The Earth Mother is one selfish bitch

I must be cursed. For whatever reason, I was born with a visceral aversion to stupid, self-deluding crap. It is part of what makes me an MRA. It is also what makes me want to run a chainsaw through the endless piles of bullshit that some women pile up and feed from like hogs at a trough.

One of those piles of said bullshit was something I overheard recently in a coffee house conversation. One woman was telling another how much better the planet would be in the hands of women; how men have so much to learn about “going green.” Then she proceeded to brag about how she put aluminum cans in a different trash container than leftover food. It was an inspiring conversation.

Women being men’s environmental superiors is not a new concept. A search on women and the environment will take you to a garbage scow full of similar ideas.

I was reminded, as the two bobbleheads deepened their dunces diatribe, of the same baseless, cloying sentiments expressed by the “Conscious Men,” who in their groveling homage to femininity video, titled “Dear Woman,” opined, “I honor your deep connection to the earth.”

Excuse me? Deep connection?  To the earth? The earth we live on?

The fuck you say.

Let’s take a look at western women’s “deep connection” to the earth. I mean, outside the worldview of two latte lappers who were more likely than not completely clueless about how a single thing on the planet with a moving part works, including SUVs, one of which they climbed into after polishing off their caramel macchiatos.

First, and speaking of SUVs, the last time I checked fossil fuel was not produced for exclusively male consumption.  In fact, I am pretty sure I see women living in lit homes full of appliances and driving around in gas guzzling Behemoths of vehicular overkill all the time. The malls here in Houston, designed as they are most everywhere else, almost exclusively for female shoppers, are full of them.

That is not to say that the parking lots at football games are made of row upon row of hybrids, but I can see well enough to know that men have nothing on women for fuel consumption except to the extent that a lot of women’s transportation involves a man at the wheel of his car. Apparently, proxy pollution doesn’t count.

Besides, we are just getting started here.

Let’s consider those shiny little (and sometimes not so little) pieces of compressed carbon that are so beloved by women that they are considered a “girl’s best friend.”

But instead of focusing on the stones themselves let’s think about the 4,000,000 men and boys that have died in diamond wars for the benefit of western female fashion. Let’s think about the millions more that are displaced. And let’s think about all the mutilated boys and the slave labor, and the fact that even to this day you cannot walk into a jeweler in the U.S. and be certain that you are not buying a diamond that was dug from the ground by a kidnapped boy working at gunpoint.

All for the sake of women’s vanity and social prestige.

When men go for big ticket items to flaunt status, it tends to lean toward high end cars, maybe boats and planes if they are successful enough. Do those things leave a carbon footprint? Yeah, but they don’t leave blood stains.

And, as it turns out, most people buying diamonds (which is mostly women or men buying them for women) don’t give a shit.

In 2004, Amnesty International and Global Witness conducted a survey of 246 diamond retailers in 50 cities across 18 states. 83% of the stores reported that customers rarely or never inquire about conflict diamonds, and there were 110 stores that refused to take the survey.

We have a still robust market for making tiaras go all glittery, and the cost of it is written in unspeakable suffering and mass graves. I am sure the Earth Mother is beaming with pride. Or is that a diamond pendant she is wearing?

I wished it stopped with that, but it only starts. The following video is not one that I can recommend you to watch. In fact, I seriously warn you against it. If you are a person that has to watch something because someone suggested you don’t then proceed carefully. I don’t issue trigger warnings because someone uses a word that rhymes with rape. This video is genuinely horrible.

But it is another testament to women’s fashion. It was filmed in China, where more than half of their fur exports are to the U.S. fashion industry. And yes, while some diamond wearing femme libs have spoken out against wearing animal fur, the simple fact remains that the demand for pelts from animals that are killed exclusively for their fur, and solely used for fashion, is an almost exclusively female domain.

Lots of men wear leather, but most all of it is from animals that are also killed as a food source. Men do not create a significant demand for the death of animals so they can be trendy.

If the Earth Mother is crying about this, I hope it makes her mascara run, because that is another problem. Cosmetic make up, another almost exclusively female consumer market, a product for which the only purpose is to enhance sexual attractiveness, has another not so environmentally warm and fuzzy side effect: The extreme torture of animals for testing purposes.

When a woman paints on that eye shadow, or enhances the color of her lips, or adds a little color to her cheeks to mimic sexual stimulation and availability, she is not only increasing her chances of attracting a man with a big fancy car that will buy her diamonds, she has already assisted in the abuse of animals.

And as with diamonds, in the end there is nothing more than lip service paid to the problem.

In doing the research for this article I came across from an online make-up consultant who decided to dabble in human decency. She penned precisely the kind of article I would have expected expressing her concerns about the horrors being suffered by animals so that some cosmetics could be tested for human use. But coming to the bloody meat of her position in the penultimate paragraph, she said:


I agree that animal testing is wrong, however I don’t feel that passionate enough to boycott all the brands that test on animals or even go out and protest. What are your opinions? Please share.

And if you will allow a lowly comment mine, the following exchange she had with a reader who commented on the article sealed the deal.

