Mothers Day

This Mothers Day: Daffodils for Dumpsters

I am a big fan of flowers on special occasions. I know, as a guy I am likely supposed to have other interests, and I do, but I have always appreciated the form and color of these natural little bright spots courtesy of “Mother” Nature.

With that in mind, what could be more natural than to celebrate motherhood and Mother’s Day with such a gift?

This year, I have some suggestions for the mothers of the world for a socially conscious twist this weekend; something to do with all those flowers that will surely be coming in. In keeping with White Ribbon Campaigns, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Marches. Slutwalks, Take Back the Night Rallies and all other manner of celebrating men by painting them all as literal or potential villains, may I suggest a campaign just for you?

Daffodils for Dumpsters

To all you mothers of the world, please give your Mother’s Day flowers and give them all generously. Most importantly, give them where they will do the most good. Place a bunch of daffodils at a dumpster near you, perhaps one in which one of you, or one of your kind, has tossed an unwanted baby, leaving it there to slowly die alone in a pile of trash.

Perhaps you could lay a single rose at the base of a bridge that has been used by a mother to throw her baby into an icy river. Perhaps you can lay it there with hands that have beaten or shaken a baby to death.

Do you need a video for inspiration? Here, Dear Mothers, let’s help you out with this one.

I don’t want you to be as short on motivation as you are on compassion and respect for human life. Look at empowered Mommy!!

Inspired? Good. Now perhaps some of you could place large, colorful arrangements at the abortion centers where women go to have children cut out and laid to rest in those colorful and attractive biohazard containers that are all the rage in the clinics. Perhaps while you are there you could encourage them to quit calling the procedure an abortion, and start calling it what it is for most of those wonderful mothers that go there…birth control.

Maybe you can lay virtual flowers at your computers to honor all the children that you and your sisters have pimped out to pedophiles, or perhaps the blossoms could be placed in your child’s room, which also doubles as your preferred place to abuse your own.

Perhaps you could place some geraniums at your local fire stations, where the babies that managed to dodge the dumpster get dropped off for whatever life awaits them at the hands of strangers.

This is not a request for some mothers, or a percentage of them, but all of you. In fact, you don’t even have to be a mother. If you have a vagina, the blood of all those children, who are abused far more at the hands of women than men, has stained your skin and caked around the cuticles of your fingers.

If you are a mother, particularly one of the many abusers, or just one that has remained silent as your sisters have beaten, choked, stabbed, burned, drowned, abused, neglected, dumped, tortured and otherwise done the unspeakable to the most defenseless among us, then I hope to see those flowers in your murderous hands, paying homage to those that have been unfortunate enough to be placed in your path.

What is that, you say? You have treated your children and all children well? You have never done anything at all to harm them and never would?

It doesn’t matter. This is the age of equal opportunity for collective guilt. If I were a male college freshman at Hamilton College, I would be marched into an auditorium on day 1 where I would attend an orientation lecture called “She Fears You,” a class that lets all men know they are potential rapists, and that they are being watched. The only qualification for mandatory attendance is a student I.D. and a penis.

In Daffodils for Dumpsters the gash gets you in, and you don’t really have a choice.

Seriously, isn’t it time we herded all women and girls around a model dumpster and made them paint “No Babies Here!” on the side, over and over again?  Maybe we should get them all engraving kits on Mother’s Day, and have them spend a day at a surgical supply manufacturer engraving “Not for Babies” on the blades of scalpels? How about we walk up to you on college campuses and ask you, as a woman, to wear a black ribbon to protest all the young life snuffed out at the hands of people in your group?  Remember, black goes with anything, so it might even become a fashion statement!

If this seems a little harsh, I will pass it on the next fellow I see wearing a pair of high heels and a red dress, marching down the avenue with a sign protesting violence against women. Or maybe one of his White Ribbon wearing companions will listen and hear a little more about the group of killers he is “protecting.”

Remember ladies, you do the killing, you pays for the flowers. It’s all about your empowerment.

Now, do I really mean all this? Yes. It is not that women deserve to be collectively regarded as child abusers and killers. Most aren’t. Most are actually very good to their children and can even be trusted with the children of others. But that truth is not what is important here.

What is important is the children, or the principle, or whatever other bullshit we make up to convince ourselves it is not about demonizing women when that is exactly what we are doing.

The fact is that mothers are more dangerous than fathers where it concerns children. They always have been. It is only a few percentage points in that direction, but of course in a White Ribbon way, it is more than enough to justify pointing a finger at your entire sex and feeling superior as we watch you atone for the unspeakable acts of a minority.

So, suck it up ladies. If you knew about White Ribbon and said nothing to object to it; if in general you have remained silent or actively participated as the image of the male half of the population has been reduced to that of a depraved threat, then step up and get your flowers. You deserve every last petal, stem and thorn.

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  • Rog

    hey Paul
    can you read minds?
    did you already write this?
    or did you get my FB message on this?

    excellent article!
    keep up the good fight man

    • Paul Elam

      Actually it was two facebook messages that started this. Yours, and one from Krazie316 that included the video. Perfect timing for both.

      • Rog

        when obama did that last year on fathers day it really made me sick and i promised myself not to forget,,ever

      • Krazie316

        Couldn’t have written a better article myself.

      • jms5762

        I had been thinking about this subject this week as well. You are Freaking me out Paul!

  • napocapo69

    Harsh and bold, but great article…

    I love it. Women do need their red pill!

  • Perseus

    Let’s see.. how many different ways is there to say, ‘yes’?

  • Jared White

    Be careful, Paul… Before mamma says knock you out…

    • Paul Elam

      OK, LL, I am on the watch for Mamma.

  • Patrick Henry

    This should be the response when given a white ribbon. A little tit for tat. Fire up those black ribbons boys.

  • StarsDie

    That video almost made me cry. Fuck that piece of shit.

    • Poester99

      you and me both.
      And for every one that’s recorded there are a thousand more that are done in private. This is how sociopathy is passed on. They’ll be something broken in that child’s mind.

    • BeijaFlor

      I’d had enough of that damned video in 26 seconds.

      This is Feminist Empowerment.

      Thank you, O God, that I managed not to make it possible for a woman to fertilize her ovum with my sperm! And for letting me be born to a woman who had her faults, but certainly was not so over-the-top crazy as THAT one.

  • Tawil

    Brilliant, and gutsy… this has always been the achillies heel of misandric feminism; that women abuse kids in far higher numbers than do males.

