You want privilege? You got it!

I swear by everything holy that the next time I hear some fembot caterwaul about “male privilege,” I am going to find something to break, turn it into shards, and drag the broken pieces across my chest just to distract me from the pain of their increasing stupidity. Just picture me like Martin Sheen, collapsed in a heap of bloody, tearful insanity on the floor of a cheap hotel in Saigon.

It would be better than listening to this bullshit one more time.

Ladies, since so many of you insist on addressing men as a monolithic group when it works against us, and likewise address yourselves as a group when it works to your advantage, allow me to honor that from my seat here among the ranks of the so called privileged. Trust me, I would rather just talk to any one of you as an individual human being, but I am not setting the terms here…you are, so I aim to accommodate.

Mind you I still don’t know what that privilege is. One time when I was young and very poor I was late on my light bill. I showed the electric company my balls, but they cut my power off anyway. Maybe they weren’t big enough, since I am an MRA and all, but it didn’t even buy me one minute past the deadline. I was male powerful, but I had no power. Go figure.

Still, as long as you insist on seeing all this privilege where I don’t, I think I ought to help.

If you want my “privilege,” by all means you are welcome to it. All you have to do is pay the price.

And that price is strange. You might think we pay for that privilege with the bucket of Krugerrands that come with each male birth, or with the spoils of patriarchy awarded each man as he comes of age. But you would be wrong, I’m afraid.

To give you the real picture, let me suggest a little experiential exercise that will help you understand how we pay for all this unbridled power. Go stand in front of a mirror. Make eye contact with yourself and pretend you are talking to a new person; a stranger who has just been bestowed their fair share of said privilege. Give yourself a very serious, meaningful look and speak from the heart when you say the following:

“You now have privilege! That means you are a worthless, expendable piece of shit, to be used and disposed of by more powerful women and all men. Your feelings, thoughts, actions and indeed your life have absolutely no value outside what others can use them for.  That is the cost of your privilege.  Shut the fuck up and pay it.”

There are other costs, and I think it is about time that you are aware of them. Here is a brief rundown, emphasis on the word “brief.”

When there is a war, women, almost exclusively, will do the killing and dying. If anyone is to be conscripted and forced into combat, it is the privileged women that have that honor.

When, and if, you return from war, prepare to have the powers that sent you there discard you like a kid who has outgrown a toy. Your damaged body and soul will keep you company on the street, where you will live, shattered by all the unthinkable horrors your privilege has led you into.

Men will serve with you in the military, but it will be more like a day care camp for them. Enough effort will be made to protect them from the worst of war that it will mean they will represent less than 2% of the death and disfigurement that the privileged women will face. Enjoy the ride, you powerhouse!

Don’t forget, when you are a part of the privileged class you get to pay for everything. With your privilege comes the right to work on crab boats, drive trucks, work on electric lines, walk into burning buildings and sink into the bowels of the earth digging out coal and other things people find useful. Those things might pay well enough for you to maintain your privilege. But remember, you don’t get to really keep the money. You get to spend it on others; others that know it is your place to take care of them and fully expect you to do it. And if you fail them, or disappoint them, or don’t look as good on Thursday as you did on Tuesday, then they can boot you out and have the state collect the money and hand it to them.  How’s that for power?

You can also expect that the men taking your money and spending it on themselves will be resentful because of it. They will take what you give them and endlessly bitch that you were able to earn it in the first place. But remember, as a member of the privileged class you have the right to keep your mouth closed about it. I mean, hey, you actually can speak. It is the right of the privileged to do so any time they want. Just be prepared for the world to tell you to quit whining and woman up. The privileged carry with them the expectation of silence in the face of adversity and injustice. Funny how it works, isn’t it?

When a ship goes down, or any other life threatening disaster strikes, you have two choices. Be a real woman and die, or treat your life like it has value and have the world shit on you as a coward who refused to perish on cue. There is also the possibility of third option, either die from the disaster so that men can live, or have another woman blow a fucking hole in your face with a pistol because you tried to save yourself.

I know, privilege is a funny thing. Have fun using it to change the rules, but don’t be in a big hurry. All that power has a way of supporting the status quo.

And here is a really important word of caution; one that you should remember above the simplicity of the “shut up and produce” mandate that will guide your privileged life. You will come to a point, for whatever reason, that you will look at your life, in all its reality, and decide that you really don’t have any privilege at all.

Like noticing the emperor has no clothes, it may hit you one day when you decide not to offer your seat to a man; when the stares at you from all around seem to come down people’s noses. Or it may dawn on you that you don’t feel privileged when the state takes your money and gives it to a man you used to live with so he can take care of a child that he doesn’t allow you to see, or just so he can afford really good, high-end liquor, as opposed to the bottles of dreck under your kitchen sink.

Whatever the moment, it hits you that the privilege is not what you had imagined; that it indeed has begun to more resemble an anchor around your neck than the helm of a great ship that everyone tells you that you are captaining. That is the moment you must remember to just shut up and take it.

You must learn not to say a word. Not to anyone else, not even to yourself. You must learn to see flames, coal dust, icy saltwater, death and sacrifice for the trappings of power that the world around you thinks them to be. And you must be willing to hang your head in shame over that power, even as the world chews you up, spits you out, and gets ready to take its turn with your daughter.

If you talk, if you say what you see, it will break the spell of your privilege, and the whole world will hate you for it, though hate may not be strong enough a word.

They will call you all manner of names, and say many, many hurtful things to try to wear you down; to humiliate you into hanging on to your privilege. They will put you on a list of haters, dedicate websites and blogs to painting you as human garbage. They will even try to get you watched by the FBI and other government agencies. They will advocate for your extermination.

Of course they will hate you anyway, even if you say nothing. They will resent your privilege and attack you for it, but ironically if you choose to abandon that privilege and even hand it over to them, their vitriol will get even worse. Sorry, I am just a man and I can’t tell you why things work this way. It’s just above my pretty little head. But work this way they do.