In other words, despite the admittedly half ass, but still bullshit social consciousness posturing, the priority of “looking good” and being comfortable was all that really mattered. These women were not looking for a solution to the problem. They just wanted to tell people that they loved animals and look fabulous while doing it. When the looking fabulous part became compromised, the animals paid for it by being tortured.

These few areas I have covered are really just anecdotes; little microcosms of a much larger picture that does not get one bit prettier.

The thing that drives the bulk of pollution, wars, white collar criminality, cruelty to animals, human slavery and the like is consumerism. Consumerism, especially the market of unnecessary, embarrassingly vain and useless goods, is a woman’s world. It is primarily the consumption of fashion, via cosmetics, plastic surgery, excessive clothing, jewelry and other vanity items. Women drive a world of pain and damage to the planet. And men, to their shame, do the heavy lifting to get it done.

I cannot think of a single item consumed by men en masse, with high social acceptance, that does not also have utilitarian value. e.g. leather items come from food source animals. Essentially it is not that much different from Native Americans using buffalo hide as well as the meat.

And many of the things men do consume that might appear on the surface to be excessive are things that women size up and measure them  by in the process of sexual selection.

Most money is still earned by men. Most money is actually spent by and on women, mostly on consequence-ridden products whose only use is to bolster their egos. That is about as green as a fucking oil spill.

The sex driving the world’s ridiculous over consumption, and therefore decimation of everything, is not men. In fact, women’s level of over consumption is so outrageous that they cannot even maintain it with their own resources. It takes both sexes to feed the excessive appetite of the one. Where it concerns diamonds for engagement rings, we have even developed customs and formulas to guide men on what percentage of their yearly income should be used to make her finger sparkle with sufficient luminosity to enhance her social status.

If we wanted to save the environment, be less cruel to animals, have less wars, less slavery and less forced labor of children then the best first step we can take is to start raising girls to get over their vanity and their entitlement. We would also do well to teach our boys to assist in the process.

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  • Andy Man

    The hypocrisy employed when it comes to cosmetics has always bothered me. This article reminds me…

    When I was about 15, I was asked by an older woman (at the store where I worked part-time) what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’. I replied that I wanted to work in the space industry. She gave me this soul destroying lecture on how I was wrong to want this, and that we have no right to be spending money on space technology when so little was known about the Earth etc. etc.

    Shortly after that, I learned that this world spends vastly more on cosmetics than governments do on space programs.

    • TheSandreGuy

      Well, the world is shallow and preoccupied with material things rather than progressing the spieces, so what do one expect really?

  • Andy Man

    You were right about the video. Couldn’t actually watch that.

    • Dr. F

      Nor me.

    • Maybe_Factor

      I didn’t even bother trying… I can imagine, and if it’s worse than that, I don’t think I could handle knowing.

  • Nurdy Dancing

    OMFG that vid is awful!! X(

    • Stu

      I’d say most people, women or men, who seen that video would be disgusted and horrified. Wonder why they laugh at a man having his cock chopped off. Maybe that’s got something to do with why our domestic violence laws in Australia include cruelty to pets, but not men.

  • Nurdy Dancing

    Mother Earth smearing herself in the blood of her children… Cause its PRETTY! that’s why.

  • dhanu

    Why do some bitches have to include the full or partial extermination/enslavement of the males when talking casually of every little thing? That ‘environment bitch’ could easily have told the other woman how she disposes off the aluminum cans and advised her to do the same; no male-bashing was needed. But no, that would be so easy. And since it seems to be a trend among women now, and none of them ever questions, why not add some misandric remark? That is probably why they need so much make up, to compensate for their inner ugliness.


    Yep, I have witnessed the same hypocrisy in Australia with many of the women, they sit in cafes and just spew the most stupid ignorant twaddle. It’s almost as if they stopped growing at 14. An obnoxious hybrid of Kelly from married with children, Paris Hilton and any radfem you can name.

    Maybe we need a 70’s style oil embargo to shake them up! Plus a severe shortage of aluminum might go down a treat, the can collecting will be genuine then.

    Welcome to the world of the child-women.

    • Kimski

      “It’s almost as if they stopped growing at 14″.

      Actually, most of them did.

      This article reminds me of a of a graphic novel I once read, where humanity is shown to consume every ressource and food source on the planet, until nothing was left. They then went on to eating eachother, until there was only one humongous, whale like individual left. I’m pretty sure that individual was female, but you actually couldn’t tell anymore.

      It also reminded me of this:



  • Skeptic

    Thankyou Paul for a spectacular article.
    Whether it be blasted out of Arena speakers or whispered quietly in the ears of passers by, lovers and haters, I care not. As long as this message gets spread I’ll be happier.
    For many years now I’ve found women’s fakeness off-putting. These days I literally cannot look at a women in high heels or with makeup on without feeling some revulsion at the disguise knowing from experience how such disguises are all too often used to attract men for use as appliances.
    Now you’ve gone and added an extra layer to that whereby I’ll be noticing women in fur, SUV and so on as well AND feel all the more revulsion.
    It the anti pheremone top up you could bottle and sell to gamers who want to withdraw from their drug of choice – pussy.
    You’re making it easier than ever to be MGTOW and thereby starve the beast.
    I don’t especially look forward to the feelings of disgust my stomach is going to experience, but on balance I’d say you’ve done me an appreciable favor.


