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Amanda Marcotte’s rapey date with RAINN

Not long ago, the toothsome writer and feminist stalwart Amanda Marcotte got to feeling, well, frisky is the word, I think. Maybe it was more like peckish. Or twitchy.

Maybe it was the sugar-frosting on her Oaties, or the crunch of her carrots that had her all bothered.

Whatever it was, Amanda had an itch that needed some scratching, so she checked her box at PlentyOfFeministsWithoutBikes and discovered that both her and a certain hotty named RAINN – the “Rape Abuse & Incest National Network”, a website you can find by typing in “” – shared a lot of interests in common, namely, addressing the issues related to the crime of rape and more importantly, fighting sexual violence in general.

Amanda was intrigued and then, excited. Could a hook-up be arraigned between a rape culture journalist and “one of the most active and important organizations in the country fighting sexual violence”, as Amanda coyly put it?

Amanda was transfixed by the question and was determined to get an answer. She ran home and got all tarted up – she added extra hair extensions to her already formidable armpits and crotch, put on her nicest thong and her flaming red bra.  She completed her seduction outfit with some faux pleather boots, a clutch of pearls and a tie-dyed Che Guevara body shirt to match the left arm tattoo that reads “Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. ”

She was ready.

Now, for the phone call.

“Hello, RAINNY? Yes, this is Amanda Marcotte, the journalist with Slate?” (Amanda always seeks to build a feminist consensus when she talks by ending every spoken sentence with a question mark.)

“Anyway, I saw your profile on, like, POFWB, right? And I’m like, we should meet-up and talk, right? Because the White House is doing a paper or something on rape, and we have that in common, right?

“SO, if, you are interested in getting together – you ARE? I’m so pleased, right? How about we go, like, grab a hot dog at Chippendale’s in Roslyn Heights, m’Kay? Ten O’clock, see you there!?”

The music was pounding to the beat of NSFW Blurred Lines and the cocks were flapping as Marcotte plowed through the screaming crowd of women to the remote table where RAINNY sat quietly. Amanda was a bit disappointed that RAINNY was wearing a drab business suit – how bourgeois – but she decided that, really, it was what was under that suit that mattered the most.

After a few drinks and a bit of small talk about Hillary and Femen and those awful Men’s Rights Advocates, Amanda started to close the sale.

“Waiter, another round for the table? RAINNY, I’d like to take you home and teach you about rape culture?”

“Wut?” said RAINNY.

“Oh, you know, RAPE CULTURE – the very useful way to describe the idea that rapists are given a social license to operate by people who make excuses for sexual predators and blame the victims for their own rapes, you know?”

RAINNY was nonplussed. “Well, I think that in the last few years, there has been an unfortunate trend towards blaming ‘rape culture’ for the extensive problem of sexual violence on campuses. While it is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem, it is important to not lose sight of a simple fact: Rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions, of a small percentage of the community, to commit a violent crime.”

Amanda’s own heart was in her throat. This seduction was not going well. Perhaps she could nag RAINNY into going home with her to “discuss” rape culture.

“RAINNY, you’re making me scratch my head, here, and I feel like you’ve been leading me on?  The concept of rape culture has been really useful to me in getting stuff from men, and what are you doing here but trying to undermine me? Come home with me and we can talk about it?”

RAINNY was clear in response. “Amanda, it was nice getting to know you, but when it comes to believing in your ‘rape culture’, you need to accept that NO means NO, as in, NO, I reject your rape culture as a dumb myth. There has never been one bit of proof that such a thing exists anywhere, and honestly, your continuing to harp on it is getting to be, well, a little creepy, and NO, I won’t be going home with you, either.

Amanda unbuttoned the top 3 buttons on her shirt dress and smiled with a twinkle, “Do you like my bra? I call it my ‘burning bra’ because it is so red – get it? If you come home with me and we talk about how rape culture is bad, I’ll let you play with it.”

