Acid attacks in Italy – Manipulation of the public

Acid attacks were unknown in Italy until 2009, when feminist journalists started to attack all men by talking about female victims of acid attacks in East Asia and Africa, painting it as a gender issue. The reality is that men are 48% of the victims of acid attacks in Cambodia, 18% in Bangladesh, 43% in Uganda, 60% in Nigeria, and we could go on like this. The reality is that this issue is both rare and non-gendered.

But only in one case did the press write about a man attacked with acid, and the title was as egregious as it gets: Nabila, the courageous woman who launched an acid attack against her 21-year-old boyfriend.

As a consequence of this topic being brought up in the media, the Italian public learned as follows: after 2009, 16 persons have been attacked with acid in Italy: 9 women and 7 men.

At this point, the feminist press could select a single victim as the symbol of the struggle that their ideology promotes. Of course, all men and children who were victims of acid attacks were discarded. A few women were discarded as well: one was a politician attacked by a man, another one was attacked by a woman, and another one claimed that she was attacked by men, but the police discovered that she threw acid on herself in order to build a false allegation.

Lucia Annibali, a female lawyer attacked by her ex-lover, had the politically correct victim profile. So she was heavily promoted: in some days we could see her in the morning, at lunch, at dinner, in major TV programs. She got prizes: the president of Italy (an 89-year-old ex-communist) nominated her with the title of “Cavaliere” (Knight). The feminist president of parliament received her. Luckily, Lucia mostly recovered from the aesthetic damages she suffered. Her aggressors were charged with attempted homicide and sentenced to 20 + 14 + 14 years and ordered to pay her €1.8 million in reparations.

Amongst the other forgotten victims was William Pezzullo. When his girlfriend started lying to him, he broke up with her. When he became a victim of stalking, he did not react, not even when his car was damaged. At some point his ex-girlfriend contacted her previous boyfriend. They then conspired and attacked William by hitting him on the head, and then she threw acid on him. After 20 days of intensive care he survived, but he was left severely disabled following the ordeal: he was left both deaf and blind.

The prosecutor refused to charge her with attempted homicide, stating that “we do not wish to create a monster,” despite evidence that she had searched the Internet for the most aggressive type of acid to use. They got sentenced to 10 years of jail each, which in Italy essentially means five years of real jail for the man and zero for the woman. Indeed, the woman who attacked William is a mother, and according to an Italian feminist law, mothers should and indeed can avoid going to jail, even in situations like these.

William got no compensation so far, so his family sold their commercial business in order to pay for the treatments he needs (recovery from an acid attack is considered an aesthetic and elective procedure and it is thus not covered by state insurance). He is assisted by his mother, Paola Tomarelli, who told the Italian press:

William has not improved at all, [on the contrary,] he is getting worse [and] we are desperate. One eye was completely lost, but at least with the other he could see shadows, and some movements. Now he does not see anything … The plastic reconstruction surgery failed to achieve the results; we took him to several hospitals, where they tried to rebuild using muscles and tissues from the neck, but now he is worse than before. William suffered for three months before leaving the intensive care unit. [The doctors] were not sure whether they’d be able to save his life. For 16 months now he is closed in our house and we leave the house only to bring him to hospitals or specialists. We are desperate, he is not self-sufficient, he will never become self-sufficient [and] this is the most dramatic aspect.

In theory, the president of Italy should be the president of everybody: so Paola Tomarelli and others wrote him asking for help for William. They only got an answer written by some woman in his staff: a letter that claims that men should be represented not by a victim but by some actors who appeared in a feminist advertisement saying, ‘We do not hit women.” The president’s office essentially told them that William was the wrong sex. You can’t make this stuff up! Read the letter here (in Italian).

Did feminists have a good reason for this disgusting operation that ruined the life of 16 persons? Yes, they had 82 million good reasons. This is the amount of public funds (in euros) that they wanted to obtain for their women-only shelters. That’s over US$110 million.

