Detroit, USA

AVFM is hosting International Conference on Men’s Issues

Ticket prices are going up! Purchase yours now while prices are still low!

If we wanted to find a city that was an iconic testament to masculinity, we’d need look no further than Detroit. Founded by a French explorer named Cadillac, it rose up from humble beginnings in fur trade to become the city that literally changed the world; the city that imagined, designed and mass-produced one of the greatest, if not the greatest, invention of modern times: The automobile; the machine that revolutionized the lives of all Americans and indeed all of industrialized humanity.

For over a hundred years, it survived the conflicts of labor, the scourge of racism, and political corruption that would make Chicago blush. Yet it persevered.

And then it fell into hard times. Perhaps by coincidence, perhaps not, it lost its currency and its stature in perfect lockstep with the masculinity that first drove it to the top of civilization.

Bleeding and bankrupt, it now exists in decay and degradation. Once-great industrial complexes now have the look and feel of 1945 Dresden. City parks are overgrown and derelict. Schools and city services are running on fumes; some have quit running altogether. The only vigor remaining is in the rising numbers of the jobless and homeless, and in the handful of citizens doggedly and tenaciously working to salvage what is left.

It is a city teetering and struggling for its footing. It is seeking, like many men, to find its balance and its place in the world again. Also like men, it is in trouble as most of the world looks the other way.

I can think of no better or more appropriate place for men to dust themselves off and start building again. I can think of no better foundation on which men and the women who care for them can stand together and seek change.

With that it gives me great pride to announce that A Voice for Men will be hosting the First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27 and 28 of 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.

For the conference we have secured commitments from some of the best known and highly regarded thinkers on men’s rights and issues ever assembled in one place. They are as follows:


Warren FarrellDr. Warren Farrell, author of seven books on men’s and women’s issues, came to prominence in the 1970s as one of the leading male thinkers of our times. Warren originally championed the cause of feminism, serving on the New York City Board of the National Organization of Women (NOW). However, when NOW took anti-male and anti-father positions he began advocacy for boys, men and fathers. He is now recognized as one of the most important figures in the modern men’s movement.


erin pizzeyErin Pizzey, author of five books, including the seminal Prone to Violence, is credited with starting the modern women’s refuge movement in Cheswick, England in 1971. Erin is a steadfast human rights advocate who has lectured internationally on the subject of intimate partner violence. She is also an Editor-at-Large and domestic violence policy advisor for A Voice for Men.


Robert Franklin1Robert Franklin, Esq, is an attorney at law and the former Executive Editor of the Houston Law Review. Franklin writes commentary on our family law system and other related men’s issues. He is a journalist for the National Parents Organization (formerly Fathers and Families) a shared parenting and family law reform advocacy group. Franklin is also a periodic contributor to A Voice for Men.


Miles GrothDr. Miles Groth is professor of psychology at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. He is the founder and former editor of Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies and is the current editor of New Male Studies, an international journal that serves as an open access online interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide.


Barbara-KayBarbara Kay is a columnist for Canada’s National Post. She has written on a variety of issues affecting men and boys and has been particularly critical of both cultural misandry and the treatment of men and boys by the modern feminist movement. Kay is a lecturer who has spoken on National Television and at talks regarding her views on the rise of feminism to the detriment of men.


Karen-StraughanKaren Straughan is an internationally recognized writer, lecturer and videographer. As a mother of young sons, Straughan became concerned about the effects of cultural misandry and began writing and blogging on the subject. She also self-produces video commentary on the men’s issues and has amassed 50,000 followers of her work. Straughan is an activist and a member of Men’s Rights Edmonton and is a contributing editor of A Voice for Men.


Carnell SmithCarnell Smith is a nationally recognized expert in paternity fraud. He is the Board President Executive Director of the National Family Justice Association. He is the executive director of the United States Citizens Against Paternity Fraud. He makes radio and TV appearances (CBS Early Show, ABC World News, Abrams Report), on America’s paternity fraud crisis and has been frequently quoted in major newspapers (USA Today, Washington Times, Orlando Sentinel, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Star Tribune).

paulelamPaul Elam is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men. Formerly a mental health professional, Elam became concerned about the treatment of men and boys, both in mental health settings and the culture at large. He is also the founder of A Voice for Men radio, a network of internet based radio programs dealing with problems that affect men and boys. He is an outspoken advocate against false allegations and takes a leadership role in A Voice for Men’s advocacy for men who are falsely accused or convicted without due process.

Senator Anne CoolsSen. Anne Cools is a member of the Canadian Senate. She became the first Black Canadian to be appointed to Canada’s upper house. She is currently the longest-serving member of the Senate. Cools served on the Senate/House of Commons Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access, which in December, 1998 issued its report, For the Sake of the Children. A principal recommendation of this report was that, following a relationship breakdown, shared parenting should be presumed to be in the best interests of the child.

