Did We Hit A Nerve, Amanda? Like Phony Surveys Much?

My last couple of articles about Amanda Marcotte, one discussing her disastrous attempt to shame RAINN into supporting the ludicrous feminist notion of rape culture, and the other exploring her subtle softening of her anti-male rhetoric, must’ve hit a nerve.

Well, it might not have been me or my work, specifically, but something has put an Over 9000 tonne bee in her bonnet, and her former moderating tone has collapsed into a pile of deranged, shrill, and incomprehensible lunacy. And I mean, even more so than usual.

Marcotte begins by characterizing “men’s rights” as code for being anti-women’s rights, claiming that men’s human rights activists oppose:

  • women’s right to be free of violence,
  • women’s right to be autonomous in their sexual and relationship decision-making,
  • women’s right to be treated as equals in education and
  • women’s right to be treated as equals in labor.

All of these claims are lies.

Violence.  Contrary to feminists who call for violence and even genocide against men, Men’s Human Rights Advocates and AVfM have always condemned violence against both women and men alike. Noting that men are more likely to die of violence than women, AND that women who kill are rarely seen as criminals does NOT equate to calling for violence against women.

Sexual Autonomy. Contrary to feminists who seek to dictate absurd standards of consent that turn innocent men into rapists, MHRAs recognize that human consent to sexual relationships can be a complex and subtle process and that women and men alike have the agency to consent to sex even when they have had a glass of wine with dinner.

Also, contrary to feminists who seek to undermine efforts to expand the options for effective male contraceptives, most MHRAs support reasonable contraception access for everyone, men and women alike.

Equality in education. Contrary to feminists who STILL think there is discrimination in education when a large majority of university students are female, MHRAs seek to address the factors that lead to men being discouraged from pursuing higher education – factors like the feminized educational norms and the epidemic of false rape claims and general rape hysteria on campus.

Equality in labor. MHRAs have no issue with the idea of equal pay for equal work, but once you correct for the lifestyle and employment choices of men and women, the so-called pay gap touted by feminists evaporates. Men overwhelmingly take on arduous and dangerous jobs that few to no women are interested in, and those men are compensated accordingly and justly.

MHRAs also point out that, if the pay gap actually existed, it would unfairly advantage women seeking employment, since employers would be keen to hire less expensive employees (women in this scenario), in much the same way that outsourced and immigrant labor tends to accept lower wages than other workers they may displace.

Bricks of Logic

But all these bricks of logic are dismissed by the loopy Marcotte because she found a survey on reddit that supposedly shows that most MRA’s  (on reddit, anyway) are young, atheistic, and yet, somehow conservative in their politics – according to the survey, the vast majority of MRAs – 87% – are between the ages of 17-20, and 96% of us are 25 or under.

Marcotte then goes off on a wild tangent, claiming that those vast number of boys will leave atheism as they grow up, have sex, and moderate their views under the harsh tutelage of Christianity and feminist housewives:

The big question here is where do they go when they age? MRA blogs and forums have been around for awhile,[sic] so where are the older ones? They’re clearly growing out of it. I’d like to say they are going to grow up and grow out of misogyny, and hopefully some will. Unfortunately, I do think a large chunk will probably just drift into the Christian right and abandon their atheism. You get a little older and start craving an orderly house and stop feeling oppressed by shaving and showers.  The possibility of having a wife who indulges you with regular sex, housework and nightly cooking starts to sound much better than the hamster wheel of hitting on women out of your league and getting rejected and turning online to blame feminism.

Marcotte’s failures here are manifold, for she is still too blinded by her own female privilege and notions of “misogyny” to recognize that advocating universal human equality – as MHRAs do – is NOT misogyny, and that it is, in fact, a stage of moral enlightenment that is more permanent than she can appreciate, because she has never experienced it. Feminism’s role in silencing men and their advocates is invisible to her, as is the bravery of the men and women who are finally standing up to that crap.

But Marcotte’s biggest failure is that she has been trolled and fooled by an obvious feminist troll – a detailed examination of the individual responses to the survey (available here and also through the link above) indicates that a large number of the responses were automatically generated – for example, responses 443 through 525 are nearly identical and were submitted milliseconds apart, a process only possible through an automated effort to sabotage the results.

When you are a feminist who has been fooled repeatedly by the debunked wage gap, wildly inflated domestic violence claims and the infamous 1-in-4 rape lie, I guess it is easy to screw up further and believe other fake statistics touted by feminist liars and pseudoskeptics like Stephanie Zvan..

While overall statistics on the demographics for MRAs/MHRA’s may be lacking, Marcotte and others might consult this and this to get a better idea of the real distribution of ages and other demographics on men’s rights. If she cares at all, of course. The growing number of female MRAs must also trouble Amanda, which is probably why she likes phony statistics that erase those women and silence their voices.

Someday, Marcotte may actually start reporting the truth. Until she does, employers in the media like and would do well to steer clear of a gullible fabulist like her.

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Once he stumbled onto GirlWritesWhat's videos, August Løvenskiolds, aka The Bibo Sez, started eating red pills like they were tic-tacs. He likes debating feminists, but knows this stage will pass soon enough.

