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To Carla Buzasi, Huffington Post UK

To Editor-in-Chief Carla Buzasi, Huffington Post UK

Dear Ms. Buzasi,

It has come to my attention that the most recent contributor for your web publication is Inna Shevchenko.

I don’t know whether the decision to receive Shevchenko to your team belonged to you personally, but the responsibility for it nonetheless falls on your shoulders as Editor-in-chief for Huffington Post UK.

Inna Shevchenko’s first (and so far the only) contribution is an article titled “Sextremism: The New Way for Feminism to Be!”[1] and her biography[2], published on your website, claims that her philosophy and her organization, FEMEN,  is non violent.

However, the claims in that biography are both incomplete and misleading, given actions by Shevchenko and others in her organization that are already a matter of public record.

For instance, her bio says that she “cut down 8meters wooden catholic[sic] cross with chainsaw on the main square in Kiev, Ukraine.” This was ostensibly in protest of alleged historical patriarchal oppression against women that emanated from the Catholic Church.

To be accurate, it was an Orthodox Christian cross and it was in front of the Oktyabyrski (Октыябырский) Palace.

The Oktyabyrski Palace was the Headquarters of the infamous NKVD in the 1930s where hundreds of thousands of people were executed by the oppressive Stalinist regime that ruled over the region. So it was not just a simple cross or a religious icon. It was a memorial cross commemorating the victims of Stalinist oppression; real oppression that targeted both men and women.

Not only has she denigrated the suffering of those victims, including those that survived the horrific ordeal, but she bragged about it and still brags about it on your publication’s website.

In another action, FEMEN member Yana Zhdanova, with the words “Kill Kirill” painted on her back, attempted a violent attack on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church at the Borispol airport, near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.[3]

So my question, and the question of all the people involved in A Voice for Men, is why? Why are you providing a voice to a self proclaimed extremist and indiscriminate criminal vandal? Why are you providing a platform for an organization that has advocated for murdering church officials?

Inna Shevcenko is a convicted felon in Ukraine, taking advantage of the fact that her native country is not in the EU and therefore a European arrest warrant is difficult to issue in her name. Is this the direction that Huffington Post UK wants to go, providing a platform for violent thugs and organizations that actively advocate for murdering Church officials, and who train other activists to further similar and increased violence?[4]

Because if that is the case the public needs to know it.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Lucian Vâlsan
European News Director, A Voice for Men


[1] http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/inna-shevchenko/sextremism-the-new-way-for-feminism_b_2634064.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

[2] http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/inna-shevchenko/

[3] http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/feminist-sentenced-for-baring-breasts-at-patriarch-kirill/462751.html

[4] http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/feminist-violence/femen-activism-and-the-coming-violence/

About Lucian Vâlsan

Polyglot, author and staunch non-feminist. Lucian Vâlsan serves as the European News Director and Multisites Operations Director for AVFM. He is also the founder and publisher of AVFM Romania, the host of AVFM Voice of Europe radio program and operates the video blog Freedom Alternative.

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  • Mateusz

    According to her, her organization is non violent?

    So chainsawing down the cross wasn’t violence? It’s also important to note that the Soviet Union persecuted those who didn’t adhere to the state religion. A majority of the victims of religious persecution were Christian, making the cross also a reminder of the persecution. Cutting it down was an added bit of insult to the victims.

    Even if that’s argued to be just a property crime, and so non-violent, death threats, and depictions of mutilation of male genitals by means of farm tools certainly is violent… unless the view is held that males just aren’t people (which is in line with Femen, so probably the justification).

  • Murray Pearson

    Oh, the irony of feminist Stalinists destroying a memorial to victims of Stalinism — you can’t make this stuff up.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    Just finished reading her psychotic article. Must shower now.

    Her commitment to women’s public nudity is interesting in that it should redouble our efforts to reverse global warming (regardless of whether one believes such exists, or not).

  • Near Earth Object

    Inna Shevchenko—a pseudonym for anarchist.

    I don’t know what’s crazier …
    feminists, or the things they think, and then talk about.

  • FacelessFather

    The idea that FEMEN is non violent makes sense when you understand that feminists do not believe that any force employed by women against men or anything deemed masculine is actual violence.