So, that is it, ladies. You want my privilege, it is yours. I will gladly hand it over to you this very minute. I am just waiting for you to meet the pre-requisites of disposibility and an utter lack of self-value. I am waiting for you to woman up to the job, take off your fucking make up and be ready to bleed, for better commerce, and for my approval. Indeed, I have made your attaining more privilege the calling of my life.

I, like a Jew gone weary of being called a chosen one, am completely ready for anyone else, and in particular, you, to be chosen.

Personally, I have had about all the privilege I can stand.

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  • Zorro

    Man, Paul, when you’re hot, you are burning magnesium hot!

    If your writing were any more incindiary, the UN would have a watchdog group to monitor your posts.


    • Zorro

      “…a coward who refused to perish on queue.”

      Actually, that would be cue.

      A queue is a line of people. “On cue” is at the appropriate moment.

      Fuck, but I am an annoying SOB. The meds aren’t working.

      • Paul Elam

        lol. fixed. Thanks!

        • Bev

          Paul you are making it difficult. I have to edit my post to Greg Cannings article and repost here.

          Page 192 under Definitions in the Plan

          A ‘perpetrator’ is the individual who inflicts violence against a (note: delete wo)man or child.

          So as a woman you can never be a victim. You can never suffer pain, grief or hurt. Just wonderful what benefits privilige brings.

        • Zuberi

          It’s been 24 years and I still haven’t seen this male privilege that I’ve been hearing so much about. I think I blinked and missed it on they I was born because, GOD DAMN!! I need it, bad!!

      • MarkofWisdom

        Actually I think it would be better said that they expect you to die on cue with your child being the next in the queue

    • Primal

      Feeding the black hole,0,6876637.story this kind of energy will definitely do the trick. Looks like distance is the key protection from black hole predators…thanks to their immense mass. Detection which this article does so well is essential to know WHO to stay away from.

  • Strange

    Hi, newbie from the UK here.

    This kind of article is the reason I signed up for this site. Cracking good stuff!

    • scatmaster

      Welcome Strange!!!!
      You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Strange

        Thanks for the welcome.

        Yep, still working my way through all the excellent resources here. What a relief to find what I feel and have experienced so brilliantly expressed and explained, in so many fantastic articles and discussions!

        I’m so buzzed to have found the MRM and realised I’m not just a grumpy/whiny bloke who couldn’t understand why so many people seem so blind to reality. I’ve been munching away on red pills without knowing it.

        A life-saving and SANITY-saving bunch of men here!

        • Paul Elam

          And now you are one of us. Welcome.

  • Merlin

    Paul…what can I say other than Fu@#ing awesome!

    You really nailed it with this one buddy. It’s so clear to anyone now how privileged we are as men eh? 😉

  • Skeptic

    Fantastic writing in this post Paul. Thank you.
    A privilege to read it.
    A shame to ignore it.
    A necessity to act upon it.

  • napocapo69

    sorry Paul my wife thanks you for the gentle offer but she told me has to refuse it, with her great regret

    • Paul Elam

      Damn, what’s a brother gotta do to give away power around here?

  • B.R. Merrick

    Men will serve with you in the military, but it will be more like a day care camp for them.

    And please, no staring at these men, or pictures of sinewy, naked men — with raging hardons — at your workstations. (It freaks them out and makes them unprepared for hardcore battle.)

  • ChrisD

    This is where men, if we dared to come together, could expose this idiotic idea of male privilege in a single day.

    All men instantly drop the roles they are forced into. Don’t go to work and instead look after the kids, don’t offer your life for a womans, don’t defend a womans “honour”, don’t lift anything heavy for a woman, don’t open a door, don’t pay for dinner, don’t do any home improvement, etc.

    In one solitary day women would be exposed to the reality of male privilege. Of course their reaction would be to claim that men are suffering from “peter pan syndrome” or some other stupid idea. But it would highlight the issue, a single day gentlemen, that’s all we need. But it will only be effective with literally millions taking part.

    That sadly is our achilles heal. Most men are not awake to the reality. Most are sunk into a role of provider, others just want to get laid and more still are simply programmed to think that they have it great, even if that means they are required to die.

    • ThoughtCriminal

      It would take longer than a day, and it would have to be pre-announced or otherwise women just basically wouldn’t know what was going on. They’d think there was something wrong with US and asking each other things like “What’s up with all these lazy men standing around?” and “Is your man broken too?” and yelling “Hey,the trash cans are right here,asshole!” at the garbage man as he drives by.

  • BioCan

    Excellent article, Paul.

    History has shown that men have been sacrificed for several purposes in conflicts from all over the world. Men did not have a choice in being drafted during the American Civil War or the Vietnam War. I know that there were draft dodgers but the penalty for refusing to go would be imprisonment in the stockade. Men have had to die for abstract concepts that I have difficulty understanding in the long-run. As well, refusing to go to war when your drafted was not an easy choice to make considering that it’d result in a criminal record, which affected one’s ability to be employed.

    Imagine living in a small town away from all the shabby politics and noise of the major cities and never having any real contact with or association to what the government or military does on a global scale. Now, imagine receiving a draft notice in the mail and if you don’t comply the penalty would be imprisonment and a fine. Imagine not having a clue about the reasons behind being sent to your possible death or imprisonment on such short notice because you’ve never minded the geopolitics or the friction between powerful countries even if it is your own. It’s scary stuff.

    I am a student at a university and whenever I hear about “male privilege” it boggles my mind. There are more female students than there are male ones at my university and the ratio is slowly approaching 60% to 40%. I’ve read a news article in the Atlantic about how there are more women in the service industry than men. I’ve also read that there are more female managers than male ones and that the number of female CEO’s is approaching the male number. However, more men are often CEO’s of companies that are in their start-up phase (like Silicon Valley ones) and have to make riskier decisions in order to be successful. Women are often CEO’s of companies that are already well-establised and can afford not taking any real risk (this wasn’t in the article and I apologize I forget where I found this). Doesn’t seem like privilege to me.