    Because ‘all males are violent’ propoganda has been so effective, the argument that females are violent toward adult males tends to be disbelieved and fall flat. This new piece provides perhaps the first narrative that people can dovetail onto the end of the “men are violent against women” narrative, and therewith neutralise the latter.

    This nail is worth driving deeper- worth a campaign of sorts.

  • Perseus

    Metallica’s Unforgiven is anthem for Boys and Men.

    New blood joins this earth
    And quickly he’s subdued
    Through constant pain disgrace
    The young boy learns their rules
    With time the child draws in
    This whipping boy done wrong
    Deprived of all his thoughts
    The young man struggles on and on he’s known
    A vow unto his own
    That never from this day
    His will they’ll take away

    What I’ve felt
    What I’ve known
    Never shined through in what I’ve shown
    Never be
    Never see
    Won’t see what might have been
    What I’ve felt
    What I’ve known
    Never shined through in what I’ve shown
    Never free
    Never me
    So I dub thee unforgiven

    They dedicate their lives
    To running all of his
    He tries to please them all
    This bitter man he is
    Throughout his life the same
    He’s battled constantly
    This fight he cannot win
    A tired man they see no longer cares
    The old man then prepares
    To die regretfully
    That old man here is me


    You labeled me
    I’ll label you
    So I dub thee unforgiven

    Fuck Ritalin.

    • jms5762

      This song has been rolling around in my head this week. Great minds my friend!

      • Perseus

        That’s exactly how I came to post it. Great minds, jms :)

  • Kimski
    • Tawil

      “Although the No Mother’s Day project’s support for abortion around the world – paid for by U.S. taxpayers and supported by the United Nations – has raised few eyebrows, controversy has surrounded its suggestion to separate mothers from children who have already been born.”

      Is there anything women wont use to leverage power for themselves?? Despicable. As an aside I’m curious about the practice of extreme financial leveraging that has appeared in Western countries over the last 25years, in particular how that has coincided with women leveraging all intimate relationships to get a better deal… its some kind of capitalist fantasy gone horribly wrong.

    • BeijaFlor

      Oh. Damn. I wish this idea had come into my head a week earlier:

      “Motherless Day.”

      Where we MRAs stand out in front of restaurants – Mother’s Day is the biggest day for dining out, in the USA – and offer black ribbons (or maybe red ribbons) to the mothers, in honor and memory of the infants who have been aborted, or dropped off at a fire station, or abused and beaten and even killed by their mommies.

      And that’s all acceptable to Society. I am actively considering putting a tourniquet around my balls, letting them slough off , when I reflect (in my dismay) on the day in 1986 when I carried a banner in the “Right To Women’s Lives” pro-abortion parade and demonstration in my hometown of Washington, DC.

      Truly I hang my head in shame.

      And so should “the wimminz”.

      Happy Motherless Day, heartless bitches.

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        How about instead of addressing abortion, we address the fact that mothers, even “good” mothers do fuck all NOTHING about MEN RAISED WITHOUT FATHERS.

        So we do the same thing. Hand out ribbons, black ribbons which say, “what are you doing to make sure a mother doesnt deny a man access to his children? You say you are a good mother yet you let men and children be hurt this way….”

        Let us ruin their mothers day until they start to march in support of fathers, oppose CPS and oppose visitation restrictions.

        • BeijaFlor

          Speaking as a man who was raised without a father, that idea rouses a sort of vicious joy in me.

          Might be just as effective before Father’s Day, you know…

  • Dr. F

    I dunno Paul,

    I actually disagree with you here – mum’s make the world go around. Don’t believe me ? Well you just have a read what I have to say about it please.

    I love this day because:

    – Seeing a couple of bubs swinging from her nips while she smokes a ciggie gets me hot.

    – Watching the bitch get a tatt the size of a dinner plate on her pregnant belly saying, “Welfare Fak-tory” makes me drool.

    – Hearing the smacks on the toddler in the film theater so loudly that the actors on the screen break character and stare… well I like that too.

    – Being glared at by a bevvy of ferret faced kids with flick-knives while they guard their mum taking a dump on the footpath has me all a flush with pride.

    – Watching her lift up her leg and spray urine on her toddlers tied to a post in order to ward off animals while they sink a few in the pub gives me a stiffy.

    – Having a pram chock full of bubs hurled at me in fury in the train because I forgot to relinquish my seat has me all a giggle with respect.

    – Observing them wrapping their kid in a fluffy blanket and stuffing them up the chimney to lower their electricity bill has me salute with respect.

    – Hearing the grunts of the mum next door as she processes the line of toothless crackheads that works it’s way twice around the block has me bowed in respect.

    – Seeing their kids arse-walk on the doctor’s waiting room carpet only for me to slip on a three dimensional dung slick has me blush in awe.

    – Knowing their infants are ferrying her beers and rolling her tobacco while she works the tables at the casino quite frankly has me nodding in amazement.

    So Paul, please. This day comes but once a day and the least you can do is just step back a bit and let them have their day today.

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      As a son of a month of the sort Paul is talking about, I support him.

    • BeijaFlor

      Dr. F, I am glad I am aware of your gift for sarcasm.

      Were it not for that, I would be trying to suppress the image of a gifted Okker cartoonist, wanking off while he ogles the TIME Magazine cover that shows Ms. Entitled Mommy suckling her damn-near five-year-old son while he stands on a chair beside him.

      (That poor sodling is going to have a very rough time of it, in school, for the next twelve years. And I wonder if he’ll ever get laid, when he gets old enough for it to matter? My heart goes out to him!)

  • Skeptic

    Thank you Paul.
    MANY women and their mangina consorts need to ‘woman up’ by dropping their crass hypocritical demonizing of males whilst so many women do this –

  • scatmaster

    Holy shit.

    I just cannot describe that video.

    I am going to post it to my facebook page.

    The one with my real name on it.

    Some of the pretentious cunts on my so called
    “friends list” are going to shit their pants.

    I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately in regard to my commitment to the MRA movement. You sir have kicked my ass back into gear.

    Thanks I needed it!!!!

    • Paul Elam

      Don’t despair, brother. It is just burn out. Good things are on the way.

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        So many good things on the horizon that the excitement makes me tingle!

      • scatmaster

        Lot more issues as well going on but you gave me a lift Paul Once again thanks!!!

    • BeijaFlor


      Those “pretentious cunts on (your) so-called friends list” ought to Walk A Mile in their own shit-filled diapers.

