Acid vitriol attack

Acid Attacks: Telling Only Half the Story

Acid attacks or vitriolage, we are made aware of them via the media on a regular basis. The effect of acid on human flesh is horrific to say the least.

The images most of us associate with the term acid attack are that of disfigured and deformed woman with horrendous scars where the acid has come into contact with their flesh. The effects, if the acid in the attack is strong enough or not neutralized quickly, are permanent.

Acid attacks are not new. In point of fact women have a rich history of using acid in their attacks.

Our resident historian, Robert St. Estephe, has documented a substantial list going back to 1865 when Margaret Boyle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania threw acid in the face of her son-in law as he was not the man she had chose for her daughter.

It was the patriarchy matriarchy that forced Mrs Boyle to commit her crime, right?

And over at E Belfort Bax website we can find it referenced as well. The term used for acid by Bax was “vitriol.” Used primarily by women in his day.

Most of the news fed to us about this particularly heinous form of violence covers about 60% of the story today; about 40% of the victims are men. The feminist organizations feed it to the news groups and they in turn don’t bother checking the facts.

Feminists never blatantly lie about gender violence right?

Now since we know feminists don’t like admitting male victims exist It falls upon us to bring to the public’s attention the other approximate 40% of the victims.

The reasons for these attacks are not really all that important for this article. The reasons are never satisfactory unless a person’s life is in immediate danger. They have no safe escape and that is the only tool they have to defend themselves.

Beyond that I don’t care if your honour has been insulted, you were jilted by your spouse / lover, or whatever reasons a person may try and use to justify engaging in this crime.

ITS WRONG, no further discussion needed. Wrong if it happens to a woman and wrong if it happens to a man.

But our ‘moral betters‘ don’t seem to want to be as bold with their stand against these crimes as you and I are. They have force fed society the same old lie of only female victims. Maybe an odd male child, but other than that, the male victims are kept out of society’s view.

Its just the way feminism likes it so they can fill their coffers with donations and government grants for telling just over half the story.

However recently I stumbled across this article and found this quote;

“Forty percent of the acid attack victims in Pakistan are men or boys.”

I tried to track this number down but unfortunately the best I could find other than the quote from Sharon Behn is numbers from the Acid Survivors Foundation.

On their website they have a statistics tab.

The numbers for the year 2013 for acid attacks are 69 incidents of acid being used as a weapon and 85 victims.

Using a global population number of 6 billion the average person has a chance of 0.000001416 % of being a victim of one of the most vicious and heinous crimes know to humankind.

This crime is incredibly rare and for that I am glad. I wouldn’t wish this on the worst of the rad-fems.

On page 2 of their statistics tab we they break down the numbers for us; 28 men 44 women and 13 children were attacked with acid in 2013.

The report does not state whether the children were intended or unintended victims injured from being with the adults.

Assuming the children were unintended victims the total number of adults for 2013 is 72. Which means that 38.888% or about 40% of those acid attack victims were men.

On another acid survivors website from Cambodia they have numbers from 1999 – 2013. There numbers show that 40% of the adult victims were adult males, 44.8% were adult females, 7.3% were male children under the age of 13 and 8% were females under the age of 13.

Despite about 40% of the acid attack victims being male acid survivors foundation true to feminist form states:

“Acid violence is a form of gender based violence that reflects and perpetuates the inequality of women in society.”

And helping that lie spread was boosted by COMBATING ACID VIOLENCE IN BANGLADESH, INDIA, AND CAMBODIA 

This is subtitled as:

Report by the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell
Law School, the Committee on International Human Rights of the New
York City Bar Association, the Cornell Law School International Human
Rights Clinic, and the Virtue Foundation

Notice the list of organizations who are helping promote this heinous lie that acid attacks is gender violence? All of them owe a duty of care to us, society to be honest but hey their feminists so that duty of care is tossed in the manure pile. Too bad their reports aren’t there too, where they belong.
Here is what these alleged groups wrote when describing acid attacks;

“Acid violence is gender-based violence that reflects and perpetuates the
inequality of women in society and as such is prohibited by international law

I call BULLSHIT. There is a about a 10% difference between the sexes in acid attacks. That is not gender based violence. Even if we include the children the percentage of men only drops down to just over 35% that is still not gender based violence.