Finally, today, feminists got their Istanbul Convention ratified in Italy. Women and men are no longer equal under the law, not even formally.  Men are perpetrators, women are victims. William is a perpetrator, Lucia is a victim. By virtue of their sex.

It was the feminist ideology who used to declare this. Now it’s the law. Politicians and judges now have a legal justification to discriminate against William, and against all men.

In the meantime, William’s family has lost everything, and now William’s mother is asking for charity as William might be able to see again, via a black-and-white camera installed in an eye, provided that they will be able to raise the €100,000 (US$134,300) needed for the medical intervention.

Watch the story of William as covered by RAI (in Italian):

Further reading on the issue on AVfM Italy:


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Silvio Altarelli is a university professor and current administrator of AVfM in italian and father

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  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    Woman pours acid on man, its courageous. Man pours acid on woman, hate crime of epic proportions.

    Are we really that far away from a society that will place a man within a wooden cage shaped like a man and setting it ablaze?

    • KnxGuy MGY

      We are heading in that direction.

      Gynocentrism has its firm grasp on the hammer (feminism) and is hammering hard. We have to be that one nail that will not go in.

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        Good analogy, if we use screw instead of nail, it paints the picture more graphically.

        • KnxGuy MGY

          Yes! We must be the screw.

    • Jesse James

      Bee hives push out the “drones” all the time.

      Of course, if the drones build a bachelor hive, the honey bees seem content to come in an ruin it.

    • Duanne Walton

      Don’t give them any ideas!

  • PlainOldTruth

    Here is more on this topic:

    Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ Dean Esmay

      One of my all-time favorite musicians, who did all his recordings in 1927, was blinded by an acid attack as a child, by his stepmother.

      • DukeLax

        Wow…the “media lace curtain” tells us that women were gentle / docile/ servile back then, and incapable of such barbarism.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com/ Dean Esmay
  • donzaloog

    This is so tragic. ow does this not make men revolt? How does this not make men walk away from women and remove themselves from society. The law says it’s okay for women to do this to you. I want no part of it.

    • http://womenandmenlivingtogether.blogspot.ca Joe Wilson

      so well said

    • Elizabeth Hayes

      Because they are raised to believe they are the scum of the earth, that they harm women by existing, that they owe a lifetime of penance and if a man is harmed by a woman he must have done something to deserve it because “women just don’t do things like that”.

  • napocapo69

    Instambul Convention is a racist act. I feel only disdain for those that produced and voted it. But I do not want to comment it further. Lucian has already made an excellent work in exposing it.
    Regarding the “acid attacks” news, they really expose the double standard.
    Both the episodes are evil acts, and both the victims have my compassion, but it is worth to notice that the injuries that affected William are far more grave that Lucia’s ones.
    Also, in the case of Wlliams the female partner participated directly in the attack, while in the Lucia’s one her criminal partner did not take part to the attack.
    Despite this;
    – she got high political dignities, maximum press esposure, high compensantion, and the perpretators (all) have been jailed with “exemplary” convictions
    – he got almost null press exposure (actually most of the press has been forced to notice this because of pressure by MHRA movements), no compensantion (his family is trying to collect money for the cures, and I donated to their fund BTW), and his perpretators got much lighter sentences and most probably his criminal partner will no go to jail at all.

    C’mon feminist, c’mon, come and tell us that misandry isn’t real.

    Feminism is building an apartheid.
    Women out there, the longer you exitate to take a clear stance against this poisonous ideology, the taller the wall will become.

    • Draugo

      There’s one thing wrong in your text as awesome as it is. In William’s case the perpetrator did not get jail time. The perpetrator was his ex-girlfriend. Her accomplice got jail time but the actual perpetrator got off completely free.

  • 98abaile

    Is there a donation link? I can’t speak Italian so I can’t tell.

  • http://womenandmenlivingtogether.blogspot.ca Joe Wilson

    Thanks Silvio for the article and for shining a beacon of hope for the Italian people. Is there any sense of rage/dissent from the Italian public with regards to how this man was marginalized?

