Santa keeping it quiet

Santas warned “ho-ho-ho” offensive to women

Our thanks to a regular contributor M, for sending us two emails yesterday. He wrote:

“I don’t think feminists could sink any lower than attacking the reputation of the symbol of Xmas, Santa Claus. They’re portraying him as a possible danger to children, an abuser, a molester, and so on… It appears that feminists don’t like the idea of children feeling affection towards men in general, and older men in particular. Oftentimes, not even their own fathers.

Also, feminists now have an issue with Santa’s traditional call ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ which apparently has sexist overtones, and is supposedly disrespectful to women. Feminists clearly wish men could be separated from children altogether.

No matter how hard I think about it, the only plausible or logical explanations that comes to mind are demonization of masculinity and/or jealousy of men and/or an attempt to increase the feminists’ power base still more. They probably feel that Santa should be either female or not exist at all. The trouble is that he isn’t female, and turning him into a female character, or eliminating him on the pretext of multiculturalism, would destroy a centuries-old tradition – one that most children across the Christian world hold dear.

Women spend a great deal more time more around kids than men do in any case, so having a male Santa is only fair to the kids, come to think of it. But in my view, the attacks on Santa are very similar in nature to the attacks on fathers and men in general. I hope to see traditional male Santas around for many more years.

Allegedly Santa’s call ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ could be offensive to Australian women because it could remind them of American slang! Also, it could be scary to children. Give me strength!!! What’s happening to Australia? A report on the matter in an American paper:

It’s not just Australia where this madness is gripping formerly sane people. Kids around the world shouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap this Xmas, as all Santas are by default suspected of being paedophiles:

From the second article, which links to a Daily Telegraph piece:

According to the National Association of Head Teachers, volunteer parents who dress up as Father Christmas have been told to avoid all physical contact with children, which of course excludes lap-sitting. ‘Santas in schools should be treated in the same way that other visitors to the school are managed,’ a spokesman for the Department of Education stated.

What’s wrong with the people working across the British education system, all of them Guardian readers, I would assume? They are nothing short of TOXIC to the young people in their charge. As many times as I’ve seen Santas at Xmas events, I can’t remember a single time that a boy or girl didn’t want to approach one or sit on his lap… I’ve never seen a kid terrified of Santa, and I’m no young kid.

As you can see Mike, feminists are attempting nothing less than the total destruction of western Christian traditions and values, which will inevitably destroy the whole society based upon it, together with the economy. If you take out the pillars of the building, the building will collapse, inevitably… simple math.”


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About Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan is a British anti-feminist writer and campaigner. He was a business executive for 30 years before taking early retirement in 2010 to focus full-time on writing books (including Feminism: the ugly truth). In 2012 he founded the Anti-Feminism League and Campaign for Merit in Business

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  • donzaloog

    Oh my God, how pathetic can you get feminists? Going after Santa Claus too. No male character who has any connection to children is safe. How long will it be before they go after Jesus?

    • Fredrik

      I would assume it’s already been done. The obvious lines of attack are that Jesus was a misogynist and/or gay for recruiting an all-male gang, and also that his refusal to settle down made him a child-man — in the Promised Land, natch. (Many thanks to Kay Hymowitz for making that joke possible.)

    • Isaac T. Quill

      Well, some have been working fast – and there is now an on-line petition calling for Santa to have his Travel Visa’s revoked. They are even linking Santa’s apparent uninvited invasion of feminists leaning chimney spaces with Rape Culture.

      Does the dottyness and demanding know no limits? I blame it all on the eggnog.

  • onca747

    In other news, Christmas is to replaced by the Politically Correct institution of “Femmas”. In Femmas, every little girl will receive all the presents she wished for, no matter how she behaved over the past year. Every little boy, OTOH, will be given a bottle of ritalin, required to sit quietly and spend the day reflecting on all his male privileges. The white male cis-gender potential-rapist-pedophile character of Santa Claus will be killed off, and replaced with gender- and racially-neutral rainbow unicorn. The Christmas tree, an ever-present phallic symbol of the Patriarchy, will be replaced by a simple bush.