    • Stu

      Just do the MRM stuff at a level that you can sustain without it slumping you into depression Scat. It’s better that you do a bit ongoing rather than a lot and burn out. It can be very depressing constantly reminding yourself day in day out of how fucked a situation we, as men, are in. One story after another of men being arsed raped in the family courts, one false accusation after another, destroying a mans life, ramping up of feminazi laws, that we wouldn’t even know about if we were not keeping any eye on them. I figure many of us MRAs feel like the guy in the matrix that wanted to be put back into the pods, with no memory of ever having been out. Bad luck, you can’t un-take the red pill, you can’t un-see the truth. Married guy or guys in relationships that are legally binding on them in some way probably feel the weight of the red pill more, because so much of the shit we know relates to their situation, if your relationship is bad, doubly so, if it is good, you fear for the future. It’s hard to see your relationship as anything but a trap once you take the red pill. A trap you may be happy to stay in for now, but what if you don’t want to stay in it in the future. The emotional affect on you, as a married man is probably greater. Pace yourself scat, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

      • scatmaster

        Once again thanks for your kind response Stu.
        Hope you didn’t think I missed it.
        I went away for awhile and there are so many comments flying fast a furious that I missed a bunch.

  • scatmaster

    Just remember Jenna Myers Karvunidis is a mother.

    Thought we had forgotten about you Jenna.


    • Zarathos022

      Man do I feel sorry for her kids.

    • Dr. F

      For you Scatters.

      “Knock knock.”

      “Who’s there ?”


      “Jenna who ?”

      “Jenna hateful disgusting bigot who disseminated deliberately false statistics on the sexual abuse of children and canvased a Chicago pre-school to exclude fathers based on her prejudices and false stereotypes of men as the default sexual predators Myers Karvunidis.”

      • scatmaster

        you forgot man hating bitch.
        Actually your post encompasses all that and more.

  • Merlin

    A mother is someone who smashes your brothers face into a plate of hot beans just because he’s not ready to eat them. She’s the one who makes you eat lard and salt sandwiches as a form of punishment for some minor misdemeanour.

    She’s the one who says wait till your father gets home, knowing full well that a firm beating rests totally on the words she utters to him. She’s the one who plays him like a violin whilst even us kids who know nothing, right? see the damage she causes by stirring him up as her own personal tool of violence against children.

    She’s the one who despite having a husband who earns good money, takes ‘3’ pounds from the ‘5’ I earn of a Saturday at the local butchers; justifying this by “It’s helping mum out darling.” Helping her out…not helping me out, that’s for sure.

    She’s the one who when you come into some money becomes your best friend. She’s your advisor, she’s your helper, and trusted companion. When the money dries up she’s away like the fickle creature she really is. “Sorry son…must fly, a woman has more cash to extract elsewhere you know.”

    A mother is the one who when divorcing the husband uses the kids as an antagonising weapon to deliberately stir up trouble, which would ultimately hurt the kids more than her should it go wrong.
    Now her personal “tool of violence” has become the victim of subtle mind games and childish pranks carried out by her kids on her behalf. Ironic don’t you think?

    A mother is someone who turns around to you in time of need and turns her back…despite still living in the large family home that the court system extracted from the husband; she takes no time to decide you’re not welcome under that roof in your hour of desperation .

    She’s the one who callously informs you that you aren’t included in her will and testament…being the men of the family we can all look after ourselves, being the men of the family we can basically “Go fuck ourselves” the house will be left for our sister because, after all, she’s a helpless individual, right?

    I must be lying, I must have made this all up? Surely mothers don’t behave in such a way, and who is the mother in the story? Well that’s an easy one to answer…It’s my very own, flesh and blood mother!

    All I can say is “FUCK MOTHERS DAY”

    • Dr. F

      Strewth !

      Merlin, at the day’s end in some odd way, she may have been responsible for carving you into the fine MRA you are today.

      Cold comfort for sure, but I for one appreciate you up there in the U.K. writing letter after letter and getting on the phone to the media challenging them when you see their misandric mischief.

      After our hundreds and hundreds of emails and many hours in Skype chat, I can assuredly tell the others here that these things you say here are true, as is the MRA activity you do.

      Your MRA ways inspire me to be more like you in the way you contact the offender almost instantly, no procrastination from you.

      The ratbag in your family is a ratbag who unfortunately is your mother.

      Kudos to you for the integrity of character to see only the truth and not pedestalise her as the holy of holiest as we are socially programmed to do.

      Thanks for the post in spite of what you are “told” what to do on this sacred day.

      As far a flowers from Merlin to his mother ? …I do not see it happening.

  • Atlas Reloaded

    That little cunt of a Malaysian mother needs to be beaten exactly the same way.


      Well…..that will grow the MRM in Malaysia.


      • MadDruid

        The MRM in Malaysia is growing exponentially, ask us how we know.

        • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          And specifically Masculinism.

    • Dr. F

      Atlas mate,

      Poor form buddy. This is fodder for a femmo blog and absolutely does nothing good for us.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Sorry man but two things I can’t see and stay rational;

        Children being hurt, and animals being hurt.

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      If this were a man almost everyone here would say he should be beaten, or jailed or arrested or face some form of repercussions.

      I give fuck all what those outside of the MRM think about us when we see a mother beating her fucking child, her INFANT child and we say she deserves the same thing. It is not fucking poor form. She SHOULD learn EXACTLY what it is like. She SHOULD face some penalty.

      In the east if a man keys a car he can be caned. Yet we should wince at a man who says that a woman who BEATS HER INFANT CHILD should likewise be punished?

      Fuck her. Fuck society. Fuck anyone that thinks that we should be kind and gentle to her. Take the kid away. Tie her fucking tubes. REMOVE her fucking ovaries. Put her on a mountain monastery and never let her around children again.

      For good measure give her 10 lashings with a cane. I give fuck all if anyone likes that or not. SOONER or LATER mothers have to learn that beating their infant children WILL NOT BE TOLERATED FOR ONE SECOND. Nor will starving their pre-teen and teen children. Nor will caging them.

      Also i want some cherry pie.

      Just sayin’

      • John the Other

        Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist,

        Please take careful note of this. I’ve just read your comment, and it is clearly a veiled advocacy of violence. I believe you may even be testing the degree of licence we allow you on this site. Violence or its advocacy is not now, and never will be any part of what we allow here. I also see your comment below this one, which is back-pedalling and equivocation.

        If one further comment from you, on this site or off it, suggests the use of punitive or violent force, or suggests that the MRM is not a non-violent human rights movement, you will be immediately and permanently banned.

        • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

          I disagree with your conclusions JTO about my comment. I made no backpedal. My statements here are what is commonly known as “A Modest Proposal”. I am always non-violent.