And what about the criminals inflicting incredible human suffering you ask. Well it is not just men who are tossing acid on women:

Woman throws acid on sister-in-law over land dispute

Two women accused of plotting an acid attack that left a local woman disfigured have been found guilty

Just like every other feminist claim of gender-based violence this one too is a half truth. Omitting the male population from the awareness campaigns is the standard operating procedure of feminism.

To reference my compatriot, Robert St. Estephe again, please note: neither historically nor in modern times have acid attacks been something “men to do women.” It’s something people do to each other, in various times and places. If you doubt there’s anything weird or unusual about women using acid as a weapon, in addition to Robert’s other article (referenced above) see Three New York “Acid Queens” of 1901.

I’ve said it earlier in this article and I’ll say it again:

The feminist insistence of acid attack as male-to-female gender violence is BULLSHIT.


Editor’s note: acid victim photo by Zoriah, under Creative Commons license stipulated here.

Acid-throwing: Almost exclusively a women’s crime?
Acid attacks in Italy – Manipulation of the public

Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid

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  • Peter Wright

    Amazing how many feminists are appearing in the comments here attempting to excuse the global feminist narrative that victims of acid attacks are all women, and perpetrators all men.

    Here’s the kind of story feminists don’t want you to know about:

    Woman annoyed by sound of gardener’s grass strimmer threw sulphuric acid in his face

  • Peter Wright

    Images feminists don’t want you to see:

    Woman douses popular Linden businessman with acid

  • Peter Wright

    Images feminists don’t want you to see:

    Woman pours acid on ex-boyfriend at taxi rank

  • Greg

    This article has potential to talk about an issue from a new perspective, but where it fails is making it seem like feminism is a bigger problem than the acid attacks themselves. I’m not a feminist (or a woman, for that matter), but I AM an emergency relief worker who cares about strict and thorough journalism. I thought that this article was going to be impartial and facts-based, but it goes off on tangents that lead the reader to believe that the author has an agenda, instead of being non-biased journalism. The problem is the acid attacks. Period. They are horrible. And people NEED to understand that men are victims too. And if certain feminist groups don’t want to give all the facts, that isn’t right. But the author’s opinions are irrelevant to the big picture. Feminists, though potentially not giving all the facts, are not the problem; they are not the CAUSE of acid attacks. And making it seem like they are the biggest problem in this story is wrong. people who THROW ACID are the problem. Why are they not the focus of this story? Why are they not the villains of this story? Maybe that’s not what Dan Perrins meant to do, but it’s how it came off. It attacked the wrong group. I have worked in Colombia with acid attack survivors, and the whole thing is shocking and horrible and so so sad. I’m glad that this other side is being shared. But in order to be the most effective, it should be more impartial. Otherwise you risk people completely disregarding an urgent and horrifying human rights atrocity because they don’t trust the author, who is inserting his own ideas into something that is bigger than him. Some of us may agree with his opinions, but this kind of an important story is NO place for them. There’s a reason why opinion pieces are in a separate section of the newspapers. Focus on the acid attacks. Not the feminists. The feminists may be biased, but in order to fight that, you must be a voice of reason that bares the REAL facts without adding in opinion. THAT’S how you stand out in a truly effective and legitimate way. Bravo for pointing out a new side to acid attacks, but please please please don’t alienate readers. This issue is so so important. It needs all the support it can get. And even though I want people to understand that men are victims too, I could never share this article because it would upset too many people for the WRONG reasons. Please Dan, is there a way that you could rewrite this article in a more impartial way so that I can share it as a news article and not an op-ed? Thank you!!

