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Feminist misogyny on viral parade in backlash to #WomenAgainstFeminism

Die mother fucker! I fucking hate this #idontneedfeminism bullshit” —sierra_misty

Men’s Human Rights Advocates (MHRAs), like me, and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), also like me, are used to being called, erroneously, “misogynists”—haters of women—because in our quest to secure our human rights, we challenge the gynocentric focus of society that underpins ideologies on both the left and the right. If you want to see actual deep, passionate hatred of women—24-karat misogyny written large and clear—you need look no further than the feminist response to the women of the Tumblr site “Women Against Feminism” (WAF, and they also have a Facebook site). While the waifs of WAF resist feminism for the damage feminism has done to both their lives and the men and boys in their lives, feminism hates WAF simply for being women who dare to disagree with them.

And Twitter is in flames about it.

This new focus of feminist hate—in addition to their hating of men, their free-bleeding, and their sporting unshaven limbs—seems to illuminate the fact that the supposed “marketing problem” of the femmies is really a problem with logic, truth, personal responsibility, relational aggression, naked misandry, and, now, even naked misogyny: the delightful, adorable posts of the women against feminism are laying bare these faults one selfie at a time.

Her card reads: “I don’t need feminism, because real feminism is about equal opportunity & respect for women, NOT abortions, free birth control & the ability to walk around like a shameless slut while damning the male population!”

Oops! So, so, sorry to all you male feminist allies out there who just saw that picture—I should’ve put up a trigger warning: a well-kempt woman who actually likes men. Perhaps you’re not charmed by smart, religious (likely Catholic: note the crucifix she’s wearing and her compliance with Catholic teaching on responsible sexuality) women who can differentiate between real equality and feminist lies—that is okay. Totally okay. Not all men like women like that. Some men, like some women, react to attractive women with an explosion of jealousy.

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You can perhaps begin to see why feminists might feel just a tad jealous of women like this—I mean, she is rocking a very soft, warm manifesto too, which reads:

I do not need feminism bc [because]:

  1. I respect men
  2. Being a woman is not a disadvantage
  3. I’ve got my own opinion
  4. I take responsibility for myself and my decisions
  5. I don’t feel like a victim
  6. The feminist movement is full of shit.

One more, just for the sake of completeness:

Disdaining a numbered list, this anti-feminist posits a more sultry bulleted declaration of independence that reads:

I don’t need feminism because:

  • I am an adult who is capable of taking responsibility for myself and my actions.
  • I define myself and derive my value by my own standards. I don’t need to be “empowered.”
  • I am not a target for violence and there is no war against me.
  • I respect men. I refuse to demonize them and blame them for my problems.

The disgruntled and disingenuous ingénues of feminism have a lot of objections to responsible adult women who speak out like this, and those objecting feminists come off as women without consciences, the sort who could file a false rape claim in the morning and then go out shoe shopping for “come-fuck-me” pumps in the afternoon.

Let’s take a peek at some of the responses packed full of feminist love:

An anonymous writer at Huffpo Canada starts things off with a passive-aggressive assault, saying, “But before anyone starts judging and shaming the women in this Facebook group who may not define themselves as feminists, it’s important to look at the misleading definitions associated with the word—and do the work to educate people as to what feminism really stands for.”

But things get nasty in a hurry. “Asha”—who is editor-in-chief Asha Dahya of The “F” Word—was so enraged that she made a video wherein, after using the phrase “I feel” at least three times and just after the 4:10 mark, she accidentally admits that feminism is a “theology”:

Asha claims that WAF engage in victim-blaming of rape survivors, a dubious proposition at best—taking personal responsibility is not victim-blaming, and if you look you can find rape survivors on the WAF Tumblr itself who refuse to hate or demonize men.

Asha further claims that WAF are speaking irrationally and stupidly: “it is filled with all sorts of wrong, misguided and confusing information,” or they are “on their periods,” a slur I like to call cunt-shaming. Asha says she “hates” to link to WAF (such hate is called “misogyny,” Asha) and that WAF is a slap in the face (twice!) against feminists—a false accusation of violence but an accusation that might be metaphorically true if any of those feminists were to actually wake up to grasp their own lies. But don’t worry, Asha—if they are like you, they won’t.

But compounding the feminist nightmare, some feminists ARE seemingly waking up a bit—feminist Caitlin Elam (no relation to Paul Elam, as far as I know) wrote:

The modern feminist movement has gone from women supporting each other, fighting against real injustices, and having a common goal of equality with men to the other end of the spectrum where women viciously attack each other and compete against each other for who can be the ‘most feminist’ (but God forbid there be a pageant for that title because that would be *gasp* sexist).

I do fundamentally consider myself a feminist, though, but I always have to have to add a disclaimer so I’m not lumped in with the radicals that have the loudest voices in the media. I strive for female equality with men rather than superiority over men; there, that’s about as concise as I can get it.

