Detroit, USA

Detroit has a Problem — Sign This Petition to Help Fix it

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you……

As recent history would lead us to fully expect, radical gender ideologues have made it their mission to silence our efforts to address issues affecting boys and men in Detroit at AVFM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues scheduled for the end of June. And by “us” I mean a unique, diverse and eminently qualified line up of experts on gender issues, including those affecting men and boys.

We have a former National Organization for Women chairperson and two groundbreaking women who founded the international women’s shelter movement in two countries. One of them is the first black female to take office as a senator in North America. Also speaking will be psychotherapists, psychologists, attorneys, academicians and dedicated advocates from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. We have concerned attendees coming from around the globe to hear vitally important messages about their sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and other men they love.

It seems unthinkable that this petition is actually necessary. Who would have imagined that in 2014 we would have to petition a city, especially one so steeped in the historic struggle for civil rights, to demand that we be allowed to stand publicly and speak to issues like suicide, homelessness, corruption, incarceration, the welfare of children and the state of education?

Yet that is exactly what is happening.

We are calling on the city of Detroit to take note. Radical feminists have corrupted the idea of gender equity. They have transformed it into a Marxist agenda of oppressive control, including the silencing of all opposing views.

You are seeing this play out on the streets of your city right now.

We are asking people across the world to sign this petition. Even if there is not a single boy or man in your life, please help us help boys and men and help us preserve the tradition of basic civil liberties.

Tell Detroit this is unacceptable.



  • Paul

    I have a strong feeling AVFM will experience the Chick-fil-A Effect.

    For those who don’t remember, back in the summer of 2012, gay rights groups were organizing a mass boycott against Chick-fil-A due to the owner’s Christian beliefs about gay marriage. However, a couple days after the boycott, Mike Huckabee announced a Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on August 1 of that year. Well, come August 1, and EVERY Chick-fil-A in the country was crowded all day. That restaurant saw a boost in revenue and sales like NEVER before. And it didn’t stop on August 1!! The entire month of August was nothing but business boom for Chick-fil-A.

    The same will be true of AVFM. This group of protestors is trying to shut down the Conference, but in the end, they’ll only turn more traffic to AVFM and cause more people to be curious about the Conference and what the site is about. And that’ll be good for us.

    So, the next time a radfem tells you to boycott Doubletree or try to shut down the Conference, tell them: “Remember Chick-fil-A.”

    • travis perez

      I would love to see that happen

      • Chris Wedge

        If someone gets bullied, people will rally if they spot it.
        And make this a force multiplier for the effect of being right…

    • Incubus

      Even though I support gay rights, I’m glad that happened to Chick-fil-A. I personally find it distasteful when certain groups of people try to boycott companies for their owners’ expressing their right to choose their own beliefs, and I find it quite juvenile that we can’t all just get along and learn to respect each other’s views. I hope this happens to AVFM as well.

      • Andybob

        I’m glad this happened to Chick-fil-A too.
        It reminds me of how some in the LGBT community responded to the Duck Dynasty grandfather’s less than politically correct response when asked about his views on gays. The whole thing reeked of a set-up. Put a microphone in front of an elderly person who identifies as a red neck and ask them about their views on gays and then act surprised when he veers from the PC script. What the hell did they think he was going to do – start waving a rainbow flag?
        That man has as much right to his opinions as anyone else. Calling for him and his TV show to be taken off the air – which would have effectively denied his whole family the bulk of their income – and be denied the right to his freedom of speech is an act of ideological tyranny which no fair-minded person could would ever support. Where you stand on the issue of gay rights has nothing to do with it.
        If you can’t cope with a complete stranger you’re never going to meet expressing a less than rosy opinion about you, then it is pretty clear that he’s not the one with the problem. Only a fragile hysteric interprets empowerment as the right to bully others into silence and exact punitive vengeance on those who, for whatever reason, aren’t inclined to coddle them with approval and support.
        We can see this same deeply flawed misinterpretation of empowerment in many of the feminists demanding the cancellation of the imminent men’s issues conference. They think they’re demonstrating strength – and supporting social justice – by attempting to silence MHRAs whose whose concern for the rights and welfare of men and boys often necessitates searing criticism of feminist ideology.
        Feminists are trying to show their power and influence, but are only parading their weakness and fear that dissenting voices may expose the fundamental flaws in their ideology. After all, considering the fact that their ideology is an nothing but an artfully constructed mish-mash of bigotry, lies and fraudulent statistics, it is easy to understand why they feel so threatened by this conference.
        Feminists are pulling out all the stops now. It is imperative that we do all we can to prevent them doing to us what LGBT failed to do to the Duck Dynasty grandpa – when people’s natural sense of justice had a rare victory over the dogmatic bullies convinced that they reserve the right to determine who gets to have free speech.