          I will however take into account the angst it causes a Brother to even use Modest Proposals and will more carefully evaluate what I write in this regards in the future.

          Thank you for being direct.

        • MadDruid

          I disagree, as well, as AVFM is a now “hate group,” so sayeth the SPLC.

          BTW, lashing is a legal form of punishment in Malaysia.

          And I also want pie, since we all know the “cake” is really a lie.

        • John the Other

          I’ve done some additional review of the comments posted by our friend Aoirthoir, and noticed in those comments a flavour of mystical, magical, megalomaniacal masculinininininism. Gods walking the earth, high priests of masculinity, and a whole lot of woo-woo-woo mummery. Coupled with the open calls for violence, you’re done Aoirthoir. Good luck in your future endeavours, don’t call us, we won’t won’t call you.

          • MadDruid

            “megalomaniacal”? So you are a mental health professional? “Coupled with the open calls for violence,” That is a blatant lie. “you’re done.” Do not threaten a brother with violence. We Masculinists will consider you personally anathema. You that have never faced what we have faced. I am saddened that you coerced, and created a coupe taking over AVFM. We are those that are doing, not talking in closed circles to those that repeatedly call for violence against men, reveling in their own internalized misandry. I hope that you will be removed from the show, as soon as possible, before you do anymore damage to it. Being afraid to be an MRA, and tacitly playing at it does nothing for men.

          • Denis

            Make sure you ban Atlas Reloaded up above too, suggesting she should be beaten.

            I also had a very strong urge to “violently” protect those children, so please ban me too.

          • MadDruid

            Furthermore, bashing, and ridiculing someones faith is disgusting, and reprehensible. I would think that someone, as learned as you, would be above that kind of filthy tactic.But I see that you are a bigot, and I will personally have nothing more to do with you Sir.

          • Denis

            I suspect this is more of a turf war over ideology rather than to do with “calls for violence”. Otherwise, JtO would have addressed Atlas Reloaded as well rather than just focusing on Aoirthoir and mentioning such irrelevant personal issues as some form of further justification, which it is not.

            JtO would be wise to reflect on his motivation and the ultimate implications for solidarity among men.

        • DrewBaas

          So, the theme song “we’re going to fuck you’re shit up.” is not veiled violence? Yeah, I’m done with JTO singling out Masculinists. I will continue to support Paul, James, GRW, and the others at AVFM. But, I will not support JTO on any level.

    • CCRoxtar

      Atlas, I realize how angry the vid makes you, but remember, we are an ANTI-VIOLENCE movement. Just like in Dr. King’s movement, the violence done to us or to children DOES NOT justify any violence toward the women (or their proxies) who perpetrate it. All it does is justify their claim that WE are the violent ones. And we don’t want that now, do we?

      • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

        Yes we are an anti-violence movement. There is a difference between saying “she deserves” and “let’s go out and do…”

        Should she be arrested?
        If you answer yes then you are pro-violence on some levels.

        Should the state intervene?
        If you answer yes then you are pro-violence on some levels.

        Should someone step in front of her and take the child, by force if needed, away from her to prevent her from beating the child in this vicious abusive manner?
        If you answer yes then you are pro-violence on some levels.

        If someone pulls a gun on me, do I have a right to smack that gun away from him or fight for my very life?
        If you answer yes then you are pro-violence on “some” levels.

        The point is being non-violent and non-aggressive does not mean that I never ever am allowed to defend myself or the helpless infant that is being you know:






        and more.

        That video title made me aware that the video was so violent I refused to watch it at first and only did at the behest of other Masculinists. When I watched it my worst suspicions were confirmed.

        Wanting something to done about it, which will often require a *degree* of self defense or protective violence is not being pro-violence.

        How many of you Men if some man or woman had a gun to your head would not want the police to intervene to protect you? Yet you demand that the same is not right when done to an infant?


  • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist
  • Andrew S.

    It’s going to be hard for me to wish my mom a happy Mothers Day. After she killed my father she decided to kill herself. It wasn’t enough growing up with an emotional wreck for a mother, but she had to go and destroy my fathers life along with any hope for any sanity or happiness I might have had.

    Happy Mothers day?? Maybe for some, but quite a few men know that fathers are not the only ones in the family capable of causing serious damage to their children.

    Hopefully one day this country will wake up to that fact.

  • Zarathos022

    Anyone read a book called “A Child Called It” by Dave Peltzer. If not, then I envy you. I couldn’t think of a more poignant example of abusive “mothering”.

  • Yalpe

    “But that truth is not what is important here”. That’s how we know the men’s rights movement is now officially infected with bullshit. You’re sinking as low as Fatrelle and his feminist groupies for thinking truth isn’t fundamental in our fight. That’s why I’m fighting against feminist supremacists; they believe that facts don’t matter as long as it’s serving their cause. It’s painful to see that some of us are promoting this garbage too.
    Anyway, I get it. Mama issues. Can we actually get back to men’s rights now?

    • Paul Elam

      I am glad your Mama issues help you get it. And thank you, oh great daily fighter against feminist doctrine who I never fucking heard of, for your instant choice that this is all bullshit. Or wait, was that you?

    • Not buying it

      What the eff…is your story yalp ????- what’s your problem with an article showing reality & facts when it comes to women & children abuse.???

    • Dr. F

      You remind me of a wind set of teeth that chatter about on a table.

      All mouth, no brains and you just fell off the table.

      • Atlas Reloaded

        Movie line ! lol

        • Dr. F


    • BeijaFlor

      Who the f##k is this? Yalpe. Long for “yelp”? A blend of “yelp” plus “ape”?

      “That’s how we know the men’s rights movement is now officially infected…”

      I say that you’re the vector. And I invite you to go “pleasure” yourself with a cactus dildo.

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      Fuck off.

      This men is an example of what our greater fight is in the MRM. Right now we must focus on cleaning the MRM out of ALL of those who pretend to be for our cause yet are against us.

      If you point out that a woman in the MRM has made a statement of female entitlement, do men actually think about what you said or do they whinge because she supports men?

      If you point out that a traditionalist woman is demanding the same bullshit that has been demanded from men for centuries, leading to us being beasts of burden and dying, do they rush to defend her and repudiate you?

      If you rightly point out that mothers abuse us on levels unprecedented in history and unmatched by any father, do they demand you return to “mens rights”?

      Do they suggest that hating men is an acceptable activity and yet bitch the moment you even CHALLENGE a woman?

      Give them a huge finger and tell them to fuck the fuckity fuck off. And then eat some apple pie. Cause apple pie is fucking delicious and I wish I had some right now.