Paul NathansonDr. Paul Nathanson is a Canadian academician who, along with Dr. Kathryn Young, co-authored what is regarded as the world’s most seminal series of books on the subject of misandry, or the hatred and/or fear of men and boys. Nathanson is a noted lecturer and critic of academic feminism who has been an active proponent in calling attention to the problems faced by men and boys.


Dr. TDr. Tara Palmatier, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in assisting men who have become entangled in relationships with abusive, high-conflict personalities, many of whom are suffering harassment and persecution through the misuse of the family court system. Also known as “Dr. T,” she maintains a website for men seeking to escape abusive relationships and is a regular contributor to A Voice for Men.


Tom GoldenTom Golden, LCSW is a psychotherapist with a focus on men’s issues. He is the author of Swallowed by a Snake, The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing, and The Way Men Heal. Tom is the former vice chairman of the Maryland Commission for Men’s Health. His website, addresses the cultural bias that exists as it impacts boys and men.


Along with this fantastic lineup of speakers, there will be a featured panel discussion on news media bias featuring an international panel of AVFM News writers, headed by AVFM News Director Robert O’Hara.

VladekFillerYour master of ceremonies for the event will be Vladek Filler, who will give an opening address and introduce all keynote speakers as each one takes the audience through an important address on 12 different areas of modern life that impact the lives of men and boys.

There will also be various workshops available, including one by Warren Farrell and another by Dr. T and myself.

Other events are being planned and will be announced in the days ahead.

The event will be held at the Doubletree Downtown Hotel, in Downtown, Detroit. Rooms can be reserved at a discount by going to this page.

Very exciting event, and very exciting days.

Get your tickets now while they are less expensive! The closer we get to the conference, the more the price will increase. 

*All sales are final. While every effort has been made to ensure consistency, individual speakers may change without notice. A minimum number of 130 tickets must be sold for the conference to move forward. In the event of cancellation, all conference ticket purchases will be fully refunded.

Special Addition. On Thursday, June 26, 2014 Dr. Warren Farrell will be presenting a workshop especially for conference attendees. This will be an intimate, limited seating event with the man who started it all.

Go here for details:

About Paul Elam

Paul Elam is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men, the founder of A Voice for Men Radio, and appears weekly on AVFM Intelligence Report, Going Mental with Dr. Tara Palmatier and monthly on MANstream Media with Warren Farrell and Tom Golden.

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  • Mark Trueblood

    Detroit is a great choice, logistically and philosophically. The summers are comfortable as well.

    • farkennel

      Wish I could be there,but it`s a long swim from Australia.I wish the conference all the success in the world.Dont forget to take video equipment,just in case that red-headed misandrist fuckwit and her acolytes from Toronto goes there to disrupt the speakers.

  • Dean Esmay

    This will be epic.

    • Carlos

      My thoughts exactly!

      What a line-up!! It’s like a men’s human rights Woodstock.

      I love the venue too… for the parallels between the city and the stance of men in society.. and for the simple fact that I have family not too far from Detroit (who I will bring w/ me.. kicking and screaming if need be) and will be able to see, and perhaps even meet, so many of my personal heroes at one time.

      Very excited!!!

  • MGTOW-man

    The parallel paths and conditions of men and Detroit are appropriate. I appreciate the thought that went into this decision.

    Too, I hoped it would be somewhere else besides Toronto despite that venue being the most popular choice in the survey. Nothing against the city… as it is starting to be a hotbed for men’ issues…and a beautiful city as well. but I just wanted the choice to be more inclusive of other places to provide chances for another to make a name for itself in our context. We can create an axis, then on to more places.

    Detroit isn’t Kansas City but it is geographically centered enough so that potentially thousands more people will be able to afford the travel and stay. This is important because as we get viewed by the world, it is critical that attendance be huge to reflect the growing interest…to gain additional support and acceptance by many more mainstream people. It HAS to be this way.

    If not many people show up, (just stay home hoping everybody else goes) it will be devastating. So slash prices/make it happen by booking rooms NOW, by planning NOW, guaranteeing NOW.

    No matter what it entails…make this YOUR plans. We have waited so long for this!

    Tell people about it. Make this upcoming year the best thus far and the start of a precedence-setting change for men, boys and justice.

    In the wake of the Hunter Yelton fiasco, this news is wonderful.

  • scatmaster


  • tvsinesperanto

    Really wishing I didn’t live 15,246km away from Detroit right about now.

