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Mourning the death of hate through #womenagainstfeminism

It didn’t take a wooden stake, or a silver bullet, or a fire at the Designer Shoe Warehouse, but the hashtag proved mightier than the hags, and feminism is now mortally wounded and dying, one exposed lie at a time.

Shaken by their mauling in a Tumblr by thousands of attractive women who call themselves “Women Against Feminism” (WAF),

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feminists worldwide are gulping in fear and hanging their heads in disbelief and shame. Sometimes, it seems, the good guys and gals win after all. But some questions linger, and we’ve been mulling it here in the back-channel discussions at AVfM: what happens next, and where do we go from here?

The Stages of Grief

In 1969, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, in her book On Death and Dying, posited that there were a series of stages to the process of grieving. The stage concept perhaps oversimplifies the grieving process—in reality, people may cycle through the stages in varying orders and reiterate the series of stages many times, but the stage concept can serve as a useful guide to understanding the reactions of feminists and where those reactions will inevitably lead them.

Despite their narcissism and boundary issues, feminists are still human enough that they can be expected to grieve in universal human patterns.

Stage 1. Denial/Disbelief

The first and most common response by feminists to WAF has been shock, surprise, disbelief, and denial that their beloved ideology is being savaged by the very same women it was supposedly designed to “liberate” (control).

xoJane’s Emily McCombs, who is 31 and a bit plump (Not Safe For Bulimics), has a porcine denial style that is framed in terms of her own hot-young-women-are-stupid misogyny; she writes: 

For the past few weeks, the Internet has been collectively rolling its eyes at the “Women Against Feminism” Tumblr, in which (mostly young, mostly white) women hold up signs describing exactly how much they don’t understand what the word feminism means.

McCombs is so stunned by WAF and their death knell to feminism that she cannot rationally fathom that a feminist calling women stupid is not helping the feminist idea that women are NOT stupid—she is lashing out in denial, not reason—although it could be that her new diet just might be making her cranky.

Here is one of those supposedly ignorant WAF women—so dumb that she has THREE science degrees:

Charlotte Alter, writing  in the formerly great TIME magazine, is also wrestling with her own feelings of surprise and denial:

It’s no surprise that the 89 year-old [Phyllis] Schlafly feels this way. But it is somewhat surprising that a small, yet vocal group of young women has started to echo her rallying cry, first on a Tumblr, then on Facebook (with over 11,000 likes) and now with the adorable #womenagainstfeminism hashtag. Most of the posts include some reiteration of the central misunderstanding about feminism, that a core belief of feminism involves hating men.

Of course, Alter’s denial is such that she can’t quite connect the dots that all feminism is based on the loopy Patriarchy Theory—that all men have oppressed women throughout history and that the inevitable conclusion is that feminists hate men—feminism’s core beliefs inevitably lead to misandry. WAF are smart enough to see that clearly; Charlotte, hmmm, not so much.

Stage 2. Anger

Hot on the high heels of denial comes the open anger when the feminists see The End staring them right in their unshaven pits.

Madeleine Davies at Jezebel was particularly unhinged, and her petty attempt at satire was betrayed by her seething anger:

When I’m dating someone, I’ll sometimes make two sandwhiches and go to hand my dude one of them, but then, right as he’s about to take it, I’ll throw the sandwhich out the window and make him watch as a stray dog eats it instead. I don’t even want to do it and both of us feel bad while it’s happening because I have a sandwhich, the dog has a sandwhich and the man I’m with doesn’t have a sandwhich. But I do it anyway. For feminism.

(Also, am I spelling “sandwhich” right? I can’t tell.)

Now, anger can be a good thing, particularly anger at an injustice, but Davies’ rage is a blind assault on the universe for daring to disobey her.

Kaili Joy Gray at the formerly relevant Wonkette, went even more crazed:

But actually, I support these ladies who are against ladies who support ladies. If they would like to opt out of all the equality handouts they don’t need in the first place, good. Who even wants to share all of our awesome misandrist powers and privileges with them anyway? We are thiiiiiiiis close to killing the patriarchy forever with our overabundance of “rights” and “equality,” and once we do, I don’t think any of the ladies who are for ladies will want to take governing advice from ladies against ladies who are ladies. Let them stay home and make sammiches. When we eradicate men forever, we ladies who are for ladies will probably be hungry.