    Also during Femmas, all women will be given the day off, while all men will be required to attend work. But they will not receive overtime or holiday pay, as this would widen the wage gap.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Thanks for the belly laugh, Ho Ho Ho! :-)

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    „What’s wrong with the people working across the British education system, all of them Guardian readers, I would assume?” – I would say you assumed well. And you already provided part of the answer!
    Part of the answer is that they read and believe in the Guardian.
    The other part of the answer is that they have been brought up into hating men. The very idea of men being around children horrifies some of these folks and, sadly, most of these kinds of folks work exactly in primary school and/or kindergartens.

  • Shrek6

    Thanks Mike for addressing this issue.

    I am appalled, disgusted and downright angry over the attack on Santa Claus from the PC crowd and all feminists. How dare they touch something that has been an icon in secular society for very many years.

    Although it has little to do with the true meaning of Christmas, it is based on the charitable works and behaviour of the Bishop of Myra back in the early 300′s AD. See here:

    This practice endured and was introduced into most societies around the globe, especially western or democratic societies. It is a foundational tradition and has been around for more than 1600 years.

    But in typical fashion, these whormonally unbalanced individuals, who number in the multi-millions, and including their equally disgusting male drones, are now attacking some nuts and bolts foundational beliefs/traditions that our society has been built on.

    They are attacking the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho,’ because somewhere back when in I think the US, someone started calling prostitutes or loose women, “Hoes.”
    This of course is where these rotten people get their correlation to misogyny from. They don’t want a fat bellied man in red going around calling out to prostitutes or harlots, while handing out presents to children.

    Well, here in Australia, no one, accept for the dropkicks, refers to women the same as they do in the US. It isn’t in our nature to follow suit down to the finest detail, when copying other countries. We Aussies will come straight out and tell you what we think you are, in the language we have always used.

    And the Ho, Ho, Ho, has only ever been the language of the big man in red himself.

    We just had a Santa sacked here in Aus, because he used that word in a silly joke to children. The joke went over the kids heads, but they laughed and a great photo was taken. The parents of one kid apparently didn’t find it funny, so they complained and had the man sacked.

    We need to fight this tooth and nail. It’s one thing to see innocent men vilified because of these sick women, but it is another thing when they start attacking children like this.

    See story here:

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Good find, Shrek…. and bloody outrageous. Did you hear the woman who said “Maybe” the joke is harmless?


      Hard to believe this guy was sacked.

      • Shrek6

        One woman was happy with the joke. She was older, but then there’s the other bird who was less happy and I could almost hear her saying she agreed with him being sacked. She didn’t say it, but you could hear the cogs clunking in her head.

        It’s also like the other guy who was sacked in Queensland for scaring the children when he called out Ho, Ho, Ho. Utterly ridiculous!

    • toothless

      Actually using saint nicolas is how the catholic church took over a roman holiday deemed to be pagan and was thus banned for it called Saturnalia

      Christmas been banned in many christian country including Britain and the united state, in the united state it was made a federal holiday only in the 1800.

      To me banning Christmas tree and Santa Claus for multiculturalism is silly and only come from people not knowing the real origin of the holiday and think it is related to Christianity when they just hijacked some older celebration that people loved to do like the Christmas tree actually come from Norse/celtic decorating evergreen tree and burning yule log to celebrate winter solstice.

      santa may come from saint nicolas but now he is not known to have any religious attachment. He live in north pole with his elfs and reindeer and give present to all the child of the earth regardless of their race/sex/religion only based if they have been nice or naughty, nothing in there relating to Jesus, Allah, Vishnu,lord Hanuman or the flying spaghetti monster. This all make for some pretty common secular thing to have fun celebrating the winter solstice and no one has to be offended by any of it as it does not promote any belief ,beside celebrating making it trough yet another winter.

      I am sorry if all this offend anyone, but you are free to look it up.

      on that the feminist really seems to be the scrooge that want to ruin the winter solstice celebration and have santa replaced by a short hair women screaming patriarchy, taking, present from male child and selling them to buy present for the female one then it can be fair and equal for all !

      • Shrek6

        I read some of that Wiki entry and wasn’t interested in reading further.