  • Riku

    Thanks for your hard work guys. I’m sure you put your heart & soul into this…
    What is the exact purpose of the conference?
    Is it to educate people with experts from several areas?
    Is it to discuss further plans on driving forward the mrm?

    Couldn’t quite take that from the context, but I’m not a native speaker.

    • MGTOW-man

      Knowing the news just splashed (wonderful getting wet, isn’t it?), I hope it is not too early to suggest things. For one, I would love to see at least a shared emphasis on MGTOW, its future, and how we are going to combat hatred and attempted control/punishment of it.

      You can bet everything you own that MGTOW is their nightmare…for invalid reasons…but it will enrage them. We must be prepared.

    • Paul Elam

      We have not assigned speaking topics yet, but the “official” announcement…when we make registration available, will make it much clearer.

      The conference will be an overview of 12 different issues that face men and boys in modern society. Not one theme, but many. Each speaker on his or her own expertise.

  • Pierce Harlan

    This is huge!

    • Robert St. Estephe

      The authoritarian nanny state gender establishment is now seeing the bright yellow caution sign:

      BEWARE: tipping point ahead!

      • tvsinesperanto

        “BEWARE: tipping point ahead!”

        Exactly what I was thinking.

        Really does seem like the MHRM is gathering momentum really fast lately. Men’s Rights groups popping up all over the world, the mainstream media starting to pay attention, some even being fair, more & more events & rallies being organised all the time, etc., etc…

        Not to mention the fact that you can almost smell the fear coming off of the feminist bigots these days. They’ve had carte blanche for decades & they thought it would never end. Too bad for them that their feet of clay are now being pummelled with bricks of logic.

        It’s an exciting time indeed!

        • Robert St. Estephe

          Feminist bigots are the face of the problem. But who enforces the scams they cook up? The government. The government crooks have sold out the people on all fronts, the police brutality is getting worse by the minute, the jobs continue to disappear. the restrictions o small business (favoring big corps getting low interest loans from gov’t deals that taxpayers and their children will pay through the nose for). Decent people are realizing they are all targets of tyranny, and everybody knows a family court, false accusation, child custody, alimony horror story.

          This is the momentum: feminist corruption is just the the most outrageously phoney aspect of the entire scam being perpetuated against the public. We DO live in a “rape culture”– but it is a raped-by-the State culture, not the dumb-ass feminist version being sold by the fem-advertisers — and all decent, honorable, ethical, and sober men and women are finally waking up to it.

          A slave revolt is afoot. There are many facets and focuses and MRA is but one part of it — but it is one that offers key explanations of the take-down of society that the other groups will need in order to see the full picture of the corp-gov’t racketeering.

          • tvsinesperanto

            Yes, you’ll get no argument from me on that front.

            Even though the MHRM seems to focus quite a bit on anti-feminism, I really see feminism as more of a secondary factor. Our primary issues, IMHO, are gynocentrism plus government greed & powerlust (resulting in crony capitalism, blatant massive corruption of the financial sector, & the increasing exploitation of men), Feminism is merely an opportunistic parasite feeding off these..

            It’s gynocentrism that is behind the ease with which feminism has been able to exploit government & get them to treat men as public enemy #1. Well, that plus rampant government self interest of course.

            I’ve got no problem at all with anti-feminism, & feminism should be opposed, but it’s a symptom of a deeper underlying social ill & that also needs to be treated. As with any disease, if you only treat the symptoms, you may experience some temporary relief but the symptoms will ultimately return. You need to also attack the root cause if you want to kill it for good. I believe the same to be true for feminism. Gynocentrism needs to be opposed & killed off before we are ever going to get rid of feminism.

    • Dean Esmay

      Spread the word, on your blogs, in your forums. This is an historic milestone.

      • Viamus

        I put in my request for time off yesterday.

        I also told the truth as to why.

        Good luck, and I can’t wait to meet y’all.

        • MGTOW-man

          You are the one who might need the luck, since you told your bosses that you want to attend the first ever of its kind, men’s conference with internationally-acclaimed experts on misandry in our cultures.

          I wish YOU good luck.

          I can’t wait to meet others too. Now that men and sensible women are no longer isolated from one another—no thanks to the cruel media shut-out of past, but WITH thanks to the internet—this even might very well solidify our community. This might prove to be one of the most significant and interesting times of my life.

          We should do all we can to promote this! If we splash onto the world scene like we can, it truly could be a watershed moment.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Looking forward to attending this important event along with my colleagues including activists from Canada Court Watch and other organizations.

  • Mike Buchanan

    Wow. With that line-up of speakers, this will surely be an epic event. If I can get the funding to attend, I shall.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

  • Nightwing1029

    I hope I can make it.
    If I can, it will take an act of god to keep me from going.

  • Sasha

    This looks great. Any chance the conference will be webcast?

