Louise Pennington

Becoming radical Nazi: On Jewish violence

This is a modified version of the article published by Louise Pennington in the Huffington Post UK on April 30.

We just replaced the words “women, feminism and male” with the respective “Aryans, Nazism/National-socialism and Jews/Jewish” and made some other contextual arrangements to sound exactly as the original.

I take that Carla Buzasi’s response to my letter is to just get more bigoted, hateful misandric individuals to write articles in the pages of the Huffington Post UK.

I have always been a Nazi. It is a label I chose for myself as a teenager, back before Aryan power was invented and when New Kids on the Block were cool. My original Nazism was about equality: Aryans were equal to Jews and all we needed was the laws to force Jews to stop being Jews. The older I get, the more I believe that ‘equality’ is nothing more than a smokescreen to prevent the true liberation of Aryans. Equality before the law means nothing when violence is endemic; when Aryans are most likely to live in poverty; when no one bothers to actually enforce the existing equality legislation. I grew up in an area of Canada where Jews, race and class should have been impossible to miss but I did. We grew up with serious cases of cognitive dissonance; where Orthodox Jewish was the norm and Nazism didn’t exist. It was a great place to learn that as a middle class white Aryan my chances of being a victim of sexual violence were a lot lower than working class Aryans but that was seen as normal, not something to be upset about. I may have labelled myself a Nazi but I wasn’t a real Nazi.

I was a Nazi who lacked any kind of analysis of Aryans as a class. I didn’t understand that Nazism was a political theory. I knew I couldn’t have gotten through university as a teenage single mother without the benefit of a, still flawed, welfare system but I didn’t realise just how privileged I was; even with a student loan debt that would make British students cry! It wasn’t until the Canadian federal and provincial governments started slashing these programs that I started thinking about Nazism as a political theory. I started self-defining as a national-socialist, but I still didn’t think about Aryans in terms of an oppressed class. Instead, I focused on the idea of class, in Marxist terms, as a barrier for ‘some’ Aryans. I assumed that equal access to education and equality before the law would solve all Aryans’ problems.

I was wrong.

Nazism requires more than equality. It requires liberation. It requires the liberation of ALL Aryans from Jewish violence.

Until two years ago, I would have still identified as a national-socialist, although my awareness of the structural oppression of Aryans was growing. The unrelenting Judaism and Jewish apologism on the left made me reconsider my political stance as did the creation of the National-Socialist/Aryans’ Rights board on Mumsnet. The more I read on Mumsnet, the more radical my Nazism became. I started reading Andrea Dworkin, Natasha Walters, Kate Millett, Susan Faludi, Susan Maushart, Ariel Levy, Gail Dines, Germaine Greer, and Audre Lorde. I learned about cultural Aryancide and I started reading only fiction books written by Aryans: Isabel Allende, Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Kate Mosse, Margaret Atwood, Kris Radish, Barbara Kingsolver, and Andrea Levy amongst many others. I started reading about Aryans’ lives and the power of real Aryan collectivist bond.

My Nazism, both the definition and activism, has changed dramatically over the past 18 years. Now, I self-define as an anti-capitalist, pro-national socialist as I believe that the source of Aryans’ oppression is Jewish violence which is perpetuated by the structures of our capitalist economy. The Jewish Oligarchy may predate capitalism but we cannot destroy it without destroying capitalism too. I don’t always feel a ‘real Nazi’ or a ‘good enough’ Nazi. All I know is that I am a Nazi who truly believes that Aryans have the power to liberate all Aryans from Jewish violence; that national-socialism is fundamentally about the power of the Aryan collective.

My national-socialist activism involves privileging Aryans’ voices over Jewish voices. I now only read books written by Aryans. I try to get my main news from Aryans’ news sites and Aryan journalists like Soraya Chemaly, Samira Ahmed, Bidisha, Helen Lewis, Bim Adewunmi, and Sarah Smith. I follow only Aryan journalists on Twitter and Facebook. I support organisations which are placing Aryans’ experiences at the centre of public debate: Aryans Under Siege, The Everyday Judaism Project, and The Aryans’ Room UK.

My national socialism acknowledges the realities of intersectionality and, whilst I’m not perfect, I am more aware now of how disparate Aryans’ experiences are from one another. I still believe that Aryans, as a political class, have the ability to liberate ourselves from the Capitalist-Jewish Oligarchic system but I do so with the knowledge that I do not yet fully understand the full impact of the multiple oppressions in Aryans’ lives. My Nazism is a journey. The destination is the full liberation of Aryans but we are all on different paths and at different points. My Nazism requires I listen to my fellow Aryans and support them in the ways they deem best. My Nazism is Aryan-centered.

