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Sizing up a man’s worth

Is bigger always better when it comes to the size of a man’s penis?

Many think so, in fact society has taught us that the bigger something is that men own, means that they are somehow more of a man. That the more a man has, the more worth he has as a human being. Bigger cars, houses, boats, more women, money, toys, etc… Giving a man higher status and thus increased worth to society. This is also the case when it comes to the size of a man’s penis, or so we are told.

Men are often ridiculed by women if their penis does not meet a certain length when erect. I’ve personally heard many women, on many occasions, discussing their ex-partners penises and making fun of how small, tiny, or thin they were. How fucking his pinky toe would have been more pleasurable, or how they literally laughed in the guy’s face when they saw it for the first time.

These women enjoy shaming those men amongst others and cackling over hot cups of coffee in public coffee shops where anyone nearby can clearly hear what they are talking about. In fact, they enjoy knowing that others are hearing them and that the men they are shaming are not just confined to their table.

It sounds disgusting doesn’t it? Well it is.

The message that a man’s penis somehow defines his worth has been beaten into us for so long that even parents of infant boys usually check the penis after he is born to make sure it looks proportional to his overall size. Making sure little Timmy’s penis is big enough is almost as important as making sure he has all ten fingers and toes, if not more important. In fact, Google “son has small penis” and you’ll see just how concerned (obsessed) parents, mostly mothers, are about the size of their son’s penises. And not just parents of infants, but parents of older children too. Well up into their teens for some of them.

This is just an example of how society has led us to believe that a small penis means a man is somehow worth less. Of course this can, and sadly often does, lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy when a man buys into this kind of bullshit and places the bulk of his worth on the size of his penis. More so if his parents make an issue of it as he is growing up. Not only does making an issue of it tell that boy that his parents place enormous value on something he has no control over, but that it is something to be utterly ashamed of and it needs to be hidden or fixed.

But what happens when too much importance is placed on the size of a man’s penis? When someone has bought into the whole idea that a man is only worth something if his penis is of a certain size?

According to news sources, an Indonesian woman recently drowned her nine-year-old son in the bath because she was worried that his “small penis” would affect his opportunities as a man in the future.

The 38-year-old woman from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, told the police that her son “already had a small penis prior to his being circumcised, but that it appeared to ‘shrink further’ after the operation.”

She told police investigators that she killed him because she determined “he would have a bleak future with his small penis.”

Police said the woman was “fully conscious of what she had done”, but police ordered a psychological test to “assess her mental condition.”

Is this woman suffering from a mental illness which led her to believe that the size of her son’s penis size would have affected his future so horribly that her only recourse was to murder him? Or is she just someone who completely bought into the bullshit that a man’s penis is the determining factor of his manhood? Of his worth as a human being? I tend to think it was the latter and not the former.

When society places so much worth on the size of a man’s penis it’s a wonder that more male children are not being inspected daily and then discarded like trash if they fail to measure up.

The truth is that the size of a man’s penis has nothing to do with his worth as a human being. But if we are raising our sons to believe in the bullshit that size is the determining factor of what their worth is, then we are creating a society that does not value men as individuals, but as walking penises. As being no more than a few inches of worth to the world.

When you do that, who is it that truly loses their worth as human beings?

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Who’s being objectified?

    • knightrunner

      Don’t recall hearing of someone killing their daughter because her boobs were too small.

      • JJ

        I have heard that the Chinese murder their daughters because they prefer a son; small penis or otherwise. Now that they have millions of sons with no female to mate with; they sound a little nervous to me?

        Either way, obsessing about these sorts of details brings people to a suicidal tizzy; or wanting to get assault rifles and go to a public place.

        At some point we have to ask when do we value people themselves; not what they can give us?

        Why I married my wife; she could have had any number of wealthy men to take care of her; not like I had any money at the time going through one of my custody fights. Also, when we went out, she would often pay.

        She is also from a third world country; I love the hell out of her because when shit got rough for me; she was still there. When she says stupid or mean words; I know when she has apologized. When I say something messed up, she does not run to her mother to tell her how terrible I am.

        That is how you know you have a keeper; when you two face real nonsense together; they don’t trade you in for convenience! They stand by you.

        The sex, or the size of either person’s genitals is just part of the package. We all have to mature sometime; or die terribly alone trying. Just ask Dworkin!

        • bmunoz

          The perception that some Chinese people prefer boys over girls is Western feminist propaganda. In the past, yes, many Chinese prefer boys over girls as a son would help take care of his parents when they get older, but in today’s China families now prefer a girl over a boy. The reason for this is that boys cost more to have than girls. For a girl’s family to agree to a marriage for their daughter the groom needs to already own a house. This usually means that the groom’s parents need to buy their son a home. Home’s in China can cost a large amount of money. Also, it is now more common for girls to care for her parents instead of a boy because she is usually more financially well off.

          The gender imbalance in China is often due to the procreation policy of China. Most people think China strictly enforces a 1 child policy. This is false as this is usually only enforced in the urban areas. In suburban and rural areas families are allowed to have many children. For example, my wife’s mother lives outside of Guangzhou, a major metropolitan city in the south of China. They were allowed to have 2 children because they had a daughter as their first child. This policy was developed when it was more common for sons to care for his aging parents instead of a daughter. My wife also has family that lives in a rural area near Shantou China. Here each family can have 5 children, and from what I saw every family has 5 children. One of her cousins had 5 girls and he was very proud of that fact. He said he had a family of princesses.

  • josephrobertson

    I was talking with a female co-worker yesterday, who was relating a conversation she had had with one of our bosses (a woman) about another one of our bosses (a man).

    Apparently the female boss said something to the effect of, “God, the way he tries to have a say in everything, he must have such a small penis!”

    My co-worker thought this hilarious and acted as if I was supposed to laugh along (I was definitely not the first person she had told this story to).

    I said, “Wait, so what does his penis have to do with anything?”

