Walk a Mile in My Shoes?

Everyone knows the expression, “Walk a mile in my shoes.”

I heard someone say it just the other day, and it got me to thinking about the shoes I have worn in my lifetime. Women wear many shoes. They tend to represent what we do, where we are going, and for many women, how we are getting there.

It also made me think about what my mother has always said, “Just make sure that when I die, you bury me with my slippers on. I want to be comfortable in heaven.” (she waitressed for many years to keep a roof over our heads, and was a bookkeeper for her second job). Her feet always hurt at the end of the day.

Finally, it made me think about the shoes that men wear; shoes that women have judged them by, literally and figuratively. But let us forget about ‘fashion’ for a moment, and look at some of the particular footwear of many of our men.

When women talk about shoes, I don’t suppose a lot of them have these images in mind. While they are buying a pair of the latest fashionable boots from the hottest ‘designer of the moment’, many families are affected and grieving for the men who have donned, and lost life and limb, in his particular footwear.

That alone makes me think about the men that still can wear their boots or shoes, only now they never really touch the ground because of their newest method of transportation. I am talking about the ones that managed to survive wearing those shoes; the ones that came home unable to walk in them.

When I hear some woman telling me how shitty her life is because she didn’t end up with the ‘perfect man’ or the lifestyle she always envisioned for herself– I think of these men that went to war and came home in this condition– with an attitude that far betters any expectations that any of us pity-pot civilians could ever hope to have for ourselves in our normal whiny-crying-nit-picking lives.

Hearing women whine always leads me to other places, like a domino effect; wondering what complaints feminists are currently screaming about. I wonder if any of these men are their sons, brothers, fathers, or uncles….and have they gone home to those women in this condition, and are they being abused by the self-righteous indignation of a woman that could never understand what is expected of men, or how often they rose to the occasion without question.

I would love for these women to walk a mile in any one of their shoes.

Yes, that was sarcasm – for women who think they can do what men do, or think they have sacrificed what men have sacrificed for us. Since the time men stood guard, like living, breathing barriers between women and children and something that might tear them to shreds and eat them; to now, today, when answering the call of duty and laying everything on the line for a small paycheck that will put food on the table.

Yes, that was sarcasm. Well-deserved sarcasm.

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  • Tom M

    Another great article, Izzey! Now you really got me thinking:

    I’m sure any man enduring any of hundreds or even thousands of abuses men are just expected to silently endure (Man-up!), would gladly trade any of those REAL problems/abuses with the VERY worst problem any feminist can come up with – being raped (THANKS, ANTZ AND THE OTHER GUYS in this other story’s comments section WHO PUT RAPE INTO CLEARER PERSPECTIVE):

  • Mark

    “would gladly trade any of those REAL problems/abuses with the VERY worst problem any feminist can come up with – being raped”

    I don’t know how many heterosexual men would agree with you, but I would gladly submit my ass for a pounding if it meant avoided being drafted and sent to some Vietnam like hellhole for 4 years. Lots of a guys got their balls and asses blown off over there, so putting up with with being anally violated for five minutes would seem like small thing to me in comparison.

    I still maintain that you can’t really compare heterosexual rape to homosexual rape. Women’s bodies were designed to be penetrated by a penis, so while rape is a violation of a woman’s will, it’s not really an unnatural violation of her body the way homosexual rape is.

    • giselle

      just because it can be done doesnt mean its natural. Your butt can be penetrated too, you even have a prostate that makes it more pleasurable…so does that make anal rape natural too? Its part of human nature to rape, so is child molestation and beastiality, but that doesnt make it right. Rape is rape, its not the worst that can happen but its not a good thing, which is what it seems like your implying.. Is it somehow different if a woman is anally raped?Then does it become unnatural?> How about oral? Can a man still claim he was raped if he was forced to suck off 10 guys at knife point? Or is that natural too?>

      • Tom M

        Yeah, you right, I rather have my nuts blow off in war – NOT!

      • Mark

        The reason most women find rape so distressing is not because they’re having sex with a man, but because they’re having sex with a man they don’t want to have sex with or don’t want sex with at a particular moment. Under other circumstances, the woman would be able to enjoy sex. Women’s vaginas lubricate when penetrated, so the pain factor is much less than anal sex. Obviously, if a woman is penetrated anally, she would experience as much physical trauma as a man, but most likely not as much psychological trauma.