    And in university, there are female professors teaching courses solely about feminism and gender studies and receiving a bloated six-figure salary and benefits. Seems like privilege to me because there are professors that teach subjects that are far more worthy and also do research, but they are paid the same amount. My theory on “male privilege” is that there are diminishing returns for men because we have too much privilege, but not every man has to suffer those returns. Feminists note that this privilege is just too much for men at the top of the vertical mosaic in society and feel like they need to be kept in check so they go after the poor and unfortunate men. Feminists think that we should be just fine with no rights for men in the legal system, a shack to live in, food with more preservative than food on our plates, rags for clothing on our backs, and no proper education just so we don’t have “male privilege”. It’s destructive and irrational.

    On a more personal note, I’ve volunteered at the local hospital before and have seen the male-dominated psychiatric unit. I’ve seen the shells of what were once men who had families, loved ones, and children, but due to a disease of their brain that was unfortunate they ended up in a place that has made them capricious and lifeless. Just by being in their presence I could have felt the despair and anger at what they think is their own fault. Sadly, those men who suffered from mental illness had not expected as most who suffer from a genetic disorder to do not expect it. Those men also harmed themselves because of their illnesses and tried to kill themselves on occasion. There was a man who was given pringles and tried to cut his wrist with the can. I couldn’t bear to be in that place for much longer and I left. That is why I am very disappointed when I hear the term “male privilege”. Must by why some end up in the psych ward, huh?

    Also, loved the reference to “Apocalypse Now”, Paul.

    Colonel Kurtz on feminism: “The horror, the horror…”

    • BeijaFlor

      Dear God, BioCan …

      I haven’t tried to slit my wrists with a Pringles’ can.

      This doesn’t render me “immune” to the problems you recount. I fully recognize that my X-chromosome renders me as a second-class citizen, unfit to have any role in guiding the future of Fem-anity.

      I’m grateful to God that She only demanded of me that I sacrifice my own sorry self to Her, and that SHE didn’t quite demand that I get married to a Symbol Of Her Dominance and beget children to continue the sacrifice on generation after generation after generation!

      After that rant, I can only echo the words of the Dish Of The Day, from Douglas Adams’ The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe:

      “Well then, I’ll just nip off and shoot myself. Don’t worry; I’ll be very humane.”

      • BioCan

        There were a lot of other cases in that ward that were very difficult to hear. I remember speaking to a man who had been poor all of his life and was on welfare. He came from a very unstable domestic environment and developed paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He spoke broken english and didn’t know the english language when he first arrived (he was an immigrant) and had taught it to himself by reading a dictionary during his young adult years.

        For 25-30 years this man was alone. He had no friends or anyone that he could reach out to. He could never hold down a job because of his mental illness and in the past 5-6 years he had lost contact with his siblings because they chose to ignore him. He only ended up in the hospital and in the ward because one very cold night during the winter he chose to jump in the river and drown himself (he didn’t know how to swim). Emergency crew members were able to revive him and 2 weeks later he ended up in the ward where he was looked after.

        My sympathy goes out to this man. He was very kind and respectful when I spoke to him. Sadly, a lot of the time female mental health patients are often regarded in society as individuals who need to be cared for and are delicate because of their predicament. However, mentally ill men are seen as violent and unstable people who need to be locked away from society and treated like subhuman creatures. Don’t get me wrong, there was a small number of mentally ill women in the ward who were properly looked after and given all the care they need and I fully support that, but I wish the societal perspectives for both sexes were the same in this regard.

        And that is why I am frustrated by the females I see on campus who are in gender studies and feminist programs who are often seen with expensive pieces of technology like smartphones while wearing expensive clothing and other things. If they truly care about women’s suffering in the modern day they should visit these women in the ward who could use some support or someone to talk to. Why stop there? Even supporting some men in there would be nice for a change.

        I just wish it wasn’t a group that exhibits predatory behavior and causes divisiveness. Why couldn’t we all just get along and help people who are truly vulnerable and need some support.

  • billywms

    Great article Paul!

  • AntZ

    Great work!

    One comment. Please don’t do this:

    “… drag the broken pieces across my chest just to distract me from the pain …”

    Feminists have no compassion. They will form a chorus line to squeak “male privilege” at you all night long just to see you bleed.

    • 4thtroika

      They’ll think it’s quite fabulous.

      • Poester99

        The worst part of this is that it is not hyperbole. If most average women seem to get a secret and lately not so secret thrill from the maiming or killing of a man at the hands of a woman, the how much more would the avowed man haters do so.

    • BeijaFlor

      I thought bleeding was a FEMALE privilege.

      “Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.”

  • TPH

    A+ Rant. Good article. I’ve tried to give away my privileged before, you know simple stuff like having my ex mow the lawn, split firewood for the fireplace, kill the occasional mouse that had the misfortune of sneaking into the root cellar. No takers, that was MAN’S work according to her and yet she had become an avowed feminist that wanted equality in pay and work, but of course didn’t want to have to do the labor to obtain it.

  • ForsakenEagle

    Wow, wow, and wow! I could feel the searing flames from my computer monitor. My retinas are tingling from the words. My brain is sizzling. Paul, you are a man on fire! This was a great read.

    Too bad the feminists will consider this article a hate crime and label you a whiny, privileged man. I don’t think it is too much of a stretch this all went right through them.

  • Suz

    Truly awesome post. It’s going in the “keepers” file for my son.

    • andybob

      Ms Suz, BS annihilator extraordinaire, is here ! That calls for a celebration indeed. Your wit and wisdom is as welcome as your razor-sharp logic. AVFM continues to attract the best.

      Brilliant article Dr Elam. Funny thing, this male privilege – we just can’t seem to give it away.

      • Stu

        Ok, call me a total ignoramus, who is Suz?

        • andybob

          Sorry it took so long to reply – long day. Ms Suz can be found on varius websites where she issues pithy, common sense comments deeply empathetic to men. She eats bigots and morons for breakfast. I think she’s great. She has a fascinating website. Check it out.

          • Dr. F

            Ta for the update our Andrew Roberts,

            We will check out her website as you have piqued our curiosity.