    “Well you know, it’s like you can tell how insecure he is…”

    “Oh no, I understand the implication very well,” I said. “But is it fine for me to say that you and our [female] boss have huge hungry gaping vaginas because you want to control everything?”

    “Oh my god how dare you say that!”

    “Oh, so it’s okay for you to get offended by someone reducing your behavior down to the nature of your sex organs, but when you and everyone else laughs and denigrates my sex organ, blaming all of my behavior on it, well that’s just well and good, huh?”

    “Whatever dude, calm down,” she said to me, “it’s just a joke, it’s not supposed to be taken seriously!”

    I said, “Yeah, I know, and that’s exactly why I’m taking it so seriously. I don’t like my sexuality being completely open for derision throughout our culture, it’s trying to make me feel shitty and worthless on a daily basis…and also our [female] boss really shouldn’t be going around and thoughtlessly talking about her co-workers like that, and you shouldn’t be thoughtlessly telling this anecdote to everyone like it’s a laugh riot.”

    She didn’t say much to me the rest of the shift…

    • Spark

      Ironically enough you might be facing sexual harassment charges for mentioning that a woman might be less than satisfied about the size of her bust or tightness of her vagina.
      This whole size thing is really strange. Every time I almost convince myself that it’s really not as important as it’s made out to be and that guys care about it more than women do I hear some dumb cunt mock a guy over his dissatisfactory endowment, then after a split second of wanting to watch the world burn I’m back to square one.

      • Kimski

        “Every time I almost convince myself that it’s really not as important as it’s made out to be and that guys care about it more than women do I hear some dumb cunt mock a guy over his dissatisfactory endowment, then after a split second of wanting to watch the world burn I’m back to square one.”

        “Then go marry a horse, if that will shut you up” would probably be my spontaneous reply, but then again, I’m not a very nice guy.

    • Kimski

      Very well replied, sir.
      The amounts of come backs at insinuations like those are beyond belief, and well worth a second thought, followed up by a seriously good laughter. If women like that really want to go down that road, there’s no limit to how hysterical and angry the responses will be, when open barn doors, echoes, and missing tank platoons enters the conversation.

      However, I have little faith in one half of the human race, when it comes to their capability of projections and objectifications, and that is mostly based on RL experiences.
      One might easily fear that the only outcome of your little intermezzo, besides shutting her down really nicely, will be her walking away from the conversation thinking:

      “Wow! He really took that personal.
      _He must have a small penis too_”.

      Which probably will be her follow up to the original story, next time she tells it.

      Remember the statement from Dr. Lecter to agent Starling, from behind the bars of his cell, regarding simplicity?:

      “We covet what we see..”

      When we can have what we covet, we try to destroy it or ridicule it. The man was a raving lunatic, but he was on to something essential there..

      *Coughs* -Penis envy!

      • Kimski

        “When we can have what we covet..”

        Can’t, fer crissake, can’t!

        • Steve_85

          Don’t you call me a can’t!

          Freud is considered a quack, but damn if some of his theories don’t fit behaviours perfectly. Maybe I’m a quack too?

          • MGTOW-man

            “Freud is considered a quack….”
            —I truly believe that Freud’s work was replaced by more “accurate” stuff, because a lot of people did not like his insinuations. Among many, but just for example, his Oedipus complex… over boys turning out to be gay because the father didn’t remove his son from his mother’s apron strings during critical development time. Now, knowing how they despise the truth which they thought was illustrated by psychology, can you imagine what thoughts must have entered feminists’ minds when they heard that overbearing, super-controlling women might just be at fought, causing irreparable harm?

            However, from my observations, I have found that an overwhelming majority of gay men indeed DO have overbearing mothers coupled with a lack of a father in the home or, if present, an uninvolved father. Sure, genetics (now believed to be epimarks: not genetics per se, but a related process that uses genes) must play a role, but just saying…. Perhaps it is nature and nurture which would explain why not all men turn out to be gay—when they “should” have.

            Not trying to change the subject or project any kind of hatred, but just food for thought.

      • josephrobertson

        “Wow! He took that really personal. _He must have a small penis too_”

        Yeah the sad thing was that even during the conversation I had little doubt this would be the outcome.

        But at least I got her thinking about the fact that it’s just as sexist to talk about a man that way as it would be a woman, because, you know, men are also human beings…

        • Wendy

          That’s why us ladies who are involved in the MRM need to say something when we hear that kind of talk. Nobody’s going to say we have penis envy if we accuse some b*tch of having a gaping and chronically empty vagina.

          • Wendy

            Wow I just realized I said “us ladies” which sounds like I think you’re a woman. I don’t. I apologize for that.

    • JinnBottle

      Joseph – Good show, bro, excellent show. And as far as “possibly facing sexual harassment charges”: Not if you continue to be as articulate as you were in this initial incident. It sounds like the 2 chix want this dead & buried asap.

    • James Huff

      The reason why women use it is because the size of the penis has been broken down to a basic measure of competitiveness between men (a rather arbitrary standard of maleness if you ask me). When men refuse to play the game of size in relation to mate selection, then we have got the upper hand.

      There are plenty of asshats out there who make a lot of money convincing men that average is tiny and they need to take the new miracle drug or use use this new miracle device in order to “make her happy”.

      I would say that we alter the discourse in such a way that we no longer look at this from the “female happiness” angle, but from the strict sense of a purely reproductive function. Not budging from this aspect while increasing the visibility of real standards of excellence (honor, integrity, competence, and vision), will certainly make the other things a moot point.

      Let’s not allow women to dictate to men what we should be. Let’s make ourselves what we want for reasons separate from female acceptance and provide them with no other choice.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        I may be wrong here, but I think you are most correct in observing that “penis size” taunts began with males seeking to tease or humiliate each other – with women picking up on it as an effective weapon.

        “Penis” is considered “The Enemy” rather than “The Prize” for the vast majority of women. That’s the impression I get, anyway.

        Penis size discussions among women is simply “Trash Talk” (IMHO), it’s purpose to brag or belittle but not of much value beyond that. I would daresay it’s among the LAST thing a woman looks for in a man she’s serious about.