      Just sayin.

    • napocapo69

      Yalpe, maybe it is true that there may be some “bullshit” in MRA as everywhere. Shit happens.
      But I didn’t get what you are referring to. I guess you have misunderstood the meaning of “But that truth is not what is important here”. It is a provocation to highlight how it is simple to create an emotional suggestion and lead others to “easy” conclusions, that can be managed by people in bad will.
      Sometimes we provide provocative and harsh messages, but I never seen at least in this forum someone advocating for male supremacy, or entitlements.
      Showing a video of a female battering a child is harsh? Yes? It is of “bad taste”? Maybe. Is it wrong? No!
      We, men, are exposed to a devastating cultural campaign of hate against us, and part of it is related to the common believing that mothers are less violent with children than men, when the opposite is true. I’m not saying that women are inherently more violent. Honestly, probably men and women have same predisposition to violence, driven by different personal traits, but women spend more time with children. Will you ever see a feminist acknowledge it?.
      None of us is going to make generalization and none is going to depict women as child batterers but the opposite happens everyday, not just in the USA, everywhere!
      Have you ever seen any media that depicts acts of violence of man against women, in a supposed battle against violence on women? I guess yes. And this happens mainstream. We can only do our “little” campaigns in “private” (i.e. not government forums or in TV or in newspapers).
      I agree with you that we have to stick to males issue, but this involves a battle against man bashing stereotypes handcrafted by feminism. It is not just a matter of fathers’ rights, CSA laws etc … it is a matter of culture.
      Until women will perceive themselves as victims and men as potential criminals, then the society will continue to steer against men, make living unfavorable to them and hence foster further men violence so to justify again the stereotype of “bad man” and there we go in circle. Does this sound new to you?

      Take care.
      Again if my English didn’t work, I apologize.

  • wholebrainartist

    Thank you for another unique article. For any number of years – since stumbling across the very graphic abortion pics available on pro-life sites – it has never ceased to amaze me how women young and old can remain so adamantly “Pro-Choice.” How such HATE can be directed at pro-life/anti-abortion websites and activists.

    Those women’s “blindness” to the horror of abortion (and likely their own personal guilt for having participated?) is all so similar to the “blindness” many women and male-enablers have when it comes to Men’s Equality issues.

    Such a big part of their mental-construct, their paradigm, would crumble if they admitted these Truths. they would be left flailing about without the anchor Feminism and its worldview has been certainly for their entire “adult” lives.

  • keyster

    I couldn’t help but notice the Players golf Championship was awash in pink yesterday on TV, except for one player – – Tiger Woods. He didn’t even wear the prerequisite pink ribbon. I think he’s gone MGTOW.

    40,000 women die a of breast cancer every year.
    30,000 men die of prostate cancer every year.

    Breast Cancer or “Pink, Inc.” is a $1 Billion a year industry. Prostate cancer receives a few million.

    Geoff Ogilvy (Aussie golfer) is a big promoter of Prostate Cancer awareness on tour. He also refused to wear pink.

    The out-pouring of support for breast cancer awareness is staggeringly disproportionate to any other affliction known to humanity…and managing the promotions and funding employs thousands.

  • http://none j24601

    I picked this up from a comment at the Spearhead:

    An Ode to the Modern Mother
    by walking in hell 5/14/2012

    Though I look lovely.
    And I smell sweet.
    Though my voice is like music.
    I am deceit.

    My soul is empty.
    I have no core.
    I am amoral.
    I am a whore.

    My body says.
    “Though you have been with many men,”
    “Where is the baby?”
    “Where is the husband?”
    So I go hunting…

    I find a husband.
    I have a baby.
    I get a job.
    Yet I am unhappy.

    Why am I unhappy.
    It couldn’t be me.
    Is it my children?
    I think it is he.
    Yes, he is the one who did this to me…

    So I dream of vengeance, and plot away.
    Sometimes for years, then make my play.
    All the while, wearing a smile.
    That hides my seething, boiling, rage.

    I am a coward.
    So I use my tears.
    To manipulate my armies.
    And to create false fears.

    When I strike, it is cold and cruel.
    With my castrated army,
    I take his child.
    And crush his soul.

    His reason for living now gone.
    I grind my teeth in sweet satisfaction.
    As my spit drips through my sadistic smile.

    My husband is a slave.
    My child is a bastard.
    Yet I am still unhappy.
    So I create an object of sympathy,
    The single mother, me.

    But the sympathy does not satisfy me.
    So I hunt for another man to break.
    And other children to bastardize.
    To fill my empty, hungry soul.
    With no regard to the lives I have and will destroy.

    Because I can do no wrong.
    The end of me is never admission.
    Never repentance.
    Never submission.

    Only time stops the crimes.
    My wrinkled face and forlorn body.
    No longer attract victims to my sick and selfish lair.

    Nicely said.

    My comment:


    Thank you for persecuting me; an innocent child, your innocent child. Thank you for emotionally crippling my bother, sisters and me; you can be proud of your work; we have failed spectacularly in our lives, thanks to you. Why the hell did you bother having children?

    Aiorthoir, I’m with you, bro.

    • Aoirthoir An Broc Masculinist

      J24601 thank you for this and for supporting me on your last statement. I will add that THIS is activism. Touching hearts is all we need to do. Even if it is our own hearts.

  • Gyogami

    Presumption of motherhood they thought… Children belong to the mother, they said said…

    The kid should live with their mom, judge decided

    Joe is a deadbeat… yet mamma got the baby deadbeaten

    Happy mothers day

  • B.R. Merrick

    How about we walk up to you on college campuses and ask you, as a woman, to wear a black ribbon to protest all the young life snuffed out at the hands of people in your group?

    Not good enough. Just as in that Ohio State University program years ago concerning the urinals, we should have signs posted over the toilets in all the stalls in women’s rooms across all universities stating: “You have the power to stop abortion between your legs.” Just as tasteful and thoughtful, is it not?

  • Atlas Reloaded

    Thanks Denis.

    So..remind me what FTSU stands for?

    • Lee

      Frequency and Time Synthesizer Unit xD

      • Atlas Reloaded

        And I thought nothing more in this discussion topic would make me smile! LOL Thanks.


    Go do some research on Aoirthoir – Joseph James Frantz – Hyghlandyr –
    for a few hours, then you will have a clearer picture.

    Aoirthoir was trying to co-opt AvFM, a privately owned, operated
    and funded website, I have suspected this self-serving
    agenda for quite some time.

    This website is working because most of the movers and shakers are atheists, but you would never know that.

