Designer vaginas

Clementine Ford is renowned for her inability to examine complex issues from a broad and sexually inclusive perspective. One, and only one, perspective is allowed, Ford’s feminist perspective. Now she has even stooped to direct commentators on her articles to conform to her own bias.

Disclaimer: Clementine would like to acknowledge that the issue of male circumcision is also fraught. She is personally against all forms of cultural sanctioned genital surgery, including male circumcision. However, this article is not about that so she would kindly ask that comments not be derailed. There will be a time in which to discuss male circumcision, but this article is not it.

This disclaimer is appended to a recent article titled the “Large Labia Project” which concerns the increasing trend by adult female human beings from the advanced western economy of Australia, to freely choose to undergo elective cosmetic surgery, to alter the appearance of their external genitalia (Vulva) most commonly the labia minora.  This procedure is technically described a vuvoplasty or labioplasty but in common parlance is sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Designer Vagina” surgery.

Far from being a “culturally sanctioned” procedure as Ford maintains Vulvoplasty was until recent years a procedure little known to the lay public used by gynaecologists to repair or refashion congenital or other abnormalities of the vulva. It has come to the public’s notice of late because of increasing requests by women whose vulvae are normal to have the procedure preformed for purely aesthetic reasons.

This led to an abuse of Australia’s Medicare system, which funds such surgery for therapeutic reasons but not for simple aesthetics. Medicare figures show that 432 women had vulvoplasties in 1999, but by 2011 this number had risen to 1565.

The increase was not due to some sudden increase in vulval pathology and abnormalities, rather as James Cook University Professor, Ajay Rane notes, “mainly young women aged 19 to 24 are having the procedure, which in up to 70% of cases is unnecessary.”

Medicare’s first response to this data was to reduce the financial rebate for vulvoplasty in an attempt to limit inappropriate use, subsequently a review has been instituted to define more precisely the acceptable use of the procedure and when it should be subsidised at public expense.  It is likely that far greater numbers of vulvoplasties are preformed by private unregulated cosmetic clinics and not captured in Medicare data, most if not all of these will be medically unnecessary operations.

Dr Rane sensibly suggests that patients requesting the procedure should view an atlas of normal female genital anatomy, have at least 2 consultations with the doctor and undergo a psychological evaluation prior to being allowed to undergo a medically unnecessary procedure.

One wonders why after more than 50 years of feminist governance and control of the education system by the women who attended consciousness raising and vulva viewing sessions with their ideological sisters, they have not educated their daughters as to what is normal genital appearance?

It is important to note increasing requests for medically unnecessary vulvoplasty is identified as a significant problem with professional bodies, women’s groups and government all taking steps to investigate and protect women.

However in line with Fords usual stance against women owning their own shit, she implies the blame for this trend should be placed firmly at the feet of men, who through their patriarchal power and privilege use the beauty and pornography industries to socially construct ideals of female sexual attractiveness leading to the “sexual packaging of women’s bodies as commodities.”

It is unclear why ford is not lobbying the female models and porn stars that sell the images of their bodies for commercial gain. After all women could stop the beauty and porn industries by simply refusing to take part.

What ford neglects to address in her article is that the equivalent situation from a male perspective is not circumcision but the burgeoning penile enlargement industry.  Anyone who has ever received spam email will be aware that this industry is prolific. It targets vulnerable men with the false message that worldly success is directly related to penile size and they should avail themselves of any of dozens of techniques, natural remedies, devices or surgeries to achieve that end.

This message was apparently behind the recent filicide of a 9-year-old boy by his mother who believed his pre-pubertal penis size doomed him to failure in life.

Penile enlargement surgery is aggressively advertised and promoted.  It is often performed in unregulated clinics. Many of the non-surgical therapies are unlicensed. Yet public discourse around this form of genital mutilation or concern for the protecting the vulnerable men who seek it out, if it exists at all, is well hidden.