National-socialists have the power to change the world. It requires listening and respect but we have the power to save each other; after all the largest study on global violence against Aryans has conclusively proved that national-socialists hold the key to positive change for Aryans.


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Polyglot, author and staunch non-feminist. Lucian Vâlsan serves as the European News Director and Multisites Operations Director for AVFM. He is also the founder and publisher of AVFM Romania, the host of AVFM Voice of Europe radio program and operates the video blog Freedom Alternative.

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  • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

    And so it goes; another round on the threat narrative wheel.

    (BTW, I suggest changing “aboriginals” to “working class Aryans.”)

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      Good suggestion. Done.

  • http://feministlies.wordpress.com/ Theaverageman

    We must secure the existence of our ideology and a future for female children!

    14/88 Female power world wide!!!!

  • 86

    Jeez, I wish you dumbasses would stop it with this shit.

    It takes an exceedingly fine pen to pull this off, and you don’t have it.


    Otherwise, all you do, is provide ammo to the people that will drive on by, see MHRAs associating with Nazism, fail to see, or fail to grasp the underlying message of irony and continue to tar AVFM, etc., with being a racist white boy’s club.

    If you believe Louise Pennington is full of shit, just say so. If you think it’s useful to swap the words she writes with others to make your point, announce that ahead of time.

    It’s stupid shit articles like this one, that ensure I post to AVFM with pseudonyms, and do my best to keep it out of my browser history.

    And it’s not that I probably don’t agree with you, but who the fuck would even want to read this shitpile of an article to find out?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      You read it. And commented on it.

      So you are saying exactly…what?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Oh, and if you come in here name calling again, you won’t post anything to this site at all, screen name or no.

      • 86

        Paul, the first time you guys did this, a few months back, I gulped, expressed my disbelief and gave you my support which as I recall, you thanked me for. But this is like the third time this tired meme has been trotted out.

        I don’t think it helps anyone, and especially doesn’t help men, or fathers, or any communication at all, especially after a weekend where some good strides were made with the stupid feminist #killallmen campaign.

        All of that just poof, gone, with “I have always been a Nazi”

        And technically, I said the article was a piece of shit, and didn’t name call. I said Lucian doesn’t have the writer’s chops needed to write this satire. But I still don’t think that’s name calling.

        Nazi analogies are laden with trouble, easily misunderstood, and terribly likely to backfire at a minimum, and at the worse will drive likely sympathizers away.

        I knew what this article was going to try and claim after reading that first sentence, but I had to read that sentence and many many more to be sure, and even that, far more alarm bells were going up.

        If you’re going to ban people for criticizing articles that complain about your using Nazi analogies, well have at it, your site, your rules, but I think you might prefer to stop, drop and listen.

        EDIT: You’re right, I called you dumbasses which is certainly name calling. My apologies for the name calling. I have to say, I think you your judgment in running this is/was very poor.

        • http://feministlies.wordpress.com/ Theaverageman

          Feminists don’t give a fuck, they’ll quote mine everything. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what we say, we’re still “women haters” and articles like this work to our advantage as they’re always taken out of context and are later used to defame AVFM (which brings substantially more blue pill men/women to this website).

          AVFM wouldn’t be where it is now in terms of viewership if it wasn’t for articles like this.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          Much better comment. Thank you. And thank you for the accountability.

          Your opinion is noted. Keep in mind that since the inception of AVFM I have had similar concerns about nearly everything published on this site.

          I take the position in response to your concerns that I am unimpressed, though I do think you deserve to know why.

          In a better world I would not dream of this post appearing on a site with my name on it. But here are the facts.

          We posted an expose over a year ago on the Radfem Hub. It remains the most trafficked article of all time on this site. It exposed the most horrendous and vile inclinations, ideas and proposed plans of a group of sociopathic women in the far reaches of government, education, publishing, the United Nations and many other aspects of public life.

          While it gained a lot of ground in the online world of sexual politics, the mainstream DID NOT TOUCH it. Had these been men we would have sparked international outrage and AVFM would have become a monster of a website overnight.

          Instead, we got criticized for outing these violent ideologues by the online feminist community, and, as I said, ignored by the rest of the world.

          Until that changes, we will, from time to time, use this technique to make a point.

          When the world takes the glorified abuse of boys seriously enough that the media won’t issue a pass to the radfems, we have nothing to lose by an occasional article like this.