Good luck with that, Kaili.

Stage 3. Bargaining

Emily McCombs uses her rationalization hamster to deflect her own bargaining and project it onto WAF. McCombs argues that maybe the stupid WAF women with multiple degrees will grow up to hate men like she does:

Looking back, I can see that my subconscious strategy for coping in a sexist society was to align myself with men, to avail myself of their considerable powers of protection, to get what I could from them using the only weapons readily available to me — my body, my charm, my femininity and my compliance. By gaining the approval of those in charge, I hoped to gain access to the perks and opportunities of masculinity.

Unlike McCombs, who had no modesty nor intelligence to add to her body-charm-femininity-compliance, WAF are not bargaining for acceptance—they already have it; they do not find whatever sexism there might be in society to be onerous, and they do not blame men for their choices in life. They have chosen the pursuit of happiness over the lust for the perpetual outrage that is the only real and bitter fruit of feminism.

Charlotte Alter has a bargaining style that is somewhat different; she prays to the wealthy Goddess Beyoncé to save her:

But there will always be some women who don’t understand feminism, just like there will always be some people who deny global warming. There’s no use getting all worked up over a few stragglers who haven’t gotten on the bandwagon. So let’s just try to nip this in the bud. Sorry, Phyllis Schlafly, but feminism is here to stay: [photo of Beyoncé mimicking the pose of “Rosie the Riveter”].

Alter, of course, neglects to mention that Rosie the Riveter gave up and quit being a riveter after just two weeks on the job because she was scared the machinery might nip her delicate lady hands in their buds.

This stage of feminist mourning, bargaining, as well as the stages of denial and anger, are the three stages that most of the mourners find themselves cycling through right now, bouncing through denial-anger-bargaining over and over again. Their efforts will become magnified—increasingly febrile, hostile, angry, violent, and weaselly until their worldviews shatter completely and they go from hysterics into depression.

Stages 4. Depression & 5. Acceptance

Once the feminists start burning out on their useless rage and bargaining, inevitably, they will progress through depression and on to acceptance of their new lives as former feminists. I cited a feminist named Caitlin Elam in my previous article who has already done just that—on July 17 she wrote that she was still a feminist, but by July 22 she was done with feminism, just as Rosie the Riveter jumped ship when she realized the damage she was risking by engaging with a violent partner assigned to her by feminism.

Stage 6. Revenge

Although Elisabeth Kübler-Ross didn’t mention it in her book, there is a final stage of grief—revenge—the spreading of grief in reply to those who caused you grief. Once freed from the violence of feminism, the newly hatched anti-feminists will turn on their former tormentors with the glee that comes from real freedom—and most of all, revenge is a sammich best served icy cold.


All photos used in this article are from the Tumblr Women Against Feminism

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Once he stumbled onto GirlWritesWhat's videos, August Løvenskiolds, aka The Bibo Sez, started eating red pills like they were tic-tacs. He likes debating feminists, but knows this stage will pass soon enough.

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  • http://menaregood.com/ Tom Golden

    So great to see them scramble in outrage that someone could disagree. I think this wave of anti-feminism is just too strong for them to ignore, especially since it is mostly their own kind, white women. They are losing and our culture is winning. What a relief to see.

  • politicalcynic

    The irrationality of the response from feminists has been one of the most entertaining and educational things I’ve seen in ages.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I’ve been cracking up over a movement that stupidly exposes itself for the lying hypocricy that it is. The whole premise of claiming they are fighting for women’s right to make decisions. And then telling them which decisions they don’t have the rights to make.

      Pure Shakespearian poetry.

    • PlainOldTruth

      Their power is illusory. They never developed the intellectual chops nor, individually, the personal character requisite for leadership. Their power — and they can FEEL the truth of this fact now — is based on the acquiescence and the labor of those whom they manipulate. Some manipulate with artful skill and some are merely overtly bossy, but there is no umph there: all the fuel comes from the people who DO REAL WORK. And when those people wake up, the harpie behind the curtain is exposed, and they will refuse to any longer serve the Harpie Princess, no matter how shrill her bossiness becomes.