  • Tawil

    I always wondered why ‘materialism’ is cognate with ‘mater’ (mother). This article suggests the common motive is preoccupation with entitlement, ingathering and consumption… and fuck the health of the planet.

    Personally I like the idea of a Father Earth like the Egyptian Geb who, along with his devotees, actually looked after the planet.

    • Merlin

      Yes, I remember hearing about ‘Mater’ meaning materialism from someone who I admire for his own activism on behalf of men & boys; being, Rich Zubaty.

      This won’t sit well on the shoulders of some, because his truth is so “In your face,” but I deeply admire that approach.

      Good article, Paul.

    • Dr. F

      A grounded woman is deeply connected to her feminine body, and we feel connected to her, yes.

      If you are reading this, you are on a computer soaking up EMF’s and electronic pollution that scatters our loving feminine love-field and this will make us feel disconnected to our body, our feelings and even our life. Yes, feelings (sniffle) and our (lip tremble) life.

      Our bodies are made up of electrical energy, an energy that only we females know about.

      Mobile phones, computers, electric appliances, TV, cars, planes, electric pogo sticks sever our connection. Even wearing shoes and hell, even clothes block our connection to the Earth. We exhaust our own electrical stores and become ungrounded. Go Green Nude And Go Nudely or “GAG’N.”

      Please, whoever you are (no males thank you very much) join our totally GAG’N movement.

      Remember, when we are telling our wimmin-Earth stories we will all be GAG’N.

      After a good meal we will all be GAG’N I tell you.

      • Kimski

        I wonder how many, highly toxic and polluting, batteries go into dildos on a global scale every year?

        We’re talking about billions of batteries here that pollute the water, the air and the general environment for countless years to come, all for the benefit of unborn generations.

        • Skeptic

          If women like Oprah are putting on face cream containing male baby foreskins, does that mean they’re dick-heads?

          • Kimski


          • Kimski

            Try switching the sexes on that one, btw.

            Jaw-dropping thought, right?

        • Dr. F

          Whoah there Male-Head!

          We here at GAG’N operate our electric dildos whilst pedalling a bicycle hooked up to a generator. It’s tricky I grant you, but we have lessons regarding this involving motor control and have invested our monies by hiring the best juggler this side of The Rockies.

          Yes, he is always blindfolded as he teaches.

          • Kimski

            Have you ever seen the scars that are left on the surface of the beautiful Mother Earth, in order to extract the metal needed for bicycles, motors and generators?



          • Dr. F

            Yes I have and that repulses me.

            We here at GAG’N use bicycles made of compressed lavender, cold pressed Spider Monkey dung, and cocoanut husks.

            We are not part of this Mummy Earth rapage and are out of the destructive loop as such.

            I admit on occasions some of us go a bit stir crazy and rent Lear-jets for champagne shenanigans but this is rare at twice a week only. This is acceptable due to our small carbon footprint accrued due to the afore mentioned bicycle activity and it’s cocoanut and simian-dung assemblage.

          • Kimski

            Oh, so you are the people that live in the mud in grasshuts, and make fire by rubbing two sticks together, while getting all dirty and messed up for the rest of the week?

            I’ve always wondered who you were, you know..

          • Dr. F

            Yes. We are those folk.

            But you might want to know that we do not rub two sticks together for fire. We rub two males together and tell them if they wish to reap the bountiful Mother Earth Crop O’ Sex (MECOS) then they are to collect firewood and assemble a fire for us.

            We bonk and be warm and the males are ejected forthwith.

            If there is difficulty with ejecting the males then we employ two helicopters fuelled by our farts to flush them out.

          • Kimski

            “We rub two males together..”

            Your brain works in strange and mysterious ways, my friend.
            How can I even hope to top that?

            A word of advice:
            Slowly put down the ‘Eat, Love and Pray’ book, and step away from the keyboard with your hands in the air.


          • Dr. F

            Ha ha. Yeah ok mate. Will do and thanks for the ride :)

  • gwallan

    Men Cause Global Warming – Women don’t fart.

    Foreskins harvested from baby boys are the basis for quite a few of those cosmetics.

    Personally I find it a bit creepy. It’s vampires who suck the essence of others to retain their youth.

  • gwallan

    Cruelty is also inflicted on the most defenseless human males of all – baby boys – for the purpose of vanity.

    Quite a few cosmetic products are created from foreskins.

    The vampires of legend suck the essence of others to retain their youth.

  • gwallan

    Ah, must be the link preventing my post.

    • Dean Esmay

      I released it. Just let us know when this happens, the Spambots have a mind of their own. I wish they would let us do something like say “don’t harass gwallan” (or any other particular account) and they’d listen, but they don’t. For reasons that seem obscure, sometimes they flag something as spam because it has a link, sometimes they don’t. Anyway, I released your comment. Just let us know if it happens again (something along the lines of “Hey I think the spambots grabbed my last comment, could someone release it?”)