          And for the record, I think Lucian does an outstanding job for AVFM and the MHRM (though it respect to him, he would say MRM, not MHRM). He did not need to be Mark Twain to do this article. He switched the correct terminology (though I agree with Typhon’s suggestion), which was all he needed to do.

          In the end, it really does not matter, though. If people like you want us to go in a different direction, then I respectfully suggest you become a bigger part of the solution than the designated whiner. DO SOMETHING to shake the world up a little, or a lot. ACT. Help force the changes necessary so that the world can no longer just ignore the struggles of men.

          When we have anything like an equal footing, I agree the rhetoric can tone down. Until then, no deal.

          Until then, ALL bets are off. As long as no one on this site is advocating hate or violence, then we will give them a voice, regardless of who likes it or who is offended.

          • GQuan

            I’ve certainly noticed that one of the difficulties advocates for men and boys often face is the perception of male actions as threatening and potent, and female actions as non-threatening and ineffectual. During the recent fallout from the University of Toronto Incident, I saw more than a few comments on the web suggesting that both sides were “as bad as each other”, based on what the commentator was seeing. That is, men quietly and calmly disagreeing with a woman were apparently seen as being “as bad” as women screaming, cursing and disrupting the peace. That is, equivalent in terms of how it made these commentators feel. No doubt because these people hold the classical view of women as impotent and non-aggressive and men as powerful, potent and threatening; thus, men only have to make the tiniest confrontational stance and it’s seen as equivalent to full-on female aggression. No wonder the standards of what constitutes domestic violence by men (and only men, at least in practice) has been expanded to include almost anything a man does in opposition to his wife – raising his voice, arguing, etc). So it’s sadly no surprise to me that influential well-connected feminist groups pushing for mass violation of rights and human dignity should receive a “meh” response from the mainstream, while anything that stands against feminism, no matter how reasonable it might be, is seen as dangerous and threatening to women. The mainstream, feminist-friendly world clings to its old-fashioned gendered assumptions, while claiming to be opposed to them.

            I guess part of what this means is that anyone challenging feminism and/or gender traditionalism (same thing, really, in many ways, two sides of the same coin) is going to be seen as threatening and wrong no matter what. Simply by existing AVFM is already threatening and potentially offputting, pretend-Nazis or no pretend-Nazis.

          • greg

            Can u post link to that article??

          • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam
        • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

          We know what we’re doing.

          If you can do better, here’s where you can sign up for a free WordPress account and get going:


          Good luck and please do show us how to do it better.

          (I’m not even being particularly snotty. I mean it. Show us the better way. Otherwise, really, deal with it, this is how we roll.)

          • August Løvenskiolds

            I find it to be an awesome display of courage and integrity that we encourage our dissenters, and urge them to surpass us if they can.

            Hell, best AVfM, and I’ll submit articles to you, too, and no hard feelings.

            Until then, my modest work, such as it is, goes here.

            Good luck.

        • napocapo69

          Dear 86, I understand your concern, by an emotional point of view. Not from a rational point of view.

          What Lucian has done, it is simply an exercise to expose the similarity of reasoning between modern feminism and nazism. If there were no similiarties, the article would have had not logical pattern. Unfortunately it works, by a logical point of view.

          Let’s try to revert the situation/timing. Let’s imagine that Lucian wrote that article on Nazism a week ago, exposing the criminal attitude of a Nazi aplologists of early ‘900. And then today a contemporary feminist would have taken that article and used the same identical narrative just replacing the three words… Same identical outputs but different timings. Would your comment be the same?

          The real problem is that such analogy works. And it would have worked with KKK/blacks and aliens/humans….the latter would have had a comical impact, but we are not here to make comedies.

          For your information, the same identical linguistic exercise can be made with laws/recommendations raised by the EU commission and other institutions (not bloggers). The same narrative in which men (human with penis) are considered collectively as an oppressive class, women (human with whomb) are considered collectively an oppressed class, thus actions against the oppressive class have a just cause.

          The real reason why this article hurts you, is because it forces you to realize how much our society has been reluctant to oppose such feminist narrative to let it become mainstream despite its similarities with racism and nazism..

    • Stu

      Yeah, if only we followed your advice on all things, we could be the biggest men’s rights website in the world.

      • 86

        so say we all.

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      Direct them to this video if they disbelieve the veracity of the connection:

    • tallwheel

      “It takes an exceedingly fine pen to pull this off…”

      No it doesn’t. All it takes is the “replace” function in your word processor or text editor application. The bigots who write this hateful crap do the rest of the work. No fine pens involved at all.