RAINNY stood up. “Amanda, this is weirding me out. Thank you for the drinks but I have to work in the morning and you are getting a little silly, honey – can I get you a cab?”

Amanda stood up, her face redder than her politics, her question marks faded as her shirt, and started screaming. “YOU are the sloppy one! YOU are embarrassing and misguided! I’m going to denounce you! I hate you! Taking precautions for people you care about makes YOU a VICTIM-BLAMER! RAPE APOLOGIST! MISOGYNIST! EM-ARR-AY!

RAINNY made a smooth but quick exit from the club, and Marcotte flopped down in her chair. “Now, who is going to love me?” she muttered. “I think I’ll get drunk and get laid? Maybe that will show that dog some rape culture, right?”

Editor’s note: feature image by James G. Milles

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  • JinnBottle

    Some LOLs in this one. Well done, August!

  • Scatmaster

    I think I’ll get drunk and get laid

    Her beta is getting the strap on ready.

    • Kimski

      You’re talking about the cat, right?

      • Bewildered

        It won’t take very long for it to find the act disgusting.The poor thing has the habit of keeping its eyes closed when in heat. One of these days it’s going to open its eyes and die of embarrassment.

    • Jesse James

      God, I would not get it with that ugly thing Marcotte with the cat’s strap on. Honestly, what is it with all these feminists and their down low boy friends?

      It is as if everyone they date/marry (isn’t marriage patriarchy? I’m confused?) is like Pajama boy for an obamacare ad.

      All of the men these women date/marry just scream beta. When most of these women who claim to be FINO (feminist in name only HAHAHAHAHA, I love accusing them of being their own worst enemies) are running the other direction when these guys try to talk to them; Marcotte and company swarm to these guys because they know they are easy marks.

      In other words, Marcotte and company are FINOs. Because they claim marriage is slavery, but they need a sponsor to finance their feminist credentialing. Once they get that, do you honestly think this man will complain when her girlfriend gets it more than he does?

      Why do I feel like this picture was taken right after she punished him? He makes me think that divorce papers are imminent at any moment, and she is going to take his kids (or not?), and run off with her; leaving him to hold the bag with child support. Strangely, it does not offend me in his case?

      • Bewildered

        You are victim blaming a stupid brother,a brother nevertheless !

        • Jesse James

          He is no brother of mine. Choices have consequences. He has seen the full of body of work that Marcotte does, and decided the life of servitude to a woman who would cut his balls off if her movement ran the show is a great idea. I have no sympathy.

          The sympathy you describe is not wrong, but used far, far too often.

          If he wants to be mentally, and emotionally castrated (perhaps physically if she and her movement have their way); so be it. But men like him think I should join them.

          That level of craziness is something I will neither join, nor celebrate. Let alone not shame those who do.

          • Bewildered

            I can understand your feelings though and fully empathize with them.
            Masochism is not as rare as I had once thought it was.
            These are troubled times indeed.

  • JinnBottle

    And, oh yes, re Rape Culture(c)…I can never quite get how it is that folks, on this site and elsewhere, spend any of their above-average intelligence on pap like “rape culture”. To me, these feminist concoctions, without exception, are two-bit attempts to keep the flow going in the process of Feminization. The sexual aspect of pre-feminist society had facets – e.g. humor, good ol’ toleration of good ol’ lust, etc – that were on men’s terms. All they’re referring to when they say “rape culture” are these limited features on male terms that existed in a culture that’s been dead now for 35 years.

    And they’re replacing it with…sex on *feminist* terms: otherwise known as the vacuum of interstellar space, a black hole where no life can exist. In the recent Hangout with Paul, Tom and Warren Farrell, I think it was Dr Farrell who first went to the heart of the matter, describing typical sexual intimacy and the implied – understandable but undeniable – masochism female pornography. “You’ll notice,” he said (more or less), “that women’s romantic novels never go the route of, ‘His mouth came hungrily down on mine. I asked him to stop. He stopped.'”