            I will be thinking of you tomorrow at Squad FTSU Central as my, as your and and our brothers, group together for more merry japes and grief against the feminist steamroller of ear-muffed repugnance.

            Why am I thinking of you in particular ? Well let me just say that your recent post about your keyboard exploding in response to your impending article has me worried.

            I am worried as I do not know whether your keyboard is a feministically programmed example of pyrotechnical achievement , or you sir are an unfortunate combination of procrastination and a spinner of whoppers the size of small asteroids.

            Either which way Mr so called Andrew Mr Roberts, your silence here is stacking decibel on decibel each day with it’s absence.

            Consider this nag number three.

            Harrumph !

  • Stu

    Is there a radio show today?

    • Paul Elam

      Sorry, bro. Internet is still intermittent. Very frustrating. Will make a formal announcement when service is dependable.

  • Rper1959

    Male privilege hey! I had never heard of the term till the day I read the “perpetrators” guide to domestic violence , delivered buy 2 gun toting police officers (one male and one female of course to be PC) direct to my consultation room, along with a “domestic violence order” made without my knowledge , based on false allegations that were readily refutable.

    The booklet said I was a privileged member of the patriarchy and was illustrated with diagrams of the Duluth Wheel’s indicating how I was supposedly oppressing and abusing my ex wife. But when I read the comments on the wheel, it suddenly clicked most of the behaviours that indicated abuse were actually an accurate description of how my ex had behaved throughout 17 years of marriage.

    Naturally there followed the usual attempts at alienation from our children. For a period I withheld paying child support to try and force her to actually allow me the court approved visitation with our kid’s. I then found that the Child Support Agency can raid my bank account but was not interested in enforcing visitation rights.

    My learning curve about male privilege has been a steep one, and I have never seen it so eloquently and concisely stated as in Paul’s article.

    True empathy really does mean being able to experience life in someone else’s circumstances, something callous and greedy feminist have no interest or intuition of ever doing. Our responisbility now is to educate young men and boys about their supposed privilege before it bites them on the arse or worse still kills them!

  • Dr. F

    I have all these stickers that say “You are a privileged white male prick.”

    I slapped them on the foreheads of the blokes as they walked out of the uranium mine. I put them on the blokes on boats in the Atlantic as they hunt for deep sea bass. The guys at train wrecks get them, paramedics get them and so do the blokes who put out fires.

    All you blokes are involved in this nasty violent war like world aren’t you? Oh, and while we’re on the subject of wars…

    I couldn’t put the stickers on the soldiers so instead I had to put them on their tombstones.

    • BeijaFlor

      Kind of your own personal White Feather Campaign, eh?

  • Mr. XY

    I once had to share a table at a banquet with this arrogant woman and her boy who was about 8 years old. I can’t remember what this stupid woman was saying and doing, but she was degrading men and really got on my nerves. So I turned to her little boy and I said “hey buddy, did you know that we men built this world? It’s us boys that make it work.” Temporarily stunned and finally silent for a moment, the rude mother then said after a pause: “oh yeah, we need you guys”. She made me even more sick after that. But I’ll never forget that little boys face and how he nodded to me with a smile and little pride in his eyes after I said that to him.

    Anyway brothers, I have something else to share with you. The marketing behavior found in this Subaru commercial has to be publicized, rewarded, and strongly encouraged:

    “Real-life Dad and his two daughters star in Subaru commercial…

    “When we found this family we threw out the script,” said Kevin Mayer, director of marketing communications, Subaru of America, Inc. “We simply asked the dad, what would you tell your daughter before she pulled away? The dad took it from there and he was perfect.”

  • Cooter Bee

    With the economy going into the dumper, I sure wish I hadn’t swapped all of my Krugerrands for all of this privilege.

    Beautiful Paul!

  • Perseus

    Beautiful work, Dr. Elam, Honorable Dean of FTSU.

    Words fail my revulsion of this insidious creature. It must be understood that everything she utters is the complete and direct opposite of the truth. It must be understood. Indeed, such behavior is inconsistent with the possession of a soul.

    Male Privilege
    Please reply with links to your suggestions to add to the collection of Male Privilege, I will post them.

    • Rper1959

      Here’s a couple for your collection Perseus, privileged Japanese men clearly oppressing women by serving them as pack animals, later some of these privileged men or their descendants were given the “Honor” by their emperor and society of going to shoot at other privileged men from Australian and the US in the pacific jungles.

      No wonder the young Japanese men are becoming grass eaters.

      • Perseus

        Done, thanks Rper. Those are incredible works. Privilege indeed.

      • Dr. F


        This picture is astounding.

        It would make one hell of a painting don’t you think ? If someone wants to commission me to do it I will.

  • Ethical

    A blast of FIRE from the Honourable Dr. Elam, burning the feminist infestation out of the comfort of their self-serving false logic. The soldier feminazis have been humiliated in this battle of reason and words, now the colony must concede defeat and retreat from engagement. The feminist worker insects must be busy blocking off this part of the internet as we speak.

  • Sad Dad

    I just want to welcome Strange to the site, and say while I was losing my house and getting 65% of my pay taken away from me. I had a African American women tell me that there was nothing lower than her and that she was at the bottom of the ladder and that men have the best of everything. I wasn’t an MRA then and wasn’t prepared to respond to her lies at the moment, I wish I could go back in time and get another shot at making her look like a fool.

    • B.R. Merrick

      I had a African American women tell me that there was nothing lower than her and that she was at the bottom of the ladder and that men have the best of everything.

      Isn’t that interesting? I remember a few years ago reading about a black female law student who decided to go back to her “nappy” hair since she was tired of the chemicals she had to use to straighten and style it. She figured she was going to be automatically declined for more interviews from more law firms. She wrote about how shocked she was that that was not the case at all. All the firms wanted her.

      Your female colleague is under the spell of the same culture that warmly embraced that 1985 movie “The Color Purple,” where black American women are depicted on the bottom rung of the social ladder. I fell for that movie along with everyone else because of the artistry (I swear those blue skies are painted). However, it no longer tastes the same and I’m not falling for it anymore.