        Most guys would be horrified at the thought of even having consensual sex with another man, so imagine how they would react if they were raped. Men have to deal with the fact that sex is being forced on them, and the fact that sex is being forced on them by a man.

  • Tom M

    “…so putting up with with being anally violated for five minutes would seem like small thing to me in comparison.”

    The judge slams the gavel angrily, asking the falsely accused, “Mr. Dinger-Dong, would you rather I sentence you to 18 years of slavery to your ex, or being anally violated for five minutes? (What straight man would even have to think about it to make the right choice there?)

    Or, the judge says, “Mr. Dinger-Dong, would you rather I sentence you to having to helplessly watch your kids being abused constantly by your lovely ex, or being anally violated for five minutes? (Who would even have to think to make the choice there?)

    Or, the judge says, “Mr. Dinger-Dong, would you rather I sentence you to losing your job from our highly condoned false abuse allegations made by your lovely ex and thus go to jail for not being allowed to pay a debt I assigned you which you did nothing to incur, or would you prefer anal violation for five minutes? (Who would even have to think to make the choice there? “Hmmm, CAKE or DEATH?”)

    OK, we could go on and on and on, but I’ll let others fill in their own blanks.

    But – Mr. Dinger-Dong replies, “Your honor, may I speak freely to the court?”
    “Your Honor, but haven’t you already been anally F’ing me for more than five minutes already?”

    Yet the very WORST THING FEMINISTS can conjure up that could possibly ever happen to them is RAPE or losing their HUSBAND as a casualty of war, not being fitted with a nice enough teairra, or being given a big enough pedestal, or just not getting every stinking thing they ever wanted right when they whine for it???

    • Tom M

      SEX-Salvery of males is live and well in the US and around the globe (what I posted, and got tossed off the GMPM for being the truth):

      Jacob, (your) comments being pulled for simply being the “offensive” truth or for being YOUR opinion or being politically incorrect seems common. We do deserve some real answers as to why non-feminist genuine male concerns are banned (at the GMPM) all too often.

      Non-PC truth is VERY offensive to many.

      Sex slavery IS VERY common, BUT most of it exists in 3 ways this (GMPM) article and most fail to face.

      1- Women who use sex to lead men around (enslave them) and get them to do whatever they want and spend trillions on them or just give total control of their money over to those women altogether which is common (women control 70+% of all disposable income, and ussually through sexual coercion – slavery). To free themselves, men need to realize that women actually do like sex as much as or even more than men. This amounts to costing far more than the most expensive hookers, constantly, and most men don’t add it up. Knowing that, just stay away from the ones who use their sexuality to enslave (most women).

      2- Women also sexually enslave by tricking many men into getting them pregnant (and many more by not tricking but just realizing they can enslave men later into a marriage by making false abuse allegations. Others and I find in interviewing thousands of divorced fathers that 3/4 of divorces with children end with false abuse allegations, used to gain in divorce) and then divorcing and enslaving them for 18 or more years, all for having sex with them. Not slavery? Not sex slavery? Not the PC type you want to even hear about???

      This slavery gamut is very LARGE, very alive and VERY well, and all but ignored. Even the foreign women are taught they can make false allegations to enslave a man of their choice and be put on the fast track to citizen ship as a reward for enslaving a man. You hear the rumors of bad men bringing foreign women here to enslave them, but the truth is that this are RARE while the other is exceedingly common and REWARDED.

      Do you want to loose your house, your money and your future earnings (slavery) ? Do you want to be thrown in jail if you don’t pay up and perform on that? Then just order a foreign mail order bride so she can make very common false abuse allegations to hit the jack-pot!!! It’s PC and more popular to report that foreign women comming here are often brought here as sex slaves, but the truth, much more common, is that more of them come here to enslave a man, to use that to get fast-track citizenship. That’s far more common.

      3- Many more married women enslave their husbands by telling them “Now, because we have children together, I now have the power to own and even wreck your life, to enslave you, because I am a woman, by making false abuse or rape allegations at any time and have you thrown in jail!” “Do everything I demand, or else!” (and BUY ME STUFF!) No evidence of abuse or rape is needed. What we subsidize we get more of. We see lots of these cases. Why does TGMP bury/hide this abuse/slavery pandemic? Thus, either way (false allegations carried through with or not) he is now put on notice and is already at this point 100% effectively controlled and held hostage to do all her bidding (enslaved for being male & having had sex with her).