  • Bev


    MELBOURNE has again claimed bragging rights over its city rivals, with Australian women choosing it as their favourite getaway spot.

    A national travel survey has shown that 45 per cent of women voted Melbourne as their preferred holiday destination. Sydney came a distant second at 21 per cent.

    “Young Sydney professional Stephanie Harper took regular trips to Melbourne with her mother
    for a dose of retail therapy.

    “I feel I’m a lot more likely to pick something up that I wouldn’t find in Sydney,” Miss Harper said.
    ”I find that the clothes are a little bit more interesting and not so mass manufactured”.

    Need I say more.

    Interesting fact:
    During the archaeological exploration of York (England) a town established by Vikings. 48 different styles of womens shoes were found so have things changed? Oh well so much for oppressed women.

  • Jay

    Somewhat related:

    Women holding three of top spots in defense contracting

    By Marjorie Censer, Published: November 18

    Come January, an industry traditionally dominated by male executives will look quite a bit different.

    Linda Hudson will still be leading the Arlington-based U.S. unit of BAE Systems, and she’ll be joined in the top echelon by Marillyn A. Hewson, selected to become chief executive at Bethesda-based contracting giant Lockheed Martin, and Phebe Novakovic, who is set to take over the helm at Falls Church-based defense contractor General Dynamics.

  • yacv

    It’s good to point out the hypocrisy of SUV driving eco-warriors.

    You do shoot yourself in the knee, argumentatively, though when you say:
    “And many of the things men do consume that might appear on the surface to be excessive are things that women size up and measure them by in the process of sexual selection.”

    Any woman can rightfully claim that jewelry, furs and certainly makeup, probably even shoes, follow the same rationale. They use them to get sexually selected.

    Either ‘ruining the environment is bad’, even if it gets you the attention of the other sex (or any sex you’re interested in, for that matter).
    Or ruining the environment is not (as) bad if you have a valid reason for it.

    The second is incredibly thin and slippery rhetorical ice, for who would want to decide what a valid reason is.
    Are computers a more valid reason than shoes?
    Even if all you do with them is playing WoW?

    In my book the important thing about your post is not “They do all that (full stop)” but “They do all that, but don’t notice it and instead bitch about men ruining the earth.”

    It’s a good example of solipsism and feminist self-righteousness, but not of ‘women are worse than men’.

    • BayuzhiZERO

      You say “even if all you do with them is playing WoW?”

      I can think of hundreds, if not thousands of things that I could be doing that do more damage to the environment, and cost more per hour occupied; than World of Warcraft.

      Stay at home parents play the game to occupy their free time. Students as well, as students are notoriously poor.

      I myself play a few online games with friends. I am permanently disabled and generally home bound (not able to drive for medical reasons). Warcraft keeps me occupied, and I am able to keep in touch with friends and partake in activities with them.

      Some may say that men buy cars so they can impress potential dates and be ‘sexually selected’. Yet, that is not the purpose of a motor vehicle. Cars have functions beyond wooing women, functions such as personal transportation, transportation of goods, among other things.

      This is something that has nagged me since I was but a schoolboy. Shoes.

      Who bloody well cares what the shoes look like? Do they fit? Are they comfortable? Do they adequately protect your feet for the activity you are participating in?

      If the above are all yes, then there is no need to care about their appearance. In High School, shoes were status symbols, and the stupidity of it all made my head hurt.

      The problem is that there are far too many people in this world in dire need of growing up.

  • Ex Machina

    I’m not a squeamish person,and a strong advocate for the use of animals as both food and fur,nothing in that video changed that.

    However,skinning the animal alive? That’s just repulsive and inhuman.There was no need for that and I’d probably have to kick somebody’s ass over that. True,nature wouldn’t have treated these animals any kinder,but as humans beings we have the choice to at least spare them the pain of being torn apart while still alive,even if we do occasionally have to kill them and eat them or use them for clothing.

    • Sting Chameleon

      There’s no reason at this point to use animal skin for clothing, unless you live in a self-sustained community with no access to other kinds of fabric (like say, the Inuit in Antarctica)

      • Ex Machina

        Well, that’s not exactly my situation. For instance,leather gloves have often saved my hands from being severely burnt by hot metal,ditto leather aprons with respect to my chest. Leathers are also very useful when working with sharp objects that may cut or stab you. No other fabric,save Kevlar,which is too expensive to ruin in such work will stand up to the punishment.

        While I see no purpose in torturing animals,I see even less purpose in a man losing a finger or two when it could have been prevented.

      • Raven01

        Animal skin regularly saves me from burns while welding, synthetics just do not cut it and often are very hazardous, cotton is okay for a hobbyist but trash for full day use.
        So, yes animal skins are still required.
        And, we continue to eat animals being true omnivores so, wasting a usable part of the animal i.e. the hide is inconsistent with my ethics regarding animal use.