    Because if it is I’m up for helping organise a satellite event here in London so we could join in.

    • Paul Elam

      It will unfortunately not be webcast. We will be a lot of video, though.

  • Victor Zen (Sage Gerard)

    You better believe I will be there. This needs to happen!

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Detroit: city of disposable men.

    This conference, among other things will be a major spotlight on the central issue facing African American culture: State-sponsored systematic dismembering of the black family.

    Another brilliant idea: putting Vladek Filler smack in the middle of the spotlight. AVfM as host, of course, means it is a new era in the public face of MR. No apologies. No cow-towing. No selling-out. No being intimidated into disasterous compromises. No surrender.

    The corporate-government mainstream media will be forced to cover it, at least a little bit, and they will distort, censor, cherry-pick and try to kill the message. And the REAL media will get the message out anyway.

    History in the making.

  • Montana DAD

    Checking travel arrangements now for this epic event, great work guys! ;)

    • Anja Eriud

      Likewise, now I know where Detroit IS and how to get there, look forward to seeing you all IN Detroit :)

  • Robert St. Estephe

    How long did it take for the first international conference on men’s rights to get from conception to execution? The answer will surprise you. The people who first tried it are long dead. But the flame was never completely snuffed out. It has taken 85 years:

    “Vienna, Austria. – Dr. Sigurd Hoeberth has courage. He has called a conference of all men of the world for Sept. 25 [1929] to discuss ways and means of obtaining equal rights for men.” [A. R. Drucker, “Equal Rights For Mere Man League’s Aim - World Convention Plans to Curtail Alleged Women's Advantages Austrian Takes Lead Thinks 2,000 Men Will Show Up to Protest Their Wrongs,” Syracuse Herald (N.Y.), Jun. 23, 1929, Sec. 3, p. 4]

    • Turbo

      Robert, you are an absolute wealth of information, love your posts.

    • Solitary Outlaw

      The answer sure did surprise me.

  • MGTOW-man

    You are truly a wealth of information. We are indeed lucky to have you.

  • The Real Peterman

    Gosh, is that all?

  • comslave

    It might be fun just to see the feminists protest alone.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Feminist protests against MHRAs are always such PR disasters for them, it will be interesting to see whether they have the self-discipline to refrain from them, especially with respect to Detroit. My hunch is that their anger and sheer nastiness will triumph over their self-interest.

      Maybe one day I’ll tire of a video of ‘Big Red’ (link below) – it’s worth watching for Dan Perrins’s bewildered expression alone, as he watches the screeching harridan digs her own grave – but I must have watched it 50+ times now and it ALWAYS makes my day:

      • SlantyJaws

        Big red is a living joke at this stage but my first thought when reading about this conference was regarding security. There are going to be a lot, perhaps even the majority of the central figures in the MRM in one location, and they’re speaking against people who have no difficulty with coolly discussing mass infanticide and legalising murder.

        Cameras, cameras, cameras everywhere, inside and out, capture everything, and make sure that people are checked entering the venue.

        It’s a sad world where such measures need to be taken, but I’d rather live in a sad world containing Paul Elam and Dr T than otherwise.

      • comslave

        I’d almost pay her way to see her protest. Except that I’m sure Detroit has laws against noise pollution.

  • napocapo69

    A great event, another milestone.
    It deserves the support of everyone to publicize it. I’ll do may part.

    Detroit is still a bit far for me.

    Great job.

  • Fredrik

    Would anyone be interested in somehow doing a service project while we’re there? I had the idea when Detroit was first proposed; if any place could use some help, it’s them. The only thing is, I don’t have any experience in organizing things like that.

    • Dean Esmay

      Yes. We’re hoping to hook up with some sort of charitable organization in Detroit Metro, although finding anything male-specific has been fruitless. That doesn’t mean we haven’t missed something though.

      • Fredrik

        Brainstorming alternate routes:
        * An issue that is predominantly male, such as homelessness.
        * An issue that needs men. Does Big Brothers have difficulty recruiting because feminist threat narratives endanger men that interact with children? I would bet yes.
        * An organization that doesn’t exist yet because its would-be founder lacks support, like Earl Silverman.
        * A business that incidentally helps men help themselves. For example, nobody wants to hire an ex-con, except maybe another ex-con (like Dave’s Killer Breads in Oregon). I’m not sure what the project would actually be in that case, except to learn from them what the myths are, what real problems they’ve faced, and what works for them.

      • Fredrik

        Another alternative: wait until the event gets closer, and hope that One Brick will have something appropriate.

  • CrimsonViceroy

    Alright so this may be a dumb question but what are the particulars of where exactly the conference will take place? Is it going to be a particular convention center? The article didn’t fully load but I wanted to go ahead and make arrangements to come up there.