        I’m a very, very, very small breasted woman. Need I go into a discussion of how many times in my life I’ve seen a man’s expression change from being highly attracted to openly disappointed as his eyes traveled south?

        …or how many times I’ve seen a large breasted women resentfully glaring at me, totally baffled that the very hot guy with me ignores her assets in favor of mine?

        Those who value superficial attraction to body part size over substance pretty much get what they deserve.

        • Groot

          “I’m a very, very, very small breasted woman. Need I go into a discussion of how many times in my life I’ve seen a man’s expression change from being highly attracted to openly disappointed as his eyes traveled south?”

          I find that very interesting in that breasts themselves are actually quite north. I imagine that he is facing you and his initial attraction was to your face. But with the human peripheral ability, I find it difficult to see how there could be any noticeable time between seeing your face and seeing your breasts with them all being so close together. On the other hand, I have seen men’s expressions change from viewing the front of the top half to viewing the back of the lower half.

          I see breast and penis comparisons as quite faulty. Breasts are not sex organs and thus cannot be claimed to have any direct impact on intercourse. Plus, breast size is readily noticeable, thus men see clearly the variety of sizes of women’s breasts. Thus, small breast size, while being specifically less appealing to many men, is not something that would cause men to point and snicker. Men generally put much positive attention on larger breasts, while mostly ignoring small breasts. Small penises don’t get positive attention, but neither are they ignored.

          Size is something rarely noticeable through men’s clothes, thus myths of what is average easily arise and it is easy to treat a man who is fairly normal as an oddity. Combine this with the strong tendency toward shaming men and the strong tendency of today’s women to enjoy belittling men, penis size is a great tool to use for such attacks.

        • gwallan

          “I may be wrong here, but I think you are most correct in observing that “penis size” taunts began with males seeking to tease or humiliate each other – with women picking up on it as an effective weapon.”

          You are indeed wrong. If you had the opportunity to observe men at urinals you would get it. For the most part we don’t even look.

          I’ve been in numerous environments with great numbers of naked men and never seen any “teasing” or ridicule. If and when it does happen it’s unlikely to be among adults.

          • MGTOW-man

            Not so fast. One hundred percent cotton is at least partially correct. While men may not openly belittle smaller members, (because then, such men would be “guilty” of having looked at it—as if the eyes quit working when we are naked) but they do brag on themselves having really big ones—which is kind of the same thing said inside out.

            I too, being ex-military, and an avid exerciser who goes to gyms, played some sports, who grew up in a hyper-masculine environment and thus is not afraid to be male in front of other males, have never even heard of a conversation about “the other guys penis”.

            I think the shaming (competition) comes in when men compare themselves to others—which brings up a valid point that experts agree: flaccid penises do not reveal the ultimate length and thickness of fully erect ones. So, a skinny, short dick while flaccid might just turn out to be a pile-driving battering ram of man meat—not that that is an advantage. Likewise, a swinging Richard that would measure 5 inches when flaccid, might only lengthen an additional inch or so when erect.

            Now, I am sure most men do not wait to compare their dicks once erect. Thus, the only comparison most of us have is when flaccid. Thus….

            I agree that men should stop the nonsense, however. When men can stop competing over stupid stuff, we can focus our attention on more important matters…like stopping feminism from ruining everything.

        • Med

          I can tell you, I’ve experienced this to some degree. I would have got taunted because in school locker rooms, at a young age (notice the young part, grown men don’t do it), I wasn’t well endowed compared to the guys who had developed faster than me. And women do pick up on it.

          I’ve also experienced the disappointment of someone’s eyes as they travel south. It grates on you. ‘Why do they care so much?’ you ask.

          But one thing I’ve also noticed as I got older and my penis became more average, is that women still look upon it with scrutiny whereas men don’t. I am around low-average width and large-average length, and I still get girls in drunken conversations or arguments, using it as a weapon. I also get other women who say it isn’t as stimulating either mentally or physically as some of the uber-thick horses they’ve slept with.

          And that really stings. I’ve been let loose in relationships because of things like this. And that is earth-shattering.

          But I can tell you, from an honest man’s opinion; from someone who has been violently bullied about aesthetics, other than penis size (I was in a car accident as a kid and got burned up pretty bad on my chest), that the size of a woman’s breasts means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t mean that I simply don’t have a preference, I mean it’s not even a consideration. It’s not even a determining factor in physical attraction. I don’t even think about it.

          Nor do I join in with the guys when they’re wailing ‘oh look at that ass’. Because honestly, I couldn’t care a jot about the size of her ass, or her boobs. Or how tanned she is. Or how evocatively she dresses. I’d rather know what she’s about.

          You have absolutely nothing wrong with you, and frankly, you’re a beautiful woman.

    • jimbeaux

      Josephrobertson, I recently had to take the annual “sexual harassment” and “bullying in the workplace” training at work. What your co-worker said to you is DEFINITELY inappropriate, and she could – and should – get in hot water over it. I wonder what would happen if you anonymously let your boss know that people are belittling him by disrespectfully attributing his behavior to the size of his member? Wouldn’t it be nice, just once, to have the shoe on the other foot?

      Which reminds me of an old joke…. why can’t my penis be 12″ long?

      …because then it would be a foot.

      • feeriker

        What your co-worker said to you is DEFINITELY inappropriate, and she could – and should – get in hot water over it.

        I can almost guarantee you that she won’t. In fact, if I were joseph, I wouldn’t even waste time pursuing the matter because it would only backfire and probably get him into hot water. Why do you think women like the one he described make the statements they do, with utter impunity? Because they can. Most employers today, especially here in the U.S., are so terrified of lawsuits by members of “the fairer sex” that they will go to the ends of the earth to avoid confrontation or holding them accountable. Ergo, the example cited. One female colleague at the large consulting firm for which I work has regularly –as in for the last ten years, multiple times per week– sent emails to various distribution groups that are of a highly confrontational, belligerent, and transparently sexist nature, emails that would get any man who sent something similar fired, blacklisted, and God only knows what else. Yet she gets away with it because senior “leadership” is afraid of her.