  • SineNomine

    I’m at a loss for words, and that doesn’t happen very often. What does one say to such inhumanity and barbarism?

  • TPH

    In Italy where the concept of the mother is sacrosanct, a woman (a mother) getting away with this horrific crime does not surprise me. William being denied medical assistance by the state disgusts me, feminists conducting a campaign to demonize men as only criminals and abusers infuriates me.

    If there is just one incident for Italian men to stand up and fight for their rights as human beings under the law, William’s treatment by the state is it. William’s attackers getting off extremely lightly is just unacceptable in a country supposedly ruled by law.

    “Feminism is the radical idea that women are people”. Yea, tell that to William and his family.

    Feminism is the radical idea that women are never to be held accountable for their actions, ever.

  • klaatu

    Throwing acid on yourself to become a martyr is unthinkable. No matter how worthy the cause. It is misguided and indicative of a sick person and sick mind set. I was going to withhold comment on this post until I read that. I know of a teenage girl who threw herself from a moving car for attention. She has accused every single male member of her family of molesting her,though there was never enough evidence to charge anyone. I lost count of all the attention seeking suicide attempts she has performed. Things like trying to overdose on Nyquil while calling all her friends and telling them goodbye. I would categorize her as an exception rather than the rule of todays kids. But if she is the “mine canary” for young women then we are all in trouble.

  • justman7

    The misandry of the Istanbul Convention is a mortal danger to men everywhere. Follow the link from above to read more, and I can also recommend


    From the wikipedia article, I noted the new and radical concept of “Economic Violence”. I guess if a man goes on economic strike within marriage, and refuses to go to work and give his wages to to his wife, he will soon face jail.

    At that point, the proposition Marriage == Slavery (for men only) will be true.

    Of course, a married woman has no obligations whatsoever.’

    From the wikipedia article:


    Article 3 provides defines key terms:

    “violence against women” is violation of human rights and a form of discrimination against women and shall mean all acts of gender-based violation that result in, or are likely to result in physical, sexual, psychological, or economic harm or suffering to women including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life,
    “domestic violence”: all acts of physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence that occur with the family or domestic unit or between former or current spouses or partners, whether or not the perpetrator shares or has shared the same residence with the victim.
    “gender”: means the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men.
    “gender-based violence against women”: means violence that is directed against a woman because she is a woman or that affects women disproportionately.


    • Lucian Vâlsan
      • justman7

        Lucian, thanks for writing the other article and including the link here. The main reason I wanted to quote Wikipedia is that it contains the Orwellian term “Economic Violence”. I’ll add a short comment to your article as well, Lucian.

    • Sanguifer

      Shit like this makes it so bloody hard to resolve this issue.

      Yes, this all-encompassing definition of violence is crazy. But there is such a thing as “economic violence”. It’s when the working party takes away the wallet and phone of the stay-at-home-party and basically says: “You have no job, You have no money, You can’t call Your friends, You’re at my mercy. What You gonna do now?”

      And the answer, of course, is: Get out, ask the nearest person for Your phone and call the police. And, of course, such cases are rare, and not necessarily gendered. The only reason it (probably) happens more often to women is because men are less often the stay-at-home-party.

      But that’s what makes arguing against this shit so difficult. We can’t dismiss it outright as a figment of feminist imagination. The scale, yes, we can and should loudly dismiss that. The gendered nature of it, yes, absolutely. The misuse of the term or abuse of such laws, naturally.

      We all know it’s gonna be abused. But it’s so difficult to argue against laws that protect people from abuse. As any man who had his wife create debt that he then is obligated to repay, economic abuse IS a thing =/

      The first and foremost question that should be shouted from the rooftops is: Why is this a gendered convention? Where are the laws that protect MEN from abuse?

  • Szebran

    Christ, Italy sounds like a feminist version of apartheid South Africa.

  • Rob

    mods.. you need to fix this webpage
    only have half the video and cannot turn it off!!

    it keep repeating itself

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      The problem comes from RAI itself – which has a bizzare embed code. And when I try to tweak it – it just stops showing the video altogether.