      • Stu

        Well what would you do with the animal skins of the animals we eat…..waste them? Or do you advocate not eating animals. For those that do advocate that, bear this in mind…..if everyone stopped eating animal products…..we would need many many more farms… grow the things we wold have to eat instead. That would involve clearing more forests (animal habitats) ploughing, fertilizing, harvesting, spraying insecticides……..all come from, or done by…fossil fuels. The fact is, that the problem with meat production being less green, comes from the fact that we have such a thing as grain fed animals. If we just grazed animals as they do in nature, the require far less inputs per calorie of food then grains and vegetables.

        By the way, there is nothing green about vegatarian diets…..unless you are living a subsistence life doing it the old way….and that would mean periodic famines…..people starving to death….etc. There was nothing green about the so called green revolution. it was driven by, and made possible by, the massive ramp up in use of fossil fuels. In fact, food production now days can rightly be considered the process of turning fossil fuels into food. There is actually nothing green or environmental about it……everything from clearing the land, planting, fertilizing, irrigating, spraying, harvesting, processing, transporting, refrigerating……..all done by fossil fuels and vegetarian diets are only possible because of this. Even with all this, we are depleting top soil. Many many farms are nothing but desolate huge patches of infertile soil which is used for nothing except to hold the roots in place…….all water and nutrients provided by fossil fuels……pumped water……fertilizer……and every stage of the process…….and would be impossible to grow the crops there without fossil fuels.

        Anyway, the single biggest problem to our unsustainable consumption…….is population. Damn, how do you blame women for that?

  • TheBiboSez

    During the 8 years I’ve owned my business, I’ve found 4 discarded (or lost, maybe) diamond engagement rings on my floor. All had central stones that were well over 2 carats and all were real diamonds (I checked).

    Two of the four were eventually reclaimed by their proxy owners; the other two have been in my possession for over 5 years, now, and the odds that the bitches who threw them away will think to reclaim them are near zero.

    When you are just tossing away someone else’s hard sweaty work to trade up men, it is easier.

    The good news, I guess, is that if I am ever blue-pill poisoned I can offer the poisoner her choice of rings as a prelude to her raping the rest of my assets.

    My kid sister just extracted a 4+ carat stone from her new fiance. I then skipped Thanksgiving at her place this year. So it goes.

    On behalf of the ladies: Fuck you, Gaia.

  • rper1959

    I cannot see any deep attachment to the earth in the average Australian women,there are many exceptions of course but generally they are not too interested in getting close to nature or being in the wilderness.

    They wont sacrifice much to experience the great outdoors, don’t appear to want to leave the very narrow comfort zone generally maintained inside an airconditioned vehicle or residence, with all sorts of luxuries and gadgets. Outside seems to hot/ cold/ humid/ sweaty, too windy, too sunny, too many insects/ critters, too far/ long, too steep/ slippery, too heavy, too rough too hard etc etc , as for camping out, without hot showers / flush toilets/ forget it.

    But of course don’t forget that women are the most affected by climate change! and one clique of feminists refer to themselves as “eco-feminists”

    • John A

      Why do so many environmentalists live in the inner city?

  • Feuillet

    “If we wanted to save the environment, be less cruel to animals, have less wars, less slavery and less forced labor of children then the best first step we can take is to start raising girls to get over their vanity and their entitlement. We would also do well to teach our boys to assist in the process.”

    I agree with most of what this post said, except the idea of global warming, and this quote.

    In a free society in my opinion, everyone should be responsible for their own action. So firstly, I believe telling boys to “assist” girls is very stupid. Secondly I believe we should not follow the path of the feminists, that is treating a part of the society as idiot that need to be “assist” by the top people. If boys and girls receives the same education, there should be no reason why girls should need to be assist more then boys. We must emphasis on the notion of rational individuality in order to combat feminism’s supertitious elitism….

    • Paul Elam

      I see we have a visit from the Constable of “Don’t be like feminists.”

      I will duly consider that wisdom and report myself to the proper authorities if I discover any feminist leanings hiding in my brain.

      As to this, “In a free society in my opinion, everyone should be responsible for their own action. So firstly, I believe telling boys to “assist” girls is very stupid.”

      One of the many times I have to scratch my head and figure out a way to explain to someone that they did not understand what was said to begin with.

      It was not a literal “go do something for girls,” it was simply saying it was a good idea to teach boys to allow women to take care of themselves, and to reject the notion that they are obligated to anyone’s consumer interests but their own. You see, when you don’t enable someone, you are assisting them in taking responsibility for themselves.

      Does it make more sense now?

      • Feuillet

        First of all I am very glad that Paul Elam personally replied to my post (even though he is having a go at me), since I have been following and supporting the MRA movement for years, but never actually made any posts. A long reply from Elam for my first few posts made me felt very lucky.

        Secondly I admit I did misread the paragraph, since I have been reading too much trash from feminist recently, I was judging it as if it is a feminist rhetoric. If I cause any offense I will apologise here.

        I do aware that the MRA movement is all about individualism, and people being taken responsible for the action they have done (since if everyone were being treated as a adult, they should treated as someone who clearly understand the consequences of the stuff they intended to do). But I just think these point should be more emphasised in the articles, so not only new comer can understand our stances, but to also make the people who attempts to quote mining looks stupid..