    On another note, does anybody else have any experience in this field? I would like to hear other people’s stories (if you have any) and how they affected you. I know that doing this work is emotionally draining and difficult. How has it affected your lives? I’d like to share stories with others who have seen it firsthand.

    • driversuz

      ” making it seem like feminism is a bigger problem than the acid attacks themselves.”

      It is. Acid attacks cause great harm to a tiny segment of the population; feminism protects females who commit this crime (and plenty of other crimes) by hiding their numbers. This article “attacks” the right group – feminists who lie about the nature of acid attacks.

      You must be new here; we publish a LOT of opinion pieces, and our willingness to “alienate readers” is legendary. However if you follow and read the links in the article, you’ll find plenty of “impartial” data. Also, feel free to write and submit the article you want to see; we are a tiny, understaffed volunteer organization and we welcome contributions, just not contributions with a gynocentric slant.

      • Greg

        Ah, I see. Well at least you admit that you are biased. Yes, I don’t think this is the site for me. Although it does hit a nerve that you say that the issue of acid attacks is less important just because it affects fewer people. I’m sorry, but the brutal maiming and often killing of victims is worse than some babbling feminazis who hide facts. You have clearly not been firsthand involved with this issue and seen up front the devastating effects. And not to be rude, but what have you done to contribute to the issue of acid attacks? Probably less than the people you verbally attack on this site. Feminist groups may be biased, but they do actual concrete work in this area. I worked with many different groups, and some were feminist organizations. They do more than talk. They take action. Do you? I know I do. You seem to just skip over the fact that these organizations actually do WORK to help many people who are attacked. They don’t just talk, like everyone here. When you verbally attack those people, you are verbally attacking people like me as well who just want to bring some good into the world. It’s so easy to criticize when you haven’t seen the horrors firsthand and heard the stories of survivors. In order to involve more people in the issue and expand to include men, you may not want to bash half the people who are working to prevent and lessen these attacks in the first place. But that’s just my opinion.

        I see now that there is a history of blocking people who you don’t agree with, so I expect I’ll be next on that list. Too bad, this could have been a great article with great discussions, but it’s mostly moderators being unnecessarily rude to people asking genuinely curious questions, and dodging all of those questions. I believe that when you actually care about this issue, you don’t care who is helping. You just care that they ARE. Clearly nobody here actually cares about these acid attacks, since they aim to slander feminist organizations that make up a large portion of the relief work. I may not be a feminist, but I would NEVER insult anybody who is actively working on this issue. It makes me sad to see people preach peace but encourage anger and hostility towards a group of people, and being unwilling to discuss in a scholarly manner. That’s called zealotry. And when you are unable to accept that other people’s viewpoints exist, and you play God by blocking anybody’s views you don’t agree with, you are no better than the very feminists that you attack. Love your fellow human. Love those who have the courage to act. Feminist or humanist, if you care about this issue you should be happy that there are those out there who do preventative work. If you want to help, by all means you should go do that. I did.

        And now… I don’t really care if you block me and label me as a troll. I know that I’m the very opposite of a troll because I’ve dedicated my life to helping save lives and restore happiness to people who have been destroyed by these acid attacks and other human rights violations. If anyone disagrees, that’s okay with me. I can handle some opposition, unlike people here. And I know that, at the end of the day, I’m a good person who is willing to put myself in extremely dangerous situations to help save lives, instead of hiding behind a screen with a false sense of power because I can click a button and delete anything I don’t like, and choose to ignore reality. Don’t preach peace when all you want is hate.

        • driversuz

          “I’m sorry, but the brutal maiming and often killing of victims is worse than some babbling feminazis who hide facts.”

          What about the “babbling feminists” who facilitate false rape claims that result in the brutal maiming and killing of innocent men? Or are those men less imprtant to you than the victims of acid attacks? “Bias” you say?

          “but what have you done to contribute to the issue of acid attacks?”