      However, you can turn it off. Just scroll down in the video and click Stop. You can also see it in full by clicking the full screen button.

      We just cannot do more – blame the Italian State television (RAI), not us.

      • Rob

        thanks for that
        But I only had the top half of the video, so there was nothing to scroll or any button to click !!

        i guess even the RAI was stunned by the sheer hypocrisiy going on here !

  • mcke

    Statistics that I found show that the highest male:female victim ratio in the world is in the UK (6.14:1). Where do you get your figures?

  • DukeLax

    If all the western media outlets “Spin” the story the same…men will believe their accusations against them, and will eventually recede from participating in the public / political sphere. This can be called mass “Psychological castration” of males, and when men no longer participate in the public sphere…crooks have free reign!! look what is happening in the United states.

  • DukeLax

    Modern gender-feminism is simply going to continue to pervert American law enforcement, continue to push for more and more manufactured statistics Alliances within law enforcement, until we reach the point where hetero-relationships are a legal liability, and men go MGTOW, just to retain their Basic equal protections under the law.

    • klaatu

      It will truly be a case of the lunatics running the asylum.

  • Rogoraeck

    Animal Farm! All animals are equal. But “pigs” are more equal!
    So now think, who in our “free” western “democracies” are the PIGS?
    I could name several groups. Can you??

  • Reason

    What amazes me is the brazenness of the political support for one victim over another, simply because of gender. There is no greater sexism than feminism itself.

  • MrImmoli

    I didn’t believe that an official response would be “Tough shit, he has a penis.” so I typed that letter into google translate and sure enough, that was the reason. Even referring to him as the strong sex and how men are typically the aggressors. If anyone else wants to read it for themselves, here’s the typed out Italian letter, granted I ignored doing the special characters that had accents above them:

    consentitemi di scrivere insieme ad entrambi, visto che le vostre missive sono molto simili. Come potete immaginare il Presidente non ha conferito onorificenze a tutte le persone vittime di partner violenti, ma a una persona che ha reagito con particolare diginita e coraggio alle consequenze dell’aggressione dei sicari del suo ex compagno. Ovviamente in questo modo piu che la singola persona ha voluto onorare un comportamento, quindi tutte le vittime che hanno tenuto un contegno civile e coraggioso. Sempre in occasione della Giornata Internazionale per I’eliminazione della violenza contro le donne, lo scorso 25 novembre, il Presidente ha assgnato una targa alla campagna di sensibilizzazione Noi.No.org i cui testimonial sono uomini. Quindi non dimentica il “sesso forte”
    Il fatto e che, seppure anche i maschi siano vittime di violenza e stalking, oggetto di comportamenti persecutori e di aggressioni sono assai piu spesso donne e gli aggressori assai piu spesso uomini.
    Vogliate ricevere dal Capo dello Stato i migliori saluti, ai quali associo i miei personali.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      > I didn’t believe that an official response would be “Tough shit, he has a penis.”

      I didn’t believe it either. But then I read the thing 😐

      > so I typed that letter into google translate

      Very well! That’s the attitude here on AVFM. We claim stuff, we bring evidence and then we wait to be disproved by other evidence.
      That letter is disgusting. And then I get to meet Italian women who come to have a vacation here and tell me that misandry is not real. Amazing 😐

      • Sanguifer

        >Very well! That’s the attitude here on AVFM. We claim stuff, we bring
        evidence and then we wait to be disproved by other evidence.

        And that’s why I love You guys even when we end up disagreeing. Keep up the good work!

  • Ted Harrold

    My sympathies to any victims of an acid attack. This is vile and heinous and needs the UN to start treating this is a crime against humanity.

  • mike gibbs

    …and still the men do NOTHING to band together, rise up and stop this blatant insanity. Who’s fault is it again??

  • Emilio Lizardo

    Acid attacks have been popular since acid first became available in antiquity.