        At the end of the day You are obviously an Atheist and believe that the Catholic Church hijacked a pagan ritual for this day, which is nothing but sheer poppy cock, but I will allow you to go on believing this and that indeed spaghetti does fly through the air!

        As for Christmas being banned in some countries. They have been trying to do that here too in Australia. The PC police are working overtime to get rid of this day, because they say it offends the Muslims and other religions. The fact is, it has been a campaign driven by renegade Atheists who hate anything to do with religion.
        Not all Atheists are like that, but like all ideologies, you have a militant bunch of left wing lunatics who want to take their cause to the N’th degree.

        And no, I am not slamming Atheists at all. I respect everyone’s right to believe or not believe. I am in this post, defending my faith and the reasons for Christmas being celebrated.

        December the 25th, is by coincidence used to celebrate the birth of Christ. Since the very early years post Christ, the Church has had the liturgical year mapped out and the celebration of the birth of Christ came at the end of the 4 weeks of Advent, which by the way is also approximately 9 months after the Annunciation that occurs or is celebrated on March the 25th.

        Here’s a revelation. No one really knows when Christ was born!

        Many countries celebrate the birth of Christ on the 9th of January.
        Once Rome became Catholic, that pagan ritual was no longer celebrated as a nation.

        And I hate to disappoint you, but to a very large chunk of the world’s population December the 25th represents ONLY THE BIRTH OF CHRIST and nothing else!
        Santa Claus is just a childish side issue to entertain children, but has little meaning.

        Everything about the day is Christian. If it were not for the Catholic Church, none of you would have ever celebrated it.

        So let’s not get too tied up with what Christmas Day is about, because anyone who knows about such things, knows that Christ was not born on that day, but it is simply a day in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church that has changed or affected societies/countries around the world since the very early parts of the first millenia.

        I would look for a Catholic site, but I’m too lazy at the moment to hunt one down.

        • Shrek6

          Oh and I did forget to add that although it is another day in the liturgical calendar, it is indeed a most important one at that!

        • toothless

          sorry but back in the medieval age and trough the 1600 the pc police was not around the ban on christmass came from the fact it was pagan.The one opposing it where mostly puritan and religious fundamentalist.

          btw if you read my post i am not for removing it but instead giving i secular meaning to santa and the tree so everyone can be happy with it .

          People have been celebrating winter solstice way before the catholic church ever existed in a very similar manner. I am sure we would have a similar version of it and will still have even after all our current religion die out and join all the other before them as mythology .

          but we are not here to debate of this but rather the feminist trying to use some batshit insane reasoning to remove fun thing.As i am against removing anything that isnt harmful to anyone. We can at least agree that santa is not harming anyone and if the guy playing as santa does it is the person fault.

          despite our disagreement on this we are all here to stand as brother to speak out to keep our right as human being, on that i wish you a merry Christmas!

    • SlantyJaws

      Boycott the shop, organise a protest. MRAs of all people don’t need to just sit around clutching our pearls. Print off a few posters to let people know that businesses can’t be enabling the whims of feminists without paying a price.


  • Deucalion

    Feminists have got to be the most despicable, moronic and offensive people on the planet.
    Seriously, can’t we just start a fund to have them all gathered up and sent to Mars, or an abandoned island?

  • roeboat72

    I think that this rate there won’t be a single thing a man will be able to say that won’t offend anyone…

    • toothless

      i think patriarchy and sorry might still be allowed somehow

  • Bewildered

    If Santa really meant to be disparage women he would have said ” Hoe,hoe, hoe”

    But seriously this kind of BS has gone too far,very soon anything and everything will be offensive to women.
    The west is fast becoming an open air lunatic asylum.

    • Kimski

      I believe the dynamics of things like this very often goes as follows:

      A handful of the really crazy ones talks themselves into a frenzy over some random male related issue, in this case Santa, and decides to share it on their Facebook account or Twitter, where it get’s picked up by a larger number of the herd, who these days seems to be physically attached to their smartphones and cellphones from birth.