      • Lisette Muntslag

        Priceless…..keep the fire burning…..!

      • itdarestospeak

        Agreed 100% I have always maintained that you will never find a feminist where there’s hard work

    • Andrew Ulrich

      The best part is that it’s creating more women against feminism and feminists don’t realize it’s because they’re throwing hissy fits.

      • TPH

        The more batshit insane feminists reactions are, the more rational women will flip feminists and feminism the bird.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    Rosie the Riveter story was an interesting read. Apparently Geraldine (the original photo Rosie the Riveter was based on) was a cello player. A couple weeks after the photo was taken, another woman had injured her hand and Geraldine chose to quit her job because she feared a hand injury ending her cello playing days.

    Odd that the image of a woman who didn’t want to break a nail has become the symbol of feminism. Re-affirmed by a chick scared to be labelled bossy, while bossily trying to get the word banned.

    Apparently nothing has changed in over 70 years. Women will not risk life nor limb to equally represent less than cushy employment.

    • Lisette Muntslag

      You got that right…….the feminist cabal is on a quest for power and control because they are envious of the men that make things happen. They don’t even realize their hypocrisy, because in the end they have to manipulate the men to get what they want…..I’ve been at this issue for a longtime and the saga is finally coming to a close…..timing is everything….:-))

  • PlainOldTruth

    I posted a comment on a Youtube video by a feminist (not one of those dippy low-IQ ones, mind you) who explained why Women Against Feminism was “misguided.” My post was simple: “I love Women Against Feminism.”

    Her response was: “So you don’t think women should be treated with dignity and respect. Thanks for the warning.” That was this cult-addled ideologue’s best shot at THINKING. And it was her response to my expression of LOVE for a large group of women.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Response should be “Yes I do, and feminism alienates me from wanting to treat women that way”

      • PlainOldTruth

        I treat each as an individual, being a fervent opponent of collectivism. Therefore it is not a fact that feminism affects the way I would treat a woman. It is that woman’s individual character that is the controlling factor.

    • Andrew Ulrich

      My favorite thing to say to these feminists is “No means no.”

      • TPH

        Gotta love the irony….

  • PlainOldTruth

    “… but the hashtag proved mightier than the hags..” Brilliant article, August.

  • Dagda Mór

    Two simple words which sum up the grimy white van with FREE KANDY scrawled on the side that is modern feminism’s outreach to women:

    “equality handouts”.

    I’m not even going to get into the oxymoronic irony involved.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Now lets be fair. Women only get 77% of the 100% of handouts.

      Oh wait, men don’t even get 33% of the handouts do they?

    • Dan Slezak

      I meen REALLY? That is so funny!

      “equality handouts”.

  • Dan Slezak

    All the social programs, the education system, “equality handouts, powers and privileges, our overabundance of “rights” and “equality”, tax dollar spending..etc. Who the fuck is oppressing women? How can you exist in a patriarch if your (women) the bread winner?
    I wish I had a bread winner. I would sit around all day and drink beer. Man, now that’s living! I believe that’s what these anti-feminists women are realizing that the men in their lives are important. And that its wrong to blame all their problems on them. Especially, when most of womens problems are addressed by the state in one way or another.

    • PlainOldTruth

      “most of women’s problems are addressed by the state” (so the state claims). — The unaccountable bureaucracies are stuffed to the gills with unmotivated people with crap educations, the product of low-standard high school and college classes, backed by grade inflation, backed by quotas that aggressively advance people who, even with grade inflation, have crap GPAs (even when they major in crap subjects). The superstition that holds that a welfare state — implemented by inflated-self-esteem, “situation ethics”-indoctrinated, quota-employees — is able to operate with competence is dissipating.

  • Thinker

    A few comments from various forums mentioned AVfM and Paul Elam as being the masterminds of all this. Such a belief is unsurprising…especially right after all the feminist trauma over the Detroit conference.