  • DruidV

    Propaganda wars are of course nothing new and the old standards, the tried and true tactics of yore, still work the best against this horseshit.

    No need to reinvent the wheel when we can just flip the script at ’em.

    Even the most hopelessly deluded fembot/mangina is hard pressed to argue how completely absurd this article is on its face, simply because the genders were reversed.

    Double standards crumble pretty quickly when this method is used consistently, unapologetically and unwaveringly.

    Satire certainly does have a place among the MRM, as nothing warms fence sitters up like the humorous juxtapositioning Dr. Elam has so eloquently penned here.

    Salute, Dr. Paul!


  • Wulf

    I’ve had all the privilege I can take.

    “I have made your attaining more privilege the calling of my life.”

    Me too. That’s why I support this site.

  • Izzey

    There it is.

    Paul Elam is back.
    The writing that made me say ‘who dat’? Some years ago.

    Been following him around ever since. lol

    Maybe because I have been a ‘privileged’ bitch most of my life.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    This just made my day.


    • Kimski

      Same story here, and I agree completely with the writing part.

      Excellent, sir, and just the way we like it..

    • BeijaFlor

      Just how “privileged bitch” is a person who used to buck rivets in a war-plane’s wings? Or who lives with the fiberglass itch, working on boats, where the “accepted female role” is to lounge around the cockpit, wearing a bikini, sipping a fancy foo-foo cocktail?

      Izzey, I wish it were YOU who will be coming to fix my diesel on Monday, rather than some nameless engine-proctologist from Bay Shore Marine!

      • Izzey

        Hmmm….I could be there in five hours if I left now.
        “Engine-proctologist” (I may steal that one) lol

        Thanks, BeijaFlor.

        By the way…why don’t you go to your profile here, and put your website down.

        Your name will link it directly.
        I’m getting a big kick out of reading there.
        Especially the boat stories. You write very well, and say certain things that make an ‘old salt’ smile.

        Okay, I’m not thaaaat old.

  • kiwihelen

    Paul, great article.

    I’m old fashioned enough to believe that with privelage comes responsibility…and the problem is that feminist thought seems to have dropped that idea.

    • B.R. Merrick

      I think part of the reason why they’ve “dropped that idea” is because they think of it as a given, kind of like thanking your parents for feeding you.

      Well, ladies, it’s not a given. Not anymore, anyway.

      Now feed me.


      • Dr. F

        Mr B.R. Merrick stop it !

        You’re using your brain and there are those that do not like this.

        I mean, what are you.. some kind of a nut or something ? Brains of all things… c’mon now mate.

        Please, please be more considerate of those that consider your words about purple and the feeding and hair and Africa and social ladders to be upsetting.

        There is the simple way of things with fields of green and milk bottles at the doorstep, and well worn wooden boards that have the whole town square dancing to a band of sticks and bottle tops and halved ten gallon drums just hooting it up.

        These are good things, why bust all of it up ?

        By Jove I swear it if you and your hippy howling ways were to chance upon my town I’d wrangle Sparky, Cory, and the others in a posse and run you lot right out of town you bastard.

        Shut your mouth and and dance in step and all will be maahty fine, ok ?

        God fuckin’ bless !

        • B.R. Merrick

          God fuckin’ bless you too, man.


  • keyster

    Male privilage is not having the biological imperative of pregnancy and child birth hoisted upon them.

    Male sacrifice is for woman and child.

    That was the “deal” until the sexual revolution (the pill and legalized abortion), ammended the contract between man and woman. Seemed innocent enough if not righteous at the time didn’t it? But turns-out it was a major power shift.

    Not only do women remain exalted above men as the “givers of life”, they’re also exalted above men as other men might be. Everything a woman does empowers her. She can be a wife and mother and/or a hard-driving careerist. She’s got choices.

    Men don’t have choices. They can either be a man or a man; and if they’re too manly their derided, and if they’re too feminine, shamed and ridiculed.

    So they’re actively deciding not to participate in any of it. It’s a rigged game. Let society consist of women who are more like men and women who are more like women. Let it devolve and degrade into an anarchic mess and pray something can be rebuilt from the ashes.

    Women want to be men AND retain sexual power and full reproductive rights. Where does this leave men, men in their prime breeding years? “Well you’ll just have to adapt to the concept of female empowerment!”, we’re told. “Be a MAN and accept the fact women are more like men, that may or may not choose to procreate–depending on how well being a man is working out.” Meet some beaten down beta in her mid-30’s, get preggers, have baby, file for divorce – – and become a heroic single mom.

    Where does this power shift, the ammended contract, leave young men? Out in a pasture eating grass of course. Not contributing and not caring, because there’s nothing to care about but living a subsistence life.

    Let woman and her compliant male sycophants emote about the toil and stuggles of “making the grade”. Men aren’t adapting or accepting feminism, they’re transcending it.

    • Atlas Reloaded

      When I am upset enough at what I see going on around me, I am sometimes temporarily at a loss for the proper words to illustrate why;

      “Men don’t have choices. They can either be a man or a man; and if they’re too manly their derided, and if they’re too feminine, shamed and ridiculed.”

      These are them.

    • Tawil

      “She can be a wife and mother and/or a hard-driving careerist. She’s got choices.”

      Dead right. The MRM can be defined as a movement addressing the imbalance by creating choices for men, and calling for a halt to restrictive and confining stereotypes:

      • keyster

        If men are purely optional to women, then why can’t women be purely optional to men?

        Because independent women are heroes.
        And independent men are zeroes.

        A man “needs” a woman.
        A woman doesn’t need “any” man.

        When other men stop judging and shaming men who are not “mated”, we’ll have won. It should be something a man aspires to.

        • Tawil

          “Because independent women are heroes.
          And independent men are zeroes.”

          A catchy summary…. havent heard it put like that before.

        • Skeptic

          I’m delighted to say in certain places that’s already happening. The last time someone asked me if I was married I responded calmly yet defiantly that i wasn’t comfortable with such a question. They backed off and apologized for being quote “old fashioned”.
          I can’t recall the last time anyone tried to diss me for being unmarried.