      Given the fact that they’ve never had so much time on their hands as now, thanks to men, coupled with the fact that they’ve never been so unhappy as now, they’re basically using these devises as attention gainers, looking for something to bitch about, or stay ahead in the ‘who’s in or out’-games, that women seems to like to torture themselves with.
      Especially younger women..

      Along comes the idea that Santa Claus is the ultimate pedophile, he’s also male, and on a subconscious level represents the father figure many of these women resent to some degree, due to widespread parental alienation stemming from divorced mothers in the western societies.

      Some of these women will then upvote this suggestion out of spite, some will do it because they’re just as crazy as the initiators of the idea, but the vast majority will do it because they’re too damned scared to be cast out of the social group they identify with, which basically makes those a bunch of mindless sheeples and tools for the rest.

      You’d certainly be hard pressed to find any group as vulnerable to internal group pressure as women, overall.

      And, presto! -You’ve got yourself a group of followers of an delusional fantasy, whose basic premise the more educated man haters can then define more extensively. After which the majority will then support this new extended definition, in hopes no one discovers they don’t really agree, care, or simply haven’t got a fuckin’ clue, when it comes to the long term consequences of their support.

      I am deeply convinced that goes for the majority of the suggestions, the bitching, and the whining that has come out of the feminist camp, since the very beginning of this ideology.
      And it’s all done as part of the ‘playing nice’-games they play with eachother.

      I wish they’d grow the fuck up already, and start behaving as “spesjul” as they all want to be. They could start by disagreeing with the herd on these issues, and valuing their own individuality a lot more. That would REALLY make them special.
      -But that’s just a patriarchal and oppressive suggestion from a man, of course..

      • Mike Buchanan

        KImski, I think your observations are spot-on. Bored women gather like a flock to attack whoever and whatever the malicious feminist shepherdesses tell them to attack. It takes only a few seconds on their mobile phones to ‘sign’ an online petition on some trivial issue, and they’ve done their nasty anti-male duty for the day. In the UK we have Laura Bates’s Everyday Sexism Project – we refer to it as The Everyday Whining Project – and the whiny child-woman’s campaign has over 100,000 whiny Twitter followers. We presented Laura Bates – if she ever has a son, he’ll be Master Bates – with our inaugural ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award.

        Another aspect of the Santa story is, of course, risk-aversion, a primarily female trait, as we can see in so many areas e.g. women preferring to work in the public sector rather than the private sector, their reluctance to invest their own money setting up new companies…

        Some weeks ago we had a jaw-dropping insight into the extent of many women’s risk aversion. We posted a link to a hilarious video by Gavin McInnes, ‘How to fight a baby’. It’s just 94 seconds long, but a work of true genius:

        A number of women emailed me directly to say if the video encouraged people to throw their babies about, and the babies were injured – or even killed, one woman saying the baby might be hurled through an open window in an apartment high up in the sky – I’d be personally responsible for their injuries / deaths. Sometimes you couldn’t make this s*** up…

        May I take this opportunity to wish a Merry Xmas (and a wonderful 2014) to the estimable people running AVfM, their estimable contributors, and their estimable commenters and followers. I look forward to meeting some of you in Detroit in June.

        Mike Buchanan

        (and the women who love them)

  • UKMan

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Guardian readers – have you seen the comments sections? While some of the articles still belong on Jezebel, the narrative is no longer owned by femininsts, in fact, I’ve noticed a swing in the other direction.

    • Kimski

      Same thing has been going on over here, not so far to the east.
      Even the most radical manhating media bloggers of yesteryear is starting to cave in and make excuses.
      Every time they try their usual BS out, they’re given a run through the gauntlet of logical bricks.

      • Theseus

        Kimsk, the worm is turning in a lot of these venues, and that is certainly progress.

        As we all predicted fems are trying to plug up the leaks in the damn with some serious back peddling. The degree that that they are taking it to however, borders on insanity.

        Feminists are actually starting to use the term “misandry” and acknowledge it’s existence; as a matter of fact, after some surfing on various blogs I am finding that it is being used quite frequently among some fems as they pepper it into their comments. The fact that they act like they have been using this term all along after denying it’s existence for years is absolutely fucking hilarious. In what Dr. T would call “twisted pretzel logic” though, guess where they are putting the blame for “misandry”? Mmmm hmmm you guessed it…THE PATRIARCHY! I’ve gotta admit, this is such a perfect example of black is white, up is down reasoning that it’s almost beautiful in it’s idiocy.