Searching both the Urological Society of Australia and NZ and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon’s website for information regarding penile enlargement draws a blank. As with most things when it comes to genitals, women’s matter and men’s don’t. Yet men are just as susceptible to be influenced by societal and media pressure, as are women.

Male models in fashion and porn actors are unlikely to be selected on the basis of having average or smaller genitalia. For that matter when was last time you saw a non–buff, under or over weight, male model without a prominent bulge between the legs?  How many male characters in roleplaying computer games are portrayed with average body type and not as exaggerated muscle bound hulks?   The so-called beauty myth is targeted at both sexes has it base firmly in commerce and consumerism not in gender politics.  Both sexes are susceptible to such influence, and deserving of protection from adverse influences and themselves.

The most egregious error in Ford’s thesis however is equating Female Genital Mutilation, the genital cutting of non-consenting infant girls by women in other cultures but illegal in Australia, with the aesthetic choices of adult women.  Similarly the culturally accepted, legal, and Medicare funded genital mutilation (circumcision) of non-consenting defenseless male neonates has no bearing on her thesis; they are quite simply not comparable issues.

By implying they are comparable Ford has already derailed her own arguments with the typical feminist rhetorical trick of NOT comparing apples with apples.  Still, her gullible audience slurps at her swill as though she is the rising star of gender equality, rather than the tired and bitter gender bigot she is.

About Greg Canning

Greg is father, Family Physician and medical educator located in North Queensland, with interests in mens rights and exposing the corrupt domestic abuse industry. He is also the News Director for AVfM Australia.

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  • Dean Esmay

    I love having the power to just look at a woman and make her get fake boobs and a labia carving. All this male privilege is awesome!

    • Paul Elam

      Don’t forget botox, nose jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks and the rest of the gory bullshit we force women into simply by looking at them with our beady, evil male eyes.

      If I had a handlebar mustache I would be twirling it right now.

      • Steve_85

        I do have one, and it is being twirled. You may enjoy my twirling vicariously :)

  • Mark Trueblood

    Here’s how the thought process works: “Women are doing something that my feministy sensibilities disapprove of! And that can’t be, because feminism represents all women, so there is no reason for a woman to choose otherwise! It must be the fault of men.”

    Also applies to porn, prostitution, being pro-life, desiring to be a stay-at-home-mother, being socially conservative, and numerous other things that some women may choose out of their own free will.

    They deny female agency, and position themselves as the arbiters of the choices women should make.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      “Also applies to porn, prostitution, being pro-life, desiring to be a stay-at-home-mother, being socially conservative, and numerous other things that some women may choose out of their own free will.”

      That’s a pretty comprehensive Feminist no-no list you just laid out there.

      Thank you.

    • externalangst

      Thanks Greg

      @ Mark, apparently female bosses being mean girls to their female underlings is also men’s fault according to Peggy Drexler’s piece in the Wall Street Journal. Women in positions of power turning on their own sex (Sting in the tale of ‘queen bee’ bullies, 5/3) was actually the fault of men and the patriarchy. Unlike the women bosses she cited, the men were supportive, but somehow it was still due to the ‘Patriarchy’.

      • Mark Trueblood


        “The mere presence of men in the workplace sends out bullying pheremones, making women’s endocrine systems produce alien male testosterone poison, causing them AGAINST THEIR OWN WILL to bully.”

      • Wilf

        Women don’t like having a female boss simply because they hold them to the same standards as the male employees. Equality can be such a bitch.

  • Jean Valjean

    It was women who broke down all the social norms that required women to be more modest in their dress.

    Their reasoning, as always, was that these norms were patriarchal in nature and repressed and oppressed women.

    Flash forward 40 years and we see the sexual arms race that has occurred. This is not a product of men forcing women to be prettier and sexier. This is a product of women competing against each other to achieve ever-unworldlier levels of “beauty.”