    • Cumbria

      The article said: AVFM is still negotiating the precise location of the conference and will include that in the registration announcement in the next few weeks, after we have secured the best deal possible for lodging for conference attendees.

  • TBottom

    What a great event. Congrats on the hard work, and looking forward to it.

  • Greg Canning

    A truly impressive line up of speakers and to be collected together at one place and time is an impressive achievement. My calendar is marked, Awaiting registration details! Well done Paul and the AVFM team.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Great news, to hear you will attend. That really extends the internationality — way out there. Your contribution to the MHRM is greatly valued.

  • shmiggen

    Detroit is a good choice. That line-up of speakers is very impressive. I will do my level best to attend. In the meantime, here’s a little Bowie:

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Brilliant! This has always been one of my favorite Bowie songs.

      The panic will actually be international. And it will be shrill, indignant and mean-spirited. As a historian I can honestly say, after seeing the details of this conference, that it has a good chance of being of not only major importance to all of us in the movement and to others on its fringes but will be seen as one of the major civil rights/human rights of our time. An event that will either go down in history as a major one — or, conversely, it will be erased from the record after all civil liberties for males are eradicated and its leaders rounded up and put away.

      If we all work our butts off over the next 7 months building up to the event, the former scenario will be more likely.

      • MGTOW-man

        I hope this event is publicized so many times and in new ways not yet before done. If we try, this can be the “blast” onto the world scene that which we have been waiting. It isn’t a make or break us thing, but if our first of its kind is PR’ed sufficiently, we can potentially double our “membership”—possibly more. Of course, many men will scoff, ignore, and the same ole same old, but some of them will—perhaps tuning in for the first time—decide that they can longer pretend that men shouldn’t change and that rights for men too (in the age of rights) shouldn’t be excluded.

        Some suggestions I have already are:

        1. Perhaps this site can keep this very article (or other subsequent ones, of course) posted on its home page continuously. Such is free advertizing each and every time a new person comes to this site. If there is never a break in the conspicuous continuity then the most people possible will be have been reached, given the ad method.

        2. I am already in the planning stages of making several new posters to advertize the event. This is something several of my friends do when we hang out….and when the old ones we post get torn down, dilapidated, etc. This process will now shift focus to Detroit.

        One of my favorite places to post our 8 X ll “posters” is in public restrooms. I can’t possibly monitor each one, so the fate is not always known but every little bit helps, right?

        Little by little and big by big, we are going to keep whittling away at men’s apathy and fear of being honest with women. If they refuse, the things that befall us men and boys will be their own fault. We will all pay, but the “blood” will be on their hands.

        • Robert St. Estephe

          The issue of the plight of the African American community is the issue that is most ready to be appreciated by the broad public. Who else if offering a realistic solution? Nobody. I attended a gov’t presentation on a gov’t solution on fatherlessness some years back at the Abyssynian Baptist Church in Harlem, along with other fathers’ rights activists. The solution was, and this is not an exaggeration, to make black men slaves, indentured to corporate employers and at any moment under threat to be sent to prison on child support arrears. Actual, real, contractual slavery. Everybody I knew there was utterly shocked.

          Carnell Smith’s contribution will carry disproportionate weight. And as all black fathers’ rights activists and MRAs can testify, the hell created in their demographic is being rolled out for the rest of us. All of us. The Holy “single mom” gals are in for a rude awakening. Their children will be alienated from them by the State in ever greater degree and in greater numbers.

          I would have to say that at this stage in the fall of the republic in the US, the conference verges on the “make or break” status. There is not much time left to prevent radically increased abridgment of civil liberties and human rights in the US and Canada. Don’t forget the 3 bubbles (assets [stocks, the toxic derivatives], gov’t bonds, currency [petrodollar]) are getting awfully big. The misandry bubble is number 4.

          We already have slave labor camps in the form of private prisons (with gov’t guaranteed capacity quota) that pay 25 cents/hr for doing genuine manufacturing work of the sort that is disappearing from the free market. Get caught with an unpaid tax bill? Get nailed on a false rape accusation? Bingo: a corp gets a worker at 25 cents an hour. Things are dire and it’s gettin’ late — REAL late.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    What a great piece of news to wake up to.

    Over the years there have been numerous conferences on men’s health issues (prostate, mental health etc), or on men’s spirituality (various religious gatherings, tribal drumming etc), but this will be the first, as I understand it, to headline men’s human rights (ie. MHRM) and men’s humanity generally speaking.

    An excellent line up, and great to see that about half of the speakers are women.