          Mmmm, like maybe publishing an article that tells the part of the story that most people ignore (and the mainstream media hides?)

          “When you verbally attack those people, you are verbally attacking people like me as well…”

          If you condone hiding nearly half of the perpetrators of this crime, I would submit that you are contributing to the problem at least as much as you are trying to solve it. Is that worthy of a “verbal attack?” You bet it is.

          “I see now that there is a history of blocking people who you don’t agree with…”

          We don’t block people for “disagreeing;” we block ideologues who can’t stand it when we tell the part of the story that they want silenced.

          “Don’t preach peace when all you want is hate.”

          Odd, you don’t seem to object to the “hate” of half the population which motivates feminist ideologues to protect vicious and dangerous women. You’re not a troll; you’re a fairly compassionate person who is very narrowly focused on one aspect of one problem – so much so that you can’t see (or won’t address) an ideology which greatly exacerbates the problem you seek to solve. You’re putting a band-aid on a gut wound.

          What you call “hate,” I call “valid criticism of a hateful ideology.”

        • Bryan Scandrett

          “Acid Attacks: Telling Only Half the Story”
          Obviously, just like so many of the other ‘people who (we) don’t agree with,’ you don’t seem to understand the point of the article nor what we are doing here.
          The point of the article is spelt out in the title. Please stop exhorting us to broaden the terms of the article to encompass a ‘talk about an issue from a new perspective.’ If you want an article that does that, go write it. Given your experience and passion, likely it will be very valuable.
          However, we are agents of cultural change, not acid attack activists. Abusing us for not being what you demand we be will get you banned as it is abuse. Something apparently you highly disapprove of, given your criticism of it. So do we. Disagreeing with women or feminists is not abuse. Banning ideologues is not abuse. Preventing derailing is not abuse.

          What we do here is force the conversation about gender bias into the public square against feminism’s wishes.

          We do NOT do acid attack activism. AVfM is a publishing house. Ever called out the NYT for writing a piece on poverty in Somalia but didn’t go over and help out? Kinda stupid. You really need to get that for your own peace.

          And a lot of effort goes into ensuring every thing done under this banner is congruent with that mission. And despite your misgivings, it is an honorable and important one.

          Now for some of your assertions, in no particular order.
          ‘Well at least you admit that you are biased.’
          Fair crack. Certainly not undecided about feminism here.
          May I ask, of all these beneficent feminists working across the world to end this abomination, how many are solely focused on female victims of male attacks? Or just female victims? How many were explicitly gender neutral and approached the entire issue from a genderless pov? Ever met such a feminist organization in your career?
          I have no idea not being directly involved, but as a honorable man and not a feminist, I’m willing to trust your integrity and word.
          How many news articles have you ever read dealing with the male victims? Compared to exclusively women? Have you never noticed the ‘danger to the women folk’ trope in the media? To the absolute exclusion of services for men and boys? Have you never wondered why they do that? Never wondered if that was motivated by money? Never wondered why there are so few men’s shelters?

          ‘Although it does hit a nerve that you say that the issue of acid attacks is less important just because it affects fewer people.’
          Easy to tell from you tone that your emotions are clouding your reason and fair enough given your lived experiences.
          However of one truth I am certain, our emotions are not our world.
          How you felt about the brutal truth of what Sue said is not our lived experiences. And we have many. The are legion.
          We literally see men, women and children being ploughed into the ground, dead, in their thousands, by acid, suicide, domestic violence, family courts, on and nauseatingly on. All of which could be far more effectively combated but for the direct and powerful opposition of the feminist establishment.

          ‘I believe that when you actually care about this issue, you don’t care who is helping.’
          Again, read the title, we care about who is NOT being helped.
          Men. Boys. Legions of them.