        After more than 20 years of enduring “harassment in the workplace” indoctrination sessions, the one inescapable conclusion I have reached is that all of this “workplace harassment” training is a very thinly and ineptly disguised feminist Trojan horse that seeks to institutionalize the “blame the man”mindset within the workplace. Anyone who believes that it has anything to do with creating a genuinely hostility-free workplace is deluding themselves.

    • donzaloog

      That was absolutely brilliant.

    • Steve_85

      Long penis size is correlated with promiscuous women. If you’re wanting a longer penis, then you’re basically saying, “I’m a whore and I want to sleep around.”

      • Sting Chameleon

        B-but that’s slut shaming, you sexist pig!!!!11one!1eleven!!111

    • by_the_sword

      Dude, start carrying a tape recorder with you at work and record these conversations, then report these women to Human resources. It’s time these whiny women started living by their own rules.

      • napocapo69

        If you go to HR with such recording, the first thing that will happen is that they will question why did you take such recording in a business environment, and likley will tell you that it is illegal.
        Second, they will start asking you if you have any problem with women, and will take your behaviour in proper consideration for the next review of diversity programs development…

        • feeriker

          Yep, exactly. As I said earlier, any attempt by a man to put a stop to the anti-social (and sexist) behavior of any woman in his workplace will only be putting a target on his back.

    • Dopesauce42

      Everyone should take note of this story. We all have different situations at work, school, and home. But this is how its done! Bravo! Fuck Yeah! to all those females who denigrate us men, ‘you’re monopoly on the victim card is OVAH!’ (Boston accent)

    • jstephens

      The reason these women and others mock small penises as they do is based in ‘fear’. As humans, we all have innate fears that we avoid by deluding ourselves. In this case, these women fear that they will become unworthy or not good enough as people. They assuage this fear by lashing out at men with small penises in order to knock the men down a notch in a futile attempt to lift their (the women’s) value as human beings. In short, it is a self-esteem issue. If these did not exist, these fears, then these women would not feel a need to mock small penises. This process of deluding ourselves can be conscious or unconscious but it is there and we all do it. These women may respond defensively, therefore, by telling us they do not have bad self images but this part of the delusion. They must resort to putting others down by doing what they do. It is quite sad but that is what they are doing. Be strong men as we do not need these women. They act like their sexual satisfaction is the end-all be-all of existence. There is much more too life and many more important things than that.

  • MrShadowfax42

    Are any other guys bothered by penis size, I mean AT ALL?

    I’m average-sized, I guess. According to my spam folder, apparently I am a gibbering nervous wreck about it. Frankly I care less than nothing. Small dick = great blowjob experience, as far as I’m concerned. Especially if her mouth is the size of the kinds of women described in this article.

    Remember, no-one can make you feel inferior without your express permission.

  • the hermit


    Game, set, match…

  • Rad

    But the government said it was okay to take the first inch. It would only follow then that it’s okay to take more…right?

  • MrShadowfax42

    A hint to what this is all really about: when women say that small dick = bad sex, they mean bad sex *for them*. Which kinda makes me wonder why I should give a shit. What if small dick = great sex, for the guy? One can imagine fellatio at least would be a great deal more fun.

    The whole thing reminds me of the “circumcised penis is more attractive” meme amongst some women. ie nauseating.

    • Limeywestlake (Neil Westlake)

      It seems as though some women have forgotten that **our** penises are ‘ours’ – not **theirs.**

      Sometimes it seems as though **everything** is about where, on their relative value system, a certain entity lies. It drives me nuts. It is like when you talk to some women about fertility control, when you eschew an ostensible male pill, for example.

      What do I hear? “Well I would not TRUST A MAN to take a pill…”

      My answer: “Well that is OK because it would not be your fucking body, your fucking fertility or your fucking pill anyways !

      Back to penises: a psychological condition called Small Penis Syndrome Syndrome is very common. I don’t have stats on hand, but it is extremely prevalent within our society. It is when men who are perfectly ‘normal’ suffer from the idea that they are inadequate. It is like ‘cock anorexia.’ Indeed, it is a significant cause of suicide and it often kicks off when a girl/ stroke woman humiliates a man over his ostensible small (normal-sized) dick.

      Once upon a time, I suffered suicidal ideation over this exact issue. And yes, it was from someone spreading rumors about me. Speaking from personal experience, this is a real issue. It is a real injustice to whomsoever this happens to.

      Lastly, to make matters worse, in polls done among young women, there is the prevalent notion that 7 inches in length is the average size in North America.

      An average porn-star dick, maybe…

      • MrShadowfax42

        “What do I hear? “Well I would not TRUST A MAN to take a pill…””

        You are SPOT ON here. I have noticed this myself, and commented on it to friends. Check out this article:

        Read what question was actually asked, and read the responses from readers. Some of them are very, very, telling.

        The fact is, a lot of women (and men) out there think that reproductive power should be the sole domain of women. This is toxic and damaging – and some men even parrot this crap. The fact is that conceiving and having a child is MORE responsibility for the man than the woman. The woman has far more options, at every single stage.

        The latter part of your post was a real eye-opener for me, thank you. It’s necessary to hear this angle after hearing the constant media position of “girls are made unhappy about their bodies by the media”.

      • MrShadowfax42

        From the article linked:

        “Ha ha ha ha! I can almost hear it now “I don’t need to wear a condom, love, I’m on the pill” Yeah, right. I’d trust me current long-term partner, because at the end of the day we’d both have to deal with the consequences. I would imagine that he’d be more likely to forget than me though. I’d actually welcome the chance to stop swallowing hormones every day if the pill became popular for men. I certainly wouldn’t rely on any man who told me they were on the pill if I were in a casual relationship.
        Sarah, ”

        Then why should we trust you, you selfish cow? Many men would be MORE THAN HAPPY to take the pill rather than have to trust implicitly any woman they decide to have sexual intercourse with. Too bad that Sarah can’t even summon the basic humanity to see it from anybody else’s point of view. She can’t even see that an unwanted pregnancy is FAR more of a problem for the (alleged) father than the mother. Grrrrr.