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  • Dean Esmay

    One thing a number of us have noted is that they — and sites like them — are routinely deleting Men’s Human Rights Advocates’ comments, no matter how calm, reasoned, or polite. Or even if not entirely calm and polite, but well within the bounds of reasoned discourse and containing no personal attacks (or only responding to personal attacks from anti-men’s human rights people). It appears there’s also a Nixonian list somewhere someone’s using, for some of us are being autoblocked on sites we’ve never even commented on.

    Those my friends are the sign of ideologues who are deeply fearful that someone will call them on their bullshit.

    • craichead

      Huffington Post is by far the worst offender and definitely so among mainstream media sites. I’ve never made a single uncivil or trolling comment on that site and prior to their change from anonymous commenting Probably around 40% of the comments I made were deleted.

      • Jesse James

        I can’t comment there. Sometime early last year my account got blocked. I tried a different email, and that was not allowed through.

        I saw Ariana Huffington go on a couple interviews, and she claims all this journalistic integrity. Yet honestly, she strikes me as the most vapid flake of a feminist. Why wouldn’t I believe she could lie to herself, and therefore say nothing but lies to someone like me?

        They fear us.

        At the university, when I talk about these topics, I do it without fear. People don’t challenge me. Ten-fifteen years ago, I would have been run out of town.

        • ManWithPlan

          Huffington is also a complete hypocrite. She comes from an oil and gas fortune, inherited more money from her ex-husband, built HuffPost on the backs of unpaid bloggers, and asserts to be a friend of environmentalism and common people.

          • Graham Strouse

            Huffington really is awful. She’ll shill for any cause she thinks she can monetize. Fifteen, twenty years ago she was married to a rich Republican and throwing fundraisers for conservatives. Then she decided to become this liberal doyenne after she figured out it was more profitable for her. Such a despicable woman.

        • craichead

          I had my first two accounts blocked almost immediately – after literally just a couple of comments. Third one stuck though.

        • Dagda Mór

          Use firefox with multifox and a variety of different emails from, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

          If you do that the only way they can track you is by IP address and most ISPs use a shifting dynamic assignment scheme, so that should change by itself without ever needing proxies.

          Type “what’s my IP address” into Google and check it again in an hour or a day – if it’s different, you’ve got a dynamic address. If not you can find a variety of free proxies online which get regularly blocked but are usually good for a short while, just don’t do anything illegal with them, most are honeytraps.

          And just like that your voice gets heard again, if only for a while.

          MRAs in general should be aware of these free and legal techniques and tools.

          • Daniel Freeman

            I use a “password safe” called KeyPass to generate different strong passwords for every site, and to keep track of my username and the email that I registered with on that particular site (since I have a multitude). That way, I only have to keep track of one really strong password — the one for the safe — and I don’t have to worry about an unethical webmaster on one site using that same username and password to hack my accounts on other sites.

          • Dagda Mór

            That’s a handy timesaver!

            It’s also important to remember social engineering techniques when injecting unwelcome opinions into hostile environments, beyond technical sleight of hand. Just showing up, posting once, then getting banned and deleted isn’t much use.

            Set up an account or three (never in the same identity profile or from the same IP address) then have them post for a while mostly as part of the hive mind, nod along and agree or if you can’t stomach that find relatively neutral articles and post there instead. Claim to be one of the holy “minorities”. Build up relationships with the regular posters, and then…

            …start to have doubts. Raise questions, say you mostly agree but there’s just so much hate. Or pull a full u-turn and start rolling out the facts hot and heavy. “Yes but” is a potent phrase. This will shake these ideological communities in several ways – they will start to distrust newcomers, they will start to question themselves, and they will start to doubt one another.

            Ultimately after an extended period of such approaches, they will fracture into the hardliners and the milling doubters, the latter and usually much larger group will abandon the community and it will become a ghost town occupied only by a few wall-eyed lunatics.

            This is just one of numerous PR techniques used extensively in politics and by lobbyists to influence outcomes, I’m quite sure that enterprising MRAs can work out a few more as well. It doesn’t work so well on evidence and fact based communities because facts are facts, but a neomarxist faction is always wide open to it.

      • Xbillion

        Same here. Huffington Post regularly blocked my comments. It amazed me because my comments were civil and I tended to give a reason for my opinion and often I’d see hateful, really stupid and snarky comments getting posted. And guess what, a lot of the nastiest comments were directed at males, particularly white men. The message was clear enough.

        • craichead

          I’m also convinced that they intentionally allow crazy sounding comments through and censor civil comments in order to manipulate the perception of MRA’s.

          One thing they’d often do to me is that if someone requested a citation from me to support an opinion, I’d reply with the link, but then that post would be censored making it look like I never bothered to reply – leading people to believe my assertions were unsupported. Some moderators over there appear to be worse than others.

          • Xbillion

            It must be so much fun for those creepy moderators to censor opinions they don’t agree with while probably believing they’re doing the right thing. I’ve seen some negative/stupid posts by males but by far the hate was being freely directed at us. Again, they feel perfectly fine w/ bigotry against males. After years of tolerating that crap I finally said enough is enough.

          • Bewildered

            This chicanery has to be exposed.That’s how they get gullible people to believe that MRA s are haters.

        • Graham Strouse

          I’ve learned to stay away from HuffPo’s comment section. It’s bad for my blood pressure.

          • Lucian Vâlsan


          • Xbillion

            HuffPo = bad for blood pressure, sanity, personal happiness and view of humanity. It’s like they want to make you hate them.