    • Rob

      desperate people says desperate things.
      occams razor is not evident with such people

  • Bewildered

    This one wins the prize :

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Is anyone else wondering how old the bikini picture of Emily McCombs is, given that she hasn’t got any tattoos? I’n not saying it’s a problem, but when you’re trying to say “Every body is a beach body!” only you’re using a five year-old picture to show you’re proud to be seen as you really are, you’re kinda missing the whole point. By a mile.

    • NotoriousPAT

      Personally, I don’t see any need to make fun of a person’s looks. If Emily is a typical feminist I’m sure she has plenty of mockable ideas. Although I do wonder about the judgment of someone who gets so many tattoos.

      • MrSonicAdvance

        I wasn’t trying to make fun of her looks (I’m on dodgy ground there myself), I was pointing out the inconsistency between her saying she is proud of how she looks, yet apparently using and older image of herself in which she appears younger and slimmer than she is presently.

  • Mens Rights Sydney

    “Most of the posts include some reiteration of the central misunderstanding about feminism, that a core belief of feminism involves hating men.”

    Yeah! Where would anyone get THAT idea? #EndFathersDay #KillAllMen

    • PlainOldTruth

      Feminism hates reason even more than it hates men, far more.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I got a pretty clear understanding about feminism in divorce court. And the years after, until my children turned 18

      • PlainOldTruth

        What do you call kidnapping, extortion, perjury, false imprisonment, and coerced interference with competent parenting, when you are free?

        Answer: You call them “kidnapping, extortion, perjury, false imprisonment, and coerced interference with competent parenting.”

        Until that point when we stop calling them by euphemisms like “divorce court” we will be unfree, existing as we do now under an armed, unaccountable occupation.

    • Cylux

      To be fair #EndFathersDay was kicked off by the guys over at /pol/, #KillAllMen on the other hand was entirely the work of feminists. I think it speaks volumes that the troll hashtag is actually more palatable and less murderous than the hashtag that feminists genuinely came up with.

      (It should also be noted that while /pol/ came up with #EndFathersDay, that doesn’t mean that feminists didn’t also jump wholeheartedly onto that bandwagon.)

      • Mens Rights Sydney

        Yeah, I was aware that the #EndFathersDay was fake to start with but, as you say, Feminists jumped right on the bandwagon. IMO, that’s just as good as them starting it.

    • NotoriousPAT

      Don’t forget “teach men not to rape.”

  • Mens Rights Sydney

    “Looking back, I can see that my subconscious strategy for coping in a sexist society was to align myself with men, to avail myself of their considerable powers of protection, to get what I could from them using the only weapons readily available to me — my body, my charm, my femininity and my compliance.”

    As opposed to using your intellect & competence to achieve it on your own without help. Y’know, like the WAFs do?

    Oh wait, what AM I thinking? You’re a feminist, you have neither of those.

  • Chris Dagostino

    “When I’m dating someone, I’ll sometimes make two sandwhiches and go to hand my dude one of them, but then, right as he’s about to take it, I’ll throw the sandwhich out the window and make him watch as a stray dog eats it instead. I don’t even want to do it and both of us feel bad while it’s happening because I have a sandwhich, the dog has a sandwhich and the man I’m with doesn’t have a sandwhich. But I do it anyway. For feminism.”

    Yeah, I bet the dude can’t wait to introduce her to Mom. My word.

    • CrazyHorse1942

      The level of stupidity that such women have in declaring that they do these things, only helps state the case to manginas that they are worth less than a dog to Miss Princess.

      Keep lapping it up, you sad bastards, as she and others make it clear how petty and vindictive they are. Oh, and here is a slice of contempt to go with that sammich…….

      • Kimski

        Agreed. Apparently “empowerment” has become all about how mean and horrible you can be as a person, and these fucking idiots have made a competition out of it.

        In it’s own twisted way, it is actually somewhat funny: Feminism was created as a means to strike back at the allegedly mean and oppressive menz, and all it has succeeded in doing is making women even meaner and more oppressive. I think a lot of men initially supported feminism because they had a firm belief in the notion, that including women in the political decision making and workplaces would eventually make this a better world. But as it turned out, women, and especially the ideologically driven ones, turned out to be just as bad as the worst men. There will be no going back up on the pedestals for the female demographic as a whole after feminism, that’s for damned sure.