  • florin604

    This letter requires the presence of empathy from Carla Buzasi’s side, which is not the case. Sociopaths lack empathy.

  • JinnBottle

    I just got thru reading Sevchenco’s original article in HuffPo UK. I was starting to dignify it with a lengthy “answer” – but thinking twice, I realize I waste valuable time throwing pearls before swine like that.

    I’ve got only two things to say to such people:

    > I grew up when “patriarchy” was not a swear-word; where its connotation accompanied the concept “beginning of real civilization”. It still does for some. Good grief, woman, if you think I’m anything but impressed for a lifetime with Patriarchy – and proud of my sex for coming up with and institutionalizing things like the New York City skyline, landing on the Moon, the Green Revolution, etc almost ad infinitum – then you got another think – or whatever your equivalent is – coming!

    2. How exactly are you going to apply this bare-assed revolution and final destruction (is it any wonder Chinese civilization attributed *negativity* to the Feminine?) of Patriarchy, to, say my hometown of Boston, currently digging itself out of a 2-1/2 foot snowfall yesterday? How bout Stockholm? Moscow?

    Sextreme Protest Season officially begins June 1st, I guess?…

  • donzaloog

    What was that stupid lady trying to accomplish by attacking a church official in broad daylight like that? It’s like there’s no rhyme or reason, just pure fanaticism.

  • corbyworld

    Great article, Lucian.

    Huffpo, so the Femen AREN’T about physical provocation? They are about peaceful protest?
    Like when they attacked a crowd of peaceful protesters in France who were excercising their right to such assembly?

    After spraying the crowd (including children) with fire extiguishers we can see at 0:17 of this video the civil attitudes and actions typical of the Femen. Is she not physically attacking the peaceful protesters? Femen… Provocateurs.

    “We should do something to attack, to hurt those guys.”

  • Kimski

    One more hateful radical feminist, quietly creeping into a position were she is allowed a possibility of spreading more lies and false statistics, that will eventually lead to even more bigots in the society she will be addressing.

    Her claim of being non-violent fits right in with feminism’s long and documented history of arson, vandalism, harrasment, death threats, bomb threats, and murder against anyone who happens to disagree with their ideology.

    I swear, sometimes you can see the rate and speed the whole world is regressing into barbarism with, if you just take a brief moment to actually look. Female herd-think is quite literally an abomination against civilization.

    At this rate, I suspect every advance in human rights since WW2 will be gone within the next 10 to 20 years, and the german master race substituted with a considerably more female version.

    I hear the chinese are in dire need of women to marry. Maybe we should just pay our debts that way, and get rid of the sociopaths among us. Let the chinese deal with the spending sprees, the hate, the entitlement, the victim claiming, and the rest of the bipolar disorders.

    But they most likely wouldn’t want them either, which leaves us with an remote island somewhere off the coast of the Antarctic..

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

    Thanks for this and the other news pieces you bring in from Europe Lucian.
    Here’s a nice little doc about them I stumbled across

    5:27 Our job is to go against dictatorship and totalitarianism in Ukraine, –
    5:33 but we support everyone who wants to banish dictatorship in their own country.
    5:42 We supported Egyptians and Libyans.
    5:47 We protested on behalf of those who were fighting against dictatorship and totalitarianism.

    Good so what are you doing about the feminist dictatorship and totalitarianism that is currently running most developed nations and the majority of European nations (all maybe)

    7:14 A French person searched from the net with the word “Ukraine”.
    7:20 He wanted to know what kind of country it is, as he was coming to work in his embassy.
    7:25 First results were addresses of brothels and sites where you can find a Ukrainian girl.

    Did a google search and not a single reference for brothels in Ukraine on the first page.
    However I did find this article about tourism in Ukraine.

    Here’s a nice quote in that article
    ““Keep a close watch on your drink because some of these girls are looking for the opportunity to add drugs to it. Be sure to leave your valuables with a friend or the hotel front desk,” warns a private Canadian travel website (www.rjstours.shawbiz.ca/tips.htm).”
    Guess date rape and theft by women in the Ukraine is known far and wide.