        • MensRightsCanada

          Yep. The nasty messages directed at us are left on the sites. People even telling me to go kill myself were left on there, yet my post about how the family courts are biased against men, gets deleted.

    • Mike Hunt

      ” It appears there’s also a Nixonian list somewhere someone’s using, for
      some of us are being autoblocked on sites we’ve never even commented on.”


      • Graham Strouse

        Actually that may be closer to the truth than you think. In one of Thunderf00t’s youtube vids he shows some footage of a guy who developed a bot for either atheism+ for ftb (I believe) that helps members sort out MRA youtubers so you can ban them more easily. I don’t recall all the details but I’ll try to dig up the vid and post the link.

    • Bewildered

      They should be dragged out from their echo chambers and forced to debate in the open.
      Even in their echo chambers they could be exposed if there’s some way of making a neutral team of observers note the exchange. When they see a reasoned rebuttal to their stupidity vanish it can draw its own conclusions.

    • politicalcynic

      It’s odd how, in the case of feminism, it is the purportedly oppressed who both have the power to censor and are using it.

    • Masta solanas

      Yup, if you’re going to write a pro MHRA or ant-feminist comment (no matter how civil) on Rawstory, you are likely to be banned and censored.

      I do believe the fascist cretins are using block lists as I’ve been blocked from TheWire and never commented there. If you use Facebook to comment on articles, you could also be shadowbanned, your comment will appear to you but not everyone else.

      One could easily use VPN’s or TOR to circumvent this lame attempt at censorship.

      • Jason Gregory

        I’m not sure that a VPN or TOR would work because I think they are blocking more than the IP address. Raw Story uses Discus comments and I think they simply banhammer particular Discuss accounts, rather than particular IP addresses, though they may banhammer both…not sure.

      • Jason Gregory

        I’m not sure that a VPN or TOR would work because I think they are blocking more than the IP address. Raw Story uses Discus comments and I think they simply banhammer particular Discuss accounts, rather than particular IP addresses, though they may banhammer both…not sure.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      „It appears there’s also a Nixonian list somewhere someone’s using, for
      some of us are being autoblocked on sites we’ve never even commented on.” – I wish them good luck to even spot all the accounts that our team of agents, lead by Agent Orange, have.

      In my backyard, there is an old say: „De ce ți-e frică mai tare, de-aia nu scapi!” – roughly translated as „What you fear most is exactly the thing you shall not get away from”.

      They are fearful of non-feminists calling them on their bullshit. Great! Agent Orange will give them more.

      Watch out, fembots! Another tank filled with bricks of logic is heading your way.

    • Matthew Lane

      Yeah that just happened to me. I found I’d been blocked from Raw News, a site I’ve NEVER posted on before.

    • librtee_dot_com

      I got perma-banned from for calling another user ‘pedantic.’ Nothing else, I was having heaps of nasty abuse shovelled at my, I was replying calmly and respectfully.

      But then, I said to a user pressing a stupid point ‘Come, now, you’re just being pedantic at this point.’

      And that was it. Perma-Ban, for that comment alone.

      RawStory lays out an ‘appeals process’ for banning; an appeals process that in reality is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I never received any reply to my appeal request.

  • Susie Parker

    Q: “Men overwhelmingly take on arduous and dangerous jobs that few to no women are interested in, and those men are compensated accordingly and justly.”

    Actually, no. Many, many exclusively male jobs that are arduous and dangers do not compensate men accordingly, because they are the only jobs left that men can get. You know – like combat deaths.

    • Jesse James

      The fact that they are acknowledging this statistic, as before they never did, tells me we have hit more than just a nerve.

    • Stu

      That’s pretty much right. What happens is, as technology, automation, air conditioning, cleanliness, safety and comfort move in…….so do the women. And those jobs become women’s jobs. Then women claim that the reason they were never their all along, is because they were discriminated against. If we developed mining robots that were operated by joy sticks, from the comfort of an air conditioned office…….mining would become a woman’s job, and men would be pushed out of it. Affirmative action would apply, and women would say they have been kept out of mining long enough. You see this with every job that becomes easy. Garbage collectors, I never saw a female one every, all the years that the men had to run behind the trucks picking up bins and emptying them in……never saw a woman……not once. Now that it’s just a truck driver, in an automatic truck, with air con and power steering……and a robot arm the reaches out and grabs the bin off the nature strip and empties it for you…… see women doing that job.

      My father told me he could pin point when it was, when women really started flooding into the office environment. It was when air conditioning, carpets, and padded comfy chairs became the norm.

      • earth one

        Wow, very well said. Thank you – you’ve explained it with stunning clarity.

      • Phil McCracken

        Many garbage men today are work release prisoners, often guys who couldn’t keep up on child support.

    • Xbillion

      This asshole Marcotte worked on the John Edwards campaign and I’m assuming considers herself to be liberal or progressive. She doesn’t give a shit about hard working Americans unless they’re women, apparently. No person serious about worker’s issues would make a blanket statement that “those men are compensated accordingly and justly”. If you’re a male progressive or liberal, it is worth realizing people like Marcotte aren’t your allies. In fact I’d argue feminism has ruined the left even more than it already was.

      • ManWithPlan

        Marcotte only cares about liberal women. Feminists hate conservative / libertarian women as much as they hate men.