    Forty years ago a woman could be plump or curvy and think she was pretty enough. She also had skills to bring to a relationships that women of today simply do not.

    She could manage a household, care for children, take care of her husband, and not be a Caterwauling Unreasonable Nasty Termagant all the time. Also, she was far less likely to bail out on a whim the way many women today have wont to do.

    So then, what else does a woman have to offer a man? Her looks and her sexuality are really the last things that a man can say he wants from a woman without being called a sexist or misogynist.

    And since this is the only thing that is politically correct for men to want from women it stands to reason it’s the one thing women are going overboard to provide–even if it is mostly an illusion.

    The fact is that cosmetic surgery and vaginal rejuvenation are the products of women’s independent and autonomous choices.

    Men are not forcing women to do these things anymore than young men with fists full of dollar bills are forcing single moms to take off their clothes at titty bars.

    In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Women using sex, even manufactured sexuality, to lure men into relationships where women can exploit men financially is what this is about.

    As men ‘wise’ up to what’s going on in the world women are becoming more and more desperate.

    Vaginoplasty, nose jobs, boob lifts, and tummy tucks are not the actions of an “empowered” female class. They are the actions of a group which is increasingly intuiting their irrelevance and superfluity.

    • Mark Trueblood

      IMO the fashion/sex appeal arms race is to 1. compete with other women 2. demonstrate high social status 3. attract the top 10% of men. Women have confirmed this with me too.

      Myself, and most guys I’ve known over the years, have a very down-to-earth view on women’s appearance. But then again, none of us are the top echelons of desirable manhood so who cares what we think.

      • The Real Peterman

        Absolutely, right on, 100% hit the nail square on the head. Women who go to extremes like this are doing it to attract the George Clooneys of the world. They don’t have to do stuff like this to land a man like me, but they don’t even see men like me, let alone want to land one.

        • Cousin Dave

          The really ironic thing is… From what I’ve read about it, most women who get this surgery have their labia trimmed down to near-invisibility, which I suspect is the opposite of what most men find hot. In my, ahem, extensive academic research on the subject, I find a fair amount of large-labia porn, but no tiny-labia porn. As in the case with the waif look that so many women think is hot, they’ll intentionally do things that make themselves less attractive to men, and then complain that men aren’t attracted to them.

  • Jim Muldoon

    Excellent article, Greg.

    Clementine Ford, in true feminist fashion, adds to the problems rather than providing real insight.

    First, as you point out, she categorises the problem incorrectly – it is voluntary. If 1565 women had the surgery in 2011, then some 7 million Australian women stared Patriarchy in the eye and said no.

    Second, circumcision and penis enlargement, are far bigger problems, numerically speaking,. Not only that, but being performed by less trained practitioners in less hygenic circumstances.

    No comparison, because the comparison would mean that Ford is writing an article on a minor issue while ignoring two major issues.

    Lastly, for those women considering unnecessary surgery, how does Ford actually help? She points them to the website of a woman, Emma, who shows copious amounts of photographs of her vagina, complete with captions like “Wanna lick?” (Of course its not pornograhy, which is why Ford includes the NSFW warning).

    On this blog, one woman sends in a photo of her vagina complete with a story about how she is about to undergo surgery to have it modified. Here is her message:

    “I’ve always hated my vagina. I would say it’s hideous to be honest. I paid my deposit and booked the appointment. I want to get the right lip shortened and as soon as I made the appointment I felt I had done the right thing. But it’s seemed that since that day, everywhere I look everyone is talking about their labia, why they hate it and why they should love it. I’ve never been more conflicted. I want to accept my body for what it is, and I don’t want to spend $4,460 on something like that, something so vain. I read the posts here and I feel a strength building in me. Then I take a picture close up and I see it and I feel ill and think that April 8 can’t come soon enough. I want to be talked back off this ledge. In a moment of desperation I’m sending you my vagina and hoping someone else holds the wisdom and key to the true definition of labia love. I need this love in my life.”