    • MGTOW-man

      I am glad to see Barbara Kay included. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with her. I can tell she is a wonderful woman who—do not misunderstand—wants equality for women, but not the pretend kind that feminists push on everyone in a vacuum of sorts, deplete of equality for men too.

      Gosh, I hope to get a good seat.

  • Shrek6

    About time too!
    This is going to be a watershed moment in time for the MHRM. The MSM cannot continue ignoring this movement much longer. It will eventually have to get on board and start reporting about it in a more objective manner, because this movement IS going to become THE NEWS of the future.

    Well done to all the gang for getting this off the ground and I support you all the way, from my little town in Australia. Wish I could be there.


    What’s that you say. Almost half of the speakers will be women!!
    Gasp, Horror, Shock!

    I’m guessing the lunatic harridans that may turn up, will either have something quite nasty to say about this, or they will ignore it altogether.

  • Justice4all

    I am genuinely excited about this conference though less so by choosing Detroit (although I certainly understand why this city was selected). No disrespect intended but it seems like the conference speaker lineup is filled with book writers or those from academia, with virtually no MRA organization leaders on the agenda other than Karen. Call me crazy but I believe that the MHRM/MRA movement needs to move beyond those who study and write about issues to those who engage and exert political influence so that laws and policies that directly or indirectly discriminate against men are changed. I would hope that at least one session would talk about the war being waged against our young men on american college campuses as directed by DOE’ “Dear Colleague” directive that has exponentially increased the number of college men falsely accused of sexual assault (and the expulsions from the university that follow).

    • Robert St. Estephe

      It is IMPOSSIBLE to change and enforce laws without authentic and determined public will.. The Dear Colleague letter is the result of decades-long strategy executed in the universities with a target of public policy. It is not the result of mere “mission creep.” It didn’t “just happen.” And it is not the result of the will of the female population at large. This is but a brick in the wall of massive and coercive social control.

      Thus, the actual case is that the pamphleteers like Thomas Paine are really and truly activists. The public, when ready, must DEMAND — not request, not argue for, not advise in hopes of — massive reform. Besides it is not at all necessary to change a law. It is more important to effectively stop it from being enforced. The law can be erased later.

      First we make the enforcement absolutely unacceptable to the public we are educating in preparation for such a scenario, The Berlin Wall fell after the military refused to obey immoral orders. It did not fall from bureaucratic process.

      All the speakers are, in a valid, meaningful and influential way, activists. Drumming up the requisite pubic will is absolutely necessary. Those non MRAs working on due process and Bill of Rights issues in a general sense, and doing it aggressively, are allies whether we or they realize it.

      There is a topping point coming — when we cross-over that point there will be powerful force to reform the hellhole of our nations. It will move quickly, not like half-assed compromising, hard to enforce, legislation that takes forever to get passed.

      Violating child “visitation” orders has been illegal in Illinois for decades. That law is not enforced. Because the attitude of the executive branch is chivalric. Change the mind-set and you change the behavior of our now-unfaithful public servants. But we have to have the “OR ELSE” factor at hand.

      Look up Sheriff Richard Mack and cheer yourself up with the image of a man of real, unwavering integrity who is not on the MRA radar. He knows the score. He is not an MRA, but he and those public servants who are on his side will indeed support justice for men, when they are informed of the facts.

      • Bill May

        I couldn’t agree more. Radical reform for men’s rights is the only way to go. No one will listen to anything less. If we men and our supporters band together and go at this with at least the same amount of will and passion as our adversaries have for the past 3 decades then the result cannot be anything but victory.

  • justman

    What’s in a name? Should it be

    International Conference on Men’s Issues


    International Conference on Men’s Human Rights?

    • Fredrik

      I actually like the former; it’s better for trolling feminists who think that men can’t possibly have any issues because Patriarchy. It could be good television, getting them worked up into a lather of indignation and then scrubbing them down with bricks of logic.

    • Bill May

      I personally like the 2nd one. But that’s because I’ve been abused so badly by women that I do believe the issues men are facing these days are indeed, human rights related. When boys and men are dying because of radical feminist ideals – and they are dying – then it can be put into the category of ‘human rights’. There’s no need to water it down any further.

  • Jay Boppana

    Wow, now that’s an all-star cast. I hope I can make it to Detroit in June next year.

  • gateman

    This sounds awesome and I would love to be there in Detroit especially as it’s the home of Motown records. Please record and upload for us international supporters.