      • Dean Esmay

        She got fired from that campaign for bigoted crap she said in public by the way. She hasn’t changed her stripes from those days obviously.

        • Xbillion

          Now I remember reading that. Not surprising.

        • Scatmaster

          As astute poster Antz once opined:

          The venom in the heart of a feminist loses none of its
          potency with time

          • Dagda Mór

            I’m working on a theory that they actually get *more* venomous over time.

            I suspect much of the visceral motivation for these relentless attempts to turn loving, fun warm sexual relations into bedroom political power struggles are directly related to elderly feminist academics who can’t get with the cute young guys anymore. If they can’t get any, nobody else should either, pure and simple bitchiness.

            The youthful pretty feminist-grrl squanders her prime sexual years when she should be enjoying herself and having fun, then transitions into the angry middle aged antichrist before finally petrifying into a Mercier fossil.

          • craichead

            ” directly related to elderly feminist academics who can’t get with the cute young guys anymore”

            But it’s much more than because of the notion that the cute young guys don’t want to get with them anymore. Face it, there would always be a cute young guy willing to get with them – that’s the way the sycophantic white knights are. Not to mention the fact that a fit woman can be attractive well into her 50’s or 60’s.

            What really happens is that after menopause, around age 50, the women realize that they CAN’T follow through with sex. Between loss of libido and atrophic vaginitis most of them are likely sexually non-functional. Why do you think so many male members of the senate and congress fool around, but the female members rarely do? Average age of members of congress is 57 and the house is 63. Most of these women haven’t even been horny in at least half a decade.

          • craichead

            And it’s at that point they get truly mean because they actually have to live with the lie that women are somehow sexually superior to men or pretend that male and female sex drives are basically the same. They realize that they’re basically done with sex as they’ve known it while all of their male counterparts of the same age can continue on as their sexuality only slowly trickles away into their 70’s or even 80’s with Viagra.

            Motivated mostly by jealousy and vindictiveness to begin with, it’s now that they get really angry and mean.

          • Susie Parker

            “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
            Friedrich Nietzsche

            You are absolutely right, craic. I don’t know why human beings “myth” so much about sex, but they do.

            Anyone who thinks they can build lifelong relationships on anything but friendship is in for a very rude awakening after it’s far too late to do anything about it.

          • Stu

            Bingo. The love of friendship is the only true love. Infatuation is what most people are addicted too, and when that fades, they have nothing.

          • Peter Wright

            “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
            Friedrich Nietzsche

            Damn straight. Freindship used to mean everything from sex and romance, to vague aquantences. But the Ronantic love propaganda came along and crafted two anternatives: 1. freindship can only mean having coffee together, and 2. only male enslavement to women in “romantic love” can include sex and romance.

            Here’s something I recently found in a book about the history of the word Freind:


          • Peter Wright
          • Bewildered

            A very appropriate quote and a sagacious observation.
            Expecting perennial happiness as some kind of an inalienable birthright is a sure fire way of destroying whatever real happiness that manages to come your way.

          • Dagda Mór

            Ah but you’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Even if they can’t perform (and menopause affects different women in different ways, some find their libido increasing) it’s even more reason why they might be resentful of women who can.

            Then we have the fact that feminists, especially the hardcore ones, make a deliberate point of not looking after themselves in order to make objectification more difficult or something, hence the “anti fat shaming” campaigns which saw a genuinely fit mature woman, Maria Kang, kicked off facebook for saying that others could do the same.


            Plus there’s the general attitude towards men which most guys would find less than attractive.

            I’m not saying it’s the be-all and end-all of academic or institutional feminism, far from it, but it strikes me as a likely powerful subliminal motivator which even femiists themselves mightn’t recognise. Too much of their behaviour is centred around making sex less appealing for women as well as men to discard the notion.

          • craichead

            The idea that libido goes up with menopause is a myth. Libido is dependent on testosterone and a menopausal woman has none.

          • Dagda Mór

            Could be, could be. My own view is that sexual desire and arousal are dependent on a whole lot of different factors, some biological, some emotional. I mean ask yourself this – would you rather have sex with a random pornstar, wham bam thank you ma’am, or someone that you’ve had sexual fantasies about, a secret crush perhaps?

            I guess the answer is different for everyone but for myself I’d find the latter far more satisfying. If it were just up to the purple headed love bison every sexual encounter would be equally good. Also this is why I’d never partake of the services of a prostitute, legitimate as they might be – it just doesn’t work for me. Clearly it works for others and more power to them but that doesn’t mean the huge emotional aspects of human sexuality can be ignored.

            We are more than the sum of our parts.

          • Stu

            I’ve known women who were the most incredible nympho maniacs who totally lost their libido after menopause, and I’ve also known women who were incredible nympho maniacs who didn’t lose any of their libido at all after menopause.

            It’s possible that estrogen drops far more then testosterone after menopause in some women. In any case, most of the really super duper multi orgasmic nympho maniacs I have known are over 35 rather then under. I have several friends with benefits at this time, and they are all in their 40s, one is in her fifties, and they are all incredibly sexually responsive.

            One thing for sure, attitude affects the level of horny for a woman. A woman with a really laid back attitude towards sex, completely lacking in any “nice girl” concerns, will tend to be much more horny and sexually responsive….at whatever age.