        Oh wait they are not done yet; Apparently feminists have ALWAYS been about holding women accountable to the same standards as men, and that it is wrong to treat women like children and not let them suffer the consequences of their actions; so this is not the fault of feminists, no, no…it’s because of (once again) THE PATRIARCHY. As a matter of fact (get this), this is what’s been contributing to misogyny on such a large scale because THE PATRIARCHY has refused to acknowledge women as fully adult human beings, and therefore has perpetuated this sexism for all these years. So you see THE PATRIARCHY causes both misogyny AND misandry and that feminists have been fighting against both all this time..

        Holy shit. There is no pretzel on the planet that could have this many twists and turns. Fuck, Pinnochio at his nosiest couldn’t dream this shit up. Do fems actually think that we are going to forget that they are on record countless times over the years that completely contradicts all this scrambling back peddling PR nonsense? Do they think that all the feminist driven misandric public policy that is a harsh reality for thousands of men across the globe, is going to be swept under the rug by a simple “Who us? Don’t look at us. We didn’t do anything… we loooove men”.


    • SlantyJaws

      Yeah honestly a crusade against Santa from these feminists is the best Christmas present the MRM could have gotten. Everone loves Santa.

      • Isaac T. Quill

        I have been researching the Santa and HO-HO-HO Hysteria and discovered a hoard of Chocolate Santas being manufactured by a left leaning collective in Hoboken (Primarily funded by Hurricane relief dollars claimed cos their nail art boutique was rained upon).

        Here is what the product looks like! NSFW – Trigger Warning!

        I’m sure that many will be disturbed…. by what is not clear!

  • freey

    Try this topical yuletide paedohysteria satirical singalong which postulates that Santa’s “profile” fails the PC test

    And in other news

    On a day when the new peril of false paedo accusations for gain is mentioned here

    and here

    We also have this

    I’d call that 2 steps backwards and 1 forwards but in previous years we have been accustomed to having 0 forwards so be of good cheer.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2014 to look forward to.

  • Seele

    Such a slippery slope. If they get their way, next thing banned would be pirate talk where they go “Yo-ho-ho”. Then model railway will get the axe, as the most popular scale is HO. Then one of the most common Chinese last name, as rendered in the south will get banned as it’s written as “Ho”, even though it should strictly be pronounced as “Hoar”. Goodness knows what’s next.

    • toothless

      they might even protest farm and frame farmer as pimp because they use hoe to till the soil.

      • Seele

        Of course; “holy” could be considered as an insult too.

    • Fredrik

      “Then one of the most common Chinese last name, as rendered in the south will get banned as it’s written as “Ho”, even though [and worse] it should strictly be pronounced as “Hoar”.”

      Fixed that for you.

  • SlantyJaws

    Well the world has gone mad but at least my avatar saw it coming.

  • Alessandro

    In Italy we have both Santa Claus and the “befana”: an old ugly witch that gives carbon to children. Feminists can identify in the “befana”

    • Super Ginrai

      I wish Krampus would have a word with them.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Don’t forget Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Next thing, feminists will claim the dwarves were really sex slave traders, were giving Snow White drugs and pimping her out. “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.”

    God, are these feminist, PC, witch hunt, asshole hysterics tiresome.

    Have some egg nog, focus on gratitude and give it a rest already!

    Oh, almost forgot — HO, HO, HO!

    • comslave

      To be fair, there are very few Disney cartoons I would show a daughter. Most of them are lessons in hypergamy. Only the recent ones are any good.

  • Mike Buchanan

    Alcoholics Anonymous should campaign against sheep being kept in fields where members of the public might hear them if they walked by, or drove by. After all, their cries of ‘Bar! Bar!’ could drive reformed alcoholics into bars.

    • toothless

      didn’t the uk ban the nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep because it was racist ?
      i heard it from a friend in the uk a while ago but you might know about it to

  • Robert St. Estephe

    AVfM has sunk to a new low. This notorious website is now exhibiting unabashed Hoism. Get ready, folks, the SPLC (Screaming Predatory Lovers of Cash) will place AVfM on its most dreaded list of all: “Ho Hate List.”