          ‘Clearly nobody here actually cares about these acid attacks,’
          Seriously, Greg, try visiting the comments on the front page articles for a bit. Lift your gaze and broaden your view. As shocked byit as you are, Suz was spot on. We’re dealing with something far larger than acid attacks and sometimes as bad or worse. Boiling water is a common one. Usually a pissed of wife that one. Penis removal. Again, wives and lovers. Given a choice between acid and dick, hmmm, cause for pause. Not so simple is it, Greg.
          Feminism buries all of this female violence in the msm while a man on trial for doing anything to his wife gets daily coverage across all media, for the duration, while all men are demonized as violent monsters and the lobbyists head to the Capital for more gov’t funds to save the poor defenseless women.
          It’s a multibillion dollar uncontrolled industry that we’re fighting.
          In my home country, some months ago a woman killed eight children. Hmmm, acid attack or eight kids? But we don’t care, right? There’s fates worse than acid attack in this world as brutal as it must seem to you to say that. I truly wish you never have to bury one of your own children. The feminist media waxed lyrical how she is terribly oppressed and must be supported and there may be some merit to that view. But let a man be arrested for anything against a women and the same ‘progressive’ media is baying for blood. In unison. And when was the last time I read anything about that multiple child murderess in the msm? Way back when it happened and not since. And if I do, it’ll be a call for more money to help women.

          ‘and you play God by blocking anybody’s views you don’t agree with’

          Now you’re just soap boxing.
          To wit. ‘I can handle some opposition, unlike people here.’
          Going on your emotional display above, I doubt it.
          If bashing feminism is the first thing we do, the second is taking criticism for it.

          ‘ instead of hiding behind a screen with a false sense of power because I can click a button and delete anything I don’t like, and choose to ignore reality.’
          We delete and ban for a variety of reasons, not least of which is there are thousands of people visiting here daily who are the walking wounded of feminism, and the shit these twits will say and accuse our community of is horrific. As soon as someone displays the intention to femsplain their ‘reality’ to us, we remove them. To imagine this amount of work is for some phony sense of power over control of one patch on the web is to be unimaginative and childish.
          But then it’s entirely possible that you’re not a concerned acid activist, just another feminist troll here to accuse. You have done a lot of accusing. Based on one article and some comments you read. I challenge you. Prove me wrong. Go learn the truth about the gender war, some of the actual history, do some serious study on feminism and the responses to it, the horror stories falling out like blood rain. Then come back and take us on some more. We’ll be here to take the criticism.

          • driversuz

            I have but one upvote to give…

          • Mr. E

            As much as I have some sympathy for Greg’s perspective, ultimately I think Bryan and DriverSuz’s arguments win the day as far as I’m concerned. Here’s why I think so–

            Greg, you make one extremely good point:

            “I believe that when you actually care about this issue, you don’t care who is helping. You just care that they ARE. ”

            And it’s hard to say anything against that point, it is good and right completely on the face of it.

            BUT– what is being missed in your observation is that there is already plenty of people standing up for women and girls and working around the clock to grant them assistance– but there is practically nobody who is standing up for men and boys. Where is their voice? Who helps them? Why do they have to suffer in silence and obscurity?

            And Greg, if you’re still around, I’d like to ask you another question– You said:

            “Feminist groups may be biased, but they do actual concrete work in this area. I worked with many different groups, and some were feminist organizations. They do more than talk. They take action. Do you? I know I do. You seem to just skip over the fact that these organizations actually do WORK to help many people who are attacked.”

            My question is HOW can we help men and boys? How can we do more? Forgive my naivete, I am still working to find my voice and focus my anger into action on this issue (helping and advocating for men and boys). Talking about the (various) issues (which affect men and boys) is definitely a good thing and a good start– but how does one organize to put words into action?

            And then there is the follow-up question, how can that action be funded? Like it or not, Feminists are extremely well funded. And they get a lot of well-placed assistance that advocates for men and boys simply do not have access to. For myself, I am one guy who has a regular job with wife and kids. My time and resources are limited, but my interest in doing something to help men and boys is strong. So what can I do to help?