            The other thing I have noticed, is that the horniest raunchiest women I know……none of them are on the pill. One is past menopause, so no need to be. The other has her tubes tied…..and the other…..her hubby is snipped so she doesn’t use the pill…and no….she’s not cheating…..they are swingers.

            It’s very possible that a women’s libido may actually go up after menopause if she was on the pill, and stopped using that. I’m pretty convinced that the pill does lower a woman’s libido, but I also think it does something else to them…..emotionally, mentally……which renders them…..less sexually adventurous…..if you like….then they would otherwise be.

          • craichead

            If you’ve known a woman who was a nympho after menopause it’s because she has an informed doctor and a compounding pharmacy nearby. There are indeed some post-meno nymphos and I’ve known one. But she got hormone replacement therapy from with a touch of testosterone from a compounding pharmacy.

          • plasmacutter

            I’ve experienced the opposite.. dating women who are not on the pill, get on it, and are suddenly insatiable.

          • Daniel Freeman

            I think there’s more to it than that. The point where “anti-fat shaming” became “anti-fitness” should’ve been where they were laughed off the planet. They would’ve been such easy targets for a hit piece, why didn’t corporate media take the bait? Even Fox went easy on them.

          • Dagda Mór

            My guess is the ones who should have been watching out for silly season stuff like this were caught off guard by how quickly it blew up. Then again it could also be that the power of the feminist machine has made even old conservative stalwarts wary of speaking too loudly.

          • Daniel Freeman

            After taking a day to mull it over, I think that I found my answer in the Fox anchor’s hostile defensiveness in the video. It was very personal to her. American women in general are insecure, including even the skinny ones. Maybe the conservatives couldn’t call out the silliness for the simple reason that they were too busy cheering it on, as happens all too often whenever feminism and traditionalism intersect on the gynocentrism axis.

          • Ryan

            Women lose most of their sexual market value around 30-35. Men gain most of their around 30-35 and maintain it until their 50s. Most feminist-influenced women say that they don’t want to be objectified, but they still want attention from the opposite sex, like most people. They create their own impossible standards. When you get too much attention, it’s because men are only sex-crazed asses. When you don’t get any attention, it’s because men are only sex-crazed asses.

          • Daniel Freeman

            The youthful pretty feminist-grrl squanders her prime sexual years when
            she should be enjoying herself and having fun, then transitions into the
            angry middle aged antichrist before finally petrifying into a Mercier

            I see that you’re a poet! The middle section has good assonance and consonance, but it’s hard to visualize. Instead of “then transitions into the
            angry middle-aged antichrist,” I would say, “then hatches into an angry middle-aged harpy.” 😉

            But I like how you simultaneously embedded and subverted a ‘medusa’ metaphor for Mercier, playing off of the dual meanings of ‘fossil’ to have her be the one turning to stone, as well as becoming out-of-date and impervious to change. Brilliant.

        • Graham Strouse

          She was too much of an asshole for Edwards? damn. Achievement unlocked!

          • earth one

            I’m gonna start digging for that story – it must be an excellent read.

    • Phil McCracken

      Human Resources is overwhelmingly female and they will routinely give blue collar men the worst jobs, often with lower pay. It’s getting very very bad. Even the male managers do it.

  • Malcolm H. Johnston

    Using the information gleaned from a Reddit survey to determine that the majority of MRA’s are teenagers is a bit like concluding that the majority of magazine readers are women based on the results of a survey conducted by “Women’s Weekly”.
    The inability to discern information and come to reasonable conclusions is a trait shared by many of the mediocre minds that feminism has pushed forward into leadership positions.

    • realraven2000

      But didn’t you know: all mras are on Reddit, always? At least according to the simplified worldview of the nafalts.

    • ManWithPlan

      Excellent point. Related, is how feminists claim women’s magazines (written, designed, and purchased by women) are examples of men objectifying women.

    • The Real Peterman

      Excellent point, Malcolm. It’s not a stretch to say the vast majority of Reddit users are young people.

    • dejour

      The survey results were tampered with though. Even if reddit represents a different demographic, the survey doesn’t even reflect reddit users.

  • Scatmaster

    I am not going to say I told you so.
    Nope, I am not going to do it.
    Aminda will go to her grave a hate filled bigot.

    • OldandNavy

      Yup. People that entrenched in hate almost never climb back out. She well die bitter and hateful.

    • Lastango

      I hope August learned something about Leftist political operatives.

    • politicalcynic

      I will. You told us so. LOL

  • craichead

    I’ve followed the men’s movement for well over a decade and for the first time I can say with confidence that feminists are going to eventually find themselves on the wrong side of history.

  • realraven2000

    Just a question: what’s reddit? I have heard of it but in my age I simply have no time to waste too look at this. Sure I would from time to time indulge in some slashdot but surely reddit isn’t the new representative gold standard for internet literacy or presence, or is it? Note that I also don’t use tumblr, and my visits to twitter are sporadic, again, these methods of social interaction seem to be a bit shallow but again maybe I am just showing my age here.

    • earth one

      Reddit is a huge website where people from all over the web can post articles and comments and vote on these articles and engage in discussion. The site is organized into a multitude of groups that are dedicated to discussing specific areas of interest, and these subgroups and the larger website together form what is viewed as a ‘community.’

