A collection of articles, videos, web site, and other resources by women speaking out against hateful gender ideology:


This page was created a few years ago and in the time since it was created the men’s movement has grown at an explosive rate, with not just men but women joining at a rate too fast to even keep up with. At this point there are far too many women involved in the men’s movement to list even a small fraction of them. However, here are a few videos and articles we think you may find salient, all by women:



Furthermore, if you are a woman who is interested in the Men’s Human Rights Movement, you may wish to particularly note the following articles by women on this site:

To The Women Lurking on the Fringes.

Feminism and the Disposable Male.

The Family Terrorist.

Leaving the Sisterhood: A Recovering Feminist Speaks

Manufacturing Female Victims, Marginalizing Vulnerable Men.


Blogs of pro-male, counter-feminist, or EX-RADICAL-FEMINIST women

Shining Pearls of Something

Scented Nectar

Shrink 4 Men

Quiet Riot Girl

Miss Anne Thrope

Owning Your Shit



The Honest Courtesan


As we stated, the number of women involved in the men’s movement and critical of cultural traditional gynocentrism and “modern” feminism is growing exponentially, and this listing is nowhere near exhaustive. But these should help you see that whatever you’ve heard about how the Men’s Human Rights Movement is nothing but a bunch of woman-hating men and obedient servant women is a lie: we are a nonviolent human rights movement, welcome to everybody who shares our values. Some of our values are well-stated here:

Please visit A Voice for Men, look for the “Introductory Articles” section and read through those if you want to know more about this site and more about what men and women have to say about themselves and each other in a sane environment that offers equal compassion for all and the expectation of accountability that comes with it.

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