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Parental Alienation & Child Abduction: Australian Govt in collusion with mother

Although it is difficult to trust mainstream news sources on cases such as this, the media usually spins whatever tale it wants to tell, this story is all too believable, and appears to be an excellent expose on how the entire nation of Australia was fooled… for a while… by a child-abusing family.

Via AstroKidNJ. There’s an epilogue, which we’ll publish in the next day or so.


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  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    Tou can trust the government. It is run by experts. The system is set up for “the best interests of the child.” Be patient with the bureaucrats. Trust them. OBEY!

    Here’s a little snippet from the news of 177:

    FULL TEXT: Canberra, Australia, Aug. 23 – Divorced Australian fathers are smuggling their children out of Australia by flying them from remote airstrips to Southeast Asia and Rhodesia to avoid custody laws, a member of Parliament said today.

    Sen. Ruth Coleman said she had been told that charter flights with children aboard are leaving remote landing fields in western Australia.”

    [“Child Thefts Reported,” syndicated (Reuter), Washington Post, Aug. 24, 1977, p. A-17]


    I invite Australians to scour the libraries for more details about this intensely intriguing bit of history. And put your findings online. Using search engines to search archives (including those available only in research libraries) to uncover the pacts of the past that have been erased, distorted and censored by authoritarians is the best computer game ever invented. — What’s more, it is REAL warfare (infowar), not pretend warfare. Fighting the lies of the social engineers is the real battle. the real battleground in information itself. the weapon is truth.

    • Shrek6

      Robert. I have lived in Western Australia for my whole 56 years and I have never ever heard of that bull crap that fathers were flying children out of the country from remote airstrips in WA.

      Tell you what. It would have been pretty difficult to get a plane off the ground in remote northwest WA without being noticed, because there was a US military tracking station (Exmouth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Communication_Station_Harold_E._Holt) fully functional during that time, that use to closely monitor just about everything from the movement of air and sea vessels to how many blow flies were buzzing around the country.

      A lot of that info would have been shared with the Australian military and Aust fed govt. So if there were any smuggling activity going on back then, you can bet for as long as your backside points to the ground, someone would have seen or heard of it.

      I don’t have the desire to scour the internet looking to find documentation to prove the existence of proof that fathers were illegally kidnapping children and taking them out of the country, because I know for a fact that it never happened.

      As with all stories in the media that concern fathers, you can bet that just one, yes 1 single father kidnapped his children to Africa and got away with it. Then this story would have been flogged to death and then it would have been said that this is happening right round the country. I have vague memories of such a case, but I have zero memories of their being an illegal kidnapping racket.

      There has indeed been the opposite occurring though. There have been very many mothers who have kidnapped children over the years and taken them to other countries. There were so many of them happening that they ended up changing the law to stop these women from doing this. But even with the laws changed, only a few could be brought back, because the bastards in this country in the legal system did all they could to protect the mother’s right to kidnap the children.

      • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

        Thanks. You know the geography and the other germane aspects of this question of using a plane in this manner, something I have no knowledge of. I appreciate the info.

        On parental kidnapping in general (mostly dealing with US)

        There was a group using airplanes in the US in this fashion at this time that I know of. The flier was associated with the legendary “Mean Gene” Austin, based in Missouri, the Child-resnatcher, a self-styled vigilante, who helped scores of fathers (and some mothers) across the US get their kids back from the other, absconding parent. There were other specialists in Europe and Canada in the 1980s as well. And even a number of ex-military mercenaries operating internationally beginning in late 1980s. In France there was a hit TV series based on true cases of an international child retriever in the 1990s.

        International parental kidnapping was occurring in the mid-19th century and increased in frequency. Both fathers and mothers did this. Often the :kidnapper” was the one who had tried to follow the rules, cooperate, but finally gave up, took the child and ran. In the US, the worst place in the world for this sort of thing, it was already regarded as a major social problem before 1910. Parental kidnapping was a major theme in literature, fiction, theater and film in 1850-1940 period (internationally).

        The parental kidnapping issue is a murky one. When a mother gets custody requiring her to stay in a state, disobeys that order and consequently disobeys the “visitation” schedule, she is de facto a parental kidnapper (yet technically with court ordered custody). When the father, in response, takes action to reverse this bad faith and contempt of court he may indeed be regarded a parental kidnapper. In the US it was possible for the law in one state to consider one parent the violator, and in another state, vice versa.

        It is very hard to take a position on a case without knowing the details. Quite frequently the parent acting :”illegally” is the one with the moral high ground.

        The government’s ineptitude in such cases is legendary –in the US going back two centuries.

        One thing about research on any historical topic: the internet has only a tiny fraction of what is available in print archives and on non-public data-bases.

        (Researchers beware: There is a book by Paula Fass, Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America. It is a whitewash and is a gross example of intellectual fraud. (surprise, surprise!)

        • Shrek6

          There will have been cases where fathers have taken off with children, because the courts are always against them, but to suggest that there has been some child kidnapping trade going on around the country in remote locations is just a lie. Yeah, maybe some got away with it, but it was never a thing that happened as much as they recon it did.