    Back to the video
    “8:12 Every Ukrainian girl living in a big city will come in contact with prostitution and sex tourism cause studying is so expensive.
    8:23 Families cannot afford to pay their studies and housing, so the girls will have to prostitute themselves to be able to live a normal life.

    So what is it the men have to do for their education?
    femen yup all about equality for suuuure.

    “11:23 We will think about men, kids and family only after our breasts have started to sag.
    And by then your eggs will have dried up giving rise to complications while pregnant, for both mother and child.

    “15:04 Domestic violence is a problem in Ukraine.
    15:10 The worst is that women don’t get any help, nobody protects them.
    15:16 We once saw in the police station how a little girl came to ask for help, afraid that her dad would kill her mom.
    15:24 The militsiya said to the girl; “Come back when your mother is dead”.
    15:29 The officials and neighbors think that family violence is just a problem inside the family.

    How much help do men receive?
    Given the fact that men are about 50% of the D.V. population I have to wonder what services are offered for men in the Ukraine.
    And as suspected the numbers are not that far apart, I really have to wonder how many men were too ashamed to admit to being abused as well.


    ” Women more often faced domestic violence in their adult lives (33% versus 23% of men), whereas men more often faced it in their childhood (34% versus 27% of women).”

    Unfortunately the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska from Ukraine isn’t concerned about the number of men.


    Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska has said she hopes for the speedy ratification by Ukraine of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

    “I hope that Ukraine will soon ratify the European convention on domestic violence,” she said at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday as part of a roundtable entitled “The development of a system to prevent domestic violence.”

    More from the vid;

    21:00 We want a law that will criminalize the buying of sex.
    So selling it is fine by you?
    How very sexist and feminist of you. Punish the buyer not the dealer, vying for a job with the drug cartels?

    Anyways don’t care to spend anymore time with these twits.
    Will leave with 1 final quote;
    “16:02 When we are protesting we write clearly to our breasts or placates what we are protesting against.
    16:13 We do topless protests cause breasts are a weapon for us.
    16:18 At first everyone will look at the breasts and the pretty girl but then they will read what it says on her breasts or on the placate.

    Nope all I got from your words was your a bigot, sexist and misandric in your ways, still nice tits, thanks for the free racy pictures.
    You can look back on them and smile as you pump your body with fertility drugs while praying your wasted youth doesn’t force you to miscarry or your child doesn’t have some birth defect associated with later in life pregnancies.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

      Oh one last thing that popped up about just what and who femen supports.
      They support pussy riot, here is what R.T had to say about that;
      “Pussy Riot has Orgy in museum and has sex with chicken in a supermarket”

      So open orgies and bestiality are something to protest for according to femen. They make no bones about supporting pussy riot, lets make sure they own those words and actions.
      Way to go muff-po you’re now aligning your self with the leader of an organization that defends bestiality and public orgies.

    • Kimski

      Seems to me like these mindless chicks are doing their huge part of advertising for Ukranian brothels.
      Whatever happened to ‘the objectification of women’?

  • 86

    That’s a terrific letter that should be sent to Huffington Post US as well.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      You are free to forward it to Huff-po US. For the moment, Inna Shevchenko’s name appears only on the Huff-po UK website, and this is why I decided first of all to ask them.

      Depending on the answer, I shall see whether it’s worth to trigger an international scandal or not.

      I am not like the feminists. I give Ms Buzasi the benefit of the doubt and my presumption is that the policy makers within Huff-Po had no idea that this thug is now contributing there.
      If it turns out that they knew all the time, then we’ll start FTSU :)

  • Andy Bob

    The Huffington Post has opened its arms to a violent bigot in the mistaken belief that the feminist flag she’s shrouded in can disguise the reprehensible nature of her thoughts and deeds.

    Let’s hope that Mr Valsan’s pointedly terse letter at least makes Ms Busazi pause to consider the foolishness of walking cheek-by-jowl with dangerous extremists like Inna Chevchenko.

    It was very generous of Mr Valsan to allow Ms Busazi the opportunity to clarify her personal and editorial position on human rights violations – especially those directed at men.