        • Wendy

          I do not understand why these women think that suddenly having a male pill available would excuse them from taking their own pill. The way I see it, if a male pill were available, you have double protection in a long-term relationship and triple protection if you’re the type to sleep around (because I would hope people would use condoms with strangers).

          That’s the way my mama raised me, and as I like to compliment her with, mama didn’t raise no fools.

          • John A

            Correct Wendy, he takes his pill to protect him, she takes hers to protect her. In a long term relationship it could be a little different. Her body, her pill. His wallet, his pill.

    • feeriker

      What if small dick = great sex, for the guy?

      Sure, if the woman he’s with is as close to a virgin as one can find in this day and age. Otherwise, odds are that the experience will be akin to navigating a Matchbox[TM] car through the Brooklyn Battery tunnel (“Hey, sweetheart, if you hadn’t insisted on stuffing telephone poles up there every night for the last decade, you might still be able to find a man with whom to enjoy the experience”).

  • knightrunner

    A.k.a. stumpy. This story makes me long for the good old days of PUBLIC HANGINGS!

  • RM1970

    I can’t see better use of John Milton’s verse “They who have put out the people’s eyes, reproach them of their blindness”. First the women make fun, bully, harass and shame men because the size of the penis, then when the men react, giving up the relationship with women, becoming insecure, avoiding women all together. They shame again “oh they are so insecure”. It’s their fault for God sake. And More, there are men, few, but they exist, well endowed, the average woman think she deserve him, but there are many women looking for few blessed guys, so works as a market, one well hung man can choose many women, then they complain again, ”oh they are bad boy”. They can’t complain about it, they don’t care about the character, loyalty or intelligence. The problem is very simple the feminist woman lives in a make-believe world, in her world she can do whatever she wants without consequences, her evil behavior don’t make them bad person, her stupidity don’t make her a moron. In her make-believe world she can shame men because they aren’t well endowed, and it’s their fault, and more the average woman is so hot like a well hung man and he must behavior as a prince in a fairytale. But in real world instead fairytales we can read macabre tales.

    • Keith

      Maybe Hanna Rosin should have asked

      Where have all the big dicks gone?

      • Bewildered

        Looks like all of them have gone abroad !

        • gwallan

          Well, a broad other than Hanna anyway.

          • Kimski

            There is no broader broad than Hanna.
            Andrea is dead, remember?


      • RM1970

        Big dicks behave like Charlie Sheen, then feminists complain about their behavior. That’s the problem according to feminists men always sucks. If you have small dick you can’t satisfy her, if you have a big dick, you have a harem to enjoy, the feminists complain you cheat, you are abusive. So my advice: Women grow up, Men grow a pair.

  • A. Anthony Villareal

    This Article bemoans the fact that only 3% of creative directors are female. I mentioned about the gender gap in oil rigs, coal mines and steel mills. Why should the writer worry about the gender gap for just this comfortable job.

    • JinnBottle

      My answer to the whole “Oh woe, the average male exec makes in the upper six- or seven-figures, while his female equivalent [??] only makes in the middle six” – is to lower the underlid of one eyeball and say “Look in there. Do you see anyone in there who gives a fuck?”

      (Not mine originally, however; I adapted it from a fellow member of a men’s team in the mid-90s, when he and every other man was fedup with hearing about OJ.)

  • JinnBottle

    My take on it: I think Big Mr Johnson may be a preference for some, maybe alot, of women: But it’s secondary to many other things for most women – “I don’t care, he sure knows how to *use* it” was how most women answered that up until the last 20 years or so. I think the size thing is just a minor preference for some wim, that was simply encouraged by femocracy, along with that whole “sassy bitch” facet that phased in in the 80s.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    And yet, these are the same women who take offense to being objectified.

    For example, look at all the flack Seth MacFarlane has been getting from some of the MSM, Jane Fonda, Lena Dunham and others for his “We Saw your Boobs” song on Sunday’s Oscars telecast. And, he wasn’t even objectifying these women (several of whom were in on the joke), we’ve all seen their boobs. It’s a fact.

    Yet, if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had done a song about how “misogynistic” the film industry is or made jokes about Harvey Weinstein’s penis, it would have been a laugh riot.

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    I ceased to give a shit on this issue without anyone telling me. And if I could do it without Internet or the MRM, I think most men (at least the intelligent ones) should be able to realize this now in this day and age.

    I realized that the size of the penis isn’t too relevant in my teen years (I was 16 or something) – when I had sex with two 18 year olds in the same month who happen to be friends with each other. The funny part is that one of them made comments just like Kristina says she heard – that my penis was small and laughable and so and so forth. The other one, however, was contradicting the first one and was saying that my penis was too big and she enjoyed having sex with me.
    This incident was enough of an objective measure for me since I dumped them both for the same reason: They expected me to pay for the dates. So essentially I behaved in the same manner with both of them.

    • Bombay

      So one had a tight vagina and one was loose! So perhaps the women who complain about small penises are suffering from tight vagina envy?

      • feeriker

        So perhaps the women who complain about small penises are suffering from tight vagina envy?


  • TheSandreGuy

    I can be honest with my penis size. I’m medium sized, as far as I can tell. Although, that doesn’t really say a lot. Considering that some penises are long, some are wide, and some are curvy, the meaning of “small” and “large” lose validity.

    Like I said, I don’t have a massive cock, nor do I want one. Can you imagine what a pain in the ass it must be when you get morning wood? Or when you see an attractive woman? You couldn’t really hide an erection too well then.

    • proudfather

      Haha, you’re funny dude. And yeah the concepts of “large” and “small” are meaningless.