    Now in Ford’s article she says, “Why, given our outrage for other cultural practices involving the surgical manipulation of women’s AND girls’ vaginas in order to placate social standards of sexual attractiveness, do we not turn our critical lens to this but instead mouth off about ‘choice’ and ‘consent’?”

    Emma’s response to the women contemplating surgery is:

    “I have been in private discussion with this contributor to talk about her concerns about her labia. I’m still not certain whether she will go ahead with the surgery, but from our conversations, if she decides to go through with it then I fully support her decision, for her personal reasons, her mental and emotional well-being, and I offer her my compassion and care.”

    Maybe Ford should have a word with Emma?

    • Aimee McGee

      This idea that her mental health is affected by her lopsided labia makes me roll my eyes…asymmetries are normal in humans. Get something real to worry about.
      I have only met one woman who had a legitimate medical reason for a labiaplasty – one lip of her labia minora was so long it got caught in knicker elastic and was forever getting abrasions

  • Steve_85


  • Perseus

    Females clown themselves up, obtusely accentuating sexual characteristics for two explicit reasons, and two explicit reasons alone:

    1) Vanity.
    2) Profit of sexual currency.


    I’m looking for the paytreearchal force in there somewhere.. peek-a-boo, oh paytreearchal force, where are youuu.. are you hiding under a rock somewhere?.. behind a flippity flappity labia minora, maybe..?

    Nope. Hm, guess that one was just a red herring, non sequitur, piece of shit lie tactic. Who the fuck would have thought. Coming from the sublime flowers, themselves.. oh my.

  • Aimee McGee

    Not even going to start my rant about women not knowing what is normal in the female body….

    • Bewildered

      Unfortunately these last 50 years or so they have been programmed to see everything abnormally .

  • Stephen O’Brian

    I’m in my mid 50s now and have rarely seen a real woman in all my life. So infrequently in fact that it’s getting difficult for me to remember what one actually looks like.
    No joke.

    • Bewildered

      Real women have been marginalized and bizarre caricatures and outright nut cases have usurped their places on the main stage of life. Many of them are dysfunctional both within and without the home.
      It’s a wonder that the culture has not imploded under this juggernaut.

      • Stephen O’Brian

        An article on the masquerade show called modern femininity is in the pipeline. I recently visited parts of rural Asia and was staggered at the honest, no frills, beauty of many of the local women there.
        No pretentious makeup, no heels, no padded push up bras etc, etc.
        Just undisguised natural womanhood.
        It really drove home to me exactly what you’re saying.

        • Bewildered

          Sir! this woman wasn’t ‘ashamed’ to be a real woman,who could think for herself !

          FOUND HERSELF !

          ” You see, my mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale.

          Family love? A young Rebecca with her parents

          In fact, having a child has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Far from ‘enslaving’ me, three-and-a-half-year-old Tenzin has opened my world. My only regret is that I discovered the joys of motherhood so late – I have been trying for a second child for two years, but so far with no luck.

          I was raised to believe that women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. But I strongly feel children need two parents and the thought of raising Tenzin without my partner, Glen, 52, would be terrifying.

          As the child of divorced parents, I know only too well the painful consequences of being brought up in those circumstances. Feminism has much to answer for denigrating men and encouraging women to seek independence whatever the cost to their families. “

          • Turbo

            I just read that article, thanks for the link. Truly amazing, what a great expose of what real feminism looks like.

            Who cares about the children, their wants and their needs. It is the “Sisterhood” that matters, nothing more.

            I think that child is better off without a Grandma that has a heart of stone.

          • Greg Canning

            aye aye Bewildered, quite simply feminism is selfish.

      • megatron

        Culture has already begun imploding. Everything has become more homogenized, recycled, and top down. Music has been on a steep decline since the 1970’s.