    Listen up, you mother’s-basement-dwelling rape-apologising Bid-Red-hating persons of no account: You’re in deep doodoo now. Wait until Congress hears about this. Those folks do not take kindly to hostility to hos – whores, harlots, prostitutes, whatever the term you use.

    Expect to pay higher taxes next year, you unrepentant disobedient serfs. There will surely be a new billion dollar bill passed by Parliament to fight against this dangerous, unhelpful and insensitive new “War Against Hos.”

    From thence forward X-mas shall be superseded by V-mas, and that pole-dwelling potentially-a-peophile male personage that you have been so fond of since you were wee potential-rapist lads shall be replaced by an authentically jolly spokesperson for that holiday of the most frigid season:

    You guessed it: Next year you’ll be sending out V-mas cards emblazoned with the jolly, yet appropriately admonitory, image of the voice of the V-season, Big Red herself, in all her ho-ho-ho glory.

    (PMS: New jobs for a million V-elves who shall scurry about the land performing V-carols and issuing speech-violation citations to all Hoists who open their V-insubordinate gobs.)

  • brentlol

    This is like the oldest joke in the book. Santa can’t say “ho-ho-ho” anymore. Its now “lady of the night-lady of the night-lady of the night.” Don’t tell some has taken this literal.

  • whiic

    If Santa Claus was to call a feminist “Ho, ho, ho!”, that is kinda offensive. Actually, it’s very offensive. Toward all the prostitutes whose honor have been tarnished.

    So, shame on Santa Claus, if you’ve ever made that mistake. Onky “ho” honorable people from now on.

    • Shrek6

      Feminists and prostitutes have no honour. So if the cap fits…………….
      And let’s not talk about all the prostitutes who refuse to leave the game, because the money is so damn good.

      It’s about time we recognise the other victim here. There are very many men who are preyed upon by prostitutes. Prostitutes of many types are in the game to exploit vulnerable men, just so they can make a huge amount of money.

      It is sickening that the only victims here that are ever mentioned, are the poor and unfortunate women caught up in the sex slave trade. And I feel so deeply for them, but they do not number in the majority, especially in developed western countries.
      Here in Aus, it is a career path of choice for a large number of women and they refuse to leave it.
      There are so many women who are either married or single, who wish to sleep around and never remain faithful. These are the women who decide that they might as well be paid for dropping their knickers.

      Men are always blamed for sleeping around, but no one says a word about “WHO” the men are sleeping with. Duh!
      It’s women of course!
      Home wreckers like the men. I have a feeling there will be more women prepared to be unfaithful than men. Women will spread their legs for anything they deem as useful for them at the time.

      Women have had the goods, which is why they have the power.
      However, if we get over 50% of the male population to be MGTOW, then men will have the goods, thus they will have the power!

      As for Santa calling anyone Ho, Ho, Ho. That is a stupid thing to say. Santa does not call anyone that, because the saying is a form of jolly laugh;

      This is the typical thought processes of mentally ill, idiot women.

      • whiic

        I might get downvotes but I say it anyway…

        “let’s not talk about all the prostitutes who refuse to leave the game, because the money is so damn good.”

        Why shouldn’t they be allowed to refuse such a random demand? If you were demanded to give up your profession (whatever it was), would refusal to comply make you dishonorable?

        Sure, the high-class prostitutes (i.e not the crack-addicts and victims of human trafficing) do get an easy life just because they were born with a vagina. Jealousy is understandable but it doesn’t make them bad people that anyone else making profit off what they have. Not bad, but still not deserving any special recognition of their hard work either.

        Of course calling prostitutes “honorable” as a class was just trolling. While I wouldn’t call it dishonorable in general (only individual prostitutes are that) it still doesn’t quite rank all the way up to honorable. It’s a shade of gray (but not 50 shades of it).

        “It’s about time we recognise the other victim here. There are very many men who are preyed upon by prostitutes. Prostitutes of many types are in the game to exploit vulnerable men, just so they can make a huge amount of money.”