            If the world were fair, I would contribute something to the Egalitarian-driven aid and relief organizations. But which ones are those? All of the ones that *I’m* aware of are ridiculously tilted toward helping women and girls to the near (or total) exclusion of helping men and boys. I am personally also interested in helping women and girls– I’m interested in helping everyone, regardless of their gender. But I am angered at the system which aggressively shuts out aid to one-half of the population simply because they are male. I’m referring of course to the FEMINISTS and all of their cronies. Whatever GOOD WILL they *ought* to earn, in my opinion, is absolutely and completely *NULLIFIED* by their myopic and universal exclusionary agenda.

            *THAT* is why I am here at AVFM. That is why I have become a supporter of Men’s Rights. And *THAT* is why I will NEVER, EVER be a Feminist. I believe in actual equality, the kind where *everybody* has equal access to opportunities and concern.

            And for what it’s worth– my questions are out there for anybody who can answer, not just Greg. And I’m interested in anything anybody has to say on the subject (of assisting men and boys), pro or con– or can point me toward organizations which are actually egalitarian in their methods for helping everyone.

            I am fairly new to AVFM, but I think Bryan has a valid observation when he points out that it is important to raise awareness of the issues which face men and boys, and to work to gather together as many people to that cause as possible. I believe it is a good, noble and righteous cause. Just because men and boys are the supposed “default” sex, doesn’t mean their lives don’t matter. I, for one, am sick and tired of seeing women and girls get everything while men and boys get nada.

          • Bryan Scandrett

            Easy, go to your local MHRA meet up. Can’t find one. Start one. Start social media trumpeting about it and accept it will take a year or more to get rolling. Be patient. Forums here, fb, and Reditt MHRA sites are good places as any like minded will likely find them.
            Settle on what you feel deeply about and dive in. CGM? Acid? FA? Family courts? Can’t do it all so pick one and get creative. Talk, ask, listen. Crawl all over the web. Plenty of voices to learn from. Start building relationships and trust with your brothers and sisters around the web.
            Have fun as these can be the best days of your life.
            Good for you.

            PM me on fb if you wish. Under My name.

    • Paul Elam

      I would offer you a detailed response to this, but Suz just summed it up perfectly. Indeed she did it in the first two words of her reply.

      Stick around with an open mind and you may learn some things.

      • Greg

        No need. Don’t really need explanations that ignore the extreme pain and suffering of so many people. Explanations from people who claim to want to help, but do nothing concrete and instead spread angry and hateful words towards anybody who isn’t a fanatical believer of what they say. I believe that in my first post, I asked if anybody else had been directly involved in this work, and I got no response. So excuse me when I say that you don’t have the authority to speak on this topic. Feminist-bashing? Fine. Go right ahead. But don’t talk about an issue you don’t understand and clearly don’t care about. I care very deeply about this issue, and it is very clear that I am alone in that.

        • driversuz

          “But don’t talk about an issue you don’t understand and clearly don’t care about.”

          We care enough to publicize the part of the issue that most people ignore (yourself apparently included.) Do you care enough about the victims of female perpetrators, to acknowledge the harm feminist ideologues cause to them by sheltering said female perpetrators?

        • Paul Elam

          I would wager I understand the issue far better than you. At least enough to know which victims and which perpetrators are ignored by the mainstream media. And yes, why they are ignored, which has a lot to do with feminism.

          So you didn’t get a response to your first post? Awww, really? I am sure that has never happened anywhere before. I am sure that Suz or some other person working pretty much around the clock here should have dropped what they were doing and tended to you. I mean, you, after all, are you. Obviously more important than anyone, including male victims of acid attacks.

          Now, your opinions have been heard, dismissed as garbage (which they are) and you are attempting to become a show pony. That is fine for a bit, as we like to take short rides on show ponies.

          Then it is off to the glue factory, figuratively speaking.