      That’s all I know for absolute sure, as I have not gotten really involved there. I hope this helps :)

    • dejour

      It actually reminds me of Usenet newsgroups, in a way. (Not sure if you were an internet user in the early 90s).

      Basically there are thousands of subreddits, one of which is mensrights.

      Someone posts a link to an article, or a self-post, and then depending upon the link’s popularity, there are a handful to hundreds of user comments.

      People can also upvote or downvote links and comments so the most popular posts get the most views.

      Here is the link.

      In my opinion, it is substantially less shallow than Twitter.

  • Masta solanas

    Rawstory wants writers exactly like Marcotte, their publication is extremely leftist and feminist – it’s as rational as rationalwiki. It’s an absurd publication that caters to man haters.

  • driversuz

    I almost grabbed the same quote, thinking, “On what planet???”

    • Bewildered

      Even if it happens on this planet,it is definitely very rare in the “liberated” West !

      • 2cyar

        “The possibility of having a wife who indulges you with regular sex, housework and nightly cooking starts…..”

        Yup. WTF? Wasn’t this replaced with “I’m not the fucking maid” during the first wave of feminism?

  • Jesse James

    I did. Pretty hard too. Think about it, when has she ever made a comment like that before?

    Probably never. That means she has spent an inordinate amount of time reading many of the manosphere’s blogs. It is making a dent. Pretty soon, it will be all she sees.

  • menrppl2

    more like,a wife who indulges her self with constant complaining, and critizes your housework and nightly cooking.
    marcotte for wife of the century there

  • earth one

    Miss Amanda is a great example of how wrong feminism is. That’s why I’m so glad she’s out there. Thanks for this article. I used to read Raw Story because I have a more left-progressive perspective. Sadly, it didn’t take long before the site became a misandry-promoting raging-liberal rag, followed by a pack of chattering, bile-spewing hateful people.

    Marcotte is an immature, ignorant, corrosive, toxic, man-hating bitch – a great poster child for feminism!

    (Please forgive my un-PC language.)

    • The Real Peterman

      I’m with you. I’m a liberal, and fear that feminism will infect and kill liberalism like it has so many other movements.

    • Bewildered

      IMO true liberalism should be independent of your party affiliation.It should be more a philosophy that underpins a way of life rather than an indicator of which political party you belong to.
      It should strictly concern itself with issues without embroiling itself with identity politics.
      A true liberal doesn’t need to belong to any party.

      • Graham Strouse

        That’s always worked for me. :-) Sometimes I’ll pick up a party affiliation for a little while before a primary election if there’s a particularly talented (or heinous) pol I’d really like to see (or not see) in office. But that’s only because in Pennsylvania independents are barred from primaries.

  • earth one

    We now know what she thinks of women who have sex with their husbands, care for their homes, and cook for their families.

    The narcissism is unbelievable – you know when she talks about “women out of your league” she’s talking about herself.

  • crydiego

    I think the plan that feminist have is to paint the MHRM as conservitive. We are growing way too fast for them to control. The next two years years will tell the story if we can stay together and avoid being divided to the right and left. The new politics will be truth and facts over feelings, not right and left!
    I’m over thirty and not a conservitive!

    • Xbillion

      Agreed. I’m not a conservative and I’ve felt for the longest time -since first discovering Elam’s early videos on utube- that it is essential to not alienate any men from the MHRM and that progressive or liberal men are especially important in that feminists and liberals need their support. A progressive male that sees the light is often in a great position to challenge feminists…

    • earth one

      I too am not conservative.

    • The Real Peterman

      I bet most conservatives are anti-feminism, but that doesn’t mean most anti-feminists are conservative.

      • ManWithPlan

        Most conservatives are gynocentric, whether they are feminist or not. Same with the left.

        • Bewildered

          Yes sir ! That is the biggest stumbling block.

    • Chris Wedge

      Let radconservatives paint all conservatives as homophobic, transsexualism denying Bible thumpers, paint dissenters to your hateful, greedy lies as conservatives, ???, profit.

    • Graham Strouse

      It do seem that way, don’t it? I keep thinking back to that hideous Lena Dunham MHRA skit on SNL a couple months back . Although the sense I got from Dunham’s skit was that what she was aiming for less less ‘conservative” and more “caveman.”

    • Stars Die

      I don’t consider myself ‘conservative’ either. I grew up liberal in one of the most liberal cities in the world (San Francisco) and hold many liberal beliefs. I think the MRM mostly consists of libertarian and/or third party minded people. Basically, most MRA’s understand that democrats and republicans are full of shit. Whether they come to that conclusion while siding with a more progressive green party type, or a more anarchist libertarian type. I prefer this AVfM branch of the men’s movement because they make a very strong attempt at being apolitical. There is a libertarian slant, but it isn’t propagandized and it only expresses itself organically by the mere fact that non-left/right thinkers find themselves agreeing with the men’s rights arguments. The people on here, to AVfM’s credit, have become very very open to leftist leaners joining their ranks. Disagree with their political views or not, I will support just about anyone who is genuinely willing to support men and boys regardless of their other affiliations. And I think that the MRM can only benefit if that’s the stance that they have.

      • earth one

        Well said!