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I submit that to the extent passion, lust and sex are (formally) verbalized,
    sex, lust and passion vaporize.

  • Andybob

    August Løvenskiolds
    has captured Amanda Marcotte’s bewilderment that RAINN isn’t interested in romping
    with her at the rape culture orgy brilliantly. Knowing how badly Ms Marcotte deals
    with rejection, it is fascinating how carefully she frames her response to an
    influential and respected entity such as RAINN that Mr Løvenskiolds links to in
    his article:

    It is entitled, ‘RAINN Denounces, Doesn’t Understand the Concept of “Rape
    Culture”’. Ms Marcotte refers to RAINN’s denial of rape culture as “quite
    the head-scratcher”, and concludes that the only possible explanation must be
    that RAINN doesn’t understand it. It never occurs to her that RAINN understands
    the concept of rape culture perfectly, which is why they have dismissed it as
    the dangerous nonsense that it obviously is.

    other words, RAINN has considered “the idea that rapists are given a social license to operate by people
    who make excuses for sexual predators and blame the victims for their own rapes”,
    and judged it to be unfounded, dangerously misguided, and quite simply, wrong.

    Marcotte admonishes RAINN for thinking for themselves, suggesting that, “an
    intern could have called one of the many feminists
    who speak out regularly about this issue to understand it better before
    dismissing it publicly.” RAINN made a public comment about rape culture without
    running it by Feminism Inc. for rubber-stamping – the horror.

    Marcotte is particularly frustrated with RAINN because “the concept of rape
    culture has been really useful in guiding recent efforts to stop rape by
    focusing on the ways that rapists exploit the culture to evade justice.” One of
    the “recent efforts” she cites is some particularly draconian, anti-male
    legislation that was whipped up as a result of rape culture hysteria.

    is going to spoil everything, and, as August Løvenskiolds
    points out, poor Amanda doesn’t take rejection very well – especially from a big
    time player like RAINN. This time, Amanda, it wasn’t your hairy thighs that did
    you in – it was the paucity of your soul.

    • Jesse James

      This time, Amanda, it wasn’t your hairy thighs that did
      you in – it was the paucity of your soul.-AB

      AB, even if I was the most anti-gay man to ever exist (I’m not!); I could not help but love your writing. You writing is impeccable, and if you had a blog, I think I would be a frequent reader. I think I speak for most here when I say that.

      Since I’m straight, we’ll have to skip the thoughts of hand holding and cuddling; and just settle for your whispers of sweet awesomeness instead. LOL

      • Andybob

        That is extremely kind of you Mr James, and much appreciated, but AVfM is the place to be for MHRAs. I am constantly floored by the immense amount of work that goes into developing and improving the look and effectiveness of the site. The men and women responsible for this are the real heroes of AVfM. I have no delusions whatsoever that my contributions could ever compare to theirs.

        The diversity of its editorial board and readership, along with impeccable standards in ethics, authenticity and integrity have made it the Gold Standard of MHRM organizations. It is an honour to contribute to it in any capacity.

    • Ohone

      “In other words, RAINN has considered “the idea that rapists are given a social license to operate by people who make excuses for sexual predators and blame the victims for their own rapes”, and judged it to be unfounded, misguided, and quite simply, wrong. ”

      No, that’s not correct.

      They said “while its is helpful to point out the systemic barriers to addressing the problem …”

      • DukeLax

        As i understand, the theory that justifies the perversions and manufactured statistics alliances that have poisoned American law enforcement is….” If society and girls read that well over 50% of modern rape accusations are a complete fabrication”, than they will somehow choose to not report being raped, so American law enforcement now use protocol perversions and semantics games to try and get the 2% false number that gender-feminists told them to manufacture!!!.
        I believe this is a faulty and perverse reasoning for the “Law enforcement manufactured statistics alliances”, and will prove to be a stain on American law enforcement that will not wash off for generations!!!