But while Caitlin gets it and is now rejecting feminism, a lot of other feminists are getting mega-pissed.

Lynsi Freitag of the Huffington Post uses all of her Teutonic resolve—”[p]ardon me while I take another antacid, breathe slowly, channel my inner strength and proceed”—to demand “Women Against Feminism, Please Read.” Girl Freitag goes on to call WAF stupid again (“inaccurate and ignorant”) and defaults back to the dictionary definition of feminism that WAF explicitly reject because dictionaries do not reflect the actual actions of feminists, levels of damage they cause, and the inequalities that feminism seeks to perpetuate (like unequal custody, male circumcision, female-only birth control pills, and mandatory child support decoupled from visitation).

Elizabeth Ballou of Bustle continues the stupid-women-who-disagree-with-me meme with “it’s fueled by serious misinformation and ignorance“—and, of course, she also reaches for the dictionary as if a heavy book is all it takes to squash the dragons of misandry hatched in the fires of the popular and near-universal understanding of feminism.

WAF respond to “appeals to dictionary” like this:

Because contrary to the “dictionary definition” recited by a bunch of idiots, “feminism” is focused on two negative points:

  1. Women are weak damsels in distress.
  2. Men are evil predators.

No positive direction. No positive solutions. Just a bunch of whiny brats looking for attention by competing to see who can tell the biggest “weak woman” story.

And so, feminism like this is poison. Poison for women. It encourages women to be eternal victims. The glass is half empty. And if you say it is half full, they will attack you as if you just smashed their sacred idol.

More like you’ve smashed their entire “theology,” but yeah. I would add that the dictionary definition of “nuclear” does not mention nuclear explosions, nuclear fallout, nuclear war, or nuclear winter. Dictionaries are the beginning of understanding, but relying on them exclusively is horribly short-sighted. WAF know this; their feminist detractors do not.

Short-sightedness is the hallmark of Sara Newman at NeonTommy, who doubles down on the stupid-chick meme, saying, “The ‘I don’t need feminism’ movement has become a breading ground for ignorance and self absorption—not to mention flagrant spelling and grammatical errors.” [emphasis added]

Bad move, Sara.

First off, leave it to a feminist to not know the difference between “breading” and “breeding,” and be lousy—or perhaps, yeasty—at both.

Later in the same article, Sara likens dictionaries to memos, and then she writes, “Today women in the United States and other Western treatment have the luxuries of choosing to purse their own careers” [emphasis added]. Sara, perhaps you should pursue some other line of work in some Asian treatment, maybe?

To conclude … 

Women Against Feminism are a potent if not nuclear response to feminism and one that is long overdue. In a gynocentric culture, men’s voices can only do so much, but women can do THIS:

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All photos are from the Tumblr “Women Against Feminism.”

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  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    The humor is infectious

  • PlainOldTruth

    Sara Newman is the last of a rare bread (sic): three-month old pumpernickel with rye seeds, left forgotten in the back of the cupboard during summer vacation. Never mind Sara; don’t bother with the sammiches today. But heck, maybe you can get some penicillin out of the deal – no prescription needed.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    I keep saying NAWALT and I keep getting called a mangina for saying it. See, told ya! 😛 :-)

  • PlainOldTruth

    One needs to be able to think logically to be able to grasp the fact that when Thomas Mann went into exile after the Nazis took over his country and continuously published anti-Nazi screeds, that he was not being “anti-German.” He was being very German indeed: like Beethoven, like Goethe. But “Theory” (Frankfurt School “critical theory,” deconstruction, post-modernist theory, etc.) has so damaged the minds of the the victims of the university system that there are countless people who just cannot “get it.”

  • Jack W

    Lynsi Freitag’s article was just so empty and pathetic. Why the hell do feminists who use her tactics/same old tactics think anyone is listening anymore? Empty garbage. No matter how much you debunk, or present facts, they’ll just keep singing the same tune like a broken record. Feminists are quickly losing power. I have no reason to waste my energy on their rants anymore. If I’m going to be an activist it will be relating to more intense, direct problems such as high male prison population, victims of false accusation, etc.

  • M3


    (Feminist proceeds to slaughter a family of cows in the backyard while prepping the BBQ)

    HUMANIST: “Ummm, i thought you said you were a vegetarian? You just killed that cow mercilessly, and threw the baby cow onto the grill..”

    FEMINIST: “So?”

    HUMANIST: “Your actions don’t correlate with what you said earlier…”

    FEMINIST: “And what did i say i was earlier?”

    HUMANIST: “A vegetarian.”

    FEMINIST: “RIGHT! That’s what i am. Look it up in the dictionary and educate yourself!”

    (Feminist proceeds to chow down)

    Sometimes pointing to the dictionary definition of what you claim to aspire to does not in fact translate into said position.