  • Aimee McGee

    I get cross about women who think size matters.
    Quite simply they are so ignorant of their own basic anatomy that they are (yet again) reinforcing) the victim meme.
    Basic anatomy: much of the erectile tissue stimulated in intercourse is in the first 2-3cm of the vagina. The ‘feeling of fullness’ is a feature of having strong and regularly exercised pelvic floor muscles. Yes, having babies can stretch (and in some cases damage) this musculature – but again this would be reduced if women maintained appropriate levels of fitness during pregnancy.
    But equally important is the understanding that it is not a cock or a cunt that makes a sexual encounter pleasurable. The most important erotic organ is the mind. Despite the sexualisation of society one thing I hear again and again from women is the idea that their sexuality is incomplete without a partner. I call BS, we should all understand our anatomy and our sexual responses and only then can sex be an equal act of mutual pleasure.
    On a basic level, I’ve had enough partners to be able to say size really does not matter, the mind is the primary erotic organ and I would rather have a ‘pocket rocket’ attached to a truly clued up mind, than an ‘elephants trunk’ attached to a guy who didn’t have a clue about what was fun in bed.

    • Wendy

      Yeah, and if a guy who’s got that elephant trunk has been relying on his size to please women he’s been with, he could more likely than not hurt you rather than please you. My most unpleasant sexual experience was such a situation. It took a long time to recover and I told my girlfriends (without revealing the guy’s name or any details) that they shouldn’t get too excited if they see such a thing once both parties are undressed.

  • napocapo69

    quote @Kristina “I’ve personally heard many women, on many occasions, discussing their ex-partners penises and making fun of how small, tiny, or thin they were.”

    Actually it never happened to me to hear women making such kind of considerations, at least in person. Maybe it is something some women do in private, but I’m pretty confident that at least in my Country, this is not such a typical behaviour. I assisted to such female digressions only in TV shows, by women trying to belittle men they did not appreciate.

    I think the “penis drama” is more a men self generated issue that comes in adolescence, when the ego develops. During the adolescence men challenge themselves, and they do in many stupid ways, and this is one of them. Unfortunately this might lead to long term issues in some boys. It is such a concern that some people feel to be “inadequate” even when they are absolutely adequate. But enough is never enough.

    Of course a woman/girl that makes such a consideration is most likely a person with low self esteem. The funny thing is that concerns about the size of penises are equivalent to concerns about the width of the vagina. In other terms a woman that belittles a man for the size of the penis is equivalent to a man belitteling a woman for her overused sexual organ. It is such a shallow digress that it is better to stop here.

    As someone has pointed out sex it is all about the mind. It is not rethoric it is like that.

    Closing, a word of confort for American white males. Apparently according to some statistics published on a magazine in Italy,among the white males, the North American ones are the best “featured”; they “score” higher than Italians. So dudes next time any American woman should complain about the “tool” tell her that she’d better to visit another country… 😉

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      quote @Kristina “I’ve personally heard many women, on many occasions, discussing their ex-partners penises and making fun of how small, tiny, or thin they were.

      So…what else are they gonna say? “I was a slob?” “I’m a shit to live with?” “I saw what a piece of crap I am through his eyes”?

      No. You take the moral high ground and say “his penis was too small for Her Highness”.

  • Kris

    ‘… then discarded like trash if they fail to measure up.’

    Size of penis is but a proxy for the size of a man’s success, fortune, or position of power. I have personally known women who are sexually aroused by men in positions of power, however physically unattractive they may have appeared. “The size of the penis” is just another prop to whip a man into shame and compliance when he is not measuring up in other areas of interest for the woman. How many women would be sexually interested in a man with an enormous dick but homeless and living on foodstamps!

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Good point. If big penises were so important to women there would be no such thing as well endowed homeless men living on food stamps.

      How often do hot women with huge breasts end up homeless and living on food stamps?

      • Grumpy Old Man

        LoL, you don’t want to know that answer… Especially if we base hot on women who attract men and reproduce.

    • feeriker

      How many women would be sexually interested in a man with an enormous dick but homeless and living on foodstamps!

      Come visit my neck of the woods. You’d be surprised too see what some women prefer in “men” (to use the term loosely). Then again, logic and “common” sense aren’t very popular concepts hereabouts.

  • dejour

    Excellent article

  • MrShadowfax42

    You’ve never heard of a car being described as a “penis extension”?

    • Aimee McGee

      SF, my housemate and I in the spirit of anti-misandry will rate car drivers as to the kind of head gear their driving suggests they might wear.
      We live rurally and there are a lot of ‘flat cap’ wearers.
      Anyone driving a flash sports car in an arrogant manner usually gets ‘bet that hair transplant was expensive’ (this is regardless of gender I might add) or ‘backwards cap’ which represents the whole ‘rapper’ 80s look.
      I’m on the lookout for someone who will get ‘pope’s hat’…

    • Zorro

      I once saw an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that had an auto show demo a vehicle “from the future.” Crow T. Robot called it the “Extension of My Manhood-Mobile.”

  • Booyah

    Ironically they then mindlessly and endlessly parrot. “Men only think with their dicks.” lol

  • All Contraire

    In psychoanalytic theory *Penis Envy* is a primary reaction of young girls during their early psychosexual development when they –– at first curiously and then sullenly –– realize that they do not have a penis like their brothers, boy playmates, fathers, etc. Freud considered this covetous resentment a defining moment in the development of gender and sexual identity for women. Growing up together as children, boys were a young girl’s equals. But going through the mysterious changes of puberty they are suddenly far outstripping her and she realizes that this is because they have penises with testicles where she only has a cavity that the burgeoning boys’ penises can amazingly! become engorged, hard and erect to possessively go into. She thus jealously covets this awesome male organ, and the power, authority, and worldly rewards and respect that it’s owner acquires in life. But at the same time she fears and refuses the punishments, responsibilities, dangers, trials, toils, and life-and-death risks and decisions of being a man.