      • Andybob

        RAINN does not expand on what it means by “the systemic barriers to addressing the problem” in any depth, but is explicitly clear that they do not consider rape culture to be one of them. Their rejection of the concept of rape culture is unambiguous, which is why feminists like Amanda Marcotte are dazed and bewildered.

        Our culture does not tolerate, support or promote rape by implementing systemic victim blaming, teaching men to rape, or anything else. RAINN describes this feminist definition of rape culture as ‘unhelpful’, which in the parlance of organizations like them, is an unequivocal condemnation – it is RAINN-speak for ‘stupid’ and ‘wrong’.

        • Ohone

          It doesn’t matter that they didn’t expand on it in depth. They aren’t going to be throwing the whole thing out the window, because some of it is useful. We make some identical arguments and observations.

          And “rape culture” isn’t the claim that the culture, openly and consciously tolerates. supports or promotes rape in the first place.

          • Andybob

            Typical feminist. Loudly and unambiguously whipping up rape hysteria by declaring that we live in a rape culture where all men are rapists who approve of rape – and the moment you get called on this intellectually vapid monstrosity of feminist bigotry, you do as Amanda Marcotte has done and pretend that everybody has misunderstood what you meant by rape culture.

            I haven’t misunderstood anything, and neither has RAINN. We do not live in a rape culture because it doesn’t exist. Neither do ‘systemic barriers’, such as a system crammed with ‘armchair quarterbacks’ whose job it is to instil self-blame and guilt into the hearts of alleged rape victims. Only a blinkered ideologue, like a feminist, with a very skewed understanding of how the world functions – and no expectation of ever having to substantiate it – would make such an outrageous claim.

            It is very interesting to see feminists reacting to having holes shot into their wonky nonsense by making teary claims that nobody understands them. I’m surprised you haven’t flounced off to your room in door-slamming floods. Another pathetic attempt to cast yourself as victim – feminists are so predictable.

            You even managed to squeeze in a bit of NAFALT by claiming that we acquired our understanding of what feminists mean by rape culture from Chanty Binx. Um, no. We acquired our understanding from the same sources that RAINN and President Obama acquired theirs: from the powerful and influential feminist who matter. With all due respect, other feminists don’t.

            I have just realized the sheer pointlessness of arguing about the definition of something that doesn’t even exist. Rapist culture doesn’t exist. If you want to believe that it does, I suggest you keep it between the pages of your ’50 Shades of Grey’, and stop inflicting your turgid fantasy life onto everybody else.

          • Ohone

            What makes you think I’m a feminist?

            I’m simply saying that the men’s movement is doesn’t know how debunk it because it doesn’t even know what its supposed to be in the first place.

          • Ted Harrold

            I’m going to tell you you’re a Feminazi, and I’m going to support it with facts (cover your ears bitch lest you hear word’s from Satan’s silver tongue!)

            Rape Culture: ape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality.
            Now, Feminazi’s such as yourself are notorious for making sure that the definition portrays men as accepted agressors and women as accepted victims; that men only rape women (I won’t include non-hetero relationships because the Fem Reich is also militant about pretending gay men are fine and lesbians are all troops for te Feminazi takeover, etc etc) and women are only raped by men. For evidence, see Patriarchy(TM) theory memo by Feminazi High Command as well as examples of successful Feminazi inflitration of India’s Government and the CDC.
            The issue with Fem Reich propaganda, that you purport and support, is that other Mensistance members have shown that, if we take into account ALL forms of rape (includin rapes in prison, and female-on-male envelopment rape – see article 65.2 in the Feminist Training Manual “How to make excuses for Female Rapists” issued to all recruits of the Fem Reich) more men than women are raped in America. Yet what happens about this issue? Nothing.

            To put it into perspective: I have been raped by a woman and have a best friend that was too. He (stupidly in my opinion) went to legal aid for assistance with the issue and was told “I can’t take your case; if the cops don’t laugh you out of the precinct, the judge will laugh you out of court.” Now isn’t that kind of like….”Rape Culture: ape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality.”