    • TPH

      Gee, a woman like that has abuser written all over her.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      The real question here. Why does that lesbian have a boyfriend? Or is she gender confused since a lot of feminists look like ugly versions of men.

  • DukeLax

    I believe that many women are starting to understand that poisoning law enforcement to the degree that hetero-relationships become a legal liability for guys, is not going to be beneficial for the majority of women in the long run.
    Poisoning and inflaming the public against the hetero-male, is making it so only the poor and un-educated males with nothing to lose…are going to be the only ones who risk hetero-dating, look round folks, we are almost there already!!!

  • Thinker
    • CrazyHorse1942

      Brilliant and true.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      This was published almost a decade before the year on the cover

  • SineNomine

    Great article! I’m loving the Women Against Feminism campaign, and the impotent sputtering outrage from the hate-filled feminist (but I repeat myself) camp! Their angry tears are deliciously sweet.

  • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

    Feminists, no matter what issue they weigh in on, always eventually hang themselves with their own rope. Like all women they are compelled to keep talking and talk they do, right up to the point that they expose their own circular, irrational illogical logic for everyone to see. Sometimes the opposition need not even weigh in but simply stand back and with a great display of hands say “Just watch the crazy”

  • http://www.StudioBrule.com Steve Brulé

    It takes maturity to get through to “Acceptance.” The hard core feminists have always been in Anger and Denial and they will be there for eternity. Mature women walk away from feminism as soon as their eyes are opened to what it really is; they become #WomenAgainstFeminism .

    • Dawn Blast

      Considering hardcore feminists have all the maturity of a 4 year old…

      • PlainOldTruth

        Except the ones like Hitlery (mother of the daughter of Wayne Hubbell), Ruth “the VAWA witch,” Ginsberg, Janet “lick it” Napolitano, Valerie Jarrett (the ACTUAL current president of the USA), and thousands of others placed in positions of great power. They have the maturity of a concentration camp commandant, a gulag warden, a child-trafficking queenpin. Gutter feminists are not the root of the problem, it is the highly disciplined, well-educated, ruthlessly utiopianist, long-range-planning ones (of both sexes) that are the real problem.

    • http://batman-news.com MGTOW-man

      For years, I have described feminism as privileged women in denial.

      • Sean

        Specifically White Anglo Saxon Privileged women to be exact. But their argument seemed so seductive to other women. Early feminists were banging the votes for women drum in Ireland when most of the population were starving to death, dying during transportation to the new world or living under the yoke of an oppressive regime and the Penal Laws.

        The Penal Laws of course were enacted over many decades. Just like most of the anti-father and anti-man laws.

        So I’ll check my privilege all the way back to my direct ancestor and his brothers who managed to escape the English slavers ship destined for the Caribbean a few hundred years ago. His actions meant I was able to sign a Marraige contract and enter indentured servitude till I woke the fuck up and went on strike.

  • Nostradormouse

    The Hag’s ‘tash is mightier than the hashtag. #hagstashmightierthanthehashtag

    • wakjob


      • Nostradormouse

        A contraction of “A Hag’s Moustache”.

        Obviously, this depends on the feminist in question, many of them sport very impressive array of facial hair.

        Unfortunately, except for the month of Mowvember, I obey my Father’s dictum; “Never date anyone with more facial hair than you.”

  • CrazyHorse1942

    Here’s a lame joke: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Well, after setting up a committee of women to study the problem, securing government funding and repeatedly screaming patriarchy, none: get a guy to do it.

    • Dawn Blast

      So true.

    • TARP!

      Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

      • Ted Harrold


    • Ted Harrold


  • Robert Franklin

    I’d like to ask all the “you just don’t understand what feminism really is” feminists how it is that so many intelligent people can fail to grasp a concept that’s been around and very public for over 50 years. Either feminism has done a really bad job of communicating or the 80% of Americans who refuse the feminist label are onto something.

    • PlainOldTruth

      And if anybody had not caught on yet, the incredible “Ban Bossy” (failed) effort crossed the “t”s and dotted the “i”s for them. It’s done. Like pet rocks.