    In adults, ‘Penis Envy’ can refer clinically to women whose envy of male physical size and strength, aggression, sexual potency, personal and worldly accomplishments, etc., and the penis and testes as their virile totemic symbol, manifests itself as a mental, psychological and moral deficiency. This is the criminal psycho-sexual foundation of all Feminism and goes far in explaining Feminists’ pathetic pathological envy and hatred of both grown men and post-pubescent boys which has its roots deep in their primal unquenchable female sexual jealously and suppressed feelings of unalterable cavernous personal and gender inadequacy.

    Feeling castrated, these women secretly desire to take a man’s endowment for themselves and with it his power, prestige, heritage, dominance, and very manhood –– both symbolic and physical. Feminists (like insanely laughing Sharon Osbourne) want to emasculate men literally as well as mentally, spiritually, functionally, politically, socially, etc. And ‘size’ probably does matter with these narcissistic hypergamous hussies for bragging rights when they compare each other’s ‘collections’ of the men and boys they and their man-hating ideology have deliberately destroyed to quell their loathed unquenchable envious lust.

    Always remember, guys, that whatever the size of our phallic ‘projections’ they vastly exceed the envious ladies’ less-than-zero depressions and their helpless, often self-hating need to have us fill them.

    **** Bottom line to all MHRAs: the universal comeback against unreasoning feminists’ every accusation and polemic guaranteed to rile them into apoplectic fury; the shocking truth of which will shut the angry ranting womyn up long enough for you to turn your back and stride away in smiling triumph…

    “Poor Ladies. As a man I do understand how you’re driven raving mad by your furious lifelong envy and longing that I have a cock and balls … and you don’t.” ****

    • MGTOW-man

      “Penis envy” to describe the reasons for feminist fantasies used to be the bywords spoken by men and women of yesteryear. It was so commonsensical but it went away. Why?… because All Contraire, you are so right! …again!!

      Envious of having a penis is the source of all feminist doings. They WERE and ARE misguided because being a man wasn’t, isn’t, and never will be glamorous.

      But feminists prevail, not because they are right, but because men won’t unite and fight back, leaving the playing field to women to have their unbridled free-for- all pass.

      It seems men would rather throw the world in the trash over a piece of ass than do what men have been historically charged with doing—protect.

      • Grumpy Old Man

        Fiddle sticks, you and I are a quorum. :)

        • MGTOW-man

          We need to increase our numbers. I believe we men are too nice, playing the please-women card a bit ourselves. I don’t think we are near hard enough on women who hate us… and their men who hate themselves and us.

          The minds of women in general must be examined. Thus, “penis envy” scrutiny (among others) can yield clues to just what is making them do (or at least tolerate) the radical, abusive, and selfish things feminists do to men and boys.

          We must understand our enemy!

          The good women, the ones helping MRA’s now, must understand and let us do what we have to do, else they are not our friends. The men’s movement needs all the help it can get, and I welcome women into our ranks. But men need to be the ones to have the final say about the help we get.

  • Malestrom

    To be honest, I don’t see this as a men’s only issue, there really is something to women’s claims that there is massive pressure on them to look good in every way, all the time, it isn’t just the usual woman-nonsense whining about everything.

    It’s this new Babylon we’re living in, let’s face it, our entire civilization revolves around the gratification of base, animal desires, particularly sex; our society is drenched in it. It pours from every media outlet, all day every day, the clear message is that sex is the highest goal in life and it’s really the only thing anyone is interested in any more. As such, with a society that revolves almost totally around sex, an immense amount of importance is attached to sexual attractiveness, sexual performance, really any attributes connected to sex, this is true for all people. Of course in a society that worships sex as the highest Good, the size of a man’s penis is perhaps the single most important fact about him.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Hey you struck a chord here. It seems to me that much of what feminists try to do is to put ownership of their issues on men. Maybe the challenge is to put the ownership of these issues back where it belongs, on women.

      • MGTOW-man

        I agree. Perhaps, as an example, we can label the Democratic party with a “war on men.” The media will resist, but we can get our message out if we try hard enough.

        Say? Thanks for the idea. I understand AVfM being apolitical with respect to endorsements, but as individuals, we can help turn their hatred back onto themselves.

        From now on, when I refer to the Dummycrats, the Obliviocrats, the snivelingcrats, I will include “war on men”. Let us all try to get this out there and make this work for us.

        • Dopesauce42

          This can be misconstrued and divisive, maybe ‘War on Families’ since the state obviously has no intention of supporting the institution of family. When people ask what we mean, we can elaborate and speak about the issues affecting men who are not fathers, and don’t want to be.

          I understand the point totally but don’t want us to be viewed as traditionalists. the institution of family is a good thing, if it means two adults who actually act like adults towards each other and their children. the family is broken, and we need to fix it.

          the ‘War on Men’ is a war on family by its very nature, just as a ‘war on women’ would be, …if it existed.

  • Europa Phoenix

    Let me check my moral compass…

    What was the size of Leonardo Da Vinci’s penis?

    Answer : Who cares? He was a genius!

    I think I have genius envy.

  • Bombay

    My X had three kids, two of which were boys, who had different fathers. Sometimes she would make comments on the comparative sizes of their penises and how small one child’s was compared to the other. I am sure that this was a topic of conversion with all her family and girl friends. Incidents like this helped me realize that she is the lowest white trash I ever knew. What sick mother makes the comparative size of her sons’ penises the topic of conversation. I am so glad I do not put up with her any more.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Here is the future. What’s telling is this woman is being described as having mental illness issues after killing her child. I would go one step forward and say the women mentioned in this thread and article have mental illness issues…no difference in my mind only in that it is being used as an excuse after the fact after violence is perpetrated.

  • Europa Phoenix

    What about “large vagina”, hum ?