  • BenJames

    just when I was wondering what the next smart step for the MHRM movement would be, along comes this brilliant idea

    This will be a LANDMARK event….. here’s my wishlist:

    the agenda will be well crafted and the headlines items will be black and white enough to make it hard to challenge by the simplistic media. They cant label is a ‘hate event’.
    that feminists will rally and make fools of themselves protesting … illlustrating to the media precisely the points the MRM is making about their silencing, false fact, and false history narrative.
    the event is managed professionally and doesn’t let the movement down by any amateur looking stagecraft.
    that the event is a huge success and grows in to a true landmark and lightening rod event that can be replicated in UK, Australia, Canada,
    Like any conference, that there are plenty of side-lecture sessions and well moderated workshops that can be available for education and information and debate. Highlights could be the Honey Badgers and invitations to Feminists to debate facts..and a forum for Gay and Transgender men.

    Congratulations to all who have put this together, and wishing you the greatest of success with this endeavour.

    Seriously this event is a seismic moment in the history of MHRM;

    • MGTOW-man

      Perhaps MGTOW can be another side event or “workshop”. Not an expert myself except that have lived it most all my life. So not qualified to speak or lead, BUT might be OK with getting, among others in a side line-up, to tell why I went MGTOW and what it means to me. This could even be a workshop to generate more junior speakers for our movement. I think we should be more proactive about MGTOW coupled with loud support for this most effective way that we can fight back .

  • JinnBottle

    Link with link-summary just now posted to a Facebook group I belong to called “MDI Cigar Lounge”. Many men there, alot of ones interested & active in the Big Picture as re men & boys.

  • David Palmer

    I shall be watching for more information. Great news!

  • MGTOW-man

    I do not know about how women will fare with a strong MGTOW future, probably not so good. Except a rationalization for additional taxes (from MGTOW men) to compensate for the lack of funds coming from otherwise—precisely because of MGTOW,—will help them overcome this outcome that they will surely dub “oppression” again…….**crickets**.

    But one thing is for sure. Nothing will work on women to turn on feminists as will MGTOW bringing attention to the problems facing men and boys: work-related perils, unjust treatment in just about everything, gross inequality for males, false allegations, legal rights stripped, conscripted behaviors in society, etc —all because it manifested in men not wanting women any more under these hostile conditions.

    MGTOW is a major component of the future of our movement. I believe it should be given special attention at the upcoming conference in Detroit. Young men especially, but also older men NEED to see at the last minute/11th hour (so to speak) that there are other ways, other opportunities for males, that manhood isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing that has to leave you in the herd of the duped, cowardly, broke, miserable and alone, heading for the corral of had-suckers. This could be the opportunity to start the beginning of the first mass attempt at changing males toward more sensible and male-protective behaviors by first, getting their attention to the MGTOW phenomenon.

    Thus, I sure hope if more speakers are added, that MGTOW concepts and successes are in consideration. If no changes to the line-up, then perhaps one of the already chosen speakers can add some MGTOW to their speeches.

    Even some MHRA’s get squirmy when MGTOW subjects come up. But they will be wise to let this thing come to fruition. Not only that, but they should assist it, for it will pave the way for things to finally be fair to all men and boys.

    Nothing will or CAN have the voice as does MGTOW. Not that the help from other types of MHRA’s aren’t significant driving forces, but the power of men so fed up that they quit is undeniable. If this doesn’t help, nothing will.

    I do not think we should waste any time projecting MGTOW to the view of the world and our conference coming up is the perfect time. It says, action, not just assembling to complain. MGTOW will get us the attention like no other can.

    Am I rushing things. Gosh, just want to win! Thus, we should turn over every stone, do everything we can do in out plight for justice, barring nothing but violence.

    Or, we can not fight hard enough, in every way that we can…and lose. No big deal, right?

    • Fredrik

      Well, let’s brainstorm who we’d like to represent us. There’s a bit of a problem, which is that the very nature of MGTOW means that hardly any show their faces, and quite a few even use text-to-speech. The list of candidates that could theoretically be persuaded to go on a stage is very short. I’m picturing Vention. Who do you want?

      • MGTOW-man

        Thanks Fredrik, for responding. All I want to do is start some dialog on this “possibility” and on plans to grind in some things that will work to help us achieve acknowledgement and justice. I hope others will tolerate these hasty suggestions—which is all that they are.

        Many MGTOW’s are withholding their identities and for darned good reasons—among other reasons, they can and likely WILL lose their jobs or specific niche in employment—something very different for early feminists who hid not their own names.

        So, anyone saying that MHRA’s who can’t come out in the open, but use anonymity to ‘attack” from, are missing the boat yet again. It is perfectly legitimate for us to be wary of what can happen to us if we step forward…but that doesn’t eliminate any validity in what we say nor how we do it—for the truth speaks for itself.

        I am one of those people. But I still hope there are more examples of MGTOW’s who no longer care if their identities are hidden. If so, please speak up. I would still be willing to speak at a hypothetical side-workshop telling my story and what drove me to this point. Hopefully others will follow. I have no suggestions for whom… nor will I put anyone in the spotlight unfairly. They will have to speak up on their own. I will support any MGTOW’s that are willing to do it so long as they acknowledge the rest of us.