      There is however ONE clever WAY OUT of these three prolific crime/slavery scenarios:

      Be the nicest guy on earth, a Good Man, and give her everything she wants with no reciprocation whatsoever. Treat her like the princess she is (be her slave already) and she will maybe, just maybe, have mercy on your pathetic slave soul.

      Others and I have observed and interviewed countless US male sex slaves from these scenarios which are condoned by so many. Does TGMP condone this?

      • giselle

        Theres a documentary i saw recently about the child sex slave thing in italy and the prostitutes are of romanian descent. Its mostly young men of 12 to 15 years of age. They are usually pimped out by their fathers. its pretty gross. Most of the patrons are older englishmen and italians,pedophiles. and the like..poor immigrants.

        • Tom M

          The media effect (agitprop)?

          • giselle

            No media effect, Brothels with adult females are plentiful in Italy. But there arent any with men or boys. If you go to to and look up :Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade, you’ll see what I mean. There werent any female customers, they were all males. Also, remember the 20/20 episode where the undercover staff went to cambodia and followed an american doctor as he went and visited the little girls at their brothel? The oldest one was 7…no media effect, just truth. You want to argue, but im giving you proof.Im aware that men are trafficked in the usa and all over the world. No kids should have to do anything sexual/ ever.

    • giselle

      I must be a Pseudo female then cause i haven’t gotten jack shit of what I wanted….who are these lucky/unlucky beasts? Where the heck are my gifts and meal tickets? I work all day long….it sucks…but at least i earn my shitty pennies.

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    Makes me want to spit on Hilary Clinton for saying ‘Women are always the primary victims in war.”

    • Izzey


  • Guy

    Truly beautiful writing.

    I know you have probably been told this many times, but you are a very rare woman. Empathy this profound cannot be faked.

    On a less serious note, where do women like you hide? I have met only a handful of truly special women with this type of perspective (not necessarily mens-right oriented, but non-self-centered and not superficial materialistic narcissism). The few I have met always seem to be taken, lol.

    • Tom M

      as they should be…

    • Izzey

      Thank you Guy.

      I hope to not be found “a rare woman” much longer.
      It is about time other women truly see all that is wrong, and ‘right’ themselves to be the rule….and not the exception.

      I will never give up.

      (And I am hiding in New York behind this screen)

      • Raven01

        Well Izzey with the way things are modern women will have few choices.
        The two main being, become a lonely bitter old cat lady and rely on the government extorting money from others on her behalf, or to re-evaluate the feminist tripe they’ve been fed since birth.
        From women like yourself, Christy0Misty, and yes even that tipsy woman from the other recent post….. Women are in fact not completely helpless, and they are realising that. Women are infact capable of doing stuff for themselves but, if they choose to take “a man’s” path, they have to be willing to compete with men….. take the same risks as men. That a female infantry soldier that will never-ever in her career be shot at claims “she does the same job as the guys and should be paid the same” is absolutely ludicrious. Along with that other feminist lies are being revealed.

        If we keep hammering home the truth we will succeed. Slowly women (as a class, obviously some of you got it very early on) are realising how wrong feminism is, how hateful. And, when we acheive that level of penetration we can successfully advocate for changes so that it becomes safe to have a meaningful relationship with a woman.

  • Tom M

    Hitlery is just quoting other feminists – “Sqaaauuuk! Hitlery wanna cracker!”

    Freaking Feminazi Fascists!

  • BeijaFlor

    When I see an image like the last two in your story, I am always reminded of this stanza from Laurence Binyon’s For The Fallen:

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years contemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    Remember them.

    • Izzey

      BejiaFlor–an excellent verse. I love poetry and mine could not hold a candle to these words.

      I found an audio youtube

      Thank you,

    • JockeVXO

      I thought of Wilfred Owen’s poem “Disabled”.

  • Victor

    Dear misogynists,

    I’m a feminist. I sit around in my nice little apartment built by men and I’m on my nice little laptop that was installed by a man and here I sit on my little WordPress blog (software that was created by man, mind you) and I complain about how a woman is portrayed as a sex object in that commercial over there.
    I always tell everyone that I meet that I work for women’s rights and women’s suffering yet I’ve still to buy an airplane ticket to a foreign location where women are genuienly suffering.
    The irony is that the fact that I have the time to sit around and complain about silly stuff like this just shows you how ungrateful, priviledged and selfish I really am.