        What are you, a Communist? Why are you calling a creation of a contract as “preying”?

        Sure, there are some prostitutes who do qualify as predators by using blackmail to extort a second payment afterward, be that method of blackmail revealing the contract to the public or family, false rape allegation, or threatening to use local legislation regarding “statutory rape” laws against the customer (if contracting a prostitute is criminalized in general, or if the prostitute is underaged, etc.) That’s what I would agree as preying.

        “There are so many women who are either married or single, who wish to sleep around and never remain faithful. These are the women who decide that they might as well be paid for dropping their knickers.”

        You sound quite a bit like conservative-broken-down-to-MGTOW, so I’ll just ask:
        do you think those housewives who do remain faithful deserve any more respect than a hooker?

        Because even if they did remain faithful, that only means that they are having only one customer to fund her life. Nothing else. It doesn’t mean she’s automatically keeping her half of the contract if she has only one customer. She’s a total prostitute and her business ethics might as well suck in the same way as a free market prostitutes ethics may suck.

        If she stays true to her husband, does all the work at home, has sex always when husband wants it (no headache), gives as many babies as husband wants… She’s still a prostitute. An exclusive prostitute. And a high-class prostitute for keeping her end of the contract. And probably a rare one to find as well. But still a prostitute.

        Most wives don’t like to keep their end, even if they choose to be financially dependent on her husband (=customer). Not only may they breech the contract (adultery, refusal for housework, refusal for sex, etc.), they may at some time want to nullify the contract one-sidedly… and drag in the state to extract money from you despite she being the one that wanted out of the contract. Also, they may demand second payments and use blackmail (“I’ll take the kids. You will never see them again.”) or make or threaten to make false allegations of rape or abuse of her or any of the children in order to gain upper hand in divorce and custody battle.

        Come on. How are housewives not totally prostitutes?

        Sure, you hope for MGTOW to salvage the situation but if MGTOW were to strip women of the sexual power advantage, you still seem to think it would be fine for men to get married if only those women didn’t do adultery. I still think the concept of marriage needs so social engineering on top of that. Stuff like more focus on it being a contract between individuals, not between individuals and the state.

        “Men are always blamed for sleeping around, but no one says a word about “WHO” the men are sleeping with.”

        I know there’s a societal hypocrisy there. Men cheat, they’re considered acting like rampaging dicks. Women cheat, they are only seeking consolation they can’t get from the (too emasculine) husband. Plus of course sexual freedom being unalienable right that cannot be given away by any contract, and this not only includes right to cheat but also refusal of marital sex (but only for the wives: if husbands do it, it’s considered “violence” to refuse sex).

        Regarding on blaming the third party:

        A marriage should be a contract between two (or more, if they prefer) people. Hence a third person outside of marriage simply cannot be responsible for breech of contract as he or she (regardless of gender) isn’t a participant in an agreement. People who breech a marriage contract can’t honestly accuse a third party for his or her own infidelity any more than a mother can get rid of guilt by saying all her friends had their babies’ dick chopped off as well.

        If you can’t take 100% blame (not 50%, not 99%) of your own actions, you better not pretend to be sorry, because you aren’t truly taking responsibility of your actions. This of course should apply to both (or all) genders.

        You blame wifes themselves for infidelity.
        You blame loose women (free or paid) for tempting husbands to the same thing.
        You blame prostitutes for praying on men as if men cannot refuse.

        You know what? You’re just mirroring the genders and presenting the same thing feminists say:
        under patriarchy and rape culture women cannot truly consent

  • Mateusz Wacek

    I had to read that article several times to tell if it was meant to be parody.

    Femisnists need to be warned that they are offensive to logic.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      I guess the femi-speech police will have to pass a law replacing the politically offensice “Ho, ho, ho” with the politically correct language: “Slut, slut, slut.”

      Femininists know how to win respect for their intelligence, industry and innovative abilities. They is why they concocted “third wave” feminism and taught us all to really, really, feel bad about “gender discrimination” through their brilliant creation: the impressive international Slut Walk campaign.

      We gender-defectives slink to our man-caves in shame.