    I await, none too hopefully, for her response.

  • Scarecrow

    A topless woman with a chainsaw and a slogan written across her chest. There’s one word that springs to mind, and that is trash.

    Stupid, ignorant, violent trash.

    Sorry for the shaming language, but there it is…

    • Bombay

      With all their flies, trash does seem a good description.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    These femen geeks think they are all cool like Wendy O. Williams, but in reality, they are just your typical PRIVILEGED college “minded” performance art vacationers. It’s not even shocking. Just pathetic watered down swill.

    They travel A LOT. There aren’t many people that can afford to travel even once a year.

    Rich kids meet in college, form femen, and add another “+” onto their elitist obnoxinism.

    They are just cheesy. REALLY cheesy.

  • napocapo69

    Interesting article Lucian. But it does not surprise me given the feminists editorial line of Huffington post.

    It is always amazing to realize the double standards applied by our society to violent protests.
    One year ago in Italy there have been violent protests at Rome (due to the economic crisis and increasing unemployment); during this protests many people committed vandalism acts; one of this vandals has been captured on TV while trowing object towards the police (actually without harming anyone). He has been arrested and now he faces 3 years jail time.
    I haven’t noticed that much compassion for that man, nor from the media nor from justice system.

    Those femen travel Europe, damaging religious symbols, shouting hateful slogan against men, and promoting media contents where they cut penis with axes and other stuff like that. Of course these are just symbolic messages to demolish the patriarchal culture … etc

    I have no notice of any man going around divulging promotional messages where a man stab a woman vagina; such a man would be either in a jail or in a center for psychic diseases .. .for sure he would not get a seat in any news magazine.

    Some people, wonder where this femen come from, and how they manage to cope with the costs; they are extremely well funded.
    Few weeks ago a journalist (Vladimir Sinelnikov) published an interesting article (http://italian.ruvr.ru/2012_09_22/FEMEN-rivelazioni-veramente-scandalose/ in Italian, sorry). According to the article a female journalist of a Ukraine TV station infiltrated the femen organization and acted as a femen for few weeks, participating to their show.
    She discovered that femen activists are compensated with over 1000€ a month (3 times the average ukranian wage), more than 2000€ for those based at Kiev and even more for those enrolled abroad. And femen organization of course completely covers the travel and accomodation expenses…
    Where does this money come from? Still unknown, but the source suspect that powerful people (Helmut Geier, Bate Schober, Jed Sundenand) and institutions (wikipedia, which hosts a feminist portal) play a role.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      I already have beyond all doubt proof that certain wealthy German artists (DJs, singers, etc.) are constantly donating to FEMEN using undeclared money. I also have proof that at least once, a FEMEN activist met with an individual involved in the Ukrainian Mafia that deals with money laundering. (I know more about this topic than I can say publicly using my name)

      However, I have no proof linking Wikipedia to FEMEN (albeit it would not be a surprise to find out that they are also funding – or act as intermediaries for – FEMEN), and, generally, at least 60% of FEMEN finances cannot be explained.
      I travel a lot and I know exactly how much their actions cost – so I can make pretty accurate estimations. But they seem to hide their finances quite well though.

      I do agree that if we manage to coordinate at European level – we will eventually succeed in following the money and exposing these bigots once and for all.
      One word though napocapo69: The Voice of Russia (ruvr.ru) is not necessarily a reliable source – especially the articles written in other language than Russian.

      • napocapo69

        Yes the source is not necessarily accurate.

        This disclaimer might apply for any news source, including the huffington post.

  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

    Well, shaming them and making the public aware of who they support and aware of their lies and manipulations is a way of forcing them either to reform or to go out of business.
    Otherwise, I see no (legitimate) way of putting them out of business, honestly. Do you?

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com/activism-page/karma/ KARMA MRA MGTOW

      I have plans, but they are under wraps for now.

  • Winstone

    That feminist should be in jail, after what she did

  • Jay

    FEMEN is an extremely dangerous extremist organisation that advocates for the demonisation of men, boys and male sexuality. The Huffington Post, as I have said before, needs to die. It is a terrible source of information full of misandrist bias in it’s international news and opinion. Huffinton Post, please die.