    Take care you hateful misogynists,

    Western, privledged feminist who can’t figure out why on earth why she has become the butt of a lot of jokes.

  • AntZ

    When the dust of the feminist war on men and boys settles –
    When men and boys can once again live with equality and dignity –
    When governments around the world offer to men equal protection of the law –
    When the horror of the modern feminist holocaust fades –

    When that day comes, it is voices from women like Izzey who will show women the way forward. Equality. Responsibility. Duty. Sacrifice.

    These words will resonate in the hollow heart of our society, once the ringing fades from the feminist shriek of “me me me me meeeeeee MEEEEEEE!!!”

  • nigeles175d

    Thankyou Izzey for being sufficiently open-minded and willing to understand what so many refuse to consider.

    Or, to put it in Izzey-speak language: “Thankyou for F%&%ING! getting it! :-)

    • Izzey

      “Izzey-speak” 😉


  • Patrice Stanton

    Well said.

    Was one of those pictures from the Fort Hood ‘slaughter’ in 2009?
    The image I’m attaching is a strip I did back at that time commemorating it.

    [Note: the blog was called ‘4000 Fewer Feminists’ in reference to hypocritical feminists aborting that many of their potential comrades, you might say, each day in America. In other words, not as a good thing.]

    [img] nov 2009_14 down.png[/img]

    • BeijaFlor

      I’d forgotten about the littlest one. Oh, God have mercy ….

    • Paul Elam

      keep in mind Patrice, Izzey is a woman who has earned her respected position and opinion, both by working and giving to the MRM, and by doing a mans dangerous, body breaking work all of her adult life.

      I feel 100% comfortable to say that she is not writing this to encourage or glorify men for laying themselves down for women like you, but just to remind women who don’t take the risks or pay the dues what their resultant value is.

      • Izzey

        Thank you Paul.

    • Paul Elam

      Also Patrice, keep in mind that your presence here will be of very short duration if you prove to be a socon shill, (Which I already know you are).

      What happened at Ft. Hood was indeed a tragedy. I earned my opinion on that as a man who was once stationed there.

      What I also know is that because of foreign policy we have made a target of ourselves as a nation, largely by the wholesale slaughter of countless thousands of Muslims in the name of oil and regional political hegemony.

      Almost all killed on both sides of this foreign policy fiasco were young men.

      That is what this place is about, not your fucked up deluded Obama vs Bush brainwashed politics.

    • hestia

      Was one of those pictures from the Fort Hood ‘slaughter’ in 2009?
      Not likely as it looks as if the uniforms in the picture with the memorial are not Army ACUs but rather Marine Desert MARPAT. The weapons in the background, the sunglasses on the ground, and a couple other details make that pic look more like the Sandbox than Fort Hood.

  • rebtus

    You make a very valid observation that some may not think of.

  • Eagle has landed

    The Women who killed the little boy, and left his body on a dirt road in Maine, was reported to have been a prostitute. Shes from Texas, and was in Maine, so The question would arise “Was she also prostituting out the little boy to Perverts in the maine area?? This question needs to be answered.

  • Eagle has landed

    The Women who killed the little boy, and left his body on a dirt road in Maine, was reported to have been a prostitute. Was she also prostituting the little boy to perverts in the Maine area??
    Could it be that most of the “sexual trafficking” of people in the US, is actually done by women prostitutes, trafficking their children??

  • hestia

    Thank you for this piece Izzey.

    • Izzey

      I knew you would be here, Hestia.
      You’re welcome, my dear.


  • Shawn

    A lot of men wear boots, but they don’t know it. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is a phrase that has been yelled at many men. Most women have it so easy today that they never had to pull themselves up by their bootstraps because most women today wear glass slippers all the time. Men who pull themselves up by their bootstraps build character and gain strength.

    The hotter the fire, the stronger the iron.

  • Izzey

    I have to apologize for not being here today.
    I awoke to two of my articles posted.

    A first time post at The Spearhead, and this article posted here.

    I’m currently doing some ‘battle’…and will be back.
    (tough crowd over there..guess they don’t know I’m on their side.)


    • Tom M

      Izzey, those “red thumbs” just make my day!