            Well shit, I guess rape culture Does exist. Because of Feminism.

          • Ohone

            This is just ranting and made up baby talk, “Fem reich”.

          • Ted Harrold

            Clearly someone does not understand the concept of satire. But then, every Fem Reich member Is a tightass.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            You know, if it’s called rape culture, it should be a culture of rape.

            If it’s something else, well they should name it differently and not expect us to understand all the twisted logic behind naming it rape culture.

            It’s about time any concept that is not properly named is fully ignored until renamed.

          • Ohone

            Its was phrase that american prisoners coined to describe what was happening inside and outside prisons.

            They use the phrase to to describe ideas like male sexuality is sort of machine like, and the tendency we have to frame rape in terms of women failing to avoid it, as if its a normal and expected outcome when women wear, drink or do x.,y and z.

            We have an obligation to understand the thinks we are choosing to talk about.

            Looking at sound bites and listening to the most hyperbolic of trolls shouting victim blamer when we start up our rape prevention advice based around situations that rape doesn’t really happen in isn’t providing us with valid arguments against it.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            I think we have the obligation to ignore anyone who chooses to use a word or combination of words to represent something unrelated.

          • Ohone

            Can you explain that argument?

            The prisoners were the ones who said prison rape culture, and rape culture out side prison where basically the same things, is that what you are saying is unrelated?

            Rape culture as mra’s understand the meaning of it, of course does not exist, that would be absurd.

            What feminists group under the umbrella term rape culture often does exist, and mra’s agree with it many ways, they just don’t know that they do because we don’t actually know what any of it means.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            Very simply: Umbrella Terms are not an acceptable practice.
            If you see someone using them, ignore them and don’t spread those words.

            That’s what I mean.

            It’s unacceptable to call rape “Chocolate Cake”, and it’s unacceptable to call whatever-they-think-it-is “Rape Culture”, because it’s intentionally misrepresenting reality, and confusing everyone for shady reasons.

            In that sense, do not join them in that, stay away from that, don’t try to explain what some people chose to associate with an unrelated term, don’t give them that credit, don’t be a part of the bullshit.

          • Ohone

            So toxic victim culture and male disposibility are not acceptable then.

            >Rape Culture”, because it’s intentionally misrepresenting reality>

            It doesn’t represent what mra’s think it represents, they never made the claim that everyone is openly cheering on rapists in the first place.

            >and confusing everyone>

            We didn’t have to be confused, we could have put some effort into finding out what we were taking about instead of guessing. Then we wouldn’t be confused about it.

            >for shady reason.<

            The original object of the prisoners against rape group that coined the phrase was to stop rape inside and outside prison.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            Apparently you’re not getting it.

            Toxic victim culture talks a bout a culture of victims that is toxic.
            Male disposability talks about the disposability of men.
            Rape culture does not talk about a culture of rape.

            Do you see why that is wrong ?

          • Ohone

            Rape culture talks about rape in the culture including how its depicted in movies, how people talk about it etc.

            The mrm is going to have to come up with better arguments than “i don’t like the name” if its going to contribute to it beyond slaying strawmen in echo chambers while knowingly agreeing with or confirming parts of it.

          • Ted Harrold

   you piece of lying shit. they were talking about how prisoners were facing rape in prisons and how no one cared, that it was even portrayed as a joke in the outside world (“don’t drop the soap”), and had nothig to do with women being the victins of men in the outside world.

            How do you get a feminist to out herself? Talk about rape culture. You’ve just been outed as another mindless soldier of the Fem Reich.

          • Ohone

            You haven’t watched the film.

            The prisoners were drawing comparisons to “rape culture” inside prison and rape of women out side prison, they were basically saying the same thing the rape culture feminists are – actually they were worse – one of them even said he thinks all men rape women.