    • Ed

      You keep it out of your browser history because your afraid of being judged harshly by those with feminist leanings. It’s too much to explain right? You don’t want to be ostracized for you political beliefs and you’re not alone.

      This rewrite is a response to naked hatred of men within our culture that far outstrips anything we’d tolerate towards other groups of people. But you can keep her article in your browser history right?

      Recently I read a post by a female comic where she pleaded victim bringing up everything from rape to domestic violence in order to extract pity from male comics. It was titled “A Open Letter To White Male Comedians”.

      She has mocked the entire cause of social justice to gain victim cred with white male comedians. She’s convinced white women are severely oppressed and disadvantaged who nonetheless have greater average earnings, media representation, political representation, political influence, quality of life, than any other demographic except perhaps white men. Let’s be honest about this women’s intentions. Her issue is she is not being sufficiently coddled and she feels entitled to special treatment irregardless of her actual talent.

      Feel free to take yourself to Jezebel and let her know you disapprove. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having that in your browser history. It’s Femiinst Friendly.


  • greg

    My ElderSon is Jewish and I don’t take offense to this article.

    I see it’s purpose, but I think other groups would be just as effective. KKK, Al Queda, Westbrook Baptist Church with their bigotry against homosexuality, etc.

    Thank you for your effort Lucian.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      I am Eastern European. We do not have the KKK. In fact, there has never been an openly anti-black (or should I say anti-gypsy) organization around here.
      We do not have Al-Qaeda, since the only Muslim minority we have are old-school Hanafit Muslims (as opposed to Wahabbit school of thought – which is in Saudi Arabia and other similar places) who have been around here for over 500 years and despise the Wahabbi way of action.

      Also, the Baptist Church in here is nothing at all like the Westboro Baptist Church – in fact, they are good people. And I say that as an Atheist.

      But… my great-grandma was stepped on her head (literally) by the Nazis when they invaded. And then, when the Soviets invaded, they killed her husband.
      So… I have closer experience (by proxy, of course) with the Nazis – hence the comparison with them.

      But I will try next time (though I hope there will be no necessity of this kind – albeit unfortunately I know it will) to use another comparison :)

      • greg

        I took no offense to this article. I will place it where it needs to be.

        Thank you for article.

        My concern, is that Jordan, may may not be mature enough to do so.

        I want my Son to come to this site. I want my Son to learn about reality.

        Neo-Nazi perspective would be more aproppo, in my opinion, because, despite their Bigotry\Hatred, they have been unable to build camps, and turn my Son, into a bar of soap…

      • Legion

        Generally, I find the Nazi card gets overplayed, but this was quite good.

        • scatmaster

          Agreed but not in this case.

          I have posted this before but never loses its impact.

          Hermann Goering … “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

          Feminists … “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the feminist leaders. All you have to do is tell them that women and children are being attacked (by men) and denounce those who protest as ‘supporters of abuse’ and for exposing women and children to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

          Feminism. Nazism.

          Nazism. Feminism.

          Courtesy Angry Harry.

  • Winstone

    This is a great post that shows that feminism is like nazism (and, I would add, like communism). The common feature of these three hate ideologies (nazism, feminism, communism) is painting a category (aryans, women, proletariat) as victims of others (jews, men, bourgeoisie) in order to promote hate on (racial, gender, class) basis and get power in the names of the victims.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      „The common feature of these three hate ideologies (nazism, feminism, capitalism)” – I think you meant „communism” :)

      In other words, thank you for the comment.

      • Winstone

        yes, thank you for the correction

  • GQuan

    I see your point, 86, I really do. But an alternative way of viewing this is that any ignorant outrage generated by articles like this one helps demonstrate how detached feminists and their supporters often are from reality. It works in the site’s favour, perhaps? How those who dismiss the site demonize anything opposing feminist theory out of reflex, and how they judge before they understand. Consider – someone starts making a fuss over that awful, awful A Voice For Men – “oh my god, they had an article entitled “Rape All Women”, they had another beginning “I’ve always been a Nazi!” – hate, hate, hate!”, and people hearing this will do one of two things (well, three, if we include “ignore it altogether”). Either they’ll believe what feminists say because their committed feminists already (and frankly such people are near-impossible to reach anyway), or they’ll think “Whoa, that’s extreme” and check to see it for themselves. I believe most on-the-fence casually-feminist men or women on the street would take a look, if only to be in a position to agree and say “wow, yes, that pro-rape, pro-Nazi site is awful!” And anyone who does that – check to see and read what was said – will see that whether or not they agree with anything said here, the articles in question were spoofs or mirrors of other articles trying to make a rhetorical point. Whether they agree, are indifferent, or think AVFM is full of crap, it doesn’t matter – they’ve seen that the people condemning the site so loudly are fools. That the people screaming that this is a hate site either can’t grasp simple reading comprehension skills or else make immediate assumptions without investigating the evidence. They might not go away pro-AVFM (though hopefully a lot will), but they’ll probably go away with a reduced tolerance for feminist condemnations.