          • Stu

            Are you married? Answer – perish the thought.

            I tried to talk this guy a while back out of getting married. Only about a year ago. He used to go down to the gym after work a few times a week, used to go away camping and shooting and fishing whenever he felt like it. Young fit bloke. Even one day before his wedding I came up to him as we were knocking off and said, it’s not too late yet, you can still cancel. He just laughed.

            People at his wedding said he seemed like the happiest man in the world. He was on fire, like he just won tattslotto. Since then, he’s sold all his guns, doesn’t go shooting anymore, or camping, or fishing, never goes to gym after work, or anywhere else for that matter. Rush home to wifey. He’s put on about 15kgs and looks sad faced most of the time.

            He’s just started to realize that he signed up for a ball and chain……literally. He goes nowhere without permission. I asked him recently whey he doesn’t do overtime much anymore, he just said, what’s the use, what am I going to get out of it, more money for her to spend, that’s all it is.

          • Bombay

            “he just said, what’s the use, what am I going to get out of it, more money for her to spend, that’s all it is.”

            Ten thousand thumbs up. This is exactly was it is. When people talk about one of the important/positive qualities of a husband – the most used description is whether he is a good provider. The blue pillers think this is a compliment. The red pillers see it for what it truly is – servitude.

          • Dr. F

            To Stu,

            “He’s just started to realize that he signed up for a ball and chain”

            More like “balls in a chain.”

            This is a terribly sad story. I think even sadder is that right at this very moment there are thousands of men, standing on the pulpit, I mean hell-pit having their ankle tags fitted.

            Come to think of it, that’s an astoundingly frightening realisation.

          • keyster

            The last time somebody asked me if I was married I replied, “No, I like doing what I want to do, when I want to do it too much.”

            It’s a genuine conversation stopper!

          • Perseus

            Very nice, Skeptic.
            I will respond, ‘do you like anal?’ I mean one self-interested probing question deserves another, right?

          • BeijaFlor

            Stu – I hope you don’t mind if I use your “talk this guy out of being married” post as a springboard for an article on!

            This is, perhaps, the biggest problem we create for ourselves as men – that we stubbornly refuse to define ourselves other than by our utility to women.

        • BeijaFlor

          Heroes … and zeroes?

          I’m with Tawil on this remark. It’s all too good to keep as a passing remark on a thread.

          Hope you don’t mind if I make a full-out daily post of it on Beyond The Sunset!

        • Never Blue Again

          If men are purely optional to women, then why can’t women be purely optional to men?

          It can …. literally it can…. !!!!

          Men have invested most of their energy, time, money on the well-being of women and the society. Invented thousands of things that benefited women and the society. But very little exclusively for themselves. Everything men invented for the society both men and women benefited. Everything men invented for women, they used it for their own advantage and forced men to be submissive.

          Now it is the time to change the game …. !! Only thing Men lack is to reproduce an offspring solely on his own…. !!!

          Men need a reproductive system which allows them to pro-create without any help form any individual women.

          It’s time for the new revolution.

          Independence of MEN form WOMEN. On a Global Scale. And MEN can do it too … !!! Only time is needed.

    • Perseus

      Que bueno.

      “Men aren’t adapting or accepting feminism, they’re transcending it.”

      • Skeptic

        Que bueno indeed.
        Spot on Keyster with your parting comment –

        “Men aren’t adapting or accepting feminism, they’re transcending it.”

        As a lover of brevity with profundity that is one hell of a standout sentence.

        • Perseus

          That said, if we’ve learned anything we’ve learned that defeating the dark feminine includes direct confrontation and conflict, let us not fool ourselves to think circumvention is sufficient. She and her evils are far too liquid for that. Quicksilver.

    • Ethical

      “Where does this power shift, the ammended contract, leave young men? Out in a pasture eating grass of course. Not contributing and not caring, because there’s nothing to care about but living a subsistence life”.

      Lately I’ve been wondering what “men opting out” will look like. Sometimes when I walk through certain neighbourhoods I see so many beautiful young mother’s out walking their babies in ridiculously over priced strollers. Though the divorce rate in those neighbourhoods seems extremely high, I think the man working so hard at that very moment paying for it all is probably so content with his blessings he isn’t at all worried about what he’s in for come divorce.

      No matter how bad the consequences of losing some men will always take the risk of “playing ball” in this feminist marriage game to have a chance of winning what these men have. So marriage, two kids and a dog won’t come to a hard stop, it’ll only decline by percentage points (though the swing might be large). My question: “with the marriage rate dropping already will anyone outside of the mrm connect the dots and attribute the further decrease in marriage to feminism”?

      • keyster

        Probably be a break-through in the next few years. Right now feminists have the pundits under their thumb, except the conservative ones who regularily rail on feminism and feminists.

  • AntZ

    OT: BIG hope from small victories:

    I recommend reading it fully. This is MRM words coming out of the mainstream media.

    We matter. We are making a difference. There is hope. There will be victory.

    • keyster

      “If we want a culture that protects girls and cherishes women’s rights, we’d better stop denigrating the sexuality of boys and men.”

      That sounds like some sort of veiled threat against girls and women. Everyone knows Fox News is a bunch of racist/sexist troglodytes that want to take us back 50 years.

      • .ProleScum.

        And the march into the MSM goes on:

        Surprisingly fair piece, though the last words go to feminists of course. Even more surprisingly, the comments shortlisted by the Editor are generally MRM-friendly.

  • Lee

    Nah, throw the ‘privilege’ you describe in the garbage where it belongs. Neither gender wants it. O:)

    • Perseus

      Oh look, the frosted gerbil ferry is trite. haha

      Go on guuurl, go on with all that ‘ccountability. Woohoo ! Yeah, let’s just sweep all that shit men have had to endure for their “privilege” under the rug, wouldn’t want to face the facts or reality or, you know, dignify human sacrifice or anything, that would be such a privilege buzz kill.

      You bear the markings of a Swedish gerbil, any chance?

      • Lee

        I did not sweep anything under a rug or deny any facts/reality. It was a statement said in jest only meaning nobody wants that.