  • TPH

    Who would of thought a simple hashtag would have started the boulder crashing down the mountain. Feminists now know their censorhip and silencing/othering campaigns will no longer work. Having so many women stand up to bigots and bullies is a wonderful thing.

    Looks like feminists will have to find another way to get their “hate-on’s”.

    • PlainOldTruth

      They already control so many important institutions they can still get away with large scale criminality. If you never heard about the law suit against the monstrous head of Gestapo (who will be given even more power soon) Janet Napolitano, you are going to want to look into it. She is in a long line of psychotic feminist authoritarians that have wreaked havoc on the likes of NORMAL people (Donna Shalala, Janet Reno, Mary Jo Bane). The Stygian stables are going to need a tsunami-scale washing out. And anti-feminists of bot sexes are uniting in order to “get ‘er done.”

      Here’s a little vintage 1977 social engineering fer ya (this is the type of policy implementer, Marty Jo Bane, that worked hard to create the current nightmare we have to deal with)”

      No time for laurel-resting. We have to take back our entire culture from psycho authoritarian collectivists. Lots of work ahead.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    Finally women are waking up to the radical gender feminist war on women…..did I hear somebody say Karma?

    • Dawn Blast

      Call Bump of Chicken. They have the appropriate song.

  • wakjob

    Just listen to all the champagne stoppers popping. The monster is dead! The monster is dead!
    People, the monster is not dead. The monster has been scratched, and is bellowing in pain and rage. The fight is not over, it’s still just beginning, and it’s gonna get uglier before it gets prettier.

    • Junky

      soon the monster will go into “stealth mode”
      make no mistake the feminists who inhabit the gov and write policy arnt going anywhere they will just go invisible and continue to do what they have always done while people wonder why the laws and policy all affect men negatively…

      • Thinker

        So no #feministsforfeminism anytime soon?

        • Junky

          it will end up like a bad contractor with lawsuits,, they will change the name, move the office, and everything else will stay the same….
          even now they are leaning towards giving lip service to ” gender equality” but of course they will have to deal with ” womens problems first” and in order to speed that up they will need all the available gender funding channeled thru the new “equality based feminists organizations”

          mostly feminists in gov will hit you with “Policy” when they think they wont get caught (maintenance enforcement)
          and “practice” when they have to hide something (“in the best interests of the child”, “predominant aggressor policy”,” training judges to have a feminist point of view in all sentencing, divorce cases ect)

    • Dagda Mór

      Yes. The question is, is feminism capable of pulling in its horns after showing so much of its hand over the last few years? I got the distinct impression that the collective was gathering steam, readying itself for the push towards phase two. In fact this explosive reaction is almost certainly in response to their encroachments in so many areas of life and society.

      And keep in mind this isn’t the first time that large numbers of women have risen up against feminist heaves – actually I was becoming quite worried as to where all the women had vanished to this time round. The character of those hitting back here is also of interest, it’s not just the schoolmarms and middle class housewives, it’s the tattooed cool kids, the opinion shapers that many girls and women look up to, the rebels, the bohemians, the artists and free thinkers.

      I would guess this is a result of feminist infiltrators trying to gain a stranglehold on the arts and entertainment industries, which creates a unique opportunity if we’re quick enough off the mark. Feminism is stale, smells of cabbage, mothballs and the cold war, the province of wild eyed bitter ex wives and dusty old trouts in academia whose hands wander a little too much. This is the image we need to get out there to really hammer home some realities.

  • Thinker

    Evidently, women posting their signs on WomenAgainstFeminism is concerning to feminists. But why? Do they feel insulted? Belittled? Is it only about feelings?

    • Nathan

      Who are these feminist women to deny the WAF women their lived experiences?

      Surely that is some form of blaming? Perhaps it involves rape culture?

  • http://womenandmenlivingtogether.blogspot.ca Joe Wilson

    Great article! I wrote a similar article back in March:


    But TOTALLY missed point #6 on Revenge!

  • Cenobite

    This is a good article, with some good examples. I do however, respectfully disagree with the premiss that this is the death of feminism or it’s hate. To quote Churchill, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” So I think it’s now that we have to be more open, stick to facts, reason, and honest dialogue, and hold off on the ticker tape.