          • Ted Harrold

            given that the video is up in it’s entirety on Youtube, you’ll have no problem supplying links to the timestanps which prove you’re being honest and forthright abou what is and is not said in the movie by people.
            That’s not a request by the way: you either provide those links or you’ll simply be branded a rape apologist, for making excuses about the rape of prisoners. And I do not associate with rape apologists nor even give them the time of day, except to do my best to ensure people know they are rape apologists.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            About armchair experts and others:

            1. the truth is: good luck raping me if I’m wearing a military exoskeleton, and live in an anti-atomic bunker with my personal guard. Luckily, there are other, cheaper ways to prevent rape, and even as a victim, you must realize that there is a way to protect yourself from it: this is a positive, empowering message that reminds you that it’s not inevitable. It lets you realize that YOU can fight the risk, that YOU can prepare yourself to ensure that it does NOT happen again. Without that learning process, you only get raped again and again, and your self-confidence plummets because you can only be passive about it.

            2. if victims do not report the rape because of self-blame, VICTIMS need to be educated in why they should report the crime no matter how they feel. It has nothing to do with other people or culture or systemic barriers.

            3. There however exists a toxic culture, it’s called victim culture: the idea that the victim has zero bearing on the situation, zero responsibility, and therefore zero chance to avoid problems. That victim culture also magnifies the psychological impact by encouraging and justifying the victims fear, which basically just brings a lot more fear. This leads to victims being much more scarred than they would be without that culture, and also leads them to being victimized AGAIN later on. That culture needs to stop, and people like you who support that culture need to realize they are being toxic to the victims.

          • Ohone

            Nah, you are just strawmanning it and have it totally backwards.

            For example you say.

            > the idea that the victim has zero bearing on the situation, zero responsibility, and therefore zero chance to avoid problems>

            The idea that is that victim already feels overwhelming responsible for it, to painful and irrational levels. So they want stop arm chair experts telling them they need to take personal responsibility or it.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            Well, that victim should not feel overwhelmingly responsible for it, and that’s what needs to be fixed, not the sane reactions of random strangers pointing out, often in reaction to victim culture, that the victim’s best shot at not being victimized again is to minimize risk.

            Your criticism of those “arm chair experts” is absolutely irrelevant to the core issue, which is that those victims were in a fragile mental state prior to their trauma, and that’s what needs being fixed.

          • Ohone

            >Well, that victim should not feel overwhelmingly responsible for it, and that’s what needs to be fixed, not the sane reactions of random strangers pointing out, often in reaction to victim culture, that the victim’s best shot at not being victimized again is to minimize risk.>

            They are trying to fix it by discouraging random strangers for telling them how they were responsible when they already feel irrationally responsible.

            We are fighting against that.

          • Ted Harrold

            I never have and never will feel responsible for my rape you piece of feminist shit. You don’t and never will control the dialogue on MY experience and MY feelings. I would sooner piss in your ear than ever allow you to even THINK you get a say on my life.

          • Ohone

            You seem to be confusing mra that actually knows what feminist arguments are with being a feminist.

            Thats something that happens a lot in this comments section.

          • Ted Harrold

            It’s impossible to confuse an MRA with a Feminist; jus look for the one saying “shut the fuck up while I tell you why I’m right.”

            hint: we found you a while ago, feminist.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    “She completed her seduction outfit with some faux pleather boots”
    Would that be real leather, then? Real leather made to look like animal (if not planet)-friendly pleather?
    Well, that figures. Hypocrisy, thy name is Marcotte.

    • TheBibo Sez

      Exactly right. I was trying to catch the flavor of Marcotte’s weird incoherence and “faux pleather” – leather trying to be PC and failing through repeatedly tired deception – seemed to capture the thought.

  • Ohone

    They didn’t outright reject rape culture as a dumb myth nor can they really.

    Until recently enough people often did thoughtlessly blame rape victims for their own rapes.

    That cop in Toronto that we came out in support of, until we thought better of it for example.