  • earth one

    Woo Hoooo – this article is on page 1 of the Google search for Pandagon :)

  • Ryan

    When you actually look at the numbers, you find that most of the people surveyed believe in trans rights / abortion rights / gay marriage and in general are actually humanists. I really do not get a person who doesn’t see very clearly that based solely on the letter of the law and how the courts process two-sided claims or how the courts prosecute women that women are much more advantaged than men legally. There are gaps in protecting women as well as men in many social spheres, but the intense focus on women seems to have convinced a lot of people that women are extremely disadvantaged.

    Marcotte also seems to not know about self-selecting groups. You might be stronger than the average person, but when you’re at the gym, you could be the weakest person there. Most redditors are young males, and most rationally thinking people (say humanists and not feminists) are atheists.

    • OldandNavy

      I am a conservative. And I’m in my late thirties….and I don’t care if someone is conservative or not.

      Sanity and common sense occur widely, regardless of social or political identifications. I vote my (informed as possible) conscience and that isn’t always the conservative ticket.

      *edit* sorry, Ryan, I replied to the wrong post. Although, I agree with your take on the illusion or misconception of female disadvantage.

  • Clint Carpentier

    37, atheist, libertarian, common-law.

    Edit: I don’t see how she thinks swinging to conservative is less misogynistic; did I miss a memo somewhere?

  • Kimski

    Would you mind taking care of Marcotte’s dental work a second time around, Mr.Løvenskiold?
    I believe I have a jackhammer lying around here somewhere..

    But, seriously, I laughed all the way through that article yesterday and instantly granted her A+ for the entertainment value. She failed miserably with everything else, but I’ll give her that. I see a future in stand-up for her with that repetoire, and I think she’s going to need it pretty soon, too.

    • Bombay

      Yes, I think she should outline what attributes/future attributes she speculates belong to other demographics, like Blacks, Hispanics or Jews. Will young blacks become Christians when they older? Will Jews start to not circumcise their boys? And what will all these groups think about women ten years from now.

      As long as women put out for men/boys, they will eventually see the light and do what women tell them.

      • Kimski

        Will the Inuits stop sending their wives out on the packice, when they no longer indulge their husbands with regular sex, housework and nightly cooking starts?

  • P.Lowig

    Femminists CAN only lie, since feminism is a SECT, their believe pretty much a religion

  • DaveDodo007

    I wouldn’t bother with Rawstory as all my comments showing the poll was rigged have been deleted and I have been banned. Whilst all the nasty name calling and shaming posts carry on as normal. It is just a propaganda sheet and I’m sorry I give it clickbait.

    • Jason Gregory

      Haha! I got banhammered for calling Marcotte a “creep” in response to her article about creeps. All the cool kids are banned from commenting on her articles. :-) That is how inclusionary discourse ethics works for these folks…because nothing says inclusivity like the banhammer.

  • Jon

    Not surprising. A while back, I caught Marcotte making up FBI statistics on rape in another Raw Story article. She wrote in bold letters “the FBI estimates that only 2-8% of rape reports are false.” However, her citation was just a hyperlink to another article she wrote on the Enliven Project, which uses no data from the FBI in its false reporting statistics. The only source the Enliven Project uses on false reporting is a meta-study that uses no FBI data, cherry picks studies and comes to questionable conclusions. For example, the meta-study claims the “percentage of false reports begin to converge around 2-8%.” However, the meta-study cites: 7% (MAD), 6% (Clark&Lewis), 8.3%(Grace/Lloyd/Smith),
    10.9%(Harris/Grace), 8% or 2.5%(Kelly/Lovett/Regan), 2.1% (Hennan/Murray). Notice the studies don’t “converge” around 2-8%, but average to 7% or 6% (depending on how you deal with Kelly/Lovett/Regan). Again, none of the studies are from the FBI and only one is even from the USA.

    However, the 1995-1997 FBI UCR reports (freely available on the FBI website) found a steady 8% rate of false accusations for rape, compared to the 2% false accusation rate found for other serious crimes. Keep in mind these rates only count false accusations deemed unfounded during the initiation investigation. They do not account for rape accusations which did not result in a conviction or convictions that were later overturned. Unfortunately, the FBI stopped reporting false accusation rates as of 1998, so I don’t know if this trend continued.

    Marcotte used her false statistic to claim that the public should automatically assume everyone accused of sexual assault is automatically guilty. The original Raw Story article and my comment:

    • Ed

      The FBI data I saw when I looked it up was 8% false accusations and they also said that rape is the most falsely reported crime there is. Of course the main issue is that the statistic is only dealing with cases so obvious we have been able to prosecute the false accusers.

      • Jon

        Exactly right, although the UCR data doesn’t say whether law enforcement prosecuted anyone for making false accusation. Were you able to find data past 1998!? I would really like to see up-to-date data.

        Some important things to keep in mind with the FBI UCR data. False rape accusation deniers will say that this data is for “unfounded” rape accusations, not “false” rape accusations. However, the FBI defines “unfounded” accusations as an “false or baseless,” so “false” and “unfounded” are synonymous. Second, deniers will claim that these false accusations are not always malicious. This is possibly true. For example, if someone is raped, but he or she mistakenly accuses the wrong person, it is unclear whether or not the law enforcement would consider this an “unfounded’ accusation. My guess is they wouldn’t, but the UCR is unclear. Some people (like Marcotte) will claim (without any evidence) that the vast majority of false accusers don’t accuse a specific individual. Of course, even these supposedly non-malicious false accusations still result in resources being diverted from true rape victims and the endangering of the reputation, freedom and safety of the men who get caught in a criminal dragnet.