    …..”atheists, but you would never know that”….. …..dwell on this for some time….

    Leave faith, or the lack of faith – as in my own case – at the door.

    Aoirthoir goes from group to group looking for power, and people he can manipulate, this is the sort of guy that almost destroyed last year.

    Aoirthoir is free to purchase a domain and start a PAGEN version of his philosophy, this should be easy as he claims to have around 30,000 members.

    I quote”-


    “This is my oath from the Oath of Man website.

    It is my promise to address misandry and act in love towards all men.
    I am Aoirthoir An Broc, The Aoirthoir of The Age of Aquarius,
    I am a Man and I swear this oath;
    I am a Man before I am all other things,
    All Men are my Brothers,
    My Brothers I will cherish, love, uphold and protect before all others,
    I promise to recognize, challenge, reduce and eliminate
    all forms of misandry directed towards myself and my Brothers
    in thought, word and deed
    including internalized misandry,
    and so I do hereby affirm
    in the name of Aoirthoir An Broc, The Aoirthoir of The Age of Aquarius,
    to remain steadfast to this,
    my most solemn oath
    so help me G-d,

    Peschena Eiwa Paquaia.”


    End quote.

    This is nuts-ville and as the youth recruitment officer at AvFM we can’t afford to have interested blue and purple pillers read this, it will drive them
    away, thus undoing all the good work so far.

    If Aoirthoir An Broc wants to become the next Jim Jones that is his business
    not ours.

    Beware of ISM’s any ISM.

    • DrewBaas

      “Aoirthoir was trying to co-opt AVFM, a privately owned, operated and funded website” Horse shit you Sir are a liar, as we have not tried to “co-opt” anything. Another man tearing men down that are actually doing something, not talking is circles in small ponds. Youth recruitment? Show me one youth that you have recruited. I smell a hostile take over by yourself, and JTO. God I hope Paul figures this out before it’s too late. BTW, the Masculinists have more sites than you, what have you done for men lately? Have you been quoted in the BBC? Nuff said.

      • Dr. F

        Click this.

        It’s a very visually arresting image of a balanced recruiter I think.

      • Dr. F


        There’s no “take over” from Karma, not now or ever.

        It’s not a question of who or who has not done this or that. Karma is merely pointing out something that he finds distracting. In this case he’s not liking the distraction of Masculism and I agree with him completely.

        Masculism may or may not be a great thing and if it is and I am ignorant of things then I’ll be pleasantly suprised. I also want to be suprised seeing on another site where it won’t polarise some here and there.

        No divisions and no discussions that are interesting but will cleave and fragment.

        Religion it seems, gun-control, capitol punishment, evolution and so on are bulls in our fragile china shop.

        We are fragile and truly fledgling right now. This site is deeply precious to me and I want no part of jostling where ever it is.

      • Lee

        ‘I smell a hostile take over by yourself, and JTO.’

        I smell an unproductive pissing contest.They’re main contributors to the site. How can they be attempting a hostile takeover? :/

      • andybob

        Mr Karma is one of the MRMs busiest and sturdiest activists. His handiwork has reached thousands of (predominantly young) minds. He is greatly respected in these parts and will be staunchly defended. Lets leave the pissing contests to the radfems.

        I have nothing against Mr Broc. His contributions are interesting and relevant – but sometimes a bit, well, weird. Talking about the Age of Aquarius never fails to raise my “get a job/get a haircut” hackles. Paganism conjures up images of Fern Brixton and her paper sandals. But these are my issue – not his. His passion and committment, with or without sandals, can only be an asset to the MRM.

        Be aware that suggesting a take over of AVFM by Mr Karma and Mr JTO stretches credulity beyond its breaking point. This kind of silliness is beneath us.

        • Paul Elam

          You are ever the voice of reason. sir.

          • scatmaster

            Good grief.
            I go away for a few days to clear my head and I pop in for a quick look see and the proverbial shit has hit the fan.

          • Dr. F

            Mr Scatters, you are the plug in the bath.

            You go away for a couple of days and the water level gets low and it’s battle conditions.

          • scatmaster

            I guess I will have to stick around.

          • Kimski


            You might be more right about that than you’re aware of. We need guys like you two to come up with the funny remarks or observations, when things get supercharged with emotional responses to issues, to defuse the discussions at hand. It helps us to keep our cool, stay level headed, and remember what we’re here for.
            After all, the ability to see the funny things in even the most dire circumstances is very much a male trait, and should never be underestimated. It is what makes us pick up the pieces and continue against all odds.

          • Dr. F

            Mr Kimski,

            Your post is not surprising from someone as you and I sure like it.

            In truth though, it’s comments like yours here that remind me of the better nature of us all and are perhaps all the more important. Well, they are actually.

            Now Mr Broc I don’t know at all. He might be my best friend if we ever met, or he could be the nastiest man in the world and here’s my regret.

            I regret posting an image of him that shows a bloke looking madder than Mr Manson as my doing it went very much against my character of prudence before jumping in thought.

            On the other hand, my doing so was not a churlish expression that came from a “Nyar nyarrr” mindset. You know the sort of thing I am saying – like a cheap suited foot soldier for the Fleet Street pulp mill.

            The image I posted was already in the domain of the public and published by Mr Broc’s hand. I delivered it as any company or product should do before an audience of consumers.

            So I am pulled one way and the other and am on a bicycle with no chain with my feet blurring in a circle.

            Ok, so that’s a little dramatic and I will sleep well tonight as will Mr Broc.

            There is no hatred in me for the man, not one bit, and for all I know he might be onto something but secretly I don’t think so.

            We will see how it all plays out, and there is another regret I feel and that’s this.

            All in all I now know that Mr Broc and those close to him in ideal should really have been contacted by me or for that matter Mr Karma. I was not doing good for him or myself or anyone else by forgetting the principle of communication.

            The principle is: No communication = No relationship.

            Yeah I forgot that for a bit. I did fuck up there for sure mate I really truly did.

            So in short our Kimski, – humour grand… and better communication grander and I was remiss to forget this.

            Your name: “Kimski” ?

            Who the hell is “Kim” and now that I think of it, what the hell is the bitch doing in the snow ?

          • Kimski


            Actually, it’s a name of an airport, and I’m leaving.. 😉
            -And, no, my name is not Kimski, but it’s close.

            “I regret posting an image of him that shows a bloke looking madder than Mr Manson as my doing it went very much against my character of prudence before jumping in thought.”