  • Robert Sides

    Let us insist, henceforth, that all feminist legislation abide by “Show Yer-Titzov Rules.” That is, bills must be presented on boobs.

    But only good-looking breasts. No hairy-nippled American “sagamores” need apply.

    The final law, written on room-sized parchment, must then be signed by hot-looking Euro-babes using their inked bare-butts (like fingerprinting).

    Hot feminista signatories will then be arrested, their legislation becoming immediately null-and-void.

    Said super-model inmates will be warehoused in glass-wall cells. They’ll wear garb bearing the Naked Empress label. And hourly will perform slut-walks, streamed live over the Internet.

    Oh, happy day!

    In their Kafkaesque “un-penile colonies,” teh wimminz might also have feminist slogans written on their buck-nekkid persons, scrubbed off by rented Dworkin-Drones ™ using “No Lies Lye.”

    Think about it.

  • rake

    LOL, if hot babes are going to keep getting their tops off to protest teh Patriarchy, then I say, long live teh Patriarchy…

    Sorry, it’s a serious, multifaceted subject, but… tits.

    Also, how they think they’re striking a blow against men by giving men what they dream of is beyond me. Sorry grrrls, but I ain’t looking at your slogans. :)

  • James C

    Non violent eh?
    Well, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but they don’t come across as entirely non violent.

    I always loved this video of those hysterical nitwits in London;

    They are so dramatic, one of their supporters even accused the police of trying to kill them for simply arresting them.
    “I fight for woman around the world”
    Yeah, acting like a moron with a drawn on beard really helps women.

  • AntZ

    Huff post is providing a platform for a disgraceful and violent psychopath who advocates murder and gender based persecution. Shame.

  • 98abaile

    Was this article actually sent to huffpo? Please tell me it was.

    • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan

      Of course. The moment I published it here, I also sent it to all the available e-mail addresses for Huffington Post UK, using my official e-mail address lucian@avoiceformen.com.

      I am willing to wait a few more days and if I do not get an answer, I will assume that they are aware of this issue and therefore agree with this violent thug. From that moment, I will have an unpleasant surprise for Huff-Po.

  • Analyn

    FEMEN has attempted to gain a massive audience worldwide. They have succeeded at some things, not at all though. They attempted to attack both Putin when he was in Germany and Heidi Klum at her Next Top Model Show. FEMEN Brazil has closed down, THANK GOD!! FEMEN Japan has a Facebook page, well 2 actually, but barely anyone’s paying attention. They are updated and have likes but no Japanese people, man or women, is watching. Recently, Amina Sboui, a.k.a Amina Tyler was arrested for defacing a mosque via writing FEMEN on it, three European FEMEN activist came to protest but they were arrested. All four will stand trial. Several other FEMEN members, including one of the leaders Aleksandra Shevchenko attempted to enter Tunisia but were deported back home. The original three remain in custody and their trial will re-open next week, no word on Sboui. Today, (at least I think recently) in Paris outside the Tunisian embassy members of FEMEN staged a topless Salah (or prayer to Allah); first they say they are anti-religious then they pray to God, make up your minds, ladies!

    The salah was lead by Aliaa Magda Elmadhy, the founder of FEMEN Egypt who originally tried to remove Sharia Law from Egypt after it was forced onto Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring. Elmadhy originally fled Egypt and sought asylum in Sweden after getting threats.

    One of FEMEN’s supporters, an American named Jed Sunden who founded Kyiv Post, announced that as of 2011 he was no longer supporting FEMEN. He originally supported FEMEN in their early days fighting against prostitution and the sex industry but when they began to attack politics and religion he removed support.

    Anti-Semiticism, both within FEMEN and outside FEMEN is arising. Back in September 2009, they sent a letter to the Ukrainian Intelligence Service asking that the traditional pilgrimage of Hasidic Jews to the Ukrainian city of Uman be annulled. They claimed that Jews would attack Ukrainian traditions and that they would harass and even rape Ukrainian women. As for the outside, some groups against FEMEN have started blaming Jews for backing FEMEN.

    They whole world is going to hell because of these stupid women.