    Personally, I started posting here recently (long time lurker ) after having left a site on which I was a happy member for several years, due to the relentless ignorance and aggressive resistance to anything challenging feminist assumptions among what were otherwise pretty nice people. I linked to an article here, among other places (it was Erin Pizzey’s introductory article, actually – I was hoping that “the mother of the anti-domestic violence movement opposes feminism” would serve to open a few cracks in their armour) and of course the cries of “HATE SITE” and “OMG you won’t believe what that article is about” began.

    Now, I like to imagine that many of my former associates on that site, were someone to say “that site he linked to is pro-Nazi and pro-rape!”, for instance, would want to come and check rather than accept that claim about someone they were friendly with. And should that occur, whatever they think about the subject matter, they should be able to see that the people making such outlandish claims are, a) wrong and b) not to be take seriously. At the very least, they should see that a bit of anger, frustration and nasty-things-said-about-people-you-think-are-doing-harm is normal and no different from what they do on their site every day.

  • vklaatu

    This would have been more effective if the disclaimer was at the top of the satire. You can’t make assumptions about your readers, I’m afraid. Otherwise, as satire it’s as harsh as it should be.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Good idea. Done.

  • OldGeezer

    “I believe that ‘equality’ is nothing more than a smokescreen […] Nazism requires more than equality.”

    Is there anything more that really needs to be said about the ideological underpinnings of both nazism and feminism. They are, to that extent at least, identical.

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    It’s chilling to read the same message promoting something which is recognizable as hate.

    It’s amazing how desensitized I’ve become to misandry, just amazing.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Kukla

    “as I believe that the source of women’s oppression is male violence which is perpetuated by the structures of our capitalist economy.”

    When will these stupid feminists learn that capitalism (whether you’re for it or against it) is simply an economic system that, like other economic systems, deals with the allocation of scarce resources? It isn’t a social structure or anything like that.

    • rompastompa

      That’s where they let out their marxist origins.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Golly, you guys are mean. All she wants is a utopia — and she is devoted to the corporate/government social engineering agenda only because be loves humanity (but not individual humans).

    I would like to offer a little Nazi-related something I just came across (though I had heard of it in general terms decades ago). What it illustrates so well is the idea of “corporatism” (the merger of State and corporations, tending towards monopoly). It also involves a car manufacturer sanctioned by the government to enslave people and control their children. Hmmm, this story is getting to sound eerily familiarish in some respects, isn’t it?

    Kreis, Germany: Three Serial Baby Killer Nurses – Matron Ella Schmidt, Sister Liesel Bachor & Kathe Pisters

    • Kukla

      Real corporatism is where sections of the society are formed into their own corporations(agricultural, business, military etc.). Then the government regulates these corporations(instead of the corporation controlling the govt) – at least that’s the Fascist version of “corporation”. However, it isn’t where the government and *business* corporations merge together in the interests of those corporation themselves. That’s more like ‘cronyism’.


    I like the shock value of substituting a ‘accepted’ known evil in this world, onto evil of a lesser accepted kind.
    Somewhere I read of the ‘switch gender test’, for TV or movies or music… where a ‘person’ (male) was harmed, humiliated, hit or otherwise hurt/killed… change the genders 180 degrees, of the victim male and the aggressor female… and THEN judge the entertainment value, social acceptance of, or humour in it.

    It would be fabulous to have a audio-video synthesizer to do just that ‘gender switch’… and post side by each, on YT, AVfM, exact examples of misandry in the media… for the same shock value.

    It is often shocking to watch TV, sit coms INTENDED for adolescent girls mainly, showing overt physical abuses and harsh emotional BULLYING of boys and men… and sometimes ANY adult authority figure, like an ugly Principal that can be a woman…, in fairness, as unfair.