            Hell, we’ve all done crazy stuff. I think I have a picture of myself lying around somewhere, where I’m dressed up like Ace Frehley of Kiss, and wearing the warpaint to go with it. 😉

            This latest discussion just proves my point, when I say we should stay away from topics like religion, and personal political viewpoints and sexual preferences.
            Nothing good comes out of it.

        • Kimski

          And greatly appreciated, always.

      • Paul Elam

        Hi Drew.

        If this were a contest for media attention, I would bet on AVfM. But it isn’t, so it hardly matters.

        For the record, I have nothing against Aoirthoir An Broc, or against masculinists. While I understand the emergence of masculinism, I choose not to identify by that lable, for a list of reasons better suited for an article at some point.

        Regardless of anything else, this is about the need to maintain a zero tolerance policy for violence advocacy. I think that is particularly important where it concerns people who are either perceived to be or are in fact in leadership type positions.

        If the BBC is going to call on you, I think it is very important that you measure words with extreme care. We need better judgement than this, even if it offends some who are on the same side. This movement has survived much worse and I see no reason why this would negatively impact the MRM or masculist movements.

        And no, amigo, “fuck your shit up,” coined by JtO, has nothing to do with a threat of violence, veiled or otherwise. It is about the painfully disinfecting power of the spoken truth. It is about exposing the hatred of some very bad actors. That is what “fucks their shit up.” The truth. And part of the truth here is that violence is essentially part of the problem. This corner of the MRM chooses voices that eschew that problem, not embrace it.

        I respect JtO’s decision and judgement on this one, and support him fully.

        • DrewBaas

          Yes, I am going to take over AVFM yes, that is my master plan. Once I take over AVFM, and Paul through evil Illuminati mind control, then I take over the world. Um yeah that’s it.. Lee you’re an idiot.

          • Lee

            Yeah that’s it. Some meaningless exaggeration, a generic insult and no answer to the question. Reminiscent of arguing with feminists.

          • Turbo

            I think you missed the point of Lee’s post. She is not suggesting you will take over anything. I think she is suggesting that this is a chest thumping contest b/w Aoirthoir An Broc and JTO, which she deems unproductive, and it is if that is what is happening. She has defended Aoirthoir An Broc on the other thread running here, suggesting she saw nothing untoward. Please correct me if I am wrong here Lee.

            Anyhow, I think it is essential that the language we us here is, well, kept just a bit moderate when it comes to violence. We, all people I think, can relate to wanting to see the same horror inflicted on a person that would inflict such horror on an innocent child. That is human nature, we love our children.
            But we do not torture people who torture others, we lock them up. That costs us money, tax payers money, but it is the cost of a civil society.

            I have to agree with Andybob and Paul here, in that I have nothing against Aoirthoir An Broc, in fact I have found many of his posts interesting. He is certainly a bit left field.

            However, I personally would never identify as a Masculinist because I see that term as the opposite of Feminist, and that implies that we want complete power as do the feminists, which is wrong. But I have to say that all people are different, and it is Paul and JTO that run this site, obviously with the help of many others.

            They are ultimately held responsible for the content of the site. If they deem something to be not within the ethic of this website, then it is their call to make the decision to ban them. We all may agree or disagree, but it is their call. If Aoirthoir An Broc has been harshly treated, he is a big lad and he will get over it. We all need take a big breath here and focus on the big picture.

            If a mistake was made here, so be it, we are human, not perfect.

          • Lee

            Turbo – Yes, that would be what I meant.

          • Turbo

            Glad I read you right Lee, you may be right, but we don’t know, but in any case, as humans we argue, even in agreement for a cause, that is our nature. I must admit though, I get very frustrated when I see MRA’s at loggerheads, because the end game is so much more important than the minor squabbles. But then again we are human, we do these things. Me as much as anyone.

          • Stu

            You just said a few comments ago that you support Paul Elam, and others, but not JTO. It doesn’t sound like you are supporting Paul Elam to me, or is that only if he is in total agreement with you? Your real support is for…………who…….I think we all know the answer to that.

            Which is fine, but you are not supporting Paul Elam

    • Denis

      As I suspected, it’s more likely an ideological issue. However, unlike PAN, Aoirthoir was in full agreement with everyone’s forms of activism. He was also accepting of everyone’s personal choice of religion.

      I do not believe that AVfM is overwelmingly athiest or has policies about an athiest agenda. Aoirthoir is pagan, which is considered satanic by Christians. That is the real issue here, but he’s not selling his religion.


    I will skype ya.

  • Lee

    Meh. I’m not seeing any posts from him that reflect any goal of co-oping AVfM. Also if he wants to make that oath and say he did, I see nothing wrong with it. If one member’s oath scares away a new recruit, then they really missed the point of the website.

    I just don’t see the problem here.

  • Perseus

    Well said, Lee.

    With all and sincere respect, I disagree with the handling and treatment of Aoirthoir. He addressed the original concern, and was then banned (in a heat of passion 😉 for.. what? I urge reconsideration.

    I have enjoyed and appreciated Aoirthoir’s positive, engaged presence. Stylistic differences? Really.. come on.

  • Perseus

    I would also emphasize that violence in the face of violence is distinct from violence for the sake of violence. The comments made in this post were of the former, in the context of defense of defenseless human life from hostile violent and lethal aggression, not to mention sadistic and evil. It is important to appreciate this among the judgement. Remember Rayon McIntosh.

  • ThoughtCriminal

    I agree that every time we bring up religion,any religion,it leads to comparisons between religions,religions that weren’t mentioned,and so on.

    This is one of the weird quirks of human interaction and it is a pain in the ass and a drain on every group dynamic.

    Aoirthoir makes reference to his religious beliefs often. I am sure he means nothing sinister by it,it’s just something that he’s passionate about. His masculinists seem to be doing well and I’m happy for him and for all of us if his message helps people.

    While I don’t personally believe in any “age of aquarius”,or anything regarding astrology,it’s a nice idea about universal peace and brotherhood and all that and I think we should be so lucky.

    Paul has a good point when he says that nobody who people might identify as a mover and shaker in the MRM should be advocating anything that can even be remotely construed as a call to violence against any individual or identifiable group.It’s bad for all of us. If you even do it sarcastically, make sure to state explicitly that you are not serious. If someone attempts to misquote you or take your words out of context,there will be a record. I’m sorry to say that free speech is dead in the West,and we’re born with one strike against us just because we’re men,we don’t need any more.The more successful your message,the more you are doing for men, the more important it becomes to always conduct yourself in a manner so as to defuse the false and nefarious stereotypes people circulate regarding both men,and the MRM.It’s part of the job.