          For a father to transport himself and children hundreds if not thousands of miles to these locations, would have just about bankrupted him anyway. Then he would have had to pay for the flight out of the country.. It would be and is a logistical nightmare!

          People forget that Australia is roughly the size of the US, which means you have a long way to travel to these places. Plus, most of the outback regions are inhospitable and no place to take children. If one thing goes wrong at the wrong time of the year, children will die within several hours.

          The fact is the govt has been over the years, protecting women’s rights to kidnap their children.

          Here in WA some years ago, a mother kidnapped a child to a European country. The father did all he could to get the child back and succeeded if but for a brief time.

          The WA Dept of Child Protection got involved (at the mother’s request) and aided and abetted this mother in her attempts to criminalise the father while the children were still in the state/country. In the end, the corrupt WA family court gave this criminal mother permission to remove the child from the country (again), because the criminal in the wig was in on the scam that the Child Abusive Dept had created on behalf of the criminal mother.

          I have scoured Google for this story, but can’t find a thing. I can’t remember the details, so I can’t remember what names may trigger Google locating the story. There wasn’t a lot on this, because there was a lot of criminal behaviour within the Dept of Child Abuse by the women who run the dept, so they needed to keep things quiet.

          That case (plus others) and the death of a young boy, triggered a govt inquiry into the Dept of Child Abuse, which of course only saw the behaviours buried and no one was counseled over their behavior let alone any charges being laid. Today the dept carries on as before with no one holding them responsible.

          Here in Aus. A woman can do anything and is given sympathy/empathy, even if she kidnaps, abuses or murders her own natural children. A father doing any of those, is treated as though he is Satan himself and calls for the scumbag father to rot in prison or be executed are plastered across the internet media, plus the MSM and TV news programs vilify the man with the language they use, even before he is arrested, tried and convicted.

          You should have heard the media when reporting the story featured in this video on this page. The drool that came from what they said about the woman/mother, almost messed up my lounge room floor. But when talking about the father, you could hear the hatred, disdain and disgust in the voices of the female reporters, and also in what was written.

          This whole saga sickened me and I’m sure many people.

          Secretly though, most women in this country will still have had feelings of empathy and sorrow for the mother and will have been angry that the father just didn’t give the children to the mother, because they belong to her after all. This is the way over 90% of Australian women think, so for him or any man getting a fair deal here, is nigh on impossible.

  • Shrek6

    I had that woman and her mother pegged from the very outset. They manipulated or should I say took full advantage of the man hating Gillard govt and its depts, to kidnap those girls and bring them to Australia illegally. This was so obvious from the outset that I was left dumbfounded when the fed govt/family court, defied international law and allowed the mother, sorry, KIDNAPPER, to remain with the children here in Australia.

    And why isn’t this criminal in prison?
    Why hasn’t she been extradited by the Italian govt back to Italy and forced to face justice?
    I don’t want to here the crap that it is because the father hasn’t laid charges, because if it was the reverse situation, the Italian govt would have most definitely sought extradition of the father, regardless of what the mother wanted.

    I am so glad these evil women lost this case and that the children are now with the only mentally healthy and loving parent they have. Their father!

  • Shrek6

    The only thing I disagree with this 60 minutes report, is that although they finally showed some compassion for the father, they STILL insisted on granting the criminal mother forgiveness by laying a lot of the blame at the feet of the Aust embassy and Aust govt.

    I don’t care what machine you use to commit a crime. The simple and overwhelming fact, is that the mother was the sole driving force, the one who began it all, the one who used the machine to commit her crime and the only one to ultimately blame.

    Blame the Aust govt as an accessory, yes. But at the end of the day, they would not have had anything to do with this family, if the mothers intent was not purely evil!

    Let us not allow ourselves to be distracted, when the media fogs up the story by shifting the blame to others. She behaved this way, because feminism (and society) has told her she can behave this way.

    We can fight the govt and its policies as a matter of course through the political arena, which is by far the more easy form of discrimination against men to address.
    However, fighting what feminism has done to our society, by using traditionalism as its main weapon, is going to take more than 50 years, IF we start today!

  • greg

    I got Ill. Vomited. Who coached this bitch? Terry O’Neill, Biden, or was it Gilliard herself?

  • Billybobownway

    The story is not uncommon. The fact that it became an international incident is. The mother still tries to maintain an aura of childlike innocence and ignorance. Too late for that baby. She worked on this for years, very deliberately. She loves her children but not enough to go back and face the music. What a phoney. My tears are flowing.

    Why is the grandmother not in jail? Hiding someone’s children in defiance of a court order must be a crime. All three are guilty of conspiracy. What about the embassy personnel? The sovereignty of Italy was violated.

    Australia has more to do.

  • roeboat72

    Personally after seeing the grandmother barge into the questioning I think that the whole family is a bunch of victim actors. Notice how the grandmother claims illness so she can get out of her own interview but has no qualms interrupting and trying to ensure her daughter is portrayed as the victim. All while how they all ignored the evidence against them.

    The worst thing is at the end I have a feeling they were in the process of parental alienation as the girls look almost desperate to stay away from the dad, even though no evidence exists of any wrongdoing.