        • Ed

          I wish I could remember the FBI source for the 8% Im pretty sure it said these were definitely cases “determined” to be false rather than just them unable to prosecute because of lack of evidence.

          I do have a couple of questions though maybe you know…. Are cases really labelled “unfounded” if the police/DA etc decide they cant prosecute because of lack of evidence? If these cases are not included in the 8% figure, where are they listed?

          • Jon

            Sounds like the FBI UCR Crime in the U.S. reports. If you download the files for the 2012 UCR Crime in the U.S (, open “methodology.pdf” and go to page 2: “When, through investigation, an agency determines that complaints of crimes are unfounded or false, the agency eliminates that offense from its crime tally through an entry on the monthly report.” On a side note, I can’t find these “monthly report[s]” anywhere. If anyone can find them please let me know! The UCR data the FBI publishes is all yearly. So it looks like the FBI is still keeping track of unfounded complaints, they just aren’t publishing their findings.

            I don’t have a sure answer about unfounding. The UCR Handbook provides very little information, only defining unfounded as “False or baseless complaints.” (pg. 153 The 1997 Crime in the U.S. report reads “Complaints of all Crime Index offenses made to law enforcement agencies which are found to be false or baseless can be “unfounded” and excluded from crime counts.” (sec 2, page 26 I would guess a compliant with inadequate evidence would be considered “baseless” and therefore be classified as unfounded and included in the 8%. Unfortunately, the UCR doesn’t provide specific data on why cases are unfounded. Again, keep in mind that any case that went to court would not be classified as “unfounded” but as “cleared” regardless of the trial’s outcome.

            Also, remember that a complaint can be “cleared by exceptional means” ( This occurs when law enforcement have “enough evidence to support an arrest, make a charge and turn over the offender to the court for persecution” but encounter any of a variety of circumstances that prevent them from doing so. One such situation would be “the victim’s refusal to cooperate with the prosecution after the offender has been identified.” The FBI doesn’t provide specific information on how most cases are cleared by exceptional means. However, it is possible that some of these cases might be false accusers who have had a change of heart or are afraid their false compliant won’t hold up in court. I have no data to back it up, but I have heard it suggested that law enforcement may sometimes give false rape accusers an easy out, giving the accuser a chance to drop a suspicious complaint without consequence before it goes to trial.

  • Ed

    Hell, even /r/AgainstMensRights and SRS don’t accept that graphic.

  • politicalcynic

    I did. THey level of sexism inherent in that statement is remarkable.

  • JinnBottle

    I didn’t comment on Marcotte’s recent, lone “moderate” piece on men & men’s issues, because I knew it would be a matter of days if not hours, before she’d be back with a replenished supply of venom.

  • Graham Strouse

    The best part of that slate article debunking the pay gap is the fact that the author is Hanna freakin’ Rosin. She’s pretty toxic in her own right but even she knows the pay gap myth is hogwash.

  • Graham Strouse

    Marcotte might be interested to know that very few young American women in their 20s self-identify as feminists these days…

    • earth one

      Marcotte tries to slam MHRA’s by using the image of the hamster wheel.

      I think she’s been on a hamster wheel for some time – trying to remain relevant. As 20-something women grow into 30-something women disinterested in her and her ‘feminism’, Marcotte is going to have to run ever faster, ever faster! Too bad she doesn’t realize she’s going in circles. It’s fun to watch :)

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    THAT picture :)))
    Now THAT is an appropriate picture for this article :))))

  • Reason

    This woman hates men, Conservatives and Christianity because she disagrees with them. Why even dignify her with a response?

    • Ed

      So there IS a response to be found? If we ignored every moron there’d be nothing on the site.

      • earth one

        If we ignored every moron there’d be nothing on the site.


  • Local Denizen

    The house of cards that feminism built is starting to crumble. One can only keep up a lie for so long.

  • 2cyar

    “Marcotte begins by characterizing “men’s rights” as code for being
    anti-women’s rights, claiming that men’s human rights activists oppose:…..

    – women’s right to be autonomous in their sexual and relationship decision-making,”

    No, I oppose the double standard, that while women are autonomous, empowered, and free to choose, men are still expected to be committed, responsible, accountable and obligated.

  • Turbo

    That’s better Amanda, we knew you could not hide the bigotry for too long.

  • Axel O’Toole

    I’m in my 20s, an atheist and apolitical. But I used to be a Feminist and guess what? I turned (ran) away from it precisely because of misandrists like Ms Marcotte. Maybe that’s why so many men in my age group don’t consider themselves Feminist? I was sceptical of the MHRM at first but after archive binging this site I’ve realised that you dudes and dames actually care more about equality and giving women agency than a lot of Feminism. Seriously, how can people call the MHRM misogynist? Or violent?

    • Daniel

      the greatest destroyers of feminism is the same as the reason feminism needs to be destroyed. Bless their arrogance.

  • Jordan

    If you have a Facebook page, you can read all of the gender and age analytics of your audience. You should just post a screenshot of the AVfM Facebook demographics in the comment thread on her article. It’d be hilarious.