          • Greg

            Garbage? This is what I’m talking about, Paul. At least driversuz was able to answer my post in a (mostly) courteous way without calling my views garbage. And able to concede that there are different viewpoints, even if we may not agree. Bryan did that as well. I don’t LIKE a lot of the things written here, but I don’t think it’s garbage. Just not compatible with what I believe. What I was saying, and I apologize if this came across incorrectly, is that people who have not seen these human rights offenses up close do not understand their weight. But driversuz explained that the point of this article isn’t really about the acid attacks, but the people who ignore a big side of it. Fine. I still don’t really like how the article was written, but that’s why (as driversuz and Bryan also explained,) this is a fringe site that appeals to people who hold the same beliefs. I may believe different things, I may get touchy when I feel like people on this site are focusing on the wrong aspect of this issue (which I still believe) but that does not make my opinions garbage. That’s what I think you and some others on this site forget. We are all humans, and we all claim to want to help make this a better world. My biggest issue with this site (maybe not the whole thing, but with this article and its discussions in particular) is that it’s mean and hostile and not focused on progression so much as focused on attack campaigns. And at some point I realize that I acted similarly towards people on this discussion- It’s hard to be polite when other people are being so impolite. And I’m sure it didn’t help get my point across, since hostility usually makes people immediately close their ears. That was not my intention. But all the same, I appreciate driversuz and Bryan taking the time to explain how things work on this site. I fully realize that nobody here is a BAD person (well, unless you’re a serial killer or something, which I doubt ha ha). We just clearly butt heads on big issues. This site isn’t for me, fine. But Paul, my opinions, my experiences, my views… They are not garbage. They are just as valid as yours, and I have lived a completely different life that tells a completely different story. This is probably the last article I’ll read on this site since I have been made very aware that it’s not for me, but in the future (don’t worry, this is just my opinion) I think that responding to people’s views eloquently and without insulting their character is a better way to make your voice be heard. This is why, while I don’t agree with all of them, I appreciate driversuz and Bryan’s comments and willingness to explain things in depth. Your comments, on the other hand… Hm. Try yoga. It relieves stress and anger.

          • driversuz

            What you call “mean and hostile,” we call “FTSU.” It is most likely the ONLY reason you know the MHRM exists. This movement has been around for decades, but it has only begun to enter the public consciousness since Paul Elam decided that AVfM would focus on Fucking Their Shit Up and not backing down in the face of mockery and pearl clutching outrage from the mainstream or anybody else. No “progression” will be made in any direction until enough people see the problems that are being concealed by the gynocentric media.

            You have made your point (and I would add that your perspective is narrow enough that you are hardly in a position to be criticizing anybody about being broad minded) and you are now devolving into “pearl clutching outrage,” by lamenting your butthurt feelz. We tend not to cater to that crap so don’t derail this discussion any further. There are very few of us and we have better things to do than dance attendance on you.
            I should hope that you too have better things to do. Goodbye.

          • Greg

            HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! Oh man, this is amazing. Thank you. Best conversation on the internet I’ve ever had. Okay then, driversuz, be a little bitch about it, if you must. I tried to be cordial but yeah, I’M the “butthurt” one. With a sad little website full of aging old sad angry people spewing their sad septuagenarian angry little conspiracy theories that nobody buys for a second. Oh… Wait. That’s youuuuu hahahahahahahahaha FUN! I feel like we’ve really bonded. God, you guys are a bunch of insane crazy zealots. It’s super entertaining. I mean, I have never in my life seen such a sad bitter group of crazy people, ignoring any attempt to even try for a second to identify with another person who may not share your views. Just a bunch of pathetic white trash sitting on their tiny little thrones with their tiiiiiiny little bit of “power”. OOOH you don’t like feminism? Wow! Game changer! Looks like this site is gonna end feminism forever HAHAHA just kidding. Face it, nothing you do is going to change anything. You work at a dead end job for which you probably get paid very little, trying soooo hard to have your voice heard, and met with so much opposition because guess what? It’s CRAZY! Hilariously crazy. Like the kind of crazy that you want to poke with a stick just to see how much more crazy it can get :) You know who else had unflinching views that almost everybody hated even though they insist that they’re the only correct voice in the world? Hmm… Well there’s the KKK, the West-borough Baptist Church, Nazis, Sarah Palin, ISIS.. can you think of more? YAY YOU GUYS ARE LIKE THE WEST-BOROUGH BAPTIST CHURCH! This is a fun game full of clearly very fun people. WOOOOO god I had so much fun with this. I’m definitely going to let everybody I know see the MOST FUN page to spam on the internet! Since there are so few of you, this should be fun for you, eh Suz? Just kidding. You guys don’t need my help, plenty of people hate you already and I don’t need to give any more attention to this pathetic tiny group of hate-mongerers and sad sacks.