    • Billybobownway

      We easily forget that those women did not have to co-operate with the film production. I would think they volunteered believing that they could damsel themselves and gain sympathy. The mother even wore a bow in her hair to look like an innocent young girl. They would never have showed up if they had known what would happen. I think they were totally stunned by the proceedings.
      That was surprisingly good journalism for Australia. Maybe when they smell blood they can drop the PC dogma.

      • roeboat72

        Very true indeed.

  • Scribbler G

    So many great comments. Here’s an angle that I don’t hear talked about enough but really, it should be the central concern of everyone looking at this. The fact is that more than 80% of divorces with young children are initiated by women. It’s rare when men do this. And no matter what, even in the best of circumstances, divorce destroys the family and everyone suffers, but none more than the children.

    So the question that has to be asked to women is why they feel no compunction about doing this? I mean, this case is just an extreme example of what we see so often. A woman makes up her mind that she’s had it with Dad and bam, she moves out or makes up charges – or even if she doesn’t do anything dishonest, somehow so many women feel that this is somehow okay.

    There is also another angle. Many women undercut fathers while still married, I know I went through it. My ex would overrule me and minimize my authority all the time with my daughter. To me, this is the essence of the problem, the utter loss of appreciation and respect for fathers and masculinity. Sure, the family courts are a nightmare and yes, this women and her mom and grandmother are vile, but really, the question is why they feel so entitled to do so in the first place?

    If you total up all those wife initiated divorces and add the marriages in which the Dad has been worn down to a nub by a wife who’s made him irrelevant other than as a provider, it becomes very clear that something is dreadfully wrong in our culture. While the roots of this are biological on some ways, it seems to me that we this disintegration of families and respect for fathers and men is a crisis of huge proportions. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the war stories and even to think that well if we change this law or that one, we’ll make “progress” but I see what we are up against as much more pernicious than that.

    I don’t want to get banned here, so all I’ll say is this. In the male world, I meet aggression with MORE aggression. I use force until the aggression against me stops because it’s too painful for the aggressor to continue. I have no idea how we can do this and not be locked up and actually even “win’ anything. But I know that women know they have the upper hand now. That we have to stand back and just take it. The look on this Dad’s face says it all and so many of us here have had the same look on our faces. It makes me so angry I can barely keep from smashing my computer. I can’t imagine being in the room with these women and keeping control over myself. Just sayin’…

    • Shrek6

      Mate, you won’t get banned simply by discussing your thoughts and attitudes on self defense etc.

      Anyone who advocates violence as a method of dealing with any aspects of our cause, is not only an idiot, but will be trounced out of here quick smart.

      No point saying anything about bashing women (or men), because no one here promotes the use of violence..

      However, to defend the innocent against violence, almost always means the use of violence. For instance, if I found a woman bashing a child, she would get one very short warning to cease and desist forthwith. If she refused and without delay, I would take whatever appropriate measures were necessary to secure that child’s safety. Once the child is safe, I would then remove the child from the scene and get the police involved and canvass for witnesses.

      These are thoughts and attitudes on the topic of self-defense where “NORMAL THINKING PEOPLE” accept as being a rightful response to physical violence. Problem is feminists just want men to allow the murderous woman to kill them without putting up a fight.

      We all feel as you do my friend. The best way of dealing with women like that, is to never put yourself into a situation where you could be trapped and find yourself feeling like you want to snot some cow for mouthing off.

      Best to just turn your back on the woman (if it’s safe to do so that is) and simply walk away!

  • Jim Muldoon

    This is indeed an interesting article. They do show the mother for the liar she is, along with the rest of the family. But here’s the bit they missed out:

    There was a nationwide search for these children because the grandmother (the one lying on the couch who didn’t want to be interviewed but kept interrupting) threatened to murder the children.

    I reported this in AVFM – http://www.avoiceformen.com/misandry/grandma-threatens-to-murder-children/

    It is amazing that 60 minutes didn’t touch that aspect of the case. As Robert says, history is constantly being revised, and this is no exception.

  • jaytheman

    This man is very strong I have experienced the crushing feelings of parental alienation and depression. Bravo he went to the hospital instead of doing what millions of men do so often and end his life. How could someone dealing with severe depression that required hospitalization have the energy to beat the shit out of his family daily when he probably barely had the will to get out of bed. It’s clear though that real abusers are this woman and her family. “Ooooh I just wanted to protect the children!” the guise she used while moving them thousands of miles from the country they grew up in. notice the children weren’t interviewed which I’m sure some expert would say would be dramatizing, but they aired footage of them being grabbed crying and screaming to cars. Even though 60 minutes did a good job of this report i feel that should have never been shown let alone tapped and why the fuck was the mother allowed to follow them to the air port when her and her pig mother and grandmother should have been in court for violating a court order! Now those poor girls will go through serve mental drama for what? because this stupid bitch didn’t like living in Italy? I give up!

  • Draugo

    “I didn’t know I was breaking the law because he consented at the time of signing the passports”…
    Does that sound familiar to anyone else?