    • skeptik

      Yes I too go with this, the “evil ones” the patriarchy demonizing ones, have infiltrated every aspect of society, a twitter hashtag won’t dislodge their cold clammy hands from the levers of power that easily, we need to keep on chipping away at the vile hatred loving ones

  • wordsIVue

    While I am joining in the celebrations I think it’s premature to talk about the demise of feminism. As someone commented here on another article, feminism has been bitch slapped but it’s still standing, just a bit dazed momentarily. I think it will respond with:
    1) Reaching out to traditional women, celebrating stay-at home women, rhetoric about women’s choice, funky research about economic contribution of housewives’ “unpaid” work, how under-appreciated they are, etc.
    2) Campaigning for gynocentric policies that will specifically help trad women, such as welfare benefits for married stay-at-homes,legal right to half of household income, giving more power to women in relationships by banging the drums on “verbal abuse”, “emotional neglect” etc.
    3) Temporarily easing off the male-bashing and misandry, maybe even some token pro-male articles.
    4) A show of concern for men’s issues while ploughing on with more anti-male policies.

    Of course there is no danger of MRAs being fooled by these tactics, but it may take some effort to expose the insincerity to the wider public, something we should think about. On the other hand this might be a good time organize some street presence, maybe facilitating a “I don’t need feminism” march. Maybe also use support from the trad element in WAF to strike at issues that are endangering hetero relationships, such as family courts, VAWA and due process. If we can even bring in a note of uncertainty about the latter two in the MSM it would be a big step from where we are.

  • comslave

    A little pre-mature. While this chink in the feminist armor is interesting, 10k “likes” is a blip in the internet population.

    • JohnnySocco

      Agreed but we do need to find a way to capitalize on the momentum it is generating

    • Rob

      “While this chink in the feminist armor is interesting, 10k “likes” is a blip in the internet population.”


      “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

      • OldandNavy

        Yes they do, yes they do, indeed.

        Most women aren’t feminists. Most women need to get in on that.

        • Man Alive

          I think most women maybe won’t call themselves feminists but they aren’t out in the streets protesting that they’ve got too much privilege and that as a result men are being shafted. That tells me they’re practicing solipsism, they’ll swear they aren’t feminists, yet gorge on feminist pork.

          • OldandNavy

            I’m willing to buy that. I wonder how many western women actually realize that their incredible level of privilege and comfort (compared to the global average of all humans) flows from the evil.

            They aren’t enacting the evil, but the juice from the press is soooooooo sweet.

  • NotoriousPAT

    We don’t hate you, just what your movement is doing to people. You have a good day too.

  • http://twitter.com/dancinbojangles dancinbojangles

    This has indeed been a hilarious couple weeks on the internet. At least feminists are finally admitting that they are completely intolerant of opposing views. What I like most though is when they say “feminism is all about equality!” like that means anything. It’s like if someone were criticizing US foreign policy, and I came back with “but democracy is all about freedom!” Newsflash: people can say one thing and do another.

    And it’s not even like they’re not saying it. They just dress it up with a tiny disclaimer. “We don’t hate men! We just hate the fact (disclaimer: not a fact) that all men everywhere have it better just because of a grand conspiracy to keep women down, a conspiracy so vast and powerful that men can express it with nothing more than a glance or even just by thinking their own thoughts. So you see, we don’t hate men, we just hate everything about maleness and masculinity, because it’s all tied into that theory.”

  • RuralScot

    lol at the Jezebel article. Madeline says no woman was ever abused by feminists cos of their skirt, she knows and femsplains this to the poor woman who shared her story.
    Feminists say feminists don’t abuse, ok then.

  • ohdear

    That last picture was so cute. It made me smile.

  • ohdear

    You’re full of love? Then how did you fall into feminism?

  • Lastango

    There’s a Phase 5 already underway, but it isn’t acceptance. For several years, feminism has been recasting it’s terminology and rhetoric to defuse opposition and sink its hook deeper into women. I expect those efforts to accelerate. At the same time as they are stamping their bootheel on the face of women who disagree with feminism, they will also be expanding “intersectoral feminism” in a save-humanity campaign that mimics the Left’s highly successful save-the-earth ecofraud. Young educated women love that crap. Joining in is a way of showing how smart, aware, compassionate, and hip they are. Any young woman who openly rejects Big Environmentalism will lose 4/5 of her friends overnight. (It takes real courage to anger the Progressive Beast. People who do so pay a price.)