        • Chris Wedge

          It’s really all on a patently ridiculous co-opting of the LGB&T (really a more accurate title, rather than conflating a congenital hormonal disorder with an evolutionary adaptation) lobby by feminism.

          Even worse in that the LGB&T folk like us have no need to use feminist tactics. We’re right. You know, like the MHRM.

      • crydiego

        I agree and it must have something to do with my fear of power being abused. I’ve seen feminism start out as the underdog and turn into a rabid pack of bitches. Of course I don’t know what a Chick-fil-a is except chicken.

        • Paul

          It’s a national chain fast-food restaurant well-known for its chicken sandwiches. Its founders are evangelical Christians, which also means, yes, they’re against gay marriage (unfortulately). The gays tried to boycott them but it failed.

          Let’s hope that this ends up with the protesters having egg on their face.

          • crydiego

            Well, I agree that everyone should have the power to persuade but not the power to destroy. The tactics of feminism and racism are a lesson to us all. Power does not make you right. It is the free market place of ideas that should check power, question dogma, and gore Sacred Bulls when necessary.
            As far as marriage goes I believe that we should go to Domestic Partner Agreements for all legal matters joining peoples assets and you can marry your dog if you want too. Marriage lets the state be involved in a legal agreement with no definitions; it’s bad for everyone.

    • Lucian Vâlsan

      “the Chick-fil-A Effect” is basically what we already knew as the Streisand Effect, really.

    • Chris Wedge

      And that is why freedom fighters should never use the tactics of bigots.
      The Chick-fil-A thing essentially had the bigots able to turn the tables and claim freedom fighter status.

      And, to the casual lurker, that is why the MHRM has a strict policy of non-violence. Often even in the case of self-defence. (learn parkour or something) Because the bigots in that case are rightfully marginalised. What if they’re mainstream? You know, feminism?

      Just a purely pragmatic assessment that cares not a jot for the ethics of actions. But if you don’t care about ethics, why are you not a feminist instead?

    • Tallwheel

      I hadn’t even heard of Chick-fil-A before that whole thing (it wasn’t available in the region of the U.S. I’m from until recently), and I support gay rights, but after hearing all about the place now I want nothing more than to get the chance to try one of their delicious-sounding chicken sandwiches.

      • Paul

        Eat their spicy chicken sandwiches. They’re tastier than the plain ones.

    • Philip Schuster

      The Chick-fil-a boycott was not about their freedom of speech. It had to do with their financial & political support of anti-gay causes, including Prop 8 in California. Boycotts are a perfectly legitimate form of protest. None of this has any relevance to the potentially violent threats against the men’s conference in Detroit. I am against any attempts by government to block the expansion of an enterprise because of their political activities, however.

  • Incubus

    I found a few grammatical and spelling errors in the petition:

    The second paragraph is missing the period at the end of the sentence, and fourth has a typo: “dymanic” instead of “dynamic.”

    The sixth paragraph is also missing a period at the end of the last sentence.

    Here, I’m numbering paragraphs without counting the opening “To the City of Detroit and the World.”

    I’m not trying to disrespect you, Paul, but just pointing this out because it’s errors like these that reinforce the notion to our opponents that we’re illiterate, white-power, back-woods red necks. I hope you’ll take my comment as a friendly hand, rather than an insult. In fact, please feel free to delete my comment once you have corrected the errors.