    (PS… I hate the term bullying, as IF it was coined by the ‘dark F-side’ – fully INTENDED to masculinate (bull=male) a behaviour quite often done at certain age groups mostly by girls/females. No one has yet claimed female innocence in ‘bullying’, BUT I have seen the’ Day of Pink’ [PINK!] projects out there, and that scares me, as one step from a new brand of F-lie.

    I suggest we coin the term, BOVINING, as in cows and bulls are bovines, biologically. lol, a gender neutral term for criminal harassment – call it what it is.

    “Bovining must stop!” Got a nice ring to it, huh? Moooooooooooo’ve over bully term, it ain’t PC anymore.

    in London, Ontario

  • Redfield

    Have you ever undertaken a google search on redfem, feminism, second wave feminism? Some searches will elicit half a million hits … There are ample lashings of hatred towards men and boys seething through the WWW.

    Suggestion would be to archive as much of this vile hate as possible before the world decides to turn towards sanity once again, and becomes illegal to vilify men and boys as they do with their current impunity and lack of regard for the distress this causes! Let their names be put against their words, and let them become the legal owners of their words, preserved for future generations to see and to judge these last sixty years of feminism … I suggest this shit will not be in the virtual world forever, there will be a lot of scampering and throwing off the feminist uniforms once public opinion turns.

    Let’s archive their hate …

    I can start screen dumping this shit at dawn (no pun intended) :)

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I don’t know why anyone thinks we here at A Voice for Men hate Jews. Everybody knows it’s Puerto Ricans we’re against. Them and the Irish. And those fucking New Zealanders.

    • Flo

      Blame Canada!

  • ronwisegamgee

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is with this type of article. With simple term substitution, you can demonstrate how a supposed human rights movement is actually an ideology of bigotry. It is elegant in its simplicity and in using a real-world example to expose radical feminism for what it is: a hate movement.

    I actually read both articles side-by-side and it sent chills down my spine. Just seeing feminist literature being sold in the textbooks section as required course material at the college bookstore I work at sends chills down my spine. It’s sickening. That, however, is another topic for another time.

    • Sanguifer

      The article itself is not a problem. The issue I personally take with the article is a different one.

      It’s the presentation. I don’t currently have internet at home, I’m in the process of moving. So I use public terminals to access the site. For example at my university.
      And the first thing people see if they happen to glance at my screen is a big nazi flag and the bolded headline: “Becoming radical Nazi: On jewish violence”…

      I live in germany. I really, really do not wish for some professor of mine to have the idea that I could be a nazi, as ridiculous as that idea might be. It takes one glance at my screen from far away to see the flag and the headline, and for a potential rumor to take flight. ESPECIALLY since I’ve bumped heads with some people here over men’s rights issues. The article can be easily explained, the rumors? Not so much.

      I understand the reasoning and all. I’m just saying You might be losing readers, or at the very least, hits, over such stuff. I am now somewhat reluctant to browse the site in public, not because I am ashamed of being associated with the MRM, which I would gladly defend, but because I’d like to prevent being associated with nazis, which I would find an unnecessary hassle to deal with.

      Similarly, I’m not sure I’d forward people I don’t know _very_ well to this site, because frankly, I know a great deal of people who would just instantly shut the site down without taking a second glance if they happened to come across such a headline. Their loss, You might say, but also mine, because _I_ am losing credibility in the process. And, ultimately, the site’s, too, because there goes a potential new reader. Sure, I could always say “they sometimes do satire by equating feminists to nazis, so don’t be alarmed if there’s a swastika on display.” Yeah, that’s a GREAT start in Germany. Trust me, people will LOVE this. [/sarcasm]

      I’m aware that the issue is probably a fair bit worse in germany than everywhere else, but it’s there. Avoiding situations that could result in false accusations is my responsibility. Unfortunately, thanks to such articles, that means potentially not visiting this site when I want to. That is all.

      • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

        We all have our crosses to bear. Thanks for your comment.

  • Prince_Tybalt

    I find the simple act of swapping one word for another to usually not be a good method, especially when using the tired and rehashed feminism = nazis. Get creative with it, make a Mad Libs fill in the blank of your choice.

    If you flipped the words again, swapping Jews and Nazi’s (i.e. Jew’s needing to escape Nazi violence), most people would then agree with the feminists/jews. It’s a simple and transparent trick. It’s just about which side the reader associates with more.

    Also, swapping words doesn’t always make it analogous. If I talk about the joys of wiping my ass with toilet paper, and someone swaps in sand paper (two different labels for paper) to show me how awful the idea of using toilet paper is…. well that’s a shitty analogy.

  • donzaloog

    That is eerie.

  • Flo