        And yes, obviously I’m a lot like a Swedish gerbil..

  • AntZ

    OT: I just posted THIS on manboobz, and it threw the hen house into an incredible huff. Anyone know why? I have said so many mean things to these delicate flowers, but when I try to be nice, they sqwawk and peck and beat their silly wings until they need medical attention:


    Data collection initiated! According to my computer, I have 26 minutes to teach reason and common sense to some delicate feminist flowers! Have no fear, I am in a good mood! I will be very polite and compassionate with your feelings!

    Many boob brigadiers are upset because I mentioned the FACT that Obamacare structurally discriminates against men:

    “.. metaphor and hyperbole ..” — James
    “.. I think he might literally believe that ..” — Cliff Pervocracy
    “.. nobody has noticed these things because they don’t .. actually exist ..” — captainbathrobe

    Predictably, some were baffled and clueless, and began the tired citation drumroll (instead of thinking for themselves):

    “.. Antz, how about a citation or two .. Proof, please ..” — FelixBC
    “.. Prediction: Antsy’s only citation will be ..” — Tulgey Logger

    Asking for citations is a feminist trade-mark. This is because of the vast “women’s studies” (what a joke) network that feminists set up (at taxpayer expense) to mass-produce deception, fraud, hypocricy, and insincerity of every kind. Naturally, the MRM prefers FACTS to meaningless feminist “citations.” So, ladies, here are the FACTS.

    The new Obamacare institutions directly discriminate against men:

    SEC. 229(A) “.. There is established within the Office of the Secretary, an Office on Womens Health .. ”
    SEC. 310(A) “.. There is established within the Office of the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an Office of Womens Health ..”
    SEC. 1011(A) ” .. There is established within the Office of the Commissioner, an office to be known as the Office of Womens Health ..”

    Obamacare also discriminates against men by introducing feminist man-hate into existing institutions:

    SEC. 925 “.. There is established within the Office of the Director, an Office of Womens Health and Gender-Based Research ..”
    SEC. 1011.B.4 “.. Office of Research on Womens Health of the National Institutes of Health ..”

    These are just six EXAMPLES. There are 134 instances of anti-male discrimination in Obamacare.

    Do you know how many 134 is? It is a lot! For example, if you had 134 eggs, you could not eat them all. You would need a strong MAN to CARRY them all!

    Some feminists want to pretend like putting health care in the hands of their hate-filled sisters will not result in any injustice or discrimination:

    “.. Free smoking cessation is offered for men too .. don’t be ridiculous ..” — Bee
    “.. Mens reproductive health issues are already covered ..” — pillowinhell
    “.. I always have to pay a copay for my birth control and visits to the gynecologis ..” — M Dubz
    “.. Instead, the HPV vaccine protects men and women against deadly diseases such as cervical cancer ..” — cloudiah

    Sadly, ladies, this is wishful thinking! Anti-male discrimination means every institutional recommendation to Obamacare over the past year has been related to women’s health. This includes FREE contraceptives, FREE tubal ligation, FREE smoking cessation, FREE breast health, FREE well woman visits, FREE cancer prevention for girls, and FREE treatment for STDs. NONE OF THESE TREATMENTS ARE OFFERED TO MEN OR BOYS.

    Here are some women only provisions in the USPSTF list (required to be FREE OF CHARGE):

    “BRCA screening, counseling about”
    “Breast cancer preventive medication”
    “Breast cancer screening”
    “Cervical cancer screening”
    “Chlamydial infection screening: non-pregnant women”
    “Gonorrhea screening: women”
    “Osteoporosis screening: women”
    “Tobacco use counseling: pregnant women”
    “Anemia screening: pregnant women”
    “Bacteriuria screening: pregnant women”
    “Breastfeeding counseling”
    “Folic acid supplementation” — all women
    “Hepatitis B screening: pregnant women”
    “Rh incompatibility screening: first pregnancy visit”
    “Rh incompatibility screening: 24-28 weeks gestation”
    “Syphilis screening: pregnant women”

    When feminists have no argument, they question the legitimacy of the opponent, or cry “raaaaaaap …” or “0.78 on the dollar!”

    If I was a feminist, I would say “78 is less than 134!” and expect people to buy it .. then I would have a “citation!”

    “.. What great inventions have YOU created MRAs ..” — Quackers
    “.. this isn’t about ladies having a hissy fit over having to pay .. It’s about equal pay for equal work ..” — ostara321

    And then, there were the majority of you, who not only have no critical thinking skills, but also no manners, producing reams of personal attacks:

    “.. fuck you, Zarat .. liar and a disingenuous scumbag .. you ridiculous jackass .. how fucking dare you .. how anyone here tolerates such an insipid liar such as yourself .. you’re a bottom feeder .. toxic hatred ..” — Lady Zombie
    “.. misogynist douchebag ..” — Tulgey Logger
    “.. Fuck all these MRAs ..” — Quqackers

    Data collection concluded! Time for me to go. Try to kick that dependency habit, ladies! You can do it! Go gurrrrl!

    • .ProleScum.

      You insensitive brute Antz, violating a feminist safe space with your manfacts.

      Look, you’ve made poor David feel faint. Quick, get the catnip!

    • Dr. F


      Whoa boy. One sec here. Are saying, that someone actually said this:

      “Instead, the HPV vaccine protects men and women against deadly diseases such as cervical cancer ..”

      Is this what you are telling us – that someone at Manblobz’s site actually did say that sentence ?

      Hmm, let’s hope the HPV vaccine protects men and women against prostate cancer as well.

      That site may well be one of the internet’s strongest fuckwit magnet.

      • B.R. Merrick

        I knew a middle-aged woman who worked in the health care industry with me (although neither one of us is a scientist or medically trained) who didn’t know that the only reason there were men in a prostate cancer study and not women is because only men have prostates. But everyone sure knows what women have got. There’s a whole aisle at your local supermarket devoted to what women have.

        Maybe the ladies need an additional aisle for cervical care, until everyone is up to speed?