  • Marsyco

    This reminded me of an experience I had long since forgot.
    When I was about 17 my girlfriend broke up with me and started seeing this other guy. Some scrawny fairly boring bloke. I was content to be mature, get over it and leave them alone, but he mustn’t have felt the same way.
    I learned later that he was really insecure about measuring up after me (I had a reputation for being a bad boy, dressed in black leather, was incredibly athletic and she was the type to brag to everyone without restraint or decency), which made what happened make more sense. After avoiding me for months he started messaging me threats and insults, completely out of nowhere, it turned out that she had been telling him that I had beaten her and abused her throughout the entirety of our relationship and he felt it was his place to avenge her.
    I wondered why it had taken him so many months to get round to it if he felt so strongly about it and the simple answer was he was scared of me. I asked some friends where his sudden bravery came from and the story went like this. “She told him to fight you but he didn’t want to so she told him you abused her. He was to scared so she nagged him for weeks until last week she started going on about how you have a tiny dick and he got more confident”.

    I think this experience neatly wraps up the whole thing. Yes women use size as a weapon and a shaming tool, but men are more than willing to jump on the bandwagon if it suits them and saying they aren’t is just blind. It’s the same as shaming a man in front of girls to impress them, its not something an mgtow can relate to but it happens.

    • Marsyco

      Ugh, I’m sorry for how unsightly that wall of text looks, I’m literally about to pass out, I couldn’t do any better.

  • Prufrock

    The concept of The Gaze is very important here. One of the things about the gaze is that we internalize it and when we internalize it we’re not internalizing what is true of the gazer, only what we think is true of the gazer. The fact that for the majority of women penis size is not a major part of sexual satisfaction put together with the fact that in traditionally male environments (like locker rooms) penis size seems to play a much larger role than in romantic ones where the penis might actually gain utility, should not be thought to be compelling evidence for the theory that male concern about penis size has nothing to do with women. It has everything to do with women. A great deal of male behavior and identity has to do not with what women want but with what men have convinced themselves that women want. Penis size is an example of that. Penis size doesn’t matter to men becuase it matters to other men, it matters to men and to other men because they all believe that it matters to women…And it ends up being a self-fullfilling prophecy because when we buy into the idea that women value large penis size highly we bestow large penis size with high social status. This leads to a weird state of affairs where even women whose sexual satisfaction is not particularly influenced by penis size will brag about their boyfriend’s big dick. It becomes a source of satisfaction for them. Why? Because the girl was able to get somebody who possesses an attribute that bestows them with high social status which, in turn, bestows the girl with high social status.

  • feeriker

    you’ll see just how concerned (obsessed) parents, mostly mothers, are about the size of their son’s penises. And not just parents of infants, but parents of older children too. Well up into their teens for some of them.

    I’m sure that more than a few serial murderers of women suffered this at a very early age.

  • samkr


    Thank you for this website.

    Its a relief from the constant ridicule and public humiliation (even prevalent in main stream media and on TV) about men with small penises. If a TV show had a man saying that he had to have sex with women with enormous gaping vaginas to get rich screen on TV? No, of course it would not, but a woman saying she had sex with rich small penis men to get money (who obviously was just exploitative and did not enjoy the sex) makes it onto mainstream TV, like Charlie’s mother on “Two and a half men” and like the women in “Sex in the city”.

    I wonder, would “Sex in the city” featuring men humiliated and emasculated about their small penises by “empowered women” ever screen in that show, or on anything? I know the answer.

    My last relationship was with a woman, who, because she was older and had young children from a previous marriage, I thought was understanding. She was not. In fact, after later reflection, I realized she was actually a malicious bitch (even though she actually claimed she was nice). But what she said during and at the end of our relationship was disgraceful and degrading, even though she had enjoyed the sex (I know because at least on one occasion during sex her tongue went cold and she squirted, Judging by her reaction, I’d bet it was the first time in her life, she was at time 31). At the end she actually admitted that the sex had been great, but still she dumped me on the basis that during our six month relationship “she never really loved me”. Fucking manipulative, self centered bitch. During those six months she also openly expressed to female friends that she had found my hair on her 9 year old daughter’s pillow (implying I had slept in her daughters bed, something I instantly challenged because such talk was dangerous, at least to me). I am not a pedophile and had never been in her daughter’s room. Then there was the time she also said, while I was listening, and to the same women that “1 inch is a lot.”. Did she think that neither the women or I did not understand her implication? And this woman actually had the audibility to say to say when she dumped me that she could have hurt me (yes, I suspect – correctly I think – about penis size) but that she didn’t because I was a nice guy. Where was this attitude while she was losing control (literally), going cold and squirting during sex, or talking about ! inch to our female friends?

    Why would a woman do this? Because she can. It empowers them. Society now openly encourages it. As my late mother (brought up in a traditional southern European environment) thought, younger women these days are generally greedy, untrustworthy, manipulative, self centered, narcissist, self gratifying malicious and spendthrift “putanes” (flirting whores). And the most ironic thing is that if they locate that holy grail of a big penis, they will get manipulated and exploited, because these big penises know that’s what they really deserve.

  • MeUK

    A male’s worth bears absolutely no relation to this size of his penis!

    No human being should feel that any body part(s) determine their value in society.

    Children need to be educated (intellectual and age appropriately) to understand that there are all shapes and sizes of genitalia in humans. ‘Porno chic’ is not reality for most people without undergoing risky cosmetic surgeries. They also need to be taught that images are frequently digitally airbrushed.

    However, the cosmetic surgery business thrives with unrealistic porno perfect bodies. This generates unrealistic notions of ‘normal’ and breeds insecurities in many people. Corporations are making a fortune from the human misery they generate. It is so sad that males and females may ruin their sex lives by undergoing procedures to deal with their perfectly normal genitalia.

    A middle aged woman (40s) I am comfortable about myself – Mrs Average but happy with life and blessed with a strong and loving marriage. I don’t have an issue at all with beautiful people (male or female) and am not jealous.

    I do wish that there could be more diverse representations in porn, Hollywood movies, magazines, fashion, diet, cosmetic surgery and beauty industries for the sake of younger people. The problem seems to be that there are growing numbers of young people who are dissatisfied with normal, pursuing ‘perfection’ and believing that anything less is ‘abnormal’.

    Instead of considering this as a male-female conflict, we need to consider it from a human perspective!