      It just makes me fell so good to know when I’ve pissed off a feminist AND a cvhivalrist!!! :)

      • Izzey


  • andybob

    Important article that packs a punch, Issey. Your writing is terse, yet thought-provoking which is difficult to achieve. I always look forward to your work.

    Don’t be fazed by The Spearhead. Only a couple of the commenters (the usual suspects) were harsh. They never actually contribute articles themselves. They just like to pour scorn on those who do. You stood your ground well. But there are one or two you should never bother with at all as I think they are a bit off the show. Step over and move on. You’re the one with the cred, not them.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Izzey

      I appreciate that, andybob. And thank you for reading ..and the compliment.


  • koldingfjord
    • Izzey

      Wow, I am wondering how many men have spit on their screens.
      She’s gone too far.

      Thanks for posting this.
      I am not a fan of hers, but if I was … this would be the deal-breaker.

      Sorry I’m late getting back to you.


      • koldingfjord

        Thanks for the reply, Izzey. But take a look at this. She performed at BillBoard Music Awards 2011 with the same song and people are really supporting her. Imagine if a male singer sung about men ruling the world. Would people react the same way?

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Great piece Izzey!

    Reminds me of grade nine, reading about the trench war battles in WWI. I am not going to repeat the graphic conditions they endured, but only one that touches on how soldiers would remove boots from dead soldiers to ensure they had newer or better shoes to wear. Those were the options in difficult battle conditions, where footwear was one of the most crucial pieces of gear to have.

    These men were stuck in these trenches for long periods of time, where everything we do in the comfort of our home was done there in mud and disease filled trenches. For some reason what one solider did stuck in my mind deeply. As he went to remove another soldiers boot, the foot came off within it. They were so desperate for footwear that he removed the foot, cleaned out the boot as best he could and wore that boot to fight in the trench war battles of WW!

    These are the extremes men have gone to-to be that barrier of protection for the rest of us.

  • Izzey

    Thank you Attila,
    You bring up the literal significance of boots in war. They were even removed from the enemy if that is what it took to survive.

    I wish the women that refute what men have sacrificed for them could experience these circumstances…before allowances were made for their comfort. Even in the military.

    I’m sorry, I know that women have lost their lives at war. But the women that entered the military had a choice not afforded millions of men before them.

    They were not drafted. Not stolen from their families involuntarily. And they are coddled in ways that men are not. When I wrote the piece “Gentlemen, My Ass Thanks You” I said–

    Any job I can think of that a woman holds today in a man’s field of expertise; makes me want to see her doing it– a hundred years ago.

    She never would have made it.


    • Attila L. Vinczer

      You make excellent valid points Izzey. Most of all you are honest about them. In Toronto women have created an event called “White Ribbon Campaign to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes®.”

      “There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”
      That’s why we’re asking you to put on a pair of high heels and join the White Ribbon Campaign to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes®. On Thursday September 29th, 2011 we’re all going to help end violence against women and girls, one man-sized step at a time.”

      Men actually put on women’s high heal and stiletto shoes and walk in them down Yonge Street in Toronto. Pathetic these men are who actually do this.

      I would like to see any one of these women or men for that matter walk in a pair of construction or solider’s boots for a day to understand just what that really means. Would a woman scrape out the remains of a decayed human foot and wear those army boots and fight for her country the way men did in WWI and other wars? I have my doubts, but they sure know how to complain just about anything!

      • Izzey

        Thank you, Attila,
        I have heard of this stupid walk. What a facade-like statement to make in high heels. The saying was meant for actually experiencing the LIFE of the person in their shoes.

        This is a ridiculous circus-like-side-show, that parrots those fucking “slutwalks”

        ‘oooops, I think I broke a heel….jeeepers, these things are really hard to walk in after all….these women have it sooooo hard…I must stop complaining about the hardships of men….we have it made compared to walking in these stilettos’

        Yeah, right.

        OMG, what is going to become of our grandchildren if this shit keeps up?

        I strap on my safety boots, and go to work.
        This insults me as well.


        • Izzey

          And PS-
          I have to ask….

          Where’s the fucking “Walk” to end violence against men and boys????

          • Attila L. Vinczer

            Where is the f-ing “walk” to end violence against men and boys you ask? It starts with men and boys being walked on and ends with being trampled to death.

  • Brigita

    Men actually put on women’s high heal and stiletto shoes and walk in them down Yonge Street in Toronto. Pathetic these mens shoes wholesale are who actually do this.