        • Paul Elam

          LOL, what can I say. If you tell me something I said is stupid, you definitely have to prove it or I will have a go at you. :)

          And I gotta say, your years of following the MRM should have informed you a little different regarding quote mining.

          First, they are going to do it anyway. Second, shouting to the world that I said young men should assist young women seems like a pretty unproductive attack. Sorry, not buying it,

          I generally write what I write. I appreciate the many, many suggestions I get on how I should have said what I said a different way than I said it, but they are kinda hard to keep up with.


  • Dr. F

    Ta Paul.

    Beam me up Scotty.

  • napocapo69

    Well, you know, women care about Mother Earth more than men, but apprently our beloved Mother Earth seems not to acknowledge it… still earthquakes hit women harder than men …(we learned it from feminist …).

    • Bev

      Well according to NGO’s after the Haiti earthquake the men sat around so it was justified to not give them any aid as they would just sell anything given for booze, gambling and drugs rather than support their families. That included medical treatment in some cases. See men did not suffer only women and children.

  • Dean Esmay

    Where it concerns diamonds for engagement rings, we have even developed customs and formulas to guide men on what percentage of their yearly income should be used to make her finger sparkle with sufficient luminosity to enhance her social status.

    This one by the diamond companies is a particularly pernicious one, because women also judge the value of a woman’s boyfriend by how big her diamond his. She flaunts her stone and the bigger it is the more they all ooh and ah. Thus they’re all, consciously or unconsciously, valuing her fiance by how much money he’s willing to spend on her.

    • TigerMan

      One word BRIDEZILLA. I once watched an episode of the program with the same name (we have it syndicated to some British TV channels) . It wasn’t the behaviour of the ‘zillas that stunned me but rather of the guys that could see all the evidence in front of them of what horrors they were aboiut to shackle themselves to and yet do it anyway!! Un be fackin’ lievable!!

  • TigerMan

    The British adult satirical comic “Viz” runs a comic strip called “The Modern Parents” . A couple of “Gai Goddess” worshipping feminists and their two long suffering children who just pine for a normal life!
    Pauls piece reminded me off them so much and how these nutjob adherents treat the pseudoscience and quackery as if it were just another religion with at least as much superstitious baggage and Kant.
    lol 😉

    • TigerMan

      Oh very good point about female vanity and false ego. We hear often and loud about men’s supposed oversized ego but I am often awestruck by the himalayan ego’s of many women and for sure you would need oxygen well before you got to the summit. Ego is like our fingernails, never stops growing – it needs trimming from time to time but in our “you go girl” culture this often does not happen where many women are concerned – if someone is wrong it must be someone else and that someone else usually turns out to be the guy that dies 5 years earlier than her – well at least before he retired he had some respite at work with his mates.

  • MotherOfASon

    I’ll bet their coffees aren’t fair trade either.

    • TigerMan

      OMG -I have tried to like that shit (fair trade ‘corfee’) but failed even with fierce attempts at self delusion to persuade my taste buds to tolerate it. I sometimes think it’s like –
      “what are we gonna do with all this shit coffee…ahhh I know lets call it “fair trade” and double the price of what it’s worth – the do gooders with a concience will drink it anyway telling themselves it ain’t good medicine if it don’t taste bad…”
      Maybe I’m just getting cynical… lol

      • MotherOfASon

        “what are we gonna do with all this shit coffee…ahhh I know lets call it “fair trade” and double the price of what it’s worth – the do gooders with a concience will drink it anyway telling themselves it ain’t good medicine if it don’t taste bad…”

        Actually you’re probably right with that. Maybe this is getting a little offtopic, but it’s all about competition and profit. Just think if all coffee companies were forced to go “fair trade” then they would have to sell it at a competetive price to keep the customers happy, AND they would have to keep quality high. But sadly all the time someone is cutting corners for a big fat profit, farmers (usually fathers with familes to feed) are being exploited, so they can afford to sell it at a lower cost (but still make their fat profit) AND sell a substandard product because hey “you get what you pay for”. Level the playing feild and they couldn’t use that excuse.

        • TigerMan

          Yes indeed – I’m all for giving the poor farmers a better deal but the middle men remind me of certain “charities” all “non profit” but big fat salaries and expense accounts are paid first and whats left over might go to where it’s supposed to.

  • Sasha

    Frankly (and God it’s not often you get to say this) I think Paul let women off rather lightly here.

    Fact is, if you look at the ongoing recession in the West, it was caused by the housing market bubble and particularly the US sub-prime crisis, both of which burst in 2007. The result has been catastrophic ever since. Trillions wiped off the global economy, as for the environmental cost – well recessions are bad for the environment because infrastructure doesn’t get improved and investment in cleaner, more efficient technologies dries up.

    What caused the housing bubble? Women.

    Women were overwhelmingly the purchasers of sub-prime and expensive mortgages. Women were inevitably the ones cashing in equity to finance consumer purchases, home improvements etc.

    The fact is that there’s a very good argument for saying that the current recession is the result of men’s inability to create wealth fast enough to keep up with women’s ability to burn through it.