        • Lee

          You can’t be serious.. Every now and then I am shocked by stupidity. This is one of those times.

      • logical_man

        Normally I am a lurker, but I registered because this is actually an important medical issue for men. The HPV vaccine does prevent cervical cancer, but it also protects men and boys against most genital warts, as well as some forms of anal cancer. I’m too old for it, but I had my son vaccinated. See for more info.

        • Paul Elam

          Thank you for coming out to post this.

        • Dr. F


          Yes, thanks for letting us know about this.

  • Dr. F


    Surely you mean:

    “Look, you’ve made poor David feel faint. Quick, get the catnip stuffed in a chicken leg !”

  • Steve_85

    Sweet mother of Jebus!

    Australian Federal Budget to cut welfare payments to single parents once the child reaches 8 y/o. Savings predicted to be 700 million dollars per year.

    • Stu

      The only thing about this is that the government will probably create another zillion useless not needed unproductive parasite jobs for the women to fill. Then they go from paying them X number of dollars to sit on their asses watching oprah to paying them 3 times X number of dollars to sit on their asses in some cooked up office job. Probably making more trouble for men too……expand the abuse industry to give them all a job.

      • Steve_85

        I’m fine with that. I think we need more useless jobs, and i think we need to pay all govt. sector workers twice as much. The faster this shit hits the fan, the better. FULL STEAM AHEAD!

        Incidentally, am I the only one who cringes every time someone says that Feminism was initiated to increase the tax base? Does no one understand the term inflation?

        • Stu

          Yes. When I was a kid, my father was able to work an average job, for average pay, save for a house, a marriage, a honeymoon, get married, have a couple of kids, and support everybody, and nobody went without, and save money too. Now, two people working, and most just getting deeper and deeper into debt on credit cards. The only way a family can have the same standard of living now, is if both work. How the hell is this an improvement.

          • Rper1959

            Well the feminists are getting toward what they say they want an equal opportunity to have to work to support a family ( only partially unfortunately as they have either a partner to or government to contribute to the family income) they have been freed from the suburban concentration camp of domestic bliss, but will unlikely ever have the opportunity to fully match what men did for eons as sole providers and they won’t give a male partner the equal opportunity to be interred as a homemaker.

          • Steve_85

            I find it amusing that we’re supposed to believe that this was some plot by ‘the powers that be’ to increase their tax revenue. Sure they’re getting more dollars (lets say twice as many) but the money isn’t worth as much. All they really did was devalue the currency.

            I’m pretty sure ‘the powers that be’ aren’t dumb enough to think that their little scheme would work.

      • Never Blue Again

        “The only thing about this is that the government will probably create another zillion useless not needed unproductive parasite jobs for the women to fill.”

        Oh… come’on stu…!!

        Govt. is really do’ing well. Those jobs aren’t useless…. !! What the fuck you’re talking about ?

        Those jobs are for betterment of society, and to serve people well …. !! you know …. ??

        In future govt. will export managers, lawyers, clerks & mid level officials & business women in foreign countries, know.. ??

        Or better yet, women’s studies graduates … ??
        Who could make a billion dollar whining & lying industry ??

        These independent women would make the service industry bigger then fucking automotive, aerospace and defense industries currently dominated by oppressive, oppressive men ….. !!!

        What a fucking scum men is … !! On the shoulder of those brave women ….. ?? Men, who don’t let women to make the next big thing in human civilization.. ?

        Oh’boy why Obama didn’t become president earlier …. ??

        USA economy would gone to such a height that you could literally walk to moon on that…. !!

        Seems like we have to do that anyway ….. !! To save ourselves form this mess …. 😉

  • Stu

    Check out this

    She’s pleading not guilty even though caught red handing and has pics on her phone of her giving her son blowjobs and sex. The ultimate in turbo charged denial lol

    • Steve_85

      That is more than slightly sick

  • Free Human Being

    Of Malls And Mines.

    That’s the indicator of power and privilege. Go to any coal mine and watch the privilege of the men and only men enjoying the privilege of black lung.

    Go to any mall, well, need I say more?

    You want irony?

    I was in a mall where 2 women were recruiting men to work in mines.

    Are you serious?

    I was holding my son and daughter by their hands,

    Moment of sobriety, epiphany or whatever pragmatism.

  • DenisfromMND


    I too have listened to the bullshit all of my life. It truly amazes me how the most privileged class of people in the history of the world wants to keep parroting out endlessly, lasting for decades of my life, their shit as to how bad they have it, and that my gender is to blame. It says a lot about females in this country, as to how easily and deeply thay believe their bullshit in the face of obvious facts that prove the opposite, and how little they naturally value men and boys. I thought perhaps in earlier days that maybe I would just become numb, and unaffected by this shit as I grew older. On the contrary, I now express my rage at the slightest hint of this shit, much like a half-cocked gun, by anyone male or female, that wants to go down that road with me. American women truly disgust me. Yea sure, there are some good ones-some perhaps on our side. But they are a very very small minority of women.

  • ManSpeakOut

    I am always quick to offer women my “privilege” when they start going off about how “oppressed” they are. Course when I call their bluff and offer my so called privilege they become…hesitant. I ask them whats wrong, and tell them that is all things we privileged men are expected to do. From being the breadwinner, to putting the seat up for me after she is finished going to the bathroom. I was willing bestow all my fabulous privilege upon them.

    Course they always turn tail and run for it, and I laugh as they flee after refusing my privilege proposal. Maybe they did not want to be privileged after all hmm?

    • father marker

      Could you elaborate on the things you see as the “privileges” of the male. I’d like the opportunity to make this kind of offer to the next “oppressed” woman I see.

  • Jade Michael

    I fucking LOVE this article, Paul. I dare say you get better with each post. This is getting printed, referenced and framed. No matter how hard you castigate the enemy, you never cross the line into using their shaming tactics. You use the truth as an assault weapon and leave your target bewildered and maimed on the battlefield. Damn, I’d be doing cartwheels if I were half the writer you are.

  • DarkByke

    Just take it! I don’t need it anymore.

  • Roby 83