolutely chocked to read that article, I can barely comprehend that it exists. As much as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I can’t help feeling offended as a female to be victimized in this way. It is as if this person is trying to label all females completely disempowered and unable to make own decisions.