    • Stu

      So what you’re saying in your last paragraph is that the economy is just a really big version of what’s going on in most relationships :)

    • Jack Strawb

      Sasha, I realize you posted the following a couple of years ago, but if you’re still around can you suggest a link? I’ve been unable to find solid evidence supporting your point in your comment:

      “Women were overwhelmingly the purchasers of sub-prime and expensive
      mortgages. Women were inevitably the ones cashing in equity to finance
      consumer purchases, home improvements etc.”

  • Dean Esmay

    I have always–since I was a teenager–had a strong preference for women who wear little to no cosmetics and little to no jewelry or wear only more or less “cheap” jewelry (“cheap” not in the sense of vulgar or tawdry but rather just simple, like perhaps a little chain with a locket, a very simple set of earrings, etc).

    It was never a moral question for me, so much as an instinctive mistrust of women (and men for that matter) who spend endless time on their appearance, which to me is both a sign of vanity and a sign that you’re trying to conceal something.

    When I later learned about the horrible things done to obtain a lot of cosmetics and jewelry, well, I thought, “just another reason not to trust or respect vanity.”

    • MotherOfASon

      I know how you mean Dean, feels like the “flashier” someone looks you think wow they must have something to hide. This year I’ve spent less than £15 on cosmetics and I’m working on cutting out more.

    • TigerMan

      The irony is nature itself is very sexist – eg men focus on physical atractiveness so women go for means to enhance theirs. Women go for good providers they can “nest with” So men go all “alpha male” to beat the competition. Feminists go for anti-sexism without realising that the very branch they are sitting on is the one they are asking to be cut off. Funny old world eh? lol 😉

  • TheSandreGuy

    Excellent article Paul. But I wish you would have also brought up just how TOXIC make-up can be to the environment.

    • Sting Chameleon

      And let’s not forget about how toxic they are for the users in the long run.

      • MarkofWisdom

        Medieval lead make up!

  • Dhael Ligerkeys

    I’ve got to say, to my shame, I could not bring myself to press play. I can not stand the suffering of animal, it makes me feel like ripping the culprits to shreds. Even in fiction I have difficulty keeping my eyes open.

  • Andy Man

    I have to say that I don’t really have a problem with women wearing cosmetics. There’s nothing wrong with dressing well, applying some makeup and having a positive self image. Hell – I don’t have a problem if guys want to do that either.

    Rather it’s the extreme lengths some women go to — are pressured into going to by culture — and the crass hypocrisy surrounding it all that I have a problem with. I think that’s what the article was getting at.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I read a book recently about the health benefits of “Earthing”, where women were praised as the “More in touch with the earth” gender “who kicks off her shoes and wiggles her toes in the grass” while men (dull, boring men) keep their shoes on.

    This is my husband’s particular gripe. I AM prone to kicking my shoes off and he isn’t…because, as he will tell you, I wear STUPID SHOES (heels, stilettos, platform flip flops) that hurt my feet. I can’t WAIT to get the damn things off!

    Men wear sensible shoes.

    You EVER see guys mincing or priss-ing around in CFMs? Not outside Halloween, Take Back The Night or Walk In HER Shoes demos anyway.

    This Thanksgiving I sat at a table where every woman there sported a boob job (plastic bags filled with poison inserted in cancer prone breast area) tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner, and diamond wedding rings the size of an acorn. Hair dyed (poisonous) perfumed (poisonous) Prozac (depressed) women with doting husbands in charge of seeing they don’t get too much sun on their lazered wrinkle treatments.

    As a person in sales, I wear a comically large cubic zerconia (sp?) because it invariably results in better sales. In other words – I get more respect-and sales – when people think I’m wealthy enough to afford the stuff I sell. I get better treatment as a customer when I sport an expensive designer handbag I bought at a garage sale for $5.00. I worked with a top producing salesman who told me he checks out the woman’s handbag before he bothers to waste his time. “Women with expensive handbags are buyers”.

    Okie farm kid I am, I was morally outraged last summer taking my grand kids to the County Fair. They keep gallon size bottles of Hand Sanitizer at the petting zoo, where mommies dutifully slather it on their kiddie’s hands after touching the unsanitary animals.

    Kid’s rising allergies levels have been attributed to sterile over cleanliness and not allowing children to get dirty or play with animals.

    Over use of anti bacterial products isn’t generally a guy thing.

    • Sting Chameleon

      Unless said guy works in a Microbiology lab, then it becomes second-nature to sanitize your hands and your workspace.