  • Robert Sides

    What next: fembots “sharing” worries about their male-dominated hemorrhoids?

    Beezjuzz: Talk about feminitwits reinforcing the stereotype that women are ditzes!

    Then again, maybe there’s a method to their obvious madness. Maybe they’re brainstorming ideas for new feminist academic pursuits. Perhaps it’s a trial balloon to see what new “serious discourses” can be added to Womyn’s Studeez. Like:

    “Shit or Get Off the Pot!”
    Millions of oppressed vaginates fear the Partriarchy. In fact, they worry so much their stool stops mid-pipeline. So they’re tempted to smoke a joint to, well, loosen things up. But then, that’s illegal. So…what to do? Studies show this unresolved dilemma might result in WWIII.

    “Is My Butt Borglum-Big?”
    An activism-for-credit class. Students will participate in a petition drive to have a facsimile of Andrea Dworkin’s massive backside carved into Mr. Rushmore.

    “Labia Spain We Adore Thee!”
    A medical research project. Enrollees will cast votes at Casa Loco Vasquez to determine Miss South American Nether Regions 2013. Course materials provided by Swedish manufacturer, Vulva.

    “Wilma Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
    Taught by performance artist Karen Finlay ( This lively seminar reveals the secret thought processes of this reformed dworkinite. For example, Karen admits the Tootsie Rolls she stuck in her ears onstage symbolized feminists having “shite for brains.”

    “Can You Hear Me Now”?
    A theatre course taught by a voice-over artist once employed by Verizon. This graduate of the Enlser Institute of Vaginal Ventriloquism shows students how to “speak from the diaphragm.”

    Okay, okay. I know, sorta silly. But still: I just KNOW youse guys (and gals!) have similar ideas for next year’s feminist courses on college campi…right?

    If so, let’s hear ’em.

    Gaia knows we need to laugh from time to time….

    • Greg Canning

      If you search the feminist literature Robert you will very likely find that most of those topics or closely related ones have already been subject to in depth feminist analysis , and probably quite a few master’s degrees or PhD’s handed out on the basis of it.

  • Robert Sides

    Three more.

    (Somebody, please: stop me!)

    “Doucheland, Doucheland Uber Alles”
    An historical survey. In this seminar– er, ovinar– students will learn how feminists plan to take over the world by eliminating knockwurst, bratwurst, and bockwurst, replacing them with special snowflake spaetzle.

    “It’s Moanin’ in America”
    An audio practicum. Recorder-armed feminists will document ever-fainter sounds emitted by men gutted in Family Courts.

    “What’s Mine Is Mayan, What’s Yours is Urine”
    Post 2012’s faux-apocalypse, pissed-off fembot survivors exited coven caves to find “danglers” still extant. This class explores ways wimmin can continue to ream penis-bearers for another millennium.

    “You Lookin’ at Me?”
    A practicum. Feminist social studies students will drive taxis naked. They will then execute with impunity any male who looks at them. Or thinks about looking at them. Or asks if they want a ‘tip.’ Field notes will be discussed in-class and uploaded to femboobtube.

    “There’s Only Sammich A Man Can Take”
    A study of the emerging MRM. What to make of merely mortal males arrogantly claiming human rights? What stance should thoroughly modern wimmin take? If worse comes to worst, is Miracle Whip better than mayo?

    Now…YOUR turn to improve fembot curricula!

  • Malestrom

    Often, and this is one of those cases, when reading feminist literature I find myself wishing I could be this mythical feminist man, complete with all his psychic super powers and Jedi mind tricks. Imagine being a man as feminists seem convinced they exist; you can do whatever you want, if a woman comes along you just use your patriarchal magic powers to make her think or want whatever you please, and she has no ability to resist or refuse. That sounds fucking awsome.

  • Kalan Chinuck

    I remain astonished that few seem to notice the sexual objectification of women is driven largely by women for their own benefit. In fact, it could be considered a gender advantage for women.