    • Paul Elam

      No disrespect taken. We are all stressed and tired. Thanks for the info

      • MGTOW-man

        Is the conference at risk of being blocked or something?

    • alex brown

      Nothing wrong in correcting others. You did it in good faith.

      A lot of people do it to invalidate other people, because they can’t argue back.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    They will never silence us, no matter what they do. Men’s and boy’s issues are real. Those issues need immediate attention. Why would anyone not be interested in the well being of men and boys?

    • Sadman365

      “Why would anyone not be interested in the well being of men and boys?” . Maybe because no one HAS EVER been interested in the well being of men and boys. Maybe because societies all over the world have gotten used to take men’s services and sacrifices for granted. Men are seen as work mules. Have you ever seen a mule owner thank his mule for the work it does for him? Have you ever seen a mule owner take interest in what his mule wants or needs?

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Isn’t that the foundation of Feminism?

    • Masculist Man

      Damn right we will never be silenced.

  • Zhou_Mak

    Welp, here’s as good a turning point as any. Signed, posted to Facebook. Now to let the hatemail flow in.

  • Partridge

    Duly signed. A reminder, that if you wish to sign the petition you will first need to join I-petitions by registering your name, email address and a password on the I-petitions site. Simple.

  • Shrek6

    Signed and commented on!

  • PlainOldTruth

    Golly, it turns out that the Gramcsian agenda of uniting the “oppressed” under a uniform indoctrination system against the targeted “hegemony” is not what the polemics blogosphere and mainstream consensus-purveyors call a “conspiracy theory” after all. — Yep, I’ll sign that sucker.

  • Tom Golden

    Signed and commented.

    “For decades the lie that men as a group are responsible for the ills of the world have been dictating the direction of gender issues. That is coming to a close as the truth is starting to dawn on people. Those with the most to lose are those who have built and are working in bureaucracies that have been constructed based on these lies. We need to develop a humanism that can offer compassion for both men and women. At this point, men are not getting that same compassion.”

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      And here is the irony. We have been raised to believe that women have superior empathy over men. And yet the examples we are faced with on almost a daily basis totally refutes that teaching.

  • Zarathos022

    Signed and commented as well:

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him a liar. You’re only telling the world that you fear what he has to say.”

    ‘Nuff Said.

  • comslave

    I would like to see your web traffic data for the passed 30 days. I expect it will be very interesting

    • David King

      They are, lol! Traffic has been quite unusual since the shootings two weeks ago. We love the traffic, but not the reasons for it.

  • MRAlias

    I don’t really see the point in petitioning since as far as I know the conference is still on. But I signed anyway so hopefully it helps.

    • David King

      The objective is to show the public that there is equal (or greater) support for our cause than there is for theirs.

  • PlainOldTruth

    The eloquence of our opponents is legendary. See this (posted 3 hours ago, ast the time of of this comment):

    • Incubus

      Who did they get to write the posters for them, when the average eighth grader in Detroit is functionally illiterate?

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      So they are basically saying to throw out all men.

  • Clint Carpentier

    Need to make cheap face masks for everybody ;p

    Flat paddle style with the picture of the 40yo virgin, so that everyone can look like proper MRA’s; old white male virgins.

    • crydiego

      How about T-shirts that say, Women Are People Too! It would throw them off but on the back it would say “Men Are People Too!”

      • Mark Wharton

        They know it….

        • jbantifem

          Yes, they do know we are fighting for equality. But it’s the last thing they actually want. Feminists have never wanted equality among the sexes.

          • crydiego

            I think that maybe many of them did want equality or some parity in the beginning but overnight it became a political arm to divide the civil rights movement.The only women that really believe in it any more are the older women who support it’s origins and young women still in school. For those in the real world it has become empty of everything except the hate of men, their fathers, their sons, and their husbands.
            Equality and legal autonomy is the only way forward. Men need women and women need men but the social contract has to be re-negotiated from a level playing field.