    • Aimee McGee

      100% we had a big outbreak of E.coli traced to a petting zoo and two kids died of kidney failure, so I get why the petting zoo has to protect themselves against liability. Having said this I was a guineapig in a study on listeria exposure, where they checked to see whether there was any humorial immunity… Turned out I must have had multiple exposure growing up in a rural setting as I had a nice strong immune response totally at odds to most subjects

  • Aimee McGee

    I’ve spent most of my adult life upholding a testimony of simplicity, and one of the easiest areas to do so is in clothing and makeup.
    Traditionally Quakers were amongst the plain people and there are some sects who still dress like the Amish or Menonites. I don’t go to this extreme but my clothing is chosen for modesty, utility and if I can afford it ethical sourcing. An example was I had a pair of jeans (staple of the weekend wear) that I bought in 2006, which I just consigned to the rag bag.
    One of the women I work with is an Avon lady and she laughs at my orders which are usually tubs of plain moisturiser and hand wash once a year…
    I had to wear a headscarf for a few weeks after minor surgery about a year ago and other women hated it, thinking it was some kind of act of religious submission.
    Not once did any man say a negative thing about it and I live I’m red neck country!
    Women are the worst critics and women dress and groom to wield power over other women. Stepping off the treadmill is liberating

  • Mr. J

    THIS is a very educational and eye-opening article…May it be read far and wide…I had begun contemplating these things myself a few short months ago.
    I had begun to wonder just how certain “businesses”(not just spas, home-improvement and clothing) were getting their customers and where the money was coming from.

  • operationoptout

    GREAT ARTICLE GUY!!! Who are the primary consumers of goods produced on planet Earth? You guessed it. There connection to mother Earth is selective, nothing more. They would have there children miss school for a month digging in the backyard if they thought there was a diamond barried there. The shit we hear in coffee shops these days, crazy.

  • Mr. J

    One of the things I’m specifically referring to is these pet stores that sell puppies for 4,5,6,7 hundred dollars or even more.
    Normal people don’t have that kind of money to blow.

  • Bev

    White ribbon day has just passed in Australia. As usual there was the spate of articles with a lopsided view of Dv and how bad it was for women. No mention of men naturally.

    I have had a good day in getting not one or two comments published but upwards of a dozen refuting the feminist dogma on DV and presenting the real stats including one where I protested to the moderator who then published the comment.

    I may not run around posting do try to do my bit in ways that I can. Now to rest my weary fingers.

  • Kukla

    Women are connected to the earth? Weird, since they’re the majority of consumers (even technological). Women(not all of them, but many) are consumerism on steroids.

    • Jack Strawb

      The claim that women are somehow more ‘connected’ to the earth than men is an extension of patriarchy theory, and of feminism’s broad claims that men are essentially, fundamentally defective and violent.

      Just one more example of how the widespread denial of women’s violence leads people into error and foolishness.

  • scatmaster


    Rolls eyes.

    The biatch exists however her profile is closed except of course for the heavily made up glamour shots.

    She has also been posting on single mothers with boys Facebook pages. She has taken down those posts or Facebook has but you can tell because the responses are still there to her hateful screed.

    Could be a troll as well but to even think it would suggest at least some adherence to the idea.

  • Verdad

    I actually watched the entire video.

    Never before has something struct me so deeply, it was only five minutes, but those five minutes might as well have lasted a lifetime, a lifetime of pain and suffering and profound hurt that not even the most apathetic of humans could ignore.

    A deep connection with the Earth my ass. Thank you Paul, this video, in fact this entire article, has firmly rooted me. I am only seventeen and I already have a better understanding of this world than most of my insular peers.

    Thank you, for delivering nothing but the truth.

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks for your kind words. I love to see young men in here getting the red pill BEFORE life forces them to gag it down.


  • blizzo

    all this silly posing. yeah. women are culpable and commit atrocities against the earth every day. and there’s loads of anecdotal evidence to back this up. same deal goes for men. we need to all take responsibility for our disgusting actions and stop pointing fingers because it’s going nowhere. stalemate.

    • Paul Elam

      omg the wisdom. damn. yeah. wow. why did I never see this before. thank you for straightening us all out letting us no that the same deal goes for men and that we dont need to prove it or nothin cuz we are all disgusting and should just look at our own disgustingness. stale.

    • Dr. F

      blizzo 1554
      “all this silly posing. yeah. Catholics are culpable and commit atrocities against the earth every day. and there’s loads of anecdotal evidence to back this up. same deal goes for Protestants. we need to all take responsibility for our disgusting actions and stop pointing fingers because it’s going nowhere. stalemate.”

      “Shut up. I hate this dialogue stuff. Just let’s all keep really quite and keep things going smoothly. Please!”

      blizzo 1943
      “all this silly posing. yeah. The German peoople are culpable and commit atrocities against the earth every day. and there’s loads of anecdotal evidence to back this up. same deal goes for Jews. we need to all take responsibility for our disgusting actions and stop pointing fingers because it’s going nowhere. stalemate.”

      “I am scared about new ideas. So shut up thank you very much. Please!”

      blizzo 1961
      “all this silly posing. yeah. Whites are culpable and commit atrocities against the earth every day. and there’s loads of anecdotal evidence to back this up. same deal goes for blacks. we need to all take responsibility for our disgusting actions and stop pointing fingers because it’s going nowhere. stalemate.”

      “Ok, I have told you twice already! No discussion about things I do not want discussed. I am quite dim-witted and this does not help. Please!”

      Final Translation:
      Mate. your thinking is stale.

  • gilgamesh

    Whoever made up that crap about women being connected to the earth obviously meant to say that most of them were “shaped like the earth”