    There *are* myths such as the idea that male sexuality is always dialed up to 10 and so on … this is why male rape victims are called “lucky”, for example.

    • Ludovic Urbain

      Really ?

      “well you went back to his room what do you expect”

      He has demonstrated that he will rape her 100% of the times he sees her.
      And she goes to see him.
      And the expected result is that he will rape her.
      And it happens.
      And nobody is surprised.

      That’s not victim blaming, that’s teaching the victim cause and consequence, because apparently she’s not getting it.

      Care to guess what will happen if she goes there a third time ?

      Your culture of freeing rape victims of all responsibility is irresponsible.

      It would be unfair to assign them more than a little responsibility, but assigning them zero is just ignoring the concept of cause and consequence, a rather bold if not retarded approach.

      Overall, that does not amount to anything that could be called a “rape culture”, i.e. a culture of rape, and I see no point in even trying to understand what idiots may associate to that pair of words if it doesn’t relate to the meaning of those words.

      • Ohone

        So you actually think that there are women that repeatedly go to their rapists room alone, and then act surprised when they are raped, and the people need to teach them awareness by saying”what did you expect?” because they are unable to see the connection?

        My example was of someone why was raped the first and only time – and the bystanders saying “what did you expect, you went to his room alone” – as if rape is a normal and predictable outcome.

        • Ludovic Urbain

          If your example talks about a single event, then “going back” is the wrong wording, and you’re just confusing people for no reason, so fix your post instead of arguing, and post a link to the comments you want to criticize.

          No matter what you actually said initially, my criticism of your irresponsible position stands.

          • Ohone

            Your criticism was based on an utterly implausible situation in which a rape victim is repeatedly going to her rapists room alone, and cannot understand the connection between going there and getting raped.

            I was pointing out how it if happens once and people say “what were thinking going to his room alone” they are suggesting that rape is a normal and expected out come of going to a mans room alone.

            In rape culture – they theorize this thinking comes from the idea that male sexuality is sort of machine like and cannot be stopped once its switched on.

            They argue that rapists themselves can find some back door licence from these beliefs. “Well she came to my room alone, what did she expect”.

          • Ludovic Urbain

            Please don’t answer if you don’t read what I write.
            Just make another post or reply to someone else.

          • Ohone


            So you are arguing that if a woman goes back to a mans room for the first time, and he rapes her and someone says “what did you expect, you went to his room” and its not victim blaming or suggesting that rape is an expected and normal outcome of going back to a mans room.

            Its just being responsible?

          • Ludovic Urbain

            “well you went back to his room what do you expect”

            This sentence, out of context, means that a girl had a very negative encounter once, possibly even rape, and went back to his room after that.


            Anyone saying that in another context is probably just crazy, because I can’t see any other proper context for it.

            When YOU put it out of context, the only logical context for it pops to the mind of the reader, and suggests that you are the crazy one.

            Having zero idea of the original context, I cannot even begin to understand why someone said that, and what situation they imagined that would justify that sentence, so I really can’t help you with that.

          • Ohone

            I didn’t mean back a second time after being raped a previous time,

          • Ludovic Urbain

            well your example sucks, go get another one.

          • Ted Harrold

            Honestly, after all your blathering, shut the fuck up now. You offend me as a victim of sexual violence and as a man who believes in his right to end sexual violence. Feminists like you are the reason men face rape culture. Don’t return here anymore, you are honestly unwanted.

          • Ohone

            Why are you treating me as a feminist?

            All I’m doing to suggesting mra’s stop strawmainning so we can make better arguments.

          • Ted Harrold

            If it looks like a shit, and smells like a shit, it’s a shit.

            And how is the movemen as a whole giving strawman arguements about Feminism? What aspects even could we strawman about?

      • Ted Harrold

        Cause and Effect contain logic, and we allll know logic is rapey. Why do you think Feminazi’s are afraid of it?

  • Ted Harrold

    That yahoo answers topic? Sounds like an anime plot…No wonder it works to explain a feminist…