            Alright alright, I’m done mocking. Go ahead and block me. Although there’s hardly a need, this is all I needed to say and I’m very happy with how this ended. Woo! Will be removing notifications after this because nothing I say matters anyway, falls onto deaf (probably literally deaf and using hearing aids, LOL) ears. I kind of feel bad since it’s clear that none of you are under 60 years old, I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of crazy nursing home folks with Alzheimer’s, you know, when they start to lose their minds? Anyway, have fun dying alone, ya sad bitter little creatures! Love you! Good luck changing anything HAHAHAHAHA and thanks for making my day 😉

          • Greg

            I bet half of you are balding with goatees LOL sorry I’m done. Microwavable dinners in front of the TV? Har har okay I’m done….. failed marriages HAHA okay okay really I’m done this time. I promise. Love you!

          • driversuz

            You FemTrolls just can’t maintain they facade for more than a few hours, can you? Oh the love and compassion you can muster long enough to type out a few pretty paragraphs! And the mask slips again.

          • Bryan Scandrett

            ‘It’s hard to be polite when other people are being so impolite.’
            Quite perceptive when you try.
            And given PE has been hoeing this row for six years, and more besides, I’m surprised he didn’t just rip your head off for grins. Getting soft in his old age I expect. I’ll ask Suz to open a can of ‘Hard the Fuck Up’ on him for your next visit to avoid disappointment.
            Might want to try some yourself. Or just hang around and read a lot. That’ll work. I guarantee it. Or your money back.

          • driversuz

            He/she is gone now. Same IP as “Jen.” Worked his/her ass off for a couple of days and still failed to sell his/her agenda. Derp.

    • Peter Wright

      I’m not a feminist (or a woman, for that matter)

      Not a feminist, hey. I don’t believe you for a second.

      This article has potential to talk about an issue from a new
      perspective, but where it fails is making it seem like feminism is a
      bigger problem than the acid attacks themselves… The problem is the acid attacks. Period.
      They are horrible. And people NEED to understand that men are victims

      Oh look, another profeminist making the defense of feminism more important that feminism’s cover-up of male victims of acid attacks.

      We won’t be joining you in the cover-up. Feminism, which wants to exploit the narrative of female suffering, promotes the idea that all victims of acid attacks are women, and all perpetrators are men. If you were an “an emergency relief worker” you would not be excusing feminists for the cover up.

  • Peter Wright

    Images that feminists do not want you to see:

    surge in acid attacks on men by women

  • Peter Wright

    Images that feminists do not want you to see:

  • Peter Wright

    Images that feminists do not want you to see:

    Wife attacks sleeping husband: spurs call for acid laws

  • Peter Wright

    Images that feminists do not want you to see:

    Husband attacked with acid for alleged extramarital affair

  • Peter Wright
  • Peter Wright
  • Mr. E

    I can’t tell you how many comments *I’ve* had pulled on various Feminist sites. So now you’re boo-hooing when here the situation is reversed? How does it feel to get EQUAL TREATMENT, eh? Isn’t that what you Feminists want?