        But, the unlikeliness that the conference will be able to accommodate MGTOW as a specific theme prevails. Thus, I hope if this appeals to any speakers already appointed to speak, then perhaps they will see how beneficial this can be and include it in their own speeches.

        At any rate, if MGTOW is just left to be sort of on its own at the conference, that will be OK with me too. I would still like to attend. I would like to meet people. I suspect many of them will not want to meet me, and that is their prerogative. But me, I think cohesion, unity, and bonding will be of greater maturity and importance and of course should overshadow any petty differences we have with other MHRA’s characters, personalities, methods and ideas.

        After all, we ARE on the same side, no? We should NEVER lose sight of that fact. If we do, the feminists will be sitting back laughing not only all the way to the bank, but to total world domination—for we will have inner-competed ourselves out of a movement. For sure, there are some here that I think I do not like their messages, attitudes, arrogance, exclusionary-treatment, etc. But so what! They aren’t fighting the same things as I am? So I think there is merit here and want to meet these people regardless.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I’m not MGTOW, but my fear of someone hurting my son to shut me up keeps me in the shadows.

          I’m not paranoid – it’s already happened before.

          You just have to look at the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial. How many times has he been wrongly portrayed or falsely “accused” of this, that and the other thing only to have it dropped since his acquittal?

          An early day feminist was the object of scorn or derision, but that was about it. I don’t know any woman who suffered false accusations because of her activism or beliefs.

          An anti-feminist, OTOH, is a sitting duck for psychos and a target for inuendo, accusation and violence from “protectors”.

    • TheSwordintheChalice

      I for one would be quite excited to attend any seminars/workshops dedicated to the MGTOW lifestyle…It’d be fantastic to hear about why it’s a valid experience, how it can be a safe and fulfilling way of life, not to mention get more men to realize that masculinity is what *they* make of it and doesn’t need to include any input from women. Definitely hope to see something come out of this!

  • Turbo

    Brilliant news and a great line up of speakers. This truly will be a historic event.

  • rayc2

    I would love to see and hear these great speakers in person and be able to show some small measure of support for these people who are working so hard to do the impossible. I will be there if I can make the dates work.

  • Mickster66

    This is great and I intend to be there, glad it’s near the East coast, much easier for us Brits to access!

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    Great! Now all I need is 2000 euros (roughly 2700 US $).
    That might pose a challenge, but I will try.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Lucian, I do hope you can make it. It would be such a pleasure to meet up with one of the very few people with serious insight into how that most anti-democratic of organisations, the EU, works!

      Might it be worth starting a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign to help raise funds for the trip? We’ve had success with an American one – Indiegogo – raising the funds for five prospective parliamentary candidates to stand at the 2015 general election. Email me and I’ll do what I can to help give you publicity, including putting an appeal on the blog.

  • Swag McFresh

    I’m out in British Columbia, but a gathering like this is too much to miss (gotta see about getting Erin to sign my copy of “This Way To The Revolution”). I’ll fly out if I’m able. Either way, I’m very excited for it, and I’m sure there’ll be a massive turnout.

  • Darren

    What is the status of the conference? Is it confirmed? I’d like to book my flight to Detroit.

    • Fredrik

      I would suggest asking in the forum. No one’s likely to even see a random comment under such an old article.

  • Howard Gordan

    Just got my ticket! Look forward to this immensely. Hope to meet a lot of you there. For cheap travel, probably take Megabus- from East coast to Pittsburgh. Then from Pittsburgh to Detroit.

  • Guest

    Tickets are a bit pricey.

    • Scatmaster

      Conferences like this routinely go for much more.
      If the price is prohibitive for you. No worries, there will be more than enough reports and videos to satisfy you. If you are trolling, well, …. …!!!!

      • Bill May

        I agree. The price is very reasonable. Like I said, radfems probably pay a lot more for their conferences. LOL!

    • Astrokid

      Just for comparison.. there’s a “women in secularism” conference hosted by CFI in May, in Alexandria VA just outside of Washington DC. 3-day event, costs 249$ (210$ for early birds). But for one or two speakers, most are pedestrian.

  • Guest

    Why can’t I see my comments? I’m not saying anything derogatory. ??

  • Scott Rochna

    Just got ticket. Live outside Detroit. Willing to help out as needed…..

  • Daniel Qian

    There are events in Canada. It sounds like attendance is good, but not over three digits good.

    For a blog name, perhaps some variation of Bill Mayday? Since you’re sounding an alarm?

    Dr. T’s site is