          • jbantifem

            I’m sorry but I disagree. Women have always had a lot of power in western society. Yes, perhaps some things needed to be addressed when it came to women having more options in the workforce and other issues, but they have rarely been oppressed in the household. Perhaps by violent husbands – which is horrific of course – but this has always been rare. Women have been revered all throughout human history. No one could ever, ever argue that fact.

            My Grandfather served in WWII and was probably the toughest man I’ve ever known. At 5’7″ and 145 pounds he could carry a small block car engine 30 feet and place it on a work bench. This was after he lost a testicle, 60% use in his left leg and still had shrapnel in his right shoulder. He came home, sired and raised 9 children. While this was going on my Grandmother was the one who ran the home. Not him. 90% of women were hardly oppressed in North America in the 19th century and they have it even better now in this century. Now they rarely have to work for what they have always had. That isn’t equality, it’s special privilege.

            I do not buy into the ‘oh poor women way back when’ crap. The women I was raised with were extremely powerful. They could get whatever they wanted. Yes, more often than not they had to work hard for it (which is the way it should be for all of us), but it was never denied them. Ever.

            I strongly believe we have to stop buying into the propaganda that was and is feminism. It was created so women and the people who worship them could take over the planet. And at this point they are succeeding. We must think for ourselves and question everything feminists say. Everything.

          • crydiego

            We don’t really disagree but at one time much of the work places were closed off to women and some of the schooling. What is interesting is how fast that was corrected and with the help of most men.

            Where feminism got power was in the political arena because they could deliverer votes, lots of votes! The left and right tried to court them but the left won and I can understand feminist for supporting them but then they got owned.

            That is what the political parties do, they get you on their side and then they say they are you. You loose the narrative and the political hacks take over the cause for their benefit. It could be the tea party, feminism, religion, patriotism, unions, or any number of other group, but it happens. And that is why I agree with your last paragraph so much; “I strongly believe we have to stop buying into the propaganda that was and is feminism. It was created so women and the people who worship them could take over the planet. And at this point they are succeeding. We must think for ourselves and question everything feminists say. Everything.”

          • jbantifem

            But we do disagree. I don’t believe women were ever oppressed in the US and Canada. No more so than men were in some ways, anyway. Racially yes, but never because of their gender.

            My Great Grandmother died in 1985 at the age of 102. Sincerely. She was Irish Catholic, born and raised in Ireland, settling in Canada in 1960. She was never turned down for a job unless she was under-skilled for it. Ever. Which is the way it should be for everyone.

            She was working construction when women were very rarely seen on a construction site. She got involved in politics, traveled the globe and had a fulfilling life if there ever was one. She was NOT oppressed and would be the first person to stand up in a room full of feminists who spew out all this bullshit and tell them the truth as someone who was alive back then.

            It’s all lies. All of it.

          • crydiego

            I also don’t think women were ever oppressed and I never said that they were. I do believe that people were limited in their access to some things; both men and women. For blacks this access was clearly oppression even to the most casual observer but for whites, really? Even your grandmother had to buck social norms and those social norms can be restrictive.

            Men also have restrictions particularly of the social nature.

            Truth be known, neither of us have first hand experience and what does it matter? Today is today and I know women are not oppressed and that feminism is only trying to stay relevant. The politics doesn’t matter either because the right and left are just trying to divide the people so the people don’t rule the day.

            It’s OK with me if you are right and if we meet I owe you a Guinness.

          • jbantifem

            All the best to you. :-)

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        Looking to prove out the phrase “Back Stabber” eh?

  • tz1

    See A city that has died and worse, has become an infectious zombie? A city that will ignore graphitti criminals, but fine owners of defaced businesses? Where arson is the major form of urban renewal. A petition to whom exactly? The least evil devils of our nature?
    Petitioning Detroit is like asking a soon to die heroin addict something. The remainder of his mind capable of focus will not focus upon you

  • ralf

    how can it be that we get 25k$ together in less then 24h, but we do not have 5000 signatures yet???

    • Bewildered

      Good point ! Must say it’s a bit worrying.

  • Turbo