    Karma is a highly motivated activist,of that there can be no doubt,and is highly respected by myself and by his peers.If atheists are offended or put off by frequent discussion of religious beliefs,perhaps those who hold strong religious beliefs could accommodate our brothers who are atheist and keep it light and topical. Even if you are bursting with love for Jesus,or Allah,or Gaia or whoever, showing that love in the form of one’s actions,by simply adhering to the tenets of one’s faith as closely as possible is also a valid form of expression and might cause fewer problems than discussions of religious ideas in mixed company.

    I would hope, and I believe I would be confirmed in that hope, that the odd reference and that when on topic, to certain religious figures or philosophers of the past,especially when used as a device to illuminate some aspect of advocacy on behalf of men’s rights would not be considered offensive or proselytizing.I believe atheists are reasonable people and are generally objective,just like everyone is here.

    It is important for us to remember that this is a movement for all men,for our rights as men and not as atheists or Pagans or Christians. Those battles are probably very important ones too,but we’ve done that before. All of it. This is something new,we’ve never tried it before.The world has never seen it before,and they’re a little scared of it because it’s new. We need to hold society’s hand and lovingly stroke it and tell society it’s going to be ok,we’re just going to do things a little differently from now on.

    In order to do that,we have to be calm ourselves. We can’t be freaking out over each other or nobody will believe us.Why should they?

    That’s not what happened here.

    We do have a lot of enemies and a lot of people who’d like to co opt this movement. I don’t think Aoirthoir is trying to do so.But perhaps he could understand that he is going to bat for a lot of people and that when he does that,they rise or fall on his conduct. Some of these people can’t afford to fall,they’re depending on him to help them rise.

    I’d say we all overreacted on this one,which proves we have a bit of room to grow in this area.The MRM ultimately belongs to men,if it doesn’t serve its men’s interests,then its men need to shape it in such a way that it does. It does nobody any good if we start out advocating for men,then along the way we drop Christians,Pagans,atheists,blacks,whites,gays,and so on and so forth until about 5 men are the only ones who benefit from it.

    This is a great,bold,cutting-edge idea and it can work,if we want it to,and if we’re smart enough to recognize what “working” means in the context of a MRM.

    • Kimski

      Best damned comment I’ve read in a long time. I salute you, sir, you took the words right out of my mind, and put them to paper.

      There’s so much to be said in favour of the diversity of the men in the MRM/MRA. If ‘they’ see that we stand together as one on this, no matter which heritage, colour or creed, the impact will be so much harder in the larger scheme of things.
      Always remember we have much bigger fish to fry, and we really can’t afford this infighting among ourselves. But violence is under no circumstances an option that should even remotely be considered or suggested.
      I’d like to think we’re way above that.

  • Roderick1268

    My great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother dumped their children. I was about 6 or 7 when mum finally left for good. Me and my three sisters were left with my fucked up ruined father.
    He had no father himself only a crazy bitch mother, who luckily for me was dead.
    Mum had a son to the womanizer she ran off with, and left the baby boy on a church door step. The young pastor and his wife raised him with their children (lucky bastard).
    My father was crazy and horrible but he loved us, until he gave us and our house to a violent feminist woman with 4 more daughters she claimed to be her own.
    Life just kept getting worse, but all the adult woman did more than ok. Money, property, more marriages and long, long lives.
    The men used are dead, the adult children are fucked up and I am still looking for the moral of the story.

  • MarkofWisdom

    I couldn’t stand more than 10 seconds of that horrid video. Good lord that woman is an abomination.

  • knightrunner

    Great article. Very thought provoking.

  • Brendan

    I love this modest proposal. Well done!

  • JFinn

    Artie Broc picks up fights with MRAs on every single MRA site he visits. He’s an interesting read, but he’s a divisive voice.

  • Aaron

    I used to live near Hamilton College. One night some friends and I picked up a hitchhiker down the road from the college. She was a cute, lost freshman trying to get back to her dorm. We got her home safe. I think a better lecture would be to all freshmen women to not put themselves in potentially dangerous situations. You know, make them accountable for their actions. But no; let’s make all men feel like a rapist.

  • Greg Weigel

    Feminism could be if people would stay accurate

    Feminism by definition is the definition that women want equal rights alongside men, but some of the feminists who are confronted with men who say that they are attacked in domestic violence cases feel that the men are trying to make light of their situation, which is totally bigoted.

    Imagine that man as one of your own kind. If you want, every single man and woman can be female so you won’t dismiss that man. Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about feminism as a movement and the key things that they seem to be after.

    What they seem to be after is rape and the patriarchy which they claim that oppresses them. The only two examples that I can find of the patriarchy supposedly suppressing them is the role of the husband keeping his wife down and the fact that women are paid less than men are and don’t really hold positions in power like the men do. Now, I want to question the husband keeping the wife down as anything legitimate concern. And when I question this with certain motive to see if it could be in a different light, I want you to know that you can prove the question or speculation inaccurate. Your not going to hurt my feelings.

    But anyways, is it possible that the gender role of being a male husband necessarily mean that he is really oppressing women? I mean, you might have a stereotype going on there. And about the fact that women don’t get paid as much, I heard it is because of the fact that women choose jobs that happen to not pay as much. There is a study that it is a myth that the reason that women get paid on average less than men is because of discrimination. I don’t know, it could be wrong or right. And the fact that women don’t get to have enough of their own kind represented in government and power positions is supposedly because of the fact that they aren’t interested in it.

    Now, about the “rape culture” that seems to be prevalent in society, how would you justify that it exists? You may say that we don’t think much on rape as anything serious, even though I think that most people would say that it is wrong. People have simply said that telling boys not to rape is going to make them reconsider what they would potentially do, which would be to rape someone. Now, maybe you could have a program to instil the concept as serious, but to simply tell them to not rape, well, I don’t think that is effective. So, so far I can only see the feminist movement for one purpose, and that is to eliminate rape. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m here to talk to you about the MRM, or men’s rights movement.

    This movement talks about the things that happen against men, and they are domestic violence, mandatory drafting to a war, and the fact that a woman usually gets custody of the children after a divorce. Domestic violence supposedly happens just as much as against men from women as is the other way around, but the men aren’t taken seriously about it. Wouldn’t the MRM shed light on that?

    Even if the numbers favoured women more significantly, can you dismiss the voice of someone that won’t get heard because he is a man? Next we talk about men being drafted to war, which is mandatory, and women don’t have to do such a thing. That might need some consideration too. Then we have the bias for women that they would usually win a custody battle against the man.

    That’s worth fighting for. So, men need a voice too.