    Then there’s the faux outreach to men. Feminists have discovered they need men on board in order to better exploit and plunder them. Feminism also needs to make sure young women don’t blame feminism for the fact men are leaving the building. (The women of #womenagainstfeminism seem to be making that connection very clearly, which is part of the reason feminists are retaliating so actively and violently.) Instead of demonizing men, feminism is switching over to a posture of claiming they care deeply about men. Feminists are waging peace against men, and there’s plenty more of that to come as they try to head off and coopt a growing awareness of men’s human rights. Feminist know all about the power of a well-organized movement. They know what FIRE is achieving regarding Constitutionally-protected free speech in the university gulag. They know AVfM is rising, and they see the international chapters gaining a toehold abroad. Capitulation is not in the feminist playbook. They’ll be attacking with every resource and every weapon they’ve got… concealing and lying about their aggression every step of the way.

  • Thinker

    When women want their men back, that will herald the end of feminism.

    • Daniel Kulkarni

      Well, only when there aren’t enough suckers who continue to walk onto the chopping block.

  • Lastango

    Feminists are waging “love” against men. The ideological leader of this form of feminist hegemony is bell hooks.

  • http://javier.gr Javier Gonel

    Revenge? Justice better.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    How are you sending me your love? What do you mean by “love”?

  • CrazyHorse1942

    Never, under any circumstance, should any man trust any women who declares herself a feminist. That is the biggest ‘red flag’ of all. Shame on you for still clinging to a false, deceitful and hateful ideology, that was never based on truth.

    Do you and your kind take any responsibility for the lives that have been destroyed in the name of your institutionalized hate movement? Piss off troll……………….. The only thing that people like you love is yourselves.

    Your smug blog doesn’t help your case. Also, don’t hijack the word ‘love’, as you have no clue what it means.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Dude…You don’t wish long life to a hate movement. I know what you meant, but “Sieg Heil” is actually a call for victory.

      Also, the Nazi’s only hated about 5% of its own population. Feminists hate close to 50% of its population. Certainly a far more sinister and damaging hate movement.

      • CrazyHorse1942

        I was referring to the inevitable victory of the MHRA, using sarcasm towards feminazis.

      • CrazyHorse1942

        Sorry for being unclear. I was using the phrase sarcastically towards feminazis, referring to the inevitable and much-needed victory of the MHRM.

  • Bear Rose

    Maybe, I’m just different from the radical hateful feminists? There are radicals in every group, and I can admit that. Maybe I just want to call myself a feminist, while I marry a man and hang out with mostly guys. I do not identify with hateful feminists because I do not believe in hating in anyone. You can continue to hate me if you want. I love you all. It’s okay to be anti feminist. That’s your choice. There are 7 billion people in the world with different religions and different favorite colors too. It’s okay to not be a feminist. Why do you care that I am, as long I can respect everyone and love them? :] Have a good day everyone, even the anti feminists. Rock on. Continue to be anti feminists if you want. There is nothing wrong with a different opinion than me. I’m a nice feminist who views everyone as my equal as has no wish to convert them because they have their own free will.

    Is that too radical for ya? Love you anyway. <3

    • MrSonicAdvance

      Replace “feminist” with “Nazi” in your post and it sounds much the same, I’m afraid. But you have a nice day. :-)

  • Crash

    Just sounds like a lot of hippie nonsense to me. Claiming to “love everyone” simply reduces the value of the emotion down to nothing. How can love even have a meaningful definition if you claim to feel that emotion equally towards, say, your children and to people who would wish your children harm?
    Perhaps this is the dawn of 4th wave new age feminism. The same old political ideology wrapped up in quantum vibrations and mystical energy.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    Careful boys…When have you known a feminist to tell the truth?

    Read a book named “The Screwtape Letters”. Pay attention to the dialog between Wormwood and Screwtape regarding possession.